January 19th, 2009

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WANT TO COME TO DC, TODAY, MAYBE? We meet at six, somewhere in DC.

The "elite" group--feline_thespian/honestandfair, njyoder, freakshownia, eissak, & lyndz are coming to DC for dinner and a movie (still deciding, apparently).

We may admit you if you're cool enough. So who wants to come?

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Okay so you know how people always think about "I wish I would go back and tell this person not to do ____ and they would still be alive?" Well what if someone came up to you and said they are from the future and not to do _____ because you will die? Would you listen?

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Is there a specific name for these things?

They seem to be all over the place in Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. I guess this is one of the better looking ones. There are plenty that are very plain that just look like a metal rectangle sticking out of the ground. Some have a name attached but plenty don't. They are always at the end of driveways. I haven't really noticed them in other parts of the country.

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It's time, once again, to tell me what to eat-or well, give your input at least. I'll probably be out during lunch tomorrow so where should I eat? Moe's Southwest Grill-where I will likely get a chicken taco (maybe two?) in a hard shell w/ beans (black or pinto) cheese, pica di gallo, and lettuce-with tortilla chips and salsa, OR Subway where I'd get a 6" turkey bacon sub on wheat with pepper jack cheese, spinach, tomato, hot peppers, pickles, and mustard-maybe chipotle sauce. Baked Lays of some sort included. So, which do you vote for?

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Should George W. Bush be tried for war crimes?

Not for war crimes, but certainly for other crimes
Don't know
Don't care

Should members of the Bush administration be tried for war crimes?

No, but they should be tried for other crimes
Don't know
Don't care

If you answered the second option for either question, please elaborate, which crimes?

If you answered the first or second option for the second question, pleas specify, who?
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1. Do you prefer hardwood floors or carpeting? (And no, that's not a sexual innuendo.)

I think I am the only person out there who HATES hardwood floors. I hate the way they feel. (I like sitting on the floor when I watch TV.) I hate how cold they get in the Winter. I even hate the slapping sound feet make against them when someone is walking.) And they are a pain to maintain compared to carpeting.

2. Favorite song from a musical (live action or animated)?

3. Speaking of songs, this question is inspired by this video. What's your favorite folk song?

4. Inspired by that idiot who tried to fake his death by jumping out of a plane;

If you had to fake your death, how would you do it?
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On Tuesday, I will be busy all day, from 9a-9p.  I will miss the Inauguration, which I'm really upset about (due to work and not being able to watch it there).

Is anyone else who wanted to see it going to miss it? Are you sad?

Should women use tampons? Are they sinful skanks if they do? Let's ask the Muslim Ann Landers


Based on the above verse of the Qur’an and many other evidences found in the Qur’an and Sunnah, it is prohibited for one to cause harm to one’s self or another person. Hence, if it is proven that using tampons cause harm to the woman, it would not be permitted for her to use them. This can be determined by enquiring from an expert.

Secondly, some people consider using tampons impermissible for unmarried and virgin women because they fear that the woman may not remain a virgin, which they believe to be a defect in the woman.

Women who use tampons are ______?

Progressive and modern
Asking to be stoned to death by their judgmental, nosy neighbors

Men who have issues with their wives using tampons are _____?

Simply concerned about her reputation of being a 'loose woman'
Simply concerned about their reputation of dating a 'loose woman'
Religious idiots

Is being 'hymen-less' a defect in a woman?


Edit: bonus question: How many ways can a tampon cause harm to a woman?
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Bandit Driving


Every couple of weeks my tv changes channels on it's own. Sometimes even between three channels. This just happened and the remote was on the coffee table, face up with no buttons pressed down. My remote is haunted, right?

Anything strange happen to you lately?

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What is a humorous food?
I've gathered that fruitcake is a funny food, but what else?

When you guys are lickin' taint don't you worry about the cleanliness of the butt? How do you broach the issue?

When you guys take a sexy two-person shower, how do you make scrubbing your privates look sexy?!
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So I'm going to miss the Inauguration. Luckily NPR will be covering it on their stations. I work in a daycare and we're allowed to have the radio on at work (we usually listen to country or soft rock/top 40 [no rap]).  I work with infants and toddlers who don't pay attention to the radio, but I'm not sure how parents would react.  However, it'll be lunch/nap time when the inauguration happens.

Should I ask my boss if it's okay for me to put NPR on so I can listen?

If you have kids in daycare, would you care if they heard the inauguration?
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How do you deal with your friends that are draining your energy?
(people who are too demanding as if they were children when they should act like adults, people who needs attention all the time to feel better, people who don't understand the simplest thing and get mad because you have a life, make you feel guilty and manipulate you, etc)
Do you put up with it or just tell them to fuck off?
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I always joke that I won't date someone whose favorite color is blue because they have the personality of water, or anybody whose favorite color is black because they will never believe that you aren't out to get them.

1. Will you make a sweeping generalization about the personalities of people who favor any or all of the following colors?
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2. What is your favorite color, and you fit the description you generalized for that color?

3. Which of those personality types would you dread in a romantic partner?
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Where can you get Doctor Orpheus action figures/dolls? What about those of characters that are lesser known/less demanded for being action figures/dolls? I like those cool PVC types that anime characters often come in.

EDIT: What about CUSTOM action figure makers? How much do those cost?

Check out these crappy hand made ones.
Baro Bitch Stare
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1. Will you post a sample of your handwriting?

2. Do you have any weird ways of writing letters?

3. Do you prefer to write in script(cursive) or print?

4. Will you comment on other people's writing to say whether you think they have odd ways of writing letters or how beautiful their writing is! (Some people make it look like ART!!)

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Bathroom Question.

When our house was extended, someone decided it was a good idea to put a bookshelf in the bathroom.
Unfortunately, it's too shallow to hold anything like towels, and definitely won't hold a row of books. (Even if it could, I couldn't keep my books in there because its little and has NO ventilation) For an idea of how deep the bookshelf is, if I put a generic 110 sheet roll of toilet paper on it, it would overhang slightly.

I already have a shelf taken up by bath stuff, and that's absolutely everything I own. What should I put in there? I'm worried about making a "trinket" collection, because a) I don't like trinkets like bowls and little sculptures in numbers, and b) They're a pain in the ass to clean.

What should I put on my bathroom shelves?
dianna agron ;;

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I need a job. Apparently there are no jobs.
Aside from the obvious fast-food work and retail, what jobs can you get with basically no qualifications? I only have GCSEs :(

I wouldn't really mind working in a shop but apparently they are suffering most from the credit crunch and are laying people off all over the place. And I don't want to work in fast food. Plus McDonald's already rejected me :( I NEED MONEY!

birthday fun?

My best friend's birthday is Saturday. He is halfway across the country from me.  I want to send him a video of me singing Happy Birthday to him, but I want to make it fun.  What could I do to liven up his birthday video?  

No, stripping is not an option, but thank you for playing :)

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I just saw this Swedish movie where this REALLY hot guy butt raped his drunk wife on their wedding night.

Does anyone here have any bad wedding stories to share?
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1:  Have you ever lost or misplaced prescription medication?

2:  If you couldn't find it, how long did you wait before calling the pharmacy?

3:  I have a patch of dry skin peeling on the palm of my hand.  Can anyone recommend a decent moisturizer that doesn't contain oil or anything that will make me break out if I touch my face?
I'm using an antibacterial lotion but it's greasy.  =\

4:  Do you moisturize all over or just certain parts of your body?

5:  How often do you wash your face (whether it's with soap or just water)?
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I know we're all going to be sick of inauguration stuff really soon but anyway....

As some of you may know, I'm Canadian. An African dance group from my city was invited to perform at one of the many Inauguration concerts/parties. Do you think it's weird that a Canadian group was invited to perform at an American President's Inauguration? I think it's a little weird.

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Is it unfair of me to expect my boyfriend to be fine with me going to Uni 3 hours away, when its where i've always wanted to go, if my second choice is 40 minutes away.
How do I get this across without making it sound like I prefer the place to him?
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have you ever called somewhere looking for information or trying to get an appointment, and the person that answered the phone did it in such a way that you felt like you were ear raped afterward? I just called trying to get an eye doctor appointment and i feel violated now.

why is it almost every time i go to close a window on my mac that it decides its just going to minimize instead?

Since I couldn't get my eye appointment today, I should flee my mother's house of insanity and go back to my apartment to do school work, y/y?
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You favorite lady to grace the pages of Playboy? I'm thinking Amber Smith (March1995), but I think I will have to go with Chyna just for the lulz!
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1)I always liked the little yodeling mountain climber game on The Price is Right. Which was your favorite?

2)What's your opinion on Drew Carey as Bob Barker's replacement? Colossal error or the perfect match?

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What are you doing for the inaguration tommorow?

I'm going to school- I'm a HS senior and I got to vote this year- but it's a "spirit day" where we have to dress all presidential (obama shirts, etc) or in Red, White and Blue. I made a Red, White, and Turquoise shirt that says "Barack Me, Obamadeus!" and everybody's watching the inaguration during 1st module. Then, after school I'm going to an inaguration ball with my boyfriend.

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What's a site that will provide me with solid info on upcoming shows/concerts in the area? I'll be living in NYC from next week to late May, and I want to take advantage of it by going to a lot of shows.

Should I get another X-ray?

Okay... I was in a car accident a couple of months ago (my mom was driving, I was a passenger), where I injured my neck and shoulders. (nothing serious, thank God, the doctors said I had some spasming and that was it; I believe the term the doctor used was wryneck.) My mom and I are going to physical therapy to treat the injuries. The physical therapy is being paid for by the other woman's insurance, since she plowed into our car while we were sitting at a stop light. Lately, I've been having pain mostly in my left shoulder, and every time the physical therapist massages my shoulder she hits this knot that HURTS LIKE HELL. I nearly fell out of the chair crying the first time. We switched the treatment to just my left shoulder, since it hurts the most. I'm also thinking my posture may be an issue. (I tend to slump my shoulders) I've used every stretching exercise the therapists have given me, and my shoulder is still hurting.

My question: Is this normal for that type of injury, or should I have another X-Ray and possibly an MRI? Or am I making too much of this?
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have you ever had experience with food poisoning? what did you get it from? how long did it last? do you feel your portion size was directly related to how bad your illness was?

i woke up at 3:45 this morning sick as a dog, with d/v and general grossness. my younger brother was up 15 minutes later with the same, only he's much worse than i am. the only thing we ate the same yesterday night around 9 p.m. was some chowder my mum had made, and he ate like 2 cups whereas i had 3/4 a cup, tops. do you think we have food poisoning? no one else in the house has eaten any yet (though my dad took some to work--we'll see how this goes).

also, we have had minor exposure to viruses recently. mum was sick just over two weeks ago, and my cousin (whose house we were at all day yesterday) had it the week before. mum is convinced that we just picked up one of those viruses.

if we were both to have picked up those viruses, would we really have started showing signs within 15 minutes of one another?

how do you feel about pedialyte?
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Movies movies movies

If you've seen Forrest Gump, what did you think about it?

I liked it, to my surprise. I trust my mother's taste, and she said she'd felt emotionally manipulated by it, but I only felt that with the stupid feather and with parts of Jenna's story. I thought everything Forrest did was kind of great.

What should I watch next-- Hellboy II: The Golden Army, or Pride and Prejudice: the Miniseries?

boyfriend's ex desperately trying to befriend me

I have been dating a guy for approx a year and a half. His last girlfriend dumped him 3 years ago. After she dumped him, she strung him along until she realized that he was dating me. They remained friendly up until a few months ago, when he wrote her a letter telling her that he never had intentions of getting back with her at any point after they broke up. She took it very badly, and they haven't had any communication since.

In the last month, she has been sending me messages through livejournal and some other forums that I post on. She must have done a google search on my username to find me on other forums. She has been very friendly to me, and seems as though she just wants to be my friend, but I'm just wondering why? Should I be concerned?

Any thoughts would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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i want to learn to play the keyboard. does anyone know what i should look for in a model that's good for beginners? all i know is i want as many keys as possible and for them to be weighted.

is it a common trait of males to be know-it-all-y and to always try to tell you what you already know?

stir crazy

TQC, I am going out of my mind with boredom!   Please help me find things to do that get me out of the house.

What can I do in the middle of winter that isn't outside, allows me to bring my two dogs, and gets me OUT OF THE FLIPPING HOUSE BEFORE I FLIP MY SHIT?

It's too cold and dark to do anything outside. :(
I am living with family, and only have my tiny room, so I don't have space for any of my normal projects and hobbies that would otherwise keep me busy.

I am in Elgin, IL, if that helps.  Please save my sanity!
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Have you ever had a panic attack? what set it off?
Yes. I have no idea.
ETA: When you have a serious one, who do you break it?
I have to have someone I trust squeeze me(like a hug) till I stop screaming. This has only happened once.

What color are your favorite underwear?
purple. with giant polka dots.

Do you like your driver's license picture?
It's ok. I don't think I'm very photogenic


So my keyboard wont let me type certain things that use the Shift bar. Such as question marks, this is what I get- É. And when I want a normal apostrophe I get ``.. can somebody tell me whats going on..

If it makes any difference, I am not currently using my computer, I just switched everything to a laptop while our computer gets fixed, so the keyboard was just unplugged and plugged back into a laptop. The laptop has Windows Vista, while our computer has Windows XP.. I dont know if any of this is helpful, but I need question marks! Please help!
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(no subject)

What are websites that you are surprised to find out that people don't know about?

Not like your grandma who doesn't even know how to turn on a computer, but everyday internet-using people.

One of my coworkers had never heard of Snopes!

(no subject)

The sneezing question reminded me of something.
When you were in high school (or maybe even now)-
Did you notice that everyone said "bless you" to the popular kids, but not necessarily to everyone else?

...a friend brought it up to me, and it seemed to be true where I live.

Why do I keep waking up at 1pm? How the hell am I going to start waking up at 6am by Thursday?

(no subject)

Does anyone know of a website where I can search a relatively broad range of hotels by amenity?

I'm loosely planning a vacation but my work schedule is flexible and I don't care about where, specifically, I go. So all of those "enter your dates of travel and destination" sites aren't very helpful. I've looked at a lot of those Vacation Packages and Last Minute Deals type sites but they don't really offer any search options so I have to look at all the packages individually to see if they have what I want. I'm basically looking for a search engine where I can put in that I'll be traveling from Boston, I want to go to a beach, and then give me a list of amenities to check off. Any ideas?

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There has been a recent snowfall. As you are walking to your place of residence, someone you don't know (presumably a neighbor since the car is on your street) asks you for help shoveling his/her car out. Do you stop and help?

(no subject)

1.  TQC, do you have any suggestions for fun things I can do by myself on a daily/ weekly basis?  My new schedule this semester has allotted me a lot more free-time every week and I'm short on ideas.  I'd really appreciate it!  :)

2.  Also, do you know of any social networking sites similar to www.meetup.com?

3.  What type of hobbies do you have?


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(no subject)

What the heck is this song?

It's got a male singer, what sounds like an erhu or maybe a guzheng for instrumentals, mostly in English with 'I love you' sung alternately in Mandarin and English and it has the lyric 'we could be two lovers from the past, but the future is our chance' (approximately). It's probably been around since before 1994 or 1995.

HELP! I've got it stuck in my head!

EDIT: found ^_^

Hence, there is a bonus question! If you found a new planet or star, what would you name it?

Second Life questions

Say your SO played Second Life, and you found out one day that his/her avatar had a boyfriend/girlfriend in the game. They were living together in some make-believe house they bought through their make-believe jobs. How would you feel?

Whatever. It's just an online video game
Betrayed. This is cheating
Jealous. How come my SO bought the other avatar nice things, yet he/she buys nothing nice for me
Disappointed. I thought my SO was kind of cool, but this is just uberdorky

Your SO plays Second Life. He/she has shown you their avatar. One day, your SO is at the computer and you walk into the room to ask him/her a question, and you see your SO's avatar banging someone else who's drawn extremely sexy. How do you feel?

Whatever. It's just an online video game
Betrayed. This is cheating
Jealous. My SO never did that move with me! And that other move....it's OUR move!
Disappointed. This is just sad. Can't you at least watch REAL people have sex?
OMG I want to play now

Your SO is playing Second Life. Same scenario as above. You walk in and see your SO's icon banging away, except it's with an avatar of the opposite gender of what you are. Your SO's avatar is gay! (or straight, if you are gay, or at least bi). How does this make you feel about your SO's online preferences?

Shocking. I had no idea my SO was interested in guys/girls
Nothing I didn't already know
Relieved. Now I can tell my SO that I secretly crave the forbidden sex (whatever gender you lust after but can't admit)
He/she is still a loser, but is now a sexually conflicted loser

Same scenario as above. You walk in, see your SO's avatar banging away, but it's with an icon who looks just like your best friend. Turns out, your best friend always secretly plays Second Life. How do you feel about your SO and best friend's avatars having sex?

So much betrayal. I can't believe they would do this to me
I KNEW they lusted after each other! Bastards
Wow, you both look really hot. Can I watch?
Can't you watch REAL porn like other people your age? Sheesh
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I got a pair of pants hemmed last Monday, and the tailor told me they'd be done "by this time next week." They took my phone number when I dropped the pants off. So do I call them or do they call me when the pants are done?!

(no subject)

Has anyone ever given you a hard time about something that you were reading?

I was in my early years of high school and my mom started reading "Howl" and flipped out that I was reading it.

I seem to have lost a memory card with some ...stuff on it.
Have you ever lost a memory card before?
Where the hell could it be?!
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I am not much into rap/hip hop (being aout as white as you can get, and not be a wigger), but this video has to be my favorite rap song, maybe it is just because Atlanta's own Lil John is in it or maybe it is because the N word is dropped like every 20 seconds. The best part is when Twista lays down his solo, about 1:05 minutes in. What is your favorite rap song?

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I am Debbie Downer

This is a philosophical question, and hope to get at least some serious answers, but will gladly take any amusing quips you can offer.

How do you rationalize having fun when, at the same time, other people in the world are suffering?

Sensitive question

One of the teachers that works in the department I assist just lost a pregnancy...and she was 20+ weeks along. She never told me she was pregnant, I heard all this through the department head.

What should I say the first time I see her? Since I don't know her that well obviously I don't want to say anything too invasive. Would it be worse of me to ask her how she's doing or to just pretend nothing happened at all? She must know that I know because she's missing a week of work because of this. I don't want to say "sorry for your loss" or anything tacky like that, I just don't know how to act...at all.

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So, I just ordered my first MacBook. *excitement* Now, the trouble is I'm trying to decide how I should get my music onto it. My other computer is a PC. Should I buy an external harddrive, painstakingly transfer it over via a USB drive, or just find my music online and download it, orrrr burn manymanymany CDs? Or other (you tell me)? I've got about 5,000+ songs on this computer right now. About 1,000 of them I listen to regularly (well, as regularly you can 1,000 songs.) So, TQC, any input?
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(no subject)

lol, okay. I may have just stolen someone's cat, but she's been hanging around my in-law's house for about a week now and she was too cute to give up. Have you ever stolen someone else's pet before?
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1. I went to Borders and I picked up The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, and American Psycho. Which one should I read first? I've heard great things about both.

2. If you could sleep with any literary character, who would you choose? :O
Me - Valhalla

(no subject)

1) What would you rather be: the worlds best singer, the worlds best actor or the worlds best athlete? Why?

2) How do you know you've been spending too much time on TQC?

3) Any suggestions for learning a new language?

(no subject)

so awhile ago i was watching best week ever.
i was wondering if any of you had seen the part where one lady was talking about kim kardashian and she was like "that hooker can screw!"?
i really need a video of it and i have searched everywhere!! if you have one or find one please post it here!

also, how was your three day weekend, if you had one?

for those who didn't have a three day weekend, what did you have for breakfast?
Clem & Joely

(no subject)

Okay, I need some help. For a literary and art journal my school is publishing, I can only submit three pieces. I've got it narrowed down to five.

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Also, unrelated. Are you going to see The Dark Knight in an IMAX theatre this weekend?

(no subject)

I'm going to make chicken salad for dinner.

What sort of stuff should I put in my chicken salad?

What should I have with my chicken salad sammich?

Could you possibly come over, make it for me, and feed it for me too?

(no subject)

Are there any aspects of life where you think the old ways were the best ways and aren't done right anymore?

Personally, I lament the loss of machines made with metal parts, meant to be repaired (think sewing machines and vacuums). I also support the movement back to food producing home gardens and local farming instead of shipping in produce from far away. Lots of other stuff too.

(no subject)

I just spent an hour and a half procrastinating by watching all 22 parts of R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet.  It was the most ridiculously amazing thing I've ever seen.

What's the most ridiculous thing you've done to procrastinate?
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we just got a dvr box from time warner the other day and i'm still learning how to use it. i'm watching tv right now and at 5pm there are two shows that are supposed to record. when it clicked to 5pm, it switched from the channel i was watching to one of the channels that's recording. every time i try to change the channel it says:

Channel Change Notice
You are now recording "Hitler's Bodyguard"
Press select to change to other recording
(A) Stop Recording (C) Cancel

it does this if i jut type in the channel number or if i go into the program guide and pick a show that way. pressing select changes it to the other channel that's recording and pressing C just closes the pop up. i don't want to stop either of the recordings so how the fuck do i change the channel? i've already tried turning the box and the tv off and back on again and it's still doing it.

time warner sucks. new question! have you ever used clairol natural instincts? did it actually work? it said to leave it on for ten minutes and i left it on for fifteen and it changed my hair MAYBE two shades. then i used that cheapo color silk brand and it worked a lot better. wtf.
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(no subject)

1. When was the last time you realized how utterly insignificant your problems are compared to problems other people are dealing with?

Today, when I was bitching about something related to my new newspaper office (and the utter nightmare that moving has been), and my roomie goes "oh yeah, I might get laid off tomorrow. I don't know what I'm gonna do." Talk about a humbling moment...

2. What's wrong with me, TQC? I eat and then my tummy doesn't feel right (this happens about 75% of the time), and just now my roomie ate some mexcian-cheese nachos, and I felt nauseous just from the smell of them. I never actually get sick, though. Just yucky feeling. WebMD says it could be gallstones, but idk anything about that. Have you had problems with your gallbladder? What happened? I have a doctor's appointment on Friday, so I'm gonna ask then, but clearly TQC has more interesting answers. Do you know what else it could be? It just started recently...

3. I am seriously not trying to be racist or anything of the sort with this question, but: do you know any "minorities" (classify as you wish: black, hispanic, asian, etc.) that are atheists? It occurred to me the other day that all the non-white people I know believe in some god or another. Is atheism something that is predominately white? I wonder if it's just the area I live in, or if this is something bigger.

4. What "nervous habits" do you have when you're stressed out? I chew on the inside of my lip, and then it gets all inflamed and gross. Sometimes I bite my nails, but I don't do that too often anymore.

Take a Look

(no subject)

I require a messenger bag! That is, I'm looking for a cute (subjective, I know. Something other than black, at least) but sturdy messenger bag, preferably with a padded strap. I need it to be big enough to carry a few heavy textbooks & notebooks, with a few different compartments for pens & the like. Can anyone direct me to some useful links? I'd prefer something under $30, but quality is more important than price.

Thanks! =)

Alternatively, would you wear this dress?
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I'm going out later and probably won't be back until around 3am. The roads are supposed to be a terrible icy mess by then. I've had my license for 4 years but I've managed to completely avoid ice.

What are the chances I will die in a fiery crash on my way home?
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What do you do to take your mind off things when you're upset? And don't say hang out with friends because they are the ones I am angry with.
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(no subject)

Are there any lj profiles that you like, either because they are creative, have lots of widgits, loads of pictures and neat html?

EDIT: Or do you think there are any profiles out there that are annoyingly overdone?

Will you link to those profiles please?

(no subject)

Why did you do that?

Have you ever had an actual pity party? I just did.

Do you or anyone you know have any weird quirks that you'd like to share? My friend likes to-and have other people- pull on his eyelashes. its so weird.
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(no subject)

do you ever call people things like debbie downer or eager beaver? what are some other ones you use?

do you find people with dreadlocks attractive? what about scruffy neck beards? any other different traits you look for physically in an SO?

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(no subject)

Do you let your lover kiss you when they're done rimming you?

IF you and your partner were comfortable enough with the practice of rimjobs, would you let him/her kiss you after the fact?
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Has anyone here ordered anything from AsSeenOnTV.com? I ordered something 2 weeks ago, and some things have occurred that make me think this site may be a scam. I googled it and found many people who didn't receive what they paid for.

Has anyone had any experience with this site?
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tiny spoons

do you know where i can buy teeeny tiny plastic sample spoons?

they don't have them at GFS, and i ordered some online but they are way too huge :( will you help me?

eta: smaller than three inches :( the really little ones where the end is only about as big as the end of your pinky finger.

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Could you be in love with someone, the feeling be mutual, and be comfortable in a casual non-relationship? As in you don't consider yourselves bf/gf (or any combination of the two), due to any number of circumstances (like distance).

Does love always seem to happen in a completely inconvenient way for you?
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I have a "lucky bamboo" plant. I grow it inside. I recently purchased one of those energy saving fluorescent light bulbs (100 watts). Does it emit the proper spectrum of light for my plant to grow?

If you don't care or know...

1. What is your favorite thing about your SO?

2. What is your least favorite thing about your SO?

(If you don't have a SO, just use your best friend or ex.)

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The whole story behind this issue is *really* tl;dr, but: I am in the position right now of having to apply for my OWN JOB, and it's pretty clear that I am not even being given a fair chance. My boss, who is the hiring manager for this position, just posted a Facebook status update about how all the cover letters he's getting from (external) applicants for the job are riddled with l33t-speak and grammatical errors.

Should I:

a) Take the passive-aggressive route and post an update of my own, saying something like "Raincloud314 is really sad that she has to apply for her own job, in spite of the fact that she's evidently the only qualified applicant"?

b) Take the aggressive route and reply to his status update by saying "well, perhaps you should just hire me, then!"

c) Something else?

Also, is it just me, or is this really unprofessional of him? If it makes a difference, this guy is a high-ranking person in our company, and is in his 40s-50s.
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i like people who have enormous teeth.

what characteristics do you like that people would typically get teased for? pics for examples?

do you have big teeth? pics please? lol
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TQC, is there a tactful way to say a guy stinks and needs to cut back on ciggarettes around me if he wants to continue sleeping(just sleeping) by my side? he ends up reeking of smoke and making my sheets smell and i have to wash them after. im really sensitive to the smell and asthmatic so i get headaches from sleeping next to him. before he smokes he smells good, like a man, but then he goes and ruins it. ive already told him i dont like him smoking. he takes it outside when he does but then his coat reeks of it and its so strong. like i said im really sensitive to it, maybe if i was used to it or smoked before i wouldnt notice at all. and underneath the smoke smell i love his warm skin but i just cant stand it anymore but i dont want to be rude and tell him he stinks.

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My new roommate:
Sleeps/lays in bed all day except to get food.
She then eats her food while laying under covers.
Watches TV all day. --Disney, E!, MTV, Lifetime, and ABCFamily.
Has ONE friend over all the time-we've been back at school since Sunday. Her friend has spent the night three times. I was only informed/asked if her friend could spend the night the last time (last night)
She only has one class at the university. The rest are at a community college. 12 credits total. Her class load isn't heavy, of those 12 credits four are from algebra and one is from dance. I'm not sure what the rest are.
She's always on the phone. Today (for the first time) she actually went out of the room to talk on the phone while I was sleeping.
She leaves hair in the sink.

I have 18 credits of classes that actually require doing a shitton of work and concentration. I'm actually serious about school and I'm really stressed out as it is, so I really don't need roommate troubles on top of it. I have no peace and quiet time to myself, ever. And I'm an introvert and need my time to myself. She is always here. I have nowhere to escape to. I could try switching dorms, but what if it just gets me in the same boat with another person?

What should I do?

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Do you like Manhattans? Do you mix your own? What is the proper ratio of bourbon to vermouth?

Do you like Martinis? Do you mix your own? What is the proper ratio of gin (well ok, or vodka, I guess) to vermouth?

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What's your favourite book and why?

Mine was John Steinbeck - East of Eden

This book held my attention completely for several days, it was always by my side so I could pick it up and read a few more pages whenever I had a free minute. It was completely absorbing, leaving me totally bereft when I finally finished the book :( The exploration of original sin was very fascinating!

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1. Are there any words or phrases that you purposely mispronounce or lengthen when using them?

2. What is your favourite superfluous word to use?

3. Do you use it because you like how it sounds, or because you like to sound more intelligent?

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A close friend of yours, one that once was suicidal, updated his status to "I'm fed up with life." What conclusions would you come to about that statement?

Edited to clarify: Would you think he is being suicidal? Would you try to talk to him? Would you think nothing of it?

I'm going to talk to him, thanks TQC. I just wanted to know that I wasn't overreacting by being that concerned.
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Do you remember the days when you had to write down video game passwords?
If yes, how many times did you have to go back and do something because you lost the password or couldn't enter it properly when you tried to play again?
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I applied for a job, but now I'm not that sure that I want it anymore. I sort of just applied on a whim, and I didn't really expect them to reply, but they did and they want me to come in for an interview. Should I just e-mail them back and say "Unfortunately I can't pursue this opportunity anymore"?

Is it better to stay at a job where you are comfortable, but bored (especially during uncertain economic times)? Or take a risk at a job that might be better for you in the long run?

There will always be other opportunities, right?