January 18th, 2009


Which side do you ... zip on?

For the ladies (cue the Beyonce): on your pants/jackets, if there's a flap covering your zipper, is it open to the left or to the right? (i.e. which hand would you use to do the zipper).

For the dudes: have you ever put on a pair of pants or a jacket where you had to use your left hand for the zipper? Did it really throw you or did you handle it with equanimity?

I own a handful of chick pants. This pair I have on isn't, but apparently I thought it was.

(no subject)

Among the following cities, where would you rather live and why?

a. San Francisco
b. Miami
c. Minneapolis

If you live in one of the aforementioned cities, what do you like/dislike about living there?

(no subject)

Do you watch NBC's The Office?
If so, who is your favorite character?
Do you have a favorite episode?
How about a favorite line?

I just watched all four seasons in a week. So..It's pretty much all I can think about.

(no subject)

Does it bother you when you see a couple where the guy's hair is longer than his girlfriend's?
For guys, or girls, would it bother you if you had longer hair than your girlfriend?

(no subject)

wasn't there a post asking if you'd rebreak your legs every few weeks to gain an inch or three? WHERE DID IT GO?

i am blind. carry on. nothing to see here.

eta: now that it actually IS gone, why did she delete?
lost in translation

Google that shit

how much time do you spend on TQC on average?

does anyone even use the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on the Google homepage?

what's the point of the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button?!? does it even serve a purpose?

[edit:] if yes, what is the purpose?

(no subject)

What would be more embarrassing?

Tripping and sailing head over heels into a trash can, in front of your crush (or that cute person at work/school)
Talking with your crush/that cute person, and having them tell you that you have a booger hanging from your nostrils. When you check, you find that it's humungous

What's more embarrassing?

Projectile vomiting on your date in a crowded restaurant
Laughing at one of your date's jokes, you shart in your pants. Unfortunately, you're in his car at the time, with the windows rolled up

What's more embarrassing?

Going to your boss' house for a party, and your SO projectile vomiting into the pool where 20 people are floating
You're at the beach, wading, when a strong wave pulls off your trunks/bikini bottoms, and you're left half naked in front of everyone at the beach
Alice in Wonderland

(no subject)

i have a thermacare heat wrap that i'd love to use on my back when i sleep. i sleep on my stomach so the "no extra pressure" issue is covered, but i was wondering what on earth happens after the first 8 hours? does your skin explode?

should i just set a timer on my phone for 8 hours so i won't die?
if i do though, i won't get to sleep as much as i'd like to. :(

Le ew

So I have a wart on my foot. I've tried all kinds of over the counter wart removers, and nothing's worked, so I decided to see a doctor.

Is this something I'd HAVE to see a dermatologist  for, or do you reckon a general practitioner could take care of it? It seems pretty simple...

Rotating-door policy or lifetime guarantee?

Once you find a friend for a certain niche (biffer, shopping buddy, movie buddy, bitch-about-boys friend, etc.), do you make sure to keep them in that spot in your life, even if your situation changes (they move away, work schedules change to conflict, etc.), or do you end up filling the gap with somebody else pretty easily?

Would you stop talking to a friend because you find out they have different views on life / politics / religion than you?

If they did something really stupid, like slept with your recent ex, would you forgive them? Immediately? After a week or a month? Or would you hold a grudge forever against them being a friend-tard?

ETA: Say you have a SO. If you don't have a profile on a dating site, would you ever consider creating one for you and your (hypothetical) SO as swingers or three-some -- or just socially?

If you do, how far have you gone with someone on it? Which site?
swine flu fishes
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What do you think about people lining their eyes with white eyeliner Collapse )? Do you find it attractive and appealing? From what I gather it's supposed to make the eyes look bigger but, IMO, it just looks wrong.

What make-up practices do you find strange and unsettling (or just plain unattractive)? Optionally, pics would be nice because I am at work and it is super boring. :P

I'm not wild about it when people match their eye shadow to their eyes, either, but I know that approximately 70 billion blue eyed chicks with frosty blue eyeshadow disagree violently.
Paul Dano
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(no subject)

My friend just woke me up asking me if I would sell him Xanax (??). I had a really bad day yesterday, sleep was my last ditch effort to cheer up, and now I'm wide awake with a headache at 3 in the fucking morning.

Should I bake cookies or go buy cigarettes, make coffee, and sit in my hot tub for four hours?
Or should I do both?
Or should I just fuck it all and watch a movie (even though it will never put me to sleep?)

What was the last thing to really frost your ass?

(no subject)

Do you have problems spelling certain words, no matter how many times you've seen them spelled or have spelled them yourselves? If so, what word is most common for you to misspell in this manner?

Yes. Opportunity.


1. Were you ever in a school play? If so, which?

2. In second grade I had a horrible teacher who would tell kids how stupid and worthless they were. I stumbled upon her Facebook, should I send her a mean message or let it go?

3. Which discontinued product do you wish would be brought back (if any)?

4. If new fashions are sometimes inspired by old fashions (or if old fashions are revived), how long until MC Hammer pants are in style again?

5. Which fashions do you hope come back into style?

ETA: Collapse )

(no subject)

How do ginger people make you feel?

Beyonce or Britney?

Taco Bell or Jack in the Box?

Also, welcome me to your community because I'm new and filled with a lot of rage. Also, I found this community through ontd_anas, so I hope you all provide me with as many lolz as the ontd crazies.
mama & dumbo
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I receive weekly child support checks from my daughter's father, who gets paid weekly for some strange reason, and his wages are garnished so it comes straight to me before he even sees it.

But I haven't gotten a check in three weeks which has never happened before.

Would I receive some kind of notice if he were to have like lost his job by any chance and is unable to make payments?

I'm hesitant to outright ask him because he might spit venom if my only motive for asking about his well being is cause I want his money. I did ask the general "how is everything going?" hoping he might spill work details if there is any news to share, but I really just want to know what's going on with the money. lol.

Anyway... so does anybody know if I would receive any type of notification?

(no subject)

How ironic, there actually is a cat sitting on the sidewalk next to my apartment meowing obnoxiously at 6 in the morning. It has to be a stray bc my complex does not allow animals, except turtles.

How do you feel about 6 am/early mornin' bootycalls?

(no subject)

O shit! It's almost 7 a.m. and I forgot to go to bed! Should I finish watching Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium? Does it get better? Or should I force myself to slumber?

Do you have any solutions for getting tangles out of hair WITHOUT conditioner? I don't have any and the situation is dire. I tried oil but it's not slippery enough. I can't just de-tangle because it's so brittle it would break. Would an egg work?




So, my husband and I discovered that our POS condo didn't have any water coming out of any faucets at around 2am last night. This morning when I left for work at 8:30 we still didn't have water. I looked outside and there were no signs that they had to shut the water off for repair (like I said, it's a POS and they do this to us a lot, but I didn't think at 2am on a Sunday, but who knows). So I called the management line, it's was closed. However, there was an option to call another number if it's am emergency that *DOES NOT* need police, ambulance or fire assistance. I called that number and left a message 90 minutes ago.

Is this an "emergency"? Honestly, what else would they call an emergency if you don't count the kind you'd call 911 for? We own this place, so if the heat was dead then that'd be our own problem and not management. So I figured no water and the possibility of pipes breaking because of this an "emergency", am I wrong? I'm also worried that they'll be closed tomorrow because of the holiday.

Haha, I feel so stupid because I work in the operating room and I know what real emergencies are so this feels so stupid in comparison.

*EDIT* We do not pay the water bill. It is covered in our association fee.
Bert Shocked

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How do you keep track of the things you gotta do each day?
What do you have to do today?

I have to buy a coat rack.
Pay my bills.
Call my friend to watch a movie.
Get drunk.
Watch the NFL playoffs.
Buy new router.
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(no subject)

Is anyone else at work right now? If so, are your customers also being Grade-A bitches today?

Earlier, some guy called and was all pissy because some title he thought was a book is actually a magazine and then this other lady just called and got all butthurt because after 5+ minutes on the phone with her, I got the name of her library mixed up with another that starts with the same letter.
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inspired by all the booze posts this morning

is there a law where you live that doesn't allow alcohol sales in stores after a certain time of night?

here you can't buy alcohol of any kind after 9. it's really silly, especially because it wasn't put in place to curb alcohol abuse or drunk driving like i originally thought. i'm pretty sure it's because the tavern league got the law passed so that you have to go to the bars. whaaaaaat.
Dean and Sam

(no subject)

Poll #1333303 That place where you buy alcohol.

Where I live we call it a...

Liquor Store
Package Store
Beer Distributor
Something else (I will tell you in a comment)
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(no subject)

  1. What is so amazing about Sonic? I don't get it.

  2. What's your favorite kind of soup/stew/etc?

  3. What was the last completely new thing you tried?

Bonus question: Could someone shrink this into icon sized for me?

(no subject)

Would you pose nude in a sexually suggestive manner (for sake of argument, the photo is pornographic in nature) for money?

Would you pose nude "artistically" (for sake of argument, let's just say the intention of the photo is nonsexual, like b&w art or something) for money?

Have you posed nude for money?
girls » barbie
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(no subject)

So, were you guys scared shitless having to move out on your own? How did you get over that?

I'm now working full time and going to school full time, so I'm finally at a point where I can afford to move out, and I'm excited, but still nervous as all get out. All these what ifs are scaring me beyond belief, but I know it's more than time, and since I can feasibly afford it and still manage to pay my bills, pay for school, and all that lark.

What are things that I should plan to budget for, aside from rent, gas, groceries, laundromat, and school?

(no subject)

if you are driving across the border from one country where you drive on the right side of the road to a country where you drive on the left side of the road, how do they get the cars to the other side of the road?

(no subject)

Would adopting an adult/older dog be a reasonable idea for someone who has never owned a dog before? Have you (or someone you know) had any experience with adopting an older dog?
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

Do you tuck your pants into your boots?

Does it depend on the boots? Does it depend on the pants? Does it depend on how snowy/rainy it is?

Personally, if there is a lot of snow on the ground I will tuck my pants in until I get inside. Then I untuck them.
Pez&Ziv colour

Worst Mapquest Driving Direction

Approximately 6 or 7 years ago, I was send instructions for typing in the driving directions in Mapquest.

They were to go from one place in the middle of nowhere in the UK about 10 miles to another middle of nowhere town.

What made it interesting is that instead of going in a straight line, Mapquest gave instructions that included crossing the Channel into France, up into Sweden, down through Germany and Italy over the Mediterranean through Africa, across the Mediterranean again, up through Spain up the Atlantic and back into England.

Does anyone know what I need to type in as my origin and destination to get this crazy result or to a website which shows a picture of the trip/article about said bug?

(no subject)

how do i stop the bleeding on the inside of my nose?
i'm afraid the answer is to stop picking, but i don't wanna!
it's a combination of picking and dry air. i don't have any saline spray with me.

is anyone else looking forward to the puppy bowl? (on animal planet during the super bowl)

does proactiv work on body acne?

what musicals do you recommend to someone who likes singin' in the rain and easter parade?

what are some words you can't believe are actual words?
i can't stand the word conversate. or alright instead of all right.

zoo or aquarium?
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TQC, my boyfriend broke up with me a couple nights ago.
I'm fucking miserable.
What can I do to make myself feel better?
Whats it going to take for me to get over him?

I'm an idiot and called him today, I left him a message saying I want to talk to him and I regret it. =[
housewares, ash

(no subject)

1. do you talk during movies?

2. do you hate it when people talk during movies?

3. does it make a difference if they are saying something interesting?

4. do you notice that guys tend to talk more during movies than girls, or the opposite?

(no subject)

My aunt and uncle lost everything in a house fire two nights ago. Needless to say, they are devastated. They've lived in that house for about 35 years and lost so many family mementos along with their two cats. All they have left are the clothes on their back. Luckily -- if there is a 'luckily' in this situation -- they are fairly well-off (he's a dentist) and they had insurance. That being said, they are just a mess right now.

I want to send them a care package. I'll be sending it to where he works so he'll be sure to get it. I don't have a whole lot of money, and would rather send them material items than a monetary value. I just have no idea what to extend to them. They live in Canada, and I am in the US.

1. What kinds of things would be appreciated in a care package? Would it be appropriate to buy a few shirts for each of them or necessary essentials?
2. What would not be allowed to send over the border?
3. Have you ever lost everything in a fire?

Thanks so much for your time.

(no subject)

What are you doing tomorrow?
Hopefully kidnapping my friend and making him feel better about not getting the part he wanted. it needs to be done. hes so emo about it.
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(no subject)

Why is New York called the big apple?

What is the origin of the saying "heavens to betsey"

What is pumpernickel?

Please be creative.

p.s. hello i am back from holiday, didn't you miss me, wasn't it awful
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(no subject)

i'm a huge believer in signs, and everything happening for a reason.

my boss, the SM, drives me insane. i'm one of three other managers. other than her, i love my job. and she's not mean, she just drives me INSANE.

i've had 3 HORRIBLE customers in the past two weeks. my friends and family think it's a sign i should look for a new job. the shit with the customers wasn't even my fault, so i wasn't acting out on thinking about quitting or anything.

so i ask you tqc, should i look for a new job?

what do you consider a 'sign' to do something in life?

what was the rudest customer you've ever had at a job?

Collapse )
  • cdozo

To Skip Or Not To Skip?

Should I let my eleven-year-old kid skip school Tuesday to go with me to an inauguration extravaganza at our local movie theater?

He's been following the election intensely, he's an excellent student with excellent grades and he hasn't missed any school this year. His school is pretty far away, so if he skips, it will be for the whole day.

My sister thinks he should suck it up and watch it at school. What do you folks think?

*EDIT* Thanks for your input everybody. I bought our tickets. The theater I planned to go to was sold out. So we're going to a theater nearer his school. The plan now is for us to go and have a good time at the extravaganza in the morning, then he'll go to his afternoon classes.

(no subject)


What leafy green should I cook tonight? Last time is was dinosaur kale. This is for my dad's birthday dinner...I want to reward him with green poop. Among other things. AND PRESENTS, PRESENTS FOR MY FATHER.

Or other tasty things to cook for a man with hemorrhoids (and other butt problems)?

(no subject)

How much contact must you have had with a person before you deem it appropriate to send them a friend request on Facebook?

For example, say you were traveling abroad and met a bunch of Americans along the way. All of you hung out for a few days, but since the group was quite large, you didn't get to actually talk or personally introduce yourself to everyone. Would you still send a friend request to those you didn't say a word to but have seen around constantly for a few days?
mona marx

(no subject)

1) should i change my name when i get married?

my name is colleen macdonald. it would be colleen ramos if i took his last name. should i be colleen macdonald-ramos? or colleen macramos? :-D

2) how fast on average do you drive on the highway? what is the speed limit where you live?

3) what colour is your hair? is it the same colour throughout your whole body? (example: blonde hair, brown beard)
  • tbone

(no subject)

I need to go to my wife's hometown for work next week. As you can imagine, she would like to come. I'm fine with that, but it means our son will have to miss a day of first grade. Is school so important that I should insist that both of them stay home, or should I let my wife come along so she can see her family for a weekend?
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

I have a box of chocolate cake mix.
Is there a way to use that to make brownies? Or should I just suck it up and make cupcakes?

Now the question is: Brownies or Cupcakes?

(no subject)

Will you post a video of something you find funny, but others might not? Or just post a funny video. I just want to laugh, and I know you do too.

If you don't play Fallout 3, you may not appreciate the hilarity. But maybe you will.

Collapse )

(no subject)

Do you have a picture or story that always makes you smile no matter how many times you see it or hear it?

Will you share it here?

If not, what's something that you wish you had right this very second?
Don't think, just answer.

Is there a song you really like that you're ashamed of?
What is it?
default falling
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(no subject)

How sad is it to sit alone in a restaurant? When you see someone doing that, do you think they are independant and confident, or do you think they are lonely and sad?
[lost] Goodbye lost


What do you do when you are feeling down?
I either curl up in bed and drive my sister crazy or spend a ton of money

What is your favorite comfort food?
I really like mashed potatoes.

What's the last impulsive thing you have done?
I bought Guitar Hero World Tour and a flat screen HDTV.
girls » barbie
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(no subject)

how do you motivate yourself to clean?

cause i know i need to, but god, i just don't wanna.

i have a broken pink ihome. it charges my ipod, it displays time, but the buttons on the top do not work. do i try to salvage it and sell it, or toss it?

(no subject)

If you could have any kind of animal that's normally kept as a pet (ie, no giant sea turtles or unicorns allowed), what would you get?

Do you ever say "I love you" to your pet? If not, do you think it's weird to do so, or does it depend on the type of animal?

Care to post your favorite adorable animal pic?

(no subject)

what show should i watch right now? 

what is your absolute favorite thing to drink?   orange juice

for people who wear makeup:do you have the same look every day, or do you switch around often?   it stays basically the same
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Coffee cups

(no subject)

A bunch of friends and I watched Beauty and the Beast last night.
If you were turned into a household item as per a magic spell, what would you be? (Either based on your personality, or assuming you had some choice in the matter...)

I think I'd be a couch.
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

(no subject)

Has anybody been to a spa and gotten a massage before? How does it work? Do you have to get naked for the massage?

Has anybody been to Glen Ivy at the Brea Mall? How was it? What treatment did you have done?

It's my best friend's 25th birthday. Do I get her (and I because we will be going together) a spa mani/pedi or a massage? If we got the massage, we'd be in the same room together and we're both very self-conscious about our bodies. Will we ~gasp~ see each other naked or not? Is this a recipe for an uncomfortable memory or a relaxed fun time?
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

What is everyone screaming about outside?

Every 5 minutes or so there is an eruption of shouting and "woooooooo"s and clapping, and it sounds like it's mostly male voices.

ok, football. but WHY OUTSIDE?


Do you like your sheets or are you indifferent?
What thread count are your sheets? (If you even know.)
What color are your sheets?
Have you ever bought sheets; if so, when was the last time?

(no subject)

OK so I have three ice creams (they are all Häagen-Dazs):

1. Coffee
2. Low-fat fro-yo with honey and granola pieces
3. Butter pecan

Which one should I eat? They don't go well with each other.

(no subject)

Happy 2009 - hope yours is going well so far...is it?

Did you make and/or receive and Christmas cookies (holiday cookies, whatev) over the holidays?
What kind?

Have you ever had (or made) rum balls?
If you have children, would you give your child a rum ball?

(no subject)

Do you think funerals are more for the living or the dead?

To put another way, do you think the primary function of a funeral is to help people deal with the loss, or to honor the dead?

(no subject)

Have you ever been set up with someone through mutual friends via facebook/text messaging/e-mail, etc?

example: "Hey, my friend thinks you're cute so I gave him your number" and then homeboy texts you all nonchalantly.

How has technology affected your love life? If you're a homo, do you use sites such as adam4adam or gay.com?
just a bill
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(no subject)

What's something stupid you've said/done lately? I said the word "ostentaneous" instead of "ostentatious" a few times yesterday, until I heard someone say it correctly. Oops.

Are you participating in any inaugural festivities? I went to an "inaugural ball" last night, which was really just a house party where we could dress up in fancy schmancy dresses and suits. I'm also thinking about going to find a spot around the parade route on Tuesday -- should I?

What's the difference between a sweet potato and a yam?

(no subject)

do any of you watch the venture brothers?
who is your favorite?

and now for the point of this post: do you know what the rave song at the beginning of the second season's first episode is?  I love it, I HAVE to know! Thanks, ilu.

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I are entertaining the thought of going on a road trip this summer.  We live in Manitoba Canada.  I really want to go to the south.  The Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, what have you.  We've never been anywhere near there and I think it would make for a really fun and interesting trip.  I'm sure some of you must live in the South.  I need some help!  Can you guys recommend cool things to check out, towns to see, restaurants to go to, stuff to do, anything at all?  Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

So think of someone you love very much. They can be either a he or a she, that's irrelevant.
Pretend their birthday is coming up, and this is how you plan on buying their gifts:

One gift for their dorky/cute side.
One gift for their romantic/sensitive side.
One gift for their hungry side.
One gift for their ambitious side (whatever they want to do in the future- run a marathon, become a lawyer, etc.)
One gift for their party side.
One gift for their comfy/at home side.

If you can think of any other 'sides', feel free to post them.


(no subject)

ladies: how exhausted do you get on your period? i am totally WIPED OUT im not normally this bad

have any funny sex in public places stories?

know anything about osteoporosis?

TQC UPDATE: if anyone cares after i posted the "should i ask the guy out post" i did and he said yes:) ya all prob dont care though haha

(no subject)

Poll #1333608 SWEETS!!!!!1

cupcakes or cake?


chocolate or vanilla?


red wine or white whine?

red wine
white wine

ice cream?

cookie dough
fruit sherbert
fruit sorbet
rocky road

Edit: LOL. I meant 'white wine'.

(no subject)

this is probably a long shot but I am looking for a game.
Early to mid 90s. Point and click adventure games.
The only thing I remember clearly: at one time you have to go into a house and to do that you had to kill the power, which was located in an underground tunnel. THe puzzle involved the circuit breaker box and such and if you failed the test you were electrocuted.
I think it was situated in the near future, and you played a cop...

If I remember correctly: the beginning scene was in a city apartment/office, with mostly blue colors
and in order to comply with the rules: does anyone know what game it is?
  • pignic

(no subject)

a. For those who keep diaries (which should be quite prolific as this is LJ), what sort of things do you write about? Is there anything you hold back on writing about even if it is only being shared with a piece of paper/computer entry?

And, in the same vein, for those who have written entries, whether in books or online, that are very personal and brutally honest, how do you feel reading them back?

b. Have you ever read another person's diary without permission? If yes, why?

c. How would you feel if someone read your diary without permission?


We have a TV that is like 10 years old.
It's kinda small and the sound quality is deteriorating.
It might be time to give it the heave-ho.

Now, in shopping for new TVs, I see that most everything is LCD/HD.
Can I purchase one of these HD TVs and still get a really good standard picture?

(We do not have HD service and I do not/will not spend 40-50 bucks a month on HD cable. (basic cable is included in our rent.))

Any info/advice you can offer is most appreciated.
[Outlander] say could that lass be I

(no subject)

My work has given me the option to either come in and work tomorrow and save my holiday hours to take another day, OR to stay home and take the holiday off.

What would you to if you had this choice, TQC?

(no subject)

Those of you who live/lived in a traditional dorm (Or something similar), did you care if your room mate's boyfriend/girlfriend slept over?

If you were fine with it, what were the conditions?

(no subject)

1)If you're single, why will you never be partnered?

I enjoy eating prunes, and have low energy.

2)Are you wearing a sweat shirt?


3)Even my special chap stick is not saving my lips, what should I do? difficulty: they hurt now.

4)what are those darn kids these days doing that shocks and appalls you?

doing naughty things in the movie theater.

(no subject)

In American society today, do you think that the GLBT community or minority communities such as African Americans face larger amounts of discrimination?

I'm not saying they're not both victims of equal discrimination, I would just like some input because I think it might be an interesting paper for my senior thesis.

(no subject)

Do you think the next president (after Obama) will be not white?

Do you think we will have lots of black people running in the next few elections? Mexicans?

And if youre not from America, whats your favorite snack that can only be found in your country?


So I screwed up when I put in my change of address and wrote:

My name
City, blah blah

Instead of

My name
c/o the dude whose name is actually on the mailbox
City, blah blah

on my change of address forms.

I finally caught onto this when two important pieces of mail failed to arrive after waiting for them for three to five weeks each.

Then I used a label maker and taped my name onto the mailbox.

So, is there any chance the mail is actually going to be re-sent and get to me or do I have to call up the people and ask them to send me these documents again? What happens to mail that is claimed to be sent to a non-valid address when there is nowhere else to send it?

I know they were sent to this address because I confirmed my address with the people sending it, it's not like they accidentally sent them to my former address.

(no subject)

What is the weirdest fortune cookie fortune that you have ever read?

I once had one that said "Don't panic". My cousin got one that said "When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside". She asked me to explain it for her, but I still am not sure what that was supposed to mean.

(no subject)

For anyone who's ever applied for financial aid:

I'm starting college in the fall and I just started filling out FAFSA and it's asking me for my parents' 2008 income tax. Wtf? That doesn't get filed until April...

FAFSA 2009-10 has been open since January 1 and I know a lot of my classmates have filled it out, so it's not that I'm not supposed to fill it out yet. And there's a grant I can get for filling it out early, so I really don't want to wait until April.

My dad got the whole worksheet filled out by his accountant, and the accountant just left the 2008 tax box blank. The website won't let me leave it blank though. What should I do? Estimate? Fill in 0? Wait until my parents file their taxes?

Heeeeelp. :[

[EDIT]: Pretty much answered. Thanks for the help!
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