January 17th, 2009

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Why is Firefox refusing to save my tabs? I checked the error console and got this:

Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80570016 (NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE) [nsIJSCID.getService]" nsresult: "0x80570016 (NS_ERROR_XPC_GS_RETURNED_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://browser/content/browser.js :: delayedStartup :: line 785" data: no]

I have no idea what the hell that means. Also when I start it, it shows me a blank page instead of my homepage, and it's not saving an login information.
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Should I apologize for asking too many questions?

It's midnight here and I'm wide awake. There's nothing to watch except two shows I recorded earlier (well I did record the movie Signs but I refuse to watch that this late of an hour).

Poll #1332645 creepy solo night

Which one should I watch?

Jurassic Park III
'Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hilter' documentary thing on History Chnl.

Which would you rather have knocking on your bedroom window tonight/be faced face to face with staring into your soul?
A hungry vicious velociraptor or a hungry vicious Hitler?

Do history shows or old documentaries creep you out a little when watching it alone at night? Or am I full of nonsense? :S

OH OH last question. What's your favorite movie-watching snack (at home) not counting popcorn?

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You're on vacation in Eastern Europe, staying in hostels, when you're captured by that 'human hunting' agency (Hostel 1 and 2). You wake up handcuffed to a chair, where some anorexic German yahoo in blood-splattered lederhosen is threatening you with a croquet mallet. He reveals in his bludgeoned bullying that normally, the human prey costs anywhere from $5,000-$25,000, but he got you for only 6 easy payments of $49.99. How do you feel?

How do you feel?

Terrified. I can feel nothing else but fear
Scared, but kind of annoyed too. Why was I so effin' cheap? I demand to see the manager
Disappointed. I thought I was hotter than this, but I was just sold for less than a weekend stay at Holiday Inn. Maybe I deserve death
Kinda aroused. Lederhosen and beserking Krauts turn me on
"Ok, where's Howie Mandel? Tracy Morgan? This is a reality show, right? RIGHT?"
So embarrassing. I wanted my death to be epic, not to be tenderized by some Teutonic Olsen twin

hiccup remedies

TQC, about 20 minutes ago I took literally 2 sips of Mountain Dew and have had really bad hiccups since. What are your hiccup remedies?
What is the longest amount of time you have had hiccups for? My longest is 2 hours straight.
On a scale of 1-10 (1 being annoying, 10 being super annoying), how much do you love to get hiccups?

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holy god almighty how the fuck do you people who lives in the north survive when it's below 30 degrees?

i'm in atlanta and it's just so fucking cold i don't want to get out of my nice warm bed.

do u have any particular recommendations on how to better tolerate the cold?

and, if you don't give a shit about how cold it is

what kind of sheets do you sleep on?

i bought egyptian cotton 600 thread count sheets tonight and they're amazing
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Cell phones

What is your cell phone carrier?

Do you like them?

If you could switch to any carrier, which one would you choose?

And which one would you recommend to friends?
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what is your biggest obsession?

are you crushin' like you're in high school on anyone?

what do people commonly do that make you nervous?

if you are a heterosexual female: do you think it's weird to tell another girl you don't know that well that you think she's beautiful?

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I want orange juice, what do you want right now?

Do you ever watch a TV show and end up craving what they're having?
(The Golden Girls were drinking orange juice...I don't even usually like orange juice)


it's 2am, and i just got home. 5 minutes away from here is an intersection with a pretty narrow curve from the main road to one of the other roads. well, a car turned left from the main road too quickly and zoomed off the road, cutting the incoming traffic, which is where i was going! it almost hit a wall. so i paused for a bit because i wanted to see if they were all right, but they sped off. :[ so my questions are:

1. would you have stopped and helped?
i immediately called my bf right after because i was so freaked out. i feel like it's a responsibility to help anyone in the event of them getting hurt; other than that, i felt like if the driver was inebriated that people should be informed of the potential harm. :[ but he said that it might be a good idea that i didn't because we never know what they were up to.

2. do you think if i got at that spot 2 minutes quicker than i was, that i would have gotten in an accident with them?
potentially!!! earlier, i just watched an episode of ER that my friend dvr-ed, and it was about the possible outcomes if neela acted differently, kind of like a groundhog day. so, i'm thoroughly creeped out!!!
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iv got two questions for ya!

so for the past like week the temps have been in the negatives and my fuel line has frozen.i dont think the temp is going to go up anytime soon and my car wont start.

does anyone know of anything that can be done to unfreeze the fuel line with keeping my cars outside?!

my second question is is there anyone out there nice enough to please go to my journal and click vote on my latest entree so i can win this brickfish wedding competition? im really trying to win.

if you can help me out with either question i would be so grateful!!!

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Why do you think people get married? I read the book about marriage in France and it says that more and more people decide not to get married even though they live together and have kids.
Is marriage an old-fashioned idea now?


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okay i found this thing that's supposed to be an optical illusion but i can't figure it out!! the text underneath was underneath the image where i originally found it.Collapse )

can you figure it out?!

DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. since i just figured it out, now i want to know if any of you can figure it out!

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What was that ridiculous Yahoo! Answers community?

What did your farts or poops smell like today?

What colors should I put in my hair next? I was thinking daffodil yellow and lavender, in moderation (like, little pieces). I have blue, green and purple right now.
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We rented The Strangers last night, and it seriously freaked me out. I had nightmares. When's the last time a movie gave you nightmares?!?!?!??!
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I'm looking for a big mug that I can put soup in and microwave it. It has to have a handle so I can carry it. I've seen big mugs in coffee shops and things but can't seem to find one online. I don't want to use a thermos because it's hard to eat matzoh ball soup that way. Basically a bowl with a handle on it. Does such a thing exist? If so, where can I find one?
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Is there a word that someone in your past used all the time, and now you can't stand that word?

This dude I used to date said "booty" instead of butt. I get so mad whenever I hear that word.
Shit Happens


What should I do? Serious and non-serious accepted. Story under the cut

*Update.* I'm a moron and they took the right one. But thanks for the ideas. Apparently, the two teeth share a nerve and blood supply...dur.

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When was the last time you told someone the blatant truth even though you know it would hurt them?

Do you eat your eggs with ketchup?

What would it mean if the first time a girl had anal sex, it didn't hurt her all, but everytime after that she has to stop right away because the pain's almost excruciating?

Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?

Can two practically completely different people make a relationship work?

anarky forever

grilled cheese

I usually go with the boring but tasty american on whatever bread is laying around the house, and would like to experiment with something a little more creative and flavorful. What kinds of cheese and bread combos do you love (and recommend) for grilled cheese sandwiches?

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If you've seen My Bloody Valentine 3D was it any good?

Do they charge extra for the stupid 3D glasses?

Edit: Went to see it, only stayed like 15 minutes because the 3d stuff gave my fiancee a migraine. She didn't even notice anything. I did, but it wasn't like WOAH or anything except for the Lionsgate into with all the gears and stuff looked trippy. The tickets were like $3.50 more. Glasses were "Free". That way you can't come back with the glasses and get in for cheaper. Because $10.50 isn't enough for a damn movie right?

It didn't seem like it was going to be that great, but I didn't really stay long enough.
This is so ridiculous.
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I just awesomely accidentally posted this to updates.

TQC, I have this issue with the left side of my jaw. I can only open my mouth to a certain point, and which point the left side starts to hurt, and if I want to open my mouth any more (to yawn, for example), I have to SLOWLY open it, which makes a joint in the right side of my jaw crack (near the ear), and the left side joint hurt, crack, and then feel fine. It happens every day in the morning when I first wake up, and as the day goes on, I manage to "stretch" my jaw out and by the time I go to sleep, I'm more than less okay.

I've had an issue with my jaw cracking since around the time I started playing the saxophone and got braces. TQC, wtf is the problem with my mouth??

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My sister and her family are moving into my basement. My dad is in the process of building my nephew's room. We're all down there and my mom is trying to figure out where his furniture will fit on each wall. This bothers my sister...fight ensues. We need to know where the furniture is going so that my dad knows how big to make the wall.

My mom is now pissed and my sister is, too. Who should be angry in this situation?
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Positive I.D. required

So I bought a product a couple of months ago that had a $5 rebate. I sent away for the rebate at that time and have now received the rebate check in the mail. On the back of the check right above the endorsement signature line, it says in large letters, "Positive I.D. Required. Third party endorsement prohibited."

I get the third party endorsement part, but what on earth does "Positive I.D. required" mean? Do I need to go into my credit union in person to deposit this check? Or can I deposit it at the ATM (is it enough that my name, address, and endorsement signature on the check match the credit union's info about me)?
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Inspired by uberash's post:

To all the non-Americans:

How is the economy affecting you? I live in Canada but haven't noticed any job layoffs (except those in America) or anything due to the economy. Maybe I'm ignorant, maybe it's because I'm in the middle of nowhere right now.

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For those of you who eat grapefruit (I don't)...

1:  Do you eat grapefruit with a spoon?

2:  Why don't we see people eating oranges with spoons?

3:  Is there a huge difference in texture between grapefuits and oranges? 

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I'm helping someone make an amateur film, very low-budget. There will be one part where we'll have four zombies in an apartment building, and the younger sister of one of the zombies arriving and having to dispatch them somehow.

What would be some cool ways we could do that, bearing in mind we can't pull off hardcore special effects or the like? It either needs to be permanent zombie-killing methods (fire, beheading, etc) or a cool way in which we can have the bodies disintegrate when killed a second time (so they can't just reanimate).

Just to clarify, the method in which they're killed in the movie, rather than what makeup to use, etc. Burning or bludgeoning just seems very cliche.
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anyone here been to circuit city today? i'm curious about what kind of sales they have going on. mom's looking for a netbook and i'm in the market for a camera.

edit: i know they're closing. that's the point.

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My roommate and boyfriend are at work...normally they take the trash out because it's hard for me to claw myself through the snow in the backyard and in the back alley. Today...I did it all by myself and noticed the trash was very full and there was stuff lying around.

I decided to pick it up to stuff in the bin. While grabbing a bag of chips I notice...it's full of puffy air and chips! Not even opened. Pretty much all the food that I thought was garbage laying behind my neighbors house is perfectly fine sealed 'junky' food! It's a really sketchy neighborhood so I'm not about to go tell them to pick it up.

What is wrong with them?!
What should I do with the food? Should I just leave it there or pick it up?
If I pick it up should I put it in a box and donate it?

I'll have to wait until dark-ish though. All the gangstas are in the garage doing secret type stuff...but probably aware of my presence on their part of the back lane! 

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My friend and I would like to get away.
I think our budget is probably around $200 each..possibly a little more-
We live an hour outside of Manhattan and driving/trains/flying are all options.

Where should we go for a weekend?
This is so ridiculous.
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So my fiance has this ex-girlfriend. I've met her, as we went over to see her new house, but I pretty much immediately disliked her because she left me to babysit her kids while she showed my SO her new house for like an hour, which, even though I knew nothing went down, seemed fairly inconsiderate to me. Recently she called his house to "say hi to his mom," after who knows how many years, and when his mom asked how she was, she immediately started complaining about her husband and how she wasn't happy with him, etc. etc. Now I come to find out that she works in the same building as my SO's new job, and she's started calling for him here. I know my SO isn't boning her, and I know I'm super insecure, but:

Am I totally batshit insane and crazy jealous to be upset about this? Or am I right in thinking that this woman is kind of shady in that she has suddenly and forcefully reappeared into my SOs life out of the blue?

And I apologize for spamming TQC with my life's problems today, bbs.
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Why do guys, after a make out session, pull away from the woman they've been kissing, and then proceed to stare at her? (Woman questions wtf man is doing, he says "I just like looking at you"--- why do guys stare?)
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Do you ever have those moments when you want to compulsively type in all caps constantly, but then you realize that caps is annoying so you have to suppress those sick urges to type in all caps? I'm feeling it right now.
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Today in the Walmart parking lot, a Mexican guy came up to us selling key chains with a sticker on them saying he was deaf and selling the keychains to support his family.

My mom was wondering: Do Spanish people who are deaf sign in Spanish? Are there other sign language languages? (lol awkward phrasing) or is there a universal sign language?

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How difficult is it to upgrade RAM in a laptop?

Right now mine has 1 gig of RAM, but it can be upgraded to 2 gigs....

Would I be able to do it myself, or do I need to take it to a shop to get it done?

Is there a particular brand of RAM I need to stay away from? If it makes any difference, I have a Gateway laptop.
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guys, I swear this is so totally hypothetical

You are leaving the grocery store. You chose to get paper bags. You are also choosing to hold them by one hand and on just one side of the top of the bag. The bag rips where you are holding it, and everything falls out. Two things you bought break and are ruined.

Poll #1332950 Grocery store fiascos

How do you react?

Go back into the store, complain that the items were bagged wrong, and get your money back. If the bagger hadn't put heavy things in a bag, you wouldn't have dropped it.
think "Well shit, I dropped my stuff" and go buy some replacements, because it was your fault for holding the bag wrong. If you had used two hands, this wouldn't have happened.
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How long before moving do you start looking for an apartment? My lease is up in May, so when should I have a new place to live lined up?

What's a good song to give a guy a lap dance to?
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I hate the way that antiperspirant feels, and I don't see a good reason to gum up my hairy pits with it. Even plain deodorant feels icky; so (of course) my pits are skunky, even if I scrub them. I don't mind the smell, and the people around me don't usually notice it, but today I saw my plastic surgeon. I had a breast reduction (for back pain) on the nineteenth of November, and it was time to get the stitches out. The surgeon was bending close to my breasts, and he was breathing short so that he didn't have to smell me very much. Should I be outraged?

Sometimes I sweat enough to make wet marks on my shirts. This is normal and natural, but I'm still afraid to let people see it. I also don't like the way that tight shirts stifle the hair. Does anyone else have these problems?

edit: lmao @ people answering this seriously

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I just got a new phone and want to get some free ringtones, preferably by the actual artist.

What sites have you used that are free and have actual artist tones?

I tried myxer but can only find some crap tone that's been remade or butchered.
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Digital Photo Frame Software.

I got a new Viewsonic digital photo frame, but it came without any software with it (not to mention that the documentation wasn't written by people who speak english).

Either way, is there any software I can download to batch resize photos to a specific resolution or/and file size? Any suggestions on doing this in a better fashion?


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if you found out your best best best best friend's SO of four years was cheating on them, how would you handle the situation?

and by found out i mean saw with your own two eyes, no misinterpretation possible.

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Do your radio stations favor local artists?
I noticed after a long stay away from home that every Long Island station will play Billy Joel during lunch time but while I was in California, they were constantly playing bands from Southern California.

Will you show me your favorite macro? (Preferably cat macros?)
I'm havin' a rough day!
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Milk always smells sour to me. Even if it's just been bought and openend and is completely fine. It doesn't taste sour if I taste it (I don't like milk so I don't really do this often, but I have just to make sure my sense of taste wasn't retarded too). Why does my nose always think the milk is off?

On a similar note, I can't drink orange juice because the moment it hits my tongue, it's like an explosion of awfulness. It's like it has some sort of reaction to my mouth that causes it to be unbearable to drink. It's kind of like an overexaggerated tangy/bitter taste. Why doesn't my body want me to drink orange juice?

ETA: When I just googled "orange juice tastes bitter," the bottom of my search results said this:

In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read more about the request at ChillingEffects.org.

Has anyone ever seen something like this before when Googling?
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What is that movie with Pierce Brosnan and Tea Leoni where her and her husband are kidnapped and asked to do all these crazy things, when the wife is behind it because her husband is cheating on her with the kidnapper's wife? to scare the crap out of him?

ETA: IMDB isn't listing it under either of their lists of movies!

SHATTERED!! We figured it out, thanks though!!

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Say you blocked someone from your past and they were trying to get a hold of you and they got one of their friends that's on your list to try to contact you, how would you react?

Here's the story. A girl I knew from highschool,  Melanie, had a girlfrien  and her parents would of FREAKED OUT if they woud of found out cause they are very religious so it was very hidden. . I only found  this out recently  cause I met the girl she was with, Mandy. I guess they were together for 4 years and they moved in together after highschool. Melanie's parents found out and she basically had to  choose one or the other and she chose to break up with her. Mandy hasn't talked to her since. Melanie got married to a guy only a few months after they broke up.

So anyways Mandy wants to get back in touch with her just because it ended very badly and she just wants to be her friends, not be with her or anything. But the girl blocked her off Facebook and she has no other way to get in touch with her. She asked me if I'd talk to her for her. since I have her on facebook, but she isn't a very good friend of mine. I never talk to her, I just have her on facebook cause I knew her like that but thats it.

So would it be weird if I'd contact her? 

Do you think someone can just go from being gay to being straight in just a few months? She may have been Bi.. but I think it was brainwash D:
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All you TQCers who own cats:

Did you feel the need to go find your cat and hug it or something after reading that troll's post?

I didn't have to go look for my cat because he is laying right across the room on my bed, but I did feel the need to go over and hug him.
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Birthday dinner in Chicago

I'm trying to figure out what to do for my birthday celebration (birthday is Monday, but I'm going to celebrate it Saturday). I'm going to do dinner and dancing, an I'm trying to figure out what restaurant to go to.

Mado, which is a Mediterranean/Italian restaurant. Entries are $20 and under and it's BYOB.

Caoba, which is a Mexican restaurant. Price range is $15 and under and it has a full bar.

Poll #1333050 Birthday dinner

Which restaurant sounds best?

The Mediterranean/Italian restaurant
The Mexican restaurant

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Will you tell me some funny stories about what you thought about sex and sexual items when you were a kid?

My dad played guitar when I was little. I didn't go into my parents' room very often, so my dad left a couple of condoms on his dresser. I always thought they were for his guitar, and everytime I was in their room, and he was playing his guitar, I'd offer him a condom and ask, "Don't you need this?"
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On a scale of 1 to 5 how much do you like caramelized onions?

1 - I fucking hate caramelized onions!
3 - Caramelized onions are okay.
5 - I love caramelized onions!

What is your favorite way to eat them?

I like them on a roll with mozzarella, or in quesadillas.
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When you go out to eat, do you often offer a taste of your food to your dining companions, and them to you?

Or are you more like the DON'T TOUCH MY PLATE type?

Does it depend who you're with?

I like to taste a little bit of everything so when I go out to eat I always offer a sample in hopes they will offer one in return. haha. Fortunately I haven't come across anyone yet who seemed put off by the exchange.

When you are waiting for something in the microwave or toaster that takes like, you know, three minutes... short enough to stand and wait but long enough to feel impatient... do you munch on something else in the meantime?

two unrelated questions

When you fly on an airplane, do your feet swell up?

A couple of days ago I was hanging out with an acquaintance and he was talking about how "they" found an ancient robot under a glacier in Norway or somewhere. He said it was 'really advanced, like a cyborg'. He also said they found a tablet with writing on it that said some shit like 'Whoever uses this great power will bring about their destruction.' I thought that either a) he was full of bs or b) horribly misreading some other piece of news. I said I didn't believe him but he kept insisting that he was telling the truth. I tried googling to find whatever it was that he was talking about but like I expected, nothing came up. Have you ever heard anything like this or do you think my friend is full of it?
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TQC, I heard a cover of The Scientist last night by a woman, and I was wondering if anyone knew who it was that sang it.

I think she sounded like Bjork, but a friend of mine has told me that Emiliana Torrini sounds similar to Bjork so it could be her.

Do you know if it was either of them, or perhaps someone else entirely?

Turns out it's Natasha Bedingfield. Thanks for your help.

New question:

What was your favourite children's book growing up?
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At what point can you comfortably call someone a 'friend'? I recently met a group of people, and have only kind of hung out with them twice. So I can't really call them friends since I don't know them that well, but I need to call them something other then "those guys", suggestions?

What's your longest friendship? Do you remember how you met them?

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I was going through my memory card to delete my more controversial pictures so that my mom would not see them when we go to print pictures tomorrow, and as I was dragging and dropping them to a file on my computer, it apparently didn't copy and I didn't realize it. I deleted them from my memory card then went back and realized they were gone from the file and my memory card.

Is there any way to get these back???

I tried to search my computer and all the hidden files and everything, but they are gone. My great stoned memories from New Year's are on there and I want the pictures back!!!

Can anyone help me?

(no subject)

Do "feel good" stories make you tear or hurl?

I'm watching this special on flight 1549 and tearing up like a mofo. It's very transparently intended to have this effect yet knowing this doesn't stop me from tearing up like a weepy girly girl.

Do you love or hate Lifetime movies? Or do you love-hate them (like when they're so awful they're good...in a comedic way)?

Someone just farted next door. And I heard it. Ew.
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(no subject)

What would you put together to make sangria?
Would pouring champagne in there be a terrible idea?

I don't want to experiment. I want something really good (it needn't be particularly strong).

(no subject)

Last night I had a dream that it was the day before the President-elect's inauguration - and he suddenly contracts a terrible disease that sucks all the moisture out of his body and kills him from the dehydration, mummifying him alive over the course of a few hours. His body is taken to a Top Secret Government Facility(tm), which just happens to be here in my town, where an autopsy is performed. After the autopsy, his body and severed limbs are thrown in a dumpster because his family didn't want them (?) and no one else cared what happened to them.

My husband and his brother take his head out of the dumpster and put it up on eBay. When the police try to arrest them for it, the boys argue that it was property abandonment and no one wanted it, and so it wasn't stealing. They carried the head around with them everywhere - to work, to school, everywhere - because they were afraid someone would steal it if they left it unguarded. The head was really bizarre because it looked like a mummy's head but still had ears that stuck out like normal ears.

The bidding was at $75 million with three days left to go when I woke up.

... How much do you think Obama's mummified head would go for on eBay? Who would place the winning bid? Assuming you had unlimited funds, how much would you pay for it and what would you do with it?

Moo moo moo

I was taking a course that is paid for by the government, although certain students have to pay a small fee, but because I'm from the US, I don't. A textbook comes with the course, and it is ours to keep. I decided to quit after having only taken two classes. Should I return the textbook or keep it?
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I've always wondered

Do you secretly like it when the restaurant staff sings Happy Birthday to you?

Those who are waitstaff - does it annoy you when you have to sing Happy Birthday?

Does anyone know what happens if they sing it to you... and it's not really your birthday?
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have you ever been at a point in your life where you don't want to have any romantic relationship at all?
Your life is complete, and everything is put together and in place, you have people that want you, and want to have a good relationship with you, and they are good people too... but you simply just don't want to have romance at all?
If so, why was it? Were you bitter from a past relationship, were you just wanting to focus on school/career, etc?
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i am starting a lame pseudo-DIEt on feb 1st, i'm having like a lame competition w/ my aunts so we can all help each other loose a couple pounds.

the questions are:

1) should i eat all the junk in the house beforehand to get superly fat and therefore have no temptation / have an easier time losing that junkfood weight before i plateau?

2) just start the diet now secretly? (see i think this would make my starting weight not as high, and therefore my ending weight not as impressive)

3) should i keep the junk in the house so i don't go crazy when "ALL I WANT IS A COOKIE AND THERE ARE NO GODDAMN COOKIES IN THE WHOLE EFFING HOUSE?!?!?!?"

and if you are not at all interested:

4) what type/colour/brand of shoe do you wear most often?

Substitution fun!

Collapse )

What other character(s) would you sub in the following sentence?

"I don't care if I can't be your Lana Lang, so long as I can be your Chloe Sullivan"

They were referring mostly to the Smallville TV series.

I'm usually more on the ball with this stuff but god damn I am TIRED and not in the mood to help...

(no subject)

I went from funeral to party to 4.5 hours at a strip club (private room was a rip of btw) to hanging with a pack of girls for an hour to about to cry looking at a bay, to getting a ride home from a kind stranger (whom is now a friend).

How was your day TQC?
and if at all interesting, will you put it like I just gave mine?

(no subject)

who do you talk to (besides your dog) when you really need an ego stroking?

nb- not my mum. i tried there and all i got was a catologue of all the awful things i'd done and the good i missed on while using.

i'm so shy and lonely and i'm scared no bloke will ever want me. maybe a little dramatic but i want to have someone to cuddle on the couch with (again, who doesn't have 4 legs).

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i got a monroe piercing in july. if i grab the front of the jewelry and spin the whole thing, it hurts. i've taken the jewelry out twice since i got it pierced, and each time it hurt and i could barely find the hole. wtf? it seems like it shouldn't hurt the way it does.

if you don't care or don't know, do you have any good vampire or zombie book suggestions?
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little notebook for college amigos

Last post of the night, I promise-

I'm graduating college this semester and I wanted to give my friends little notebooks with stuff in them like little notes and poems and drawings. Can you give me any prompts or things I could write for them/stick in them? So far I have:

-Little stories
-A big clouded brainstorm of our years together


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Guys do you like my new user icon? It is a house that is watching you. I realize this photo may or may not be old news to you, but I don't fucking care, this house looks like it has eyes.

What kind of succulent plants should I invest in? I was thinking some more lithops, but I am open to suggestions. I want to slowly build a large indoors succulent garden. Online mail-order is o.k. with me.
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Do you think anchovies are gross?

Never had 'em.

How about cheese curds?

Delicious. It only SOUNDS like a gross food.
I am indifferent.

Celery-flavored soda?

I've had it. It's good.
I've had it. It's gross.
I've had it. It's OK.
That sounds revolting.
That sounds pretty good, actually.
That sounds mediocre.

What's the "grossest" food you've ever had?
What's the "grossest" food you like?

(Take "grossest food" to mean, like, food that other people probably think is gross.)

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validate me, TQC.

is my hair too short?

i don't think it looks bad other than the length but i'm really self conscious about that.
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