January 16th, 2009

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After 4 long years with my Razr, I'm FINALLY getting a new phone!!! I want a Blackberry Storm. Does anyone have one? Do you like it? Should I get that one? What other phones should I consider? A GPS thing is the most important feature I'm looking for. I'd also like a full keyboard and a decent camera.

For all you late-night double-feature fans

If you go to YouTube and try to dig up a clip from Sweet Charity, you might one run across one of my favoriter Bob Fosse dance routines: Big Spender. (If you haven't seen the show, the background is that the protagonist, a young woman, is working at a gentleman's club as a companion dancer .. well, a little fancier; and this scene is our first exposure to the club.) In the "you should also see" section is a Rocky Horror Pre-show performance (and a rather good one, except for the color balance and lighting).

Have you ever seen a particularly good pre-show, whether for Rocky Horror or any other live show? What was it? Brownie points, as always, for YouTube embeds.
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(Assuming you're in a primarily English-speaking country,) have you ever had any professors/teachers whose second language was English? What were your experiences with them?

ETA But did they have fun quirks? What were they?


What are those breakfast foods called.. That are like a corndog, but not? It's a breakfast sausage on a stick, dipped in pancake batter, cooked, and eaten with syrup.


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If you added up all of the hours you've wasted on the internet, what do you think you could have accomplished with them? I could probably be a doctor many times over. D:

I'm bike shopping atm. Apparently a tall womens frame is 50cm. I need a 58 frame. By my calculations a 50cm frame would fit someone with a 30 inch inseam. I know a girl who is 5' and has a 28" inseam..
Film - Star Wars

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I'm in London for the semester, y'all! (Originally from Philly/NYC.) I'm 20 and can drink here, obviously, but I ordered a Jolly Rancher earlier tonight and they didn't know it. What are some good native drinks that are like that (quite girly and fruity)?

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Have you or anyone in your family ever been involved in a crazy lawsuit?
A few years ago my dad was sued for being the passenger in someone's car.

Do you have anything that is exceptionally well organized in your room?
I'm trying to make my desk area more functional and organized, but as usual, I'm sucking at it.
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have you ever gotten krazy glue on yourself? i once (accidentally, obviously) managed to krazy glue all my fingers on one hand together in one shot. i just wanted to brag to you guys.
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Movie question

My mom is trying to remember the name of a movie she saw, and it's driving her crazy. It was a sniper/assassin type of movie. It had two guys and girl (whom she thinks was also a sniper), a scene where one of the guys was coming out of a bank, and a scene in a bell tower. It might have taken place in South America, although she says it could have been Europe.

Any ideas? I will be forever grateful, as my parents will be able to stop arguing and I can go to bed and stop googling things...

Edit: decided it must be Assassins...thanks!
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What constitutes as emo? Because my sis calls me that all the time, but I don't see it. -_-

Edit: I don't personally see myself as emo, I was just asking what you guys thought qualified as emo. That's all.
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Use By Dates!

I'm usually pretty picky with food, and when it "goes bad"... but today I drank a bottle of Coca Cola that had a Use By date of 8th February 2007.

It didn't taste too bad, just a little flatter (like Pepsi) and a lot sweeter. The only other product (other than soda) that I would probably go this far over it's Use By date is Marmite.

1. Are you normally picky about food that has passed it's Use By date?

2. Are there any exceptions to this?

3. What's the longest time after a product's Use By date that you've still thought, "Fuck it!" and eaten/drank it anyway? What was it?

4. What's your favourite non-default LJ icon that you don't often seem to use? Use it now! :)

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my mom called me about an hour ago and told me that my cat died.. I'd had her since she was a tiny kitten and she would have been 8 in March.

I feel so devastated right now :\ can you make me feel better? show me something funny?
me championship


Hi TQC! This morning I woke up early and found out that there was a fire burning in the huge parkland near my house. See news story The intersection where the fire started is about a kilometre from my house, but it has grown quickly; there are clouds of smoke, fire trucks constantly racing past and helicopters flying overhead. I need to leave for work in 20 minutes. So, TQC -

1) Have you ever had a bushfire near your house?
2) Should I not go to work *just in case*
3) Should I wake my housemates and let them know about it?
4) My washing is up on the line! Will it smell of smoke? :(

ETA: I went to work, in the end it's only 15 mins walk (7 mins run) from my house. The wind is blowing all the smoke in the direction of the university, the air is filled with ash. I'm starting to get a little nervous...

damn it

What handy tip have you tried lately that didn't work as expected?

I poured a bottle of rubbing alcohol into my gas tank. It's worked before when I had a frozen gas line. So either the problem isn't my gas line or one bottle isn't enough. Maybe I've got too much fuel in there? Going to miss class and possibly an important appointment later!

Which would you choose?

You have Friday off and you are going on a weekend vacation. Your options are to either go Thursday night at around 9:00 and pay for a hotel room that night when you aren't really going to do anything that night. But the upside of this is that you actually get to sleep. The other option is to leave the next morning at around 7:30, which means you would have to get up really, really early and even though you wouldn't waste money on a hotel room that night, you risk being tired for your first day of the trip.

Which one would you choose?

I'm leaning toward going early in the morning but I'm going with a friend who has a difficult time getting up early and I also have some sleep issues myself. We're spending Thursday night together anyway and knowing us we won't be able to force ourselves to go to bed early.

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What is the temperature outside where you are at?

12 degree celsius...I meant fahrenheit....I have not had enough sleep!

If it is really cold, what do you have the heat on?

76 degrees and there are still parts of this place that are cold.

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My mom just asked me what I'd like to do for my birthday.
Is 21 too old to invite a few of my aunts and family over? I'm not looking for gifts but they tend to be far more appealing to me than going out and getting completely wasted.
My mom's birthday is three days before mine, so we could say it's for both of us, but it's not really a big year for her.

Any thoughts?
Does your family get together for birthdays?

Is gmail working for you? (that website says it's just me but it's annoying the hell out of me)
something up there

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What's the funniest name you've come across where the parents clearly had no idea they were giving their kid a funny name?

In the paper this morning, a dude called Lol Crawley was mentioned, but he was born before the invention of LOL, as far as the internet tells me. Also, a Danish couple with the last name Cup moved to Canada, and named their child Stanley Cup, without (apparently) any knowledge of hockey.

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If you were Superman and were very honorable about keeping your promises, and you promised a bad guy that if he tried to destroy the world one more time, you'd tear him a new asshole, and he tried (yet again), where on his body would you tear the new asshole?
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It's the first week of class. It's also -17F outside with -35F windchill and I only have one class.

What should I do?

Walk. ~15 minutes to campus.
Take bus. 10 minutes outside time, 20-30 minutes total.
Move south.

Hell - Picasso Devil

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This is very important business TQC - I can't decide how to do my hair today. Should I rock the natural curls or go glam with bouncy straightness? Pros for curly are it's quickest, but doesn't hold up all day and I will be out all afternoon and then to an evening event and a part after. Straight will look fab all night, but it's gonna take me a good hour. I do have the time. Oh what should I do???
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1. How many layers are you wearing right now?
2. How many layers did you wear on your way to work/school/other?
3. Would you please recommend a book to me?

edit: Thanks for all the great book recommendations guys! Also, thanks to koffie_addict and cottonmanifesto for the interesting discussion of The Discovery of Heaven. You guys are great!
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My family came to visit the Wednesday after Christmas. My 24 year old cousin took a million pictures with my DSLR. He asked me to email him the pictures and I said I would. Then he asked if he could just take the compact flash card home and he would mail it back. I was hesitant but agreed because my aunt said she would make sure he didn't lose it and she would mail it back to me.

I still do not have the card. I really wanted to get in a lot of practice with my new lens over winter break but that didn't happen because of him. Is it unreasonable for me to expect to have it by now? Should I email him or call my aunt (since she said she was going to mail it)? I don't want to seem like a bitch but I really want my card. I'm afraid he lost it. It's double the size of my other one and I had just bought it. I also have some pictures on there I really want.

What should my email say? I always over think simple emails like this, I don't know why. My dad has suggested "What have you done with my camera card, jerkface?" but I'm not sure that is the best approach.
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So, about his last fifteen minutes...

Did anyone see the Presidential Address last night?

If so, what did Bush talk about?

Did he apologize for involving America in an unjustified war? Did he apologize for destroying the economy?  Did he apologize for making America the laughingstock of the world?

Did he apologize at all?
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omg ban me from science

I will graduate with a MS in biostatistics on April 25 of this year.

ZEE PROBLEM: Some of my work is being presented at a research conference on April 22 and the study's author just contacted me requesting my information and credentials. Is it totally unethical to list myself as a MS three days before I actually am one?

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If you had an opportunity to take a plain 9-5 admin job that allowed you to make enough money to live pretty high on the hog, but doesn't have anything really to do with your life ambitions, would you take it?

Are you currently "suffering for your art" so to speak, as in making sacrifices for a specific career track or opportunity you eventually want to have?
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There was a movie years ago about crazy stray cats. There was a big gray one who was the "leader" and a ton or smaller strays. They attacked and killed a family in their home. It was one of those laughable horror movies but I can't think of the name. Google keeps giving me Cat's Eye which I know is different.

Anyone remember the name of this movie?
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Computer stuff

In the market for a new computer. Do not want a Mac. Leaning towards an HP or a Dell (though most people are pretty unanimous against getting a Dell.)

For public consensus -
Windows Vista: Is it as bad as everyone says that it is? I've yet to hear a good review about it, but don't know enough about Computers or Operating systems to make a fair judgment. What are the pros and cons of using Vista, and are the benefits of getting Vista Business worth the obnoxious extra price, as opposed to Vista Home?

Or should I just stick with XP?
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My friend's aunt was just diagnosed with cancer. Is it out of line for me to write my friend a little note that say "Hey, I'm thinking about you"?

Has anyone ever tried to comfort you but ended up doing something totally inappropriate?
Or just...has anyone ever said something totally inappropriate to you?

Glass adhesive

I have a large glass desk that I've been trying to sell. I finally sell it ..and what happens?! My clumsy boyfriend accidentally hits the leg of the desk with a little too much force and now there is a crack across the corner of the desk. The desk is still in tact and the piece didn't break off. My buyer still wants the desk, crack and all, but I'm afraid to move it. The glass is probably an inch or so thick.

My question: Does anyone know of a really phenominal glass adhesive?
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Do you know anyone that doesn't consider themselves physically attractive, but most people think they are? Do you believe them, or do you think they're being modest/attention whorey?

What do you think makes people see themselves differently than other people do? I always wondered if what other people see really is that different than what I see when I look in the mirror. The brain is so weird.

This question stems from a discussion about Megan Fox and how she thinks she looks like a "tranny and a man." Though in her case I think it's pretty obvious she's being an attention whore, since she said it on the Golden Globes red carpet. FYI this is Megan Fox.

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Can you recognize these lyrics what band/song??
I said, hey boy sittin in your tree
Mummy always wants you to come for tea
Don't be shy, straighten up your tie
Get down from your tree house sittin in the sky
I wanna know just what to do
Is it very big is there room for two ?
I got a house with windows and doors
I'll show you mine if you show me yours

Gotta let me in, hey, hey, hey
Let the fun begin hey
I'm the wolf today hey, hey, hey
I'll huff I'll puff
I'll huff I'll puff and blow you away

Did you used to like them?

something wonky this way comes

Okay, say you own your own place but one of your parents lives with you. This parents pays you no rent, you feed this parent, care for this parent, clean up after this parent, give this parent a place to sleep, and things to have.

For all intents and purposes, you are the sole supporter of this parent.

Does this make the parent your pet?
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I need to get a laptop. I know nothing about computers. Money is not really an issue but I don't really want it to go over $1000. I'm not a gamer, besides Sims every few months. I download a lot of music, I download episodes of TV shows and I use the internet. That's basically it. What should a good laptop have?

(If there is a better community for this question let me know!)
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i gots another one

My first nephew is penciled in to be born in about a month and a half and my sister and I are planning the baby shower for our sister-in-law. None of us are big fans of baby shower games so we're envisioning a very casual snacks, talking, and presents kind of thing. I still want it to be obvious that it's a baby shower, though, so what are some non-game things I can do to make it still very much baby themed? Ideas for favors, decorations, food, etc? It's going to be a boy and his name will be Victor.


Do you consider yourself to be shy?

When making friends, do you avoid becoming friends with shy people?

When looking for a relationship, is it a problem if the potential mate is shy?

I'm pretty shy and I'm not exactly sure how people perceive this, so I'm just curious :)
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people are tedious

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 Let's say that somehow you got a glimpse of your future and you saw that your son or daughter (if you don't have one just pretend that you do) will grow up to be a evil dictator. You see in the future that a lot of lives are lost and the world has been thrown into chaos basically World War III because of your child.

What would you do? Why would you do it?
Paper Lanterns


I participate in Freecycle for my area. Why oh why do people ask for crazy expensive things on freecycle? Some lady has asked for an xbox, a psp 2 (really wants a psp3 but "will settle"), a working 3 year old or younger car,and a Dishwasher all within the last month or so. I can understand looking around for ONE of those more costly items on freecycle/craigslist. I, myself, have looked around for a secondhand washer and dryer, but I didn't repost my request over and over or expect to get the highest end machines out there. Does she not get that freecycle is for getting rid of things people don't use or can't sell? If I had an extra Xbox or Car that I didn't use I'd be selling it, not giving it away!
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Will your tell me about your job?
Where do you work, how do you like it, customer horror stories, would you recommend working there, etc etc

I'm thinking of applying at some places at the mall because I need to earn some money. (I'm considering hot topic, forever21, barnes and nobles and just other places)

Gleam! and glisten

If you use toothpaste without fluoride (or the other typical components of toothpaste), why? Does that answer entail a chemistry lesson?

If you're not in that minority, what color and texture is your preferred toothpaste? Clear gel, green gel, white cream, that silly white-red-green cream that looks like a sign of Italian pride on your toothbrush?

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Many of us have been dealing with very cold weather lately, so for all the displeasure and inconvience it causes, I thought I would ask this-

For those of you who deal with low temps what are some hidden benefits?
I like that I can leave groceries in the car that I would normally have to be concerned with getting home so I could get them in the fridge, with cold weather your car IS a fridge (or freezer!)

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I have some tattoos that are near my wrist and ankle, and would be visible were I to wear a short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve shirt or sheer tights/pantyhose. I am starting to interview for office jobs, and will most likely be covering the tattoos for interviews (long sleeve shirt, slacks). But I am wondering if it would be prudent for me to disclose that I have semi-visible tattoos, or should I wait until I am hired? They're nothing obtrusive or offensive (unless you are afraid of bees!), but I wouldn't want to mislead an employer. At the same time, I am wary. I've never done office work before, and don't want to start off on a bad foot.

What do you think, TQC?

Today for you -- this tattoo, for me!

Say you have a tattoo in a visible place. Is it oriented as to be public art, or as to be something for primarily you to see and other people incidentally?
ETA: Brownie points for pictures

Alternately, tell us about the teddy bear on your ass!

ETA: If you were to put words on your body, which language would you use? Why?

My one tattoo right now is on my shoulder and upper arm, so it's only visible if I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt or none at all. Nonetheless, it's oriented for other people to see, as I don't really have a good angle on it.

I'm looking at a new tattoo, though: "Live, Laugh, Love" composed in smoke, on the inner part of my forearm. Even though I plan to work internationally, I'll keep it in English for the alliteration and b/c it's my natal tongue first language. I'm trying to decide which direction the words should face, though, since I want it to be both a beautiful thing for people to look at and a reminder for myself.
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Please post using your favorite/most frequently used icon.

Now, will you tell me what it is, where it's from and why you use it?


ETA: This is like pulling teeth! Come on people, you use icons as representations of yourself, dig a little deeper! I am seriously curious because so many icons leave me mystified, and I like knowing stuff like this.
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Is there something that you need to just get off your chest but haven't had the chance to do so? consider this the time to do so. (It can be to someone who you know IRL, on-line, who is a member of TQC, whoever!)

scribbystardust, tell me how to be your one and only?

eta: Upon walking into someone's bedroom, what's the first thing that you notice?
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Could you date someone with the same name as one of your parents?

One of my roommates is dating a kid named Andy, which is also her father's name. Its confusing for us because her father is our landlord, so we see him as the primary Andy and usually only figure out who she's talking about halfway through the conversation.

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  • For the first assignment of the Spring semester, my US History professor asked us to write a paper about three historic characters (dead or living) that we'd like to sit down to dinner with. I chose Cleopatra, Anne Frank & Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Who would you pick?

    • Some of the submitted responses my classmates made which confuse me are: their grandmothers, 1995 Dallas Cowboys, Bob Marley, Karen Carpenter (I found this to be wildly ironic), the 1993 Buffalo Bills football team...

    I understand that many of these people are a part of history, theoretically speaking, but I mean... am I completely ridiculous for thinking that answers should be of actual historical characters? You know, people who have to do with the subject at hand...?

Out to waste your time

Boys are rotten, made out of cotton. What can we determine from this statement?

Cotton apparently goes bad and has a sell-by date
Boys are highly absorbant, not unlike a tampon
Boys suck
When you open a bottle of vitamins, you'll find a little part of a boy inside
Our kids are clearly on drugs

Girls are dandy, made out of candy. What can we determine from this statement?

Females rot your teeth
Women taste good
4 out of 5 cannibals prefer women due to their taste
Girls are candy? This might explain why they get wet and sticky down there...
Our kids are clearly on drugs

Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Girls to to Mars to get more stars. What can we determine from this statement?

Men and men alone have knowledge of high interplanetary travel
Jupiter, with it's swirling red eye, contains a near infinite supply of stupidity
Women, with their high intelligence, think that stars are found on Mars
The Mars probes are clearly female
Our kids are clearly on drugs

Girls are sexy, made out of Pepsi. What can we determine from this statement?

If a guy likes Coca Cola, he's clearly gay
Women are high in caffeine
Pepsi is sexy and parents should have the 'birds and bees' talk with their kids before allowing them to drink it
Pepsi commercials are secretly about vagina
Our kids are clearly on drugs
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I want to learn how to play guitar. I have no background on any instruments (minus keyboards and flute in highschool.. and uh, Rockband).
Any website/resource online that is good for teaching yourself how to play?
I just want something to do this summer.

(no subject)

What brands do the majority of college kids in your town wear? I'm trying to figure out if there will be some sort of trend across the country or if brands are more localized.

I live in Columbia, SC (University of SC). I've noticed Sperry, Oakley, North Face, Columbia, Vera Bradley, Coach, American Eagle, and Rainbow.

(no subject)

i'm going to get my new phone today at verizon.

i have a lot of stuff in my current phone though, (pictures, phone numbers, messages, music, etc.)
i know they can do something where they transfer information from your old phone to your new phone.
i would like to have that done.

what all do they transfer to your phone?
is it just the contact list or what? '

thanks so much if you can help!
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What was the last movie you saw at the theater? Did you like it?

I just saw My Bloody Valentine 3D and I loved it (even though I missed the first 5 or 10 minutes). The 3D effect was so much better than I expected. I was also unsure how predictable the plot would be, but it turned out that there were a few twists that made it hard to figure out.

On a scale of 1-10 how much does it annoy you when people talk during a movie (not just a whisper here or there, but constant loud talking)? When was the last time you went to a movie and people near you were talking loudly and constantly? Did they talk to the characters in the movie at all?

For me it is a 9 and the last time was today. There were some kids/teenagers (I'm not sure exactly how old, but one sounded rather young, maybe 10 or 11, possibly 12, and this is a rather gory R rated movie) six or seven seats away from me (with no one else in the row since the theater was rather empty) who talked through almost the entire movie. I wanted to smack them so much. Although, I had to laugh when I heard a boy in the group say "Ooh, run girl, run!".
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I asked about pricing for tutoring a few days ago. The woman just emailed me back and said the price quote was too high for her budget. Should I just take it as a loss or lower my price by $10 an hour? (Which doesn't necessarily mean she'll like that price either)

Have you ever had a teacher debate abortion in class?
My professor said our school told him the only thing he cannot condone in class IS abortion. It is a Catholic school, but what are your thoughts on this?
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(no subject)

where can i find awesome laptop bags on the internet?

do you watch law and order? if so, which is your favorite? (ie: SVU, criminal intent..)

what is your favorite potato recipe for either baby reds or the big idaho ones?

are you going to watch kirstie allie at her finest tonight on lifetime playing a mentally retarded lady?

(no subject)


How do you make hair unstatic-y?
I dyed my hair a few days ago and since then, I haven't been able to wear my hair down because it clings to my face. I've tried dryer sheets, but that didn't do anything.


Regardless of whether you're trying or not, do you think you're at a place in your life where you could handle having a baby?

I'm not planning on having kids anytime soon, but if it happened I wouldn't feel as scared and unprepared as I would have when I was, say, in college.

If you have kids: How old were you when you had them?
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Most of us probably know that strange, unpredictable comments and posts abound in our beloved TQC, but there seems to have been an influx of absurdity, pomposity, and various kinds of "-ity"s in here lately. Do you remember or did you see these little gems? -

marriage/wedding wank

the injustice of college homework choices

and then what is our steadfastly predictable globalwarmer doing making such a seemingly normal post like this?

I mean really, wtf??

and so to the question, in poll form:

based on the examples provided, which prompted the longest second look from you?

solostforever for her being above it all
temptationwins for being her lulzy cohort
lindsaycollette for letting us know how much we don't get 'it'
globalwarmer for risking upset to the tqc equilibrium
none of these, idjit. You forgot something more epic I'll explain in the comments.

(no subject)

Will you help me plan my cross-country round trip?

My idea of it is very vague. I only know I want to make, like, a northern arc and a southern arc so I don't have the same route when coming home; I want to be in Florida at some point; I have a pick-up truck.

I will save up a shit-ton of money for gas, bring a sleeping bag for when we can camp, and probably do it late spring/early summer. Other than this, I know nothing.
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does aleve make you nauseated/drowsy? does it work for migraines?

i asked my doctor for physio, he gave me naproxen, i'm annoyed, but if it works on migraines i may pay for it. he won't acknowledge them and i can't change doctors. the side effects are kind lolwut, though. DO NOT LIE DOWN FOR 30 MINUTES AFTER TAKING THIS MEDICINE. MAY MAKE YOUR INTESTINES FALL OUT YO ASS.

(no subject)

Do you think Stacy and Clinton should shut the fuck up and try and live life of some (or all) of the people they makeover before they start in on the videos with their snide condescending remarks/insults?

They act like they're in middle school.
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What's the word to describe the feeling you get when you learn a new word and soon you start hearing or seeing that word everywhere? Or it could be that you have a crush on someone and you start to see/hear their name all the time.

Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?
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Have you ever been through an FBI background check? How long did it take?

I'm going through one for a job with a defense contractor and they started it November 18th and I was told 75 days give or take two weeks by my contact at the Defense Logistics Agency. I really want this job but I hate waiting for the check to be completed because it's such limbo. It feels like I sort of have the job but no, I really don't. Not until I get the paycheck anyway.

(no subject)

I recorded a video on my point-and-shoot camera and want to post it on youtube, but I want to delete the last like 10 seconds of it first. How do I do that??

Thanks :)
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What's one movie you will stop everything you are doing just to watch?
I'm pretty partial to Enchanted and Wall-E right now

What's one movie you absolutely loathe?
Um, not sure, I like loads of stuff

It's tax time! Are you excited to get your taxes started?
Yes, I am a huge nerd. :P
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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I just found a $20 Borders gift card when cleaning out my wallet. What's something (negative or positive) you've recently re-found that you completely forgot about?

What's your greatest comfort when you're sick?
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TQC, what is the most inconsiderate thing your roommate has done lately? (if you have one)

Mine left campus for the weekend, but she didn't think to turn off her alarm clock. Now it's just buzzing nonstop.

edit: The RA changed his mind and decided to come turn the alarm off tonight. I'm grateful.

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how do you pronounce the word "theater"? how many syllables does it have?
i know it sounds ridiculous, but my boyfriend and i are having a very heated argument over it right now and i'm relying on you guys to prove him wrong.

(no subject)

1) what snack and drink should i get while watching the dark knight alone in my room?

i'm stopping by a gas station. they have just about everything.

2) EDIT: i need a case for my macbook. should i get a RUBBER one, or a HARD one?

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Whats a good way to get the cigarette smell out of a car?

ETA- The lease on my car is up on Tuesday. We're returning my car to the dealership on Monday. I've been smoking in it for the past 4 years. I don't think a couple shots of perfume is going to help this.
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Have you ever known anyone who was unable to be happy for another person? Why do you think this is? My ex was never happy for me. When I got into college, when I got promotions, passed certifications for work etc the news was always met with him saying "Oh...ok" or some other similar statement.

Also, to continue on with the ex theme...

My ex is lying about being miserable. He's pretending to have no friends (which I know is not true), he's claimed to have gotten a DUI (but there are certain pieces of evidence that lead me to believe that that may not be true), he's said that he goes home and gets drunk every night but his sister says that's a lie...wtf? I can't even fathom why he would lie to me about doing poorly in life. Aren't you supposed to lie for the better when you make contact with an ex? Or maybe, not at all?

Also, have you ever known a playmate? A girl I went to high school with was a playmate a couple years after she graduated (I was a freshman and she was a senior).

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TQC, I am desperate for chocolate but I don't have any. D: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU NOOOOOOO DON'T DO IT), how gross would it be if I put some mint fudge ice cream topping on some vanilla yogurt (not frozen yogurt... just regular vanilla yogurt)?

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What is the best wine for someone who does likes it more on the sweet side than really dry and bitter?

My very close friend just had a death in the immediate family. What should we do tomorrow night to get her mind off of it?
ETA: She asked me to take her out to get her mind off of it but don't care what we do, and doesn't know what she wants to do. all she knows it that she wants get out and do something to get her mind off of it.


for the past 2 weeks i have had this weird spot on my hand. It feels like of scaly and/or bumpy. Its very small and its not really red. It doesnt itch. I dont know why it wont go away. What could it be?

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tqc, my mom bought me a snuggie!

should i:
a)wear it out-of-doors to impress my neighbors and other passersby?
b)wear it as intended but cause myself grievous bodily injury by tripping over it?
c)allow my cat to continue snuggling in it and use a blanket to keep myself warm instead?
d)other (please elaborate!)

do you find it difficult to use a blanket as intended?

why was this poor product created?

what is the stupidest product you've seen advertised and/or used?

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I start a new job on Monday, and my Sunday is booked. Saturday is my unofficial last day of freedom.

What should I do tomorrow?

If that does not entertain you, what's your favorite X-Files episode (descriptions welcome if you don't know the name)

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do you think that if a girl (or guy) who you'd never met and who was completely and utterly drunk to the point that can barely walk and another stranger took her home for shag it's rape? girls fault? or just boys being boys?
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Have you ever had nail polish fall off of your nail completely? Is this possible?

I painted my nails on monday. Today I was driving home and discovered one of my fingers was completely without nail polish. It's my left pointer finger so I don't see how I could have missed it, but it just falling off (and not leaving any residue) doesn't make much sense. None of the polish on my other nails has even chipped.

Edit: It wasn't cheap nail polish. I'm kind of worried that I skipped it and have been walking around with all but one of my nails painted.
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How proud would you be of your real/hypthetical daughter if she became a successful porn star? 1=disown; 10=so proud I would show everyone her films when they came over to my house

Mean: 4.38 Median: 4 Std. Dev 2.30