January 15th, 2009

Baro Bitch Stare
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Tomorrow the city school's and most of the surrounding area school's are closed due to the cold weather. Have you ever heard of school's closing due to cold?

What's the high supposed to be tomorrow where you live? (-7 degrees F)

What is the current temperature? (-13 F)
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Have you ever broken up with an SO only to become really good friends with them?

Were you both completely over one another? Did that make it harder/easier to be friends?

Did you stay friends or did you ever get back together?

Tell me your stories TQC :)

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*Applicable for any of your former SOs

What did you do with your ex's stuff after you broke up?
(I just looked in my closet to find a bunch of hiking stuff and backpacks that are taking up room)

What do you think your ex did with your stuff after you broke up?
(I want my undies baaaack)
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Do you date with the intention to find a marriage partner or do you date with short term expectations?

marriage partner
short term expectations

and how old are you?


bow chicka

1.if you were flexible enough, would you go down on yourself?

and follow up question to anyone who's response was "no, that's too much like giving another guy a blowjob" (or whatever the female equivalent is)
2.does that mean that masturbating manually is like giving another guy a handjob?
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time travel ahoy!

Because Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was on today;

1. If you had a history speech to give to the entire high school and were able to bring back anyone from Human civilization to talk for you, who would you bring and why?

2. I know I have already asked who would you travel with, but forget about them, what time machine would you want for your own;

a. TARDIS (Sorry, the spaceship part is broken and the Doctor's sonic screwdriver is on the fritz. You can only travel through time.)
b. The DeLorean from Back to the Future (yes, the hover one from II)
c. Bill & Ted's phonebooth
d. Doc's steampunk locomotive from Back to the Future III
e. Or screw machines, I'll travel in time by swapping bodies like Sam did in "Quantum Leap"
f. Or screw "Quantum Leap", I want a time traveling island like in "LOST" Beat that, chumps!

3. Besides the one in H.G. Well's Time Machine, am I missing any other pop culture time machines? The Enterprise doesn't count since it wasn't built for that purpose.

4. Is this the geekest question you've read in a while?
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If you are an artist working in any medium (including writers, photographers, dancers, whatever) and you suddenly became famed throughout the world for your talent, who would you credit as your biggest influence?  If you can't narrow it down, give me the top 3.
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I am going to make an epic sandwich consisting of roast beef, caramlised onions, cheddar and rocket. What type of bread should I put it on?

ETA: Not rye! Yuck. Dirty people!

What was on the last sandwich you ate?

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Gooooood morning, TQC!

1. What should I eat for breakfast?
- Apple cinnamon oatmeal
- Maple brown sugar oatmeal
- Cinnamon and spice oatmeal
- Yogurt with blueberries and granola
- Toast with peanut butter and bananas

2. If you were my eyelash curler, and you were on my bed as of yesterday afternoon but have since disappeared, where would you have disappeared to?!Uhh, nvm... it was in my makeup bag. D: Who'da thought. lol

3. Do you have any nervous habits? If y, what are they?
Collapse )
Black nail polish rose


So last night I saw a commercial advertising "Does the economy suck? Do you need extra money? Be an Avon Lady!"

Do you know anyone who sells Avon?

Do you know anyone who actually buys anything from The Avon Lady?

If the answer to #2 is "I do!", what sort of things do you buy?

I have the mental image of someone driving to the grocery store, seeing "~Avon~" stickers on a car, running and frantically hunting down The Avon Lady in the store to order face cream. If this isn't what actually happens, please don't tell me. I like my fantasies.

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What are you?
What is the worst kind of person? (not counting murderers, racists, and those bad things)
Do you like math?
Do you like Bo Burnham? (if you dont know who this is, go to youtube, and look him up. hes funny)

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question one: is there a way you wish you could live, either now or when you were a child, that is literally impossible?

i'm not talking about having riches like JLo and rollin' like Diddy, i mean like physically impossible. like, i wish i could live in a shower. just somehow be able to walk around with hot water always falling over me, or wheel myself around in a hot tub or something.

question number two:

so i just saw this "ad" on the sidebar thing on facebook.

what the hell kind of ad is that? is that even ad? it's still up, do i dare click it? it really bummed me out 'cause it's a picture of a beagle or at least a beagle mix and i have a beagle, too :(
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If you are totally wasted, and you get behind the driver's wheel but don't start the car, can you get busted for drunk driving?

what if you just start the ignition to get the heater on?

what if you just put it in neutral and let it roll down a hill?

what if you just pull it out of a driveway so that someone else can move their car?

Thanks guys.
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1)Have you tried any of the tea lattes at Starbucks?
I'm drinking London Fog and it smells just like Fruity Pebbles.
2)Do you have panhandlers in your area? What's the strangest thing they've ever said or the worst story they've ever told in trying to get money from you? I heard a lady yell after someone once "Give me $20 to keep me off the streets for a week."
3)What's your favorite Pillsbury product?
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do you always let people know if their pants zipper is down? i'm at work right now and i couldn't decide whether or not to let that last guy know. i sort of assume everybody's a sex pervert, or that they think i am, so it's tough. but i know i would want to know if my zipper was hanging open!

(no subject)

to the person who risks it, how dangerous is a swollen ego?

do you have sympathy for people who love themselves too much, or do you have disdain?

am I going to die from drinking too much Rockstar?
h/w batman and robin

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Relationship Dr. Tee Cue Sea,

My boyfriend goes to school 3 hours from where I live. I would like to go visit him on the weekends when neither of us have plans, since it's kind of shitty for him to have to drive 6 hours round trip every time we want to see each other instead of us splitting it. However, his ex who goes to school with him is a fucking psycho and flips shit every time he even TALKS to another girl. She found out that he has a girlfriend, and is being super crazy.

Without making his life miserable (which she will do) or going to jail (because apparently she'll start something, and I am definitely bigger than she is), what can be done to make this situation better?

Srs and non-srs

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How do you make non-cup ramen in a microwave? I used to do it all the time like two years ago but now that it's actually important to my survival it's like it's some forbidden art. D=

Can I survive eating nothing but ramen and reese's for two weeks?

Anyone want to take bets on my going catatonic from sodium intake and/or malnourishment?

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So if you're stopped in the middle of an intersection and a cop pulls you over....is that considered a moving violation even though you technically weren't moving?

My girlfriend did that last month and she is going to court for it tomorrow. She said she is going to take defensive driving for it but I was wondering if it is considered a moving violation. Just wanted to stay informed.

There was a lot of traffic and it was backed up all the way to the intersection. She said the light was still green on her end so she figured the traffic would move up a bit. But the light turned red and she was still sitting in the intersection behind another car.

What's the stupidest thing you've seen someone do while driving?

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I'm in the process of baking lightly seasoned bone-in chicken legs and thighs. TQC, what should I make with the prepared chicken? Recipe?

Not soup, I made soup last week!

I took my dog to have some teeth removed yesterday, and when I went to pick her up, they gave me her medicine, and a little vial with her teeth in it. Why did they do this? Would you want to keep your dogs teeth? Why?

I'm keeping them, not really sure why. I have one of her baby teeth I found on the carpet too.

Stiff Neck...

Other than

a) Massage Therapy
b) Taking so many drugs you don't care any more (legal painkiller or otherwise)
c) Toughing it out

Is there any way you can cope with or relieve a stiff neck?

My neck and my upper back/shoulder area is store and stiff as fuck and it's driving me nuts.


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Let's say there's about 5 inches of snow on the ground when you wake up.
Are you the type of person to take the adventure and drive twenty miles to school or are you the type of person to say "fuck it"?

What if you weren't driving to school but going somewhere else?
Are you comfortable driving in snow?

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Have you used a word, only to be shocked that the person you're conversing with didn't know what it means? What was it?

What's for lunch (or other meal, as applicable)?

I think I want to run away from life and go live on a tropical island. Who's with me? Yes, it would have high-speed internet access.
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Would it be rude for me to ask my bf of 2 months (although we've been friends for...oh...4.5 years) if I can sleep over at his house every Tuesday so I'm closer to the train station to get to school? I sleep over pretty frequently on Tuesdays anyway, since Wednesday is his day off.

If you've lived in multiple cities, which was your favorite?

(no subject)

Have you or your SO, when together, ever been mistaken for the opposite gender? As in, a waiter assumes you're both women (one is male), a cashier assumes one is male (you're both female) etc etc?

If yes, what happened?

(no subject)

If you could travel to any one of these places right now, where would it be?

a. Australia
b. The Greek Isles
c. China
d. Japan
e. Thailand
f. Costa Rica
g. South Africa
h. Egypt
i. All the big cities of Europe

(no subject)

1)Post something odd you heard on the radio

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency suggests you dress in layers.

2)Mustard in your potato salad?


3)Noodles in your chili?


(no subject)

How often do you have chapstick with you?
How often do you use it?

How do you respond to stupid questions when the answer is obvious (for example, "DID YOU GET A HAIR CUT?" when your hair is a foot shorter)?

a few randoms

I have a possible tutoring job. It's English and math for a 4th grader. I'd have to drive 25 miles to get to his house on Saturday mornings. What the hell do I charge? (I'm currently a tutor for an 8th grader and am totally underselling myself for $30 an hour, if that helps)

Have you ever had to make a choice between staying with your SO and doing something for yourself? Which did you end up going with?

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So I have some salad made and then realize I have no salad dressing or balsamic vinegar! I do have Sunflower seed oil though.

Can I mix various spices with the oil to give it some flavor? I have a ton of spice.
Is there anything I can dress these veggies with otherwise?!

I would go out and buy some dressing but It's far too cold out and I'm far too pregnant to make it on foot to the store! 
im french

(no subject)

1. If you asked someone if their hair color/eye color was real (in a good way, like, "wow your hair is so red and shiny- is it natural?", and they replied, "I don't tell," would you be more inclined to think it was real or fake?

2. What would you think of someone who has all their ex-girlfriend's houses (past and present) bookmarked on Google Earth?
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(no subject)

Hey friends,

I need your assistance.  Back when I was in highschool marching band, I remember we used to wear these white strappy things on our black shoes.  Back then I remember them being called lapels (sp?).

I did a search for lapels and found nothing.  What are these things called and where can I buy a pair ???



How much of an asshole do you think I'd look like, if I walked into a bar wearing spatz?  I'm trying to bring them back.

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FOOD POST! omnomnom

1.) What is the last thing you ate?
2.) Do you have any issues regarding food?
3.) Do you think that dieting EVER works long-term?
4.) Does eating a certain way (high fat/low carb, high protein, high carb etc) have an affect on your mood?
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I just went to get lunch, and when I opened my fridge I saw that my dad had chilled a small bottle of white zinfandel that was given to me as a favor at my BFF's wedding. Considering I don't drink white zin, and neither does he, I'm assuming it was from NYE when he bought a bunch to woo his latest conquest over dinner. This is the second time my dad has taken my wine for this purpose. I'm torn between being annoyed and amused. Which would you be?

If you showed up to dinner on NYE with your latest fling and he popped out a bottle of white zin from NJ, with the label 'ALL OUR THANKS AND LOVE, BFF & HUBBY, 2007,' would you be suitably impressed?

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1:  Are there any shows that you were really into for multiple seasons but eventually lost interest in it?  What happened?

2:  Are there any shows that you want to get into but the show is several season in and you think it would take too long to get caught up?

3:  Are there any shows that you're trying to get into but just can't?  Why not?
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hey party people. I'm taking an online "popular music" class this semester (why yes, it is to pad my GPA) and I can't decide on a topic.

should I take:

The Beatles After the Beatles


for both, the course description is:

"Emphasizes historical, cultural, and performance patterns in a variety of popular idioms such as, but not limited to, rock, folk, jazz, and Afro-American music."

which would you take?

(no subject)

Are there any tips for walking in high heels?

I am terrible at it and have a bunch of job interviews coming up and would like to look a bit more mature as I come off way younger than I really am. I'm not talking stripper heels here, just some work heels. But even in those, I tend to wobble and walk awkwardly.

Edit: I already own flats, I am just determined to try heels and am looking for tips, thanks!

(no subject)

I'm looking for a Digital SLR camera that takes photos of amazing quality. Recommendations please?

Also, if you have a digital SLR you're happy with, I would love it if you'd post a photo that you took with the camera.


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i'm hungry but NOTHING looks appetizing. does this ever happen to you? what do you do?

let's say you have a sister that calls you exactly once a week, without fail. one week, she doesn't call you. she doesn't call you the week after, either. how many weeks would you wait until you called the police because you thought she was missing? i'm watching a true crime show, and the other sister waited two months before she called. that seems a little long to me!

eta: the lady in the show did try calling her sister but couldn't get a hold of her.
Augustus Gloop

(no subject)

I was hungry. Not much in the house looked good to me. I was alone. I saw a box of quick-cooking oatmeal. (Are you with me so far? And did you know that in 1977 I achieved quite good scores on my SATs, ranking in the 99th percentile?)

I put 1 3/4 cup (14 oz.) of water in a pot, and put it on the stove to boil. I started looking around for goodies to add to the oatmeal to make it yummier.

When the water boiled I added 1 cup of oats. I stirred them in well, then turned the heat down to medium, and continued cooking for 1 minute. Then (and here is where things get odd quickly) I opened a can of Beach Cliff sardines, chopped them with a fork, and mixed them into the oatmeal.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I quickly decided that some sort of savoury flavoring was necessary, and I added some balsamic vinegar that was laying around. This was not sufficient.

I found a bottle of soy sauce, and added some of that. Still not sufficient.

Next I stirred in some horseradish mustard. Things got better, and I ate half the pot of sardine oatmeal with balamic vinegar, soy sauce, and horseradish mustard.

So my question, TQC, is if the SATs are such good predictors of academic achievement, how did I pull such a dumbshit stunt?

h/w batman and robin

(no subject)

I'm going to the hookah bar with my friends tonight. What flavour should we try?
What's your favourite?

Oh, and:

For those of you who responded to this question from earlier, thank you for your advice that is now moot because I was just dumped via AIM while I'm at work.

What kind of ice cream should I drown my sorrows in prior to hookah?
What is your favourite kind of ice cream?
silhouette theater

stupid stupid but i'm lost

has anyone here gone to college right out of high school, done a shitty job, took a few years off and then gone back? what was the process like? did you apply as a freshman or a transfer? did the college you went back to care about the grades from your first attempt at college or were you given a clean slate or something like that?

i went to community college for 3 semesters (fall 2004 - fall 2005) and did terrible and i want to go back but my gpa blows and i really have no idea where to begin.
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(no subject)

1. What is your favorite type of make-up remover?

2. What reading materials do you read on a regular basis?

3. What are some of your favorite works of art?

(no subject)

Poll #1331870 Witch doctoring

Ooo eee, ooo ah ah, ting tang?

Hey yeah hey yeah WOOF WOOF WOOF
Zowie zowie macazowie
Walla walla bing bang
Eee oh eee oh chaka bang
Sprocka sprocka kaa daa boing

What would you call a witch doctor in training?

Witch intern
Witch journeyman
Bachelors, working their way to a doctorate
Witch nurse

Unrelated, if I were to mention bulls and bears, you'd think of ______

Chicago sports teams
The stock market

(no subject)

So Ive been watching the news for the last hour about the plane crash.

Its making me feel wierd.

How does the crash make you feel?

Should we take attendance and make sure everyone from TQC is okay?

Everyone post a comment so we can make sure you are ok
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(no subject)

1. I ask you is this someone's backside or some sort of sofa where the seats are attached?

I can see it working both ways. Sort of like that duck/rabbit picture.

Or do you see it as something else completely. If so, what do you see?

2. I watch quite a few Brit shows and I've notice they often say "American" wrong. As in they'll say "Ameer-RI'can" versus "Ah-mare-ihkin" with no stress. Especially if they are trying to say "American" in an "American" accent.

So, how do you say "American"?

Is my way the same across the States or only in my region (East Coast Southern)?

(no subject)

A plane just crashed into the Hudson river...
Does your news have it on right now?

Would it make you nervous if you were about to fly out of that same airport in less than a month?
Ever have any problems on a plane?

(no subject)

Whats the most difficult decision you've ever had to make?

I'm coming up to having to make it. The Uni i've always wanted to go to, alone, or my lesser choice uni and be able to be with my boyfriend/SO. Im worried if either one doesn't work out i'm going to hate myself for making the wrong choice. Telling myself i'm stupid to give up my dreams for love doesn't work.

(no subject)

So I'm on CNN.com reading about the plane in the Hudson River thing, and I came across this in the article:

"The plane approached the water at a gradual angle and made a big splash, according to a witness watching from an office building."

When was the last time you read something that made you go "no shit?"

(no subject)

if you are in a cusual relationship, but still a relationship, and have feelings for someone else, do you think you should break up?
if youve been in this situation, what happened?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

What's something gross a little kid has done around you or to you?

I think mine tops the cake: I was talking to this little girl while she was picking her nose, and she stuck her gooey fingers inside my mouth. It was as disgusting as it sounds.
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(no subject)

Are you crafty? What kinds of stuff do you make?
I am NOT crafty but I would like to be.

What do you do with shit your ex leaves behind?
It lives in my closet and soon it will have a nice new home at the Salvation Army.

What do you really want back from your ex but are just never going to get?
My sleeper sofa, kitchen table set, and my foosball table. Dammit.

Favorite song this week?
robot music

(no subject)

When you buy books at used book sales, do you ever find things inside them?

I love finding things inside books. I was reading one last night and some valentine's day cards fell out. The one's that little kids give out to the whole class. They were of Pirates of the Carribean and said "To: Dom From: Isa" So cute! I've also found various notes and business cards.

(no subject)

Are you good at mentally keeping track of time? When you guess what time it is, how far off are you usually?

If you had to use one of the following animals as your primary transportation vehicle (instead of a car/bike/local train), which would you choose, and why? Camel, mule, horse

What's the most important thing you were supposed to attend that you've ever slept through?

(no subject)

How good are you at making paper airplanes? 1=full of fail; 10=so awesome that my plane would never have crashed in the Hudson.

Mean: 3.82 Median: 3 Std. Dev 2.83
Sookie Stackhouse
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(no subject)

I really need to talk to my brother, but I don't have a way to get in touch with him. Should I pretend one of my son's stuffed animals is my brother and have a one-sided conversation?
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(no subject)

To go along with the car question...
Have you asked someone to show you how to change a tire or change your oil and had them turn you down?
Who did you ask What was their reasoning?

If you do know how to do change a tire or change your oil, who taught you?
emmett, QAF

Coffee Coffee Coffee !

Have you ever been to a Saxby's Coffee ? If so, what drinks are good there ?

If not what are some of your favorite local coffee shops in your are ?

There used to be a place called Common Cup that was a friendly, christian-owned business. I loved how they had simple syrup out if you wanted to sweeten tea so you didn't have to stir and dissolve the little sugar packets. It was just very cozy and calm all in all. Then, this year they closed down after only 4 years in business.

There is also another one called Crossroads. I love the eclectic staff and the hot chocolate !

  • sssea

(no subject)

Where is my friend Nick?
He was supposed to be driving up from Jersey last night at about 7pm.
He hasn't answered any phone calls on his cell phone or his house.

(I live in Massachusetts, it's not a very long drive)

(no subject)

everyone always says to get your general ed credits out of the way first, and then focus on your major. this never made any sense to me. it's like saving all the hardest shit for last... wouldn't it be better to spread them out so that you've got an easy class or two each semester?

(no subject)

I'm fighting with my boyfriend right now. Basically, there is a girl who has been my on-and-off friend for a little over a year, but mostly on. My boyfriend doesn't like her because sometimes she gets drunk and high and kisses me. Not romantic making out kisses, just pecks. Overall, she has been a pretty good friend of mine, but recently, we got into a big argument and haven't seen eachother in almost a month. We both apologized and want to hang out tonight. I just told him I might hang out with her tonight because he's been out of town for almost a week and I'm bored. Now, I understand why he doesn't like her kissing me, and I told him that it's not going to happen anymore. After I told him I might hang out with her, he started crying. I told him I choose my friends, not him, and that if he can't handle it, to break up with me now. Whether it's a bad decision to hang out with her or not, it's my damn choice. He says every time she comes into the picture, we fight, so I told him we fight because he's being controlling. So does he have a right to make me feel bad about who I hang out with because he feels it's in my best interest, or do I hang out with whoever I want?

Should I hang out with her?

(no subject)

Do you think being a stoner is comparable to being an alcoholic?

As in, is a stoner "an addict"? Is one drug easier to quit? Would you be more or equally upset if you learned someone was a stoner or alcoholic? etc. Interpret further as you wish.

(no subject)

I'm moving to Minneapolis tomorrow and I have included a list of what I have to bring.

TQC, can you please help to let me know if I forgot anything?

-clothes (jeans, sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, undershirts, boxers, socks, jacket[s])
-cell phone / charger / USB cord

Anything else? This isn't temporary -- I am moving. However, I cannot bring things like a TV or a bed because I am traveling on a bus, so my space is very limited.
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(no subject)

Yesterday I was talking about this crazy weather with a friend and I typed, "Stupid global worming." This led to a pretty epic discussion about Beetlejuice and sandworms. What's the last lolarious typo you made that turned into something even BETTER?
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(no subject)

Are you a good driver?

Do you ever drive drunk/high? Intentionally?

What are the worst weather/terrain conditions you have driven under?

They secured the airplane that crashed into the Hudson. Sorry, treasure hunters.

Amélie neck
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(no subject)

you know that scene in Amélie where the screen is split and they are flashing the lights out their windows as kids because they each dreamed of a friend to play with? anyone know where i can get an image of that with the lights flashing? so far i am having trouble finding even the still, so that will do too. thank you.
Margie w/ baby

(no subject)

If you could be instantly good at a hobby - just a hobby, not something that would make you rich or famous or anything like that - what would it be?

Are you insanely excited for the premier of Big Love on Sunday? Because I am.
Who is your favorite Big Love character?
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(no subject)

I have a friend who is questioning her religion and wants to read some well respected, good books on atheism, humanism, and similar philosophies... Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. :D
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

(no subject)

The x key on my macbook just popped off. It won't just snap back into place so I have covered it with Scotch tape and it looks ~ghetto~ and doesn't work very well! What do I do to fix this? (non srs and srs please)

Also, how do you handle a situation in which you know someone's lying either because of pure proof or because you can just tell? My ex just blatantly lied to me over something pointless, stupid and trivial. I called him on it and he was like "Uh...er...uh...oh I..." (he always talks like that btw...he's "special" jk)

And does anyone else find it ironic that I've recently started talking to my X bf and my X key just flew off my keyboard into my face? Anyone? yeah, me neither.

This is a stupid sex question

For those of you who are single/in an open relationship/not committed to one person:

If you like making out with random people, but you just want to kiss and not have sex, do you tell the person you are making out with that you don't intend for it to lead to sex before you start kissing them so as not to lead them on?

I feel bad that whomever I kiss seems to want to get into bed really quickly and I'm just like ack, stop taking off my clothes! Not that the opportunity comes around that often...

They see me editing, they hatin'...
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(no subject)

Where can I find a good, simple plain layout that I can work with?
*Looking for communities or codes

I'm retarded and can never seem to make my own just right.

I don't want any header images or like, weird crap.

I've tried lj searching but maybe I just suck at that too.
Mitty box

(no subject)

Do you know where your breaker box is?

That is stupid y/y?

Are you having ridiculously cold weather today? I am sure this has probably already been asked, but I just had to go outside in sandals to flip my breaker back on and it's FUCKING COLD OUT.

Anything you'd like to bitch about today?
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i lost my kitten.

(no subject)

dr. tqc, how do you fix a broken heart?

if you don't know or care, why is Collapse ) the cutest video ever??? do you know of any other super cute gifs/videos that can surpass that?
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(no subject)

Guys, my music collection just got deleted from my iPod. Recommend me some music? I'm looking for fast paced, heavy base music, something good for working out. I do listen to other language music as well : )

Do you ever make a post to TQC, and accidently post it in your personal journal?

How was your day today? Did you have any work suck?

Did you ever read Archie comics when you were younger? Looking back now, what do you think of them?
Question Everything

(no subject)

If you were ever unable to make the decision yourself, how long would you want doctors to keep you alive using machines before pulling the plug? (Eg. comas etc.)
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you don't tell me what to do.

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has anyone here ever had a job interview/been hired at barnes & noble? i imagine it probably differs from location to location, but how was the hiring process for you?

i have an interview there tomorrow and i'm so nervous i could puke.
emmett, QAF

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What is you favorite type of microwave popcorn ?

I like Orville's Tender White and Pop Secret Homestyle.

Is it just me or does popcorn always smell better when someone else is making it ?

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ladies: have you ever asked a guy out. As in to be your boyfriend way?

how did it go? why you do it? did it work out or did you regret it?

EDIT: Am i wrong to feel like it should be HIS job to do the asking?

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1. How do you eat your chicken nuggets? Plain, ketchup, sweet & sour sauce, b-b-q sauce?

2. How do you organize your bags? I'm organizing my closet and I have like..10,000 purses/handbags.

EDIT: How do you organize your shoes?

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I've decided that tomorrow I'm asking my boss for more responsibilities and changes to my contract to have the company pay for my training. Do you have any tips for me on how to ask for raises/promotions/other professional increases and how to quell my nerves, etc.?

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What are the benefits of a paid lj account?
Do you pay?
Would you ever go back to non paying if you do?