January 14th, 2009


I think horses are awesome, but I haven't really been around them much.

I kind of want to start taking riding lessons. I have images of myself jumping hurdles in the sun. What a dream ;_; But how far can a person really go without owning a horse?

I'm not the richest person in the world though I work fulltime - is this a terrible hobby to pursue? Is it better to not get involved, then to find out I love it but can't afford to keep it up? If you are poor, how do you keep horses in your life?

For the rest of you, what's your favourite farm animal?
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In October I bought a really cute, but too small, pea coat at Kohl's. I figured it would fit by December, but that never happened. I have my receipt and have never worn the coat. The receipt does not have any time frame on it for returns. The website does not list a time frame either. Is it safe to assume I can still return it without any problems?
Dean and Sam

Product warranties

I have an L.L Bean coat that I bought about three years ago or so. The zipper recently broke and I want to see if the company will fix it or replace the coat. I think that L.L Bean's products have lifetime warranties on them, but I can't remember. I tried checking their website, but couldn't find anything about product warranties anywhere. Does anyone here know whether or not L.L Bean has lifetime warranties on their products?
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My cat is trying to rip apart the walls...


What's in your wallet?

or...what's in your walls?! haha.

Edit:Not that you care but my cat was trying to rip up the walls so I figured something was in there. I got my cat some catnip, he got high, and now he's snoring on my bed. Good call eh?

SO my cat just was running around and i thought he was trying to rip my walls apart. turns out... there was a mouse. it was a joint effort. i moved something out of the way... and i saw the mouse. and my cat scrambled, got him...caught him in his mouth..the moused jumped out flew and hit the wall, my cat pounced again and caught the mouse in his mouth, again mouse got free, and then cat and i caught him once and for all.

(no subject)

what would be the best european country to moved too and why? what is the life style like there?

im hoping to move out of the US in a couple of years and im looking at what countries i would like the most. right now im mostly thinking about either Finland, Norway, or somewhere in the UK most likely Scotland or England.

(no subject)

When is the last time you heard a song you hadn't heard in a LONG time? were you happy to hear the song, or did you want to rip your ears off? what song was it?

I just heard Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart" and I remember how much I loved it when I was 10-11 years old.. in all its deep-voiced, cheesy glory.
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(no subject)

Have you ever been waxed down there? How often?
Have you ever been nearly raped? (being raped doesn't count.)
Have you ever had your place been shot at? When was it?
Have you ever been thrown in jail? For reason(s)?

Were you required to go to court? What for?
How many times have you gone to mental institutions? For what purpose?

Details are welcomed.

(no subject)

Is anything bothering you right now?
Would you like to talk about it?
Will you try to make someone feel better?

Is there anything that you're really happy about?
Want to share the good news so we can be happy for you?

(no subject)

I want to read a biography, but my problem is I'm not sure who has one and which ones are any good. I've read some of Anthony Kiedis' Scar Tissue, and Out of Sync by Lance Bass.

Any recommendations? Thank you.
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Dear TQC!

I need help. I am in a panic.

I just woke up because I heard a scuffle in my house and it sounded like my cat was doing somersaults.

I got up to see what the fuck is going on.

My cat.... has a MOUSE cornered in the bathroom. She is normally scared of bugs so I don't get it.

My important question is, HOW did a mouse get into my house? And WTF do I do? I don't want her killing a mouse and then putting it in my bed or anything. I will not be able to sleep tonight or ever again!!! And ... does this mean there are MORE MICE lurking and waiting to come in?


Do the communities you belong to on LJ say anything about you that people normally wouldn't know?

If yes:
Are they fandom related? Any furries or slash fans?
Are they illness related, like cutting or ED communities?
Are they just quirky personality ones?

(no subject)

On monday I fell hard on the slick, snow covered steps after leaving the Technical College after a class. This was after I already sprained my ankle. Anyway, I landed on my backpack and my point and shoot casio digital broke (which was in my backpack). Now I need a new one because I can't carry my DSLR around everywhere. So tell me:
1. What digital camera do you have?
2. Do you like it?
3. What one would you get if you had to get one right now?
4. Recommendations?

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City: Hello, shop-owner. You know your fish mural on the side of your building?
Shop-owner: Of course.
City: Yeah, well that needs to go.
Shop-owner: But there's no text or anything. Its just art.
City: Has to go. It's related to what you sell - bait and tackle.
Shop-owner: Nope, not removing it.
City: Well then we're going to cite you 5 times and then threaten you with daily $130 fines.
Shop-owner: Not removing it.
City: OK, here's 5 citations over a period of time.
Shop-owner: ok ok ok, I'll take it down.
City: Thanks.
Shop-owner: I've replaced it with a huge banner of the 1st amendment. So there.
City: You son of a bitch. We'll find a way to make you remove that too.


What do you think about this?
Should the man be allowed to display the mural?
Should he be allowed to display the First Amendment?
What if the mural were something one might consider obscene? (say, a graphic representation of iheartretards icons)?
Any murals you're particularly fond of?

(no subject)

What's the worst date you ever had?

What's the best date you ever had?

I think Chick Fil A has the best fast food, my roommate thinks Taco Bell does. TQC, where is the best fast food and why?

Doctor is stupid, y/y?

So I got a call from a credit agency that has been hammering me for the past year... for fifty-four dollars.

I'm sure that a credit agency is MORE expensive than fifty-four dollars, so my old doctor is losing money now. Also, if she needs fifty-four dollars that badly, she's in a place nobody can help, yes?

But more importantly, will you give me ideas of silly/good things to say to the credit agency when they keep harrassing me?

I already told them that my credit score doesn't matter much to me since I don't use credit, and the silence was great.

(P.S: I don't actually have the fifty-four dollars, so paying it isn't an option. Not to mention, insurance was supposed to take care of it.)

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I recently got hired for a part-time job at a call centre. During the interview I realized that I didn't want the job, but I thought I might take it anyway because I wasn't sure if I could go back to my old job or not. Because of the nature of the job, I'm pretty sure that a lot of people they hire either don't show up for their first shift, or quit very soon after starting. A couple days after I was hired, my old job called me and said I could come back. My first shift at the new job was supposed to be today.

So, should I e-mail the new job to let them know I don't want it anymore, or just not show up? And if I e-mail them, what should I say?

Srs and non-srs.

Okay, I just e-mailed them. Since that's over and done with.. would you tell me your favourite job-hunting stories?

(no subject)

1)do you have recurring dreams? what are they about?

I have a dream where I'm walking through the neighborhood. I take a slightly longer way than normal and come to a bridge. I'm freaked out and turn around. Then it's a really short way back to the lake. I was freaked out by actual bridges today thinking about that dream.

2)Can you make up a meaning?

I don't know. My teacher would say I have unfinished business. and that my dad is a sex pervert.

3)Can you tell me something scary about your city?

well...I hear that if all our bridges collapsed, we'd be on an island!

(no subject)

wtf is "chi comm", any ideas?

Context: "It is a wonder that the people ready to throw trillions of borrowed Chi Comm dollars and our tax dollars at this and that and tossing around the “S” word cannot grasp the concept of Sustainable Spending"
TV Addiction

I've never understood this...

...but mainly only cuz I can only watch sports if I'm at the event.

When you're at home, would you rather spend time with your woman or watch sports on television?

When you're at home, have you ever been ignored by your man because of sports on television?

Single People:
Are you at home?
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(no subject)

I'm currently reading Pillars of the Earth, which is an amazing, awesome, super fantastic book, 1000 pages long, and it's set in 1100s England. I love long books and especially period piece/historical fiction. Any good recommendations?

I'm coming to the end of POTE and when I finished its sequel, World Without End, I was distraught and nothing could gain and keep my interest. I have already read The Other Boleyn Girl and Courtesan so even stuff like that would be good.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

What's the last thing that made you both happy and sad?

I sold one of my favorite felt creations on Etsy. I'm mostly happy because I got a sale, but I'm a little wistful that I have to send it away.

(no subject)

if you had to interview a 22 year old college student who had a history of anorexia and had to go to inpatient treatment, what would you ask her? (this is not limited to just the anorexia, it can include childhood, abuse, etc.)
or if you had a friend who went through the same thing, what would you ask them if you could ask them anonymously?

basically i'm looking for the most honest, intrusive questions imaginable.
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(no subject)

Does anybody else here have Osgood-Schlatter's disease? Has your the bump in your knee never gone away? Does it hurt a FUCKING LOT and make things like going up stairs AGONIZING? I've had it since I was about 9 or so and it's never gone away, only gotten worse with additional trauma to the area. It always hurts. Do you know of treatments or other options?

Everybody else: how is your day? Did you get enough sleep? How was the coffee/morning beverage?

(no subject)

There is a calendar from the Marine Mammal Center on the counter in the break room at work. There is no "free" sign, but there's no "$6.00" sign either (what it costs on the website). Is this a free-for-all item/would you take it?

There are 500+ employees so I can't exactly ask around with any hope of success.

(no subject)

Your SO verbally and physically abuses you for years. Like many victims of abuse, you feel trapped.

One day, when you are dutifully doing your SO's laundry, you discover dried blood all over one of his/her shirts. Someone in your town has been recently killed. Do you get rid of the evidence or call the cops?

One night, the same SO comes home drunk and ready to beat you. You shoot him/her and he/she becomes a vegetable in need of around the clock care. Do you take care of him/her? Do you invite your new SO to come live with you and your vegetable?

What vegetable is your abusive SO?

This really happened so don't make fun.

(no subject)

What little thing annoys you the most?

I'd say people staring at me while I'm doing stuff. People. Stop STARING. I'm not that interesting, so what if I'm going out to check the mail when it's like -5 out, you don't need to stand at the door and gawk. Go away.
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What hot drink should I get from Starbucks when I go in several moments?
The idea of the tea lattes creep me out, and, while I like Caramel Apple Spice and teas, I want something coffeelike.

If your answer is "eeewwwww" then what do you drink to keep warm in the winter?
Baro Bitch Stare

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TQC should I move out of the house that I share with my ex-bf (we broke up less than 3 weeks ago and had been going out for 3.5 years) and three others??

My ex is being really inconsiderate and bringing girls home. I feel like he is just trampling all over my feelings. When I asked him to not bring people over that he intends to have sex with or whatever, he said "oh...I'll try".

Am I being unreasonable? Is he?

(no subject)

Has anyone had an ex contact them after a decent amount of time? Like a year or so? Why/what did you do?

My ex of 10 months ago IM'd me last night, I guess him and his gf (the girl he cheated on me with) broke up and I really don't know why he contacted me. He said "just to say hi" and he wanted some kind of peace of mind that he wasn't a terrible boyfriend and I didn't think he was a colossal asshole. Except I do. I ended up having to block him because he got childish when I asked him to please not call me on the phone, because I don't really want to be bothered with that crap.

It kind of makes me nervous, because he's really my only ex-bf so I'm not very experienced with this stuff. He lives 6 hours away but I'm worried he's going to show up here and beat me up or something, idk I have irrational fears.

(no subject)

Sorry if this double posts. Delete the other one if it does, homez.

I work in a new office, and it's hella dry. Add to that the -37 weather outside, and I'm dying.

My hands aren't so bad, but my nails and cuticles are killing me.

Can you recommend a good product to help with that? I'd prefer something natural, and that doesn't cost 80 bajillion dollars. D

(no subject)

TQC, the lymph nodes behind my ears are both swollen and tender and they are radiating pain/stiffness down my neck, therein making me feel as if I've been punched repeatedly in the neck. And I've been super tired lately. Aside from being sleepy lately and the pain in my neck, I don't think I have any other symptoms of anything... no sore throat, no fever, etc. Do I have mono? If N, what DO I have? Be creative plz.

Have you ever had mono? Can you tell me about your symptoms and how long you hibernated for before you felt better?

If you don't give a hoot about my well-being, how often do you wash your sheets?
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(no subject)

So I said that Shelly Duvall was ugly in one of my LJ posts. One of my lj friends got pretty offended. Is this a really awful thing for me to say or is the friend just overreacting?

(no subject)

Oh hai tqc. So, you're going out with a guy and you've had a lovely day out at the beach and you're walking home and you're in a pretty park and you sit down for a rest. You point to some benches and tell the boy when you were 17 you kissed a boy there. You make it clear you were still a virginal very innocent schoolgirl at the time and it was just a kiss. You are now 33 years old. Boyfriend get SUPER PISSED OFF and glares at you like you're a total piece of shit. He stomps off and announces he's going home (over an hour away) because you've ruined the day and he "doesn't want to hear about your promiscuity." Understandably you tell him he's being stupid but he insists that no, it's YOU who is the stupid one as he can't handle hearing about this stuff, you know, the fact that 16 years ago you kissed a boy.

Still with the same boyfriend. You are watching the news and there's a report about al qaeda. You laughingly mention the best thing about the war on terror is you'd never noticed how hot asian guys are before. Boyfriend goes VERY quiet. He tells you he now thinks less of you and goes is a sulk to the bathroom. You ignore him and decide to putter about on the internet. After BEING PHYSICALLY SICK he storms back into the room and tries to drag you out of your computer chair. You hold firm to the arms of the chair but he persists until he manages to lift the chair off the ground and drags you onto the floor, pins you there and berates you, telling you Asians treat their women appallingly and stands over you shouting, 'You are nothing, you merely belong to your man, is that what you want?! I knew you were submissive but I didn't know you wanted THAT but I'll treat you like that if you want!' You manage to get up off the floor and he holds you tightly by your forearms stopping you from leaving the room. You struggle until you break free and run sobbing to the bathroom, terrified and full of wtf. His reasoning being when he was at school he worked in a shop owned by some asian people who apparently didn't show their women much respect.

So, when do you dump his ass tqc?

(no subject)

1.) I am a 22 year-old female, with hopes of buying a new car sometime this year. Do you have any tips for first-time car buyers in regards to down payments, financing, specific vehicles to look into, etc.? (Yes, I am very new to all of this.)

2.) Alternately, what is your current vehicle? Would you recommend it?

Were the girls are

You've been bitten by a were-creature! You'll turn into a similar were-creature during the next full moon. Which animal will you turn into?

WereRobinWilliams (or, considering his body hair, is he already a lycanthrope?)

(no subject)

TQC, the economy is shitting all over my job. I've been working for a very upscale French restaurant for the last 7 months. I went from making ~$400/week on 3 shifts to ~100/week on one, since I keep getting called out due to lack of business. I really wouldn't be surprise if the restaurant goes under. I've been trying to find another serving job for months to no avail. Any TQC servers have any advice for me? Can I ask the tacky question of how much you're making per shift?

Anyone else want to commiserate on economic woes?

(no subject)

Am I on crack or does my icon say Chaku Uta?

If yes, it does in fact say Chaku Uta and I'm not just seeing things, why does this keep happening? My default picture is replaced by this odd Chaku Uta icon for a few days, and then my regular default comes back, and so on.

edit: So, I'm the only one who sees Collapse )

What would cause that?

(no subject)

In regards to that atheist bus ad campaign awhile back, why is it that some atheists get upset when religious people say they're going to hell when they don't believe in hell anyway?

If you're an atheist do you get offended when people say you're going to hell?

(no subject)

I'm socially awkward TQC. Halp.

I had a new physical therapy tech yesterday. We got along pretty good. I found out he lives down the street from me! All of my friends have moved away and I get kinda lonesome for just-friends acquaintances. How can I ask my tech to hang out? I don't want to give him the impression that I'm asking him on a date or anything. Hes cute as a button but I'm not single and yeah.. I also don't want to come off as overly unprofessional or put him in an awkward situation. I'm totally okay with making myself feel weird. I'm just not all too keen on making others feel weird. Help a sister out?

(no subject)

1. If you're married, what songs were played at your wedding?

If you ever plan on getting married, have you ever thought about songs you'd want to be played?

2. What is your 2009 calendar of?

3. What is the sweetest thing someone has done for you lately?

4. Saturday is my seventeenth birthday. What should I do to celebrate?

{wow} sin'dorei pride

(no subject)

Does anyone know what the salary is for starting pay at Michael's?

For those of you who graduated college, what was your first job? Did you live back at your parent's, or...?
Queer focus

Oprah was talking to gay people today.

1. What is your sexuality

2. How do you feel about:
a)Gay people
b)Straight people
c)Bisexual people
d)Pansexual/panromantic people?

EDIT: 3 (because you're all PC liars *squinty eyes*) Since is it ok to not be attracted to a particular sex, is it ok (ie. not shallow) to not be attracted to fat people?
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(no subject)

What ever happened to that whole Michael Lohan secret daughter scandal? What were the results of the alleged paternity test?

Also, what's your favorite cheap hard liquor? How much does it cost for a fifth (or a litre) of it where you live?

(no subject)

How many times have you accidentally gotten something stuck in a bodily orifice? Please relate one of the more entertaining stories of how you removed the item or had someone remove it for you.
veggie faces

grocery stores

do you like grocery shopping?
do you prefer a certain store?
are there certain things you go out of your way to get at a store where you don't usually shop?
will you drive out of your way to check out a brand new store of the chain you like?
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lunch box

Sometimes I don't have the time to go to the cafeteria for lunch between two classes so I have to bring my food.

So, for those who own bento box(es) bought on the net, on which website did you bought it?  I'm fed up of tuperware..

(no subject)

Inspired by explain_things's nail poll:

Do you paint your fingernails/toenails? One or the other, both, or neither?

What is/are your favorite nail polish colour[s] to wear on them?

Do you match fingers and toes, or use different colours?

Do you prefer neutral, pastel, bold or redonkulously outrageous colours?

Sparkle or no sparkle?

Collapse )

(no subject)

If a random internet stranger came across your LJ profile, would that person be able to figure out your gender without any doubt? In other words, is there something specific that says "I'm a guy" or "My name is Susan" or something else that's undeniably obvious? If your answer to this question is no, did you do that intentionally, or did it just happen?
hot rollers

Pet Grooming

Any of you who owns dog(s):

What breed? If it's a mutt, inform me what breeds you think he/she's mixed of.

a) Do you take your dog to a pet grooming shop? For what purpose? How satisfied are you and your dog? What's the average pay including tip at each visit?
b) Or you bathe and groom your dog yourself?

How often do you have your dog bathe and/or groom?

Any pet grooming suggestions are welcomed.

ETA: Thank you in advance, y'all!

(no subject)

I'm going to a superhero costume party. Itsy bitsy hotpants over coloured tights is a little daunting, I was looking into control pants/spanx type thing.
Anyone know if they're worth paying out for, to allow me to leave the house feeling tad more confident?
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(no subject)

i'm looking to get a new digital camera. i was using an AWFUL samsung digimax with 5mp and an abysmal zoom feature.

i know that a lot of the reviews on amazon and such are fabricated by employees and people who get paid to post good reviews of products.

what kind should i get? i would need something small (ie: nikon coolpix S170, sony cybershot dscw170) with high quality pictures and a good optical and digital zoom.
lovely lady

(no subject)

you met someone traveling and spent a beautiful evening together, including non-stop talking and orgasmic kissing. contact info was given to you, but you lost it. You never gave them yours. 4.5 years later, you start having sexy dreams about this person. A week after the dreams began, you find the contact info when purging, getting ready for a move. You google their name. Myspace says this person lives in the town you are about to move to. You write a message to them. They moved a month ago to the opposite coast. You email and chat back and forth. You tell them about the dreams. They are exactly what you've been wanting to do forever, and they think it's perfect. You have many unusual and earthly things in common and know it would fucking fantastic! to get together again.

What would you do? :)

(no subject)

When you had/have exams do you revise by?:
(a) looking over past papers
(b) looking over tutorials
(c) looking over your lecture notes
(d) other (specified in comments)
(e) a mixture of the above (specified in comments)
kurt halsey

blast to the past

After being homeschooled since preschool, I started high school at a "real school" this fall.  I am absolutely in love with my school, and this weekend I'll be attending my first school dance ever! Teehee.  Any admonishments/advice? What was your first school dance like?
The Receptionist Classic

Book, Book, Movie

The women in my monthly games group have been reading the "Twilight" series. This makes me sad, mainly because they're all in their 40s and 50s and sat there raving about how incredible the books were. TQC, should I go check out the first book and see what the hype is about?

I'm going to the library to get a book to read that ISN'T a book about religion or history. I have the attention span of a flea, so really long books are out. Do you have some suggestions for some "fluff" books I can check out?

Will you go see "He's Just Not That Into You" with me? I just can't bring myself to make the Nerd Herd go see it with me and I kind of don't want to go alone.

(no subject)

My younger cousin is having a birthday party soon, and the theme is "fantastical creatures", which apparently is a combination of extinct animals and mythical creatures (think dinosaurs, trolls, dragons, etc).  My aunt is having trouble coming up with creative ways to tie the theme into the dinner menu. So, aside from shaped sandwiches or dino nuggets, what are some ways to make food tie into this theme?  

dinner food, not dessert

(no subject)

I just started working at a coffee place and I absolutely love it, except for one thing... I come home smelling like coffee, and not a good kind of smell either. It's a stale burnt caramel smell and even after I shower it doesn't go away. Ugh.

Do you or have you ever worked at a place that made you smell like something? Or that smelled in some particular way in general?
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

What's the best way to get price tag residue off of things? I bought a new metal mechanical pencil today, and the price tag residue is still stuck on the barrel and it's annoying.

ETA: Stuck in my dorm and can't go to the store in order to obtain Goo Gone!

(no subject)

If you're looking for a job, and I know a few of us are:

Where have you applied lately?
Today I applied for "Kiddie Kandids" (ugh why do they spell it that way?) Lane Bryant, a tutoring job, Kohls, and random other Craig's List crap

Of the places you've applied, which job do you want the most?
The tutoring job for sure and probably the picture place

If this isn't applicable:
What was the best part of your day?

(no subject)

Just how crazy would your boss have to be for you to quit?
What is the worst thing that a superior has said to you on the job?

Why has my stomach been growling for like a week?
mmmmmmmmm cake!!

Party planning

IT's my 25th is a few weeks. Thus, I wish to see it in in the most childish fashion possible to counteract the distressing occurance of growing older as much as possible!

I was considering having a bouncy castle, but in the middle f february, when it snows every year on my birthday, I can considering that I may have to relent and not do that. =( Stoopid snow. Either way, I still want to have a big kids party. I was planning on buying a mini-bouncy castle  to have in the living room anyhow, and there will still be spacehopper races in the garden for those hardcore enough to brave the elements.

Anyhow, what I am after is some really cool kids games to play at my party. Do any of you remember any good ones that you always used to play I can incorporate in? Or introduce me to some new ones?

If there was a bouncy castle party in the snow, would you still go on the bouncy castle? (There is a snow cover so is just the cold that's the problem)

They have to be chldrens games, or childrens games with an adult twist! All suggestions welcomed.
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pretty sax icon

(no subject)

What's something that you loved during your childhood that you aren't crazy about now?

I just bought some ham and cheese loaf, which I ate straight up when I was younger, and it's not as good as I remembered. My daughter loves it, though.
kiv dancin.

guize. srs.

so tqc, i have noticed i am starting to get gray hairs. i am not yet 30.

What should I do?

Dye your hair, you don't wanna look old.
Leave it. Go gray, fuck it!

edit, does your answer change if i say that i apparently look really young, and people always mistake me for 20 or so even though i am 29?

(no subject)

TQC, I'm smitten with a 36 year old goth girl who invited people in the Dallas area to a show this Saturday, and I'm thinking about going.

What kind of a nice black suit would you suggest I go and purchase so I can look pimp?
confused, befuddled Clark

Random Floor Question

The elementary school I attended was, I believe, over a century old. The hallways had this flooring that--it was like a bunch of little pebbles trapped in some other substance. You could definitely see the individual stones, but the surface of the floor was smooth. Also, incredibly durable. I'm looking for the name of that type of flooring. Anyone have any clue as to what you'd call it?
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are you a cannibal if you bite your nails/skin? what if you do it obsessively and enjoy it?


does bono ever take off his sunglasses?

oh, is anyone else guilty of actually watching spongebob? i watch it all the time... it's fucking stupid but it makes me lol.
hot rollers

(no subject)

When it's a full moon, does your cat jump around furiously all over the place, grab onto some furniture as he doubles up his claws and pause to look at you with dilated pupils like he's plotting an attack onto you?

What my cat just did, for 5 minutes. Right now, she's completely calm and back to her self.

Desk Drama

I have a desk job that is often very mind numbing. When we aren't busy we have a list of doctors that we have to cross-check information in our database with a few websites. We have to have a certain number of pages of this doctors list done a month. I'm very far ahead (I think I'm good until April or something). I have semi limited access to the internet, and I'm technically still in training so I'm still being watched closer than my co-workers. My question is: what are some mentally stimulating things I could do sitting at a desk in a cubicle?

*edit* It needs to be done on the computer (so it looks like I'm working and I can flip to the right window quickly) and nearly all sites with games are blocked...I know this 'cause I've tried. :/
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Friends enthusiasts of TQC: I'm trying to find an episode amongst my box sets. Can you help me???

In the episode, Joey is building the entertainment unit in his and Chandler's apartment, and he almost drills into Chandler's head. I remember the line "It's an electric drill! You get me, you kill me!"

Anyone know???

Many thanks! Answered :D

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How hesitant are you to go to the doctor?

I have this bizarre, sharp pain in the top, outer portion of the cartilege of my ear and it's actually causing a twitch.  I've been putting up with this for about 12 hours now and it is absolutely driving me crazy.

How long would you let something like this go before you call the experts in?

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What's something you regret doing?

I regret snooping on my 16 year old brother's cellphone pictures and seeing naked pictures of his girlfriend who is about to come over. Oh, bad decision. Serves me right, though. I won't snoop again.
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How much does someone's grasp of grammar and spelling (or lack thereof) affect your perception of that person?

My friend recently moved out of a house she was renting a room in, mainly because of another tenant, who was making things unbearable.  She found the landlord's new Craigslist ad and emailed it to me.  One of the things that caught my eye was her specification of "NO DRAMA EXCEPTED".  I'm going to guess that she meant "accepted."  I've never met the landlord, but based on this, I am assuming she is not bright.

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My cousin and I were talking about it, and we noticed that touchscreens (at least the ones on our iPod touches) only respond to being touched by skin, not a fingernail or piece of cloth or end of a spoon. Yes, we did try all of those options, and only our fingers/skin worked. He thinks it has to do with heat. So, does anyone know for a fact how touchscreens work?

Also, why does my macbook's spell-check recognize the word 'touchscreen' but not its plural form? Whenever I type 'touchscreens' it gets a little red line under it.

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Does this make any darn sense??!?!

"Should we keep tobacco products that we smoke legal in the United States, the way these products are being manufactured today?"

This was written by one of my professors...

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What is an example of a sentence in English where "exceeding" is a verbal noun (as in "I enjoy running" and running is the noun)?

When was the last time, either while studying a foreign language or in another country, where you encountered a phrase or saying or something that literally did not translate?

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Whenever I sleep on my back, my dreams are a lot scarier than when I sleep on my stomach, without fail. Left side is usually scarier too. WTF?

Does anyone else get this?

ETA: google search yields a few similar results. I wanna know why D:

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You know how if you eat chips while chewing gum, the gum becomes this nasty dissolved thing? Why is that?

And I was chewing gum today, and had that happen to me, but I wasn't eating anything/haven't ate anything for about 2 hours, why was that?
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TQC, I just found out that one of my friends asked another friend about my sexual orientation. I want to let him know that I know he was talking about me, because he would get embarrassed and it would be super lulzy. What should I say to him tomorrow?

If you don't care, what do you have a craving for right now?
I kind of want ice cream.

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What's something you consume that you really shouldn't be consuming? (not counting hard drugs, unless you don't care who knows you do heroin)

As someone with anxiety, I really shouldn't have any caffeine at all. I inhale it though. I just deal with the jitteryness.

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Do you enjoy when music you like, but is fairly obscure, winds up on tv/movies/ etc.? I was all excited when I heard David Gray on a CSI commercial.
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I got Prison Break season 1 - 3 on DVD for my christmas. I am about to watch the last episode of season 2. that would be the 44th episode i have watched since christmas day. is that ridiculous?

also, will you wish a happy birthday to Dave Grohl?

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What are some characteristics that you have carried with you from childhood? like were you always a good listener, social, etc...

ETA: Are you anticipating anything?
Yes. the freaking cast list which is posted tomorrow!!!!!!
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been in an accident?

Help! I rent a room in a house from some very nice people, but they just moved to the US recently so don't know much about what to do if there's an accident. With the nightmare weather we've been having (stupid snow), she skidded into another car, it's all messed up, and the lady she hit is screaming that she's going to sue. It doesn't sound like there are any injuries, but she is technically being held at fault for failure to reduce speed or something like that. So she asked me, a handy US citizen, what she needs to do! :/

Has anyone here been in an accident where technically it was their fault, but it was caused by weather conditions and were driving as best as possible for the conditions? Any advice I can give her would be really nice. Thank you!!

*EDIT* I forgot to mention, her ticket says she doesn't need to go to court, but should she anyway? Or is it totally not necessary? And is it better to plead Guilty with court supervision vs going for not guilty? I have no idea.

And she does have insurance, I figured they'd take care of all this, but I wasn't sure about the court stuff.

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what makes some people seemingly predisposed to hating themselves and others to just love themselves and think they're the bees knees?

i'm not talking murders or rapists. i mean just every day people who have no more flaws than anyone else, but they see themselves as this terrible person, while someone exactly the same with the same upbringing and similar experiences just doesn't hate themselves much, like me and my sister.

i've never studied psychology or anything and i've always wondered what goes on in our heads that makes a person so drastically different from another.