January 13th, 2009


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How often are you drunk or otherwise impaired (whipped cream in a can, Benadryl, large pan to the head) and think, "Wow, I just thought of a really cool question for thequestionclub," but later forget it and remember only the thought of it?

If you actually remembered it, what kind of a question was it?

eta: this is a question that I thought of, knew I wouldn't remember, and typed up before I could forget it!
OMGWTFBBQ. nightmare before christmas.

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  what's a cheesy but cute love song i should call my man to sing to him? older 80s and 90s ones are perfect :P

i'm at school and he's back home and i miss him and don't know when i'll see him again :(

speaking of cheese, what's your favorite?
i LOVE port salut <3
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Can someone recommend anything that will make my boyfriend stop snoring?

Its gotten to the point where, if I don't fall asleep first, I end up getting up and sleeping on the couch. *cries*

I'd like to know if anyone has tried any of those stop snoring gimmicks and if any of them actually worked before I go out and spend money on something that won't work.

Also, his snoring is HORRIBLE, to the point that sometimes it sounds like he stops breathing and it scares the shit out of me!
This is so ridiculous.
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Hello expert immigration lawyers of TQC:

Let's say you're trying to get someone into the United States LEGALLY on a work visa/residency whatever. He's a doctor, he's your fiance (or your husband, if you're in Panama, where you've gotten married), he's a government employee of his home country (let's say...Panama), he has a ten year tourist visa to the states that he's never abused, he has a bank account with a savings, and he speaks some English. WOULD he be negatively affected by the fact that his dumbass brother tried to sneak into the states, got caught and detained, but left of his own accord?

Alternatively, can you tell me a fun/successful immigration story that will make me feel better about this process? The situation isn't exactly hypothetical D: D: D:

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It's suppose to be 12 degrees here Friday. I am officially dreading that day. I was going to stay in my warm bed all day, but now I have a class.

What is the coldest it is suppose to be this week where you live? Where do you live?

How should I prepare? I assume people here will go buy a alot of milk, bread, and eggs Thursday.

I am from Alabama.
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1. I was at work last Thursday and this woman brought two of her pets in, and her two kids tagged along. After the appointment, I made a candid reference to Thomas the Tank Engine (her kid was playing with Percy) and she was like oh you have kids? and I told her no, I babysit a lot, and she asked for my name and number, which I provided, cause I need a little extra dinero, you know? Well, she called me tonight, and asked if I was available this weekend, which I'm not, but mentioned that she was actually going to see if I could spend the night so she and her husband could have a real, kid-free date.

Would you find this odd, considering she didn't know me from Eve?

2. What is something you've done recently that has made you proud?

It took almost an hour and a half today at work but I managed to get in contact with the right department of the Dept. of Agriculture to get a dirty shelter inspected/possibly shut down. We've had two cases of Parvovirus from them in the past week alone, and almost 10 cases in the past year.

3. When you make a grilled cheese, do you use Kraft Singles or a different kind of cheese?

4. What is one movie you could watch every day for the rest of your life and feasibly not totally hate by the time you die?
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To those who are sexually attracted to women: how would you feel/react if you found out that the women you had just begun seeing doesn't shave (at all)?

To everyone else...

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?
Typing Monkey

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Have you ever been to a CVS One Minute Clinic? If so, how was your experience? And why in the hell does the one closest to me not accept my insurance, whose headquarters are in the freaking city I live in?!
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TQC, let's pretend you are not of legal age and find yourself in Dallas, Texas for a few days. What is there to do? Do you think one could enjoyably pass three or four days there? This would be in the beginning of August, if it makes a difference.

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I watched The Changeling online tonight. All the credits were in french though, so I don't know that it said on the screen at the end after the film finished. Can anyone tell me what happened? Did she ever hear from her son?

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I just had a really fucked up breakup that makes me never want to fall in love again. I want to curl up into a ball and wish the world would go away, but unfortunately I have a paper due tomorrow that I have to force myself to finish. So in the mean time, will you tell me a few good things about being single? What do you do to get your spirits up again? Should I drink myself into oblivion after I hand in my paper tomorrow?
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Does anybody here NOT enjoy Family Guy?
Does anybody here NOT enjoy shows with laugh tracks?
Does not liking either making me a humor snob? (quote unquote)

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Dear Dr. LJ,
After spending the last quarter feeling like the walking dead I've now been making a concerned effort to get enough sleep every night, at least 7-8 hours or more. I still wake up every day now feeling exhausted and awful. Is there any other reason for that? Anything else I can do?

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Is there an electronic device that your parents bought that never caught on and eventually disappeared off the market?

My dad bough a laser-disk player when I was in high school. I think he still has it too.

hs : jade


Collapse )

Offensive, hysterical, both, neither?

Personally, I thought that it was in such bad taste that I figured it was fake at first. I find it incredibly offensive and I'll be avoiding Nike products like the plague in the future. "Raise a champ", Nike? I should be very proud to raise a son who is tough enough for ballet, TYVM.

EDIT: This just in! Apparently, evidence points towards that this ad is actually a student entry in CMYK magazine. Not that it makes the concept matter itself any less offensive to me, but at least I now know why it could 'slip under the radar' and get published.

Calories-burned calculators

Does anyone know of a calories-burned calculator that also uses sex to determine how many you burn? I just went to caloriesperhour.com and it said I burn 983 calories in 8 hours at a desk job and I am like "they must think I'm a man, baby." I read that you only burn about 60 calories per hour at rest, and a desk job is pretty at-rest, if you ask me.

For those who don't give a hoot about that, what are you making/eating for dinner tonight?

ETA: I mean sex as a gender, sorry.

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you guys, drinking makes me absolutely RAVENOUS. does this happen to anyone else? it's like i have the munchies but i'm not high and it's really weird. this has happened the last three times i've been drunk/tipsy.
Eduard Hill smile

Burn, baby, burn!

Ok, so I totally just had Karma bitchslap me! There I was, innocently bitching about friends and family (only the deserved, mind) when two hot coals fell to the floor.

I jump up to grab them before damage occurs, and stupidly step on one. It burns right through my sock within seconds, barbecuing my left foot underneath. I rip off the sock to stop further agony, but the coal is stuck to it, and as I grab it... I manage to burn the side of my left hand.

I now can't stand on my left leg, and can't move my left hand very well!


1. When was the last time Karma bitchslapped you? SRS AND NON! Anything for lols.

2. My creator was kind enough to gift me with a currently, fully functioning, right hand and right leg. Can you suggest some things I can do with these two appendages? Bonus points if it doesn't include any sort of masturbation.
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Is there anyone on your friends list that you'd like to meet/visit but current circumstances make it kind of impossible or just a really bad idea? Who would you like to meet and what is standing in the way of you meeting him/her?

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One of my acquaintances told me I could have my birthday party at his place since my place isn't big enough. He mentioned it several times and got permission from his s/o and everything. But he was hesitant about giving me his phone number and now when I've tried to contact him he won't respond. Would you be angry in this situation or would you think it was too high of an expectation for someone to come through with something like this?

My friends are absolutely notorious for doing stuff like this, so I guess I should have expected it.

Do people often flake on you? Why am I a flake magnet?

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am i weird for not wanting to talk to someone all the time?like to my bff or dates? i think its annoying
should my sister propose to her boyfriend on valentines day? i think no :/
**edit bg story:
they've been dating for 2 years, shes brought it up but he changed the subject, and hes never asked her to meet his family, he's met ours though, she said shes going to leave him if he says no so she knows if what they have is 'real' or whatever


Is anyone here anti-TV? 

My roommates are. I'm not anti-TV as I like to watch documentaries off my computer on a nicer screen but I am anti-TV shows and cable.
When my boyfriend moved in he brought his TV. First one in this house since my roommate has had it. While my boyfriend is also anti-TV shows/cable he plays video games on it from time to time. So....it's usually sporting the big blue screen as we have no channels....

My roommate said he wants it out of the living room and none of us blame him but now I have this really ugly TV in my room which is something I never wanted!

How can I disguise it when it's not in use, which is most of the time???? It's one of those flat ones....if it wasn't I throw some pretty fabric over it and use it like a shelf but that isn't going to work in this case.

Are you anti anything? 

Should I go get my errands done, go to the park for a frozen walk (needs my exercise) or start my laundry? 

lj commenting

If you're going to comment on a livejournal post and you are NOT the first commenter, do you read the other comments before you submit yours, or do you comment and then read through the others afterwards? 

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So since my university is failsauce and likes to accept more students than they have room for....I was able to register for ONE of the 5 classes I need this semester. So much for being a full time student, huh? I can't get scholarships while only taking 3 hours :|

Plxed to be making me feel better? =( Puppies? Kitties? Anything?

ETA: They can't override me. There just isn't room. All I want are some cute kitties =/

D'y'have four minutes -- to save the world?

If you had a superhero-type ability, would you feel obliged to use it towards the good of society? In other words, "With great power comes great responsibility," yae or nae?

How about reneging on the ability to have a child, going childfree? Is that greedy and hedonistic, or a brilliant idea on enjoying life and preventing overpopulation?

Do you feel pressure to have a child? From who: yourself, your spouse, your parents, your parents-in-law, Lifetime made-for-TV movies?
Space Pope

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If you could have a completely pointless "super" power (e.i the ability to look at anything and know how many calories it has, or the ability to move paperclips with your mind) what would your power be?

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You've been good, fairly close friends with someone for about two years. They confess to you (at the age of 16) that they are only attracted to individuals at the age of 12-13.

How would you react to this? What are your thoughts?

Also, what if you find out, years later, that after turning 18 this person has been charged with Child Molestation.

How would you feel? Thoughts?

Edit: Intelligent, thoughtful, lengthy answers are appreciated. I wanna know your honest opinion, TQC

Edit edit: I worded my question improperly, I apologize.
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those of you with macs...
i am panicking so much right now. help?!

last night i charged my macbook as usual (i let it charge full, take it out then run it until it sleeps.) etc etc, no problems. i was on it all night until it died, so this morning i came to charge it and it won't. the icon says "(Not Charging)" with the fork sign and the light on the charger itself is green. when i take the charger out, my macbook dies/goes to sleep.

i've had my mac about a year. no problems until now... so what do i do?! do i need a new charger? oh shit. they're £60 and i really can't afford that for another month! right now my mac is running on the battery that is plugged in and says not charging. will it stay on if i keep the charger in or will it just die at a random time?

x-posted because i'm worried as hell :/ oh shitttttt. thank you in advance.

those of you who don't have a clue or don't have a mac: when was the last time you lost your wallet/purse?

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If you have lived or currently live with your SO:

1. How long were you dating before you talked about moving in together?
2. How long were you dating before you actually did?
3. Were you dating, engaged, or married when you finally moved in?
4. How did it work out for you?
5. How old are you?

If you are in a relationship and eventually want to move in with your SO:

1. At what point are you waiting to move in together? (i.e. live in the same area, graduation, engagement, etc.)
2. Have you talked about it, or is it just an assumption?
3. How old are you?

If you aren't in a relationship:

1. At what point do you think it's appropriate for a couple to move in together?
2. How old are you?

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I get the best ideas for questions when I'm not at the computer and then when I get back, I can't recall them.

If you are old enough to legally purchase age-restricted goods (cigarettes, alcohol, movie tickets, etc.), how often do you get carded and what do you get carded for? How old are you?

TV Series to download...

So my bf and I don't have a tv, an mostly watch our TV shows through downloading or streaming online.

Recently we've watched (and enjoyed) these shows: 

30 Rock
Skins (UK)
The Wire
Kath & Kim (Aus version)

Any fans of these shows have suggestions for other ones to watch?

Peace in the sand

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What's your favorite bread?

Rye for most deli-style sandwiches; wheat for toast, peanut butter, or grilled cheese. When I'm somewhere like Panera, the focaccia is my favorite.

What's your ideal sandwich?

Turkey or chicken breast on rye with aged cheddar or gouda, lettuce, red onions, spicy mustard, and mayonnaise.

Do you prefer to build your own sandwiches at home, or do you prefer to go to delis that put them together for you?

As long as I have all of my condiments of choice at home, I'd rather build my own. I'm picky about how my sandwiches are put together and how much of each item is used.
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If I am in between jobs and not attending school, when I'm asked about my 'occupation' what should I say?

Have you ever had to apply for a visa to enter another country? How was that process for you? Did you get it, or were you denied?

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I'm at college and we have a teeny little kitchen that the whole dorm shares. Do you know of any recipes I can make at my parents' house when I visit, freeze, and then make quickly and easily while at school? All I could think of was ravioli and chili. Any ideas? Recipes appreciated.
kiv dancin.
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music and fiction

Poll #1330495 Fiction and Music

What is your favorite fictional band?

Josie and the Pussycats
The Fabulous Baker Boys
The Monkees
Tenacious D
Dethklok (Metalocalypse)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Three Times One Minus One ( Mr Show)
The Blues Brothers
Spinal Tap
The Commitments
The Rutles
Alvin and the Chipmunks
The School of Rock
The Wonders (That Thing You Do)
Something else you forgot, silly
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I'm on my lunch break, TQC! I already ate my leftover calzone for lunch, but I'm still hungry. Should I be totally fat and eat some pizza, too? Or should I have an apple instead?
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A Clockwork Orange; slang

Hi people, is it popular book/movie in your country?
there are lots of funny Russian-origin words in the book, it is like youngsters' slang, kind of.

The question is, does anyone use any of these words in your English-speaking countries?

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1. why cant i stop eating?!

2. assuming you eat fast food what do you order at the place of your choice?

3.friends with benefits: sometimes just a legit way to coexist or hidden fear of commitment?

4. what are you most looking forward to this year?

5. lets say you eat like a frat boy, refuse to go to the gym but are not opposed to physical activity how much weight do you think you can take off in 3 months

7. do i still even know anyone around here? vice versa?
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For those of you who go to community college, how much do you pay per semester or year? How does this compare to other community colleges in your area?

Right now full time is $4,018/year but they are going to raise it to $4,278/year. It is the most expensive community college in my state, and has been for quite some time. The other ones have been lowering the cost, but mine seems to have an increase every semester.

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I have itunes giftcards.. i need TQC input.

What is your favourite album? Or an ace one that you're loving right now?
Best song from the abum?

Just one song please, even if it's torturous to decide. I'll youtube the song and download the rest if I like it..

In return, I'll offer up Kings Of Leon, Only By The Night. Song wise I'd go with Revelry.
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Pointless questions

1. You're in a restaurant and decide to fill out one of those assessment cards. You're at the end, where it asks for comments, when suddenly, the zombie uprising occurs, and the walking dead shamble into the restaurant, attacking the living. People are screaming and running for their lives.

Q: What comment do you leave?

2. You're about to parachute out of a plane. You pop in a stick of gum, adjust your goggles, and hop out. The velocity is intense and you are soaring to earth at over 100mph. You pull the ripcord, and it comes off in your hand, torn off the backpack. You reach for the reserve, only to find that whoever packed the chute, packed the handle into the pack itself, for you can't seem to find it. As the ground starts to get closer, you panic.

Q: What flavor gum are you chewing on?

3. You're on a first date with someone you've had a crush on for a while. You go to the movies and you're in the back. Halfway through the movie, your date kisses you. You kiss back. It heats up, and you put the popcorn down on an empty seat, so you can make out. It gets intense. Your date unbuttons your pants and fiddles around. You've never been so aroused. You moan pleasurably in your date's ear, as you're being stimulated. Luckily, it's an action movie and no one can hear you. Your breathing becomes labored, as you near sexual culmination. It's such an exhilerating feeling...

Q: Does your popcorn have butter on it, and what size is the box?

4. You're on the Titanic, when the ship hits the iceberg. People push and shove, trying to load onto the lifeboats, but it's evident there's not enough space. You're one of the people left behind. The ship lists to the right, and everybody loses their balance. The man next to you falls over the side, and he dangles from the railing. You see the fear in his eyes, and you attempt to pull him back up. You try and get a good grip, but it's just so cold. Your fingers can't fully hold on, and he falls into the darkness. You see his anguish-stricken face as it fades away. You feel terrible. The ship is submerging. The end is near

Q: What color were the man's eyes?
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Textbooks. OH god the horror!

Anyway, I'm trying to find myself the best deals on my books. I rented last semester's books from chegg.com, which was nice and all. But I would rather they were mine so I didn't have to worry about dropping them, spilling stuff on them, highlighting, and writing on them. So I decided this semester I'm just going to buy books again. I start classes in a week so I'm trying to find my books now so I can have them for class.

So I know the basics amazon.com and half.com. What are other good sites to try to buy used textbooks on?

Do you highlight and/or write in your textbooks?
What is the most you've spent on a textbook? The least?
How many of you say "screw it" and buy from the campus bookstore?
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I'm heading to the grocery store for a few and I want to buy something to make for dinner.
What should I make that's quick, easy and delicious? (recipe please)

I was thinking sweet and sour chicken, but I don't know how to make a good frying batter.

What's your favorite dish to make?

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Have you ever had a question that you wanted to post on TQC in hopes of sparking conversation but decided to google it first, and now that you know the answer you can't justify posting it anymore?

I suppose I could always reword my question.

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Hallo TQC. Two questions!

1) I have been sleeping a LOT lately. Like 12-13 hours a day. I'm not depressed and I don't think I'm sick (I have no other symptoms), and it's not the kind of sleep where you feel gross when you wake up, it's the kind of sleep where you feel like your body needed it. But it's been EVERY daaay, and it's starting to bug me because I have a crapload of work to do and I can't do it if I'm only awake like 11 hours a day!!! Has this ever happened to anyone? Is there some weird virus that might be making me sleep a lot? Has my body been possessed by really sleepy aliens?

2) I live like 2 hours from DC, and I'm considering driving down there for the inauguration on Tuesday but I don't have tickets. I've heard estimates of between 1.5-3 million people, so I don't know if it's even worth it to go (the Phillies parade in October was less than that and there was NOOOO visibility). What do you think? Is anyone here going? Is it worth it without tickets?
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so guys where do you live?

the world somewhere
europe but not england
in your house coco
somewhere hot

where do you think i am right now?!!?

you are at home
you could be at work maybs
i have no idea man
doing something weird

are you at work right now?

in my mind

what is your favourite film out of these options?

2001: a space odyssey
the shining
a clockwork orange
eyes wide shut
dr. strangelove
full metal jacket
i flipping hate kubrick so i choose top gun
i'm choosing topgun because i love top gun
i've never seen any of these films including top gun
i call them movies

will you tell me something amazing??!

passive agressive and shitty

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Would you ever bring your kids to a chicken pox party? Did you ever go to one when you were a kid?

Will you please tell me about the most uncomfortable pair of shoes you wear on a regular basis?

What is the biggest animal you've ever encountered in the wild?
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So I am miserably sick and sitting in bed being grumpy because I just finished watching a movie and had nothing left to watch when, like magic, the doorbell rang and there was a very nice delivery man with my Amazon order full of DVDs! And they said they weren't shipping them 'til February!

What was the last excellent piece of luck that you had, TQC?
Do you have any specific things you enjoy doing when you are sick and confined to bed?
What is the one movie that you can watch again and again and never get tired of?

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Poll #1330542 muffins

banana muffins

chocolate chips
or something else in comments

do you ever feel like you pulled a muscle in your belly button?and it only hurts for a few seconds?
what are you doing?

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Do you ever sleep on the floor? Have you ever? 

When I was a kid and I had the flu I would always always sleep in front of the fridge. Last night I made a nest of fabric, blankets and clothes and slept in the corner of my room (due to pregnancy back pains).  

(no subject)

TQC, I'm falling asleep here at my desk. This whole white-collar desk-job thing is killing me: I'm accustomed to running around hooking up equipment or actively watching the show to make sure it runs smoothly. I'm thinking of standing or getting a tall stool and putting my laptop on top of a cabinet so I'm still kind of active.

What do you do to keep alert & functional when you're working?
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So, I've recently noticed that I suffer from pretty bad performance nerves.  I never get emotionally or mentally worked up, but I get really shaky and warm, and my stomach hurts.  It's only the physical symptoms.  I don't know why at all - I absolutely love performing, and I'm always pretty confident that I won't mess up.  It's also only when I'm performing completely by myself, in front of a crowd - even if I'm in front of people all of whom I know, as has been the case.  While I'm performing, I'm not afraid I'll mess up, I'm just shaky and nauseated, and it really undermines my performance!  Anyway, I'm auditioning for a lead in a musical this week and I really need to get over this!  Can you help me, Dr. TQC?
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Why did this http://www.amazon.com/Twilight-Edward-Lifesize-Standup-Poster/dp/B001J4LFIW show up on my door step in my name? (I did not order it)

If you don't know/don't care then which should I watch tonight?

Biggest Loser

American Idol

(I will be DVR-ing 1 and watching 1 live if that sways your decision at all)

ETA: His eyes are following me.

ETA: I figured it out! My best friend got it for me! She got one too lol.

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What does the most recently received text message in your inbox say?

"Frosty we need u me and craig we're out of cigs and dying we need ur body and car" -- it was from my friend Zak, because he's a creeper like that, and is out of a car at the moment. :/

So, my car got totaled in an accident about two weeks ago, and we finally received the check from insurance today. I've got my new choices down to two, either a '99 Jeep Cherokee with 136k miles on it, or an '03 Hyundai Elantra with about 82k on it. They're about the same price, and I like them both, however, the Jeep obviously handles far better in the snow, and since I'll be moving to Montana in August, that'll be a big help, but OTOH, the gas mileage is utter shit. So, TQC, which car should I get?
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Will you tell me about the time (or the multiples, if you're into sadistic torture of your organs) that you had to urinate/defecate so badly that it's literally burned into your mind?

I was running late for my first class today so I skipped the bathroom despite having two venti starbucks drinks, a bottle of ethos water, a bottle of minute maid, and a bottle of diet coke.......and o m g I am seriously considering crying to get out of class.
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TQC, I recently learned that Ann Coulter, a lady with a Juris Doctor in Law, approaches language and rational thought like I do. Plus, she's six foot tall and all leg and isn't always a Skeletor-face. These make me want to do her.

What should I do about my desire to do Ann Coulter?
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Do you drink any of the vitamin type waters? (Glaceau Vitamin Water, Sobe LifeWater)

If so, what is your favorite brand/flavor??

How much water do you drink on average a day?

Are you normally a thirsty person (always have to have a bottle of water or some liquid handy to quench your never ending thirst) or are you more of a camel (hardly ever thirsty)??
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I have a shirt that says "I <3 chocolate" and it has an actual chocolate stain on it.

My sister has the same shirt that says "I <3 chocolate" and hers happens to have a chocolate stain on it too.

My daughter has a shirt with popsicles on it, and it has a popsicle stain on it.

WTF TQC? have you ever had a food themed shirt with the appropriate food stain on it?

(None of our other clothes have stains on them, so we're not just overall dirty people, ftr.)

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Do people who eat noisly (smacking, chewing, burping while they eat, other noises) just ANNOY THE HOLY FUCKING SHIT OUT OF YOU?

Do you find it rude?

What's your biggest pet peeve?

I seriously cannot fucking stand it. I'm on one end of the house and my friend who is on the other end must be eating something frozen and he's SMACKING SO FUCKING LOUD that i can hear it from this side of the house OVER 2 TVs on high volume and iTunes going. Loud eating is right up there with my hatred of snoring.
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Ladies, what are you experiences of buying bras internationally? Are sizes really that different? I've looked at some converters, and while the UK and Australia are the same, the US sizing seems to be quite a bit different. I have a very large cup size (12K/34K Aus/UK size) and I don't want to buy something thinking it is the right size only to find out that is too big or small.
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What's your painkiller of choice? (like you have a headache and want to take a painkiller)

Do you believe brand name means anything when buying painkillers?

What kind of car do you have? What color is it?

(no subject)

are you a cheap date?

how many drinks (on average) does it take for you to feel the effects?

how many drinks (on average) does it take for you to consider yourself *drunk*?

whats the most drinks you've ever had in one sitting, without dying but coming very close (obviously you didn't die! you're on here, silly!)?

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Britney Spears has a track called 'If U Seek Amy' that some radio stations want to censor. Do you get it? (Someone had to explain this to me because I did not get it at all.)

What seemingly obvious fact has flown completely over your head? 
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Will you tell me about the biggest bullshit artist you've ever met?

Right now I have this coworker who is charming the pants off my boss because he claims to be from the Netherlands. However, he's speaking with an Irish accent that he seems to use off and on. When my boss sat a couple who said they were from the exact town he claimed to be from, he couldn't speak enough Dutch to converse with them when they tried. Seriously, he is the biggest fucking douchebag ever. And I have to work with him. The end.

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Is there a way in which to express total alcohol, apart from referencing the percent by volume?

For example say you had 2 beers (each 5% by volume) and 3 wine coolers (3% by volume each), how much total alcohol would you have? Or would you have to settle for averaging the two and expressing it by volume?


If you have no idea what I'm trying to say, how gross is the above pairing of beer and wine coolers? Beer before liquor, never been sicker, beer before wine coolers.... you're kind of a loser! :)

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Sorry to post again so soon, TQC but will you put a fish hat on your favorite celebrity and show us the result?

Here's the hat for you to copy and paste onto your favorite celeb's noggin.

Thanks to colbertican for inspiring this post.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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So one of my jobs entails reserving tickets for people. A woman just called and we had this exchange:

me: "can I get your name?"
woman: "yes, it's Honor, spelled A-N-N-E."
me: "..."
me: "Sorry, what was your first name again?"
woman: "Honor, A-N-N-E."

Has anyone ever heard of anyone named Honor who spelt it like Anne?
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Setting output device in iTunes

How do I get iTunes to output to a specifc output device, instead of to whatever's set as the default in windows? As in, I have USB headphones connected to the PC and want them to be the default device, but I want iTunes to always output to the speakers.

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everywhere i've worked, there's always one person everyone else hates/dislikes/makes fun of.
do you like all your coworkers?

how many times a day do you eat?

where does most of the drama in your life occur?
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My friend was supposed to arrive at the train station an hour ago. He lives an hour away.
What are his reasons for delay? (Besides weather because that's boring)

oh and sorry about the flounce, Uberash's girlfriend logged into my account.
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o hay

I return with another food-related question:

I had a few spoonfuls today (probably no more than three, and it's plastic-spoon sized) of some yogurt that had a sell-by date of December 30. The container specifically said that it was good for 7 days beyond the sell-by date. I feel kind of...off, but I think it's more paranoia on my part than anything. I ate lunch around 12:30, 1pm today if that makes a difference.

Would food poisoning be something I should seriously consider/brace myself for, or am I just being super-paranoid and silly? Like I said, since it was so little I think I'm just freaking myself out, but idk. I have some wicked gas, though.

Should I make my boyfriend come over and keep me company until my roommate gets home? I'm freaking myself out, I don't like being home alone, and I kind of need someone to calm me down. I made tea, since it usually calms me down, but I'm so freaked out over this yogurt thing that I don't want to ingest anything else. I haven't eaten since then. The BF would leave in about 2 hours, and I dunno when my roomie will be home.

Help, TQC! What are my chances and what should I do?

MPLS TQCers!!!

I am going to be moving to Edina on Friday to stay with one of my friends. Please give suggestions of ANYTHING that would be fun/interesting etc. Whether it's entertainment or food (!!!) or whatever your clever minds can think of. I know I can go to metromix.com, but I would like to hear what y'all have to say. 
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Ontological Argument

Alvin Plantinga has given another descriptive, initial version of the argument, one where the conclusion follows from the premises, assuming axiom S5 of modal logic. A version of his argument is as follows[26]:

1. It is proposed that a being has maximal excellence in a given possible world W if and only if it is omnipotent, omniscient and wholly good in W; and
2. It is proposed that a being has maximal greatness if it has maximal excellence in every possible world.
3. Maximal greatness is possibly exemplified. That is, it is possible that there be a being that has maximal greatness. (Premise)
4. Therefore, possibly it is necessarily true that an omniscient, omnipotent and perfectly good being exists.
5. Therefore, it is necessarily true that an omniscient, omnipotent and perfectly good being exists. (By S5)
6. Therefore, an omniscient, omnipotent and perfectly good being exists.

How is maximal greatness exemplified?


I can't get this girl
off my mind. Don't worry I know her in person.

And, while I can't quite see her ever going for me (and she's a little fucked in the head but nothing like my ex), I wouldn't mind dating her (that didn't come out well but I trust you all get it). Hell,I'm not even sure if she's single.

So, my fellow TQCers, lend me your ears, how can I work up the cajones to a) find out if she's single an then b) see if she wants to go on a date with me?

ETA- removed the pic. Happy?

ETA2- replaced the brackets so many of you seem to find offensive (happy?).

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Poll #1330559 today is the day of the polls!!

how old are you??

i'm really young, i'm like of child age
i'm kind of young i suppose
i'm like normal
i'm middle aged and i'm feeling it baby
i'm well old man

will you pick one of these films? maybe your favourite one or something!!

schindler's list
fear and loathing in las vegas
black snake moan
2001: a space odyssey
the big lebowski
rain man
speed racer
burn after reading
bill and ted's excellent adventure
buffalo 66
pineapple express
fight club
i hate you and your film options coco
you're okay i just don't want to choose any

are these questions linked?

dick, roa, blah

Like a train wreck...

Why is each new season of American Idol more painful to watch than  the last?

Why do I put myself through this crap every year?

Must I remind