January 12th, 2009

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1. If you could choose ONLY ONE junk/unhealthy/generally bad-for-you food that you could be able to eat in unlimited, infinite amounts without ever gaining any weight, what would you pick?

2. Ever been on a diet?

3. Have you ever had an eating disorder?

4. Do you know anyone (real life) with an eating disorder?

My answers:
1. Cookies. Applicable to being of any kind.. that way I'd have a huge variety. :P Because I LOVE any kind of cookie.
2. See #3
3. Yes
4. Yes

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I broke my ankle on New Years and I have since been reintroduced to bubble baths! I hadn't took one in years! mostly because most of the places I've lived in had really gross bathtubs or I just never had time.

When's the last time you had a bubble bath?

if you take them often, what kind of bubble bath soap would you recommend? ( I'm currently just using shower gels. I want something that will create lots of bubbles!

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My friend is going for a colonoscopy this week. I'm going to send her flowers but want to send them with a really funny card. Can you think of something really funny to write in the card? (Try to include her ass and poop if at all possible)

Do you prefer online job applications or applying in the store?

Reasonable request or no?

I saw an advertisement for subletting a room that requested the person usually not be home. Is this a reasonable request (hey, at least they stated it up front) or is it sort of like saying "I just want your money but I don't want to deal with YOU"?
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Where do you live?

Who're you rooting for next week in the football playoffs?

Who do you think is going to make it to Superbowl XLIII?

And win it?

If you don't live in America: What sports to you play?

A half-hour south of Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Steelers, yo!

Steelers vs. Eagles.

Steelers all the way.
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What's the worst thing that has happened to you  so far this year? (non-srs most welcome)

For me its that my 7 year old kitty died today and we have no idea why, I'm gutted ;-;
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1. Is this spider cute or freaky?

I can't decide. On the one hand he looks like an adorable Muppet. On the other hand, it's a scary spider. I feel a knee jerk need to go grab my boot and smoosh it.

2. The local toy store carries Itasho mini erasers. They're lovely and I want to get a couple but I can't decide which ones. The story carries all of the food items. Which ones would you pick?

Here are the erasers;

(They're even better looking up close.)

3. What is the closest you have ever come to meeting someone who was actually "evil"? Who was this person?

What did this person do or say that could be classified as such? How did this exchange make you feel afterwards?

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tqc, if you say you're in love with someone, is there ANY circumstance under which you would reply to other people's comments on your wall, but not to the comments of the person you say you love?

this is happening to my friend and he's getting really frustrated with it, because she does the same thing with texts and on myspace.
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What's your favourite way to enjoy Nutella?

Why do my cats insists on following me into the bathroom?

Do you think people at television stations and cable companies are being bombarded by stupid people calling in a panic about the Digital Switch over in February?
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1. have you been an idiot lately?
2. will you tell me about a situation that has been both annoying and amusing for you lately?

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1. i read 'body washes' like the shower product several times. i was intruiged by pirate body wash.

2. my cat is sleeping on me and stretched himself across the bottom of my laptop. his arm was over my track pad and i had to click something with his paw.

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why am i not hungry? why have i not been hungry for days?

if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  be as specific as possible.

do you have any re-occurring dreams? 


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I have a 48 hour layover in KANDAHAR....
Its not exactly the vacation capital of the world.
WHAT can I do to entertain myslef for 48 hours of idleness?????

(see! thats a ????)
OH....I'll have the deluxe TENT and COT accomodations.
Insane non-srs answers considered.
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TQC it's cold today on this miserable first day of the spring semester. I can't bring my unicycle to practice on campus. Do I bring my DS and animal crossing for the break in between my classes, or do I bring my knitting? I want to finish this scarf but I also want to pay off my last loan to that fucking raccoon. It'll only be an hour or so. I could also bring a book but I kind of want to do things with my hands.

Are you doing anything exciting today?

I have 6 classes this semester and four of them are with the same professor. Has this sort of thing happened to you before? Did anything lulz-y come of it?

This man is also my advisor and I fear him and his death grip on my future.

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TQC, have you ever had your washing machine overflow?

If so, did you make sure to leave it when you went to work in the morning for your downstairs neighbors to deal with the leakage and FIRE ALARMS for an hour?


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Who are the Houston-oids here?

I want somebody to hang with if I ever go through there again.

There is only a 1 in 4 chance of me ever goin there again. (thats 25% for you playing at home)

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i have two errands to run: go to joann fabrics, and go to the bank. there are two of each of these nearbyish, and i can't pick which one to go to.

option #1:
drive 25 minutes to batavia, where there is both a joann's and also a branch of my bank. it's all winding country backroads, so there will be very little traffic but the roads may be unplowed or slippery. the joann's is also much smaller. i am relatively but not positively certain they will have what i need. 50 minutes total driving time.

option #2:
drive 10 minutes to albion to the bank, then a further 40 minutes to greece, where a very large joann's is. excepting the trip to albion, it's mostly major state routes which will be plowed but will have traffic. i have snow tires and thus drive faster than at least half the population here. 70 minutes total driving time.

so, which would you pick?

eta: i am not afraid of the roads but if they're slippery or unplowed, it'll make it take longer to get there.
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Restaurant Health Inspections

Think of your absolute favourite restaurant/cafe/other place to eat. Would you continue to eat there if you heard it had recently failed/scored very low on a health inspection? Does it matter what part of the inspection it failed, e.g. staff did not wear hairnets vs. rat droppings in the food? Where do you draw the line?
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I'm having some trouble finding who painted the picture in my icon. I thought that it might have been Andrea Laliberte, but didn't find anything remotely relating to it in her paintings. Can anyone help?

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how would your online habits change if facebook and myspace kept lists of all users who looked at your profile/pictures/etc, in the same way okcupid does?

eta: come on you guys, i know i'm not the only one that e-stalks people sometimes!!
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How often do you update your personal journal?

multiple times a day, everyday
multiple times a day, but not everyday
5-7 times a week
2-4 times a week
once a week
every other week
once a month
other, in comments

How often do you wear shoe in your house?


LOL, by "shoe" I mean "shoes" of course -- *facepalm*.
Isobel Mahariel

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TQC, isn't dialing 0 on your phone the way to contact the operator?

Why in the world would my water company tell me to hang up and call the operator if I was experiencing problems other than the two outages they are currently trying to fix?

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If you're just starting a new semester or even starting a new job, do you notice that as you're there longer, you give yourself less time to get ready? or that you start to leave a little later each day?

I used to be totally ready and done with my lunch by 12pm for my class.
It's ten to and I'm in my pajamas on TQC.
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Will you post a picture of you wearing your favorite article of clothing and explain what it is about it that makes it your favorite?

Particularly interested in your favorite pairs of jeans but if you don't have a favorite pair of jeans, then anything that is your favorite.

eta: what the hell you guys. I'm going home.

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Is your car a standard or automatic?

If you have an automatic do you at least know how to drive a standard?

I drive an automatic and my boyfriend has a standard. He took my car to go fishing. I am out of cigarettes. He's not going to be home for a very long time. I understand how to, but I've never driven a standard. I should take his car to the gas station y/n?

Free or CHEAP Ebay Promotion

Hey hey hey. I need some FREE or $2.99 /month ebay promotion. The ebay store setup doesnt make much sense and I am not making that much money on what I am selling. Help! If you have a idea or link THANKS.

I know its more than just putting keywords into an auction (like youtube)

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I'm contemplating going to an event in an upscale Chicago club on Sunday, and going with a good friend from high school. If you were a good friend of mine who I figured can't go/isn't interested in going, would you be more annoyed if I invited you knowing you probably wouldn't attend, or hearing that I went and not being invited at all?

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Are any quite overweight-obese people actually happy with themselves/their life?

Because there are many people who go "yeah, I'm happy, I like being able to eat this much and I feel great" and then later they're on a jenny craig/weight watchers commercial saying how miserable they really were when they were fat and how their happiness was all a facade.
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1. oh TQC, what was the last lie you told? did you feel like it would come back to bite you in the ass?

i just lied to my boss about contacting a client first about something. it's nothing major, but she's so anal about certain things, i just couldn't take being reamed out again for something insignificant.

2. females, do you and your other female friends talk about your weight and weight loss alot?

i don't have many female friends, but the few that i do have talk about weight issues a lot. it annoys me because their weight is fine, there are other more important things to focus on!

3. anywho, how's your day going so far?

mine's okay. looking forward to going home, and enjoying my luscious bed!

you did what with that?!?

A member of my household had defrosted some filet mignon steaks, but then didn't use them.  I was told I could have them, but they had to be cooked by last night.  So I cut them up and made stroganoff with them, since I didn't want to cook them as steaks, and had a craving for a yummy noodle dish.  It was almost criminal to use filet mignon like that, but MAN! was that stroganoff tasty and tender :)

What expensive/high quality/designer item have you used for a lesser purpose?  ie, expensive shampoo to wash your dog, designer bag as a laundry hamper, etc :P
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When you're at a gas station or some place where you can get your own fountain soda, did you ever mix flavors?
If so, what did you mix?

I am considering getting a Wii. If you have one, what games wuld you recommend?
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What do you think about colon cleansing? (One of my friends is just starting the Blessed Herbs program. I don't think it's 100% legit but if it makes him feel better, so what?).

Also, unrelated, favorite House character?

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So, I'm bored to death. And I don't want the kid (6) to spend all afternoon in front of the tv. Its too unsteady outside to go to the playground/for a walk.

What do we do?

Thanks a bunch for your suggestions,
I decided on library/pet shop.
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Both handed is ambidextrous...

Is there a correct term for people left handed people?
What about right handed people?

Yes. I have googled it... nothing of value came up...

Unrelated. Did Heath Ledger really deserver the Golden Globe?
I believe he did.
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I have been unemployed for almost 4 months now, and if i am completely honest it is really getting me down. I find my sleep pattern is screwed and every day is merging into one and the same. I am applying for work but don't seem to be getting anywhere and my motivation is not doing too good.

Has anyone been in this type of situation(unemployment) for a long period of time and what did you do to get you through it?

Any ideas on things to do that are really low cost that might brighten my days a little bit?

kay guys..

my cat is old and has rotten teeth breath. He has to eat wet cat food cause chewing hard food hurts his teeth and so he'll just swallow it and then puke it all back up.  I'm positive he needs a few teeth pulled. But he is about 14 years old. Isn't it dangerous for an old cat to go under? Should we risk it so his teeth don't hurt him anymore? What would YOU do about his rot mouth?
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I am planning on auditioning for a school play (The Rainmaker).

I have the audition on Thursday night, and I need to present a 1 minute monologue.


Does anybody know of good monologues to present?



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I am not a camwhore by any means, but a few people (iirc) wanted to see what I looked like when I got my hair chopped off.

So tell me, TQC, upgrade or downgrade? I personally love it and pictures don't do it much justice.

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Hey, do you have any weird shower quirks?

Because I finger-comb my hair, then I take all the hair that falls out and smear it on the shower wall. Sometimes I make patterns. Then I roll it up into a little ball and toss it in the trash like a teeny basketball.
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When your face usually breaks out, what product usually works for you? (if any)

Would you prefer a wedding or just going down to the courthouse or such to get married? Would you object if your partner didn't want a wedding, but just wanted to fill out the needed paperwork and go down to the courthouse? (just wondering, i'm not in this situation.)

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Has this community ever helped you make a decision and that decision made things work out for the better or have you ever received any good advice from this community and were glad you took it?

If so, tell me about the situation/advice/decision.

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I have no idea how long bakebakebake is going to take to approve my post. I need an answer ASAP!

Will you aid me in my search for a hand held mixer? I one as soon as possible so in-store purchase is required. Any recommendations?
Homer&#39;s Night Oot


Questions for fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

* Do you like the movie in its own right, and happily sit down and watch it on DVD?
* Are you more a fan of the interactive late-night screenings, and would feel incomplete watching it without the audience participation?
* If you were to introduce a RHPS virgin to the movie, would you have the person watch the movie on video/DVD first, or would you induct the person head-first into a late night screening?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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If you're in school, which courses are you taking this semester? Which one are you really excited about?

Which class would you want to take?
Classical Mythology - Introduction to Greek and Roman divinities, heroes and heroines; survey of the major myths and their influence on Western culture.
Foundations of Linguistics - Systematic study of linguistic structures in a variety of the world's languages; an overview of language, and its organization.
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Cocktail Waitress

What kind of money do cocktail waitresses usually make, including tips? If you've been/are one, how much would you typically make on a Saturday night 7:30 pm - 2:30 am? I realize it will depend on the location, but I still want to know.
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Writing Samples

I'm trained as a journalist, but since those jobs are hard to come by these days, I'm starting to look at ad copywriting jobs. I'm thinking of putting together a "press kit" for a phony product, with advertising materials and whatnot, just to have something to show employers. Has anyone ever done this? What kind of stuff would I need for my fake press kit?

question to all

is it me or do i think about death a lot?
it kills me knowing i have to struggle in school and want this life in a big house and family and all that.
but ..in the end . im just goignn to die.
and who knows when.
i know its wrong to feel this way.
because how am i suppose to live.
but .. the question is.
how often do you think about death. ? in what way do you think about it? do u think there is something out there?.. I DOUBT IT.
and yeah.
when was the first time u started reallllyy tihnking about it.
any crazy stories ?

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 i have 50 dollars to spend at walmart. eta a giftcard.

should i spend 40 on diablo and 10 on whatever?

or should i spend 40 on counterstrike and a mouse (i have a macbook) and 10 on whatever?

or should i just not buy either??
if that is the case, what should i buy instead? any movies, cds, whatever that you would suggest??

i'm living in a dorm right now so if you can think of things that would be useful, that'd be nice as well. :}
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Do you know anything about steam radiators?

In my dorm room, I'm dying of heat. It's supposed to be -30 tonight (with windchill) so I'm really not happy about this. Even though I have the knob turned to 0, half my radiator is POURING out heat. The left half is fine, the right half is freaking out. It was apparently just "repaired" over thanksgiving break.

WTF would cause it to do that?

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Is there a movie that you watched in your childhood, that as an adult kind of blows you away?

I am watching Edward Scissorhands, and it is over the top!
So good!
The mom, Dianne Wiest cracks me up!
So does the scene where the daughter comes home and is undressing in her room, and finally notices Edward! Freakin' hilarious!!!!!!

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For those of you who are going to school studying something you love or have already graduated with a degree in something you love:

1:  Did you know what you wanted to be when you were a little kid or were you inspired later on in life?

2:  If you knew what you wanted to be as a kid, how did you decide?

For those of you who don't know what to do with your life:

3:  Do you change majors often?

4:  Did it ever reach a point where you decided to try something out but you were too afraid to tell anyone because you think they would expect you to drop out or fail? 
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I'm getting my first stethoscope for school and I have to decide on a colour by Friday. SRTs wear red scrubs in the hospital in case you're concerned about clashing (I don't really care much about that though.)

What colour scope would you choose?

Navy Blue
Hunter Green
Caribbean Blue
Ceil Blue
Pine Green

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TQC, my bf and I are both really bored. Like so bored that we're complaining that there's nothing good on the internet tonight, which is usually an indication that we need to step away from our computers. What should we do? It's currently dark and freezing outside, both of us have already eaten, he has work tomorrow, and we both have cars so we can drive somewhere if need be. Sex is not an option, sry.

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I messed up the poll on that one but it wouldn't let me fix it so I figured I'd start from scratch.

Which cake should I make?

Monkey bread cake
Best ever chocolate cake
Red velvet cake
Chocolate chip cheesecake
Brownie mosiac cheesecake
Other (in comments)

I saw a recipe for a better than sex cake but it didn't include chocolate.  How can this be?

(Here's a recipe for the monkey bread cake since it's probably the only one that needs explaining.   http://bluebonnetsandbrownies.com/index.php?/archives/8-Pluck-It-Cake.html )

Poll my strings

Are you......?

smarter than the average bear (at least until they build a better bear, possibly at Build-a-Bear at the mall)
about as smart as the average bear (we have similar SAT scores)
dumber than the average bear (a panda once tricked me out of money in a pyramid scheme)

Are you....?

happy as a clam
indifferent as an oyster
morose as a mollusk

Are you....?

bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
myopic and missing part of my tail
glaucomatic and tailless as a manx

Are you...?

footloose and fancy-free
two-left-footed and full of fancy
clubfooted and suffering from fancy poisoning

Are you...?

proud as a peacock
demure as a dove
ashamed as an emu
pretty girls -- hiding

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i hate Word 2007.
i'm trying to make some numbers for the bulletin board calendar at work, and i cannot for the life of me get the entire cell to be one color.
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nevermind. after pressing every single button, i finally found one that worked.

Children's Stories

I was draining some canned corn while making dinner and suddenly had the memory of a children's book I used to have in which, the kid in it tried to foodl the tooth fairy by putting a frozen kernal of corn under their pillow. I was trying to recall what book it was from and that made me think of a series of books (I believe they were at least) about these two little monsters (or perhaps just animals) a brother and sister. They had really long shaggy hair/fur and sort of big eyes.

Does any of this sound familiar to anybody, can you recall the name of the books (or book if they were separate) ??


The only internet we can get out here where we live is satellite internet, so we purchased a dish and modem from WildBlue (www.wildblue.net) in Februrary of 2008 for $400ish with installation. Apparently, they can't transfer the account to anyone, nobody else can use the equipment, and goddamn it I don't want to use the shitty internet anymore. Therefore, we're stuck with $400 worth of satellite equipment that we don't want.

What do I do with it? Ebay it and hope to sell it to some engineering / robotics nerds or something? Make a hilarious Youtube video of me smashing it?
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my mom just lost her job.

any ideas as to how i can help either of us get through this shock better? what are your coping strategies for unexpected things like this, tqc? (i would vouch for xanax, but i left it at home and i really don't want to be there right now in case things fall apart. i'm at the dorm right now.)

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Do you tend to get tired at a certain point in the day, every day?

I can usually fall asleep around 7 or 8pm any night of the week, but I'd probably only sleep for an hour.

I bought a baby book for my nephew. Should I fill the information in or should I give it to my sister for her to fill out?
  • njyoder

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When I sleep, why is it that my arms raise up and stay in the air and then randomly (minutes later?) drop back down?


Why aren't American TVs made anymore? Do any American companies make TVs or displays (e.g. CRT, LCD, OLED, etc)?

Within those local & foreign companies, how much of the research is American? I know Kodak was doing something with OLEDs.
  • miyyu


Any tips for planning a vacation? My husband and I haven't been on one in eight years because we were saving money for a house, which we finally bought. We didn't even go on a honeymoon! This is long overdue, and I'd like it to be good. But I have no clue where to start! Is Travelocity worth it? What about other travel sites? Is it worth going to a travel agent or is that more trouble/money than it's worth?

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Do you think, in response to this article, this comment is kind of insensitive and/or selfish?

"Mr. Brooks made a choice which not only ended his life, but also impacted the lives of his family and strangers. I am a stranger that Mr. Brooks never met, but am now dealing with the ramifications of his choice. My young children were witness to his death, the police presence in their neighborhood, and are students at the elementary school where Mr. Brooks chose to end his life.

Sunday, January 11th, 2009 will not fade entirely from the memories of my children. They will always remember the day a man committed suicide in thier neighborhod, at their school, by thier home. They will forever feel the injury inflicted upon their childhood by a man who was very sad and desperate.

Our family sends our most sincere sympathies to Mr. Brooks family. It is not my intention to lay guilt at their feet. Instead, my intent is to remind us that we impact the lives of friends, family, and strangers with our choices. Even in our darkest moments, we have the power to imprint ourselves into the memories of others."

No one actually saw the man kill himself, or his dead body. At most, they saw a body bag.
Lucius Mic
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What's an unusual food combination that you enjoy? (such as, say, ketchup on sugar cookies) How about a food that you enjoy by itself that doesn't typically stand alone? (such as, say, just ketchup)

The poll of horrible outcomes

Which would you rather do?

Build a hangglider from a kit, made cheaply in China, which has only poorly drawn instructions (no text) to explain how to put it together, and then, soar off a 12 story building. You'll be instructed how to hangglide beforehand
Eat blowfish sushi, prepared by a chef who's never made such a dish before, and using a book to cut off the poison parts
Have sex with a prostitute/gigalo, chosen at random, without a condom
Go on the biggest roller coaster in your area, without the protective bar in place. You'll have to rely on your kung-fu grip to keep you inside the vehicle
Hitting Mike Tyson, high on PCP, in the face wtih a whiffle bat
The Receptionist Classic

Brought to you by dinner with the parents

Suppose that your parents are divorced and your SO's parents are divorced. Now suppose that one of your parents hit it off really well with one of your SO's parents and they started dating.

On a scale of 1 to OMFG NO, how would you feel about that situation?

Let's bump it up a notch. Now suppose that your parent and your SO's parent decided to get married.

How would you feel about that? Would it make a difference if you were already married to your SO or if you were just dating?

(no subject)

if you were to just go out travelling/back-packing, where would you go? what would you take with you? would you ever go through companies such as BUNAC or camp america?

if you have moved away to university/college, how far did you move? was it difficult? if you were in a relationship, how did you deal with that?

what game shows do you like? today i watched countdown for one of the first times in AGES. ohhh countdown :)

oh and, have you ever got caught having sex somewhere really embarrassing?

(no subject)

If you had to make a list of all the fun things you've wanted to try/tried with your SO (dealing with sex), what would be on the list?

What's your favorite night of tv and why?

Favorite kind of chapstick?
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I have blue eyes. What eyeshadow should I wear?

I have also come into possession of an exercise ball. Other than trying to stand up on it, can you tell me any ball exercises?

Aaaand finally... I broke up with my boyffriend and now regret it. What was the last thing you regretted? Or are you living a vie sans les regrets? And what do you think of Edith Piaf?

Como se dice 'blog'?

This one is directed at all the bilinguals/expats/study abroad folks here.

I'll be studying abroad in Spain during spring semester (Feb-May) on a Spanish language/int'l business program and keeping a blog, primarily to keep my family and friends back in the States abreast of all my shenanigans over there. (Mom likes to know I'm still alive and doing my homework; grandma likes to see pictures of pretty buildings.)

Should I write up my blog posts in both English and Spanish? If I do, should I write them in English or Spanish first? How about throwing in palabras castellanas (Spanish words) with translations?

Collapse ) ETA: Any recommendations on what to do for money? Best thing I've heard right now is a Citibank account. I wanna keep it running after I come back to the US, too, because I'll be graduating and moving out.
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If you're SO began going to the gym regularly, would that give you the incentive to start working out as well?

What's the hardest day of the week for you to wake up?

What's something weird you learned today?

Have you ever read Milton's Paradise Lost?
If so, did you find the whole incest creation of hell even more disturbing than your picture of hell itself?


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I'm looking to order the Moleskine Weekly Planner Twinset(Red), but the only place I can find with decently priced shipping to Canada is Borders, and it's on backorder there.

I've never ordered from there before, and thus I don't know how reliable their backorder timing is. And I only say that because I once ordered an item from Amazon that said Backorder 2-4 weeks, and it got there three months later. Is borders generally more reliable?

Or alternately, does anyone know another place I can order it(or a place with a largeish selection of moleskine planners) from that ships to Canada for a reasonable price?
cubs hat
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Did you have to wear braces?

How old were you when you had them put on and taken off?

Why did you need them (specifics, if you have them. Not just 'I had bad teeth')?
The Girliest Taco

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Which class should I use this folder for?

Philosophy of Mind
Syntactic Theory
Writing Systems and Scribal Traditions

What about this one?

Phil. of Mind
Syntactic Theory
Writing Systems
wtf is wrong with you, you are in college. You should not be using kitten folders.

Why does everyone think kittens are for Philosophy of Mind??? I am surprised by that result.

If you don't care about my folders, or even if you do but feel like answering another question, will you show me the last photo taken of yourself, or the last photo you took, or both?
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What is the nicest way to tell your neighbor to shut the fuck up? Is 9pm too early to complain about their terrible bongo playing ability?

Alternatively, is my neighbor really Matthew McConaughey?

Is it possible to live in a flat and NOT have annoying neighbors?
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[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Will you tell me about a crush you have on someone that most people might not consider crush worthy?

I have a huge and irrational crush on Steve Carrell. Like seriously, I am so in love with that man. And I don't even know why. I guess it's because he's so funny.

Dear TQC

Couple questions. 1 serious bizness, the other not-so-much.


My roommate [the non drnk-slutty hoebag one] is not snobby to the point of arrogance but she's got this undertone of like 'i'm better than you' and i hate it. TQC'ers have you lived with somebody like this? And if yes, what'd you do to like counteract it? If not, what would you do?


My printer is jammed and the paper is all stuck in there. How do I fix this, besides just puling out the paper all slowly and stuff?