January 11th, 2009

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do you really think that the world will end in 2012?

if you do, how do you think it will happen?
edit: ok, even if you think it won't, will you tell TQC a way it could?
also, why do my legs hurt so bad?

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1. I've noticed a pattern: I live alone and have mentioned this to a few people who have reacted with, "REALLY? I could NEVER live alone, it would freak me out."

a. Is it uncommon or something for a female in her early twenties to live by herself?
b. Do you live alone? If so, does it freak you out?
c. If you don't live alone, would you?

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You're perusing a professional/business' website. You notice various grammatical errors throughout. Do you think you would be less inclined to purchase products/services?

For instance, let's say you read something like Collapse )
Baro Bitch Stare
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Whatever happened to chat? I can't find the AIM chat anymore and stickam is deserted!

Unrelated question, how many LJ friends do you have?

How many facebook friends?

And how many myspace friends?
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So in November my college roommate moved out of our dorm so I had a single. I got an e-mail from housing saying that I should expect to be assigned a new roommate for the next semester. I haven't gotten an e-mail yet saying I have officially been assigned a new roommate. Should I expect to receive an e-mail about it later or should I assume I won't be getting a roommate?
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Are earrings on infant girls strange and wrong or no big deal to you?

I ask because lately I've been hearing more and more people saying how wrong it is to pierce a baby girl's ears. However, it is pretty common in the Hispanic community. I, myself, am half-Puerto Rican and had my ears pierced when I was three weeks old. I don't find it odd at all.

Any other Latin TQCers find this disgust as odd as I do?
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The crow we rescued still hasn't been picked up by the Animal Rehabilitation place, so he's still living with us, and refusing to eat birdseed.

What are some other healthy alternatives to feed a crow?

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The weather: sleet/snow
The day: Sunday (you know, the day everything closes early)
Friends available: 2
Friends who drink: 0

TQC, what does a socially awkward 22 year old do on a birthday in January?

If not, whats your favorite un-conventional way to have fun?

Aim issues

Not sure if you guys can help me bu if you know a better comm to post this on feel free to point me to it.

I logged into AIM tonight and my animated wallpaper was messed up, all its showing as is a repeating image, no animation. What is going on? This has happened before and Ive already tried reinstalling it.

Also, Can somebody point me in the right direction to find my wallpaper again? Im pretty sure it was a Halloween one, if you typed blood blood splashed up, if you said zombie a zombie walked by and if you clicked random bits of the screen other things would happen. I loved this one and if somebody could help me find it again I would be very appreciative.
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hey tqc i'm back!

a) have any of you ever taken EMT training? what was it like? have you had occasion to use your training since?

b) is there any way to prepare yourself for witnessing grisly medical scenes (short of google image search)?
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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My friend's dad was telling me about an experience of his, in which he was hitch hiking and ended up in a car with a man whose radio/tape player would only repeat a single song over and over. He told me to look the song up on YouTube. He said it was Zeppelin's "Miss Missouri". But as far as I can find out, there is no such song. Any idea what song he meant? Or am I just not looking the right way? YouTube links to possible songs would be super.

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why is everone so obsessed with doctor who all the sudden?
i know people have loved it since forever in england and its been on for a long time but all of the sudden everyone is talking about it online and having icons of it and i was wondering why a boost in popularity has happened with it?
bjork diddy
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Which of these ideas do you most closely relate to?

I'm as pretty as I think I am
I'm not as pretty as I think I am
I'm as pretty as other people think I am
I'm not as pretty as other people think I am

Don't question it, it makes sense if you don't think about it.

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TQC, I NEED AN ANSWER QUICKLY. my sim just had twin baby boys. her (and their) last name is gere. what should i name them?

the babies have been named felix and milo. NEW QUESTION: i have three kinds of pastaroni: garlic and olive oil with vermicelli, shells and white cheddar, and angel hair with herbs. which should i eat?

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 I just made snow angels and sledded down a hill on a tray.  What was the last spontaneous thing you did?

When I upload photos to my facebook, they come out smaller than normal.  I just got a new camera.  How the hell do I fix this?  I want normal sized pictures :(

Butter popcorn or kettle corn?
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1. Why is it that when The Doctor changes history, even the original timeline (i.e. not tampered with by other time travelers), to help people it's ok and the universe is fine, but when Rose does it to save her father, flying demons come out and start tearing apart spacetime, while the doctor hypocritically says it's a no-no? He does shit to save friends/loved ones all the time.

2. I only saw part of The Master Arc, but from what I saw, it didn't make sense. How can you make a "paradox machine"? By definition and by the name of the device itself, it doesn't make sense (I'm willing to overlook lesser known paradoxes for the show). The human race killing itself wouldn't make sense.

EDIT: This question is unrelated to the show. It's about a real hypothesis in physics.

3. Why is many-worlds considered an explanation for paradox free time travel? You're travelling to parallel Earths, leaving the original Earth past timeline unchanged. It's not time travel.

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what sort of animal is your spirit guide?

also, let's say you meet someone and hit it off. they say they're in a new relationship but you two both admit a connection. in fact, you think they could be "the one." you then find out that they are dating your best friend. best friend is not as serious about this person as you'd intend to be. would you give chase or not pursue out of respect for the best friend?

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Do you feel nauseous/have a stomachache when you wake up?
It happens to me a few times a week, especially if it's earlier in the morning. This makes eating breakfast nearly impossible.

My mom, sister and I are about to hit some major sale at the grocery store.
What was your last ~family bonding~ experience?

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1. Your phone rings right now, but the caller id displays "Unknown." Do you answer?

2a. If you drink coffee: What kind, and what do you put in it?

2b. If you don't drink coffee: Do you wish you could develop a taste for it, since it's everywhere?

3. What are your plans for the day?

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Halp! D: I left my iPod (Classic) plugged into my laptop last night, and when I got up to eject and unplug it, the screen is totally white! WHAT HAPPENED and how do I fix it?! D:

Nevermind! It magically started charging again as soon as I pressed "post."

What's for breakfast?

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did it for the lulz

What community or communities are you a member of on LJ, for the sole reason of laughing/boggling at the people inside it?

Mine is whatiworetoday2. There are plenty of people who seem nice and stylish, but 60% of the time I am left shaking my head at their pretentiousness, their outfits, or both.

(If you are a member of any community a member mentions here, and you post in it seriously, do not take offense. I think we're all mature enough to realize no one is specifically talking about us. Unless you're truly terrible. Then maybe we are.)

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For the ladies;

Would you ever be an egg donor? Would you rather sell them to a stranger or give them to a friend/family member in need of them?

My boss has her eye on my eggs. It's starting to creep me out...
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The answer is probably yes, but I'm curious. Do internet users in other languages use acronyms as often as english-speakers? If you regularly use the internet in another language, what are the most common acronyms?

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So, I'm drinking some Bolthouse Farms C-Boost, which is a sort of mango/acerola/apple smoothie.
I sort of read the ingredients in the store to make sure it had no Bananas, because these always have banana, and I HATE banana.
Now that I am drinking the juice, I've decided to read the ingredients more thoroughly, to see exactly what it has in it, asside from not having bananas.
Apparently one of the ingredients is Maitake Mushrooms.
There are mushrooms in my juice.

Have you ever eaten anything that had an ingredient in it that really confused you?
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Where would you rather work?
-Company A:  Fantastic pay with regular raises and bonuses, excellent benefits, guaranteed long-term job security.  Smoked turkey every Christmas.  Boring, though, and not at all challenging. 
-Company B:  About two-thirds of the pay that Company A offers, moderate benefits, and somewhat shaky job security.  Exciting, fun, challenging on a daily basis.  No smoked turkey at Christmas.

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Okay, I don't wear make-up. Ever. Never have. I know as much about makeup as your average guy; I know what eyeliner is, I've heard of blusher, etc, but nothing specific. For Christmas my sister got me a session at the place she goes, I went along because I thought it would be cool, and I'm actually super impressed with the results. So I'm planning on getting a few basics to start playing with, pretty much base, eyeliner and lipgloss sort of thing.

When the lady was doing the eyeliner, she said a mistake a lot of people who don't wear makeup very often/are new to it do is go straight for the black eyeliner, and that you're better off starting with something line black-brown or black-gray eyeliner, something softer. Their products were way too expensive, and I'm looking through a catalog of similar but cheaper makeup. However, when it comes to eyeliners I have the option of Black, Smokey Blue and Expresso Brown. The problem with the brown is that going by the photo it looks a weird light purple colour which doesn't look like it would work. So it's black or blue. I have blue-grey eyes.

I have very fair skin, and red/black/bleach hair. Will Smokey Blue make me look like I belong back in my home city, with six kids, a dog and three cars up on bricks?
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Do you think videogames and/or gamers are juvenile? (Or in general, your gut reaction to someone saying they play games.)

Does it annoy you when people use 'gay' as an insult?
cheesin' for Disney


should i get a karaoke machine?
if so, what kind, and what songs would be very important to have for it?

this would not be for serious karaoke-ing.
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I just made a ham sandwich and there was PLASTIC inside the ham. Not like, the wrapper from the deli ham on the edges, but like fucking plastic inside the actual meat itself. I probably ate some before I even noticed, thinking it was just part of the romaine I had on there!


Will you tell me a similar story so I don't feel as alone in my disgust?
macro - procrastination cat
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At the gas station, I saw a guy buying Bud Light mixed with clamato (clam and tomato juice).

What's the nastiest alcoholic beverage you've ever seen/tried?
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Out of curiosity...

If someone from Canada gay marries someone from Massachusetts, lives in the States as a permanent resident for 3 years, and then applies and gets citizenship, will that person be able to work in other states (the job requires citizenship)? Or is that citizenship only recognized in Mass.?

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Have you ever taken the Numeracy QTS* skills test? How hard was it?

I've got to take it on Friday and I'm freaking out a little since I'm really bad with math (but I want to get into this program so much)!

*Qualified Teacher Status
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If you are a married/soon to be married/previously married woman, will you show me a picture of your wedding dress?

If you weren't the bride, but part of a bridal party will you show me your dress?
night porter

Bros before hoes right? Or in thise case is it hoes before bros?

Last night one was the first time I've brought my new guy out with my friends. One of my best friends whose opinion I respect dropped us off at his place and told us "Don't do anything I wouldn't do" and he responded with "Well I don't know you that well." My friend got all offended and rolled her eyes at me when I got out of the car and sent me a text about 5 minutes later calling him a douche and a loser and saying that he is lucky to be going home with me and to "prove her wrong."

So TQC...WTF happened? Was she just drunk and couldn't take a joke? Did something happen between them that I didn't notice even though I was sitting right next to them all night? Because as far as I can tell he didn't do anything to her. Why did my friend send me such a cunty text message? Usually she is a really good judge of people but she only hung out with him for a little bit.

I texted her today but she hasn't gotten back to me.

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Being in my first pregnancy and all...I'm quite terrified of giving birth.
If you've ever had a baby can you describe it? Is it as bad as my imagination is making it seem?
Was it a home or hospital birth?
Did you use a midwife or doula? If yes, what did you like about them? 

I just ate a thing of Kraft Dinner to myself. What's the grossest thing you've done so far today? 
Guess How Much I Love You

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TQC, I JUST GOT ENGAGED. Capslock totally necessary to portray how giddy and excited I'm feeling right now. My boyfriend proposed to me last night and since then I've been constantly checking my left hand just to make sure I'm not actually dreaming. But I have tons of questions!:

1. How should I celebrate? Should I have a big engagement party or just go out with a few friends?

And for those of you who are married/currently engaged/would just like to give advice anyhow:

2. How long was it between the time you got engaged and when you actually sat down and started planning?

3. So far the only thing that we've decided is that we'd like to get married on our anniversary - December 21. Is 11 months too little of a time frame to get everything done? How long were you/are you going to be engaged for?

4. How should I go about telling people? So far the only people that know (besides you guys, I guess) are my sister and my mom. I'm so excited to change my relationship status on facebook, but at the same time I really want to tell people face to face. For those of you who did the whole facebook thing, how long did you wait before changing your relationship status?

5. What were/are your favorite things about being engaged and planning a wedding? Least favorite?

6. Any other advice for my fiancé and me? (Oh my god, I'm still feeling all happy inside referring to him as that)
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For whatever reason, your boss takes you to a sit-down restaurant for lunch.  Even if you're not working irl, you're working in this scenario.  The lunch doesn't have anything to do with work.  You're just two people hanging out for whatever reason.

What would you talk about?

Is it cool or awkward?

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I am in the suburbs of LA county in Monterey Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I do not know what to do today!! Will you give me suggestions? I went to Hollywood and stuff yesterday and was disappointed. The day before, I spent my time in MP eating Asian food and had a good gaseous time. We do not have a car.

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I'm considering getting my eyebrows done, I'm not sporting a unibrow or anything but I think it could do be good. I definitely would go somewhere to get it done, at least initially. I don't know anything about the process though so any information or advice would be really helpful. Mostly I just want to know:

- Which would you recommend waxing or threading?
- What does it cost on average?
- How often do you need to get it done? And is it a case where if you don't have the money to do it for a while, your eyebrows are going to look like shit?

Thank you for all your comments! I'm making an appointment tomorrow
just a bill
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Do you think I can successfully study for a test that has a reading list of about 40 research articles/books by just reading the abstracts of the research articles?


What internet memes do you love?

What internet memes do you hate?

Do you also get pissed off when someone calls a survey or some other "fill me out and post to your lj/myspace bulletins" a meme?
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The other day, when I was taking a baby (in a stoller) on the subway, I had to take the elevator to switch train lines. After five minutes or so, the elevator didn't come and I told the kid "it looks like the elevator isn't coming, so we're going to have to break the rules and use the escalator". This random woman goes to me "did you press the button?".

What would the appropriate response to her question be?
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Please, help!

My girlfriend is really sick! She has had an awful illness for most of the new year thus far, and I am really worried. She went to the ER, and they said it was a virus, and sent her home.

She pukes up everything, and I don't know what to do! She lives on her own. I don't know what to do to make it better at all! Please, help me!

I have a real hard time dealing with puking (I have problems with it myself, and vomitting in general is pretty much a phobia for me)...

Is there anything I could do, should do, to make her feel better and help her get over this?
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Can you show me a picture of your favorite shoes ever? I'm due for a new pair and I have no idea what to get.

What is your favorite pasta/noodle dish? If you have some kind of wheat sensitivity, what is your favorite meal?

Hairstyle Suggestions? :)

Hi everyone.  My mom is looking to change her hairstyle.  She doesn't want anything too extreme.  I posted a current picture of her under the cut below.  We would really appreciate any suggestions and pics would be great too!  I've aready posted in madradhair and beauty101, but I know TQC will have great suggestions as well.  Thanks in advance!  :)

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girls » barbie
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So I e-mailed the professor of the class I needed, and she said she'd love to have me in, despite it being at 24/24 seats. I tried to add it through our online system, and it won't let me. Who should I talk to next? Registrar? or do I just go to the class regardless? I'm still in the same class, different hour and day, just in case, but I really don't want that class/teacher. Halp plz?

How long have you had your current LJ? How long have you been on lj total?
Had my first one in 2002, created this one in 2005, so a total of 7 years, but only four years with this name

(no subject)

What was the last meal you had delivered?

What is the biggest favor you have done for someone?

Did you have a pen pal as a kid?

Do you have any Sunday traditions that do not include church?

If you got trapped in a store overnight, which one would you have the most fun in?
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k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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What are some breeds of medium or large size dogs that wouldn't affect someone with an allergy?

I know there are some, I just don't know which ones. And I know a lot of small dogs are like that, but we don't want a small dog =\


(no subject)

If you were directing a movie what kind of an action scene would you want in it? Car chase, sword fight, shootout?

Who would you cast to be in your action scene and what would happen?
francois lick it

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So, for all the single ladies/gentlemen/others,

How often do you go on a date?
How do you arrange them? (blind dates? friends set you up? you seduce? you get seduced? dating sites? something else?)

Anything else about dating you want to share?

cell phones,

so it's that time again to renew my contract for my phone,
i need some opinions. (bonus if you have verzion since thats my carrier) 

i was thinking about getting a blackberry of some sort,
i use my phone for texting &pictures primarily,
and i would like to get a phone with a keyboard

a) what kind of phone do you have?
b) do you like it, why/why not
c) what do you use it the most for.
d) price.
e) any suggestions for me?

thanks so much!

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Let's say one of your relatives dies, and his organs are able to be donated. You are the one in charge of making the decision about whether or not the organs should be donated, and your other family members will support whatever choice you make. The relative is not a registered organ donor and has expressed in the past that he does not wish to have his organs donated because he "needs them for the afterlife".

Would you give the hospital permission to donate them?
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On a scale of 1-10, where do you think you fall on the attraction meter? (not limited to physical or personality or energy but the overall package)

Where do you think others would place your attraction on the scale of 1-10?

If anybody has ever told you where they would place you, what was the placement they gave you?

Want to post a pic and others can ~*rate you*~? (lol is that too tacky for this comm? i just realized i am going to be curious what people look like when seeing numbers)

If a guy said "I think you're a 9 but others would probably think you're a 7" he really thinks you're a 7 right? lol
(eta: just to add, i did take it as a backhanded compliment and it hurt my feelings and i don't talk to him anymore; not because of that alone but because he was an overall weirdo)
aaaas youuuuu wiiiiish....

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I'm looking to sublet my room. The high price plus my housemate's living habits make it tough to sell. I've spent weeks making extensive efforts to find someone but there's only one person interested. My housemate says she'd be uncomfortable living with anyone over 30 and asked me to find someone else because this lady's just too old.

Do I sublet it to her anyway?  Why?

Not doing so would violate the Fair Housing Act but doing so would be very rude to my housemate who doesn't even interact with me anyway so I'm not sure why she's so concerned about living with this lady. I'm talking with the apartment complex's management in the morning; what should I say besides what I just asked you?

matthew wig

(no subject)

For those of you in college, university, trade, or whatever...

If you had found a career you loved, that might not guarantee you a lot of money, would you still pursue it? You love it, you can be passionate about it, but would the money aspect stop you? I'm not saying you would be poor by any means, but you won't be rich from what the circumstances show.

Which is more important? Making a ton of money or being happy with what you're doing? (I guess if you find both you're perfect haha)

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tqc, i have two questions for you.

1) i have a pair of boots where the zip doesn't go up all the way because the top is slouchy. however, this make it really hard to get my pants in there without them bunching up. what should i do?

2) one of my friends earlier said that he was broke so i was like "lol didn't you just get paid?" cause he gets paid on fridays and today is sunday. he replied with "listen fuck off". in the past, we've argued over money because he doesn't spend his well although recently, he's admitted that he was sort of in the wrong about it and he says that now he realizes i was just trying to help. in light of that, would you think the 'fuck off' was joking or serious?
James Franco joint

(no subject)

Does anyone have a Nikon Coolpix (specifically the S610c, S610, or S210)? What do you think? I'm thinking of getting one for my birthday.
If not, do you recommend any lower end (I want to spend no more than $200, near $150 if possible) cameras that have rechargeable batteries (no more of this AA crap)?

If you don't care about cameras, what did you have for dinner?
Clem & Joely

(no subject)

Has anyone here ever used rigid collodion for a costume/make-up or anything?

The site says:
A clear solution used to create scarring effects when applied directly to dry skin. When painted onto a small area, it wrinkles the skin as it dries. Repeated applications will deepen the effect.

Does anyone know if this is damaging to the skin at all? If anyone has any experience with it, did it bother your skin? Or did everything feel and look fine once it was removed? Any additional/helpful information = my appreciation.
Michael Klump

(no subject)

When's the last time you got really, really nervous about meeting someone/doing something? Care to share?

Mine: I have my first advanced fiction workshop with a Pulitzer Prize winner tomorrow. I'm freaking the fuck OUT.
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(no subject)

If someone is telling you a story and they say like...

a. "...and there was this girl..." how old of a person do you picture?

b. "...and there was this lady..." how old of a person do you picture?

c. "...and there was this woman..." how old of a person do you picture?

d. "...and there was this boy..." how old of a person do you picture?

e. "...and there was this guy..." how old of a person do you picture?

f. "...and there was this man..." how old of a person do you picture?

Also, with no other context for the story excerpts in my examples, what setting/environment are you visualizing?
I was imagining in line at a grocery store
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

My friend has a serious ant problem at his house. He has tried clearing all food/food remnants out of everywhere but the trashcan in his kitchen. The ants won't go away and Raid only helps temporarily. What do you recommend to KILL THE ANTS?

What is your preferred brand of pen? Color?

Do your teeth feel grimy right now?

(no subject)

What's your favorite store to find party dresses?
I need something to wear to a show.

The shoes that I really wanted didn't fit. Is this a sign that I shouldn't waste my money on them?

What was the last stupid thing that disappointed you?
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

How did I manage to forget how much living in a dorm sucks?

Should I watch the Golden Globes while I unpack?

Will you show me something interesting to distract me from weddingplans?
I am not even planning on getting married and I can't stop looking at pictures.
M's logo

(no subject)

I've looked through Google AND Ask.com, but neither of them have the answer. Do you perhaps know what song this is? (It sounds like it could be by the Backstreet Boys, but I don't know. I DO know that it is several years old...)

I can lay here forever,
just knowing you're next to me.
And we can say nothing at all,
and nothing can say everything we feel.
And it's the right time to fall,
the only way to fall.
Love can say nothing at all.

(no subject)

do you watch saturday night life?

what was your favorite sketch ever?

what snl "era" was the best?

do you like any other sketch comedy shows, like kids in the hall, mad tv, in living color?
sleepy leila


have you read any good historical fiction?
can you recommend me biblical fiction and non fiction?

what is the best book youve ever read?
what is the most influential book you can think of?

how many books do you own?
do you go to the library? often?

and help me. tell me how to find a man(on the internets)?
*bwahhaha. i noticed the book post right below me. im not deleting.*

(no subject)

Minimum age in which you'd approve of your son moving in with a girl?

Under 16
Over 21
I'd never approve
Don't really care

Minimum age in which you'd approve of your daughter moving in with a boy?

Under 16
Over 21
I'd never approve
Don't really care
do the d.a.n.c.e.

(no subject)

Do you get nervous when you get a haircut?

I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I go to get my hair cut, even if it's just for a trim. I wouldn't be weirded out by it if it was going to be a dramatic change, but even for a trim? :/
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(no subject)

(Usually I get compliments on my sense of style, even though I feel pretty confident that people just want to point it out, and then feel like they need to say something nice to cover it up.)

Anyway, someone actually ripped me a new one about the way I dress today, and I feel horrible.

How can I stop caring about what other people think?
How do you "just get over" something?

I really don't dress that odd.

Also do you know a really cute old person?
What are they like?
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(no subject)

for those of you that play WoW (lulz I know)

would you be interested in starting a new toon (maybe a race/class combo you never thought you'd actually make, etc) to play with other TQCers? I just have a vision of it and it seems like it would bring the lulzs
Milhent forest
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(no subject)

Did anyone ever see a candle like this? When you lit it the bottom lights up and start changing colours, then when you blow it out, bottom light stays for a second or two. How does it work? I have only one and it would be a pity to break it but it will take us a longest time to burn it out - it has all chances to see next New Year. Collapse )