January 10th, 2009

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If you're a woman, who would you (or did you) want to have in the room with you while giving birth?*

Is there anyone who might want to be there that you wouldn't want there? How would you deal with that?

*If you are a special snowflake who needs to point out that this does not apply to you, feel free to make a snarky comment.

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For those of you who want children, do you want to have a natural childbirth or use an epidural? I'm terrified of the pain associated with labor, but I'm also terrified of needles. I figure I'll just decide when I'm actually in labor.

For those of you with kids, what did you decide to do? 
Self cleaning

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Do you have a family member that always manages to make you feel inferior? How do you deal with them?

Do you own or rent the place you live in? What is the best thing about renting or owning (whichever applies to you)? The worst?

Has the weather where you live been normal for this time of year? Or has it been unseasonably warm or cold?

Anything else you want to share with the class?

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This is so stupid but I need your creativity.

I have a crazy aunt. Not in the "we feel bad for her" way but in the "she's a crazy fucking bitch" way.

She brought over trail mix for Christmas. Insisted that she made it...had a whole big elaborate story about it. Well, her sister found it premade at Target.
We're going to see her tomorrow.
Should we ask her for the recipe? Or just talk about how good it was and see what she says?

When was the last time someone lied to you and you caught them?

annnnd if you really don't care (and I don't blame you)
Do you love Goonies?! It's on!

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This question will probably confuse a lot of yall.

Is there a person that knows the real you? How you tick, and maybe the deep down part of you? Is that person your best friend or an online friend or what?

To try and clarify, I talk to this guy online (met him once through my friend.) that seems to know how I really feel about things on the inside: "You're shy but you wanna open up you want to experience more of life in general, and youre willing to, you just haven't had enough encouragement and opportunities." That statment is so true, I don't even think my best friend or my mom knows that's how I feel.
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1. I think I hit a cat today. I was driving when this gray Persian bolted across the road. I tried to brake it but she/he was too close and "BAM"! Only there wasn't a "BAM". There was nothing. And behind me there wasn't a body. However, there wasn't a cat running down the street either. I checked under my car. Nothing. Not even a trace of a hit animal.

So, I ask you, what happened to the cat? (And, yes, I am still freaked out.)

2. In this age of MP3 players, do you still make mixed tapes and CDs? If so, what was on the last one you created?

3. What would you do if you found a long lost box with a singing frog in it?

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Supernatural (Sam in Watercolor)

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What is your favorite song that has been featured in a movie (a song not written explicitly for the film)? What scene is it in?

I've been loving "Goodbye, Horses" by Q. Lazzarus, from the photography scene in The Slience of the Lambs.
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Have you ever noticed that some of the saddest or most depressing movies created are geared towards children?  A Little Princess, Black Beauty, and My Girl to name just three. Why do you think that is?

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How do you know if you have a soul sucking job?
What are the symptoms?
Maybe I should just make another cup of coffee instead?

EDIT: If LOL CAT grammar iz showing up in my technical reports iz i in trouble?
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Whats the last thing that freaked you out?
My mom just walked in the house a little bit ago - she had been on her way to work and lost control of the car in the snow, or well ice probably and seems she messed the car up. I'm a little freaked cause it could have been so much worse.
okay turns out it was just that she was sick, and had puked and stuff all in the car - her one co-working was with her even. blech - it always gives me an uncomfortable -i don't know what to do- feeling when my mom is sick.
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Do you avoid going places/social gatherings where you know that you might run into someone you can't tolerate?

Does it make a difference if you like the group you are associating with more than you don't like this individual?

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Do you have any trouble falling asleep the first night or two you're in a new place?
Usually I don't, but I got back on-campus yesterday and for some reason I couldn't stay asleep the whole night.

If you ever have trouble falling asleep for whatever reason, do you toss and turn? If so, do you just kind of shuffle back and forth in different positions or do you find yourself completely rolling over into different positions.
I never fall right to sleep, and I actually end up rolling over completely atleast once, usually twice.

I have five housemates, one of which I've deemed Fuckface in my own head. I'm pretty sure Fuckface is coming back today, but I'm not sure. Will Fuckface be back in the house today? If so, how bitchy will she be? And how much will she complain actually clean when I ask her to help clean?

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What is your favorite animal sound? 
I love hearing pigeons! I can hear one cooing right now! *swoon*

I have the absolute worst back pain in my life due to pregnancy....the other night it woke me up and caused me to hallucinate.
When was the last time you hallucinated? What happened? 

I just kept hearing this droning sound over and over, quiet to loud, in the same intervals and I thought it was the end of the world. Good times.

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I'm sleepy and I can't get accuweather to show me how much snow will fall. Can anyone tell me how to do that or recommend another site that will?

Thanks, tqzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
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Let's play our favorite TQC game- Validate Me

You have to take prerequisite courses in order to apply for an MA/MS degree in Speech Pathology. You have $12K in loans from undergrad in a different field and will probably incur massive loans in grad school, given the general lack of funding for your field. You can either:

1) Go to a university near your parents' house to take these prereqs, live with them, pay $3k for tuition and fees per full-time trimester (you'll have to have 3 full-time trimesters: Winter 2009, Fall 2009, and Winter 2010). You may not have much of a social life.

2) Go to a university in the city and incur a minimum of $50k in debt between tuition, fees, and living expenses. You'd be living with friends.

What would you do?

My best friend's giving me a really hard time over picking 1, basically saying that I should have moved to the city for my classes and "that's why people work." Am I missing something?

Poll #1328633 Which one?

Which scenario would you choose?


Drop me a line

If somebody leaves a message for you via voicemail, text message, email, post-it note, carrier pigeon, etc. -- how do you prefer to return their message? Will you use the same method (e.g. voicemail --> call back, email --> email, spy vs spy --> anthrax envelope)? Why or why not?

ETA: Do you text as a primary form of conversation?

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Thank-you gifts

What are good thank-you gifts for those writing recommendations for you?

I plan on giving my professors, dean, and secondary school counselor thank-you gifts for the forms/letters they had to fill out and write for my transfer out of community college.

Coffee cups

Song needed!

I'm looking for a recording of "Child of Mine", sung by Bill Staines and Melissa Javors on the album "The Second Million Miles". I'd prefer not to pay for it - I just want to listen cause I LOVE that song and haven't heard it in forever but it's stuck in my head. :P
I'm on last.fm, but it keeps trying to make me buy a better account so I can make playlists etc, and I'd rather not put money into it...

Any ideas?
kurt halsey

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TQC, I hate to ask Facebook questions here, but Facebook support is so unhelpful, and Google doesn't yield any results either.  When someone posts a video on my wall, it shows up on my news feed but not my wall, and they get an error message.  Loads of unanswered questions on the Facebook Help page show that this is happening to a lot of people, and I have no idea how to change it.  Help?

Get Bent, Tax Man!

If you found out you were a character in a book........

Would you read the ending or would you accept your fate blindly?

I ask the Stranger Then Fiction question yesterday. I ended up watching it and loving it! It is my kind of movie. I like stuff like that. It makes you think. I also enjoy movies such as Year of the Dog and Lost In Translation, so...
titanic, rose, jack

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How would you react if the government imposed a law that said you had to know someone for at least a year before you could marry them, to try and curb the divorce rate?

(regardless of the fact that this would be impossible to monitor.  pretend there's a way.)
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Poll #1328638 Dear President-Elect Obama:

Dear President-Elect Obama: I know you're really busy. I just had a couple of questions for you. I was wondering, first off, what is your favorite ______?

I also wondered how you feel about the rapidly decreasing supply of __________ in America.

I wanted to talk to you about the stock market, too. I was going to invest in _________, do you think that's a good idea?

My cousin just got laid off her job at _________. Why do you think that is?

I was wondering lastly if there was any way we could make the price of ______ cheaper.

Thank you for your time! I have one more question: if you were an animal, what would you be? I bet you'd be a _________.

Thank you! Sincerely, _______.


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When did Kid Rock rip off Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London????


OK...so I'm out of touch....ummm....

Who wants to party with me the next time I'm in Houston?

How many more times can I strike this out before you get pissed?

video game rentals

i'm not a video gamer by any means,
my dad just recently got the wii and wants to go rent some games before buying them to make sure he likes them,
and he wants to know if he gets it will whoever else has rented that games data be on it? 

sorry if i didnt explain my question very well!

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I have a stupid question because I'm socially retarded and awkward.

I met this guy yesterday.  Turns out we have the same make, model and year of car.  He asked if he could sit in my car to compare it to his, so we sat in my car.  He wanted to know what my speaker system sounded like compared to his speaker system and asked if her could hook up his ipod to check them out.  When I told him I was planning on selling the car in like 3 months or so, he told me that he really wanted to buy it. Then he asked if I wanted to check out his car and since he was kind of cute and funny, I said sure.  So, we went to his car and drove around for awhile and talked and laughed.  Anyhow, to make a long story short, we exchanged phone numbers, on the premise, I think, that I'm to call him when I decide to sell the car. 

So, TQC, is he interested in ME or my car?
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So, TQC, I went to the store to buy cookies, but instead of getting ANY of the ones in the poll, I saw a gigantic bag of animal crackers and got those instead. Lol. ANYWAYS, Some of the animals are complete, downright, abominable monstrosities, and for the life of me, I can't figure out what they are. Will you help me decide what these vaguely animal-shaped cookies are supposed to represent?

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Thanks, jadedpears: Answers. Still wtf though.

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i hve discovered that i seem to have extra money in my bank account (approx £130). where on earth has this money come from? its a brand new account with nothing being paid in to it yet.

srs and nonsrs welcome

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What was the last pleasant surprise you got?

Apparently, while still be screwed over for my check, I'm getting paid for my first week of work that I apparently never got paid for.

For my ladies,
Do your boobs hurt a lot when you're about to get your period?
On a scale of 1-10 (1 not at all 10 being in a vice grip)how bad is it?
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will you name as many foods as you can that have mutiple meats (chicken, fish, pork, turkey, beef, seafood, etc) or meats that are prepared differently (ie. bacon & ham, sliced turkey & ground turkey) as ingredients?

ie. cobb salad (bacon&turkey), potato salad (bacon bits & ham), etc.
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I know this question's a bit late, but I have an English essay due on Monday about this:
Do you think Christmas has any meaning any more or has it been lost in a sea of commercialism?
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Beauty Products

What are your 5 beauty products (skincare, hair, make-up, etc...) that you cannot live without?

I spent all last night searching some new beauty products and their reviews on Sephora, YouTube, and Google. These are some new products I've been convinced to go out and try:
+ Talika Lipocils (eyelash conditioner/thicken/lengthen)
+ Philosophy "Purity" Facial Cleanser
+ Jonathan Antin "Dirt" Texturizing Paste
+ Mac Fluidline in "Blacktrack"
+ Mac Mineraize Skinfinish Duo

If you couldn't tell, it's been a while since I've updated my beauty regimen! Anyone have input on any of the products listed or recommend some of your own? xoxo.

Edit: I realize we all need shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer, etc to stay hygienic lol... I'm seeking answers that specify certain beauty brands/products that are a miracle worker for you!


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1. I need to do a 6 week summer Arabic intensive for my own benefit, as I think it would be good to get more practice at the high intermediate level before I start advanced translation. Should I:

Be studious and go to an Arab nation, Morocco, Jordan, etc.
Be somewhat lazy in my studiousness and go to Israel.
Be really lazy and take the intensive here at my own university.
Be extremely lazy and go to my state of residency where I'd pay nearly nothing for it.

2. Did you ever study abroad for language? Did you enjoy it? What did or didn't you like about your program?
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My husband likes to season and spice the hell out of his food. I think that if we buy good meats and vegetables, all they need is a little bit of salt and pepper - I want to taste the food, not all of the spices.

Which category do you fall into, TQC?
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Will you tell me something that happened 10 minutes ago?

I just took my dog out and there's this stray cat that hangs out by our house. This cat, who has the biggest balls I have ever seen on a cat, waltzed right up to my dog and smacked him! And then he did it again, and so my dog was all RAWR and tried to eat him. I couldn't get into my house! My husband had to come outside and save me.
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Should I get a fancy cell phone like a Blackberry or an iPhone? Why/why not and/or which one (not just of those two)?

I'm not a big phone person but I like the idea of being able to post on the net with my phone and kind of want to try catching up with the 21st century.

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What food do you like that's more for little kids? Goldfish crackers, Little Debbie brownies, and I'm sure there's more I can't remember.

Should I go out and shovel the sidewalks for a third time today, or are they just going to be covered by snow again in five minutes like last time?
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Poll #1328727 What form of Birth Control do you use?

What Form of Birth Control do you or your SO use?

None--I'm married or I've had a hysterectomy/my tubes tied/some other reproductive surgery
None--I'm a virgin or LGBT
The Pill or the Patch
Condoms, male
Condoms, Female
A comination of the above
Something that's not listed
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Do you avoid any particular brands because of their names or any other incident in your life?

I dislike shopping at Samuel and Kevin's because the names are shared with boys that I've liked, and neither relationship worked out well.

A few questions, if you please

Would you rather go back in time 1000 years and live out the rest of your life, or got forward 1000 years and live out the rest of your life?

Imagine you are on a deserted island, with nary a coconut or grub to be seen. The only other things of note on the island are a newly dead body and another  (living) person, who you do not know. After watching for some time, you realize that this other person has food and will NOT share it with you. Do you a) kill this person and take his food (this is the only way you can get his food), or b) eat the already dead person? Or heck, c) starve to death

Would you rather live in a colony in space, or under a dome at the bottom of the sea (on Earth)?
The Girliest Taco

I think I may have asked this before.

Do you take exceptionally warm or cool showers, or do you think your showers are of average temperature?

I take very hot showers.

If you're showering with someone else and s/he has a different temperature preference than you, who gets to control the water?

I give in and make the water just a LITTLE cooler than I'd like it.
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Do you remember the show The Torkelsons? Did you ever watch it? If so, did you like it?

I'm watching old episodes of the show on youtube. I forgot how much I liked that show as a kid. I still wonder what happened to Ruth Ann and Steven Floyd in the spin off Almost Home . They just aren't there and there is never an explanation about where they are and why they didn't move with the rest of the family.

Why do you think they aren't there? Where do you think they are?
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So we found this chair that we really love at Rooms to Go. It is a great deal and BONUS! It is a sleeper sofa too.

Now the downside is that it only comes in red. Our sofa is green. You can see it here. Our walls are this green. The chair wouldn't go right up on a wall that color, but it would be about 4 feet away from it. The sofa is in the red that is on the throw pillows on the sofa, so there is that tie-in. It is sort of this color.

Would it be too Christmas-y to have a red chair?


How easy do you think it would be to slip cover a chair? It's technically a "chair and a half". That is the part that worries me about finding a slip cover.

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I have the 3 Ginger Snaps movies in my possession now via Netflix, what order should I watch them in?

The third movie, Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning, is a prequel that takes place before part 1, yet it was made last, so I would assume the writers knew the audience would most likely know what happens in parts 1 & 2 first, yet since I haven't seen any of them yet would it be better to watch the last movie first?

Then we have the descriptions for the movies, part 1 says "...she's bitten by a werewolf and quickly develops several new traits..." Part 3 says: "...Ginger is bitten and starts slowly changing..." Huh?
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Whenever I have the money, should I buy Tiny Toons on DVD?

If you were in a video game, would you rather use a wrench or a crowbar as your starting weapon?

How many movies do you own that, since buying the DVD or whatever, you have not watched?

I'm aware this is kind of a dumb question

If there is a book/movie whose copyright hasn't expired, but it's available to check out at the library, why is it so bad to read it/watch it "illegally" online? You could theoretically check it out from the library instead, and if the library has already paid for the rights then what's the difference if only one person checks it out or 50 people check it out?

How does accessing the material online vs. at the library affect the people who hold the copyright? I'm actually curious, I'm not trying to start a debate. Setting "ethics" aside and thinking purely monetarily.
Lucius Mic
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My mother and I are having a movie night tonight, and in a little bit I'll be running out to Blockbuster. We were thinking period films, though I'm not sure which (she just requested "something historical"). We've done the '95 and '05 Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, the '49 Little Women, and potentially others that I'm forgetting. I was thinking something along those lines, though it doesn't have to be the typical Austen/Bronte/Dickens/etc. (it can be!) What would you recommend?

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My friend told me that today is National Pants-Off Day.
I was wondering if it's illegal to walk about Salt Lake City with your pants off, but with shoes and a shirt and whatever else?
ryro&bden- tree

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So, TQC, if you go out for dinner, who pays? who should pay?

Is it romantic or sexist if the guys pays? Is it expected?
Should you split it? Do you only pay for what you ordered?
Should the girl pay?
Does it make a different who asks who out?

My boyfriend and I are poor, jobless students and we rarely go out for meals. He's bought me lunch and coffee a few times but the budget has never stretched to a meal, so i just pay for myself. I'd love it if he'd take me out for dinner every now and again, but i'm not sure if i'd expect him, or want him to pay all the time. He's joked before about me paying for the meal once or twice when i had a job but he didn't but tbh, i'm a bit of a romantic and like old fashioned values. I think guys should open doors for girls and stuff but that's just me :]]] my boyfriend is more realistic than romantic though.

so what about you?

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I am going to Walmart on a Saturday night! What should I get? My list already has: paper towels, nails, a new toothbrush, and frozen foods. I'm crossing state lines to get there. OMG.

Oh yeah: I have been trying really hard to get organized. How do you organize your desk? Mine is a freaking disaster. This is a picture of only HALF of it. Collapse )

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How do you feel about females with tattoos? If you like women, would you date/have a relationship with a woman with a tattoo or many tattoos? For everyone, what would your concerns be about dating someone with tattoos?

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Do you like canon couples in the Harry Potter series? Tonks and Lupin,  Fleur and Bill, Molly and Arthur, and Lily and James.

What non-canon couples did you like? Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny, and Ron/Luna.

What's your favorite books of the series in order? 7, 5, 4, 1, 2, 3, 6.

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When you're at a party, do you ever get asked to take the pictures?
(Do you get asked to do something else?)
No matter whose house I go to, the person hands me their camera.
I absolutely hate it but feel too guilty to say no.

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I have an interview at Moxies soon for being a server, therefore I have a couple questions for you.
Have you heard good/bad things about working at Moxies? What are they?
At the location I have an interview at the servers dress a little more revealing then I would like to. Do you think i'll be expected/encouraged to dress that way?
How would you answer the question "What are your strengths, and what are your weaknesses?"

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Is it selfish to have children 'later in life', say- 45 and up? I pulled 45 outta nowhere- so just go with a later age you think someone can still carry a child at (not use a surrogate) and be okay.**

Do you feel bad for kids with really old parents?


(no subject)

If you were a woman and a couple of complete strangers offered you $50,000 to be a surrogate mother + the coverage of all medical expenses would you do it?

Edit: What if this couple was somehow was related to you?

(no subject)

Last night I went to an around-the-world shots party where the guests were requested to bring a shot that was either representative of their culture or country, or was popular in or had liquor from that country, region, etc.

What shot would you have brought? Is it tasty?

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My dad and I were talking about this, and I'm curious.

Every generation has music it will be remembered for, big-name bands that will live on for a really long time after they break up.

What bands/musical contributors do you think this present generation will be remembered for?

(no subject)

1. I was at some store in a mall last week, and I heard a indie-type cover of GNR's Patience. Are you aware of any new remakes of Patience? Do you know the cover I'm talking about? It sounded like it could be The Eels or Hellogoodbye or some shit like that, and the tempo was a little faster than the original.

2. When was the last time you felt like barfing your guts out?
The Others

(no subject)

I love psych thrillers like The Others, The Innocents, What Lies Beneath, The Uninvited, Stir of Echoes, etc. The most recent film I saw of this genre was The Orphanage, which I liked.

1. What are some other psych thrillers I should see/might like based on these films?
2. Is "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" any good?
3. Do you prefer thrillers or horror movies?
4. What's the scariest book you've ever read?
5. Did the ending of The Orphanage make anyone else get choked up or am I just weird? (in my defense, it was unexpected.)
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You are forced, at the threat of severe violence, to make slash fanfiction and post it on the Internet. What is the fandom you use?

Real-Time or Turn-Based Strategy games?

What is your favorite place, that is not your home, to get a sandwich?

(no subject)

What one word best describes you?

Do you live in a gated community where you have to type in a code, or something like that? Do you hate it when people cut you off at the gate when they don't know the code or are too lazy to type it in?

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Hi, TQC! I've missed you. I was on vacation. <3

My question is: When was the last time you got a "dramatic" haircut? As in, something very different from what you had before. Did you end up liking it or hating it?

I'm thinking about going short (just below chin length) for the first time in my life. Everyone and their mother has told me to do this, but I really don't think I have the face for it. I'm just gonna bring some pictures into the salon and talk to them and see what they think.

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How much time after your actual payday would it be considered "unacceptable" to not get paid?
If an employer was very late with paying you, would you eventually just show up at your job and insist they pay you? Call them to harass them?

Do you have any plans for tonight?
I went to a party with my mom for two whole hours and now I'm hungry and bored!
anontang DA

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TQC, are there any TV shows on HBO or Showtime that you really enjoy and I must watch? I don't care if they're currently showing or not, just as long as I can get DVDs of the seasons, as I sadly do not get either of these networks. Also, is Weeds as good as I've heard?
im french

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1. Someone spilled a beer on my (felt) coat. It is dry clean only. Is there any way to clean it without dry cleaning it? It's my only good coat. And I don't like smelling like an alcoholic.

2. I want a small pet that is easy to care for. No fish, and nothing terribly smelly, and definitely not a rat. I'm thinking maybe a mouse or a snake or something. Care to recommend any cool small pets?

Can you use iTunes music store cards to purchase applications, TV shows etc. from the iTunes store?

 I have amazon credit that I want to use to purchase an iTunes gift card to use to purchase applications and TV shows from the iTunes store. However, the ones that they sell on amazon say "iTunes Music Store Card". Are these only good for purchasing music or can they also be used to purchase other things from the iTunes store?

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have you ever watched Final Destination 3? is it actually as bad as the advert looks? its on in an hour and i fancy watching it. i liked the first one, the second one was crap and i assume this one is worse again. is it worth wasting my time watching it?

ETA - it wasnt too bad. better than the 2nd one i'd say. still stupid, though
  • remey

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My mom is feeling very ill at the moment, and I'm in her room keeping her company.

Could you tell us some interesting stories?
How about your most embarrassing moment? Or funny family stories?

Well, the will take over the couch if Gram is sitting in it, so she was laying on the floor next to the couch. She's just sitting there and he must have been playing around in the pillow and next thing she knows he's rolling off of the couch. When she managed to get the pillowcase off of his head he had this whole "WTF?" look on his face.

Do you have any favorite photos you can post?

Julia Murney

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Hey y'all. Do any of you know off hand how to make it so that in the name of a file it also shows the file type, so you can change it? I can't find the instructions I used on my computer, and I need to change some files on a different computer.
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Today is my sister grandemochafrap's 27th birthday.

Will you please say something nice to/about her; or alternatively if you have nothing to say to/about her, will you slap her on the ass 27 times?

(no subject)

Here's 12.37 USD

You have to spend it RIGHT NOW. Or else... IDK. I'll set you up in a chris hansen like sting.

What do you spend it on?  (You certainly are allowed to buy a gift card.  Or something for me.)
  • mekkio

(no subject)

1. Recently, Oreo made their debut on the British shores. I adore the Japanese snack, Yan Yan. So, my question is, what foreign made snacks do you enjoy?

Are they hard to find?

And what would you like to try but haven't yet?

2. I find this "eco-brolly" very clever. What was the last invention that made you go, "Oh, that's brilliant"?

3. By now, we've all heard that PETA wants to change the name of fish to "sea kittens". (Sea kitten sushi. Mmmmmmmmm.....) If you could swap the name of any animal, what animal would you choose and what would the new name be?

(Personally, I would call slugs "slimings" and snails "housed slimings". )

rye flour

I've tried to make rye bread in my Breadman Pro bread machine, but it doesn't make a very good loaf. Now I have 2 pounds of rye flour and I can't think of what else I could do with it. Is there anything else that uses rye flour besides rye bread? Or do you have a a good rye bread recipe for bread machines?

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As I was getting ready to leave this morning (gotta love Saturday classes), my electric razor died as I was half-way done shaving my face. I had to go to 7-11 to pick up a disposable razor and was late to class as a result. What's the last thing that failed you at an inopportune time?

When I come home, I usually like to empty the trash, change kitty litter, etc., while the microwave is heating up my dinner. You have exactly five minutes to be productive. What will you do?

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Ladies of TQC: Will you post a photo of your mom when she was around your age, and then a recent photo of yourself?

Men of TQC: Will you do the same thing, but with a photo of your dad, and a recent photo of you?

Another question: Do any features run in your family?

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angry asian

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1. Have you ever taken up your SO's interests/hobbies? If so, what were they?

2. Blow job, blow j, b job, BJ, or beej?

3. Are your hands typically warm or cold?

4. What kinds of sweets/junk food have you eaten today?

5. Boner?

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So the other day my dad used the expression "that was a bear" when he was talking about how shitty something was or that it sucked or something. I turn around and started looking around for a bear. Have you ever heard someone say that before?

How was your day?

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I'm really craving some cookies or candies or something, buuuuuut there is nearly two feet of snow outside, and would require a 10 minute walk there and back.

Is it worth it to walk all the way there and back? If it is, what should I buy?