January 9th, 2009


TQC, do I skip my first day of classes to go to the Mall of America, where Kevin James will be introducing a prescreening to his new movie, Mall Cop?

I'm not a HUGE Kevin James fan, but his new movie looked funny, and it'd be nice to actually meet a celebrity, haha.
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My fluffy cat gets matted on his stomach in the winter time because it's the only place he won't let me brush him. He lets me trim his tummy, and I was just doing that. He heard a weird noise (a door outside slammed) and he jerked right as I was cutting the fur, and he has a cut on his tummy now. I feel like the worst pet owner ever and started crying.
It's about half an inch long, but it's not bleeding at all. Do you think he needs to go to the vet for this?
I kind of think I might err on the side of caution and take him in the morning.
He meowed pitifully, went away for about a minute and a half, and came back to play with his toy right away. After about two minutes of that, he came over to me and was lovey and let me brush him for about five minutes then he jumped on my lap to be snuggly. This either means he forgives me and loves me, or he has decided that he will kill me in my sleep, but he needs to play it like everything is normal so I don't suspect. (I started to type this post when he walked away, and now he's back for more snuggles, which is our usual 12-1am routine) Which do you think it is, forgiveness or impending death?
Am I the worst pet mommy ever?

Dwarf House

Should I get in my car and drive 20 minutes to go eat at the 24 hour Chick-fil-a/Dwarf House in East Point?

- I can get a hot brown*, which isn't available at regular Chick-fil-a's, and I haven't had one in like, 3 years.
- Last time we went, it was full of transvestites, who may or may not have been executive.
- I can get sweet, sweet lemonaide, as it's the world's best.
- I get to go through the Dwarf Door, which is three feet tall!

- It's in the ghe-heh-ehtoe.
- It's 20 minutes, one way.
- I should probably put on real pants for a late night run that far away.
- I've been relentless about exercise since the New Year, and fast food at 1 am is counter productive.
- Driving home in a carb coma.


*A hot brown, if you don't know, is mashed potatoes, bacon, cheese, gravy and chick-fil-a nuggets and it comes with toast. It sounds wretched, but I assure you, it's like God's gift to carbs with chunks of meat.
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Have you ever had a pet snail?

Are there any good pet snail resources online? (Yes, I know about that newfangled "goggle" searcher or what have you, but I would like any specific recommendations if you have them.)

If I get a pet snail, what should I name it?
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1. Have you tried any good recipes you found on the internet lately? Links, please!

2. I'm working the night shift at a hotel. There is a guy who has been sitting in the parking lot with his car running for 30 minutes now. Is he

a. getting high
b. waiting to make sure the hooker shows up so that he doesn't pay for a hotel room for nothing.
c. working up the nerve to rob me at gunpoint

3. I have almost enough money to go abroad again. I'm considering Iran, Brazil, Ghana, Botswana, Laos, or Turkey. Where should I go and why?

4. Is 27 too old to get a piercing or tattoo? If not, how old is too old?
Bon Apetit


We got one vermin in the closet with peanut butter today, that makes 3 total in 2 days and now all the other traps I have are out.

cranny (cream cheese)
closet (cream cheese)
nook (mini marshmallow bit)
bookcase (mini marshmallow bit)
fireplace (mini marshmallow bit)

How many more mouse lives will be claimed by morning?

If we're lucky I'll have to go buy more traps at the dollar store.

Do you recycle wood and metal traps? I usually just pick them up in a grocery bag and toss the lot in the trash.

I feel a little guilty about disposing of them that way.

I have mixed feelings about not feeding the caught mice to my ball python, Fausto. He'd happily take them; he's easy about taking food and I have the luxury of buying frozen mice in bulk for him to just thaw as needed. I guess I'm paranoid that a caught mouse could have parasites or bacteria that captive-bred prey would never be exposed to, or worse, that the caught mouse might have recently eaten poison bait (like D-con) that just hadn't kicked it's bucket yet; a time bomb sitting in it's little rodent gut waiting to kill my snake! On the other hand, wild crafted prey offers a much broader spectrum of nutrients in it's flesh, no? -

I just can't reconcile the risk.

If we have mice, the neighbors have mice. We share the wall that both the nook and the cranny and the bookcase are on with a flat full of 20-something jock guys. I've taken to blaming the mice on them, frankly, since they've never been as invasive as they have been this year. I also blame subzero temperatures driving them in earlier than usual. If the neighbors have mice they may be using the poison bait.

Even if I asked and they said no, though, I still don't know if I'd take the risk. You just don't know where those meece have been, and what they've been into.

Would you feed them to you snake and take the chance?

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1. People of TQC, where are you from and what are somethings that people from outside of your country misunderstand about your homeland and the citizens in it?

For example, non-Americans seem to think that when Americans abroad come up to them and ask, "What's a good place to eat around here?" The best answer would be to point them to the nearest American fast food chain place. No, thank you. If I am in Italy, you can rest assure that I will be skipping Mickey-Ds and going straight to the homemade pasta cafe.

2. How the devil does one ride this?

3. The USA once had an Emperor. Who were/are some interesting eccentrics in your country?

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TQC, I am a pretty slow reader when the subject matter is rather dry. So I'm in a bit of dilemma because throughout this quarter I'm going to have to read 2000+ pages for school. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to become a faster reader?
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What's a really unique way to propose to someone? A really sweet & romantic way? A completely odd way?

How do you wish you were proposed to?

If you did the proposing, how did you propose?

Big Headphones

What do you think of Big Headphones vs. earbuds? Do you get a better impression from a person wearing one or the other?

I think on some level I assume someone wearing Big Headphones is somewhat removed and antisocial. But at the same time I think they look cool and want to get some and wear them as earmuffs in the cold.

Given headphones, would you rather be caught wearing these or these?

If neither, what WOULD you wear? Provide picture or description.

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How much would you have to be paid to walk around all day (you have to go out to stores/errands etc) with a baby carrot stuck like halfway up your nose?

How about a mini-cupcake stuck (frosting side) to your face?

(you have to act normal, no hiding it, no explaining it's for money etc) just act like it isn't there

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What's your current heart rate?
Mine: 85 bpm, right before bed. Ah!

To save time: check your pulse by counting the beats you feel for 10 seconds and multiplying that # by six to get your heart rate per minute.

dead zone johnny & sarah

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Would it be okay for a vegan to wear a wool coat or sweater? If not, why not? Shearing a sheep isn't cruel in any way.

Also what about a down comforter? Would they not be able to own that either?


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If you have a better one, will you post it?

I still think it is the best, only because the castle levels give me a giant boner.

Before y'all jump all over me: NO I DID NOT DO IT, NOR DO I KNOW ANYONE THAT HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH MAKING IT. I just think it is rad, that's all.

I also get excited about public access.

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what are you doing?
how cold is it where you are?
what state/country are you in?
how much do you love The Doors?
what music do you listen to when youre high/at home relaxing?
whats your favorite video game?
Sephiroth :: ?

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I was up sick all Wednesday night, and called out from work yesterday. I'm feeling better today, but my throat is still sore and it hurts when I swallow.

Should I call out again today, or should I suck it up and go in?

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How mad would you be if you punctured a hole in your big toe because someone left something large and metal in the hallway?

All-nighters - have you pulled one recently? If so, how long did you stay up?

If you've had your ears pierced at Claire's, how did it go? Did you have any issues?
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Do you ever assume coincidences and patterns are signs from the universe?

e.g. last time my mum was out visiting me, every time we tried to go to this craft store something unpleasant would happen. Halfway there the first time, my caregiver for my FIL for the weekend cancelled (late Friday night, thanks love). The next time we tried, a guy drove into me and I had to get towed to the dealership. My mum wouldn't let me try to take her again, she got spooked.

So Q2. I started crocheting this blazer. First attempt I got lost in the middle and unravelled and started again. Second time it looked tiny so unravelled again. Third time I'm almost all the way up the back and it's seeming really BIG this time. Are the gods of crafting trying to tell me something?? I have to know!


What's the best question anyone has ever asked on TQC? (And if you remember, what was your answer?)

ETA: Links would be awesome if you've got 'em!
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have you ever had surgery? tell me about it!

i had my appendix taken out in 5th grade. my mom kept bitching at me for getting sick after eating and let it swell up for a whole week before i ended up in the emergency room.

now i just got home from the hospital because apparently i had huge dermoid ovarian cysts that have been growing for a while. i busted one open when i fell snowboarding and it was so big that another one was growing in it. they got out 800ml of bloody fluid from my abdomen and removed a massive cyst from my left ovary and a smaller one from my right. i had no idea, all i wanted was pain killers for my sore gut and they ended up cutting me open!
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I am creating a form to be filled out by the evaluator, and I need to have check boxes for Sex/Gender (yes, I know these are not the same, but for simplicity we're using them interchangeably). I plan to have (A) Male (B) Female (C) _______ (D) Unknown.
For C, would it be better to have "Other" or "Mixed" or something else to cover the broad spectrum of individuals who neither identify as Male or Female?

Please Explain this too me... I just don't get it.

I bought a Wii online yesterday morning about 4-5 am at ecost.com. I went to track my package and it tells me that my package is in my state, in a town less that 25 miles from where I live. And YET, it says that I won't receive my package until the 12th!!

Is it possible that the 12 is an approximation of when I will be receiving it? It is possible that I will get it today? It says that is is "in transit" does that mean that it is on its way?




Other question...

What was the last thing that you ordered online that you were ridiculously impatient to receive?
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What are some good things to eat after getting your wisdom teeth out?

I'm afraid to chew anything but I don't think I can deal with another bowl of soup. :\

Can you tell me something funny or quirky about your pets?

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From my highly scientific survey last night, I have determined that for most of you, your affections can be bought with a tasty treat.

So, my question this morning after I've sobered up is:

What is your favorite tasty, sugary, fattening, and otherwise not particularly good for you treat?

(I adore hot fudge sundaes.)

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what's the most recent injury you've recieved?

I now have a 1/2 inch long blister on the knuckle of my thumb because i leaned back and burned my hand on my desk lamp. Also, i cut my finger ON THE SAME HAND when trying to open a hard plastic take-out container

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I friggin hate frost bite. I ran some errands today and didn't properly bundle up so I froze the bottom of my feet. When was the last time you got frost bite?

What is time? What does time mean to you?

Where can I find a hula hoop in the dead of winter?


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1. Are you estranged from anyone in your family? Who & why?

2. How do your other family members feel about this?

3. How would you feel if this person came to your funeral?

4. What would you do if they joined an lj community you were active in?

5. Why does hot oil hurt so much?

Gender Studies

So, someone on my f-list posted this list about Collapse )

People of all genders, what do you think of this list? And, should I delete this person from my f-list in hopes of never running across this filth again, or laud them with praise for posting such sparkling wisdom for me to read?

Also, should I buy Chrono Trigger DS after work today?

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I found out yesterday that I'm maxed out on my vacation days at work and if I don't start taking some I'm going to just lose them. I've got 24 vacation days saved up. I haven't been on a real vacation in years so I don't have a clue where a good place to go is.

What do you think I should do with them or where do you think I should go, keeping in mind that I've only got about four thousand dollars expendable income at the moment to go on vacation with?

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Do you think Darth Vader would be good in bed?

Also, do White people smell like cheese?

Be careful: how you answer these questions will give people 100% accurate and complete insight into your personality.

What is equivalent to a PhD in terms of time and attn?

A doctorate/PhD is a self-paced project that takes many years (3-10) to complete. It is all consuming and, when completed, usually results in a long long paper or book. I've heard it is incredibly stressful.

What would you say is an equivalent government job, in terms of time to prepare, the all-consuming aspect, and stress level?

Mayor? Senator? City council member? Governor? Other?

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( oh my gosh, first questions here for me d: )

I've noticed that there are a loooooooooooot of people member, a looooot of people, from different places, states, countries etc. So that's why I got curious

1. Where do you live?
2. In what situation? (w/parents, pets etc)
3. What kind of house?
4. What kind of interior basically (and for people @ their parents: your bedroom?)

So, now I'm out of questions (A)


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"website" or "Web site", which do you prefer?

To me, "Web site" conveys -- "Hey, why don't you sign on with your AOL 3.0 and check out my hot new Web site on angelfire? I sure hope your version of Netscape can handle the marquee text!"

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What's your favorite healthy finger food? I like grapes, baby carrots, blackberries, and strawberries.

Do you have any tricks to keep black clothes from collecting visible bits of dust and hair?

ETA: Aren't those machines that call you and then make you hold for a person annoying? What minor thing has annoyed you recently?

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Guys, I'm in a bit of a predicament and was hoping to receive some helpful advice.

I've been with my boyfriend for about a year now and even though he is missing both legs (boating accident) and is limited, he still tries to do everything I want to do with me. Now, I absolutely love to dance (specifically with an SO) and have missed it over the past year. I brought this up to him a couple months ago and he offered to go out dancing with me at a club I often go to, but I would be embarrassed to go out dancing with a guy in a wheelchair (who wouldn't be, right?). So, I ended up going without him with a couple of my girlfriends. I ended up meeting this guy there that asked me to dance, and I accepted. Long story short, I have been sleeping with this guy for the past couple months behind my boyfriend's back. I guess what drove me to do it was the fact that I was able to dance with him and that as it turns out, a guy with both legs intact is just a whole lot better in bed (I don't have to do all the work for once!) I really don't know what to do. I feel bad about betraying my boyfriend, especially since his mother got diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor around the same time I started cheating. What do you think would be the best way to handle this situation?

EDIT: I'm not a troll. I was hesitant to post under my real username, so I did so under this one.
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Hi TCQers,

Has anyone in your family said or done something that has made you laugh and love them even more?

I asked my brother when he was getting home tonight, because we were going out to dinner for my birthday. He gives me an answer, and then leaves to go to work. Not two minutes later, he calls me and says '"You must be really mad at me, I forgot your birthday! Happy Birthday!"  I just laughed and said that it was okay. :3


1. did you know they still press vinyl records of all your favorite bands?

2. if you did, what is the last record you bought from a new band?

3. if you haven't bought a record from a new band, what was the last old record you bought?

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MLP - pinkie chicken

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Well, we already know 50 things girls think guys should know.

What do you think about these 50 things guys think girls should know? Are they just as ridiculous as the others? Ladies, can you see your SO in these or are they retarded? Gentlemen, do you feel your heart crying if you look at this?

This was in a forum post where one of the comments was literally "this is s0o0o0o0o0o0 cute!", and there were about 30 replies to that agreeing. She should kill herself, y/y?

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I really want some original art in my house (prints are fine too). Do any of you all do artwork I can hang in my house? (will pay, obv). It'd be cool to know of the person who did it rahter than just buying some random crap off line.
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Help me with a minor dilemma, tqc - I've been up since a little after 3am (I work insanely early hours), so I'm conceivably halfway through my day and at the start of my weekend. I'm quite thirsty and feel rather like having a libation but can't decide if it's too early. And so I pose the question:

Poll #1328218 beverage/libation of the moment

What should I have to drink?

vodka cranberry
hot tea
black russian
coffee w/ kahlua
energy drink
other (in comments)
hayden - smoker

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Alright TQC, apparently my brilliant BFF put a container of body glitter in the bottom of one of my favorite bags when I let her borrow it, and of course it exploded all over the place. Now the interior of this bag is covered in purple body glitter. The tag says to clean it with a damp cloth (it's sort of a vinyl-y plastic material), so I've gotten it turned inside out and I've been rubbing it down with a damp cloth, but this shit is everywhere! It feels more like I'm just pushing it around than cleaning it off.

So, do you have any suggestions of how I could get all this glitter off?

Edit: Okay, I'm gonna try lint roller, sticky tape, a vacuum, and hand rinsing it if none of those work. New question.

What was my BFF doing with purple body glitter in the first place? Is she secretly a stripper?

Hey, this is totally hypothetical

If someone were watching your house while you were away for a weekend and had a get-together with ten people at your place, would you mind? (assuming they don't trash the place/leave absolutely no evidence that they had a party)

Edit: If they asked your permission to do this, would you say yes or no?

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What's the last animal you saw that you never really see in your area or that you never expected to see?

What was the last thing in general that you never really see or never expected to see?

Have you ever seen a wild animal on the brink of death?
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Ok so I lose, first I post about trying to find a cd online which is out of the question, then I delete, which I then find out is out of the question so ultimately I lose.

So, let me try to bounch back from being an idiot...

Do you love america's funniest videos? If so, what's your favorite part? I love montages about people falling. Its my favorite.

(no subject)

Is it possible to fully cook rice in a pot if you don't have a lid for the pot?

Google seems to indicate that I can not, or at least should not, do so.

If it is possible, what will the cooked rice be like?

Cover songs!

What is a song with which you prefer the cover version to the original?

For me, it's either All Time Low's cover of Umbrella (I despise Rhianna fwiw), the Flobots version of So Happy Together (they practically made it into a different song entirely), or the I Hate Kate version of Major Tom (it's more hopeful-sounding of a song than the original, and the lyrics *are* hopeful ones).

(no subject)

Do you have any favorite world authors? Not just someone who was born in a different country, but someone who seems to incorporate that place into their stories. Mine are Jhumpa Lahiri and Kiran Desai.

Have you ever taken a nature study course? I needed another class and it sounded interesting, so I signed up for it. Other than the obvious, I don't really know what I'll be doing in this class.

What perfumed products do you use throughout the day? The usuals like toothpaste and deodorant (I hope) to maybe scented lotions or body sprays.
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I'm really bad at being sick. I never know what to do or what to take. I can feel whatever I'm going to have coming on and I want to stop it as quick as I can.

I just took some Airborne. What else can I take to prevent a horrible sickness from coming on? What preventive supplements and drugs should I go get at the store?
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(no subject)

1. What album do I need to buy/download?

2. What is your favorite color to wear?

3.OH NO homework question: I have to write about a technology article from a short list of websites. What topic should I pick? I'm not really interested in much in that area.

(no subject)

Did you ever have an expage.com site? What did you use it for? Did people ever sign your guest book?

I had soooo many different ones, but only because I'd forget the passwords, haha.

(no subject)

I lived with someone for a long time and we sort of fell out a while back. It was not really a clean-cut and there was no real closure, but I've more or less moved on and assumed she has too. Would it be wrong of me to ship her a box full of the various things she has given to/left with me? I have clothes of hers, little mementos, photographs, things that I wouldn't call mine but she might consider "gifts." I know the simple thing would be to call her and ask, but I don't want to do that.
If you gave someone something of yours, would you want it back after the relationship? What if it was something meaningless, like a toy gun you owned as a child? What if it was underwear you tucked in their suitcase before they left?

(no subject)

Having a get together with the friends tonight for around-the-world shots. What's a snack or appetizer type thing that I could bring that won't increase the chances that it will make them sick? I know liquor and say, lots of dairy isn't always a great idea, etc.


Whenever I get to the point of hunger that my stomach is growling; when I finally do get around to eating, I will get a headache within ten minutes of eating that quickly escalates to a migraine if I don't take anything up front.

Does that happen to anybody else? Getting a migraine from.....eating when overly hungry?

Obviously I would know to prevent this by not getting to that level of hunger but it happens from time to time.

(no subject)

Where do you live?

What are some cool things to do around where you live? (stuff that you like to do, and/or then maybe some stuff that's low-key, like bike trails, hiking, going to weird museums etc.)

What would you take a friend to do around your town, if they were visiting?

What's the worst place you've ever been?

What's the best place you've ever been?
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dear oracle,

my belly feels funny. i got really drunk last night, puked, drank some more, went to sleep, woke up drunk, ate and drank a shit ton of water, puked, walked around, and ate again. now i have heart burn, the occasional hiccup, and i feel dizzy and mildly delirious. this is very inconvenient.

what is wrong with me? how do i fix this?

thank you

ps. i do I've DONE this sort of thing often enough. and by "this sort of thing" i mean get really fucking drunk, and this time i definitely didn't drink any more than i could handle. but i've never had the "hangover" or whatever last this long, even though i've woken up drunk before...

(no subject)

I have a 3hr exam on Monday morning on the last 12 plays of Ibsen. So far I have done nothing to prepare for this. How bad an idea would it be to take my books to the pub to revise?

Also, what was the last thing you were supposed to prepare for that you didn't?

(no subject)

EDIT: sorry that was so confusing

so the boy i like and i are hanging out again. this time he said "yeah ill smoke but im gunna be with missy[ the girl i hate] if you dont mind"
i said i didnt care cause i wanna hang with him but should i have said something?

(no subject)

My boyfriend works at a grocery store, and spends 70% of the time in a freezer/hardcore fridge. Several times an day I get a text from him saying "I'm COLD D:!!" This has been going on for the past few weeks. I'm really starting to feel bad for him.

Would thermal long sleeve shirts be a good investment? I don't believe he's allowed to wear jackets over his uniform, but pretty sure he can wear a long sleeve shirt under it. Any brand reccomendations? I've never really worn them before, so... no idea where to look.

Any other suggestions?
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When you hear a cover to a song, how do you make the comparison between the original and the cover?

Like how Hurt by Nine Inch Nails actually part of the entire concept of The Downward Spiral, whereas Johnny Cash's version is just horribly, horribly depressing. Good. Excellent song. Just, oh god, so depressing. Do you take these two songs apart from their original concepts, and judge the song on its own, or go take into consideration the rest of the album and possible concepts involving it?

omg yes :(

Do you ever feel like you talk too much on LJ? Not as in you talk too much on LJ compared to irl, but too much period. Like you're one of those people who won't shut up, your comments are irrelevant, and you can never be concise?

(no subject)

Is there a way to make your tags private?

I want to start tagging my entries, but all the tags I make end up on showing on my userinfo page and I'd prefer it not to.

Arrested Development


Does anyone else get motion sick from playing/watching 3-D-type (I don't know the real term- like WOW, where you're running around in a 3-D world) video games?

Any other unusual things make you dizzy?

But it's not "my" kitchen

Can you help me word some kind of complaint against my flatmate? I am horrible at confrontations and my parents always taught me to cower in the face of adversity so I don't know how to do this.

I rent an apartment from this guy. It's his apartment, but he's hardly ever around. We share the kitchen, but he almost never uses it. He eats pizza - doesn't even use the microwave or anything. He uses the utensils and the plates sometimes.

But whenever he DOES use the kitchen, he trashes it and doesn't clean up after himself. He constantly is leaving bottles that he should recycle around, and he never takes them out. He leaves dirty dishes by the sink but never washes them. Then today I came home and it looks like something exploded in the sink. I have no idea what the hell is going on. There's a paper towel stuffed into the drain. It's also my only sink. This is NOT okay. It looks like it could be relatively easy to clean up if he had bothered, but it's just disgusting.

What am I supposed to say to him? It's not technically "my" kitchen, but at the same time, I feel like it is my kitchen because I'm the only one who uses it (and I actually clean up after myself). Why does he think he has the right to trash it and not clean up after himself? Is it because he's the one who owns the apartment? Does he not know what common courtesy is? Do I have the right to a clean kitchen or does he have the right to trash his own apartment that I happen to share?

I do pay rent.

(no subject)

Holy Crap I just got a nose bleed! I've never had a nose bleed in my life.
I'm thinking mine is just because the air is so dry now but still it was weird.

Do you get nose bleeds? What causes yours?

(no subject)

is anyone else sick? i woke up all congested and my throat is all sore AND i have a cold sore. : ( i have no orange juice right now. what should i do to get better? i have vitamin c pills, should i take a bunch of those?

is anyone else a member of mission101_2009? how are you doing?
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Do you ever drive by a severe car crash and think about how that could have been you? Or do you think about what the people in the car's were thinking right before they crashed?

I was just driving home and hit nearly stand still traffic on the interstate. A car went over the median and crashed head on into a SUV going at least 70mph (that's the speed limit). The car was completely totaled, I saw it when we finally crawled past. They threw a blanket over the driver's side... I didn't see the SUV. The news states that one person died in that crash and I bet it was that car. :(

What was the worse car accident you ever saw/witnessed?

What was the worst one you were in?

(no subject)

Why would my boyfriend's landlord send an appraiser to assess the house they've been renting since July?

They're all 19-20 years old and severe comic book nerds. The house is never clean. They have a severe mouse problem. Are boyfriend+friends fucked or is this just a cool normal thing? I have never rented, so I have no idea. BF is finally back from the jungle tonight and I'm going to have to destress him from this, but not too much that he doesn't take it serious if it is.

Tell me your exciting landlord stories?

(no subject)

My therapist recommended I get away for some "me time."  I told her that Travelocity has insane last-minute package deals to places I'd really love to see, like DC, Boston, Philly, and NYC, and I have friends in all of those places that I'd really like to spend time with.  She said "That wouldn't really be 'me-time,' would it?  You need to spend time by yourself."

Should I:

A)  Go to a nearby historical town where I know nobody?
B)  Go to New Orleans, which is a few hours away, where I know tons and tons of people but wouldn't feel guilty about not visiting them because I see them all the time?  It should be mentioned that New Orleans is my home, and my favorite town in the whole world.
C)  Take advantage of one of the last-minute packages to DC, Boston, Philly, or NYC, not visit my friends, and feel really guilty?
D)  Take advantage of one of the last-minute packages to someplace else that I don't really care about?  Like Oklahoma City?

If you don't care about my plight, do you also find the concept of "me time" ridiculous? 

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will you please give me some ideas for how to passive-aggressively let my (soon to be former) friend know that i don't want him in my life anymore?


eta: the more immature the better

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From a class discussion...I'm curious.
So, I told you guys about my class with the overly religious professor.

Today he said "If someone was holding a gun up to your child's head and wanted you to denounce God, would you do it?" He said he wouldn't.

I think God would sort of forgive the person in the situation...but maybe I don't know God enough since I'm not really religious.

What are your thoughts on this?

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1.does coleslaw count as a vegetable?

2)how did you do your ritual resolution breaking?

I bought a lot of snacks at world market.

3)why does my mom freak out if I'm not at home 24/7?

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Five hours ago, before waiting for 40 minutes in -28 weather for the bus, I felt fine.

It has been 3.5 hours since I got off the bus and home, and I have ingested 4 cups of very hot tea, and the thermostat is at 80.

I am wearing a hoodie over thick pajamas, am in bed, with a hot laptop on my lap.

AND YET, I am still FREEZING. Totally 100% freezing. Teeth chattering and everything.

TQC, why am I still cold??? :( :( :(


My pizza delivery guy crashed his car/motorcycle thing on his way to my house. This is a sign I should never eat pizza again, right? 

When was the last time something intervened in your life that helped you out? For example: someone handing you a flyer so you stop to read it and thus aren't hit by a runaway shopping trolley. Or something equally farfetched.

And! Favourite pizza? 

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1.) Any advice for this desert creature on how to survive her first winter in the snow?
2.) Do you have boots for the snow? What kind?
3.) Where did you get your coat(s) from?

I want a woolen red plaid coat. I went to Burlington and found one that was cute, but the sleeves would raise when I lifted my arm...I might get it anyways if I don't find a better option. Know where I might be able to find one?
boy least likely puppets

crafty people plz help

I collect shotglasses from cities and countries I've travelled to. Right now I have about a dozen, and the're just sitting on a shelf looking really boring.

What are some interesting ways I could display them?

If you belong to a good community (livejournal or otherwise) for crafts/DIY, please recommend!

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I went to donate blood yesterday. It said on the form, "If you think you might have Hepatitis, or if you do have it, you shouldn't donate" Sounds reasonable enough. Right below that, it said, "If you  are male and have had sexual interactions with males since 1977, you cannot donate".

If you know you're clean (i.e. you've been tested for stuff that could arise), why should it matter? 

**EDIT for clarity because I know I sounded like an idiot**
I know about the whole AIDS potential risk, but what I didn't understand is if you're tested and in a monogamous relationship (or you were and you aren't now, but you've been tested for that stuff), then it should be okay to donate blood. I didn't realize that Red Cross's policies have been the same since the 80's.

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Is this link broken or is it just my computer? (it's a pdf) Edit: link removed. Apparently it's just my computer.  I updated my adobe reader and nothing. God does not want me to apply for this job, y/n?

My mom just called both my numbers and sent me a blank text. What do you think she wants?


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What is your weather supposed to be like this weekend?

We're supposed to get an inch of snow tonight, 5-8 inches during the day tomorrow, and another 1-3 inches tomorrow night. We already have an inch or two on the ground.

What are your plans for this weekend? Since I'm most likely going to be snowed in, I'll play The Sims 2 or something. I haven't played in awhile.


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What remedies do you use when you have the kind of headache that gives you sharp pains in your eye when you  make any sudden movements?

I've tried Excedrine and eating but my head and eye still hurt. 
bjork diddy

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which do you consider yourself?

secret internet fatty
secret internet thinny
candid internet fatty
candid internet thinny
i don't use the internet
Sam outside

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Is there anything I can bring from my house to the snow for a sled?

Have you become like your SO in any way since you've been together? In what ways?
Has your SO become like you in any way since you've been together? In what ways?

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I had a little car accident today. :(
The entire window on the passenger side is gone into some sort of dark abyss and the mirror on that side is torn up as well.
It's not a big deal, but it's the first time something like this has happened to me.

What are some of the scary experiences you've had on the road?

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I just got put in a pretty good mood by a flounce in one of the bedroom communities. Woo

Whats your favorite kind of flounce? Or maybe a specific flounce you found enjoyable.

Knowledgeable ladies (and perhaps dudes) of TQC,
What are your swanky hair stylin secrets? if applicable
coffee goop

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Have you ever had a break up where you felt sincerely like "I was wrong, they were right, I totally fucked up and hurt them"?

Cause I was talking to my friend about this today that every break up story is always how the other person was the fuck up.

I only have one ex that I can sincerely say I fucked up and support his decision in kicking me to the curb cause I was seriously fucking retarded when was 16 -- but every break up after that, I feel "I WAS FUCKED OVER" and my exes feel "NO, *I* WAS FUCKED OVER"

So I'm just wondering how common it is to actually take full ownership of a relationship fuck-up?

1. Care to share a story about how you were wrong or you fucked up?

2. Care to share a story about how you feel you got fucked over but your ex feels like they got fucked over?

eta: wow i said "fuck" a lot in this question. lol
Hitchhiker's guide: Magrathea!!1

Angel vs. BtVS

The last few days I have been watching "Angel" on TV. I've never seen it before, nor have I seen "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (though I know the basic backstory), but I kind of like it! My question is, if there are any Buffy-fans on TQC, should I watch Buffy before I see the Angel series? Which one is most kick ass? What are the common thoughts about "Angel"? (if I got this right the Angel series started after BtVS was over? We all know how wanky that can get) I'm such a late newcomer it's actually embarrassing. o_o

Most random TQC ever?

My friend just sent me a text and asked me to search google to find out what Ursula's name was when she tried to steal Prince Eric from Ariel in The Little Mermaid. I have never seen this movie in my life and I tried to google but got nothing.

Does she change her look/name or something?

Does anyone know what my friend might be talking about? Or is she on crack..?

Edit: Thanks everyone! She was at a restaurant and won a prize. She's a cheater but at least her table's bill is now free.

Edit #2: Where the fuck are they eating? Chucky Cheese?

For thequestioncooks

How does Chinese food survive forever? My roommate will leave it laying out all night, yet it doesn't kill her when she has it for lunch the next day. (This is a bad habit that unfortunately extends to non-Chinese food items, like the turkey breast she defrosted the other day and forgot about.. I put it back in the fridge for her after she went to bed.)

I'm getting kinda bored of straight-up chocolate cake. I have devil's-food cake mix, triple chocolate, and chocolate fudge cake. If I mix the mixes together, will that be awesome or will my kitchen explode? How about interesting frostings? I put clove powder and cinnamon in chocolate frosting (from butter and semi-sweet choco chips) on a german chocolate cake and I rather liked it, but my roommate (the turkey one) thought it was death in a pan.

How did I end up with something like eight seasoning packets (two diff. brands) for "Asian stirfry" in different grocery bags? They should've all been rang up together..

NOT A QUESTION but more food-word trivia: the Chinese word for MSG -- 味精 / wèijīng roughly translates as "flavor essence" or "excellent/rich flavor."
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You have been selected to assemble a team to defend the world from an evil criminal mastermind. Your team must consist of:

A character from a romantic comedy.
A character from a drama/action show/movie.
A character from a fantasy show/movie.
A character from a sci-fi show/movie.
A member of TQC.

Each character will have the same abilities and resources they have in their respective show or movie. You can interpret the genres as you wish. Who do you pick to help you save the world?