January 8th, 2009


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Should you buy a house if you have no money for a down payment?

*I'm watching a show about people buying their first house and this girl has no money to put down and like $2k in savings...WHY ARE THEY LETTING HER BUY A HOUSE?!
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I know there are more wizard rock bands out there besides Harry and the Potters, if only because last.fm tells me so. Are any of them as good as HatP? (good here may just mean "entertaining")


Have you ever bought one of those "THE CLUB" canned cocktails?

What flavour?

Did you enjoy it?

I got the Long Island Iced Tea Flavour tonight cos I saw it in a gas station. So far it is very much worth the $2.25

Does your mom know about your myspace/facebook/other potentially embarrassing social networking site?

What was her reaction when she found out?

What would her reaction be if she could see it?

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Soon I'm going to be moving out into my first apartment...

The issues are:
- I have no credit
- I have no job (trying to get one, but I do have a large amount of money to hold me over in my bank account)
- the two roommates I plan to move with... one has bad credit, and the other has no credit history (college grads, but I trust them with making rent)

Since it would be difficult for us kids to get a decent place, my mom gave me the idea for her to co-sign or something with me, since she has good credit and more money in her bank, etc. The only thing is she lives in a different state.

I want to start calling apartments because we plan to get in by April 1, but just... I don't have any idea how I approach the landlords I want to contact. What do I say to them? How much do I say?

I even asked if I should give the numbers for my mom to call, but she insists I do it myself. I just don't want the landlord or w/e to feel suspicious of me because of it. How do I approach this situation?

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Ok, I'm going to try to ask good questions here on TQC and not ones that actually have to do with my personal life, but i'm going to ask this question.............. OK, so I sent my Xbox to the repair center to get fixed, because my Xbox has been ruining certain games. It could be coincidence that i've had 7 Maddens and 1 GTA 4 that are defective, but one frustrated night i called and decided to charge $105 to my credit card to get it fixed. They told me to include with my Xbox a paper that has a list of the problems so they know what to fix. I'd heard that people who get the red ring of death usually just get refurbished Xboxs back and it's not even theirs.

So my list.....
1. My xbox ruins my newer games but plays my old ones fine
2. It starts up really slow
3. i get a "blah blah blah" error
4. I had a really bad experience with your customer service people and I was told to include on the list that I am to recieve a refurbished Xbox with an HDMI port for my hard time.

Now i know what you're thinking... No this didn't really happen... Actually i had a horrible time getting it figured out. I had to track down a guy who's name was on my Xbox and i didn't have his info.. It was truly a horrible experience. But since i'm getting an HD tv soon ( i hope) i decided to lie and hope it works out... I'm sorry that I look really dishonest, i say lie to companies not people.... But my question is... What do you think will happen? Will i get my old one back or will they do what my list says? If i was being honest i would have no way of proving it.. It's worth a try.. They wasted my time, i might as well waste their money.

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I have 13 month old nephew and I've been looking everywhere for cute clothing for him. But all I can find are outfits that make him look like a 20 something frat boy, an American tourist or worse a used car salesman.

However, when I look for little girl's clothing, I find the most adorable clothing. Outfits that make little girls look like little girls.

Why isn't there clothing that make little boys look like adorable little boys? Am I looking at the wrong spots? Do you know of any places where I can find cute little boy clothing?

I don't want my nephew to look like his first words will be "beer bong".

Srs-Non/Srs answer apply.
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Do you ever buy more than one copy of a book? Like, if you have one edition, then a Special Edition With New Introduction From The Author And/Or This Person The Author Sexed Up comes out, will you buy that one as well, or not bother?

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1A. I would love to give these out sometimes, do you know if putting ab obviously fake ticket on somebody's car could get you in any legal trouble?

1B. Have you ever left a note on somebody's car because of something something dumb they did/bad parking etc. what did they do?

2. What is the oddest or funniest encounter you've had with a customer at your place of work?

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What does tl;dr mean? lol, i'm just joking.. i'm learning guys sorry.

Ok, When you repair an xbox you need to put a list of what's wrong with it. In my list i said that the person on the phone told me to include on my list that I am to recieve a refurbished Xbox with HDMI compatabilities instead of getting my old Xbox back. This isn't true. I am lying to the company, but if i was telling the truth i'd have no way of proving it. So do you think that I will just get my old Xbox back with a "nice try" note back on it, or do you think the repair people will just do what it says? Is it likely I get lucky here?

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double posting sorry.
if you were a girl and you were about to get raped...would punching them in the jaw be better than thrusting your palm into their nose?

I am in an argument abou thtis. I say palm in nose.


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1. Has anyone else seen the show Greek on ABC Family?? And become obsessed with it?

2. Would you wear a scarf that someone knitted for you? Or is that lame?

3. What's the best book made into a movie? It could be the movie was crap but the book was awesome, or vice versa.

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To those of you on birth control pills... how do you remember to take them?

I set an alarm on my phone...so annoying.

Do you bring pictures with you when you go for a haircut?
If you bring celebrity pictures, who was the last one you brought?

I'm bringing a picture of Zooey Dechannel tomorrow. I don't even like her but I like her hairrr

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heres a question,
Why do some people feel that its necessary to dumb-down a first time poster who asked a "stupid question"?
Honestly, its the QUESTION club, and some people probably think that its just a place to ask about anything, in whatever way, and get help with it... (and its not)

Basically, why be so rude?


Ok so im new to LJ and the first thing my few friends tell me is my name sucks and i need to get a new one, the question is how do i come up with a cool name thats original and relevant?
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Are those little raised bumps you get at the tip of your tongue when you're sick the herp, or what? I'm talking about when the tip of your tongue feels kind of scalded, but it's not, and a little sensitive and sore and hard.

What's it like giving head to a girl?

What should I get from my 3 a.m. deli run? I'm hungry and there's only kimchi in this house.
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I think it's time for the penis poll again!

For those who like the penis:

How long is your SO's erect penis?

Less than 3"
4-5 inches
5-6 inches
6-7 inches
7-8 inches
8-9 inches
9-10 inches
More than 10"

If you are not dating anyone, use the last guy you dated. If you have more than 1 man, use the one you have better sex with. If you are a dude, you can just put your own length in there.

The last penis poll. It had a pretty nice bell curve to it.

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Has anybody lived in the Canadian far north? Or Alaska?

Why do you enjoy living there?
Is it difficult to find housing?
Is it practical to own a car?
Is the cost of living substantially higher than living in the more southern parts of the continent?
If you no longer live there, why did you move elsewhere?

I'm particularly curious as to what day-to-day life is like in Whitehorse, YK.

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tqc, should i get drunk? i have a slight headache and am unsure.

okay i am drinking! new question: what should i eat? i have mini pizzas, pizza rolls, grilled cheese, and ramen.

This is so ridiculous.

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TQC, because Spirit Airlines is the shittiest most horrific fucking airline ever, I have been stuck in the airport in Orlando since 10pm, and won't be leaving until 7am. I can't get my connecting tickets (ON ANOTHER AIRLINE) until the booth opens at 4:30, and I'm about to go crazy from boredom. My fiance is asleep on the floor and does not want to have airport sex. How the fuck do I entertain myself????

Additionally, can I be expecting lunch on my American Airlines flight from Miami to Panama, which leaves at noon-ish and gets in at 3-ish? Because I'm not going to lie, airline food makes my day.
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What was your very first screen name or user account name ever?
Mine was Blub8. My nickname was Blub, because I liked fish, and I was 8.

When should I go to sleep? (It's 3:14am right now, and I woke up at 3pm today.)
I'm thinking...earlier than 6am.

Do you own/moderate any excellent LJ communities that I should check out?

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tqc, why the hell do people have to be all srs bizness when i'm drunk? I REALLY DON'T FUCKING LIKE IT.

are people ever really srs bizness when you're drunk? does it annoy you? also WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS TELL ME WHAT TO EAT, NOW I HAVENT' EATEN CAUSE IDK WHAT TO EAT YOU GUISE.

ummm that is all. hav ea gnice night you guys!!



Ok, I wish  had a picture, but sometimes, probably once a month or less, I get a bright red spot on the outline of my lip, like where one would would put lipliner on. Is it a cold sore? I googled 'cold sore' and it looks NOTHING like any of this:

So here's how it usually starts forming:
The rim of my lips will start to itch. I start scratching it and just KNOW that it's gonna be the usual BRIGHT, red spot, no bigger than 2mm. That's when I check myself out in the mirror and see it! Again, it looks nothing like the pics of 'cold sores' on google images. It's just red, no white spot inside, no puss, no popping, NADA. So this red lip spot of mine will go away in like 15-20 minutes, more or less.

I've googled the sheeit out of this, and I STILL don't know wtf it is! Could it be a dry, irritated, lip patch from chaffing? Oral herpes (I still have my v-card!)? WTF MAN! If anyone could help me out, it would mean an effing lot. Thanks a lot in advance!

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I'm restless, so here are some questions

1. It's almost 4am, and I should definitely be asleep but I'm having a mindblock. I watched a movie not too long ago where there was a girl who kept buying copies of Jane Eyre because she was looking for a specific copy that had a note from her dad in it. I can't remember what movie it was, and the only thing that comes to mind is Definitely, Maybe. Is that movie I'm thinking of? This is the biggest reason I'm not asleep yet. I don't even know why I thought of it. It was Definitely, Maybe. I can sleep soundly now.

2. I'm going food shopping tomorrow for when I go back to school on Friday. I live in a townhouse with five other girls and we have a full kitchen. I'm trying to get foods that I can cook in the house as opposed to ordering out everytime I don't feel like heading to the dining hall. What [relatively cheap] foods should I get that I can make a not-too-unhealthy dinner out of? I'm already planning on getting portabello mushrooms if I can so I can make portabello burgers.

3. What are you doing tomorrow?
4. What is your favorite breakfast food?

5. Also speaking of food, I'm probably gonna have a whole day in the townhouse to myself meaning I'll have no company for lunch or dinner, and I don't think the dining hall or campus c-store will be open anyway. There is a small convenience store that I could probably get something food-like at around the block, a Dunkin Donuts a short walk away where I can get the bagel I've been craving, and there's a Subway about twice as far as the DD where I can get an actual sandwich. What should I do?

... *goes to bed*

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1. My friend says there no such thing as a cute red headed guy. (However, with girls, she says there are loads.) Anyway, I claim balderdash and poppycock on this.

Do you agree with her or are there cute red headed guys out there? If so, would you post a pic of them?

2. What's your favorite old fashion word? Do you ever look for a way to slip into a conversation now and again?

3. In this scenario, Lucifer exists. You get to ask him one question. What is it?

4. You can steal anyone object in the world at your desire. The catch is, once you have it, you cannot use for what it was originally intended to be used as. (For example, if you steal all the money in a bank, you can't use the money to buy stuff. You have to use it for something else. You steal shoes, you can't use them to walk around in. Etc. )

So, what would you steal and what would you use it for?

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:[ I want to order Tropic Thunder on demand from Time Warner. I look it up on the Movies On Demand channel and it doesn't have it listed, even though the Time Warner website shows that it is supposed to be available on demand. What should I do...?

How do I solve this predicament?

Buy the DVD, even though I've never seen the movie before and may not like it.
Sign up with Blockbuster, even though I'll probably never get around to returning the DVD.
Call Time Warner Cable to see if they can fix it.
Suck it up and watch it on my laptop.
Don't watch it, because it sucks.
Other (in comments)
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Where is my remote?

It is not on the floor or under the cat.

EDIT: It was under my bra, which was under the pillow next to me, and half-wedged into the couch cushion. GO FIGURE.

New question! Which is a worse name to give to your child: (first name) Joney (last name) Jones, or (first name) Jacobazarian (middle name) DenimDior?

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What was the last selfless, nice thing you did?
What will be the next selfless, nice thing you'll do?

I gave money to an animal rescue and switched shifts so my manager could have a full day off.
I'm sending flowers, anonymously, to two people I know need pick me ups for Valentine's Day.
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Ew, ew, ew. I just spent the 4 a.m. - 5 a.m. hour throwing up. I still have a little bit in the back of my throat that I can't fucking get out. How can I get that out? Also, I threw up the 3 or 4 sips of water I drank earlier.

How are you this morning, TQC?
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Oh fuck, I just posted a kind of ridiculous question (for here) in the wrong community, but I'm not sure which one. How do I find where I posted it?

Nevermind, I guess it did make it into here. Uh...when's the last time you threw up?
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After asking my boyfriend about what is going on in our relationship all he said is he doesn't know and that he'd call me later. That was last night. How long should I wait for him to call? Not calling just shows what I already suspected.

Also if you had a gift that you bought for your SO and before it arrived he/she broke up with you, would you still give it to him/her? What if it's not something you would ever want yourself and they know you ordered it for them?
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Do you ever put yogurt on your cereal?

If the answer is yes, what is your favorite combination (strawberry yogurt on Total cereal, banana yogurt on Cheerios, ect)?

Are you supposed to put milk AND yogurt on, or just one or the other?

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Have you ever snapped off your thumb drive?
Did you get the data off it?
How did that work out for ya stupid?
Did you learn to back up your data on different drives?

Its not for me...its for a friend. Yeah.
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Between the months of November and December I had about a thousand dollars extra in cash that I managed to blow (I am currently a jobless student [working on remedying that], keep that in mind). I have 12 dollars in my checking account after finishing paying my last bills. On a scale from 1 to 10, how financially irresponsible would you like to call me? Would you like to offer ~tips~ on managing my money?

Do any of you just drink straight out of the jug? Any reason?

Who else is colder than a witch's tit right now?

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1. Does anyone have a Blackberry? Preferably a Blackberry Pearl, but whatever.
2. If so, how long does your battery last? I'm not used to a cell phone telling me the percentage of battery it has, and so far it's been on for about 2 hours without being plugged in, and the battery is 85%. Is that normal?/Is it going to die on me within a day?

If you don't have a Blackberry or know the answer or care:

1. Are you looking forward to anything this week?
2. Is it very cold where you live right now?

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I am going to be moving in with my boyfriend (on a trial basis - it's a long story) at the end of the month. Until we figure out the permanence of this move, I would like to keep my stuff in a storage facility. Does anyone have any experience with storage facilities? Things to look for/avoid? I'm clueless.

IT dickheads

So the IT dickheads at work (and I DON'T CARE IF THEY'RE READING THIS NOW BECAUSE THEY ARE THAT KIND OF DICK HEAD) make us change our passwords every 30 days. It has to have two CAPS and two symbols....and it can't resemble the last 15 passwords.
I can't be creative enough to comeup with/remeber 15 passwords....WHAT can I do to generate new passwords I'll actually REMEMBER?
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For those of you in school:

Have classes started back?

If not, when?

Have you bought all your books yet? Do you buy them online, local bookstores, the school bookstore, or somewhere else?

For anyone:
When do you think you will file taxes (if you have to do so)?

Are you a procrastinator?

How much tv do you watch a day?
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2008, china, great wall

What would you do?

I am registered to take two classes at the community college starting next week and I haven't paid for them yet. The cost for just tuition and fees is something like $770. Books and parking permit would obviously add more to the total.

This morning I had a dentist appointment where I learned that I need $2k in dental work (replace two crowns and one filling).

I can't afford to do both. I mean, I could put them both on my credit card, but I don't want to do that. I am still taking general classes (although these particular ones would be helpful for my current job). I was really looking forward to starting school and considered just postponing the dental work. But the problem with that is that it could get worse if I wait and I'd end up paying even more.

What would you do if you were in my situation?

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What is the last thing you laughed at?

My boyfriend just told me about a woman he works with who was complaining that she tried to copy from one email and past in another and all it would do is put a big space in there. She was pasting white text onto a white background apparently.
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Which t.v. show from the 80s/90s had the best theme song?

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Which classic theme show song do you like the most?

Green Acres

Why don't t.v. shows have real theme songs anymore? What's the last t.v. show you can remember watching that actually had a theme song you could sing along to?

I think CSI's Who songs are the most recent shows I can think of.

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Has anyone ever asked you to do something that you thought was questionable ethically? (Relating to a discussion they were having on NPR yesterday.)

What's the silliest thing you've seen recently where you work?

Argh! A Read-only CD

A friend of mine recently gave me a CD of some photos she took at a party of mine. They're great but when I went to save them on my hard drive, a message came up saying that they were "read-only" and could not be copied or edited in any way. Bummer. Is there a way to get around this? Thanks in advance.
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Awhile back my dad gave me an old Chinese puzzle-ball ivory* chess set. The set is beautiful, no question about it, but the case is falling to pieces. (If you've never seen one, the case is supposed to look like this - board on the outside, pieces stored inside.) The velvet is peeling out, the elastic hasn't been useful in what looks like decades, and I can't even close the case or all the pieces will fall out on top of each other and be crushed. Consequently it is lying open on my closet floor and getting my sweaters out without stepping on it requires poses only a ballerina should perform.

OK. So. Do you clever people have any ideas about what I could do to store the poor pieces instead? The house does not have cat-proof shelves.

* There will be no crap in this thread about it. It's OLD, cope.

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Do your aunts or uncles (or both) borrow money from your parents?

My aunt makes it a weekly habit of asking my parents for money yet I felt guilty yesterday to ask for $20 for gas. arghhh

(Thought of another question)
Does your hair cutter offer a lower price for a "trim"? When I was younger I remember it was way less to trim my hair than to get a brand new style. Does anyone do that anymore?

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IF your SO is unhappy/fed-up etc, does it make you feel the same?
Do you resent them or feel closer to them for this?

My SO is angry/annoyed/pissed off/fed up about something 50% of the time. It makes me feel rubbish because I can't make him happy, but also annoyed that he's wasting our time together being unpleasant.

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My dad is the old, strict, and traditional type. I'd been doing well in college, and he's been really set on me graduating this May (brings it up all the time in conversation). How can I break it to him that I have to stay for summer (an extra three months) because I did really badly on a few courses? Somehow I feel like he'll be really mad at me...


If you had the option of switching from 1st shift to 3rd shift at work, would you (if your job doesn't have a 3rd shift, pretend it does)?

Would you change your mind if the switch included a 75 cent raise?

Would you change your mind if 3rd shift actually started only 2 hours earlier than 1st shift?

I'm supposed to decide whether or not I want the husband to switch from his 5:00 am to 3:30 pm shift (which is 1st shift) to the 3:00 am to 1:30 pm shift (which is technically 3rd shift). He doesn't have the option of second shift, which was 1:30 pm to 11:00 pm or something like that...and he wants me to give him my opinion on it before he gets home this afternoon.

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i'm at home sick with some sort of stomach flu. i've been puking all morning. but i am SO THIRSTY. what can i drink that will be safe? i had a sip of water and threw it up right away.

i usually drink peppermint tea when i'm feeling sick like this but there isn't any in the house. we DO have some Peach-Ginger tea. should i try that?
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So I went to play Wii after I painted my nails (stupid idea), and I got a spot of nail polish on one of the discs. It won't work now. Is there anyway to get nail polish off of the CD?

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Sometimes there's one with big blue eyes, cute as a bunny, with hair down to here, and plenty of money. And just when you think she's that one in the world, your heart gets stolen by some mousey little girl.

Sometimes you really dig a girl the moment you kiss her, and then you get distracted by her older sister. When in walks her father and takes you a line, and says, "You better go home, son, and make up your mind".

1. Did you ever have to make up your mind -- pick up on one and leave the other behind? It's not often easy and not often kind. Did you ever have to make up your mind?

2. Did you ever have to finally decide -- say yes to one and let the other one ride? There's so many changes and tears you must hide. Did you ever have to finally decide?


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I can't understand a damn thing that is being said or sung in Sweeney Todd. Why are the actors so unintelligible?!

While I am at it, what are your thoughts on that movie? I have given up about twenty minutes in, because I can't understand what is going on, and it is not capturing my attention at all.

Spring break?

So, my husband made a random comment about how it might be neat to see Chicago. But he said he didn't know what was in Chicago except cool buildings (we're both really into cool buildings).

I was thinking we should go there for a few days over my Spring Break.

Have you been to Chicago?

What's fun to do there?

What was the last trip you went on?

What was the best part of it all?

If we decide to go, should we get a small cheap hotel to spend money on other stuff or should we get a room at a cute B&B?
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Today is the first day of classes, and I'm trying to switch the section of my English class (same time) from one with a prof that isn't even listed yet, to one that I have heard is awesome. How many times, in your crystal ball, do you predict I will have to press refresh to find an open spot in this class?

If you don't care, what have you eaten today?

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Besides sleeping, having sex, and masturbating, what do you like to do in bed?

Do you think the food in your fridge has knife fights and dance-offs when the fridge door is closed?

Have you ever experienced vertigo? What was wrong? How long until it went away?

So I got a cellphone

I decided to break down and give in and bought an LG EnV2. And I just love it.

So I decided to go ahead and get the Rhapsody for VCAST, and just pay an extra $14.99 a month for it. 

Now I have a nearly unlimited selection of music at my fingertips!! 

The question is: Does anyone have any good music selections they'd care to share? I'll take anything, I'm just dying to hear something decent!

Super duper thanks.
donk... donk... donk...

Nasty, nasty people.

Do you hover? How often? What are your criteria for hovering?

If you do, have you ever missed while hovering? How many times? Were mind-altering substances involved, or were you sober?

If you have, did you at least try to clean it up? Did it stop you from hovering in the future?
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Here's A Question

Yesterday I posted an LJ post into the wrong community. It was a total accident which I DELETED within two minutes. Yet people felt the need to comment RUDELY on my post in those two minutes. I knew I messed up and took it down. There should have been no muss, not fuss.

So my question is this: do you stalk this LJ community? I was surprised that within TWO minutes I got 15 replies to my post. Oh. My. God. I wish I had the time and the gonads to be that rude to something that was clearly a mistake.

So, do you stalk this thing? Why? Do you ever leave comments that are a little less than nice? Why?

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Today is my running day and I would like to get out before 4:00 so I'll be home before it gets dark.  It takes approximately an hour and a half for me to go 4 miles (the minimum I like to do).  If I don't hear from her by 3:00, would it be rude of me to go ahead without her?
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Hello TQC!

This February I am going away to college for the first time ever (PUMPUMPUM!). I feel I am prepared for most things, except for security. The rooms are all single occupancy but I still don't feel sure about leaving all my things - especially my laptop - in my room protected by one locked door.

How do you college kids keep your things safe? Any advice for me?

Also, do you think I'm mental when I say that I am 'prepared for most things'? What do people usually forget to do / account for? Because I'm pretty sure I'll get there and realise I've forgotten to bring pants or something.
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TQC, my cat likes to sit in the space between the couch and the wall and stare at the wall that the couch is up against. When I peek over to see what she's doing, she looks at me like I'm interrupting her.

Is there an inter-dimensional gateway next to my couch?

If yes, to where does it lead?

If no, what important cat business am I interrupting?

Calls from 0?

I got an iPhone recently, and over the last week I've been getting a lot of calls from "0". It rings for a few seconds, then it just says it's a missed call from "0". If I pick up, I just hear silence. Who's "0"? Is there a way I can stop it from calling me?

ETA; Can I get some non-snarky answers please?
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 do you change ringtones/message alert tones often?

i usually get my tones off of myxer and since there are so many songs i like i end up switching it up a lot. unless i find one that i really really like that i don't get sick of in a few days.

what's your current ringtone?
how about for text messages?

my ringtone is no diggity by blackstreet :D
and for text messages it's some dialogue from metalocalypse :P (for anyone who's seen the second season it's the part where nathan is recording onto water)
my picture message tone is daylight by matt and kim

what about ringer ids. 
mom, dad, brother/sister, bff, SO, ex?

i have this sweet song that says 'your mom's callin callin, can you hear her callin, your mom's callin callin, pick it up! pick it up!'
my dad's is carol of the bells. the metallica and whoever else version
i have a few different tones for my good friends
and for my boy, right now his ringtone is a walk through hell by say anything. i change it a lot cause i always find cute lovesongs for him.
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What little things were you jealous of of your friends growing up?

Was there anyone whose name you wish you had?

I was jealous of my friend Lily's name, my friend Cheryl's piano talent, and how tiny my friend Rachel was so she would look so cute in any outfit.

pets, again.

1. Do you think certain dog breeds have a certain smell?

i'm convinced they do. Dachshunds, for example, have a very specific smell. My mom's and my brother's weiner dogs smell the same but different from our different breed(ed) dogs.

2. What do you do online when you're bored and LJ fails you? LIke funny blogs, websites, etc.

3. Do you like Oprah? Why or why not?


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What is the best gift you have given your SO? (Cheap or expensive, romantic or practical, easy or difficult, etc.)
What is the worst gift you have given your SO?

SO can be past or present!

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A couple of friends and I want to go see snow somewhere. We live in Phoenix, AZ and only want to drive a couple of hours North to do so. How would I go about finding where has snow on the ground? I've looked up the weather forecast but it only shows me the temperature. Can you help?

Who was the last person you ran into while being out and about?

If you had a messy room growing up, do you still have a messy room now? Or have you grown out of that?

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ladies, do you find that you have more belongings than you actually have space for?

gents, do you only have a small amount of stuff?

i am tidying my bedroom today as its a hell hole. i have filled 7 bags worth of stuff to be binned including 2 pairs of slippers (but i kept 4 other pairs), a dressing gown (but i kept 2), 4 jackets (but i kept 5), 3 handbags (but i kept 2). its madness. theres no way i have enough storage for all the stuff im keeping.....but i NEED it.
my friend thinks i am wierd as he thinks you only need a pair of boots, pair of trainers, a few hoodies and a jacket.
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Who or what is currently annoying you?

My 16 year old brother. He basically dropped out of high school and can't keep a job longer than 2 weeks, my parents support him for everything (although it's not happening for much longer), pay for his cellphone bill, give him money to take his girlfriend out and buy her Christmas presents. Today he wanted money for his cellphone and they couldn't give it to him. He FLIPPED out claiming this is why he's moving out, he doesn't get anything he wants, my parents never keep their word blah blah. He gets everything he wants, doesn't have a job, doesn't go to school and basically does whatever he wants...and on the off chance my parents don't give him money, his life is the worst life possible.

Then he starts getting on me for not lending him money when I have so much saved. I lend him money constantly and never get paid back so I stopped. He thinks because I have money put away it's all fine if I decide to take some out to give to him? Even though I don't even take money out of that account for myself?

This is probably tl;dr. I am just angry. WHY ARE YOU ANGRY OR ANNOYED?

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Dude in my office has beEn dating this chick for 2 weeks.
She e-mails him a picture of a diamond ring and says: I like this.
But it doesn't mean I want to get married.
What is she telling him?

EDIT: In her culture she should have been married already.

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Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hopefully married and with a stable job. I also hope we have a house, but living in an apartment would be fine too.  I want kids, but I think I'd wait a little while.  A few animals would be nice to start off with.
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Have you ever had sex while on drugs? Have you ever done drugs while having sex? Lemme tell you TQC, last night I was riding my man reverse cowboy while smoking crack and it was amaaaaaayzing. He came, I came, there was cum all over the room! I mean, I've gotten cum in my hair before but this time there was cum in the light fixtures. When I tried to turn on the lights they barely glowed they were so covered in cum and then the cum started burning and it smelled really bad. TQC -- have you ever burned cum? Would you ever want to try burning cum? Do you think the smell of the burning cum made my tits look perkier?

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TQC, what the hell? I wrote an essay and it wouldn't print. So I saved it and rebooted my computer. The printer is working now, but I can't open my essay! It says the file name cannot be found, even though I'm looking at the file and when I click on it it just errors and I hate my life now. Why does my computer hate me?

Why does your life suck today?

Have you ever typed www.thequestionclub.com thinking that it would bring you to the LJ community? I just did that.

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What is or would be your favorite song to sing/play on Rock Band or Guitar Hero? Have you ever sung and/or played it?

If you have played Rock Band before, have you tried singing while also doing an instrument?
happy monkey

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1. how old are you?
2. how much do you have in a savings account? (that you do not touch unless its an emergency situation)
3. how much debt are you in?

watching oprah right now is making me depressed about my finances :-/ (or lack thereof)

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In the past I've had friends with babies. Some of them breastfed (modestly) in public and others refused.
If you've had a baby did you or your partner breastfeed? In public as well as private? 
What are you thoughts on (public) breastfeeding? 

I personally think people who make a big deal out of it (public feedings) need more things to occupy their time and are petty.

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Which possible apocalyptic disaster (super volcano eruption, global pandemic, comet/asteroid hit, global nuclear war, zombie outbreak, alien invasion, etc.) are you most worried about actually happening?

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Have you had a chance to see someone's very large or small penis or boobs? How does this effect your sexual relationships?

My best friend's first sexual bf had a large penis (~9 in.) and now she has a skewed view of how big penises should be, thinking anythig under 7 inches is tiny.

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Have you ever gone to the movies by yourself? Were you comfortable or self-conscious?

I want to go see Bride Wars because I'm a sucker and I want to see it and I'll be alone all day tomorrow, but I feel like people will stare at me like "LOSER, don't you have any FRIENDS to go to the movies with?" =\ lol

Alternately, does anyone in the Jacksonville area want to see a movie with me tomorrow? lol
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Real question time, but thanks go to alpacacock for the last one. ;)

My company seems to have eliminated giving out gift cards. Since I won a monthly drawing, I'm entitled to get a reward. So, what's something I can ask for that's $20 or less and work-appropriate (no hookers and blow, guys)? I'm seriously stumped here.
Coffee cups


I'm looking for a new wallpaper for my computer. I tried googling images and clicking "save as desktop background" (I have a PC), but they came out really pixelated - even when I specifically searched for larger sizes.
I'm not too picky - anything pretty or Escher-y is generally preferable.
My screen resolution is 1280x800 pixels.

Do you know where I can find good-quality images for free that won't turn out like crap? Thanks!
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You know how there are those call boxes at apartment complexes, you dial in the people you're going to visit and they buzz you in? Okay... WHAT BUTTON DO I PUSH ON MY PHONE WHEN PEOPLE CALL TO BE BUZZED IN?
My complex management staff forgot that little detail when they programmed my number in and now they're closed.

If you don't know that, do you like fishsticks?
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If I were to go see Head Automatica tonight do you think I would be the only person there over the age of 15?

EDIT! I just realized it's 18+ so at most I'll only be 3 years older than everyone else, and that wouldn't be terrible or anything.
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How do you take apart a watch? I have a few broken watches I want to take apart. It doesn't matter if I damage it because they are already broken but I don't want to just smash it because I am going to use the parts inside for jewelry. I figured there would be a screw or something but there's not and I have so far been unsuccessful in just prying it open.

Do you have any old junk watches or clocks that are broken and you want to give them to me so I can use the parts without having to buy parts on eBay?
Calvin "Yay!"

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My daughter's Nanna is taking her to Disney World this summer!

Where should they go, and what should they see/do?

(My daughter will be almost nine and Nanna will be almost fifty when they go... And yes, the kid's big into princesses.)

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Is there an artist/band you are passionate about but who is very different from the majority of the music you enjoy?

Typically I am into rock-ish music, and a bit of modern folk. However I absolutely adore Loreena McKennitt.
Miroku Turn

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Here's a question that's been bothering me for a while.

Say you're in your own house, and you're naked - I donno what you're doing, it doesn't really matter. Let's say you're doing the Thriller dance.

So, naked Thriller dance in your living room, and the blinds are open. Someone walks past and sees you. Can you get in trouble?

Edit: I should probably explain - I saw on TV that some guy was arrested for being naked in his house where this teenage girl could see him. It was obvious he was doing it on purpose, but it got me wondering.

If you don't care:

Red or green?
[Outlander] say could that lass be I

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help me TQC D:

About 4 months ago, I thought that I was going to want to watch Mad Men on my computer, so I tried downloading it from iTunes. Turns out, it was taking way too long to download and I had no patience so I canceled all of the downloads. I thought that was the end of it!

Today, I was downloading an album that only had five songs on it when I saw that there were 12 downloads waiting. Mad Men has come back to haunt me! And no matter how many times I try to delete, they all keep coming back to haunt me.

I don't want this - TQC how in the hell do I get rid of it?

And if you can't help me - Gatorade or Powerade?

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I just hiccuped so violently, I thought an alien was going to pop out of my chest! I totally inherited my mom's intolerance for anything carbonated. Do you get the hiccups a lot?
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My next door neighbor has pneumonia apparently. Her daughter told my son at school today. I just moved here six months ago and I've had maybe a handful of conversations with her. Nice and pleasant ones. She's a single mom, so I'm not sure she has too many people helping her out. I don't know.

Would it be weird if I went over there tomorrow afternoon and offered to get her anything she might need?

I feel bad for her, but I'm pretty shy, too.

Which is Worse

Your date is sitting with you at a part alone, then suddenly starts cock-a-doodle'ing like a rooster or,

Texting someone you like only to find out you've been talking to a rooster the whole time.
Wonder Woman

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What do you think about the atheist ads currently being displayed on buses, subways, etc?

New York Times article:  www.nytimes.com/2009/01/07/world/europe/07london.html

Coordinator Ariane Sherine's blog post:  www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008/oct/21/religion-advertising

Edit: I suppose I should answer, since it is my question. 

I think it's hilarious.  I'd love for some of those ads to come out in Texas.  The lulz would be EPIC.
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My cousin is attempting to make me tell the guy I like that I like him. Most of me wants to put that idea in my list of Things That Cannot End Well.
Is telling a guy a horrible idea?
Have you ever told the person you liked how you felt about them (assuming you weren't in a relationship with them)? If so, how did that turn out?
Will you tell me a funny story?
syringe + redeyes = comedy gold

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How should i propose to my sister that she needs therapy? Should i even bother?

NOTE: We are not close, and she does not exhibit normal human emotional responses. So a crying screaming fit will probably occur followed by some form of self-destructive behavior.
Like most really messed-up people she is of course vehemently against therapy/psychiatric drugs and believes that all forms of mental illness can be cured with the right combination of diet and LSD or pot.