January 7th, 2009


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tqc, have you ever had a fight with a parent and then ranted to a friend about it and actually had the friend agree with your parent? how fucking annoying is that?

i do not have chapstick but i have chapped lips. what do i do?
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So I leave my house, get on my bike, and in the street out of the square there are some guys jumping on a car. I have to past them, so I bike faster, and then one of the guys' dog gets in my path and I accidentally hit him with my bike and the dogs start to howl. I stop and apologize and the owner tells me he's going to kill me. So I flee, with the guy yelling how he's gonna kill me some more. The dog didn't seem injured.

So considering it's close to my house and I have to keep using that street, how fucked am I? Will they kill me or just beat me up?

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Do you ever try to portion control by only putting a handful of cheezits or whatever into a bowl, but then go back to the kitchen about five times to refill the bowl, thus defeating the purpose?

How do you get yourself to stop eating??

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If you're in school...how do you pay for your textbooks?
My mom and I usually split the cost but I feel like such a mooch asking her to help with the upcoming semester. UGH.

Do you love finding deals for your textbooks online? It's like a sport for me...I LOVE IT!
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What food did you find surprisingly delicious that you'd eat again?

One of Morningstar Farms' Grillers Prime Veggie Burgers I had for supper last night and ate leftover of it today. Mmmmmmm!!

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For vegans:

If you were starving to death and the only food available was dairy-based, would you eat it?

For vegetarians:

If you were starving to death and the only food available was meat, would you eat it? Would it make a difference if the meat was already butchered (say, a steak), or if you had to kill the animal yourself? Would it matter what kind of animal it was?

For everyone:

If you were starving to death and the only food available was human, would you eat it? Would it make a difference, again, if the meat was already butchered, or if you had to kill the person yourself?
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TQC, my husband received a month of Unemployment pay last year. Will they send us a W2 for that? If not, how do we pay taxes on it?

I am trying to fix a friend's laptop (old ass Thinkpad) but it needs an OS. My OEM Windows Home is out of uses and though I downloaded a copy of Professional the code on the back of the laptop won't work. Do Thinkpads come with special versions of Windows? Will the recovery disks put Windows back on? They did not provide me with an actual Windows Profession CD, just 8 recovery disks. I've never used recovery disks before.

I want a bicycle for my bday. What is a good, but cheap, kind of bike I could buy? I'd prefer it to have gears and the ability to stop by making the pedals go backward. And I want it to be purple.

Do you ride your bike on the road or the sidewalk? When was the last time you road a bike?
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Do you think it's a good idea to reformat and set up your computer again on occasion to improve performance or do you just let it keep slogging along until viruses or spyware or other problems kill it?
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1. My fellow American TQCers, do you know the reason why your ancestors came to this country? If so, where did they come from and when and why did they leave their homeland?

2. For everyone; what is the oldest photograph that your family has of a family member? (For example, I have a couple of photographs going all the way back to Edwardian times.) Who is the photo of? And if you can, would you post it?

3. What does it mean when a vampire offers you soup?
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I grew up pretty sheltered and haven't seen a lot of movies that most people my age have. So this year I am trying to catch up.

What movies would you recommend that I watch?

I was born in 1984
It doesn't need to be a "classic" - I'm talking the American Pies and the Titanics of the movie world
I don't like horror/really violent movies but I like psychological thrillers
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My friend says no one should ever pay more than $12 for a haircut and that any difference someone perceives between a cheap haircut and an expensive one is all in their head.

I say that his hair has never been longer than 3 inches so clearly he has no idea what he's talking about.


2. Has anyone you know ever been horrendously wrong about something dumb? What was the topic?

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i am in an unpleasant mood tonight, and am feeling angry towards everyone i've ever met. how can i overcome this horrendous mood?

also, my right shift key is being very selective on when it wants to work. how can i refrain from tossing my laptop out the nearest window?

lastly, how are you feeling this morning/day/evening?

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I have never ever taken out a loan. (I am considering taking out a loan to buy a used food truck so I can start my own business.) Do I, uh, just go into my local BoA the way I would if I lost my debit card or something, and talk to someone there? Do I need to dress nicely or bring any sort of paperwork? It wouldn't be the hugest loan ever, about $8000...well maybe a bit more.

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If you like dinosaurs, which one is your favourite?

If it were possible and you had to choose a dinosaur as an alternate mode of transportation (in this day and age) which one?

If you had to make up a dinosaur what would it be called and can you describe its various attributes and features?

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This is an adult-oriented question.

How much pre-ejaculatory fluid does a man produce when aroused? Would it be enough to lubricate intrastomal (penis in the stoma) sex?

I tried doing a Google search, but most of it had to do with that video with the old lady taking drags through her stoma. Mmmmmmmmm.

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It's 6:29, my flight was at 6:20, so I am now waiting in the airport on standby.

Will I be able to get on the next flight?

Will my trip be utterly ruined?

Will you tell us about your interesting experiences with air travel?

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Angelina Jolie is contemplating another kid. What can I do to ensure one of my virile swimmers reaches the finish line and her next offspring is the spawn of hajiomatic?

You know she isn't married to Brad ...rite? rite??
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What exactly do you think of when you hear godparent?

Can you be a godparent without being religious?

An old friend of mine is considering me to be godmother for her son, however I'm an Atheist and she's not particularly religious either, but she does plan on baptizing her son and I believe it will be a Catholic baptism because she was raised in the Catholic church.
What I've read so far is that I won't be recognized by her church because I'm not Catholic, but that I can still be a 'godparent' in the eyes of the law, if the proper legal channels are taken.
If I do accept, I do plan on teaching Beau different aspects of the world's religions, but not solely Catholicism (mainly because all I know about Catholicism is from Dogma).

Is there a good theological text that spans most of the world's religions and speaks about it from a purely academic standpoint? I'd like to have something on hand to use as a reference, though I won't need it for several years yet.

If you have godparents, do they teach you about religion?
What other things do your godparents do?
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i'm a little unclear about my art teacher's list of supplies & whatnot, but since the college doesn't really have any drawing I textbooks, he wants us to find a college-level textbook/book that's cheap & up to date. and by cheap, not more than $10. uhhh, help?

if you don't care, what's on the agenda today? i'm going to math @ 12, then going back to bed.
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Last night, my best friend had a dream where she went down on Batman (and yes, he used that terrible voice in the movie) via a lift-up door in the batsuit that gave easy access to his genitals. In the next part of the dream, she and her boyfriend roleplayed as Batman and Robin, and she was Batman.

Have you ever had a dirty dream about the goddamn Batman?

Freakiest dream you've ever had?

Best dream you've ever had?

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1.) I'm trying to find my dad. I haven't spoken to him in five years. I know that he lives either in the same city as me (Salem, OR) or a nearby one (Portland, OR).
I have tried the white pages online but they give only old addresses/phone numbers; nothing current.
Besides paying thirty bucks for some online site, do you have any hints/tips for finding someone? Thanks.

2.) I have some hazelnuts. Besides eating them as they are, do you have any ideas for what i could do with them? Any recipes? Thanks again TQC.

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Rob Blagojevich picking Roland Burris for Obama's Senate seat

Smart move.
Stupid move.
I have no opinion on this matter.

The Senate refusing to seat Roland Burris

As they should! His credentials weren't signed by the Illinois Secretary of State.
Retarded. His appointment is free of any taint.
Heh. You said taint.
I have no opinion on this matter.

Russia cutting off gas supply to Ukraine

Russia should stop being a big dick to Ukraine.
Russia was totally in the right to cut off the supply due to the dispute over transit pricing.
I have no opinion on this matter

The opposite of tuna is

I have no opinion on this matter
Something else which I will say in the comments

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I have nearly 10GB of digital pictures on my computer, whats the best way to store them? I mean like, burn them to CDs, portable hardrive, etc..I want to keep them safe. They're backed up, but I also want to make room because there will be millions more to come. Is it "safest" to just keep 'em off my pc or what? Safe as in I'd faint if I lost them.

In summary: How do you store your mass amounts of digital pictures?
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What's the quickest at-home cold remedy you know of?

(I wanted to go apply for a job today, but I woke up with my throat sore and scratchy, and my nose stuffy... I want to be able to speak clearly!)

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1. Anyone know American Sign Language?

2. If you do, how long did it take you to learn?

3. I want to buy 2 whole new wardrobes (one for me, one for fiance), how much should I save to do this?
note: the fiance WANTS a new wardrobe.
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White Privilege

My friend and I have a reoccurring argument over white privilege. Basically, he does not think it exists, and if it exists, it's not really a big deal/problem.

He is a white male.

I tried to explain to him that he's blind to the privileges he gets, he denies that he is privileged in any way and claims that minorities cry racism and white privilege over everything. He complains of reverse racism. He describes himself as being a victim.

I tried to get him to understand why he'd not see his own privileges by saying that, because I am a white female, I am blind to many of the privileges I have, but I also see disadvantages and sexism because I am female. As a white male, he can't see the advantages he has. I tried to say "you couldn't understand what it is like to be female, or black, or Jewish".

He basically comes back with "You don't understand what it's like being male!" (because white men have it so hard, amirite?)

How can I explain to him that white privilege exists and that he does, in fact, benefit from it?"

(Don't bother with the "OMG your friend sucks comments", I'd really like to hear how you'd debate/argue this with him if he was saying all this to you).
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I just found a cute necklace on Etsy that I really want, but I don't need any jewelry and I just spent a lot of money buying movies. But it's $14. Do I buy it? The seller says it's their last one ever.

Have you ever bought anything from Etsy? How'd it go?

Do you like handcrafted stuff, or do you prefer storebought?

If you like craft-y stuff, what kind do you like to do?

What sort of hobbies do you have?
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i had my wisdom teeth taken out four months ago, but for some reason the spot where one of the teeth used to be (the upper left side of my mouth) has been aching HORRIBLY for almost two days. i've tried advil, and that doesn't help.

what should i do? i'd rather not go to the dentist, but if i have to...

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Will you complain about your SO here?

(note: complaining they don't exist doesn't count... if you don't have an SO, complain about an ex or something... "they don't exist" is boring ;))
Coffee cups

Job applications

After sending a company your cover letter and resume, what is an appropriate length of time to wait before calling the potential employer?

The backstory: I called the company in early December, spoke with the assistant director (a friend recommended her to speak with), and she said she'd like to interview me - could I please send her my resume? I was super excited, so I had my college's career services people help me tweak my resume and cover letter so I look really impressive on paper, and sent it to her on December 14. My snail-mail address, email address, and cell number are listed on my resume, and I have yet to hear back from her.
What should I do??

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My stepsister, who is also one of my best friends, found out that I have liked her boyfriend for a really long time. She was mad at first, but now her feelings are just sort of hurt. Everything is basically fine, but is there anything I should do to make things better?

ETA: She's more mad about the fact that I went behind her back to let him know about my feelings (she found out by looking at my texts, I'd forgotten those messages were there) than the actual part about liking him.

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What's your pet peeve in the realm of word-twisting jackassery?

For me, I have a lot of hates in this but the pants-on-head stupid thing that will make me lose all respect for someone and wish horrible, agonizing death upon the gibbering idiot spouting it is the sentence: "Don't assume, 'cause it makes an ass of you an' me."

Another example of what I mean is the fundie practice of warping words to their own purposes, such as saying "wicked pedia" instead of "wikipedia" and saying that things are bad because they have the word "hell" in them.

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Someone I know's new year's resolution is to "find love". Does this seem incredibly stupid to you?

I mean, being open to love, learning to accept love, becoming more lovable, that's all cool, but actively seeking it out seems like you'll be looking for it everywhere and just latching on to anything shallow so you 'have love'. Also I don't think one's new years resolutions should rely on other people, I think they should be self improvements, or things for you to do.

What's the stupidest NY resolution you've heard of?

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Say that two people are exclusively dating. A finds out from looking at B's text messages/emails/whatever that B has cheated on A. A is mad and confronts B, but then B gets mad that A went through his/her stuff.

Who's right? Are they both allowed to be mad? Who has the "right" to be madder?

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why won't my last.fm program open? i've been trying to get it going for like 2 weeks but it just gives me the hourglass then stops.

i see this happen with other programs and i've always wondered why.
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Did you know that if you overdraw your debit/checking account you have until bank close to put it to rights before they give you a overdraft fee? (This works with my bank anyway, they told me this on the phone. USBank fyi?)

How many times in your life have you overdrawn your account?

Do you have a credit card? How many? Do you have a balance?

Anyone watch the show "Legend of the Seeker"?
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1. For wearing at home, what are the best super warm and cozy socks that go above your ankles? What about something for the forearms?

2. Are there any smallish, wheel chair like things ideal for navigating stores that, perhaps, take advantage of the fact that the person can use legs? Something with a jack? Money is an issue, but if necessary, larger amounts of money could be spent.

3. What are those rubber/plastic designer/art (often with logos but you can get after market/third party ones) things that decorate keys called? They stick on the "head" end of the key (think spermies). I want to look for ones like kitties etc etc.

Today is my birthday!

What should I have for my birthday supper?

I usually just want pizza or macaroni and cheese or something, but I don't feel like either of those today. I'd prefer something less junky, I think. Mom will go to the store to get whatever I want so I'm not limited at all.

What do you usually do for your birthday? If that's not what you did on your last birthday, what did you do?

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TQC, is it totally immature for me to crack up at the headline "Obama Takes Several Hits"? (It's the top story on AOL News at the moment.) (I thought it was pretty darn funny.)

And. My boyfriend's getting a wheelchair soon-ish because of some leg issues he's having. What would you decorate a wheelchair with, hypothetically, if you had one of your own?

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The high school where I teach is putting on a performance of The Wizard of Oz for their play this year. The faculty has purchased a page for an ad. We need something creative/silly/whatever to put in the ad.

What would you write if you were in our position?


Sparked by the recent post.

I don't have anything to hide, so I could care less if my husband "snooped" into my text messages/emails/etc.
If I had something that I wanted to keep private, I would simply tell him, "That's private, please don't go in there." Or something to that effect and I can count on him obliging my wishes.

My question is this:

Do people actually make a point of saying, "Don't look at my cell phone/text messages/etc."?
Or is there simply an assumption?

In a mildly similar vein.

I actually find it comical when my husband hands me my purse instead of retrieving the item he needs from there. I have told him many times over that he can just go in it.

Do you ladies allow free access to your purse?
How does your SO feel about going in your bag?
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ticker counters & flights

What is the best, easiest, ticker counter maker/site? (One that let's you customize your own event that you are counting down to, doesn't have a million pop-ups, and doesn't require a login.)

What company(ies) offer(s) the cheapest international flights? say, if i wanted to go to Korea or Germany from the US?
(Does JetBlue offer international flights? It appears not, but i could just be failing)
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Did you have a snow day today? I did!

*Inspired by all the text/cheating/purse/privacy questions*
Have you ever snooped and found something scandalous? Something you were not happy about finding out? Something you were glad to find out?

Or have you been snooped ON? How did that go?
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Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

Who's better for Sabrina?

I chose Harvey because they're my Sabrina, The Teenage Witch OTP. They belong together. I love the series finale, and the fact that Sabrina left Aaron at the altar for Harvey. I also like the song.

Why did you choose the person you did?
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I don't have a television, and only watch four shows every week (five once The L Word starts) Pushing Daisies was my absolute favorite, but now it's ending and there are only three episodes left.

What show should I watch to fill the void left by PD's cancellation?

If you don't care, what do you call soft drinks?
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Tell me about Tokyo and mp3 players

My fiance and I want to go gadget and toy shopping in Tokyo for our honeymoon next year. What are some places we should most definately visit or do while we're there?

What is the best mp3 player I can get for around £100? I'm thinking perhaps an iPod, but I'd prefer something more reliable.

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isnipred by a previous post

what was the funniest thing that happened to you as a child? or scariest, most embarrasing, etc?

At a 4th of july party, it was so windy that the porch umbrella fell on top of me.
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really specific question:

i am working in photoshop cs2 on a mac and i am creating a 100x100px icon. when i tell it to save as a jpg, it tells me that it will be ~32.19k, which is fabulous and exactly what i need. i save it to the folder/desktop/wherever and when i try to upload it to lj, it says it is too big. when i look at the info using command+i, it says that the file is 104k. WHY IS IT DOING THIS? i have been having this issue for a few months, but i don't make icons frequently enough that it's been a huge bother. i have tweaked every saving option (excluding making it look like TOTAL CRAP) and have tried it in a variety of file types.

any idea why this is happening?

what's your favorite dinosaur?

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What, if anything, is frustrating you to no end right now?

I just realized that my credit card bills and my college bill are due next week, and those payments will basically zero out my bank account. I have $400+ worth of text books to buy for my classes, and I need to be able to pay for transportation to and from work every day and feed myself every day. FUCK.
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On a similar note to the post I made earlier...

What complaints do you think your SO/ex/bff would have about you?

Do you think the complaints are legitimate?

(There, I put the best friend thing on there for you "I've never dated and I can't just ignore this question, pls include me" folks ;))
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So, there's this funny sound coming from above the drivers side front wheel well area on my car. Whenever I'm at a stop it sounds like a bunch of high pitched, squeaky dice being rolled around (that's the only way I know how to describe it). Also, when I accelerate from being stopped, it still makes that sound, but only briefly. My car has 43,000 miles on it and is a 2006. What could the noise be???

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1)what's with games that you need to read stuff on the internet to understand the story?

*still has no idea why tidus and shuyin look the same*

2)what task do you dread?

putting these clothes away

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Do you tell your parents most of the things about your life? How open are you?

How do you tell them things that they don't want to hear?

I wanted to talk to my mom about getting STD testing and about my new years' resolution to make better decisions about sex but before I could start, she was like "I'm so glad you aren't one of those whores who have casual sex. I don't think I could respect you." (Paraphrased but basically that.) What do I do with that? Does that mean I can never tell her anything, or that I just have to phrase it very carefully?

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I apologize if this has been asked before, but what is the deal with everyone saying there are rumors that LJ is going to die and everyone is going over to InsaneJournal?

Why am I in the dark? haha.
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1. There is a pair of earbuds on my desk at work. Should I steal and sanitize? I need a new pair.

2. A truck in my complex ALWAYS parks across 2 or 3 spots, I don't know what their deal is. Should I leave a snarky note on their car?

The O.C.

If you liked the show and watched it and had to put your favorite seasons of The O.C. in order, what would it be? Season four, season one, season two, and season three.

What were your favorite storylines? Alcoholic Kirsten, pregnant Kirsten, Marissa's death, Ryan and Taylor, the earthquake, Chrismukkah, Frank showing up and Ryan calling Sandy "Dad".

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so, i ordered a shirt on the 16th in hopes it would be here like the day before Christmas. well, it's not here yet. it was a pipe dream but a dream none the less!

but anyway, the shipping was $2.02, so i figured it'd be a while. but how long should i wait before finally emailing them and being like, "Guys, guys, c'mon. Where's the shirt."?


ok, we've established i should e-mail them, but what should i say? i've never had trouble with online orders and i don't wanna sound rude or anything.
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I got this from my ex New Year's day via Myspace:
"I found myself looking though your page. I thinks it's the stupid holliday. Sorry if I caused an amazing amount of stress. I think that's all i'll ever be to you. So i disappeared. Sorry again."

This guy has fucked me around for 5 years and I walked away from it all last year after he lied to me yet again about wanting to be with me. I told him I was done with it all.

-So if he really doesn't want to be with me, why is he still sending messages like this? Is it just because he's now single?
-Is he trying to mess with my head/heart again or is he just an indecisive guy?
-Who has screwed you over hardest in your life?
-How did you deal with it?
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The blood-giving post reminded me that when I was little (like 6) I thought that the positive or negative in your blood type was to tell whether you had AIDS or not. (Imagine my horror with O positive blood).

What are some weird/dumb things you believed when you were young?
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Does anyone know a link to an online room ... organizer?  Where you can make an online representation of your room and put furniture and stuff where you want it to give you an idea of what it will look like?

I know you can buy them (I have bought them), but I was looking for a quick thing online for free right now.

The Receptionist Classic

My broomstick needs a rest

The neighbors upstairs have two little boys - ages 4 and 7 (or somewhere around those ages). Every day, the mom and younger boy leave (slamming the doors, of course) and return with the older kid around 2 (PM). Then the noise begins and continues until at least 10 (PM). They run, they jump, they body-slam off the couch, they bounce basketballs all over the place. It gets so bad that they make the things on our walls rattle and the ceiling fan shakes. We've already talked to them once before, when they first moved in (it was 11:30 on a weeknight and the kids were still at it). The guy didn't really apologize, he just said "Well, we have kids."

TQC, I'm getting headaches from this constant noise. Should I start buying the expensive medicine and tack the bills to their door?

At what time should I send my husband and his brother up there to talk to the parents again?

Or should I say screw it, we've already talked to them once, and just complain to the apartment management?

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did anyone go to chick-fil-a today?
if yes, did they give you free sample of chicken salad? my sister got one and gave it to me, it was awful.
if no, what's your favorite thing to get a chick-fil-a?

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Should I take weight training and physical conditioning at the same time? Am I going to kill my body by doing something thats guaranteed to be weight related 3 days a week and something that might be weight related 2 days a week? D: I'm leaning towards yes, I will.

WHY DO MY SCHEDULES ALWAYS SUCK SO HARD? I shit you not on monday I'll be busy from 6:45am to 10pm. Omg.

a night away from everyone....

me and the boy are wanting to just have a nice little 1-night getaway just for some fun!
However as both of us are quite broke at the moment and hotel rates are not cheap near us we are considering staying in a B&B!
its about half the price so...

anyway i was wondering have any of you done these cheap little getaway thingys and stayed in a B&B?
what were your expereinces? good/bad?
would you do it again/ worth the money?
any interesting stories?

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I kind of want to go see a movie tonight. Should I go?

What movie should I see? (I saw Curious Case of Benjamin Button last week--the last movie before that was Bolt, so it's pretty open to suggestion)

Do you buy snacks when you go to the movies?
-what do you buy?

How much do the snacks cost there?
How much does a soda cost there?

And lastly, what is the movie theater's name?

ETA: No Milk playing around here...haven't even heard of that movie, this will take some investigating and I'm sure I'll be sad that I won't be able to see it. Errr I'm an idiot! WE do have Milk! It is just at the OTHER theater!
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For the college kids....

How much did you spend on books for this semester?
If you haven't bought them yet, what did you spend last semester?

I just bought mine yesterday and they were $415 for 4 classes

calling all pot heads


im going to my friends house in about an hour. ive got bud with me, and im bringing it to his house. his brother smokes too and is supposed to have some friends over later.

when we go out to smoke later, shouldn't i ask his brother and the friends if they want to smoke too? isnt that the correct etiquette? we go through his room to get outside.

i think that i really should, but im having self doubt and worried about coming off all weird.

eta-him and his brother get along but dont talk much, and we say hello to each other when we see each other. i dont know any of these friends. if that makes a difference.

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hey, is lj back up?

more importantly, who else gets spam when they post to communities from AIM bots?

has anyone gotten anything along the lines of this:

phpcodesausage (7:30:47 PM): Sorry to creep you out but I used to masturbate thinking about you in 9th grade between classes, then once, I came into class after masturbating and you talked to me. You asked to borrow a pencil and during the test, you put the pencil in your mouth. It turned me on thinking I touched my penis, touched the pencil and it went in your mouth.. B4 BED I ahd fun 4 wheelin it in the snow tonite hehe A ne

Layout - Octo Girls

Laptop Bags

I'm a little stuck. I have a larger bag (which fits my previous laptop) that a sleeve could potentially fit inside... it could also go inside a backpack, which is convenient. On the other side of the issue, it would be nice to be able to put my cables (and possibly tablet) in the same case, which would require one of the larger, non-sleeve options.

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1 - How many songs do you have in your iTunes/WMP/Winamp/Whatever else you use?
2 - What are your top 5 most listened to songs?

If you don't care/cbf,

3 - How intimate are/were your relationships with your teachers/professors? Like, were you friends? Would you stop and chat if you saw them out and about? Did you have each other's phone numbers? Did you ever hug each other or is that way too physical?

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Baaaad to the bra

When you dance around the house half-naked because nobody's there to see you,

(1) how much clothes are you actually wearing?
(2) What kind of dance do you do?

I usually get on at least some pants or shorts. I like to pretend I'm a flapper lady (with a fancy fringed skirt) doing snazzy '20s hip-bumps.

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I want to go to Florida for a weekend and stay near the beach. I'd like to go somewhere that is near an airport so I can get a taxi and not have to rent a car. Any suggestions for which beach/city to visit?

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ok i'm changing question one a bit.

1. how many DIFFERENT body washes do you own? regular soap counts.
i have 3 ^___^

2. does it make me Anal McLooneypants that i take the white sleeve records come with and label them, so that if i have more than one album out, i don't put the white sleeve that came with album A with album B, or so that if the record came with more than one disc i don't mix those up?

i didn't think it was that weird until my friend was over and went, "wwwhy did you do that...?"

but keep in mind they're just.. white sheets of paper, basically.
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So,on New Years Eve, my 2 girlfriends and I got a ride home with some random guy. (Bad idea I know)
Anyway, i left my camera in his car.
I found him on Facebook.. And he said I could get the camera back on Friday! He has pretty much saved my life as the memory card in it has all my Family Christmas pictures on it!
So, my question!
What should I give him to say thanks?
I don't want to just do nothing! he could have easily stolen the camera.. But he didn't.
And no sex. haha.

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TQC, I am in a moral dilemma.

I currently live in a rental house with a lady who is slowly driving me to commit a homicide of epic proportions. I'm trying to find a new place, and I've told a girl from school that we can look for a place together. So far, the only places I can find for two people are out of my price range, and hers. If they're not, they're gross.

I found, however, a place looking for ONE female roommate that looks totally ideal for me. I emailed the girls renting it, and they want to meet me, they know people in my program and like us. Things are looking good.

I can't decide if I'm being disloyal to my friend. Nothing was set in stone and we just talked about the idea, but I still feel weird.

So, should I check out this other room? If I do, and things work out, what do I tell my friend?

*edit* I should also mention that while finding a place around here for two is pretty hard, finding singles is REALLY easy. ALSO: This girl is someone I met at school. I've known her for a semester, so we're friends, but not like, OMGBESTIES.

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have you ever or have you known anyone who changed their first name?
was it an improvement?
did you call them by their new name or did you just stick with their old name?
would you ever change your first name?
Team Doctor

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When you see a train wreck coming in a TV show and you just can't stop watching, what do YOU usually do? It's one of your favorite shows, say, but you can't help but look at the progression of events and go:... awww...really, you're really going to do that?

Do you stop watching because you know it's going to ruin it or do you keep going to see if your prediction is going to come true?
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