January 6th, 2009

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Have you ever wanted to visit a specific location because it was featured in a song/movie/tv show?

I've always had a fascination with Vienna, and the Billy Joel song made me want to go there more. Even though the song isn't directly about the city. Back when I loved Gilmore Girls, I also wanted to visit Washington Depot, CT which is what Stars Hollow is based on. And every time I see a shot of Paris in a movie I just want visit it again.

Inspired by all those hardcore Twilight fans who make pilgrimages to Forks, Washington
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Recommend some good internets radio please?

I used to enjoy club fm radio, but it changed years ago and I haven't liked it since. T_T

I could go for some good electronic music. Yes yes, it's just background noise, but that's what I want. Helps me focus on my work.


Currently listening here:
to channel 111. What's currently playing on 111 is pretty much what I was looking for, wee. Also enjoyed channel 114.

Still taking suggestions, though.
Michaela Coel

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1.) What are some things you do that make you think you're not a very evolved being?
Whenever i eat something that I'm holding using a paper towel or napkin, I almost always eat a little bit of the napkin. One time I ate half a napkin and the whole time thought "Damn. The texture of this apple is weird". I've done this multiple times. :(

2.) Someone cuts in front of you in line while you're turned around at a bakery and gets the last pastry you planned on getting. What do you do?
Kill them.

3.) What's a stupid human trick you can do?
Roll my tongue into a four-leaf clover shape.

4.) Are you going to eat your cornbread?

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i fell asleep at about 6pm, and woke at 11.20pm. its now 12.45am. i am ill, so a nap is allowed, but i practically had a full nights sleep. will i get to sleep tonight or should i just hunker down and watch loads of Prison Break?

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How much would you be willing to pay in order to go up in one of those commercial space shuttles (that they keep promising are coming but never seem to actually make) that takes you up into space for a hour or so then brings you back down to earth?

edit: Your guys lack of wanting to go into space saddens me. Don't you want to boldly go where very few men have gone before?!
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My father has a son that he never told me about and I don't even know if he knows about him. My brother found me on facebook about a year ago. Should I say anything to my dad? If yes, is there any way to bring it up that's not painfully awkward?
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Do you like broccoli?
I'm really craving broccoli right now.

What's your favourite way to cook it?
Normally I'll stir fry it with various spices but I need something new!

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Is it nighttime where you are? What are you doing up?

I have been full of piss and vinegar lately, so I have been diluting it with alcohol (beer to be exact). It seems to be working. I have had a short break and am not sure if I should stay up or go to bed. I am eyeing my bottle of gin for a nightcap. Should I have a wee nip?
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Have you ever bought travel insurance through a separate website?

I asked a while ago about this. I bought plane tickets through travelocity but we've been having a ton of winter storms and I'm so afraid my flight is going to get canceled.


Where are you going on your next trip?
Belly rubbin'

Yeah, this is definitely what I'm doing right now.

Do you ever post questions just to show off new icons?

Does it annoy you when people do this?

Will you show me your newest icon?

If you added more than one at the same time, show me your favorite one?

I just added 5 new icons and this is my favorite one.

Edit: Apparently, I am the only dork who makes posts just to show off new icons. Awesome.
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1. Have you ever been so upset that you can't even cry?

2. Have you ever taken Vicodin? If so, what effects did it have on you?

3. Do you think it is worse to cheat on your SO with someone you actually have feelings for, or with someone you just want to fuck?

The gym

So I went to the gym lastnight, like i often do, but lastnight I lifted weights, which i never do....
When you go to the gym do you....?
a. stand around the Juice bar and just chill with your buddies
b. Work out like a madman/women
c. pretend to lift weights and just stare at the muscle filled hotties
d. other (what?)

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What is a good way to tell a guy that you are not interested in him anymore through email without hurting him? He's not really my bf but he believes he is.. I don't want to hurt his feeling and email is the only way since he is now in a different country.. help?

Team name

I'm involved in a "biggest loser" competition at my workplace. We were divided into three-member teams and we have to name the teams. My team is made up of 2 men, one woman (me). None of us are really heavy...we just want to lose a bit of weight.

Any suggestions on a clever team name?
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What are your top 3 favorite Disney songs?

- Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty)
- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Mary Poppins)
- Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid)

If you don't care about Disney, what's the temperature where you are right now?

27 F

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What are some good representations of mimicry?

The various plants and animals are most obvious, but are there any symbols for it or anything like that? Failing that, what's some cool plants and/or animals that engage in mimicry, especially appearance-wise rather than sound?
Hurry up and look back

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what's the best cold medicine for a cold that involves a little tickle in the throat, stuff sinuses/runny nose, bronchitis cough and a bit of pressure on lungs/chest.

yes, I am already taking antibiotics but need something strong for congestion. What's your fave?

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After vigorous searching online, it turns out that every single Borders and Barnes and Noble in NJ, NY, and parts of CT are sold out of large Moleskine planners, thus inspiring:

1. What was the last thing you wanted really badly but could not get?
2. When did Moleskine planners become so popular? I saw them everywhere before the holidays, and now people decide they need to organize their lives?!
3. What's a durable brand of planners that won't fall apart? It seems as though every one I buy is made really poorly.
4. What kind of coffee should I make, hazlenut or french vanilla?
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Which is crazier:

Using a black light to check your SO's clothes for evidence of cheating? Or, demanding your SO pull down his/her pants when they get home so you can determine if you smell sex on them?
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Crafty TQCers?

1. Make collage from magazines - glossy paper
2. ???
3. Paint on collage with acrylic paint

What is step 2? Is it mod podge? The artist I'm imitating used some goop from a sauerkraut jar, but I'm pretty sure it was something besides sauerkraut. The surface needs to be prepped for painting, right? Greatly appreciate any tips!

ETA: Thanks you guys!
Disney: Maleficent turned

I stalk you

Have you ever used reverse phone/address look-up websites to e-stalk someone?

If so, what resulted from it?

If not, why? Would you?

Also, how many cell phones have you had in your lifetime? What brands have they been?
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Can you show me what your homework diary/daily planner/diary/book you write down what you need to do/whatever you call it looks like from the outside?

What does it (like, any random page) look on the inside?
h/w batman and robin

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how do you tell your fuck buddy of slightly more than a year that you found someone to date without hurting his feelings, especially when he's sending you texts saying he misses you? i just don't know how to tell him "hey, i found someone that i really like and who wants to commit to a relationship with me, no hard feelings let's still be friends?" without sounding like a bitch.

for the record, i asked said fuck buddy multiple times for a relationship and he said he didn't want one every time.
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If LJ disappears because of this, where will TQC go?

How about vox.com? It's made by Six Apart, the guys who used to run LJ. I've already made myself an account, just in case, or rather, for when it happens. Apparently it can do everything LJ can do and you can import your LJ into it (still figuring out that part). Who's with me?

Does this make anyone else sad?

Has anyone else posted about this yet? Sorry for the repeat, guys!
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new face

Movies and Food.

I just saw Lars and the Real Girl for the first time yesterday and I loved it. Now I'm craving some more good movies to watch. Any genre, and my answer is almost always "No" when someone asks me if I've seen a film...so I've probably not seen anything you guys might suggest. So can you guys recommend me some films that I need in my life?

Also, what are you having for lunch today?
I think I'm keeping it simple with some pasta
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Do you have a hard time falling asleep?
Is there anything you do to help you fall asleep?

It's been taking me about three or four hours a night to fall asleep and it's miserable.

What was the last thing you regret doing?
Taking this intersession class. HOLY SHIT IT'S TORTURE ALREADY.

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whenever i watch shows like The Price is Right or Who Wants to be a Millionaire, i always think, "You have to pay taxes on all that shit." or "You're only going to get about half of that after taxes."

does that make me a Debbie Downer?

OMG FINANCIAL FREAK-OUT (well, not really)

Does a credit card expire on the first or last day of the month listed on the credit card if the expiration date is just the month and year?

My credit card says it expires 08/09. Would that be August 31 or August 1?

I want to buy plane tickets through cheaptickets.com for a flight that would take place around August 20. I know sometimes the charge doesn't go through when buying airline tickets until the day of the flight or right before or something...? If my credit card were expired by then would this affect it? My bank account would still be open, but I will have no way to obtain the new credit card until the end of the month, unless my parents get it and mail it to me.

Edit to clarify because I'm an idiot: it's actually a check card/debit card, not a credit card
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Lunchie Munchie

Ok, so I have a little over an hour until lunch TQC. Decide what I should have, my headache is preventing me from making decisions.

Poll #1326329 Lunchie Munchie

What should I have for lunch?

Au Bon Pain (Fancy sandwiches, salads, etc)
Penn Station (Veggie Sub)
Taco Bell
Other Suggestion (in comments please)

*Poll ended at 1:05pm EST, bt feel free to give me suggestions for tomorrow! I'm off to Au Bon Pain.*

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so i'm finishing up the Extreme Conditions chapter in an icon series i'm making for my 3 of my friends(they're the same quality as my default, so don't get excited).

so far i've used

mountain top

what should the last extreme condition be?

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is it snowing today where you live? (include where you are located)
has it snowed in the last week?

bonus question: if the cute guy i have a crush on comes into my work today should i ask him out for coffee? what should i say?

it is supposed to snow 10 inches today. oh well, at least it's warm.
i live in northern british columbia.
it's snowed maybe 2-3 days this last week.
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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I am re-editing my demo reel (for film and television work) and need some music to put in the background for transitions between the scenes I put in in which the audio of the actual clip will be heard and the montage type parts.

Does anyone have any ideas for a (preferably) lyric free song that's fairly up beat without being obnoxious or distracting from the video footage?
Kitty lite
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Paging Dr. Tee Cue See

The past few days (near a week), I have been incredibly itchy and rashy. For example, upon wiping my mouth on a napkin after lunch, my lips start burning and feeling all numb and inflamed. This is even happening when I'm talking. Also, I keep being itchy and then once I scratch it, it gets massively red and welty.

I don't have any new shampoos/detergents/fragrances, clothes, bedding, etc. The only thing I could think is that my histamine levels are up for some reason. My one guess is that since I have a dairy allergy (diff. than lactose intolerance) and I've been taking in dairy this holiday season, it has my body on high alert.

Has anyone else every had this? Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this?

P.s. I can't take enough Benadryl to squelch the itch without getting far too drowsy.
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Have you ever googled for any of these items?

1. whitney casey
2. anosmia
3. ✈ ▌▌
4. mus musculus
5. liskula cohen
6. fbi jobs
7. old spaghetti factory
8. mac rumors
9. megan wallace cunningham
10. skanks in nyc

Those are currently Google's 10 hottest searches.

Do you have any ideas of why the prevalence of people looking for skanks in NYC or mus musculus?
dave grohl

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have you ever had a friendship/relationship where you both have been quite guarded, and never really had a deep conversation then suddenly you both just let half a tonne of feelings spew out at a completely inappropriate moment?

me and a male friend who i have known for a couple of years email each other each day for general chit chat. somehow today, while i am emailing him at work, we both just confessed some quite deep feelings. not about each other, but just things we have kept hidden from one another. its kind of worrying because theres a reason we've both kept these things secret. we have skimmed over the top of things like this before, but for some reason never 'really' talked. i can see this friendship changing. i cant quite tell if it'll be for better or worse though.

if you dont care, how many grapes can you fit in your mouth?

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Should I put freelance work as part of my experience as a photographer on my resume?  Where should it go?

I've worked for a company on three separate occassions starting in 2006.  Is it okay that I put 2006 - current as my time of employment with the company or list the three separate time periods?

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I woke up this morning and watched some of VH1s Top 20 Countdown, so I'm on the track of popular artists right now...

My friend thinks that Katy Perry is "not as hot as she sounds."
Personally, I'm not sure she sounds that hot, but I do think she has a pretty face.
What are your thoughts?

There's also a small debate going on between a couple of my friends about which Britney Spears song is better: Womanizer or Circus. Input?
I like both, but I think I like Circus a smidge more.

If you don't care for any of this, what color is your house phone [or cell phone]?
My house phone is white at home, my dorm phone is grey, and my cell phone is red.

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When was the last time you turned to someone and said "You're awesome!" or an equivalent thereof?

Has anyone said something like that to you lately?

On a scale of 1 to 5 how goofy do you feel when you post things to your own journal that was meant for another?
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my laptop won't load anything fully. How can I fix this? It's only for videos and music.
Like if i listen to a song on a myspace page, it only loads like a minute of it.
If i try to watch a video on surfthechannel, it only loads about 2 minutes of it, then i have to click a little past it to get it started again.
Should I just restart my computer?
flambe ala dragon - Lockheed

ho hum

Generally when I post to a question community I post to all 4 of the ones I'm a member of. After doing this for a couple years, I've finally gotten 2 complaints about it.

Does this bother anyone else?
Do any of you post the same question to more than one community?
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Haaaaay TQC!

I just got the most hilarious random instant message from someone I don't know:

raepedhalturner (2:02:14 PM): terdjaculate is when your prostate goes nuts and shit flies out your anus and goes everywhere Aaaaaaaaaaaa

What's made you LOL today?
lost in translation

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i lost my flash drive on the airplane.

what flash drive do you use? what flash drive should i buy once i return home?

i am looking for one that has lots of memory (i have a lot of pictures...) with a decent price.

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So, I started reading this blog not too long ago thinking it would be more interesting than something like Perez Hilton. Skip over who got drunk where and dive right into the hypocrisy. Thus far though about 1/2 of the posts are debatable at best and some are just idiotic, like they didn't look up the definition of "hypocrite" before calling everybody one. :( [eta: I was told it covered CEOs, politicians, and celebs but was focused on things that actually mattered. Turns out it focuses on how much money Paris Hilton spends. Lame.]

When's the last time you were annoyed when some form of media didn't live up to the hype?

Do people trolling for "donations" online ever get a significant amount of money out of people?

I'm never even tempted to "donate"


(no subject)

A friend of ours said she was interested in moving into our spare room, but then she said she had some concerns and would make a post soon, but she hasn't. WHAT ARE HER SECRET REASONS?!
puppy dog

How to spell a weird name

I met some girl last night, it took me a while to pronounce her name right but it is definitely pronounced EYE YELL IT. That's her name, eye yell it. How do I spell that? Oh we hit it off but I forgot to get her number or name spelling for facebook.


Inspired by The Macintosh will be 25 on 1/24/09

What was your first computer as a family/yourself and when did you get it?
How many have you had?
What do you have now?

As a family we had an Apple IIGS (I think that what 1992), Then we got our gateway desktop in 1997, that lasted up until last year. I got a gateway laptop in 2002 And that lasted me 2 years.
I've had 5 now.
Mac Book bought this summer

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What are some stupid laws that exist in your state?

I live in California, and apparently sunshine is guaranteed to the masses, it's illegal to herd 2000 sheep down Hollywood boulevard, and you cannot hunt for moths under a streetlamp!

(no subject)

What movies do you like the others seem to hate? The Happening, Signs, Twister

Did you see the twist in the Sixth Sense coming? No.

What are you watching tonight? NCIS, Scrubs, and Leverage

Flirting with death...and scoring!

You wake up one morning, after a night of heavy drinking. You don't remember a thing about the previous night. There's someone in bed with you. You turn over the covers, and you see that it's the dead body of a man. Looks like he was strangled. Little do you know that it was a practical joke issued by a friend, who was owed a favor by someone who works in a morgue. What do you do?

Call 911. Whatever happens, happens
Call a friend. Ask him/her to help me move the body
Tell no one. Try and dispose of the body on my own
"Apparently, I'm into necrophilia. Might as well pull out the lube...
Try and doctor the bedroom scene so it looks like self defense. Then call the cops
Tie his arm and leg to mine, and go out and have adventures, Weekend at Bernie-style
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I was stupid enough to look for a gym buddy on Craigslist's strictly platonic.  Some asshole emails me:

you do know that long, hard with a cute well hung guy is the best workout don't you ?

I tell him I've already got one, hoping he'll just go away but he has to respond with:

a really big one?

Can you guys help me feed emasculate this troll?  I am not so good with the snark.

girls » barbie
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Hey TQC,

I need this one class really bad, but it's full...However, I think I could probably weasel my way in...if I knew who to contact.

So, who should I contact to get into this class? Registrar? The teacher?

& unrelated to school:

Don't you just fucking hate it when you order Chinese and you don't get a fucking fortune cookie?

ke?//white ninja

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Tell me, TQC, what should I have for dinner?
I have $30 to spend and will be heading to the supermarket shortly. I'm in the mood for a salad on the side but I have no idea what else to have.

nom: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chicken-Breasts-Stuffed-with-Perfection/Detail.aspx

What dirty little things have you found under your keyboard? I just cleaned mine and found  a piece of clay that had fallen off a  facial scrub I once used.
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TQC! What are some rockabilly or psychobilly or surf revival must haves for my music collection?

If I don't escape the world of witty ironic indie music soon I'm going to go on a killing spree.

What kind of music do you listen to the most?
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I have a job that pays well (for what it is) but is part time, has no part time benefits, is unpredictable and not very flexible, comes with lots of bullshit, and is exhausting.

I am about to go back to school full time, and my father is covering the costs for now. I don't have to pay him back until I graduate. So aside from car payments/insurance, cell phone, and my dog, all I really need is some savings and some play money.

Should I look for another job?
Misbehave Doctor

What's a good movie to go see with someone you like?

Basically, I want to ask someone I really like if they want to go see a movie or something. What kind of movie is good to spend time with someone you like or to try to get them to notice you? LOL XD 

What are some good movies to see in theaters these days? 


EDIT: Well, I want to bring my friend too so... it can't be like a coffee shop or something LOL . He's in my class and we have study group days , so I know him pretty well already (Honestly, it's weird, I spend more time with him than anyone I know LOL).

(no subject)

how many livejournals have you had?
what usernames have you had?
do you still read the entries from old accounts?
how many other accounts do you have online and with who? (email, other blogs, forums, fan blogs, fashion sites, new sites, anything like that...)
which ones do you use the most?
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(no subject)

I like to burn scented candles at home. I noticed that my candles have warnings on them, and instructions even. They say that for the best results, only burn the candle for 3-4 hrs at a time. Why is this? What happens if I burn it longer? How is the quality of the candle compromised?

(no subject)

How long have you had pets?

My mom and dad had a black lab before I was born, and I've never been without animals. I've been alive nineteen years, and only one of the original animals is still alive.  He's eighteen and has outlived five dogs, two cats, hamsters, fish, and three turtles.

(no subject)

OK, so I do not cook meat usually.
I am making cajun chicken in the oven & vegetables (asparagus, potatoes, carrots, and celery).
Can I put it all in the same pot or will the vegetables burn (as the chicken will take about 1.5 hours)? Should I steam the vegetables a bit first and then put them in just as the chicken in finishing cooking? or just do it all separately? or perhaps just the potatoes with the chicken and the rest separate?
I'm useless... please help. ahaha

(no subject)

TQC, if you had a military penpal what would you write to him in your first letter?

All I know is that he is in Afghanistan, I don't have an age or anything more than his location. So obviously I'll ask about things like interests and what he's actually doing over there, but aside from that I have no idea what to write.

To my 'normal' penpals I would probably write about TV or complain about university but that seems really stupid.

groccery shopping..

I am a really picky eater, and I just can't think of any new things to eat. The only meat that I really like is poultry, and I usually eat things like turkey sandwiches, spinach, pasta, and salad. I like to eat pretty healthy, but I'm totally out of ideas.

TQC, what should I put on my grocery list?


I'm a freshman in high school and so far it has been the death of me. I'm in all honors classes (not saying that is very impressive haha, a lot of people do it) but I have C's right now in all of these classes (3). I'm basically freaking out and getting really stressed. So, how important are good grades to get into college? Make me feel better?

And right now I want to go to FIT for fashion photography or something artsy when I grow up.

Car Insurance

So I'm trying to help my sister find some affordable insurance for a car she's trying to buy.

The cheapest we've found so far is Esurance....Does anyone use them for car insurance? Do they totally suck?

What's your car insurance company?
The husband and I have Pekin because we did the whole home/auto thing...

(no subject)

anyone here have or "know someone" who has an STD? how is it? as far as i KNOW, i don't know anyone with an STD. but google says one out of five people have herpes, so maybe someone's hiding something.


A friend of mine who was very excited about being pregnant miscarried night before last.

If you've ever miscarried, what was the best thing a friend did for you?

If you've had a good friend miscarry, what did you do for them?
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Cowboy Ew

(no subject)

If you had $1,000 to spend on a laptop what kind would you get and why?

[Edit: I'm asking because I have $1,000 to spend on a laptop but I have no idea which brand etc to get. I use it basically for Microsoft Office, Internet, occasional music downloads, tons and tons of picture stuff, that sort of thing.......]

[Edit Again: Aaaand what if you DIDN'T want a Mac] :)
mermaid and the ship

(no subject)


I woke up this morning to a lump the size of a marble on my neck! What the heck is it?!

FYI: I already went to the doctor's office. They checked me for mono (negative) and they took blood (I should get the results tomorrow.) I just want silly answer to make me laugh. :)

(no subject)

If you were performing cunnilingus/fellatio on your partner and found that your partner's genitals tasted of delicious smoky bacon, would this be an immediate turnoff for you or a yummy and fortunate turn of events?
Paul Dano
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(no subject)

How long have you been a member of TQC?
Can you comment with the default icon you had when you joined?
If you are an older member do you recognize half of the people in here?
How are you today, anyway?
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

Which of the following should I purchase?

Nintendo Wii and two games
A bunch of Sims 2 expansion packs plus extra computer...memory, ram, hard drive, keys, whatever it is that you need to add extra space to computers and make things run well

Are you more likely to answer a question if it's in poll form as opposed to regular question form?

Only if there are check boxes

Did you brush your teeth today?


Edited to add that although Sims 3 is coming out soon, I have a Mac (I know, I know) and so the Mac version might not come out for quite a while.
Snap cat

(no subject)

So you think you know it all now, do you?

Do you not care about anyone but yourself?

Well what are you doing with your life?

I can't believe you're so immature; when are you going to grow up?
Sammy doesn't fucking know


After reading the dumb laws post I started looking at the dumb laws of different states and Texas has two that especially confuse me:

"When two trains meet each other at a railroad crossing, each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone."

Um, what?

"A recently passed anticrime law requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours notice, either orally or in writing, and to explain the nature of the crime to be committed."

Lolz, wtf?

If you looked at the dumb laws, were there any that completely baffled you? Which ones?
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St. Eldritch
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(no subject)

Does anyone know any good programs that can convert m4b files into mp3 or similar? I was just given some audiobooks but without iTunes, they won't play on my computer and it's driving me NUTS.
Baro Bitch Stare
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(no subject)

Why is TQC full of rude douchebags?
Do you ever find yourself replying to a comment in another comm with a snarky TQC style reply?

And because I haven't seen one lately, will you show me your desktop/wallpaper??<---this is the important question here!!

ETA: Why is my computer so hot?! Its a HP laptop, it hurts to touch it is so hot!

(no subject)

Dr. TQC,

I have been congested for going on three weeks now.  It's extremely uncomfortable and I'd like to be able to breathe normally again.  I've also started snoring because of it.  How do I fix it?

For those of you who don't care, how's your hair styled right now?
FLORENCE by rodeo_town

(no subject)

So, when boiling water, do you add hot water to the pan or cold water to start it out?
Someone once told me to always start with cold water because it comes to a boil quicker, that just does not make sense to me though.

(no subject)

I was driving by the cemetary and this guy was leaning out of his car to put flowers on a grave.  The weather was 56F, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, no clouds and rain so the weather didn't hinder him from going outside for a minute.

Why do you think he stayed in his car?

On a scale of 1-10, how cool would it be to work at a cemetary or funeral home?

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When you do a nice gesture for someone (a card, flowers, a sweet text message, whatever), do you do it purely to make them happy or does it bother you if they never mention it or thank you for it?

White chocolate is not actually chocolate and should be called something else. y/n?


Papa John's just delivered a pizza to my house.
Thus prompting me to ask these all important pizza questions...

1. Do you dab your pizza to de-grease?
2. Do you eat the crust?
3. Do you sprinkle anything on it? (Like garlic powder, red pepper flakes, etc.)
4. How many slices do you typically eat?
5. What is your beverage of choice to accompany your cheesey delight?
6. What is your favorite chain pizza?
7. Do you like/eat cold pizza?

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I'm afraid I'm going to pass out before the premiere of Scrubs in two hours. What can I do in order to prevent this?

What did/are you going to have for dinner? Who did you eat with and where (table, couch, restaurant ..)?
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Since I just got into an argument about this....

Do you have any problems with Vista?
What kind of problems do you have?
How would/did you go about fixing these problems (if they're fixable?)?

My computer since getting SP1 for Vista has not been able to 'sleep'-it just freezes midway through and I have to force shut it down to get anywhere. Also it has trouble sometimes with the keyboard. Like I'll be typing and suddenly I'm in another window. Or it will move the cursor back into different sentence or word, so I end up tying in the middle of them (quite irritating really). And there is one program that (Cyberlink Youcam--the webcam that came installed on my computer) that pops up on my desktop every time it is restarted. I've deleted it countless times and emptied the recycle bin, but it is always there the next startup. And right after these problems started I got Vista Ultimate because I was told that would fix them, but it didn't.

If you read that blob paragraph, how should I fix my computer issues?
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What is your sign?


How much tick can you take?

One tick
Two tick
Three tick
Belly rubbin&#39;

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Are there any songs that you really like, but you don't like the music video for them?

I like 1,2,3,4 by Feist, but I think the video for it is really stupid.

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This music video is stupid and pointless y/n?

Edit: Ok, I've added a cut. Sorry if I pissed anyone off.
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