January 5th, 2009


What is a good chocolatier that I can order from online? (other than godiva/hersheys/big brand stuff).

I usually order from see's candies. I'd like to try something new, maybe something fancier. Has anyone tried that one chocolatier that pairs the chocolate with a bottle of wine? I can't remember the name of it though...

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do you guys think that if my 15-year-old brother were to "go gay" neil patrick harris would be into him?
i really need to know - it may be the cincher in this deal.

also, what could you (at this point in your life) do that would piss your parents off the most?

NPH isn't a NAMBLAer (as far as i know).
we'll either have to convince my brother to be gay some other way, or my sister will have to start dating "outside of her race".

new question:
if you were to find out/realize that someone close to you (say, a parent) were racist AND homophobic all of a sudden, how would you react?
i'm considering using the same spray bottle method i used while potty-training our cat, and my sister is thinking about using the immersion method, but i'm not sure either will work.
any other ideas?

Do you ever feel weird saying the size of drink/meal you want at a restaurant when the names are dif

Do you ever feel weird saying the size of drink/meal you want at a restaurant when the names are oddly named?

Like i went with my girlfriend to an ice cream place a while back and I wanted the biggest size of their chocolate peanut butter shake thing... Well to me it was weird enough for me to say i wanted a PB&C instead of saying a peanut butter chocolate shake thingy... But when their sizes range from "like it", "Want it", and "Gotta have it." I felt very weird saying "can i have a PB&C in the Gotta have it size.".... I think it's just a thing with me in public, but i'd rather stick to my generic names that i know like "small", "medium", and "large."

Also i'm new to live Journal and i'm trying to get some online friends, and i'm having a hard time getting some good online friends who will actually be like MY friend on here and not just a name on a friends list. If you know any of them could you give them my name? :)

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I was looking for a onesie for my nephew and I came across one that said

"I my gay uncle"

...any thoughts on this?
Would you buy your baby a onesie that said that?

What's the funniest thing you can think of putting on one?
(If it's really good, I'll have it made hah)

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why are there 500 posts at ohnotheydidnt about bands that should have died along with the '90s tonight? i mean, Static X, System of a Down, EVE 6? what is going on?

what do you think happened to my security pass? i had it when i came home 2 weeks ago Monday and i haven't seen it since.
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My boyfriend quit smoking cold turkey.. he's on day... 3 or 4? but having bad withdrawels.

Is there anything I can do to make this easier for him? Any of you quit cold turkey? What did you wish someone would do for you to help the process/help you feel better?

Thank you :)

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Burger King is having a thing tomorrow where they will be doing interviews for team members on spot. I'm thinking about applying, simply because I need a job badly & I'm having zero luck finding anything. It'll have to be 1st shift which I'm almost positive they'll agree on.
Should I go ahead & apply? How bad will it suck?

Do you know exactly how many people you've kissed?
My friend & I were talking about how many people we've kissed & I lost count at 20 something, but I know there's at least 10 people I don't remember. He had like 4 total.

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Have any of you ever owned or worked in a mobile food cart/food stand/food truck? I'm trying to come up with the most economic way to sell tasty treats that I could hitch to my pickup, that would have power (I was thinking a generator, but possibly also if anyone knows about gaining access to city electric...I guess a really small cart could also use a small gas tank of some sort).

If not...any fun ideas for my food stall anyway?

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I read once in a book of superstitions that if you kiss your elbow, you'll change genders. Yeah, weird.

So, can you kiss your elbow?

If so, have you changed genders?

What would you do if this actually worked?

And lastly, what is the weirdest superstition that you've heard?

(Bonus superstition; If a girl whistles after dark, she'll grow a beard.)
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Hey guys, is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster? I've been trying to grow it out for a couple months, and I'm sure it's not growing as fast as the last time I did. What's up with that?
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Is there a girl out there (although I guess this can happen to guys too) who hasn't had their hair stuck in a round brush after someone else "pretended to curl it"? Christ almighty, it seems like it's practically a right of passage.

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One thing that has bothered me for the past three years is my living situation. 5 years back I moved down to Fl to help with my dying father. He has since recovered thanks to a transplant. I stayed to help my mother care for him before and after surgery. I am not a slouch I buy the groceries and I do a lot of things that my father can no longer do around the house for them. I pull my weight. Because of the economy I have not been able to get over a financial hump and jobs like mine are all outsourced. I have voiced my embarrassment and disappointment to others and they always respond with something alone the lines of 'it's ok because you're a girl' or ' it doesn't matter so much because you are a female'

My question is this, do people really look at adult children living at home differently when its a son vs. a daughter?
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the consumer electronics show is coming up, and i live in las vegas where it's held. it's generally not open to the public, but college students can go on the last day. i REALLY REALLY want to go but i would have to cough up $100 and go by myself. also, i've been saving up for a new computer and this would set me back a bit. should i do it?

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1:  If you could turn water into something else the way Jesus turned water into wine, what would you turn it into?   You can't keep changing it based on your craving.  Like, if you want to be able to turn water into Dr. Pepper, you can never turn it into something that is not Dr. Pepper.

2:  Would you want to keep your miracle-making a secret or would you do it in front of everyone?

3:  Let's say for this specific question that you want to keep it a secret and the only person who knows is your mom.  How would you react if your mom made you perform the miracle in front of everyone?
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Hey TQC,

So a couple weeks ago I found out my extended family (aunts, uncles, great-aunts) were even MORE racist then I had previously thought. I know they're extremely ignorant, old and possibly senile but COME ON.

So, does anyone else have racist family members? Please explain/tell stories so I don’t feel so bad.



Last night I tried talking to a friend online I stopped talking to because she just wasn't listening to me when I needed her to even though I listened to her. In the end it was the same-she just stopped listening to me and completely ignored me after I tried talking about my troubles. I know I should stop trying for this friendship, but why do I still feel this desire to be friends with her? :( Perhaps there is a part of me that feels that I can never be like her.

TQC, what would you do in my shoes? :( I'm going to completely disappear from her life and not try anymore but part of me is not willing to let go. I don't know why I hold on to friends who disappoint time and again.

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One more New Year question. What music did you herald in the New Year with this year?
We were at a place with an 80s DJ who played "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger at midnight. Ehhhh...
cheesin' for Disney

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when should i tell my boss i'm preg?
i don't normally see him, but he could come in within the next few weeks or month.

should i request vacation before they know?
i'm due at the beginning of july, and i accrue vacation as i work. by the time i'm due, i'd have 1 wk accrued, but i want to take a wk in march or april. they will prob pay for it if i take it before it's accrued, but i'm not sure if they're more likely to or less likely to knowing i'm preg and won't come in for like 3 months once i have the kid.

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Do you feel compelled to answer EVERY single question?

Even if you have no opinion??

Will the internet shut down if you don't get your 2 cents in?

EDIT: Zydeco....music for the new century??
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1. At midnight last night the light in the hall turned itself on. I could hear the switch flip. What caused this? Would this scare you? It scared me more than it should have. Then I fell asleep listening to Coat to Coast AM which did not help matters any.

2. My dad's work number called 6 times between 9:00 and 9:11. I don't know if it's him or someone else who works there. I called his cell phone but it goes straight to voicemail. Now I'm worried something bad has happened to him. Should I call his place of work and ask for him? Should I call now or wait a bit longer? He told me he would call at 10. Last time I did this he said I ~embarrassed~ him, but I'm really worried =[

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when you were young (or i guess even now) did you ever make the horn-honking motion to semi trucks when you passed them on the road? you know, the one where you bend your arm at a 90-degree angle and tug down...

do kids still do this?
do you think truck drivers like the horn-honking motion? (bonus points if you know/are a truck driver)


Has anyone in here done professional fact-checking before? Do you have to check every single detail, or just the major ones that could potentially lead to a lawsuit or a massively embarrassing gaffe? What databases did you have access to, if any?
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I may be asking to get flamed with this one, but oh well

This is something that's been bothering me for a while.

I'm white.  I don't care about race.  I hate racism.  I don't know a single white person who's racist.  If I describe someone as "Asian", "Hispanic", or "Black", it carries no stigma with it--it's a descriptor, nothing more, and the only reason I do it is because the area I live in is 97% white (with the exception of my college, which is much more diverse).

So my questions:

1)  Why is it that nobody cares if I describe someone as Asian or Hispanic, but the instant that I say someone's black, I'm a racist?
2)  Why is it apparently perfectly acceptable for a black girl to threaten my friend for no reason other than the fact that my friend is white, but if my friend complains, she gets labeled as racist?
3)  Why is it that (at least from what I've seen--here and elsewhere) hatred of Hispanics or blacks against whites is deemed perfectly acceptable?  It's like people think that white people are the only ones capable of being racist.
4)  Why is it that people are still allowed to play the race card?  Anyone I know who has worked hard to get where they are--regardless of race or nationality--has nothing but disdain for people who play the race card.  But people still get away with it.  Why?


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Does your family welcome your SOs like a new member, or are they wary of them at first?
My family/friends are almost embarassingly open to new additions. My neighbors (second parents) told my current SO that they loved him before I did. My friend just started dating a guy she's been close friends with for years who her family LOVED, but now that they're dating her family became very standoffish to him. Weird, right?

For those who are taken but not married; do your parents allow you and your SO to sleep in the same room/bed when you visit (or if you live with them)?
My parents started letting my SOs stay with me when I turned 18, I guess. They started by making me keep the door open, but then they realized that I wasn't running a brothel so now they could care less how we sleep. When I went to meet/visit BF's parents, they said "Surprise! You're sleeping in this room and everyone else will be sleeping on this other side of the house!" and were horrified when they found out that Sean had sat with me until I fell asleep because I was uncomfortable sleeping alone in a strange house/town like that. I thought it was uptight until my mom informed me that MY parents are the weird ones for letting him stay over all the time. I still think it's uptight.


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What kinds of candy do you refuse to eat/really hate? Is there a story behind your hatred?

My mom hates those Goodies maple candies because when she was younger she worked in a movie theater and was refilling the bin and found a bunch of bugs in them.
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

History Question...

  1. The Final Solution/Holocaust only referred to Himmler's extermination of the Jewish didn't it? Were homosexuals, the disabled, the Gypsies, mentally impaired etc. technically included in the Final Solution?
  2. Is there a encompassing word for the entire entire genocide of the Jews, disabled, Gypsies etc.?

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Inspired by the SO post.

A few years ago I went to a concert with my SO at the time, his dad, uncle and cousin. When we got to the hotel, his dad slept in our room. My former SO and I in one bed, and his dad in the bed next to us.

Would this creep you out?
Has anything like that ever happened to you?

Where's the most uncomfortable place you've slept?
Same guy and I had to sleep on his cousin's couch one night while his cousin and a friend stayed awake and watched us sleeping. Still wasn't as bad as having his dad next to us though. hah

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i have a cold and a cough. i am unimpressed by this as i currently sound like a man. what is the best medicine for a cough and/or cold? i have lemsip, and a cough syrup but neither are helping at all.

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1. What is your favourite unsolved mystery/conspiracy story/generally creepy story?

2. My friend has told me that if I buy a big ole cheesey Obama shirt and wear it to america, people will love me. Is this true Y/N?

3. I feel like getting some pierced! What should I get pierced? What have you got pierced? Can I see your piercings? I like those monroe piercings but I don't think I could pull it off. Could I?

Srs and non srs pretty pls.

Edit: Also do those monroe ones heal easily? I don't want it when I am 40!

photoshop serial code

Okay so about a year ago I bought Paint Shop Pro PHOTOx2 to help me with some minor effects for a media assignment and I love the program. Unfortunately I must have thrown out the box that it came in which apparently has the serial number on it. Now I can't install the program onto my new computer without the effing code. Boring question I know, but do any of you guys know of a website where I can find a serial number which will work OR (this is a long shot) have any of you guys had the same problem with the same program and found a serial number that works. Thankyou so so much in advance. NEVERMIND

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why do some people put so much effort into an argument without any proof that what they're saying is true ? for some examples read the comments =D
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How did the icon get there under the keyword: recent me? Did it happen to yours as well, with your lj icons?

In my life, I have never seen this image of a group of boys and have no idea who any of these are. At the first glance, I assumed Jonas Brothers. I didn't save it in any file in my laptop. o.O

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Is it old-fashioned/creepy to meet an apartment neighbor that just moved in? Especially with a baked good of some sort? The guy is going to be living next to me for who knows how long and undoubtedly I will run into him, and I'll feel like a hermit/douche if I don't at least introduce myself. On the other hand, coming to meet the neighbor with a baked good sounds like shit from a 50's sitcom and everyone today is all "THESE DAYS YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYONE"

What do I do, if anything?

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what was the last rude thing someone said to you?

i work at a video store. and i have 1 1/16 inch tunnels. i started tying my hair back in a ponytail (i used to wear it down so people wouldn't see my tunnels) because i was sick of looking like a bum at work. most people usually just ask how long it took or whatever, they're not too rude about it. but one guy comes in last night and goes: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO? YOU CAN HANG CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS OFF THEM THINGS. and made several other rude comments. if i wasn't at work i would have told him to fuck off, but i had to just smile and laugh... it was rough. i guess i'm just more used to people being curious rather than rude about it lol.
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I just want to cry and have someone listen...so I managed to mess my finances up royally this month. I'm $40 short right now and I'm begging on facebook "does anyone have $40 I could borrow for ONE DAY?! 2 seconds ago - Comment". I dunno how I managed to do this....godddamnfuckingChristmas

What was the last thing that made you want to scream?
When was the last time you just...screamed in frustration?

How much did you spend on Christmas gifts?
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I'm looking for fun/interesting/random things to put in my dorm room when I start college this summer. What online store would you recommend? I like Uncommon Goods, so perhaps something along the same vein. Or something completely different.

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TQC, I have a week without any obligations or responsibilities before classes start next monday.  None of my friends have gotten back yet, so I can't hang out with them.  Also, I'm about a half-hour from Austin, so I could potentially do stuff there. 

How should I spend the week?
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I'm thinking about buying a hookah. I'm trying to keep my expense on it below $75 (actually, that's a must, being below that price).

Do you smoke hookah?
Have any of you (or your friends) purchased a hookah?
From where did you buy it?
Do you like it?
Will you recommend one to me?
hayden - smoker

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So TQC, I feel like writing some fiction, just a short story type thing. When I was a preteen I wrote a little bit, but I haven't really tried to since then and I'm having a hard time coming up with some plot. What should I write about? Srs and nonsrs answers welcome.

Alternatively, if you're a writer who experiences writer's block (or can't come up with any plot in the first place), how do you remedy the situation? Any special inspirations or exercises? Do you ever post your writing on the internet? Can I read it?

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When did you first go to the gynecologist (or proctologist, I don't know if the same age rules apply to that.)? Was this more than 2 years after you became sexually active?

My housemate and I have both been sexually active for over 5 years and haven't gone. We will explode and die y/y?
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Myers Briggs

Which Myers Briggs Personality are you?:

Check to see how much of each letter you are at the end of the test, if it says 1% it usually means you could be either letter for that category.

How accurate did you think the test was?

I'm an ESFP, the performer:

I think it was extremely accurate... Although I do enjoy some alone time, I am an extremely social creature.

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TQC, what could cause getting tonsillitis for the 3rd time in a month?!

I had antibiotics for 7 days, I got better, finished the antibiotics on a Saturday evening by Monday morning it was back again! :D 

I got more antibiotics for 10 days this time, I got better, finished the antibiotics on a Saturday evening again and now my throat has just started hurting again, like tonsillitis hurting.

Why does God hate me?
Should I remove these suckers myself?

I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself now TQC, show me funny pictures or anything to cheer me up. :(
Baro Bitch Stare

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Have you ever 'donated' plasma?
How much money did you get for your first time?
How long did it take?
Did you just walk in and say "I'm here to 'donate'"?

Any stories welcome!
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I live with two friends, but I'm rarely home. The lease is ending in a few months, so I'm just going to live with my boyfriend and his friend since I'm always there anyways and it'll be a few hundred dollars cheaper each month for rent. My friends decided to move into a four bedroom house. They asked me if I wanted to move in and I said no. They then asked if at least they can put me down on the lease so they'll be approved. I was hesitant, but agreed since I've known them for almost ten years and they helped me out a lot in the past. Apparently the information that the person that they are renting the house from needs the name of the credit card company that they are with, the credit card numbers, banking number, etc. I told them that this sounds highly suspicious and I am not going to supply this information. My one friend (who is usually paranoid) said that she gave him the information and nothing's bad happened.

So, TQC, am I wrong for thinking that this is a big scam? I'm a big paranoid meanie? Or does this seem kinda suspicious to you?

EDIT: I just realized how stupid this is to even be put on the lease and I texted my friend that I'm not going to do it.
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how do i re-download all the songs i paid for on itunes to my new computer?  i'm sure it's easy, but i'm lazy and don't feel like looking it up at the mo.

thanks to everyone who so lovingly answered my stupid question.  i will never ask a google-able question on here again  LOL  i don't think the weak could ever make it in this comm.

how are you today?  :D
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I'm getting my tonsils taken out on Wednesday, and I'm so nervous! Have you ever had your tonsils taken out? Will you tell me about it (like, how much pain were you in afterwards, and how long it took to recover)?

(no subject)

Do you have a favorite recipe for roasted chicken? Can you post it for me?

I just bought a whole chicken and my grandparents are coming over for dinner tomorrow, I need help!

Indian Sounds

I've realized that I enjoy American and British music with "Indian" or Arabian sounds to it, such as music that incorporates the sitar. Do you know any music with obvious Indian sounds/influence?

For example, I can think of Incubus (like Aqueous TransMISSION), Aerosmith (Taste of India), & George Harrison.

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Inspired by the nom nom question by counterfeitfake. What are things that have turned you on in the past that aren't necessarily attractive?

The only thing I can think of is that time in computer class when a guy was doing this rubix cube thing under 10 seconds and I found that 'hot' even though he wasn't attractive himself. Twas weird.

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Do you believe all those predictions about 2012, especially December 21st of that year?

The reason I ask is because I just watched something about it on The History Channel, and now I'm creeped out about that year.

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Should I feel bad that I'm still sending out Christmas cards? :P Two girls from Canada sent me cards for the first time and I got 'em a couple days after Christmas, and I just now got theirs sent out.

Are belated holiday cards annoying?

(no subject)

is there anything trivial/generally not a big deal that you regret very seriously? like something that haunts you because you didn't buy it or wishing you didn't get rid of something while cleaning?

my parents had passes to a full week at disneyland when i was 14 and i refused to go because i was in that i-hate-my-parents phase. i still feel like a giant pile of donkey shit because i didn't go and they had paid for them. and because it's fucking disneyland!

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I'm upset. Someone I know is not going back to college. They'd rather hose around in a crap job instead regardless of owing a shit ton of loans.

Also. Someone did not mail a stack of mail I asked her to mail three weeks ago! And part of it was already late!

What's pissing you off right now?
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What is your Chinese zodiac sign and element? The elements are from the original Zodiac caladeners and so its uncommon for people to know it.

Im a fire Tiger. I was born Nov.2nd 1986.

The Tiger is course my year and the fire goes with the section of the sign i was born under.
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On a scale of "I'd rather throw them out and buy all new" to "It makes my whole day!" -- how much do you like doing laundry?
(It makes my whole day and that makes me feel a little bit pathetic.)

What small things make your day?

(no subject)

last night i was frying an egg for my boyfriend and it was really cold in his apartment so it never occurred to me that MAYBE I SHOULD TAKE OFF MY NICE NEW CARDIGAN and, of course, i got butter splatter on it.

usually when i get a grease stain, i rub it with a little detergent and it comes right out before it even goes into the wash.

didn't work!

while searching for other ways to get the stain out, i thought it might be a good idea to see what the shirt is made of. it is 63% silk and 37% nylon. ugghhh that doesn't sound good. AND, when i was looking at the tag, i realized that the shirt is DRY CLEAN ONLY.

i know, i know. i totally deserve this because this is what i get for 1) not checking to see how the shirt is washed before buying it and 2) wearing a nice sweater while frying an egg.

here's my issue. i can't get to the dry cleaners.


1) is there any way i can safely wash this garment myself?

2) is there any way i can safely wash this garment myself AND remove the stain?

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What can I buy my soon-to-be-former-MIL as a 'thank you' present for getting her son to FINALLY sign the divorce papers? 

I have been attempting to do so for almost 2 years now and she somehow managed to get him to stop running and fucking sign them already.  I am thrilled for myself and my sanity, but I also want to send/bring her something to show my immense appreciation.  Is there a standard gift for this type of occasion?
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TQC, I want to change my major to music ed. However, in order to do so, I have to convince my parents that I will be able to support myself on a choir director's salary. Simplyhired.com says I can make an average of $45,000/year teaching a high school choir. Can one live on this salary in an average-sized town? What about in a big city?

(no subject)

 do you like stickam?

i like it for when i'm super bored but i get pretty tired of a) getting "SHOW ME UR TITS LOL" or b) guys coming in and getting on cam and jerking off. 

edit: would you like to be my stickum friend??
yes. i say stickum. it's a lot more fun to say anyways.
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For those of us college students who are still on break, what are you going to do until school starts again? I'm getting my books tomorrow. I'm going to see Marley & Me on Wednesday. I'm probably just watch TV.

Bert Shocked

(no subject)

If you keep your eyes open during it, what are you looking at?

What sounds do you make during it?

What are you thinking about when you're doing it?


The tip

MMmmmm....*slurp* oh yeah

This ice cream is quite delicious!
anja rubik editorial

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I'm watching Lost on tv right now after not having seen it for a few months, and daaaaaaaamn, Evangeline Lilly's character Kate is annoying. I can't tell if it's bad acting or just poor characterization, or what.

What are the most annoying tv/film characters for you to watch? Why?

(no subject)

Do you like the differences between the book Jurassic Park and the movie?


Do you like the differences between the book Lost World and the movie?

I like both books and both movies, but there's so many changes. I wish they'd kept some of the things the same.

(no subject)

Might we play One Line Story? Everyone posts a sentence and passes the story along. (I was going to do One Word Story but I think it would be too suspenseful.)

If you all unanimously decide no, answer me this: I made popcorn with an expiry of 2006 because I was hungry and there was nothing to eat. What is the worst that could happen? Can you die from something being too stale?

(no subject)

Have any of you ever tried the Special K challenge? My friend and I were talking about it, and I'm tempted but it seems gimicky [is that a word?].
If you've tried it, how did it work out?

...If not, or if you simply don't care, what are the top 10/25/whatever most played songs on your music player of choice?

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The Nines

1. I just started watching The Nines by myself and its gettin' pretty weird and kinda freaking me out. Should I watch the rest when I'm not alone?!

2. What do you do that's considered "weird" to your food?
ex. Putting ketchup on eggs
I <3 TLV


I'm going tomorrow! I did lots of outdoor touristy things in August, and now it's time for some indoor fun!

Is there anything I should NOT MISS doing? I'm planning on going to museums, bars, lots of restaurants, comedy clubs (I know these can be hit or miss but I had a blast the last time), etc. Also, TCQ New Yorkers: Where's your favorite place to get tea?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a professor who totally changed the point or idea of the class you were taking? Examples?

I'm taking an introduction to drama class but just listened to my professor talk for five hours about Jesus. He's a Jesus freak which is totally okay, except that I don't give a shit and purposely didn't take a religion class. ARGHH
Alice in Wonderland

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help me, tqc. i bought a wallet today but it still has the security device still attached it was folded INSIDE the wallet so i didn't notice until after i got home. it's not the normal ink filled type but i'm still not sure if it's safe to just cut the wire. here's a picture:

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has this ever happened to you? what did you do?
Lost sayiiiiiiiid

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If you have one, what's your opinion on Kate Nash?

She confuses me.I think her voice is absolutely beautiful, but if I listen to the lyrics of her songs I kind of start to hate her. :C

(no subject)

How long have you been on the Internet today? I got on around 10:30, stopped at 2:00, and then came back on at 4:30 or 5:00. This is one of the reasons I can't wait until school starts.

(no subject)

who gave those irl trolls TMZ a tv show?
have you seen this shit?
have you ever thought about what it'd be like kissing milo "stroke lip" ventimiglia? what is the stupidest conversation you've had on that particular topic? i think last time i watched heroes with someone else there was a lot of derp-talking. my goodness that was a while ago.
how do you pronounce milo?
holy shit, did A channel just spoil gossip girl? highlight: chuck tells dan he's not the first-born humphrey, jenny is back at constance, blair joins some ladies club

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my dog is fat. this makes him nice to cuddle with but it is not healthy. anyway... we are trying to get him back to a healthy weight. aside from feeding him less dog food (no free feeding... he gets 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup at dinner time), no people food whatsoever, and taking him for lots