January 4th, 2009

Baro Bitch Stare
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Does anyone want to give me $100? ~~Okay you snobby bumkins! I wasn't serious! Don't jump on me! Do you think people honestly believe that strangers on the internet will just HAND you $100?!~~

I'm in a jam....I have three bills coming in. I already took a checking account advance which is also going to get paid at the same time as those three bills (This is all already set up online and it is too late for me to change any of it!). I get paid on Tuesday and that is what is covering...most of that. I'm just ....$100 short! I don't know how to cover it...because I already took the checking account advance and that is being paid back with the paycheck! Any bright ideas on how to fix this? Thanks~!

When was the last time you did something stupid like schedule all your bills to pay on payday then come to find out that your check isn't enough to cover it?
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I really miss being in school and would like to eventually go back and blah blah blah. Through my job I have the opportunity to take any course I want through the local university. It's an opportunity that I'd like to take (and my only opportunity to take it), but I'm having issues with concentration right now and none of the classes look super appealing to me, although I can imagine myself enjoying a few of them. Should I take one anyway? The credit wouldn't mean anything and a lot of the classes only have lectures once a week. I just don't know if I'm in the mood to crack textbooks and right papers right now.
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What's your opinion of breast feeding in public? I'm talking baseball games, department store benches, malls, airports, benches in parks.  And I'm not talking private family rooms that many facities provide, i'm talking out in the middle of wherever.

What about pictures of breast feeding on facebook? Does it break facebook's private policies or are they over reacting? 

BEST WAY TO GET MONEY (for college)?!?!??!?!??!?!?

1.) With this economy, do you think a college student with only babysitting and math tutoring experience could find work for 40 or more hours/week? I'll take only 1 class during spring quarter so I can work full time to save up for college.

2.) Where's the best place for someone like this to work to get the most money? I'm in desperate need of money for college.

Thanks a lot!

Aretha Marvin Snape

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One of my New Years resolutions is to travel more. So.....

In my first mini-venture of the year, in which direction should I travel?


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When you get home from somewhere...do you leave your coat on?

I've been home for at least a half hour and I still have my coat on. I tend to do this a lot...to the point where people always ask me if I'm leaving. hah

What do you do when you get home fairly late but don't even feel like thinking about sleep?
I just sat through The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (holy fuck it was long)

Should I watch another movie now?
(Moonstruck, Eternal Sunshine orrr Dead Like Me episodes?)

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My boyfriend just told me, out of the blue, that he "doesn't see our relationship going much further" ...Ouch.

Can you post something that will get my mind off this and/or cheer me up before I go to bed?
dianna agron ;;

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When was the last time you were seriously drunk?
Right now
When was the last time you encountered someone you really didn't want to encounter?
Just now
Will you explain to me, in detail, if you can, the most traumatic experience of your life?
Nothing traumatic has ever happened to me

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i have:

an old harddrive in an enclosure
a laptop full of viruses(getting it fixed, everything is backed up, no worries).

BUT I REALLY WANT TO WATCH BLACK BOOKS which is all in the enclosure.

is it safe to hook it up and put it on the laptop so i can watch it or should i leave it be?

(no subject)

Are some people just cursed to always have issues with their computer?

If TQC were a financial planner, how would it suggest you invest your money?

What kind of toothpaste do you use?


How do you feel about circumcision....specifically done to baby boys soon after birth?
Do you think it's beneficial at all or mostly traditional?

If you ever were to have a baby boy would you have him circumcised?
If you are a male and don't mind answering....are you circumcised? 

I know they don't give pain relief to the babies and even though they don't remember it bothers me. On the other hand apparently it's easier to keep clean and avoid infections without the foreskin.

My ultrasound hinted that it may be a boy...
dianna agron ;;

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Does anyone have any pre-hangover cures?
I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna be spending tomorrow bent over the toilet seat vomiting [because I throw up like fuckery when I'm hungover] so can anyone suggest anything I could do right now to avoid that OTHER than "drink loads of water"?
I'm supposed to go to my dad's tomorrow and I'd rather visit him WELL as opposed to vomiting. If I'm hungover, I usually vomit basically all day.

Stupidest poll of the day

You have to have sex with someone (your SO or whoever), but the whole time, they have to wear an authentic mask of a certain character. It'll look just like that character. What mask will your partner be wearing when you boink them?

Kermit the Frog
Ronald McDonald
Hello Kitty
Michael Meyers (Halloween)
Miss Piggy
Hitler (this would involve very realistic makeup and real hair 'stache)
Hannibal Lector (with face guard)
The Burger King
Your mother (realistic makeup and hair)

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What is the kid's game where you have to get little plastic discs into a cup, by like bouncing a ball, I think-though I could be wrong on that part?

Resolved, new question:

Do you find with certain/your friends you are always (or almost always) the one to IM or call first? Does it get annoying at all?
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To non-American TQCers, as an American, I've heard all about Yankee stereotypes. That we are stupid, trigger happy and loud.

But what about you, what are the stereotypes of your country? (Oh, by the way, which country are you from?) Is there any truth to those stereotypes?

What's the strangest stereotype that you've heard of? (It may or may not be related to your country.)

To my fellow Americans, what are the stereotypes of your region? Again, is there any truth to them?

Like, for example, I am from the South. Southern hospitality is not exactly true. People here can be seriously mean. Especially if you don't fit the Southerner mold. On the upside, the mean things they do say are told in Southern wit and are so charming, half the time you don't even realize you are being insulted. Bless your heart.

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I'm starving. Like, been laying in bed listening to my stomach rumble for over two hours starving. I can't sleep, despite my taking two sleeping pills with wine. Do I wake up my husband and ask him if he wants to go get a cressandwich or mcbiscuit or something or eat something here and already paid for like my granola cereal? Or do I just try harder to go to sleep and ignore my loud, inconsiderate stomach?

For the record, when a friend and I were counting down the hours till breakfast one day, my husband demanded to be woken up to enjoy the spoils. However, he also sleepily and begrudgingly ate the food he asked for. So he could probably go either way, if it matters to you.

So Frustrating.

i've been searching for different ways to download songs off of myspace and none of them seem to be working or are out of date. does anyone have a good way to get it to work?
if you can, can you help me out?
can someone please figure out how to and then send it to me?
Please and thank you.

nevermind. i got it.
im french

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1. I'm staying in a hotel and I forgot my contact lens solution so I put them in water, and I'm going to go get solution soon. How long will they keep in water? Will they be okay?

2. What sort of fun things can I do in Palm Beach, Florida with my 77 year old grandmother with a bad knee and 82 year old morbidly obese and basically immobile step-grandfather? Anyone?

3. Will the native Floridians laugh at me if I go swimming even though it's January?
Bert Shocked

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On a scale of 1 2 8 how would u rate yor dancing skills?

8 being "at a professional level"
7 being "pretty good, studied dance as a youth but quit after my parents broke up and instead started writing a lot"
6 being "can look good at most clubs"
5 being "can keep up with the music,I can grind and slow dance"
4 being "I have rhythm but no moves"
3 being "No rhythm, can dance like the Peanuts"
2 being "I dance only when I'm drunk and I'm glad I don't remmeber"
1 being "like stephen hawking"

What kind of dancing are you best at?
Bert Shocked

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Do you think life would be much easier if everyone had to go everywhere with name tags with their name, and gender, and sexual orientation, and relationship status, and status updates on it?

Do you think life would be much better?

(no subject)

So, while cleaning out my bedroom this morning, I found my ex's iPod that he lost last June. Should I keep it, or be *nice* and give it back to him?

EDIT: We had a bad breakup, but he's generally a good guy, and he also lives 55 miles away now, if that influences your answers.
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I'm making my class schedule for the spring semester, and I'm in a bit of a pickle. As of now I'm planning to be on campus from either 9:30am or 11:00am until 6:15pm. If I start at 9:30, I'd be able to have a break somewhere in the middle of my classes, but if I start at 11 I'll get to sleep later and go to campus later.

What would you do, TQC?

If you don't care, what are you excited for/about?

(no subject)

1)what job sites have the best ratio of real jobs to fake jobs?

I ask because I hate looking through OMG, WORK FROM HOME crap.

2)How is your anxiety level?

around a 6 on the ten scale.

3)How many tubes of lip balm do you own?

at least 5.

(no subject)

Why did Prince Eric fall for Ariel after she lost her voice?

She was sweet and loving
She was pretty foxy
He's into redheads
He has a mute fetish
It was in the script
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Dear TQC,

LJ still hasn't banned me for possibly implying that redundantly was a prostitute or for stalking her (aka commenting to posts made in a public forum).

My question is, what types of stupid shit will people actually get banned for?

Srs and non-srs answers plz.

(no subject)

Regardless of how you feel about him, you gotta admit Vince Vaughn is a pretty talkative, scene-stealing kind of actor. In which movie do you feel he was charismatic best?

Fred Claus
Wedding Crashers
Clay Pigeons
Into the Wild
Four Christmases
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Starsky and Hutch
Old School
A Cool, Dry Place
Return to Paradise
The Breakup
Be Cool

(no subject)

1. Who are some of your artistic muses?

2. What is your biggest vice?

3. Do you have a nickname for your car? If so, what is it?
My friend has (in)appropriately named her Volvo- Vulva

4. Do you have any idiosyncrasies? What are they? Are other people aware of them?

night porter

(no subject)

Now that I have this automatic cat feeder. Are my kitties going to stop loving me? Or will they love me more now that their feeding is more regular and they're not annoying me so much that I spray them with water and chase them out of the kitchen constantly?

I really want some congee. Are you craving anything weird right now?
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Names for a psychiatric hospital

Hi people,
Could anybody give me some names which you use for a psychiatric hospital in your city/location?
For example, I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and we often use euphemisms like "the yellow house" or "house on the Prazhka river" instead of "a psychiatric hospital".
So I need some examples of similar euphemisms/synecdoches. Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

Do you like to watch documentaries or real-life type shows on hauntings and paranormal stuff?

Will you give me the names or links to the ones you like most?

If none of that applies to you, When was the last time you were genuinely scared?
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Kitty lite
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(no subject)

I've got a friend that is having a baby soon and she wants to look her best for all the pictures and the video. Can you please recommend a good, waterproof, black/brown mascara that doesn't have a lot of fumes?


(no subject)

My dad just moved his office stuff into my mom's office (to prepare for my sister moving in)

How long before they kill each other?
Do your parents get along well?

(My mom just showed my dad how to turn on the light in the room and said "LEARN IT AND LEARN IT NOW!" My dad just called my mom a "turd".)

What's on your agenda for today? (I just woke up at 1pm...bum!)

Father of the Bribe

Which of these offers would it take to bribe you to not use the internet for a full year?

2 crisp $100 bills
Sex with someone reasonably attractive
Paid airfare to any one location, one way. Cannot be redeemed for cash
An iPhone
Free year's supply of gas
Nude pics of someone in TQC (specify who)
A tattoo, any size and color
The network decides to bring your favorite tv show back after it was cancelled
They immediately halt production on the next Twlight movie
All my schoolbooks paid for next semester
My final grade for one class moved up a grade (a C to a B, B to an A,, etc)
$500 worth of repairs/check on your car. Must be used within 365 days
One full day of pampering at a spa. Any treatment you wish
$300 gift card for the Cheesecake Factory
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Inspired by Mitch Hedberg;

Oh, no, your house is infested! The good news is by some magical way, you get to pick your infestation. So, what critters are roaming your halls and cupboards?

Sci-fi geek question;

What do you think of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor?

Personally, I don't get the whole "He's so young! He's only 26!" He actually looks around the same age as Tennant. Plus, he has spirit fingers. You can never go wrong with a Doctor who has spirit fingers.
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(no subject)

Hi guys. I just got back to my apartment after two weeks of Christmas vacation. This place is such a dump. Major downgrade. Living alone is like, not all that it's cracked out to be.

Who do you live with? Pets count.

Will you show me a picture of your bedroom?

Will I be able to set up a wireless thing by my self? I'm good at reading directions, but not the most technologically savvy person.
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(no subject)

Apparently, I'm not the only person I work with going to see Legally Blonde: the Musical. However, they were surprised to find out that I liked it.

What is something that people you know IRL would be surprised to find out you were into?

(no subject)

favorite football team(s)? college doesn't count!

i like da bears, panthers, & eagles. i picked them because i've lived in all states and i feel a ~loyalty. i've grown to love them.
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lots of questions buzzing around in my head...

when was the last time you bathed?
friday. i'm about to go shower, it's gross.

are you listening to music right now? if so, what is it?
yep, rainbow veins by owl city. i have my itunes on party shuffle.

what are you wearing?
black leggings and a USF rugby shirt. my brother played.

is it just me, or does it suck that today is my mom's birthday and she's spending it at the hospital because my grandpa is in the ICU?
yes. it SUCKS. i'm a nervous wreck.
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(no subject)

Since we've established that college football >>>>> NFL, is University of Oklahoma just Gator bait at this point?

Why did Texas Tech lose to Ole Miss?

And if you don't give a shit either way, what's your favorite month ending in y?

Uh oh. Did I kill my DVD drive?

So, I finally got a harddrive with enough space to put all my music on it and hide my cds away. I've basically been ripping non-stop since yesterday.

I was ripping them in my DVD burner drive since it rips faster than my CD drive. And then all of a sudden, it was ripping at, like, 0.4X speed. For every CD.

Did I kill my burner?

(I have since switched to my CD drive. WIll I kill it too?)
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(no subject)

So my internet is down and my home telephone is screwed up as well (I am posting from my cell).
I have been on hold with comcast for probably...an eternity. What should I do to pass the time, aside from the impossible (real internet)?
Do you think the technician I've been waiting for will ever pick up? 

The tech never picked up because I was finally like "WHATEVER" and hung up. My internet is now mysteriously fixed.
Comcast employs psychics, y/y?
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(no subject)

TQC, how do you break an addiction, or resist a temptation? Can you join alcoholics or narcotics anonymous for any addiction, or only alcohol or narcotic addictions? (I feel like their methods might help me.)

I just discovered that yet another of my past sexual partners had a girlfriend when we hooked up, so I've decided to cut sex out of my life entirely for a year. How do I do this?

Have you ever had to give something up? Drinking, smoking, candy, meat, whatever? How did you do it?

(no subject)

Is it okay to cancel plans by leaving a message on AIM? They have an away message up if it matters. I don't feel like going out.  (edit: I called, guys)

What's the most impersonal way you've ever been dumped/dumped someone?
holding hands

(no subject)

I'm looking for a good survey/meme to do in my LJ...just something to pass the time.  Do you have any good ones?  I'm 22, so I'm sort of over the teenage who's-your-crush type stuff...

(no subject)

how often do you work out?
are you going to change anything now that it's 2009?

I don't currently work out, but starting tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to start walking about 2 miles twice a day 5-6 times a week :)

(no subject)

how shitty of an idea is it to embark on dangerous, morally questionable quests for the sole purpose of being able to write a book about these activities at a later date?

would you ever consider having experiences just so you can write about them? (or to improve whatever artistic expression you prefer, whether it be acting, writing, painting, whatever)

i feel like my life needs a bit more danger and pain in it in order to make me a good writer. so i'm considering intentionally cultivating such experiences.

(no subject)

What month were you born in?


What year were you born?

before 1970
After 1995

(no subject)

Do you save your notebooks/textbooks from previous semesters?

I have a ton of photo albums and letters from the ex. I can't stand throwing away pictures, should I just put everything in the attic? What do/did you do with old stuff like that?
wowee! toki wartooth.

(no subject)

 tqc, what's your favorite "indie" movie?
mine is probably everything is illuminated. (i hope that counts as indie :S)

how about your favorite "indie" or underground band?
i love animal collective. do the decemberists count? lightspeed champion is pretty cute too. 

how about your favorite cartoon?
i'm completely in love with metalocalypse and south park!<33 (toki and butters are my favorites :))

do you have any strange habits when you're on the phone?
unless i'm laying in bed talking, i have to pace when i'm talking on the phone.
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How To Deal

 Does anyone know where I can watch "How to Deal" online with Mandy Moore? I tried buying it from iTunes but it's not listed on the iTunes store and Limewire doesn't have it either. Help? 
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(no subject)

if you smoke weed what do you enjoy smoking out of the most? [joints, blunts, bowls etc] and why?

i like blunts, because i tend to drive a lot when im smoking and its easier to just pass a blunt and not a bowl and lighter.


(no subject)

1. What should I get a tattoo of and where? I don't have any so I think I'm overdue for one.

2. Do you have any sage advice to give to the crowd?

Don't ever use hand sanitizer when you have a burn on your palm. :(
James Franco joint

(no subject)

I just told my two friends that (because of an awkward spine thing) I have like, a mini second butthole.

They won't stop making fun of me!!! I'm butthurt (literally?). How do I make it stop??

Okay, the red line is my spine, and the orange hole is my second butthole. It's deep enough to fit like, my first knuckle on my pointer finger in. It does not fart or poop. It could potentially get fucked.


(no subject)

Have you ever fallen down the stairs?

Did you get hurt?

We had carpet on our steps a few years ago. There was no railing because my dad took it off. I was in my slippers and I slid down the last three steps. I tried to stop myself, but it didn't work. When I got up, I was dizzy despite the fact I didn't hit my head. I had a bruised tailbone (Hurt to sit down for the next two days) and bruises in places I didn't even know I had hit when I fell.

When I was eight, I decided to crawl down the stairs. Bad idea. I ended up falling down the stairs in a ball and I kept turning. I wasn't hurt that time, though. Don't know how I wasn't.

Another time, in school, I tripped up the steps and slid back down. My legs were bruised after that.

Late afternoon mix

What was the last thing to make you go "WTF?!" ?

If the people in your house were in high school, what stereotype would they fit into?

What is your favorite "healthy" food?

What color dominates in your closet?

Do you match your underwear to your clothes?


Here's a good one....I keep getting spam in my email from address all over the place. Is there a mailing list site I can put there ass on? ....Yes, Ive reported these address, but they mutilply. They come from yahoo hotmail and gmail. (and I dont have either of these.)
Can I spam the spammers? (at least...slow them down to send me crap mail?)
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help me tqc!

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are stressed beyond belief?

Sex, drugs, and alcohol are all out of the picture because i have no money. Hence why i am feeling so stressed.

Like stressed to the point where i wanna cry.

Is it normal to get so stressed out about having no money?
Julia Murney

(no subject)

Will you give me some end points for Wikiclicks (Read: The Wikiepdia game)? I's bored.

Do you like playing Wikiclicks?
What was the hardest round you ever played?

What did she say?

Wikiclicks: From the Wikipedia homepage you press 'random article', and you have to get from that article to the 'end point' article, using links found in the random article, and any subsequent articles.

(no subject)

You are going to Subway and ordering a sandwich. What do you order? (Bread type, meat, cheese, veggies, condiments, etc.)

Is your sandwich an acquired taste, or should I give it a try sometime?

(no subject)

When you were in high school and had study hall, did you ever get stuck with the younger kids?

Yes. Last year, when I was a senior, I got stuck with the eighth graders. Worst study hall ever. They didn't listen to the teacher, they wouldn't shut up, and were really bad. Really, really annoying. I was never more glad to graduate. I barely handled the nine weeks I was in that study hall.

Father of the Bribe 2

Apparently, you have a stronger attachment to the internet than I first anticipated. Allow me to sweeten the hypothetical deal. Would these offers make you give up the internet for a year? Come out and play, net junkies!

20 crisp $100 bills
Sex with your favorite celebrity. One session, all night
Airfaire to any twenty locations, round trip. Cannot be redeemed for cash
Large flat screen tv
Free gas for 3 years
Nude pics of 10 people of your choice.
Any number of tattoos, any size and color, by the artist of your choice
Season tickets to all the home games of any sports team of your choice
They turn your favorite book into a movie, and you get to pick the cast
One year's free tuition
My final grade for five classes moved up a grade (a C to a B, B to an A,, etc)
$5,000 credit at a car dealership of your choice
2 weeks' vacation at a deluxe vacation resort in Hawaii
Ten $300 gift cards to 10 restaurants of your choice

Father of the Bribe 1

(no subject)

I'm going to pre-order Sims 3. Do you think it's worth it to get the Collector's Edition?

And are there any games similar to The Sims (as in open ended game play) only on a much bigger scale with entire civilizations? I could swear I've heard of one before, but I can't find it anywhere and I'm starting to think I made it up.


(no subject)

My five hour class starts tomorrow. The school website listed books to buy, but a friend said the professor will probably change his mind and that I shouldn't buy the books.

Should I print out the stories at school tomorrow?
I feel like we'll be sitting there for five hours, how the hell can he not go over something?

At what time do you usually eat dinner?

Annnd more random:
Will you post a cat macro (or any macro) to cheer me up?

(no subject)

You live in a building that has washer and dryers in the basement. There are six of each. You put your clothes in one and when you return, you see that all of the dryers still have 20 to 30 minutes left. You plan on coming back in 20 minutes. Do you leave your stuff in the washer machine or take it out wet or..? What's the "proper" etiquette here?

First Kiss


On a scale of 1 - 10 how awkward was your first kiss?
Extra points for stories!

Mine: 8.5, he kissed me and caught me off guard and ended up licking my whole face. D:
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(no subject)

Back from the north! What did I miss?

(Vocally speaking) In terms of Canned Heat, do you prefer yours of the Alan Wilson or the Bob Hite variety?

Are there any songs you will put on repeat without a second thought?

(no subject)

My flatmate and I discovered we only had one mailbox key between the two of us. I was keeping it in the kitchen, which is about ten steps away from the mailbox. He told me it was "too difficult" to keep the mailbox key inside instead of with him, so he took it, and now I have no way to check the mail, and he's never around.

Why did he think a good solution was to ban me from being able to access the mailbox ever?

ETA: Also, why is it so easy to eat a healthy breakfast and so difficult to think of a healthy lunch or dinner?
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(no subject)


I am reviving my quote book (a book of quotes I like/find interesting). Right now, it's in an old, ratty notebook that is ready to fall apart. When I buy a new one, should I go for a spiral notebook or a composition notebook?

Currently, I'm writing quotes in with a purple pen. Should I continue with the purple, or mix some red, black, blue, and green in there?

I'm quite indecisive today, if you hadn't noticed. And clearly, these are life-or-death decisions. :p


Do you prefer hardcover books or paperbacks? Why?

(I prefer paperbacks, because they're easier to transport. I read everywhere...)


what makes you just go crazy? good or bad crazy tell me all:)

do your friends consider you a little crazy/wild etc? why/why not?

EDIT: also why is my lj being a dick and not putting new posts on my friends page? i have tried logging in and out a few times still stuck on the same post from  this morning!!
Argus on desk

Self-checkout lanes

I love self-checkout lanes. I always use them if they are available, even if there’s no line for a cashier lane. I’ve been surprised, then, to hear of many people’s vehement opposition to using them. Do you use self-checkout lanes? Why or why not?

(no subject)

My mom just bought me a sandwich maker and a crock pot, since I am a poor college student.

I've never owned either of these things before, so I thought I'd ask the people of TQC for their favourite recipes for these two appliances.

Owners of sandwich makers/crock pots, WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS TO MAKE?

(no subject)

I noticed that i've been posting a few 'oh so serious' and self-righteous replies to people comments today cuz i hate selfishness, and justified selfishness even more. some of the co

what type of selfish acts on the part of others drive you bugfuck?

Celebrities Make You Cry

How do you react when you find out that a celebrity that you like has taken a political position or made a comment that you find anathema to your being?

Mel Gibson being a Holocaust revisionist
Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover supporting and defending Hugo Chavez
Alan Rickman being a vocal member of the ISM (it is a terrorism apologist group)
Chuck Norris being a major supporter for Mike Huckabee's presidential bid.

Do you stop going to their movies or buying their CDs or just think that they are jerk-offs but still enjoy being entertained by them?

(no subject)

What names do you think go well with Elise? my sister had a little baby girl yesterday, who has been named Elise, but thus far has no middle names. her 2 sons have 2 middle names each.

if you dont care, whats your ideal dinner?