January 3rd, 2009

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If living in the Los Angeles/Orange County area or are familiar with the place, where are your favorite whole-in-the-wall places to explore?

+ It's one of my goals to explore more this year. I've lived here all my life, and need to get out of the suburbs and see what SoCal has to offer me. I particularly find the Silverlake area pretty fun & inspiring, and am planning a trip to Studio City to watch some plays and visit some cafes.
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I'm having a birthday party next week and I would like to serve delicious cocktails as an alternative to the hard liquor and beer that is usually served at these types of parties. I'd ideally like to buy 2-3 kinds of alchohol and 2-3 kinds of mixers, but I really have no experience at all. Sooooo TQC, I ask you:

Favorite cocktail recpies?? (preferably inexpensive!)

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what's one particular song that you've been listening to a lot lately?

missy higgins - angela

edit: feel free to share youtube videos and whatnot, i'm always looking for new stuff to listen to.

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silly me... at work today our manager said that we could leave early, the boss was building chairs with some help and the manager left the room and neither myself or my coworker wanted to leave while the manager wasn't present so that the boss didn't think we were skyving off. we waited for the manager to come back, and the boss and the manager both said to go home. BUT. i'm retarded and sometimes think later of the things i should have done. while we were waiting we should have been helping with the damn chairs! i'm worried he'll be talking about it with his wife over dinner saying how lazy we are.

is there any way i can bring it up with him on monday and apologize without looking like a fool? im so afraid of being fired.

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would you rather date an ugly hairy chubby man with a face like a pigs ass with loads of money or,
A total babe that is a mix between edward cullen, hugh jackman and brad pitt that is living in poverty?

edit: the rich guy's a jerk, the guy in poverty is nice


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1. Does anyone know a good LJ community that I can sell a few t-shirts in? They're mostly old band t-shirts and seeing as I'm low on cash, I'd like to try to sell 'em first before donating them.

2. If you went to college, or are currently attending, did you gain the ~*~freshmen 15~*~?
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have y'all heard of the book american women are crazy? (click the link for more info)

so this dickwad was on a local atlanta radio station this morning, rock 100.5, and he said that if you're dating an american woman, you need to get her handwriting analyzed and her background checked. he also recommended that you go to eastern europe, repeatedly naming the ukraine, because women will sacrifice themselves for their families there. as in, will marry you and "behave" if you send money back to their families every month.

can i get a headcount on how many people, ~crazy american women~ or not, would like to castrate this bastard?

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We made some delicious broccoli cheese soup the other night, and I washed out the pots yesterday, and it put a lot of the congealed cheese and veggie bits down the drain. Today there's a horrible rotten vegetable smell emanating from the sink drain. What can I put down it to get rid of the smell?

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Inspired by this MSN article about how many chain stores are going belly up.

What chain store or eatery would you hate to see file Chapter 11?

What would you miss most about it?

What chain store or eatery do you think is next to go bankrupt?

And if you don't care for that, will you please post a video of someone's voice you adore? Yes, I am asking for voice porn...

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So this is a serious question, but ill take nonserious answers if you arent feeling very serious.
Basically, Im legally changing my first name. Who cares why...any ideas on names?
My three favorites ive chosen are Alice, Amelia, and Bella. (Oh and the name Bella is in no way refering to that girl from twilight, ive always loved the name Belle, but Bella seems more modern.)

Death becomes her

How will you go out? Pick an unique death for yourself

While visiting the museum, the T-Rex skeleton collapses on top of you
You parachute one day, and some dumb schmuck in a hanglider crashes into your chute at 2,000 feet
You discover the most fabulous sushi buffet, and one hungry night, you go nuts. You succumb later to mercury poisoning
Watching a Larry the Cable Guy marathon, you literally die laughing, much to the shame of everyone around you
They cancel your favorite tv show and you drink yourself to death on cooking wine
You're inebriated at a bar somewhere and throw up on Kimbo Slice's shoes. He literally beats the crap out of you
You're looking good at the ice rink, when you find the thin ice
You've got your earbuds in, your ipod's playing your favorite song. You crank it up, and you don't hear the elephant stampede coming your way
You're on the 20th floor in a hotel elevator, when the sumo convention lets out and they crowd your elevator. The weight capacity is exceded and you all plummit to your doom
You get bitten by a radioactive spider! But instead of getting super spidey powers, you die slowly from radioactive poisoning
Using the port-a-pottie on day 3 of a Monstes of Rock concert, someone pushes your toilet over. You drown in all the collective pee
You die from exhaustion, mid-coitus, in an orgy
You make a joke about Twilight within earshot of a herd of teenage girls. You're ripped to pieces by their emo fangs
Sarah Palin mistakes you for a moose and shoots you
You make the record books for being the first person to overdose on Flintstone's chewable vitamins
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I have a feeling that I've asked this before, but I have no idea what the answer is so...

Would a medical alert anklet go unnoticed? Would that be totally pointless? I like matching my bracelets with my outfits but I don't care what's on my ankle. (I have a wallet card but people keep telling me to get a bracelet, and I just found a site with ones I don't think are hideous...)

[EDIT: Do you have one? What does it look like?]

Questions with less than 1% of your RDA

1. If you sleep with an 18-year old Mexican who possesses no Green Card, you're bumping uglies with someone who's both legal and illegal.

Will this minor paradox cause the space-time continuum to distort?

2. Can you explain how this video makes you feel? Should potassium explode in or outside your mouth?


3. In that kiddie toe game 'this little piggy went to market', what would you say if you did it with a kid with 6 toes? What does the 6th piggy do?
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1. What is/was your favorite 90s TV show?
2. What do you wear to an evening performance of a professional theater production? I always dress very nicely, but I always see people in sweats or jeans.
3. What do you wear when traveling? Jeans, comfortable shoes...
4. What is your favorite way to eat an apple? I love apples with peanut butter! yumm

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Beverages with drugs in them (e.g. caffeine, alcohol) have a lot of focus on taste differences, communities centered around taste, and even have master tasters to help ensure that the taste remains consistent over the many decades since the beverage was first created. This even applies to smoked products.

So why is it that drinks without drugs have no taste comparisons? Alcohol ruins the normal taste of a drink, so you'd think there would be less concern with taste.

There are plenty of flavorful drinks made from fruits, vegetables, milks, and more! Personally, I love milk and do notice significant taste differences between brands and most others would too if they had tried some variety, side by side.

People might find being a milk connoisseur silly, but how is it more silly than being a wine or coffee connoisseur? There are substantial differences based on the animal's genetics, diet, medical intervention (e.g. hormones), up bringing, and species (not just from cows).

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How many coffees do you need to get going in the morning???

This morning is kicking muh butt! I think I need a Redbull and coffee chaser..........

Do you ever feel....weary?? Not just tired. But wrung out?
I'm thinking rum punch on a beach in Belize...


My fiance and I saw an ad on TV last night for some place in Cobb or Atlanta that was liquidating their stock, and it seemed to be all electronics ($50 for a videocamera, $150 for some laptops, etc. etc). We don't have cable at home, so haven't ever seen the ad before. This is a far stretch, but does anyone know what it is? He swears it has Cobb in the name, but maybe not.

Yes, I know I am a nerd.

Computers are getting faster and more sophisticated at an extraordinary rate. The computer you're using to read this probably would have been a multi-million dollar supercomputer in 1990. In the future, do you think computers will ever be advanced enough to reach a level of self-awareness?

Eventually, we're going to have a robot-driven industrial revolution and many jobs (particularly service industry and factory jobs) will become obsolete. This is more of a when-not-if kind of scenario. What would people do to live when all of these jobs are done by machines?

It's 30 years in the future. Brain implants have been developed that would integrate themselves with your own brain, allowing you to have a perfect memory, perform complex calculations, and freely access all the information and features of the internet. Would you get one?
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Do you regularly lock your doors? (on your house, I mean)

In what situations do you lock your doors? (e.g. only at night, whenever you're at home alone, never)

Has anyone ever broken into your house? If yes, can I have details?

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Goooood morning, TQC! What's on today's agenda?

What's the last thing that made you go D:< ?

Which way do you like your toilet paper to roll out?

Collapse )

For those to whom this applies, do you get along better with your family or your SO's family?

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I'm perusing the Target website for a new vacuum cleaner, and came across this. Do you think anyone is really going to spend $795 on this? Is it a typo? I don't get it.
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If you're already married or aren't getting married any time soon, do you ever make up gift registries just to organize crap you still need for your house/apartment?

I just made one even though I got married over a year ago and I feel kind of silly, but it really helps me see what I still need or want to purchase for our house.

What's on your registries if you have them?
Can I see them?
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on facebook in the "looking for" section some people have the option "whatever i can get" but when i go to edit my info that ticky isn't there for me to check. does anyone know how to get it?

Fixed my poll fail.

Poll #1324652 Decide my wardrobe, LOL GOTH version. Now with less fail.

What should I get with my Christmas money?

Silly yamiko, none of those options please me. I will give you my choice in comments, provided it's not crazy expensive and can be bought in a size 10-12 UK.

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Do you think asking someone their breast and/or penis size, either on the interwebz or irl, is creepy if you don't know that person very well?

Does the creepiness level of it change if you're being asked by someone of the same/opposite sex or if it's an anonymous poster?

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I hate computer processors. I don't know a damn thing about them...
So...that being said:

Would an Intel® Pentium® Dual Core T3200 (2.0GHz/667Mhz FSB/1MB cache) work in place of a 2.4 GHz P4 processor?

I'm trying to order my new laptop and I want to make sure the processor will work.

I'm also trying to decide if I need a 320 gig hard drive. I know I'd never fill it up.

And if you don't know/care...what's the weather like where you are?
It is 52 degrees today. It is supposed to get up to 60 and they are calling for thunderstorms.

Any plans for today?

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I have a $30 Barnes and Noble giftcard and nothing better to do with my day. What books should I buy? The last book I bought was Dry by Augusten Burroughs. I like humor, especially humorous memoirs. I'm not really into anything fantasy/sci-fi. Help me! Also, try as my friends might, I refuse to read Twilight or anything of that ilk.

Also, I've read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers and loved it. If you have read You Shall Know Our Velocity, did you enjoy it?

What was the last book you read for pleasure?
Favorite book of all time?
Worst book you have ever had the displeasure of reading?
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I feel socially inept today - I have an "almost date" (going out with a guy who I could potentially be dating in the future) this afternoon/evening, and all of my common sense seems to have flown out the window.

What was the worst ever date you've been on? What made it so bad? Do you still talk to the guy/girl?
What one piece of advice would you give to an inept dater?

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Is anyone good with Disney film characters? I just thought of  a cool dog name (Wilberforce, if you are interested) and the type of dog i think it'd suit is one from either Lady and the Tramp, or 101 Dalmations. I have a feeling he is perhaps a Schnauzer. He is quite big, and kind of grey/faun colour, wirey hair and his eyebrows cover his eyes. I also have  feeling his name a colonel or something army related. any ideas who it is?
googling is brining up nada, mainly coz i have no idea what i am searching for
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I want you guys to tell me a personal computer horror story! Can you tell me what happened to your computer? And what kind of computer it was? What did you do to resolve the issue?
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Hey guys, as it turns out, I'm a moron who doesn't know how to use the memories feature, so I accidentally deleted a bunch of my archived posts. Is there any way I can fix is, and, failing that, is there a way to search a specific community only for posts I've made there?

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I got a text message from my ex-bosses' husband saying that they closed for a week and that my check won't be there until next week.

My mom says they're never going to pay me.
Do you think they'll have the money next week?
Do you think I can live off of the $30 I have?
Have you ever been screwed out of money before?
(Urban Outfitters owes me like $50 from an orientation I did with them haha)

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a) So my boyfriend has been feeling pretty down lately, and has some seasonal depression that's making things pretty difficult. I'd like to do something to cheer him up and let him know that things are going to get better and be okay. Could you go to this post (please let me know if I did it right and it is indeed public) and leave a comment, your favourite macro/gif/recipe, or whatever? It would be totally awesome if you did.

b) How often do you wear socks? All the time when you're at home? At night?

c) Whats on your perfect ice cream sundae?

EDIT: My bad, post is public now.

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What's the best way to get my boyfriend to stop smoking pot just long enough to pass a few drug tests for his probation? It would be about three weeks.
EDIT: I mean to help him. He's trying on his own, but  I want to help make it easier.

When was the last time you did something that had no benefit for you? What was it?

Have you put away your Christmas tree yet?

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what's a sitcom that you watch on reruns even though you've seen them all?

i watch friends, growing pains, and king of queens even though i've seen every episode of all three.

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I'm watching Cory In The House on Disney and the characters were watching a show where a girl got dressed up in a dress made out of gold that her father bought her.  I guess it was her 16th birthday.  When the limo got there, she said "Daddy!  You didn't get me a limo with a jacuzzi!  Why do you hate me?!"

1:  If you knew that girl irl, what would you say to her in response?

2:  What kind of things did you get for your 16th birthday?

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Do you know if the English translation of Le Monde Diplmatique is much different than the original French one? Have they left out articles a lot?

For those who don't care, where do you get your news and the analysis on them? What magazines, websites or newspapers do you read to follow what's going on in the world? I'm aiming at widening my horizons and not just reading Helsingin Sanomat all the time :)

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Do you hate hospitals? Yes. I started crying about going when my dad was in one, even though he was fine by the time I went. I just don't like them, which is going to be a problem whenever I have a baby.

How many car accidents have you been in? Two. The first one was in October '99. I was in fourth grade. We were a few feet from the garage. The second one was much worse. It was in December '99. I was with my grandparents. We were going to a Christmas party. Teenagers pulled out in front of us and we hit them. My grandmother broke her kneecap and was in the hospital for Christmas. We didn't open presents at her house until New Year's. To this day, I've only sat in the front passenger seat a few times. I just don't like sitting there anymore. I was in the back, but that doesn't matter.
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Do you look up the nutrition information for things you get from fast food places?

A "low-fat" smoothie from Tropical Smoothie has like 500 calories in it. (Unless you order it with Splenda, which I never knew to be an option)

What was the last thing that you read the info for and didn't realize was that bad for you?

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I got a new computer for Christmas but I'm having a hard time making the leap and switching.

Does Vista really suck as bad as people say it does?

What kind of virus protection do you recommend?

I had a problem with getting trojan downloader on this computer which pops up on my virus scan every so often now no matter how many times I "clean" it.

How much would you pay for 2.5 year old Sony Vaio laptop (original retail price ~1600)?

It has the aforementioned trojan downloader reoccurance and runs a bit hot sometimes but maybe someone would want it anyway?


I'd like to use a more secure way of online buying, and obviously thought of PayPal first. Do you use it? Is it really reliable? How do you like it? I know you have to Verify your account by linking your Bank Account information, but the sound of that makes me nervous. Should I not worry and just do it?

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I adopted a 3 month old black lab mix last month (she's 4 months now). I found out a few hours ago that the mix part is pitbull. Does this fact change the training/play methods? Do I need to interact with her differently? Will I need to warn people she's got pit in her or should I just tell people she's a lab and not worry about it?

Edit: Thanks everyone! Petra is my first dog so I've got a lot of new research to do. If you have any websites you really like that I could look at so I can do right by her that'd be awesome.
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Have you ever bought something really nice, and then been afraid to use it? If so, what was it that you bought?

(I got some stuff from La Vie en Rose, and even though they were on sale for next to nothing, I don't want to wear them because they're so nice. I'm wondering if other people go through this, haha).

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What are your favorite shapes for macaronis in mac n' cheese?!

My favorites are spirals, shells and the "novelty" shapes in Kraft mac n' cheese (Spongebob, Spiderman, etc). They hold more cheese better. :D

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What have you watched on TV today? Leverage, part five of VH1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs, and SpongeBob. (But I only watched SpongeBob because nothing was on and I hadn't watched that episode before.)

What are you going to watch later?  iCarly. iKiss airs tonight, and it looks interesting.

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1. What websites do you go on when you're bored at work? I'm obviously on TQC, but I need some more distraction!
2. When you're making a budget, what is the hardest expense to cut back on? I mean this in regards to pleasurable expenses, not things like rent or groceries.
3. What is your number one hands down favorite underappreciated movie? I want to rent some new ones!

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what do you do when your bored outta you mind at work?
what should i do now?

do you believe in karma? any experiences of it you would like to share?

mine: guy i was seeing semi-casually got off with someone and got terrible flu from the bitch mwhahaha

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My sister and I were planning on painting a mural on my nephew's wall when they move in.
We were thinking of a puppy theme.
Do you have any other cute suggestions?
(If you want to throw some pictures in, that'd be great, too)

Did your room have a theme when you were growing up?
I had a 101 Dalmatians room! It was soooo cooooool.

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It's cold on a Saturday and I'm full from brunch. I decided to take it upon myself to update my resume. Anyways, I had two interships that were basically the same thing plus and minus a few things at different magazines and I would (for space) like to put them together as one. They occurred on different dates and stuff.

How would I be able to do this? And those of you who are in the industry already, do you think I should just cut out other college leadership stuff and just separate the different internships. I know it's only supposed to be one page.

Any help will be appreciated. Have you ever put basically combined two different jobs that were the same thing together? Does it look sloppy? And if it matters, I'm a junior year college student. So it's basically like 2 internships, 1 job and a bunch of extracurricular activities like Student Council/Senate/my sorority.

fashion advice for my friend

cuz idk what to tell him haha

"ok so as you might not know, cope is growing out his hair, getting dreadlocks and dying it red. this has inspired me to change my hairstyle, which i was already thinking about doing anyway. since youre my resident fashion expert, i need help deciding what to do. i was thinking of something longer but not like too long SEE I DONT KNOW. anyway just send me some ideas if you want to help =D"Collapse )

do you guys have any ideas for this lovely boy?

aw | blink

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Poll #1324816 Seven Pounds

What did you think of it?

Liked it. (it was good)
Hated it. (it was good)
Hated it. (it was crap)
I haven't seen it.
I haven't seen it and don't intend to see it.

Was it...

easily predictable?
deserving of a 28% rating on RottenTomatoes?
deserving of a 7.5 rating on IMDB?
too absurd to suspend disbelief?
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Inspired by some of the responses here...

Do you think it's weird to not let your SO read your journal?
Does it make a difference if its an online journal or a written journal?
Does it make a difference if anybody else is allowed to read it?

I only keep a written journal and my boyfriend is not allowed to read it. It bugs him a little but he knows I'm not hiding it from him specifically because NOBODY is allowed to read it, I just feel uncomfortable with that. But if I kept a friends-only online journal or anything like that, he would be allowed to read that.

I'm just wondering where you guys see the line between being open and honest with your SO and still having some privacy for yourself.

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TQC, can you recommend me a good laptop?

I have literally never owned one but I'm getting so fed up with my current computers problems that I'm just going to take the easy route and buy a brand new comuter, and figured I'd go with a laptop.

My only real requirement is that it must be able to support the sims 3, as i play all of the sims games obsessively. Literally all I have on my main computer is the internet and the sims so it doesn't need to be uber powerful or anything.
Laundry Dance.......

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My good friend is driving back to Washington from Kansas after a very sad week with her dying father. We've been texting each other back & forth. What are some good, yet short (160 characters) messages I can send her as she makes the long drive back to help her feel better and not so alone until she arrives home?

So far I've sent her Dalai Lama quotes & knock knock jokes along with the personal 'hugs' and so forth.

(Can't believe I actually have to explain this)
OK, I obviously don't expect her to be driving down the freeways typing away on her cell phone when she should be watching the road. When people make long road trips they sometimes like to stop every now and then to eat, sleep, get gas, take a break from driving.. etc. I'm thinking it'd be nice if she had a couple of little notes here & there when she does these things just to let her know she's being thought of by somebody who cares about her.


I am trying Nuvaring and I have morning sickness and a general achyness in my lower stomach/girly parts. I took it out and within the hour I felt better.
Should I try to push through it? Try to deal and see if it gets better?
What can I do about the morning sickness other than keep saltines next to the bed?
Did you deal with this if you used the ring?
sa da tay, pootie tang

Wii SD

I've finally gotten a wireless router so I will be able to get my Wii online and download stuff. Since I will probably need more space once I get going with the virtual console I was wondering if you can use any kind of SD card with the Wii or if you have to buy their special (and expensive) nintendo branded ones. Does anyone know?
dianna agron ;;

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When a same sex couple has a child, what does that child call them?
Daddy and daddy? It's always confused me, especially when you've got a toddler who's just learning to say "DADA" and then having two people it applies to and having to use two similar but different words or w/e
madeline OMG

Did I think this through?

My schedule for next semester just sunk in:

Microeconomics, Accounting II, Statistics, Business Communications, and two credit hours of PE (required for graduation - stupid, I know). Plus band for two hours a night, one night a week, to keep my scholarship.

1. Does this seem like a lot to you?
2. If you're in college, what's your spring semester look like?
3. If you're out of college, what was your average course load?
4. What do you do to relax and de-stress?
5. On a scale from 1-10, how stupid was I to schedule accounting and statistics in the same semester?

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Has anyone watched the new TNT show, LeverageYes.

What do you think of it? It's really interesting and I like it.

What did/are you having for dinner? I'm having ribs and boiled potatoes.

macro - procrastination cat

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I'm reading Stephen King's book "On writing". A lot of his earlier stories like "The Shining" and "Misery" were heavily influenced by his own drug use and alcoholism. If you were to write something that was strongly influenced by events in your own life right now, what would it be?

Bedroom Decor

My bedroom has white built in wardrobes, white built in dressing table next to it with a big mirror, white book cases, and pale pink walls with aqua trim, but I'm not allowed to paint anything, (I still like the colours anyway). How should I decorate my room?
Adding other colours into the mix is fine.

These colours.

Collapse )</div>Collapse )
dianna agron ;;

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Do you think movie posters should reflect what people actually look like in the movie and not be altered?
Does it make sense to airbrush film stars into oblivion for the posters, even if they look pretty regular in the film, in the hopes of getting people to go see it? And does that actually work?
A nice example
Do you think we'll ever reach a time where people just stop airbrushing because everyone knows it's fake anyway?

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Have you ever played a game against your SO or their parents?
Did you let them win? (Did anyone tell you that you should have?)

I think my downfall in life was destroying my ex's mom in four games of Scrabble one day.

Is your family really into board games? What's your favorite? Do you invite people over to play said board games?

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My mom is constantly interrogating me about men. Asking why I never date, what I'm waiting for, why I don't seem interested in men, when there will be men in my life. There totally are men in my life. I'm simply having casual sex with them.

So what answers can I give to make her happy? Because I'm not so sure the truth would accomplish that.

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I asked my guy friend "wanna fuck?" and he said "only if you write me a poem" so I told him "roses are red, violets are blue, wanna fuck?" I am not very creative on the spot.

TQC, will you write a poem that you think would get you in somebody's pants? or one that I could keep on hand for future wooing.

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If you buy a DVD, are you more likely to buy one of a film you saw at the cinema/on tv, or one that you haven't previously seen but thought it looked good?

What was the last film you saw? What did you think of it?

What was the last DVD you bought?

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1. When someone asks you how old s/he looks, do you usually take your best guess? Or do you deliberately aim higher (or lower) based on what you think the s/he wants to hear?

2. A respected Russian foreign affairs analyst (former KGB and everything) is seriously suggesting that the U.S. is about to break up into six separate countries, each allied with a different world faction. The Russian journalistic community is taking this seriously. (Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28477607/ )

2.a. What are they all smoking?
2.b. Where can I get some?

3. Why isn't anyone tapping my phone calls? Aren't I important enough?


Just to make sure I understand

I was wondering if someone could explain, maybe with some examples, of being polite and civil towards others. Concepts like making an environment enjoyable and fair for everyone, when snarking is o.k. and when it is taking it too far, and what might be harassment of others, or blatant disrespect for others.



Which would you rather see happen?

25 kids, dying from cancer, become cured
25 child molesters, their identities not known by the police, to suddenly drop dead

Which would you rather see happen?

Gay marriage legalized
Marijuana legalized

Which would you rather see happen?

You gain 20 points of IQ
You lose 40 pounds

Which would you rather see happen?

You getting a $7/hour raise (or landing a side job that pays $10/hr., if you're not working. The job won't interfere with your school schedule)
The national debt gets eliminated and your country is in the black

Which would you rather see happen?

Your boobs/penis get bigger (a cup size, or 1")
Your butt/gut gets smaller (3 sizes/3 belt loops)

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What are some nice but inexpensive things to do for someone? What are some nice gestures to make to just cheer someone up and make them happy?

Have you ever met someone who made you want to be a better person? What the fuck is up with that?
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I've looked up different ways to do this but I want your opinions on what would be the easiest way to transfer music from my ipod to my computer?

(I had to erase my hard drive and lost a lot of music but it is still on my ipod.)

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Sorry I'm posting again so soon...

My mom just jacked all of my new books!
Can you recommend some books for someone who likes Jodi Picoult, Janet Evanovich and things like "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"?

She just stole my brand new "Revolutionary Road"! argh

Do you hate letting people borrow your books, too? Why does it freak me out so much?

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Is it too pushy of me to propose to my parents, who have been planning to come visit me for awhile, that instead of visiting me we all meet up somewhere else and take a much less expensive vacation together?

My mom has already visited me here (granted, it was three years ago) and my dad probably wouldn't care if he didn't see where I lived...and it would save them a LOT of money (thousands of dollars). They've been set on visiting me but all the ticket prices are exorbitant, and that's just the cheapest ticket prices.

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Did you go anywhere today out of the ordinary?
I went downtown today and even though i didn't have anything to carry in it, i brought my new bag to show off.
shut up.
did you buy or recieve anything recently?
I bought this cool hat for 5 bucks today. its so warm.
What is the dumbest thing you've heard lately?
my sister said, "were you there when I found out why they call it the movies?"
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Used Car Purchasing in Twin Cities Metro, Minnesota?

I'm currently in the preliminary stages of looking to buy a used car. I live in the Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota. I just wanna get a read on dealers people have had experiences with, who's offered some of the best deals, what kind of car did you get/look at etc.

Basically in case anyone out there has purchased a used car from a twin cities dealer, I'd like to know how it went and if there are any dealers you'd recommend. I'm looking to buy a 5-10 year old vehicle; more than likely a light wagon.


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1. Do you think it is creepy to look someone up on Facebook if you know them only as an acquaintance/matey-type? Please note you are not planning to communicate to them via this site as you don't have a profile. So I guess it is in an unsettling lurker kind of way, rather than anything proactive.

2. Is there anyone here undecided about whether they want children, and if yes, what are your reasons for uncertainty?
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I've been dying my hair light blonde for the past 8 years. I'd like to change to strawberry blonde. I usually touch up the roots (ash blonde naturally) every six weeks, and don't touch any of the other previously-dyed hair. How do I change it all to red? I just did my roots 2 weeks ago... can I change to strawberry blonde now, since I'll be doing the whole head?


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my A key on my laptop keeps sticking and its driving me batty. should i just ping it off and see if anything is stuck underneath it? will it go back on ok? i cant handle having to go through everything i type and add in all the missing As