January 2nd, 2009



I think I lack the basic skill of being able to do the laundry.  Like my clothes always turn out super faded, hems undone, etc. So please tqc, share your laundry tips! Setting, basics, anything!
What detergent do you use?

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The previous question reminded me, obviously all the regulars know about the question mark rule, and generally it is enforced-pointed out when somebody forgets or neglects to use one, however I've noticed times (a post I made a couple of days ago in fact) where somebody may not have a question mark and it goes ignored or unnoticed. So, what do you think we can attribute this to?
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Why are many conditioner bottles smaller than their shampoo counterparts? Is it an elaborate ploy to make one buy more conditioner when there's still a bunch of shampoo left, or am I overusing the conditioner?
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I was thinking of ordering a book from Amazon second hand. I need for it to arrive at my house (in Sydney, Australia) within the month. I'm leaving home in February to start a course in another state, and need the book for the course. I really must have it before I start.

Do you think if I order now it will arrive within the month? Anyone have any horror stories / happy stories I should know about? I would of course choose the ultra-speedy sending option, but previous experience has taught me that this means nothing at all sometimes.
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if you saw the following picture, after LOLing, would you think that the two children in the photo had different dads or perhaps that one was adopted?

two people have seen this photo of my brother and i that was taken about 20 years ago and one asked if we had different fathers while the other said she assumed one was adopted. do we really look *that* different??
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How much vegetarian cred do you lose by eating chicken stock? Like, eating all of Campbell's chicken noodle soup except for the chicken.

How much vegetarian cred do you lose by eating jello? Or gelatin

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What is that old tv show about like... fairy tales that was on ABC or NBC or one of those channels...?
the 13th kingdom?
I cant remember for the life of me, and I tried google already.

ETA: thanks guys!

Do you know anyone who looks good with freckles? Pictures please? :]


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I have finally made up my mind of what I want to do with my life after 2 years of being out of high school. I want to be an elementary teacher.

For those of you in college, what's your college major?
What college do you attend?

I'm sure this gets asked a lot, but too bad :)
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If you could grant one inanimate object the power to talk, what would you pick? Why? What do you think it would say?

I'd choose my glasses, so that when I lose them they could holler and let me know where they are. I think they'd yell at me for not cleaning them, heh.

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tqc, what should i eat? i am debating between a hot dog, grilled cheese, or a mini pizza.

how hungover were you today? i woke up around 8am and still don't feel 100%. i couldn't even sit up without feeling nauseous until noon. D:
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And now, a series of completely random questions;

1. Srs and non-srs; Why in all of the old DC comics did superheroes always wear short-shorts or manties (man panties) OVER their tights? Superman, Aquaman, Batman, etc, they all did it. Why? Wouldn't have that been uncomfortable?

2. Forget zombies, what if a horde of vampires, the type from 30 Days of Night, invaded your town? What would you do?

3. As an American, I always find it weird to hear Yankee slang coming out of a non-American mouth. (With the exception of Canada.) But knowing that our pop culture is everywhere, one must expect this.

With that said, are there any American phrases out there that are still American only? That is, only a fellow Yank would get it and understand it?

(The only one I can think of is "big old" which is a Southern expression.)

And for the non-Americans, what are some of your native slang sayings that not every Yank may know about? What do they mean?

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the stripper cam did turn into a site where you have to pay, what the hell?!

but at least it's funny that their "no i'm not 18" link goes to http://disney.go.com/index, right?

EDIT TO MAKE THIS POST MORE FUN (if anyone else sees it):
what dance move do you wish would come back?
did you wear anything ridiculous last night?
can you show us a picture of your pets doing something wrong?

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Heeeellooo TQC.

I'm reading a roster of football players at a college and I know NOOOTHING about football. The roster has the players' names, heights, weights, etc. and then there is a column that says "Exp." and the player's "Exp." is either "1V", "2V", "3V", "RS", or "HS".

It is probably something really obvious, but I really am sports-clueless. Does anyone know what these abbreviations mean?
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The First Rule of Fight Club is...don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

Tyler Durden says to you, "I want you to hit me as hard as you can". However, in this unusual twist, you are indeed Edward Norton, but his character Bruce Banner. After your condo blew up, you got really angry and turned into the Incredible Hulk. You're super huge, stronger than a herd of bull elephants and green. How do you respond to Tyler's demand?

I hit him as hard as I can. HULK SMASH!
I hit him, but I pull my punch. Just enough to maybe leave a massive bruise. HULK SWAT!
Tyler's hot. I make him my sex bitch. HULK RAPE!
I refuse to punch him. HULK PACIFIST

In that scene of Fight Club, where Bruce Banner's boss finds the Rules of Fight Club in the copier and confronts him about it, Bruce isn't wearing a tie. Why not?

It's covered in blood and unusable
He lost it changing into the Hulk
He no longer cared about keeping up public appearances
He currently was the Hulk and the tie didn't fit anymore
It was casual Friday

In the end of the movie, Tyler Durden is beating on the Hulk. Who wins?

Brad Pitt in a fur coat
CGI musclebound Jolly Green Giant
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Dilemma, tqc.

I am supposed to work tomorrow from 1 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and the other girl (and yes, there are only two of us) was supposed to work 7:00 A.M. to 1 p.m. I usually call her to make sure everything is okay with that, but she's kind of rude from time to time, so yesterday when I closed (at 4 p.m., cause of NYD and all), I didn't call her. I proceeded to come home, and take a Unisom, which knocked me out at 7 p.m.

At 9:56 p.m., she called my cellphone, and left a message saying that she's "99% sure" that I work in the morning and she works in the afternoon, but to please call her back at home to confirm that, because her cell is dead.

Well, as you might be able to tell, it's now 4:35 in the morning, cause I sleep like the dead when I'm on Unisom, thank God. So obviously, I can't just call her house and be like mmm nope sorry bitch, you work (well, I could, but that would be rude to everyone else living there).

So, since she's "99% sure" that I work in the morning and she doesn't, should I just go ahead and go in at 7:00?

This wouldn't be such a huge deal, but it's an hour drive for me :\
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I am currently sitting in the front of the office covering the receptionist’s desk today and I am listening to my boss talk endlessly about how “magical” her Christmas was in Washington State to every single person who walks by her office (it’s been 5 times I’ve heard the story and she’s only been here for 20 minutes!). I feel like filling her office up with a million cheesy poofs because her new year’s resolution is to be healthy and lose weight.


Question: What is currently annoying you?

eoin 1

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It's 2000 years in the future. Archaeologists are excavating what remains of your house. What will they find that has fully or partially survived, and what conclusions will they draw about your life?
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my help menu/FAQ/google-fu seems to be broken, so pardon this question.

is there a way to expire all sessions on gmail like there is/used to be on livejournal?

i forgot to turn off my computer at home, and want to be logged in to gmail where i currently am, but weird things happen when you're on gmail in two places at the same time, so i was hoping to expire all sessions so the home computer gets logged out.
thanks in advance!

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How do you know when you're ready to have your first pet?

I know this sounds dumb but I do not want to be a stupid pet owner. I've been wanting a cat for such a long time but it seems like having the minimum requirements of living on my own in a place that allows cats and having enough money to take care of the cat just don't cut it. I'm really afraid to get a pet because I'm afraid of making a 10-20 year commitment to another living being. At the same time, lots of other people do it successfully, but my parents have dogs that they simply refuse to train AT ALL (they don't know how to sit, they wake my parents up fifty times a night to go outside but they're not even housetrained, etc.) and I'm scared that I just won't know what to do with a pet of my own.

College interviews

So my little sister applied to Princeton. She got called in for an interview. Does this mean:

They loved her


They aren't sure about her and have to interview her to decide? (in effect, sort of a wait list)

I was always under the impression that you only get the interview if they really like you and you have a good chance of getting in.

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Do you think The Beatles are overrated? If you don't, what is your favorite song by them?

Do you think diets with names on them (i.e. Fat Smash, Atkins, Weight Watchers) can actually lead to lifestyle changes, or do you think they are inevitably doomed to fail? 

Should I teach middle school or high school Spanish? Why or why not? 

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Was the song "Never Been to Spain" originally performed by Cher, Three Dog Night, or someone else? 

I first heard it on my Best of Sonny & Cher album, but it's playing Three Dog Night on Pandora.com, and my (probably awful) Google search isn't being clear.
Firefly - Dinosaur

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Why is my beloved punk rock radio station playing Eminem and Fergie?

Who had a great New Years? Who had a horrible New Years?

Is it just me or does it seem like everybody is overly happy that 2008 is over? Was it really that crappy?
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So we're thinking about adopting a dog. I've had dogs all my life, so I'm well aware of how much work you have to put into a dog.

How difficult was it for you, going through a shelter? Looking at the application online, it seems like it's full of questions designed to trip you up/make it easy for them to reject you.

Is it okay to be really specific? Would the shelter immediately reject us if I said I was looking for a female dog, 25lbs or less, preferably already housebroken? (Our apartment only allows for "25lbs or less of pet")
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What do you think of a tax on sugary drinks similar to the tax on cigarettes?

Do you think it's time sugar comes under the same scrutiny as other addictive substances?

What foods do you think should be eliminated or restricted from the food stamps allowable list? I guess that one is for Americans, I have no clue what other countries do to help people out with food.

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Have you ever taken flying/pilot lessons?
I kind of want to try them, but I'm not sure if I should.

Have you found that you've become more or less indecisive as you've gotten older?
I used to hate how indecisive my sister was, and now I'm probably a million times worse than she ever was. blah
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If anyone remembers, or cares, here's a follow up to my post a while ago about disputing goaltenders:

Dislocated knee - fine by the next day.
Finger - fractured on joint (chips of bone missing), in a splint, and still swollen.

My question is, where did the chips of bone go?? The doctor pointed out on the x-ray where they were chipped off, but I didn't see the actual pieces floating around and was in too much pain to really think about it until I got home. Plus I couldn't understand his accent, and he didn't know what hockey was anyway.
me - with gun
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Hi TQC... it's been a while. I have missed you.

Do you or have you ever had an IUD? Can you tell me about your experiences with it? Good stuff, bad stuff... whatever you have.

Bonus question: Why the hell is my Mac lagging so fucking badly? (difficulty: the explanation must be something other than "Macs suck"... I've already tested this theory and it did not help me)
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....play nice....my origins are in s_a

Hai guys,
This is Uncle T, your big gay manbeast of a non moderator here in thequestionclub . It's come to my attention, that earthlingmike feels you guys don't like him. If everyone could please tell him how to better appropriate his questions to TQC I feel it would be really beneficial for him.

As a peace offering from the group to him, will you please suggest the name for his first porn film? 


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If I gave a defective gift to my Secret Santa giftee...do I give him the reciept and have him exchange it? Or should I?

(IRRELEVANT BACKSTORY:I DIDN'T know it was defective when I gave it. So don't hit me in the knee caps.)

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I am craving a kung-fu type adventure movie that doesn't take itself too seriously—something tongue in cheek but not necessarily campy. I like Jakie Chan alright but haven't seen much of his stuff. I know there are other movie stars in the genre too but I am not well versed in it. Can you recommend a good movie in the aforementioned style to me?

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I'd like a pair of khaki pants but I don't really know where to go. What stores have decent selection of casual khaki pants?

I'm pretty small if it matters.

edit: I should have clarified, sorry-I'm not looking for like khaki style pants specifically but more the color, maybe in a fabric that is lighter weight than jeans.
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I an cold all the time.

Right now, my heat is set on 70 degrees. I have on jeans, wool socks, a thermal shirt, t shirt, and pull over hoodie.

I'm still freezing!

What is wrong with me?

Are you usually hot or cold? Or are you always comfortable?

Favorite Neil Young Songs

I got the Neil Young Greatest Hits CD yesterday, and I was curious to see what's your favorite song from him.

Poll #1324206 Favorite Neil Song

What is your favorite Neil song from this list?

Down By The River
Cowgirl in the Sand
Cinnamon Girl
After The Gold Rush
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Southern Man
The Needle and the Damage Done
Old Man

What's your favorite Neil song from this list?

Heart of Gold
Like A Hurricane
Comes A Time
Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)
Rockin in the Free World
Harvest Moon

Why do you like the songs you choose?

1) I can''t choose there.

2) I love Rockin in the Free World so much and I have no clue why.

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I need to establish a small network (12 drops, total, and several are already wired.) at the place I work. It's going to be in two major nodes, basically the front and back of a single-story warehouse building I know... very little about networking. We have a secure wireless source of internet that I'm gonna run through a router/switch and split into the various drops.

What precautions do I need to take with running the cables?
Any guides y'all can recommend?
Inexpensive yet good-quality switches/routers?

thanks for any help.

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where can my boyfriend and i stay in seattle for january 11th-16th for CHEEEEAAAAP?! i've looked into hostels and hotels, the cheapest I can find is about $60 a night... anything cheaper? 

and if you can't help me... 
what have you eaten so far today? 
Starbucks cup

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Does either your first or last name have a double letter (one of the same right after the other)?

If you had to swap names with someone in your family, whose would you take? (And listing the actual name would be nice).

(no subject)

When was the last hangover you had?
What did you do to feel better?

My answers:
Today :/
Two bottles of Propel water (even plain water sounded nasty), 3 Ibuprofen, potato, citrus fruit, and coffee.

I feel much better :D Good thing too because I work at 4


Could you guys ask some more questions about Slankets and/or Snuggies? That would be really awesome if you could.
Have you ever ordered something that you saw in an infomercial? What did you buy, and was it everything you hoped it would be?
Jensen meet wall

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My brother just came home and told me my credit card is expired. I asked him wtf he was talking about and he said that was what they told him at Blockbuster. I checked and none of my cards (one is a debit card and two are credit cards) are even close to expiring yet.

TQC, why did Blockbuster lie about the expiration date of my credit cards? Is it some kind of conspiracy to stress me out even more?

non-srs answers welcome (srs too if you can think of any)
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there was a trailer for a movie that I saw before Doubt the other day that I thought had Michael Cera in it, but it's not anything that I saw on his imdb page. was i wrong, TQC, or does someone else know what i'm talking about? It was Adventureland, it was Jesse Eisenberg, and it wasn't faaair.

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For those TQCers who have had major surgery:

Do you consider your surgery date to be a very important date in your life?
Are you proud of the scar/s from the surgery?
Why did you need surgery?

For those who have not:
other than birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, what dates stick out in your mind?

(no subject)

Why is it always the day I do not bring lunch to work, that is the day the store has a constant stream of customers and I am unable to get anything to eat?

Is luck what you make it, or is there a greater force at work?

Would you buy lunch for me?
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Braeakups are the new relationships

Women of TQC!

1. Do you like the color pink?

Not really. I love fuschia when done right though.

2. How did you feel about pink as a young one?

I honestly didn't have a gut reaction. I went through phases of liking color until I setteled on purple (color of royalty, close enough to pink but far enough to be it's own color) in grade school.

3. How do you feel about the color pink now? Or when you wear it?
I hate the paler shades until hot pink. Hot pink  is when it gets weird on me though- I like the color, and sometimes pink/purple is such a blur that it's hard to decide what color it is, so usually I end up wearing it. I avoid pink in make up and nail polish (brunette with pale ukranian skin).

4. What colors do you have in your wardrobe?
Black, purple, blue. A lot of bruise colors on second though.

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i edited my post at like 3am to add this, but nobody responded to it at all. im gonna try again, sorry if thats obnoxious. im real bored.

what dance move do you wish would come back?
did you wear anything ridiculous on new years eve?
can you show us a picture of your pets doing something wrong?

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(no subject)

1 When is the last time you were frustrated enough to verbally express it?

2 When is the last time you yelled - why were you yelling?

3 When is the last time you were yelled at - why were they yelling at you?

4 On a scale of 1 to 10, how was your 2008 Holiday season?
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Computer shamanism

Hi people,
how do you call it, when you install, say, new computer game or any other software, or you connect some equipment,
and you have to spend a lot of time to tune it, to change some non-obvious options etc so that it work properly?
In Russia we often call this procedure "the shamanism" or "dance with a tambourine".
Do you have similar euphemisms in your country?
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To British TQCers, what is Tesco like?

I keep on hearing it mentioned over and over in the BBC shows that I watch and I have no idea what it is outside of it's a store. Is it like Wal-Mart?

Speaking of which, non-American TQCers in general, is there a Wal-Mart where you live? If so, where are you? Have you been in it? What did you think?

Again, to the non-American TQCers what are your favorite chain stores or eateries that are only native to your country?

Now, for my fellow Americas, what is your favorite chain store and eatery that is only native to your region of the country?

EDIT: Stupid me. I meant non-American TQCers. It would be pretty amazing if non-TQCers could answer this.
Sad boy!
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How inappropriate is it to hug a british royal guard when they are on duty? I will probably never have the chance but it makes for good fantasy.

ETAL: on a more serious note, is it appropriate to take your photo with them?

(no subject)

1. For an externship/interview/in general/whatever, what is business professional for a woman? I'm assuming it's a suit? No black dresses right? If it makes any difference I'm referring to business/finance industry.

2. Would you consider this business professional?

3. Or this?

Edit: My dress basically resembles this and this ... in black. Would it fly? I'll be wearing black stockings and mary janes.

(no subject)

So, say they found that another planet could support human life, and decided to take 50% of the Earth's population to this next planet. We'll say it's Mars, just because that's easier.

1. Would you want to be one of the half that goes to Mars, or that stays? Why?
2. How would you prove that you deserved to stay or to go?

(no subject)

1. If you could retire right now, from all your obligations with family and work, money not being an issue, what would you do? where would you go?
2. I tore ligaments in my pointer finger more than 10 years ago. why does it still hurt to curl it into a fist?
[Outlander] say could that lass be I

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TQC, am I a horrible lesbian because I don't enjoy the Indigo Girls?

For the women: Do you get regular manicures? A lady I work with has gone faithfully every two weeks to get her nails done for the past 2 years.

For the men: Do you care about keeping your fingernails well groomed?

(no subject)

what is your go to profanity when you drop something/get annoyed/stub your toe/etc.?

What is the funniest profanity you've heard someone say when the above happens?

My great grandmother says 'shit beans'. She's like 90.
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(no subject)

1. What significant, NEW contributions did Leonardo make in technical fields? I'm not including anything that didn't actually work, like his "tank" or "helicopter."

Were any of these even adopted by people in those fields?

2. Why do people think that the writings of John of Patmos referred to anything other than the Roman Empire and an imagined uprising against Nero? On the one hand, it seemed stupid to include this in the canon for that reason, but on the other hand, people will accept any reinterpretation in religious texts and end times prophecies scare people, allowing you to control them.

3. What do you think the greatest, especially less recognized, engineers and inventors are that predate the Roman Empire?

(no subject)

What's the last unexpected cute thing someone did to/for you?

I was hanging out with my best friend(I'm home from college), and we were being stupid and laughing, and all of a sudden she leaned over and gave me a huge hug. Normally she hates contact of any kind because she has boundary issues, so I asked why she hugged me, and she blushed and mumbled "Because I've missed out on those lately, and I missed you a lot.
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(no subject)

Do you put your animal's needs and wants before or after yours?

ex: I always feed my cat before I eat, make sure he's in the house before I settle down at night, etc. If he had a medical need, I would attend to that before fulfilling my wants. I do it out of courtesy because he is reliant on me for his wellbeing, and I love him. My sister is completely opposite of me - she gives the animals consideration only after her needs and wants have been satisfied.

Where do you draw the line?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

I always have trouble sleeping with a boyfriend if he wants to cuddle with me. I need space and I need to lay on my stomach.

Can you sleep while cuddling with your SO?
How do you usually sleep, what position, when you sleep with him/her?

(no subject)

Calling artists, writers, anyone with any imagination:
I got a really nice big heavy book with lined, graph and blank paper.
I have nothing to use it for though and was wondering what to fill it with! 

Any ideas? What should I do in this book? What would you do?

Basically I put some stickers on it, wrote my name in it and doodled a bit. Thats as far as I got. I put the book behind a cut...I just have no idea what to do with a book like this. Hopefully the cut worked.

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im french

(no subject)

Can someone recommend some music for me to listen to? I know there are online services for this, but I want personal recommendations.

I'm open to anything, I guess. I like 80's music (as a whole, I know), folk, electronic, new-wave, whatever. I'm not too genre specific.

(no subject)

I bought a Christmas present for my friend who I haven't seen in months.

But I'm pretty sure she didn't get me a present, and I think that it would make her feel awkward and bad if I gave her a present when she hasn't got one for me.
But on the other hand, shes gone through a rough time, and I want her to know that I care about her.

Should I keep the present in my bag and only give it to her if she has one for me?
Or should I just give it to her?

(no subject)

I'm sending fanmail to some celebrities to try & get autographed pictures back for my daughter. Would it be tacky to send picture printed off of a computer? If so, where could I find better pictures besides magazines? Thanks :)

(no subject)

I was using my mom's credit card today and the girl at the store asked for my ID. I showed her and she proceeded to ring me up.

Anything like this ever happen to you?
Is is safe to assume her boss was standing behind her or was she just really not paying attention at all?

What was the last thing you bought?
food, clothes and a magazine at Target
panda dance

(no subject)

What kind of winter coat are the most warming? Wool or down?

And any other freezing weather clothing (or general living) tips?

I'm from Texas but will be moving to a colder climate soon so I don't know anything about dressing for freezing weather.
Bad Day/oops/embarrassed

silly Mac question

 I'm using a friend's Mac, and I'm not terribly used to it. How do I save a photo off of the Flickr site as a jpg, or something other than a gif?

If I control-click to save it, it saves automatically as a gif, and comes up blank if I try to view it.


(no subject)

1. If a website offers free shipping at a certain spending amount do you usually try to spend enough to get the free shipping?

2. On that note, what would book, dvd, cd, or combination of items around $15 would you recommend on Amazon?


I am a second year Journalism and Editorial Design student and wish to set up a professional blog of sorts. I want a blog for news/articles, a section for design, a photography section etc - something I can throw on the CV/applications etc. I have been looking at buying a domain from this site, for a long time, and debating the idea of designing my own site [in Dreamweaver].

1a - Would it be better for me to use a standard template, or a standard site, or create my own? [I assume my own is better, BUT..]
  b - How simple it is to actually publish/create/maintain a site with a Dreamweaver design?

2 - Any ideas for any domain names? [I have a few already..but other ideas are always welcome]

[3- Can you think of anywhere better I can post this? It will more than likely be x-posted]


Should I buy a Slanket?

I saw them advertised in a magazine and it looks like a massive dressing gown. Is it worth paying £30 for what is essentially a massive dressing gown? I do read a lot in my living room which is a tad cold and already have a blanket for that. However, it's cold when I need to get up :(
Bring it on! - Terranigma
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Which of these books should I read next?

Poll #1324197 good reads

What should I read next?

The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami
253 by Geoff Ryman
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow
The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Twelve by Nick McDonell
Tales of H.P. Lovecraft selected and edited by Joyce Carol Oates
The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling
Wicked by Gregory Maguire
Thank You, Jeeves by PG Wodehouse
The Day Watch by Sergey Lukyanenko
Something else (... in comments)
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TQC, I was accepted as a transfer nursing student on December 23rd. The head of nursing called me and said they sent out my acceptance packet that day. I have yet to receive it, so I called admissions and they said they didn't send it, they'd fax it to me on Monday. Classes start January 12th and I'm 1,200 miles away.

When do colleges usually expect payment for the semester?
I haven't been able to take out loans because I am not aware of exactly how much I need for this semester so I'm worried. D:

Do you think my school will give me an extension because they accepted me so late, or should I start looking into taking classes at a community college as back up?
It doesn't make sense to me that they would accept me so early and expect payment right away, but my dad insists the school doesn't care and to look into community college.
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

I deposited $590 into my bank account, and the teller put in $690. I noticed immediately, choosing not to tell her and went on my way. An hour later I was pulled over for doing 24km over the limit and given a $100 ticket. Is the universe telling me I'm an asshole for not being honest?

Is there still Halloween candy kicking around your house?
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How are the tungsten filaments in lightbulbs made? Tungsten has one of the highest melting points in existence, so they can't just melt it inside of a normal crucible.
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Being English, I don't really understand about the SATs and all that.
What would be an average score?
I mean Buffy gets 1430 which apparently good, but it's out of 2400? IDK SOMEONE EXPLAIN.
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So I've always had elbows that could bend backwards and wrists that could rotate 360 degrees...but more recently I have been noticing that I am way more flexible than I was before. I can get my legs behind my head, touch my palms to the floor and bend backwards so far I can almost get into the crab position. Now I know this isn't because I've only just tried these things, as I've tried to perform these weird contortionist moves before with no success. But suddenly, over the past six months, my joints are now super flexible. Why? I looked up on Google but it wasn't very helpful :-(. Yeah, so help me out guys. I'm not complaining as such (let's just say those flexible moves have their benefits) just curious. thanks!

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are you the family punching bag?
wanna commiserate?

i always seem to get the brunt of everyone's shit. except for my mom(who is likewise bitchy with my sister for no reason), i'm the only one people get needlessly irritated or cranky with when they're having a rough time. it blows.

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What's the weirdest thing you've had stolen?

Over NYE, some high school aged party guests stole a half-empty tube of cheap face mask cream from my medicine cabinet... when I had xanax and new bottles of perfume in there. I'll never understand.
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On my calendar, it says under January 2, "Day after New Year's Day (NZ; SCT)."

Why does it say this? Obviously its the day after new years but I don't understand why it needs to be labeled as such.
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Do you ever randomly get nauseous? Do you do anything to make yourself feel better?
(I'm not at the puking stage just yet)

Do you use a moisturizer? What kind and when the hell are you supposed to use it? I bought one from Clinque and it doesn't really say when to put it on or how often. (I know I can google this, but I want to hear from you guys)
This is so ridiculous.
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In a follow up post about how I was dying of food poisoning, I would like to ask TQC...

what is something I can eat off this menu tonight that won't kill me? I am feeling much better, after some toast, some apple juice, and a healthy serving of Pepto Bismol, but yeah. Sushi probably isn't the best idea.

I should add that I am obliged to go to this dinner.

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I've just downgraded from Vista to dear old XP. The only thing I miss at all is Chess Titans and was annoyed to find it's only available as part of Vista. Anyone know of a really good downloadable chess game that's suitable for total dumbasses beginners? Preferably free but I don't mind paying if it's really good.
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the evil gender bias rears its ugly head again

12:07 AM 11/30/08 · Earlier today God likes meRaven was going through my DVD collection with a slightly annoyed look on her face. She groaned, "They're all action films and scifi and horror. Why don't you have anything else?"

I grinned, "I'm a boy."

Truthfully, I've got some other stuff too, mostly comedy, but she was more or less right. I don't actually think it's a gender thing...but just out of curiosity I'd like you to answer the following 2 questions:
  • Are you male or female?

    • Primarily, what kinds of movies do you own?
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Roots will be on tv here in a few weeks, and I've heard people talk about it for years, but I haven't seen it. Do you think it's a "must see"? If I watch it, should I be stocking up on tissues beforehand?

What's a movie that's changed your life?

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I want an aim chat client. I want something that's basically says to me, "Hi, I do everything AIM did in 1998. I could run just fine on a machine in 1998. In fact, I might have last been updated in 1998."

Any ideas?

My damn cats!

Does anyone know where I can get replacement shoe laces for these shoes? I bought them from a local store about a week ago and today my cats decided that my shoe laces were tasty treats... *sigh* I've already tried the New Balance web-site, but I couldn't find them. :(

If you have a cat, do they like to eat your shoe laces?

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Someone is outside whistling a tune fairly loud.  It's the same tune over and over.  He's good and it sounds nice and calming but why do you think he's whistling so loud and for so long and whistling the same tune over and over?  This has been going on for over 15 minutes (which is a long time for whistling imo).

How weirded out do you think he would be if I went out and started whistling with him? 

ETA:  Never mind.  I went outside to see who it was and no one was there.  I asked my husband if he heard it too and he said that someone in the house is watching the Filipino channel.
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1. Does anyone know a store that carries IBC root beer in NYC? I love it and it isn't carried by any of my usual grocery stops.

2. What is a particular food product that you love that you can't find near you (at least not easily)?