January 1st, 2009

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Does anyone else find the ball dropping to be ridiculously anti-climactic? Or is it just because I turned the TV on at 11:59:25? The first time I watched it, I was surprised that they didn't drop it and let it shatter.  I mean, it slowly eases down a pole...how unexciting is that?
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

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A) What was the last really great movie you saw?

B) Last funny movie you saw?

C) Last movie you thought was overrated?

D) Last movie you absolutely hated?

E) Least favorite movie of all time?

F) Favorite movie of all time?

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What is the best and worth thing to have happened to you this year?

My best was having my daughter, Elliana Rhiannon, on the 15th of March.

My worst was havinhg my best friend call social services on me making up a load of dangerous shit out of spite.
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what was the worst thing that happened to you in 2008?

what was the best thing?

did you bang pots and pans?

(i did and it felt fucking GREAT)
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Charles Manson

My google-fu has failed me this time, and so I've come to TQC. Does anyone know where Charles Manson is currently located (specifically what prison) or if there is a mailing address to get in touch with him? Thanks! 
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Did I miss any vaguely interesting TQC posts while out tonight? Please link them here. I scrolled back 3 pages but my head hurts. :(

Do you find the same people post here over and over or is it a constant mix? (I tend to see the same 10 people over and over with others mixed in)

Is being home by 1 lame? well FUCK YOU MY LUNGS HURT

Does anyone want to hear about my night?

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So, my good friend's folks are about to pick up a beautiful Great Pyrenees puppy.
However, they already have a feisty little 3 yr old miniature dachshund. She is never walked. Is punished by hits. Has been tossed across a room by an angry relative (no legal action was taken). Is terribly undersocialized. Left alone by herself for hours on end when my friend has to work. The list goes on.

They say the dog is free and want it for protection. They've also been told Pyrenees hardly shed and are very easy to train and discipline lol Clearly these people don't know what they're getting into and are probably going to have a fearful, aggressive young adult in a year.
My friend and I are really pissed about this. Her parents are the know-it-all type and aren't ones to listen to actual reasons as to why having a large, time-consuming, working breed in their already busy home is a bad idea. The breed has been her mom's dream ever since she was a child and her fantasies about it are overshadowing the facts.

What would you do?

Also, LOL 2 am post.
Happy New Year!
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Auld Lang Syne City

So, how did you spend your New Year's Eve?

Watching the ball drop
Sleeping (it's past my bedtime)
I was stoned off my ass
I kissed someone at midnight
Catching up on my flist and TQC
Drunk tank/jail
Regretting poor decisions in 2008. This may involve tears and cutting
Masturbation, possibly due to loneliness

Happy New Year Neighbour

So its 6:30am new years day, I woke up half an hour ago to a huge fight out the front of my house.

I didn't do anything for a while, but after I heard the sound of a ruffle I called the cops. That was about 10 minutes ago.

The fighting seems to have lessened now.

My question are:

1) Why after calling my local police station did they make me call 000 (the eqivilent of 911)? It is not really an emergency?

2) Why do I feel guilty?

3) What is/was your first act of the New Year?

4) Why are the cops not here yet?

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Will the same inane questionsbe asked in 2009??

do we CARE what your skanky hair looks like???
What music you should burn?
and above all....anything about IPODS....WE DON'T CARE!!!!!

Where the hell is shippo?


Resolve to be more interesting next year people!!!!
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What is the most you've ever paid in shipping and handling?

What were you buying/sending?

When I ordered my sister's messenger bag for X-Mas, they would have charged me $30 for two-day shipping. Screw that.
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Did anyone drunk dial you last night?

My little brother called me and left a 5 minute voicemail, most of it of him talking to his friends saying, "I'M CALLING MY SISTER IN KANSAS! YEAH! WOOO! KANSAS! SHE ISN'T ANSWERING THE PHONE! I'M GOING TO LEAVE A VOICEMAIL!" and then he realized he was already ON voicemail, so he says, "OH, HI, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT MIDNIGHT IN KANSAS! YAAAAAAAY!" and then he hung up.

Also, my mom drunk dialed me. My mom. WTF?
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Could use a little help

I'm working on coming up with some *good* questions for an interview and could use your help (which I appreciate and thank you for in advance). The person being interviewed is a higher class escort. So here's the question for you guys, tqc:

If you could ask her questions about her life and/or job, what would they be?

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Do you think Sauron will win this time?

What movie have you watched/been forced to watch too many times?

My uncle left me a voicemail message: "What do you think of Last Lent's Pork Products as a band name?"

What's the worst band name you can think of?

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What irritated you last night? 

My grandma not seeing the ball drop and whining about it for ten minutes after we decided to go to bed. She wouldn't shut up either. The extra bedroom (where I slept) is right next to hers, so I had to hear it. Then she was mumbling to herself, but I heard that too.

What TV shows did you start watching a few years in?

Angel (Season five, the last), NCIS (season six, the current season), Numb3rs (season five), iCarly (beginning of season two), Gilmore Girls (season four), Friends (season seven), The Office (season three), Big Bang Theory (season two) and probably a few others.
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What's your favorite salad dressing?

How many salad dressing bottles are in your fridge right now?

Which is the better salad topping - croutons or those crunchy chow mein noodles?

What kind of cheese do you like on your salads (if you like cheese on 'em)?

If you were coming to dinner tonight, which would you rather have: fajitas (beef or chicken) or pasta with vodka sauce?
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If you received something used as a gift, would you be miffed (example being a DS game, a book, etc)? How about if you knew that person didn't have that much money? (edit: yes, good condition)

I was thinking of buying my nephew Magical Starsign or Children of Mana for his DS off of half.com because it's so much cheaper. On that same note, anyone heard anything good about either?

Going with the trend

Do any of you not know how much you weigh? ***I'm not asking for your weight, I'm just asking if you don't know what your weight is***
I last weighed myself in July and haven't looked back since.

Did you get any books for the holiday? Which?
The House on Mango Street, American Photobooth and Revolutionary Road

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If you were 22 and lived at your parents house and they paid for everything (school, car, cell phone), would you be willing to have a curfew of about 1:30-2am with the understanding that as long as you lived there, that would be your curfew?

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Hey guys,

I just got a ps3 for xmas and my boyfriend and I are going to head out in a few hours to go get some new games to play on it. The thing is, we're really looking for an awesome game we can play campaign together. Most of the games we're into separately are solo.

Got any recommendations?

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Has anybody else noticed that faith in religion is (for some people) boiled down to a person wishing for a certain thing to happen, and if that thing comes to pass then their belief in their respective religion is affirmed?

And, if you have noticed this, is that a weak base to place ones faith on? That is to reduce spirituality to a wishing frenzy, rather than being a sanctuary for the heart?
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TQC, can you help me find a video? It wasn't on youtube because of the content, but it was a room full of Japanese couples all lines up neat and tidy on mats, with the girls doing the guys and they're all yelling all at once. I remember it was quite amusing and wtf. Any ideas?

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If an electronic you love keeps freezing, would you stop playing it or would you continue until it freezes again?

My husband's PS3 keeps freezing and he can't take it in for repairs until Monday.  He still plays his hockey game until it freezes.  I think it's funny. 
My Wild Irish Rose


(LAWLZ first post in this community!!eleven1!!1)

When you're washing clothes, what goes in the machine first, the clothes or the (liquid) detergent?

H2O is water's, what? Chmical composition, or am I making this up?

Whatever that is, does juice have a different one than water, and if so what's different?

Who else here is procrastinating from doing chores? x)
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Happy New Year!

Can you eat with chopsticks? How well?

Do you enjoy sushi? If so, what's your favorite kind? (Philadelphia roll for lunch, here. Mmm.)

I'm making veggie lasagna and watching movies tonight. What are your plans?

Who's hung over?

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If you're in college, does your school email include any numbers of your social security number?

I just got an email saying that my school is FINALLY removing the last four digits of our social from our email addresses.

When do you go back to school?
I took a Winter session class so I start on Monday...five days a week, four/five hours a day, for two weeks. Blargh.

Party Cleaning

Say you have a party with 12 of your closest friends. Everybody is drinking and there was food, which is all gone now. People start to mention going home around 2 am, after a night of drinking, including yourself who is visibly drunk.

Do you clean up the party the same night, at 2 am? Or do you wait until the next morning to clean up the glasses and plates that were used?

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Is it possible to transfer the Yahoo groups you're a member of to another yahoo account you created without having to rejoin those groups? If so, how is it done? A friend of mine claims that she's done it before but she doesn't remember exactly how she did it.
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So, I received a bottle of merlot for christmas but I do not like the taste of it. What can I do to it to make it better? or should I just scrap it and give it to someone who likes the taste of red wine.

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have you ever had a craving for food that lasted a while and you ate it in large quantities then one day you just stop eating it all together cause you had to much?

this happens to me all the time.
recently it was walnuts, i ate 4 pounds of walnuts in one week o:
i cant even look at them anymore D:

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1. What is the best way to spend NYE?
2. The worst?

3. Why aren't I getting comment notifications? Anyone know how to fix this?

4. What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?
5. What's your favourite party food?
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have you ever donated blood?

have you ever sold plasma?

i volunteered to make a brochure for a trail, and i'm almost done. i'm trying to think of a nice way to say "don't rip bark off the trees or damage them, jackasses" without being a jerk about it. any ideas? srs or non-srs is good.

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last week there was a "what's the cutest thing anyone has ever done for you?" post.

what is the cutest/sweetest little thing a(n ex)bf or gf has done for you on a regular basis?

i had an ex who worked early every day. if i didn't have an early class, he'd reset his alarm and let his dog get in bed with me when he left. if i had an early class, he'd get up and get ready, leave me sleeping, and start my car for me. it was awesome because he'd wake me up at the last minute so i could roll out of bed and get into my warm car.

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What did you do today? Would you spell some of that?

Yeah, I know it's a totally lame question, but I just had a nap and actually dreamed I asked that here, so I figured my subconscious needs to know.

Have you had any tqc/interweb related dreams? Have you done anything that has come to you in a dream?
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I meant to go to Court Records (a Phoenix Wright website) and I wasn't thinking and typed 'thequestionclub' into Google. Does this mean that God wants me to stop being a nerd and spend more time on TQC?

Do you prefer Double Stuf or regular Oreos?

I got some incense at an Asian market in El Paso. It smells amazing. Do you like incense? What's your favorite kind?

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TQC, I got drunk and fucked him. (And he told me he broke up with his girlfriend. Which was a lie.)

Yes, yes, I know, I'm a horrible person, you told me so, blah blah blah. But that's not the point.

The point is that if I'm trying to be as moral and responsible as I can be at this point, what do I do? Do I have any obligations to tell the girlfriend/encourage the guy to tell her/etc.? Do I do anything? Or do I just sit and feel bad about it?
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what time do bars/taverns close in your area? do you agree with this time, or do you think it should be earlier/later? why?

are stores open in your area on sundays?

is alcohol sold before noon on sunday?

what do you think of religious customs that passed over into secular law?
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As much as it pains me to ask and iPod question, I have to.

I registered my (old generation, but new) 4G iPod Nano on Christmas day. I got a confirmation email and everything. Yet, every time I start iTunes, it asks me to register my damn iPod.

Why is this happening?  How do I fix it?
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1. When you go clothes shopping, do you prefer to do it alone or with other people?

2. Those of you that go to Dunkin Donuts - have you tried their flavors that they put in coffee or lattes? Which did you try? Do you like them?
burning words

another ipod question

i've been looking online for half an hour, reading up on the new ipod touch, and i'm confused about the ipod touch versus the iphone. is the ipod touch the same as an iphone but also uses applications, internet, itunes etc? or do you have to buy one thing for music and another for a phone? i want it all in one but i'm not sure it exists.

thanks. i'm sick of immersing myself in technobabble.

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When's the last time you were delighted by (or became obsessed with) a gadget?

I normally am not big on electronics and usually avoid but I found an application for my iPhone that lets me listen to all local and national radio stations, play any stream, and scan fire department and police radio, railroad radio. It is mostly unnecessary but so awesome. I can listen to WFMU on my phone now!!!

Edit: so this isn't like the 219031890312980th electronics post in a row, What is a good comic I should read? Or "graphic novel," if you'd like.


I am a seasoned international traveller.
I've always had tickets. Even if I had to print them from my email acct.
I'm going on a trip in 2 weeks that I booked on Travelocity.
But I don't have anything that looks like a "ticket".
Do I just swipe my passport at the airport?
Will the airline have my reservation?

Blah de blah

I have two groups of acquaintances: "work friends" and "outside of work friends". These groups are each composed of very different people that mean very different things to me. I've been friends with my "outside" friends for about three years and we all lived together in a dorm at one point. My work friends, however, sometimes have difficulty understanding that I have friends outside of work.

I want to have a birthday party, which falls during a period of required work travel. I requested not to travel during that time and the request should be honored, but almost all of my co-workers will be out traveling, so they would not be able to attend the party regardless. That said, I want the party to be exclusively for my "outside" friends.

My apartment is also pretty small so it would be impossible to have a party on a different date with both groups of friends. And I don't want to have two separate parties.

Should I make my party a Facebook event, or would that make my co-workers sour? My "outside" group always organizes their parties exclusively on Facebook, and while I originally wanted to avoid my co-workers knowing I was having this party at all it would be so much easier for me to just organize it over Facebook than trying to make sure I have all their correct e-mail addresses, etc.

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do orgasms sometimes feel like you have to pee? mine usually don't. but i remember when i first had sex (sorry - the v-card post inspired me) i kept feeling like i had to pee while the guy was in me. and i had to try really hard to hold it in. but when he pulled out, i didn't feel like i had to pee at all. i heard sometimes certain ejaculatory orgasms feel this way.

is that sensation likely due to an oncoming orgasm or a dick pressing on your bladder or something? if it was an orgasm, would you really be able to hold that in?

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I got an SD card for Christmas, but I don't have anything to read it on. I need a USB one so I can use it with my laptop, and it needs to be cheap, yet reliable. Help?

Will you tell me about the last weird dream you had?
I had a dream last night that involved a demon-dog-looking guy with a tail wearing a trenchcoat who strangely resembled my ex-boyfriend, a hotel/dorm type building where I was obviously living, one of the professors from my school, and an investation of winged demons that we called heathens. I woke up baffled.
anontang DA

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Is there a website where I can enter a recipe and find out how many items the recipe makes? I'm baking something for a large group and I'm not sure if I need to double the recipe or not.

ETA: Recipe is here, if you'd like to try to determine it for yourself.

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my sister is pregnant and is in hospital being induced today. she went in at 8am and has just recently been getting ' couple of wee twinges'. its now 6:45pm. the midwives say not to expect the baby before saturday. when do you think it will be born? and do you have any name suggestions? (srs and non srs welcome. Starscream was in the running for a while... as was Reddish Goldie [their surname is Brown])


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Is anyone here watching this season of Top Chef?

Do you have a favourite chef that isn't Hosea?

How dare you?

When the heck does the next episode air? I can't find this on google :( www.tv.com to the rescue!

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Have any of you gone out of state (or at least several hours' drive away from home) for undergrad and also attended a local university by transferring schools? It doesn't matter which order you did it in - which situation do you think gave you the better experience overall? What do you feel you missed out on in each situation?

I chose to go out of state and I've graduated now so it's not a big deal, but I sometimes find myself wishing I had just stayed home and gone to the local university. That way I would have been able to have my car so that I could work more and save up more money instead of trying to play catch-up after graduating. And my parents would have always been there in case I needed anything.
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Have you ever drank an entire bottle of champagne/sparking wine on your own? How did that go for you?

I just opened a bottle, but realized, shit, I'm all alone here, I don't think I'll be able to finish this thing tonight.  Does champagne/sparkling wine keep?

Also, I don't have any friends.  Will you come over and help me drink it?

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1) Do you use your towel more than once after a shower?
2) Have you ever been to a funeral where they played music that isn't typical funeral music?
3) Is there any specific song you want played at your funeral?
4) Are you afraid of death/dying? How about dead people?
5) What is on your "bucket list"? (meaning, what do you want to accomplish before you die)

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Do you think that people who play jesus in movies will go to hell or heaven?
Do you think really REALLY good acters that play bad guys in movies will go to hell?
What kind of pictures do you take with your camera?

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If you know any css at all, do you have any clues as to how to stop images in my blog from doing this?

Basically, the image isn't forcing the containing area to stretch (I've highlighted the containing area in light blue), and is pushing all the text to the side instead of underneath, where I want it.

What am I doing wrooong?!
tick tock

food budgeting

How much per week do you, individually, spend on food?

I probably spend way too much. I'm going to try to set a budget, because I LOVE going out to eat and I should try to get good bargains and generally cook at home more.
chan marshall


what was the last hacked article you read on wikipedia?

i just came across this beauty..

"You can also get off your board and walk or run around - this also includes jumping ultra speed inhuman mutant pigs.World of Warcraft"

hahahaha what
FLORENCE by rodeo_town


So i've never really watched nip/tuck before, but I keep on seeing this commercial for the upcoming season(the one with flashing lights by kanye west as background music) and it looks like a really good show! Is it worth it to rent all the seasons and start watching them? Is the show even as good as the commercial makes it seem?


Are you one of those people who are late, or one of those who get annoyed when people are late for no valid reason? Or are you so calm you let none of this annoy you?

How late is TOO LATE?
- for example, waiting on a date, or your friend to have coffee with him/her

I just hate when people are even just a bit, even a second late, if nothing unexpected happened on the way to delay them. It makes it seem like they didn't care that much to come on time. I like to show up at least a few minutes early(up to 20 minutes, depends what is the case, if it is an exam, ect). So I don't have to hurry and worry about being late/keeping someone else waiting.

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Hypothetically speaking, if somebody you are interested in, but have never been intimate with, were to approach you right now for spontaneous first-time sex, would you be comfortable with everything about your current presentation?

in terms of...are your undies stained or holed, or are your legs stubbly, or your toe nails gnarly, or anything you'd be embarrassed about? What specifically?

Would any of these things actually prevent you from the spontaneous sexing or would you just say fuck it and go for it anyway?

(no subject)

In your opinion, which is better? breakup sex or "someone's trying to get back together with me and I'll sleep with them but I'm doing that relationship thing again with them" sex?

How many of your exes have you tried to hit on after you broke up?


Oh, the post below reminded me of something...

1. Do you sometimes crave strange foods that you don't ususally like, or that you actually hate? For example, I hate, hate melon, but once every year I get a strange craving for it.

2. Is there some food that you like, but you can't eat much of it before you start really hating it or feeling sick?
Happens to me with chestnuts. I can only eat like one or two.

3. In reverse question...
Do you at random times hate some foods you usually like? When?

4. Anyone ever made you try something (or you made yoursels) that you thought you'd hate, but you actually liked it?

(no subject)

Whats the most recent thing that made you think "fuck you society!"?

Not too long ago I discovered a new dorky interest. Scifi. What scifi series and/or movies should I rent? I'm currently working on Firefly. Serenity is next, obviously. I know I don't like Star Trek. I'm hesitant to start in on Battlestar and Stargate D:

(no subject)

Given the fact were in a recession and employers know that jobs are hard to come by, how has your job been screwing you over lately?

I'm a teacher, and they gave us bad pay cuts at the start of the year. They want to give us another one which will take my salary down to exactly one dollar less than I was making when I started there 2 and 1/2 years ago.

but I'm going to try to get my superintendent fired next week, so it evens out.

(no subject)

If you're interested in celebrities, which celebrity babies are you most excited about?
Jennifer Garner, Alyson Hannigan, and Cobie Smulders' babies. 
When you were in a senior in high school, did you win any Senior Superlatives in the yearbook? Yes. I got Most Talkative. 

What are you going to do over the weekend? Finally hook up my iPod and add songs to add. It can get 2000 songs, but I'm not sure if I'll even get to 1000.

Edited: To add some questions.


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(no subject)

Is there anyone in your life that you think you'll never really be "over"? Who (what was/is your relationship with them?)

What is your favourite episode of your favourite(s) television shows?

How old are you?
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My little brother is singing that song "I always feel like somebody's watchin me" in the shower right now. So that made me wonder,

do you sing in the shower?
if so, what did you sing today?
decode-- Paramore
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

Imagine, if you will, that Stephen King has become a god and his books have developed their own religion - Kingism. What would this entail? What would the worshippers of Kingism do? What would their rites and rituals be? Their worship services?

dear the web

1)My new computer's mouse pad didn't work, but then started to work again after we plugged in a USB mouse... Has that ever happened to you? Do you have a favorite computer support website?

2)What's your malfunction?


3)should I change my icon?
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(no subject)

Okay well about my dad - I'm so super depressed and things are just. Not going to get better, to be short about it.

What can I do to try to veg. out and get my mind of things so I can rest?

Movies that don't include death or sad things?


Anything, at this point? Please distract me :/
blow me by brightblinds

(no subject)

What do you say to someone who thinks their life as they know it is over?

One of my good friends just told me her dad is leaving them. She has a six year old brother, and they're *this* close to filing bankruptcy. She's terrified, and I have no idea what to say or how to make her feel better. This isn't how 2009 should have started.
PD -- Cod
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Dear TQC,
I am moving across the country, from Pennsylvania to Washington, and will be staying with a relative. Thus, I don't need to take a whole lot of my stuff with me. I am thinking about renting a cargo trailer and hitching it to my Vue.

I'm also looking at GPS units (I'll be sure to have actual maps, too), but have only used a Garmin nuvi and it took me all over the place. It wasn't mine, so perhaps I just had it on the wrong setting. If you have a GPS, I'd appreciate any input you may be willing to provide because I'm about to gouge my eyes out from reading Amazon reviews.

Have any of you driven a ridiculous distance by yourself? Any tips, suggestions, etc. for the mildly insane?

(no subject)

How many guests does a wedding have before it is considered big?

My half of the guest list has 45 people, including bridal party. But I have no idea how many will be on my fiance's side. I don't know if we are halfway to big or not.

Do you like pickles?

I only like Clausen mini dills.

(no subject)

What's the last thing that annoyed you?

I've spent hours organizing and fixing my music files in iTunes, but apparently, it's just affecting it in iTunes, and not the actual music file. I want them both to be fixed =(. Am I doing something wrong, and can this be fixed, or does iTunes just work like that?

Adopt a Platoon?

Has anyone ever written letters to troops serving in Iraq through Adopt a Platoon? I want to make sure they're reputable and not some kind of scam. If you've written through another agency, what is it? Did you like it?

Do you have a penpal? Have you ever had one? What happened to him/her? Care to share your stories?
Do you think a soldier serving in Iraq would care to hear about the inauguration festivities in DC, or would they not want to because Obama is a LIBRUL TERRORIST-LOVER OMG?

ETA: I guess a more noncontentious, clearer way of phrasing that question would be: would it considered too political to write about the inauguration parties/parades/etc? I live in DC, and I was trying to think of things that I would write about that someone overseas would be interested in hearing. But this election was definitely polarizing, and I didn't know if that kind of thing might be considered too political.


Look, Ma, no face

Youtube of the faceless man behind cut

Collapse )
After watching this video, I was suddenly aware that I was pretty shallow because having a face is kind of a, well, KEY feature on what I like on a woman, and I don't think I have the fortitude to stay with a person without a face. My bad. atelan said that she could live with such a thing if it happened to his face, and it's much better than if the guy became morbidly obese. I disagreed. I felt that I would rather date a morbidly obese person rather than a faceless person. Where do you fall?

Who would you rather date?

Man/woman with no face
Morbidly obese man/woman

(no subject)

When you are playing video games, do you play to win, or do you screw around a lot (e.g., seeing how far you can get in Half-Life 2 using only the gravity gun)?

You must drop everything and go on a vacation right now. No buts. Where would you go?

What is/are your favorite fruit(s)?
im french

i'm kind of a mess

So, last night, I went to a party and left a bag full of make-up, contact lens supplies, birth control and panties. The make-up alone is probably over $200, so I need this bag back.

However, this party was about 45 minutes from my home. I am going to Florida in two days and would really like to have these supplies. I talked to the girl who lives at the house and she says she has the bag and everything is accounted for.

What should I do?!

a. Drive a car there (45 minutes each way) and pick up my stuff. $5-8 in tolls + gas.
b. Take the train there (about an hour each way). $16.
c. Just re-buy everything in the bag and write it off as a loss, but make my life easier.
d. Something else?!