December 30th, 2008

Quinn Twin

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So, we got a 360 for Christmas the other day and played FISH FURY or what the hell ever until today when we could go out and get another controller and Soul Caliber IV. Alright, no big deal, right? UH.. NO. I swear to you Soul Caliber has taken 15 minutes and still keepings telling me it's loading (actually, the NOw loading, emphasis on the NO part, seems to be mocking me) but it's not done much else. Is this fucking normal?! I waited all this time to charge my controllers and trash talk to my husband and now, it's like a giant cock tease come to nerdy life. Fish Fury or wtfev, for the record, loaded super fast. But, uh, I imagine there's not a lot to load in a HEY EAT OTHER FISH BUT DON'T GET EET game. HALP???

For those of you who DGAF about my geek dilemma, what's your favourite trash talk? I keep telling my husband I hope his mama packed him a lunch, because I am about to take him to school. I stick with the classics. Next, one day, HOPEFULLY, I will get to ask does he hear a dial tone because I am off the hook!

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Over the past while i've been wanting to sponsor a child. I want to make sure that I support an organization that has the lowest administration costs so that the most amount of money possible goes to the kid.
So, have any idea which organization is the best?

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When I was in high school, my best subject was English and I used to love creative writing and stuff like that. My one teacher suggested that I look into trying to write a children's book someday. The first thing that popped into my mind was making my kitten, Minnie, the subject because she had tons of personality and I could make up some cute adventures for her. Now, it's 5 years later and I'm thinking about trying my hand at it. My problem is, my Sociology major has lent little time for creative writing and I've kinda lost my edge. So here are my questions.

1. What kind of adventures do you suggest I send my cat on?
2. Would it be stupid to include my dogs in these adventures? They're brother and sister which ups their cute factor, plus they are all buddies in real life
3. I'm not that great at illustrating, but what would you imagine my subjects would look like as cartoons? (pics under the cut)

I guess what I'm asking for is help to end this writer's block. I usually over-think these things and once I'm over it, I can fire out some cute ideas.

edit: my doggies, kitty and I apologize to your friend lists for forgetting to cut!

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sad face

 If your two flat mates left you alone for the entirety of december for winter break, when all of the rest of your friends in town are also gone for break, would you be angry with your flat mates? especially if they know your stuck in town?

I'm not sure if i'm rightfully angry with them, but I've been alone up here almost every day other then 4 days around christmas, and it's driving me mad. I work, but don't really like to be with my coworkers in a non work situation. 
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Inspired by this question.

Dear TQC, will you post a close up picture of your face not smiling or baring your teeth so that others may zombify or vampirify you in MSPaint or Photoshop?

As with the other question, there's a catch; you have to edit at least one other person's photo if you post your own.

To start off, the first person who posts his/her photo I will photoshop him/her, myself.

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What do you collect?

Have you even bought something, used it, then returned it?
I know someone who bought a camera for her trip, then returned it when she got back because she didn't really have a use for it afterwards.

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So, I was poking around on Reunion (Don't remember how I started...I hate that site)...and found my father's name, when looking at some stuff with my name. Now, I can't find him on any other site, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to contact him (personal choice, haven't seen him since I left my home state nearly 10 years ago). However, when looking due simply being curious, white pages has nothing with his address (or phone number, etc...). BUT, the real thing that got me was, there's a female with my exact name (not sure about middle, though), living with my grandparents. As far as I know, they live alone (unless said female is with them... but, as much of a reproducer my father was, I can't see him naming two of his children with the same name - unless he's completely written me off, and doesn't acknowledge me as his anymore).

So...the question:

Should I call my grandparents house, and ask for this person, and see what they say? They wouldn't recognize my voice, since the last time they heard it, I was a little kid. I could make up a story about how I'm looking for her, etc, etc.

Opinions/comments please. Srs and non-srs.
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TQC, i'm really tired and i'm one of those people that needs music or the tv to sleep, or i imagine horrible, horrible things, but i can't figure out what i want to do.

which should i do?

put on a CD
a record
keep iTunes on
put in a DVD

i'm really stuck 'cause what i wanna listen to i don't have on CD or vinyl but i don't want the light from my laptop on.

BONUS QUESTION: will you just come over and knock me out? you can use the instrument of your choice as long as it doesn't kill me/cause permanent damage.
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FUCK. I am so fucking mad. One of my videos on youtube was removed. It says

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by a third party.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I filmed the clips for the video, then I edited the video and put it all together myself. They might as well delete every single fan made music video on their site (my video was really stupid but I'm still really fucking mad).

Is there any way this is just some kind of fluke?
What the fuck does third party mean anyways?

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which cheesy pop song from the past 10 years or so most accurately describes you or your love life?

personally, i identify very strongly with "oops!...i did it again" by britney spears.

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How do you like your bagel?

I'm up at this unholy ayem hour waiting for the beau to get off his night job and bring me home two everything bagels with cream cheese and and iced capp from Tim Horton's. I didn't get around to eating much yesterday since I had a migraine all day and now I'm craving bagels like a mofo.
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What the fuck is my roommate up to, TQC?

a bare-bones version of what just happened: he came home late (1am) with some guy (and no, roomie isn't gay--if that mattered at all)...they crashed for a few hours, and at 5 they both got up, hurried around in the bathroom, and got in the car. I looked out the window just in time to see roomie put something vaguely resembling a shotgun case (you better believe the gun is in there if that's what it was) in the trunk.


If you don't care:

why are you up so early/late?

..I was woken up by all the hurrying around (our house is really small), and after seeing my roomie put what I presume to be a shotgun in the more sleeping. I had two hours until I actually had to be up for work, too.

serious, non-serious, whatever pleases you. :P

Missing Parent

Ok, I am going to make this as short as possible, while still giving the details. Collapse )

Baring trying not to flip out until the 31st when it's possible she might have meant to tell us she was coming back, wtf can I even do? I have no info except she's supposed to be in Chicago and should be home but isn't.

I don't think I can ask anything about the phone since it's not hers and I can't get a hold of the man who owns it or ask someone to ask him for me since I don't know who the eff he is. Seriously, guys, I've been up all night since the possibility of a red eye return home was dwindling...
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A while back I asked for help testing recipes and I think someone in here said something about being able to help with writing? I'm writing my synopsis for my book and I want someone to read it and tell me how to make it better. Anyone in here want to help a sister out? I'll send you a jar of hummus if you help me. Preferably someone who's online a lot and has time.

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So I'm sitting around at home, since I don't work til 3 p.m., watching TV. Jerry Springer is on and it's a new episode. This guy cheated on his wife with a virgin. More importantly, people actually watch Springer? Do any of you watch his show?

Do you watch the Golden Girls?
Who's your favourite Golden Girl?
Were you upset when Estelle Getty (Sophia) died?
Do you care to share your favourite Golden Girls quote with me (us)?

Also, what else should I watch on TV? Or should I do something more productive with my morning?

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If you live in the United States, which state would you choose to live in if you had to leave your current state?

Also, if you had to live in a foreign country, which would it be?

I live in Tennessee. I would choose Oregon.

hey jude


For those of you who have moved a signficant amount of miles away from home, how long did it take you to stop feeling depressed/homesick about the whole thing? How did you stop feeling this way- was it time, doing some sort of activity, etc?
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A mega-church in my area just got permission to build a helipad at each of their locations so that their pastors could fly from one church to another to deliver their sermons without having to fight traffic or some such nonsense. What's your opinion on mega-churches?

If you have no opinion, what's the last thing that made you go, "LOLWHUT"?
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1. What unusual flavor would make a great potato chip?

I'm not a fan of fried chicken, but I like chicken flavoring. Why are their no FRIED CHICKEN FLAVORED POTATO CHIPS?

2. Have you re-gifted anything yet this year? If so, what?

3. Do you like wasabi?

4. What is a good name for a turtle? I may be getting one and I was thinking of naming him Wasabi.

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Inspired by this question ..
When you get back from a long weekend, like the one we just had, do you spend time reading the three or four days of TQC you missed, just in case something interesting happened? Do  you comment on questions that are a couple days old?
ferris wheel

I just had French Apple Pie flavor...

Poll #1322817 Yay Dairy!

What is your favorite flavor of yogurt?

Any kind of fruit pie
Any kind of cream pie (includes cheesecake)
I like them all
Yogurt - ICK!
Other (Please Comment)

*edited to correct apple spelling - dur*

When in doubt, ask Live Journal

I have FIVE days of no husband and no child. I have no idea what to do with myself.  Here is my schedule so far:

New  Years Eve: Party at my mom's starting about 6pm
New Years Day:
Friday: Wine Tasting (tentative)

Anyone have an idea of what I can do to fill in those 3 empty days? I've never been on my own for this long before. It seems like I should have to ask someone for permission to be doing something.

I have approx. $100 and at some point have to mail off the rent check.

Other than that I have nothing to do.

Help me TQC... what should I do?
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I can't find my pen, you guys! What did you do with it?

My dad bought me a George Foreman grill for Christmas! Well, technically he bought me a gift card which I used to buy a George Foreman grill, but whatever. WHAT SHOULD I MAKE ON IT FIRST?
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cubs hat
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Giving people food to animals - yes or no?

When I don't finish all of my dinner, I give the meat to my cats. My husband thinks I shouldn't, but I figure that it's MEAT and it's probably healthier than any cat food. I don't give them any meat that has been overly seasoned, though.
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Who is your fav character on The Office? least fav?

I hope to met hefnersbunny this weekend. Will she murder me?
Should I have my husband drive me over 6 hours to meet her? What's the farthest you've gone to meet someone from the internet?

What is your fav frozen dinner?
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Does Obama really think a tax break that'll give people making up to $75,000 a year an extra $40 a month is going to significantly impact the level of spending necessary to get the economy moving?

What kind of a difference would an extra $40 a month make to you?
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

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Have you ever seen a movie that changed your life? Or impacted you in some great way? What movie(s), and how? I would be curious to hear about movies that have truly impacted you, but if there's anything that really changed you, your life or the way you live, I would love to hear of it.

The movie that changed me, my life, and the way I will live is Into The Wild. ._. That movie was amazing to me and opened me up to some dreams that I didn't know I even had, things that I had been closed-minded to, and I doubt I would have had the courage to discover them without something to bring me to it. Since I saw that movie, I've been on a high of such things, and I've been planning on hitchhiking America once I graduate from college (in 2-3 more years). I even found a buddy to go with me. I never knew my dream was to be a hobo lololol.

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An NY politician is proposing an 18% fat tax on sugary drinks such as soda or sunny-D. Diet versions of these drinks would be excluded, because they show you're being healthy and shit.

The tax would be comparable to most state's taxes on cigarettes.

Whatcha think about that, TQC?

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What should I wear to the club? We're trying to look classy for New Years, and not the standard 'clubbing top'/jeans.

Update: Okay, I'm going with a dress! The dress I'm gonna wear is really dressy looking; it's red and strapless and satin. How do I dress it down?

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I am off work at 6pm and have a meeting in the area at 7:30. What type of food should I get for dinner? Pretty much every type of standard ethnic food (Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, even Tibetan and Korean) is available in my area.

If none of my friends want to go get dinner with me, should I just forgo eating out alone and sit at a cafe with a book and some soup?

What is a good TPB or graphic novel I should purchase today to read at the cafe if I go? (I have all the big-name ones that have or are being made into movies and stuff like that. And no Frank Miller please, I am tired to death of whores.)
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boring question

I've been using Aveeno's Positively Smooth Moisturizing Lotion for 5 years... AND I CAN'T FIND IT IN DRUG STORES ANYMORE.

1. Do you know anywhere online that carries discontinued things like this?

2. Do you know of any other equally-worthy "shave less" type of product? Jergens made one a while ago, but it kind of sucked, as I recall.

Nevermind, I found it!
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I'm selling plasma literally right this second and one of the sticker people told me my blood is a brighter red than everybody elses. And it does look that way I guess. But I do this a lot and my shit is usually darker. What are some reasons for it being brighter?

Project 365

Have you ever done Project 365? If so, could you post a link to where you put all your pictures so people can see them?
I did it this year, mine is here

Do you plan on doing it this year?
You should use if you are.

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Oh cooks of TQC, how would you recommend going about making a less-false-tasting Pocky at home? I can imagine the simpler chocolate ones would just be dipping pretzel sticks in melted chocolate, but if I could recreate the fruity moussey Pockys without the preservative taste/waxiness, that would be my dream come true.

What animal does your body type most resemble? I think I am like a nice chubby housecat.

Are your toes long enough to fit in toe socks?

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do you use flashcards to memorize things? something else? any good memorization techniques?
-i'm making my SO flashcards so he can memorize the 11 general orders of a sentry within the next 22 days.

have you ever fallen out of a tree?
- i've fallen out of a tree 9 times. the first 5 times were all in the same tree.

what are your plans for new year's eve food?
- my family is having chinese takeaway.

creepy choir boy

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What is your favorite partially animated Disney movie?

Mary Poppins
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Pete's Dragon
Song of the South
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
I hate them all.
Disney: Maleficent turned


My roommate just sent me the following text message:

We need to teach raven [my dog] some manners. She keeps farting in front of me and it stinks! I kicked her the third time and then she went and sulked in her cage. Now I feel bad. I know this is useless info. But I'm sure your [sic] not really working anyway

What the hell! She kicked my dog! My dog doesn't know that farting in public is rude!

TQC, how do I exact revenge on my terrible roommate?

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I have a burrito ultimo from Baja Fresh in my fridge. It's still in one piece and wrapped in that metallic paper.

What's the best way to reheat it? Specifics like oven settings and times would be much appreciated.
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1. which race do you think has the largest percentage of stay at home moms, and why do you think so?
2. how are you going to ring in the new year?
3. what is your favourite combos flavour?


Hey, I'm new here. Howdy. I joined a few days ago because I saw a post in one of those stupid free or stupid drama communities that linked here but the post here was locked. Now I forget what it was, and am in love with this community.

So. First question.

I read through the rules and they are pretty standard. People around here seem pretty laid back. There are lots of lolz, and it seems, not too many lines to cross.

So I'm curious.

What type of shit would someone need to stir to get banned from this community?


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hey tqc
1. what are you wearing today? when was the last time you wore it?
2. what ways of typing bug the fuck out of you? (ie: toggle, lowercase)
3. my ears are 0 gauge, should I  ~stretch~ or stay put?

eta: all aboard the failboat.
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My dad has been through and still has 2 kinds of cancer and now is experiencing kidney failure. He's only 45 and appeared to be very healthy before all of this.

I'm so scared and I've been able to half not think about this for awhile, but I can't stop now and I'm so upset.

Is there anything I can do?
Does anyone know how successful kidney failure treatment is?

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Do you like black licorice?

Should I get a new DS Lite? I want the metallic rose color now. I don't know what to do with my white one, though. Can I trade that at Gamestop or something?
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How can I save a picture from a website, other than right clicking and saving the image? When I try to do that the option isn't there. I'm using Firefox if that makes a difference.

Did you have bunk beds when you were a kid?

Where would you love a gift card to?
TV - FG - I'm your pal

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I need to eat healthier, but I'm a fairly picky eater. often suggests food that I am not a fan of and it's a pain to go through and change it, so I just never listen to it.

Do you know of a website that would allow me to say "I fucking hate eggs, don't suggest them to me again"?
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this is not hypothetical

So, I went to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions for me and my family. The prescriptions were for: Hormonal birth control pills, diabetic test strips, and an anti-acne sulfur face wash. I also got some shampoo and conditioner.

At the counter, the lady was looked at the total ($86) and was like, "Are you even sure you need all this?" And I was like, "yes?" because, you know, I felt like we did. And then held the test strips and said, "These alone are $75- you still need them?" and I was like, "uh, YEAH" and then the fucking bitch looked at the shampoo and conditioner and was like, "These, too?"

1. What the fuck!?

2. When was the last time you wanted to punch the nose off a service/counter/whatever person?
Brent Corrigan Unnnnnf
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Why are all my LJ notifications suddenly going to my spam box? I use Yahoo. How can I fix it? :[

I cleared my spam/trash folder of 500 unread messages and I know there were places that I posted that I definitely wanted to see the replies I got. Where on LJ can I find this?

Nevermind, I figured it out. @_@

My roommate told me she always looks after she wipes. Do you look after you wipe or do you just gauge it on how you feel? Sometimes are you more in the mood to look just to be sure or no? Is this a girl thing? idgi

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My dad just got a new job after being laid off for nine months this year!

What was the last happy news you got?

Edit: Also me not being able to fall asleep the other day and my dad wanting to go disgusting things with my mom, but her saying no.

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I'm going into Manhattan tomorrow night for NYE. We're not going to Times Square, just going for sushi and then watching the fireworks in Central Park.
Should I sleep in my friend's dorm tomorrow night or go home on the train?
What would you do?

Have you used any of your gift cards yet? What did you buy?
I just went to Sephora and bought eye shadow, moisturizer and a makeup brush and then Barnes and Nobel for "Revolutionary Road" and a mandala coloring book!

Stupid ATM


The ATM just ate my money. Actually, it was eating a lot of people's money but none of them bothered to warn each other so there was an enormous, hours-long line at the bank. This is why I did not bother to go into the bank to try to resolve the conflict, especially since the bank was scheduled to close about an hour after this transpired. I am almost positive the money was taken out of my account, but I have no way to check for sure right now because I don't have net banking.

Is there any possibility that the ATM keeps track of who has used it and that if I go in there when they open again and it's less busy they'll be able to credit me back my money, or am I screwed?

Edit: I just called and they said there's no record of any money being withdrawn from my account. I also ordered net banking so that in the future I can check myself.


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I have this weird problem of sorts: whenever my boyfriend is in the same bed as me, I cannot sleep. He doesn't snore, but the perception of his presence keeps me from sleeping properly.

What should I do? Have you ever had this problem and if so how did you overcome it?
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Dear TQC,

I can't smoke in my friend's house and I need a cig, but it's very cold outside and I may or may not be getting the flu.

NOW, the fact that I'm getting sick is making me grouchy, so to deprive myself is to become grouchier.

Do I go outside?

bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I think my computer is broken. At least I think the tower is. The screen and everything is fine...but when I try to turn the tower on, I don't see or hear the fan or any lights. Did the power go out or is my computer dead for realz this time?

Can this be fixed or am I just better off getting a new computer?

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Michaela Coel

Tipping Me Off

On my way home today, I called in a to go order at Ruby Tuesday's so I could pick up dinner. I went inside the restaurant because I was paying by credit card. When I sign the receipt I see a little note that says "For your convenience 10% gratuity has been included. Please let us know if this is not acceptable".

Not to start at tip wank but, do you feel a mandatory tip for a to go order is acceptable?

Have you encountered this at other restaurants?

Would you say something about it?

I always tip well when I go to a restaurant. I hate how restaurants pay their servers so little that tips are a necessity for servers to make a living wage but my issue isn't with the tip, it's with the principle. Not only was I not served, there was no place on the receipt to let them know the charge wasn't acceptable. I smiled politely because I was hungry and in no mood to argue with the manager over a 1.10 but I'm definitely writing the restaurant a letter.



(no subject)

Do you feel bad about anything that you really shouldn't feel bad about,  TQC?  ~let it out~

I only got a 3.48 this semester and it's bumming me out.  4cr B-, 3 cr B, and 12cr A is lame :(
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My best friend Eric and I aren't getting along right now.

He's throwing a party at his place for New Year's Eve. I don't want to stay for his party (I'd rather go to my friend John's party), but I want him to have a good one. The only liquor they're having, to my knowledge, is punch with liquor in it, so I was thinking about bring champagne so they could toast at midnight and then leaving soon after. But should I even come at all? I don't want to make a scene.

What should I do?

Bring champagne to Eric's party then go to John's party
Just go to John's party
Evil Me

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Do you find "RIP" to be overused and meaningless? I don't know how to explain this, but I've been watching a thread on a local message board about a local bartender dying, and so many people are saying "RIP" and it just seems insincere.

Are you annoyed by something seemingly commonplace and normal? What is it?
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(no subject)

I want to relocate to a coastal area outside of Massachusetts this summer. Any recommendations? I am sort of outdoorsy, but don't like the heat all that much.


Do you have adult ADD? Like, really...diagnosed and all that fun stuff? What's it like?
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for those of you in college, do you usually buy your textbooks before or after classes start?
money is really tight right now and i am trying to decide on whether or not i should skip buying some of my books until later. recommendations?

for everyone else, what is stressing you out?

(no subject)

If you woke up in the middle of the night to see a silhouette of a figure in the corner of your room, would your automatic reaction be to assume that it's a person, or a ghost? Which would you rather it be?

I ask this as, despite not really believing in ghosts, I woke up last night and on seeing something (that turned out to be, my coat), my instant belief was that it was obviously a ghost. Of course, I was still half asleep at the time, but still.

(no subject)

Isn't Airplane! an amazing movie? Do you like Airplane!-type humor?

With titles like Airplane! and Jeopardy! do you have to shout it out loud because of the exclamation point?

What should I eat for dinner? I'm in downtown Manhattan in an area with a lot of halal carts, limited Asian, a bunch of sandwich places, your usual cheap pizza, Two Boots Pizza which has pies named after Big Lebowski and old movie stars, and delis.
im french

(no subject)

Where do you fall on the "Accuracy of the Bible" spectrum?

1-Nothing is real in the Bible. Jesus is false, it is all a work of fiction.
5-Obviously there are are some inaccuracies...
10-It's 100% true. All of that happened.

(no subject)

do you use an alarm to wake yourself up?

i went to this talk and the guy was going on about how if you picture the time in your head before you go to sleep that's the time you'll wake up, was he talking crap?

(no subject)

Any Doug Coupland fans?

That whole big red text and other similar scenarios on here could totally be straight out a coupland novel.

It is totally out of line for me to suggest to a friend that maybe her boyfriend is maybe slightly autistic? In a conversational way, not in mockery? Cause I did and she is no longer talking to me.

(no subject)

In your opinion, what are some of the greatest books of all time?

What about the greatest movies of all time?

I have cooked too much spaghetti for dinner, would you like some?


This will probably sound really silly, but I can't find this phrase anywhere in any dictionary... :(

1. What is it called when you see a brand advertized in the media, mostly in movies, TV shows and such? It can be paid, but it doesn't have to be. Like when you see James Bond wearing an Omega brand watch. In my language it's called silent advertizing, but it's obviously not that in English... lol.

2. Oh, while I'm at it (need it for a paper), it's forbidden by law in Croatia. It's also forbidden to advertize, in any way at all, tabacco priducts and medicines. Is it so in the US, or any other country where you live?

3. Is there anything that is usually legal (for example alcohol) forbidden to advertize in your country? Answers from any country other than the US would be helpful (google is a bit less helpful when the US is not in question).
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1. All y'all broke people out there - Have you ever tried Korean Ramen? If not, DO IT. NOW. One does not have to be broke to enjoy it, obvs., but it helps. It tastes better than "generic" Ramen (ie Maruchan, Ramen) by about 100%.

2. Srs question. Given that it's basically generally knowledge now that the U.N is a useless failure (right? Right?), it's indisputable that there's legit merit behind the idea of a United Nations. They have the potential - How would you "fix" the U.N./make it less of a miserable drain on society? Maybe this isn't the correct forum for this type of question, but I'm interested in hearing your answers : )
28 days later

shakin my tiny fists

I keep being asked for money via paypal from various organizations, and the directions always say something like "In the comments section please provide a note with:

Target of donation (optional): Coaches, Clinic, or let BUDA decide
Keep name and/or amount anonymous from website donors page (coming 2008)"
(for instance)


Tell me, tqc, where (when?) is the comments box?


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I'm a fairly good artist and have made signs for just about every job I've had.
Should I apply for a job as a sign artist for Trader Joe's?
They want me to bring a portfolio. I don't have a professional one set up or even know how to begin one. Should I take pictures of my larger scale stuff and put it into a portfolio, or bring a giant folder full of shit that I've made?

Have you ever applied for (and got) a job that you weren't really qualified for? How'd that work out for ya?

camera help

sorry if this isnt allowed, i will delete it if it is.

i have a sony cybershot camera. i use this battery. however, i lost my charger. i looked all over the sony website and can't find the charger.

where can i get a new one?

i already checker radio shack, best buy, and circuit city. they all told me to look on the website.


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i just found out tht a woman i used to work with died suddenly this morning after taking ill at the weekend. my sister still works in the same place and i knew the woman quite well, so i am kinda shell shocked.

whats the last thing that knocked you for 6?
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What do you think of college aged guys who hit on high school girls?
How big of an age gap is acceptable at younger ages (high school-college)?

Do you think hanging out with high schoolers when you are a college senior is lame?

How much of a bitch move was it for me to tell my ex that he had to pay me back all $2000 plus [he owes me] in the next six months in the form of me not paying rent for those 6 months? Would you be pissed if you were him? What if you were me? Any other grand ideas for getting my money from him?
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Do you like yogurt?
If so, what is your favorite flavor?
If someone asked you these questions on a first date, would you get up and leave because it's an obvious indication of a complete lack of chemistry?
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I have a bowl of frozen prawns defrosting in my room. I am hungry. I have just taken them out of the freezer.
Approximately how long should it take for these prawns to defrost and become edible at room temperature?
I'm debating whether to have a small snack now or just wait.

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Someone gave my mom a ridiculous amount of monterey jack cheese for Christmas so she gave some to me. I love it on crackers and stuff but that gets boring I need to eat it faster. I tried it in chili but it threw the flavor off and I did not enjoy. Do you think it would taste ok in mac and cheese? Any other ideas?

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I went to change the brush head on my electric toothbrush and the metal prong that the head sits on has some rust on it. Should I throw it out or do you think it will be OK?

If I should toss it, can you recommend and decent electric toothbrush for around $30?

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I'm feeling shitty tonight!
Are you feeling shitty too? Will you tell us about it so we can make you feel better/commiserate?

Do you ever just get into a shitty mood for no particular reason? blah.
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TQC, what is your favourite obscure or semi-obscure play, book, or movie?

I for one very much enjoy "Forever Plaid". Those who like it don't think it's obscure-- but looking at the (tiny) fanbase on the internet, I would certainly call it obscure. :D (See my icon, btw, for a photo of me, my girlfriend, and The Plaids from a production I went to.)
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Does anyone else have one of those nail buffing kits that those annoying ~Meditarranean~ vendors chase you down at the mall to try? My mom and I were both hustled into buying sets a couple of years ago and I've been really happy with it. lol
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For those who play the first ea skate

what is your favorite district to skate in?

how did you progress in career mode?

I loove oldtown. And the drains.

I have mainly just started, and I'm going to do p rods and shingos challenges soon.

For those who don't play..

do you enjoy a hot breakfast?
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