December 28th, 2008

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I need help!

I'm pretty fair skinned and have a short (chin length is longest) a-line hair cut. My guy accidentally gave me a really bad hickey... I tried covering it with makeup but the center is all purple and since I'm so pale, it made it stand out more rather than less because my neck is a little lighter than my face (used to have longer hair = less sun).

What tips/tricks/advice do you have?

Srs and non-srs but I really don't want to wear a scarf/turtleneck for the next week.
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Dear TQC, I've got lots of questions!

Today, I bought a brand spanking new car for the first time in my life (Honda Accord).  I then proceeded to drive home and into the garage, or so I thought... I dented my rear passenger door, also put a scratch in it, and rubbed some paint off of the piece of metal that is directly next to that door.

1) What would you do? 

2&3) Besides cry? a lot?

I've got the dealer insurance, but I'm afraid that will increase my policy a WHOLE lot when I actually get my insurance in place.  So I'm trying to decide what to do.

4) Anyone know of places that fix dents/paint cheaply  (Chicago) ????  I just have a feeling that this sort of thing will happen to me a couple of times, as my eyes are not so great with distance and the car I had before was a lot smaller and easily fit into all sorts of spaces.

5) And for those of you who don't really care, could you post something funny? 

hate pimentos

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When altering pants, is it easier to make them a half inch or so longer, or to make them 2 or 3 inches shorter?

ETA: I am absolutely not altering these things myself.  I was just wondering if I should buy the pants to be too long or too short, since I am 5'2" and pants that fit my awkward lower body off the rack do not exist.  It's 2am here, and it's a bit late to call the seamstress.  

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Will you share the last time you got something you really liked for a great price?

Was the price due to ignorance of the seller, your good hunting/shopping/bargaining skills, luck, some combination of two or more of these?

I got an oil warmer with a black metal bas and blue glass bowl with oil for about $6. The warmer was bought at the Veterans of America store and the oil was on sale at Bath and Body works.

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All over TV, there are commercials which advertise these get-rich-quick methods (eBay, real estate, etc.). Have any of you or anyone you know invested your time/money into these? What is/was the outcome?

(no subject)

You know how in movies they always make russian women have red hair...are there actually alot of red haired russian women or is it just movie people being stereotypical and lame?

Leap Year(ning)

If you banged someone born on February 29, 1988...are you a pedophile and will Chris Hanson have to get involved?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome. Cryptic, ambiguous answers can suck the big one

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Have you ever been anywhere with a SO or just a friend that you were romantically linked to and had one of their friends hitting on you? How did you react?

I was with my guy tonight and I swear his friend kept hitting on me and hinting that I should get with him whenever my guy walked out of the room. I was a little under the influence though, so maybe not. It was so awkward though. I just kind of laughed and didn't say anything.

Does this even make sense? Lol, I'm still a little messed up ;x
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Would you defriended someone who posted lots of nudies, even if he/she did that for art photography?

I just did, since that person posted a couple of his "models" doing the public nudity on the streets which is highly disturbing. He complained that anyone "should" go naked on a Sunday morning anywhere, especially around the city. I find it difficult to respect him and his opinions at least.

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Which scenario is worse?

Finding out thar song you like is actually by Miley Cyrus
Finding out that song you like is actually by Coldplay
I am a vegan

How many syllables do you think the word Vivanno has?

something else
I am a vegan

Yeah, okay, in the first option "thar" = that.
2 - I didn't quite get hear that

dunno why this bothers me...

...but it does.

Then again, it's probably because I can't sleep.

oh the weather outside was frightfulMost of the sex in porn is not referred to as sex scenes or love scenes because why I don't know and they really aren't. However, sex in movies isn't referred to as sex scenes generally either but they are called love scenes even if it's just horny teens going at it and no one's feeling any love whatseover.

Why is that?
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Ladies, when you're in a relationship with a guy do you have any rules about who says "I love you" first? Do you wait till he does it or do you just go ahead and do it if you feel like it?
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Gift exchanging?

For Christmas, my mother gave me a Wii game called Carnival Games. A nice thought, but so far I can't bring myself to open it because I've never been a fan of carnival games in general (in fact, I kind of dislike carnival games), and I read some reviews that say the game gets old pretty quick.

What game should I exchange it for? (I already have Wii Sports, Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, Rayman Raving Rabbids 1, and Wii Fit. I'm not a hard core gamer - the Wii is the first and only game system I have.). I'm willing to pay the difference for something more expensive.

Did you get anything for the holidays this year that you'll be exchanging? What did you get? What are you going to swap it for? Did you give anything to anyone that you expect they'll be returning/exchanging? Do you mind if they do that?
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Do you think anyone would be interested in old sports team press kits?

I have a bunch of late 1960's era Oakland Raiders press kits that belonged to my father.

I haven't been interested in the Raiders since Howie retired but maybe there are apeshit fans out there who would gladly mortgage their house for these items?

giving cards.

The semi-new girl who works at my company's Boston office got everyone ,including me(even though I only work there about once a week), a Christmas card. She also got a box of chocolates for everyone to share. Since I know no one will probably will be thoughtful enough do anything nice for her; I figured I should be nice and get her something(read: I'm trying to get laid).

Because she doesn't actually celebrate Christmas, I figured I'd get her a New Years card. But a friend said that would be odd.

1.)Would it be odd?

I want to keep the gift limited to a card; I'd get candy but I'm not sure what kind she likes.
2.)What kind of card should I get instead?

(no subject)

My boyfriend likes to do things all the time to annoy me, such as farting under the covers and holding the covers over my head, squirting me with cold water when I don't expect it, etc. How should I get him back?

(no subject)

What's the weirdest injury/accident you've ever heard of someone getting into, or have gotten into yourself?

I once fell while playing tag in grade school, hit my head on the ground, and got a tiny pebble stuck in my eardrum. I could hear it rattling when I shook my head. Getting it out required a team of emergency room doctors and a pointed metal stick. FUN.
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You've been dating your next door neighbor since you were 13 years old, you grew up together. They are the love of your life and you get married young, around 20 or so. You both get sick, and find out you have a (treatable) genetic disease. Turns out your dad cheated with your spouse's mother, and you are half siblings. Do you stay together?

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So i've never flown on a plane before and have travel plans in July to go to Paris.
I'm wondering if its cheaper to book ahead of time or not?
Also, I've heard of people just waiting around the airport until theres a seat availible and they sell it really cheap. How often does this happen?
If it matters, I'd be leaving from Winnipeg (or Toronto) to Paris.

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My friend from my [old] job just called me to say that my boss said she fired me because I was giving her an attitude and being argumentative.

Last week I gave her my two weeks because I needed to babysit my nephew. She said she had no problem with this.

Is there some kind of proper retaliation?
Would you say something to your boss if they pulled this shit?
When was the last time someone was spreading ~rumors~ about you?

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I think I want to go to culinary school. Is an Associates in Culinary Arts a useful degree to have in this day and age? I don't want to be in the hole and jobless after college like I realized I would be if I kept going towards Psychology.

Also, I think I would really love the program, but I actually have very little actual culinary experience. Should I still go for it?

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this time, this question is honestly for a friend of mine, not for me.

If you're going to be having casual sex with someone, and you're a virgin and they are not, do you have any obligation to mention your virginity to them? Or, if they don't ask, can you just not mention it?

(no subject)

When sending a resume to a potential employer via email (as an attachment), what should I write in the body of the email?

Also, is gmail being an asshole and not loading (or taking a ridiculously long time to load) for anyone else?
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Ok, so my nephews were at my house yesterday and one of them upset a Yankee candle all over my white living room carpeting.  Does anyone have any idea how to get this mess cleaned up? 

God I hate kids.

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When was the last time you cried, and over what?

I got my grades today. I got A's and B's in everything but math, which I failed. My mom yelled at me and then my dad came home from church, and I just started crying. I was trying not to cry, but it didn't work.

2) Have you ever been misdiagnosed at the hospital?

Yes. When I was in fourth grade, I got sick. First my voice went hoarse and then I started coughing. After that, I couldn't breathe right. My parents took me to the emergency room, where they said I had the croup. A few days later, my mom took me to my pediatrician, who diagnosed me with bronchitis.

3) Have you ever had an allergic reaction to anesthesia or any other kind of medication?

Yes. I had to get an MRI. I have no clue what they gave me. When we left, my dad was carrying me out on my shoulders. I started punching him on the shoulders and everything. I got violent.

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Is it "ethical" to fake being drunk? For the purpose of hitting on someone without it being awkward. (Since everyone knows drunk people often hit on people. So if they reject you, you can just play it off as a stupid thing you did while you were drunk.)

(no subject)

1. For those of you who drink it, how do you use your old Crown Royal bags? We have a few sitting around, but I don't have the time/energy/resources do to a quilt or anything crazy like that.

2. What's for lunch?
Steak and fries! Om nom nom. :)
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My mom and her husband just recently split up. His family called on Christmas morning to tell him that they didn't want him to bring her to Christmas dinner, they have always been mean to her and he never does anything about it. He brought her anyway and they essentially kicked her out, he just gave her his car keys and didn't say anything to her or his family and then stayed at dinner for the next five hours while she sat at home by herself. When he finally came home, she kicked him out of her house. Yesterday, me and her planned to go out for the day, so she called him and said he could come pick up some clothes and stuff he needed while we were gone. When we got home, he was just sitting on the couch watching TV. When she asked what he was doing there, he said, "I don't want to leave."

EDIT: She has owned this house for well over ten years. In fact, she bought it with my father when they were married and she was awarded the house in their divorce settlement. He moved in about four years ago when they got married.

This is unacceptable behavior, y/y?

When was the last time someone in your life did something that made you think "WTF? What did they think they were doing??"

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Anyone know where I can find cheap airplane tickets from Newark, NJ (EWR) to Paphos, Cyprus (PFO) preferably under $1,000 USD? Collapse )

Also, are there any days where flying is cheaper? I've read told that Monday and Tuesday mornings are cheaper to fly, but I've found no differences in prices.

Any help would be VERY much appreciated.

sex, duh

tqc, I know you are sick of all of my sex questions, so I'm going to ask them all all at once, so you can just ignore this post if you don't want to know.

1) If you're having casual sex with more than one person at a given time, are you obligated to tell them? Or, since it's just casual sex, does that not matter?

2) I've had a lot of sex and tried a lot of things. But despite all that, my favorite position is still the missionary position. Is that pathetic? I feel like guys are kind of disappointed when they find this out.

3) If you know you're going to be having sex with someone, is showing up to their house in just a trenchcoat and heels (with just some lingerie underneath) sexy or just trashy?

4) Is it selfish to expect more than one orgasm in a single instance of sex?

5) I think I might be a sex addict, but it's not negatively affecting my personal or business life. So should I be concerned? I know even being a functional alcoholic is considered damaging, but is the same true for sex addicts?

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Do you think the Steelers will win today, despite the fact that Ben just got hurt? Or will they win because of this reason? (My dad tends to yell. He's not happy with Ben.)

Will they go to the Super Bowl?
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Poll #1321896 Who's the best movie/film vampire?

Best bloodsucker on film?

Angel (David Boreanaz) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Spike (James Marsters) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dracula (Gary Oldman) - Bram Stoker's Dracula
Lestat De Lioncourt (Tom Cruise) - Interview with a Vampire
Count Von Count (Jerry Nelson) - Sesame Street
Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) - Twilight
Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) - Interview with a Vampire
Selene (Kate Beckinsale) - Underworld
David (Kiefer Sutherland) - The Lost Boys
Count Dracula (Bela Lugosi) - Dracula
Blacula (William Marshall) - Blacula
Count Orlok (Max Schreck) - Nosferatu
Blade (Wesley Snipes) - Blade
Santanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek) - From Dawn Till Dusk
Other (please say who in comments)
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Last night a weird thing happened to me. I was watching The Accused, and at one point Jodie Foster gets gang-raped in the middle of a bar with all these people watching. I got so angry that I had to leave the room and it took me a while to calm down. I've never reacted so strongly to a movie.

Have you ever reacted strongly to a movie? Which movie and why?

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is there anything you're needing right now that you wish you'd thought to ask for for Christmas?

all i got were records and weird shit from my aunt, and as soon as me and my sister were done opening presents she goes, "SHIT. I should have asked for bras." and i thought for a second and was like, "OH GOD, me too ;______;"

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What is your biggest pet peeve?

Are all pet peeves generally caused by other people?

One of my largest pet peeves is people assuming I'm pregnant because I'm sick. It makes me absolutely livid to the point that I don't tell stupid people when I'm sick anymore.

My mother is a nurse and if I so much as even suggest that I have the runs I MUST be pregnant. It's so irritating.

Do you think nurses should be smarter than that?

what is a logon domain?

I got a new laptop and am trying to connect to the secure wireless internet in my house. I have the username and password for the netgear router, but my laptop is also asking for a "logon domain" and I cannot figure out what that is. I've been googling like crazy and can't find any answers.

Any tips on easily determining what the logon domain is???
Thank You!
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my new ipod classic

I know you guys may be over the ipod questions but I really need TQC's expertise.

I just got a classic 120 gig ipod and I'm putting my music on it. What are some songs/bands that you think I should put on my ipod? I'm not picky and I like pretty much everything. I guess another good question would be: who are some bands/musicians that you don't think get the attention they deserve? I'm really hoping to get an eclectic collection on my ipod.

Thank you!

ETA: Sorry guys, genres would help. Thanks Teefers.

I love the Raconteurs, Kings of Leon, Incubus, Deathcab, Vampire Weekend, Modest Mouse, Sufjan Stevens, Old No Doubt, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Killers

I've got some Kanye West and MIA

Some pop like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake

Classic Rock: Stones, the Who, Lynyrd Skynard, Led Zeppelin
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most reliable used car

I'm looking to get a used car, no older than 2006, that is super reliable. I've done a bit of research and found that Toyotas, Hondas and the Ford Fusion are pretty reliable. Does anyone know if the Ford Focus and Hyundai Accent are reliable cars as well? I'm getting mixed opinions. I'd love any input or any suggestions for those cars or other reliable cars.

If you are in school..

What does your class schedule look like for the upcoming semester?

My class schedule:
analysis of a predator- mountain lion
geography field study
psyc/women: multicultural
women in literature
hakuna matata
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Ladies, what do you use when you're on your period? I use a cup, with a pad for backup on my heavier days.

What's your favourite euphemism for menstruating? I obviously like 'riding the cotton pony'.

EDIT: Or sometimes I say "I want a hysterectomy".
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(no subject)

i just read twin peaks on wiki and watched a bunch of twin peaks/fire walk with me clips. i did this regardless of the fact that i knew it would freak me out.

what is guaranteed to freak you out?
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(no subject)

Do you leave a light on for your pets if you leave and it's going to get dark/already is dark in the house? What about the tv?

I usually leave a light on, if not the tv. I think it's calming for the older dog, but someone gave me a hard time about it earlier so now I don't know if I'm just crazy for doing this!
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My roommate just asked me via email to move out by the beginning of term. This is in one week, and I am not even in town to find a new place, someone to take over my lease, move, etc. I am only going to be living with her for another 10 weeks, anyway.

Is this unreasonable? The situation is that we have different schedules and levels of cleanliness, and she thinks it's not working out; we don't fight or anything. I knew it wasn't working out well, but I had no idea she wanted to move out. I understand where she's coming from, but it seriously seems impossible for me to accommodate.

ETA: So what should I do? I emailed her saying I didn't know if it was actually feasible for me to do this, but should I still try to look for a new place? Won't it just be awkward now for us to continue living together?

(no subject)

What are the weirdest names you've heard of for fictional characters?

I was looking through the guide today and found "Ryce" for the Beethoven movies. I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of them at the moment.
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(no subject)

I know a lot of people here hate American Apparel, but for those of you who wear it, are their t-shirts even soft? Or are they kind of stiff and uncomfortable?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I haven't done these in forever, and I feel like I wouldn't be a good poll-maker if I didn't make them! So. Here you go.

Which of these statements are trufax for you?

Which are trufax?

My favorite type of ethnic food is Mexican
I hate egg rolls
I have a bad habit of getting dirty when eating messy foods (nachos, loaded tacos, etc)
I don't drink soda
Bugs and insects don't bother me
I am fascinated by astronomy
I knew what I wanted to do for a living by age 10
I live with my parents when not at school (for college students)
I live with my parents (for everyone else)
If someone handed me a bowl right now, I would smoke some pot

Which of these are trufax?

I have never consumed alcohol
I have never done a drug
I am a virgin
When I'm home sick I admit to waching kids' shows
I have a Dell
I secretly want something off of an infomercial
I don't like potato chips
I am so used to using a calculator that I now do basic math on it just to check myself
I am single and not looking
I would be a vegan if I felt I could do it properly

Last set. Which are trufax?

I'm afraid of donating blood
I don't know my own blood type
I don't like chocolate
If I could, I would absolutely be a nocturnal person/I am already nocturnal
I tend to smack my gum
I used to get in trouble at school for talking too much
I bought hot lunch at school
I don't like clowns
I keep my spare change in a jar/designated area
I own over 5 books I have never opened


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Inspired by the fact that my parents and I are having a bunch of them for dinner because they overstocked for the party they had last night, what do you think is the difference between appetizers and Hors D'oeuvres?
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(no subject)

Does anyone else get a severe stomach ache when you take cold medicine? It doesn't matter if I take it with food or a full glass of water, I always end up with the worst stomach pain ever!

Any suggestions in what I can do?

(no subject)

Can you give me any recommendations for books about the American Civil War? I just read two books (one on Gettysburg, the other about ghosts relating to the Civil War, but still gave me a lot about info about the war itself) and I want to read more.
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(no subject)

I got a set of old, iron jailer's keys for Christmas. I don't know what prison they're from but I would like to come up with some sort of story to go with them. TQC, what would be a good back story for my keys?
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A long time ago, (like 2 yrs ago, haha) I heard this song, and I don't know why I just started thinking about it, anyway I don't know the name of it, and it's really bothering me.

I'm pretty sure it featured Pharrell? if that's the guy from N E R D, anyway, he said something like,

"The only grill I have is in my back yard."

And part of the song talked about a mouth looking like it's full of candy, or something.

Any ideas? It's really bugging me.

(no subject)

1. What is your favourite peanut butter cookie recipe?

2. Will you watch the Oscars next year? What about the Golden Globes? Any predictions so far?

3. Are you planning a big trip for 2009?

4. What is your favourite so-bad-it's-good TV show?

(no subject)

1)Do you feel guilty about sending unwatched netflix back?


2)Have you ever had handmade marshmellows?


3)are you interested in culture bound syndromes?


eta: why will you get cancer?

craft glue, family history
FLORENCE by rodeo_town

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How would I go about cleaning these boots and making them smell pretty again?

They got wet from snow obviously and they smell aweful! Baby powder just masks it for a day. Is it safe to put them through the wash? Help please.
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(no subject)

Have you ever played on Second Life? Is it as creepy and weird as it sounds, or is it fun? People keep telling me I ought to try it out, but I am kind of apprehensive. Someone compared it to The Sims Online, but I never got to play that one either.

Do you play any online roleplaying games (excluding forum/journal based games)?

I am going to El Paso on Tuesday. Should I go to the seedy hookah bar with my good friend Elise, or should we just go find a place to eat good Asian food? I think we should do both but I don't if we can afford it - As well, I don't usually smoke hookah and so sharing a small bowl with her might be too much for me. I haven't smoked in several months, either, and when I did it was usually one or two off of a whole bowl shared between several people.

(no subject)

I need to find a fisherman to interview.

I'm dead serious. Does anyone know of a fisherman in the Boston, MA area I could interview/point me in the right direction? The older, grayer, and more wizened, the better.

(no subject)

Do colleges (ivy league in particular)ever accept applications after the deadline?

My teachers and counselor accidentally sent me their required recommendations in the mail instead of through the online 'common application' website. For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to contact them to no avail since it's winter break. Of the colleges I'm applying to, Brown, Stanford, and Yale require that teachers send their recommendations either through the common application or directly from the school with the attached forms. The final deadline is January 1st!! I have all of the other paperwork prepared-- should I submit it without the recommendations and send those in later, or will that screw me?

By the way, I've been trying to get these recommendations since September, and I just got them (the wrong ones) 1 1/2 weeks ago. I am really worried since the websites for the colleges say they will not accept any late or incomplete documents. Also, I'm no longer in high school, so I can't go down there to see my teachers even if they are there. I've tried emailing, but it's to their interact accounts, which they only read at school.

EDIT: I don't live in the same state as my high school anymore.

(no subject)

tqc, what stores sell aprons in person? i have checked: walmart, macy's, penney's, sears, and bed bath and beyond, with no luck. i'd prefer to buy it in person because i need a specific color.

(no subject)

at work i have a huge ugly blue and red shirt. tomorrow, i get a nice little maroon shirt! :) you have no idea how happy i am about this shirt. the one i have now goes down to my knees and is absurdly big.

is there anything small that you are incredibly excited about?

(no subject)

I am troubled, and its getting me down.

Should I dwell on my problems by writing an angsty journal entry, or should I move on and find something to distract myself or cheer me up?

(no subject)

Are cell phones always magnetic? I've never noticed it before (and I've had this particular phone for a year and a half) but the last few days I noticed little hair clips and things in my purse tend to stick to the back of my phone. Weird.

What are you in the mood to eat right now?
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(no subject)

Do you think Willy Wonka only employed the Oompa Loompas because they didn't know about human currency and therefore wouldn't think to ask for payment?  Do you think he actually paid them in any way?

Is protection from vermicious knids worth possible slave labor?

(no subject)

If someone said they could erase your memory with no real side effects other than losing your memories, would you want them to do it?

Alternately, are there events that you wish you could remember? 
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(no subject)

If someone calls me to my cell phone during the day, do the minutes I spend talking are counted off from my monthly allowance minutes? Or does it count only on the calls >I< make from my phone?

(In Bolivia it only counts if you make the phone calls, that's why I am wondering how it works in the US)
G.A. Bight
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(no subject)

If someone gives you a compliment, do you -

Get self conscious?

Get suspicious?

Try and match their compliment with one of your own?

Say 'Thank you', or 'Why, thank you"?

What does 'Why' mean in that answer? Nothing?

hurr durr hurr

do you have any weird phobias?
have you met anyone who has it, too?

like, i have this really weird phobia of things from about the 1880s until about 1920. fashion, furniture, technology, ANYTHING FROM THE CIRCUS DEAR GOD(this is especially horrifying because it's coupled with my fear of the circus), and especially movies. i'm TERRIFIED of the film Voyage dans la Lune. i don't know why but things from those years gives me the ickiest, most unnerving feeling. and music. i swear to god i can HEAR THE TIME PERIOD and it's out to get me.
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tqc, if your roomie feels like this:

she has very little appetite
she had a stomach bug yesterday and threw up a lot
she feels nauseous and dizzy
she has pain on her right side, between her hip and her ribs, and she can feel it in her back right side too -- the pain has been constant from last night, but the intensity varies
she was running a fever around 101 yesterday but her temp is down to 98 now

would you think these are signs of an appendicitis or something else that she needs to go to the hospital for?

srs answers plz.

Which meds would you prescribe me, Dr. LJ?

I have a "thing" with work. It stresses me out and I always get paranoid I won't get to work on time. If I have to work at 6 at night I hate doing anything during the day, even at 10 a.m. because I'm afraid it will somehow make me "late" even though my commute is 10 minutes. I set my alarm for way earlier than work starts if I work in the morning and arrive way too early. I fret on Sundays about having to get to work the next morning.


(no subject)

Have you guys ever had a Chia Pet? I got one for Christmas and I'm really excited to get it going when I get back to school.
What kind of cell phone do you have? Pics are helpful because I don't know off the top of my head what's what.

Also, I know this has been asked before fairly recently, but I couldn't find it. Will you share your favorite cookie recipe with me?

(no subject)

Assuming it were possible, what do you think your favourite fictional characters would get up to on the internet? (And to be kind, could you please tell us what movie or book they're from, just in case we're ignorant heathens and don't recognise the characters?)

For example, Petunia Dursley (from Harry Potter) would be running a neighbourhood gossip site.



I'm getting bored with my hair. Everyone says the blonde is TOO blonde for me.
I've tried purples, blues, greens, blondes, browns, black, (I'm pale, so dark colours wash me out and make me look retarded), and I really like my blonde hair, but nobody else does, and alas, I'm getting bored.

What colour do you think I should go? Or maybe suggest some lowlights or pictures? I'll post a pic behind the cut! I don't want too much maintenance either! THANKS!:)

Collapse )
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I just upgraded my account and because I love being poor, I bought the extra userpics.  Now I need to find good userpics!

What are your favorite userpics? (and may I take them, and if so who should I credit?)  I need at least one angry one, especially.

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My first semester in university, and my results suck. :( No As at all, even a C, even though a C+. TQC, do you think I'll do better next semester if I tried really hard and become better at time management, now that I've quit my job?

What sucked for you today/this week?

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Did you ever get yelled at when you were in elementary school? Will you tell us about it?

I remember I was sitting on my feet in music class because my friend was doing it and the teacher SCREAMED at me until I put my feet down. Like, just continued to yell at me until both feet were on the floor. It was mortifying (and 15 years later, I still remember it exactly)

Will you tell us about an embarrassing elementary school memory?

I was partners with my crush in gym (first grade). I had to puke, ran to the hallway, covered my mouth and literally puked on every space within a ten foot radius of myself. I had to go back into the gym (in front of my crush) and tell the coach that I puked urrrrvrywhere. Crush was never my gym partner again :(