December 27th, 2008

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This one is inspired by the few posts I saw on the Food Networks celebrities:
If you HAD to spend a day with either Sandra Lee, Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray, who would you pick?

If you don't know who these people are - what's an awesome book or movie that you can recommend?
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Do you have pictures of yourself at a major high school or college event- as in Graduation, Prom, Class trip, etc...?
Will you post them (or one of them) for TQC to see?
If you have it online, will you post one of your senior pictures or a picture you had "professionally" done?

If not, what do you regret doing or not doing in High school or college? Even if you're still in the process, maybe something you would have done sooner.

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cleaning things...oh joy

Y helo thar, TQC!

I have a wet-to-dry hair straightener (this one, actually) and I recently started using it again after getting a hair cut and dye job.
Now that I'm using it again, I've noticed how utterly gross the plates/grooves are on the straightening part. The grooves that pull the water up and out are the worst part.

How do I get the straightener clean (or at least less gross)?
I've tried hot water and a q-tip, but it took some work and isn't really time-efficient. q-tips do fit perfectly in the grooves, however.

Serious and non serious appreciated. :P

If you don't care:

My roommate loved his Christmas present, but says he's still working on mine. He's good at construction and mechanical things (so in theory he could be building me something), and he's amazing at photography.

What's my roomie making me for Christmas?
To the best of my knowledge, he's not into making gifts.....
(again, srs and non srs welcome)

hot rollers

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For you whose haircolor isn't natural at this point:

What's the current color of your hair?
What's the previous color of your hair right before your current haircolor?

I just got mine in color dark auburn brown (very rich :O) from being medium ash blonde (not real color) I was over a half year. Huge difference!


What are your plans for tomorrow?

Taking a road trip to the other side of Virginia for family reunion of my mom's side. I haven't had seen many of those relatives in almost 10 years and I'm so looking forward to see most of them again.

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How should I go about exacting my revenge if my boyfriend reneges on his offer* to give me his computer when he builds the new one?

Today he was like "Why don't you just replace your video card?" when I commented on my monitors resolution. This leads me to believe he has changed his mind. Not like.."Oh well you'll have this one soon!" =( I kinda want it really bad TQC. Kind a lot.

Note: 100% his offer. I did not ask for it.

3D movies

Does anyone know where I can download anaglyph 3D versions of The Mask, Robot Monster, The French Line, Dangerous Mission, or Man in the Dark, or really, any other full length anaglyph 3D (ie red/blue, red/cyan lensed glasses-viewed) movies.

I will love you 4evuh for a nod in the right direction.

**Does anyone thing the old 3d is better than the new 3d? Those plastic glasses are always too small for my giant melon.

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I had sex Tuesday night. Tonight, when I finished peeing I was wiping and noticed something .. I look down and it's a condom .. I was so freaked out. I knew it fell off during because we stopped to put another one on, but I had no idea it was INSIDE ME for three days. I'm going to be okay, right?

How did I not NOTICE that?!

Has that ever happened to you??

What's the strangest sex related thing that's ever happened to you?

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I noticed tonight that I have this little red cracked area on my bottom lip, kinda towards the inside. It's not really risen and is just a little red with a red crack down it. Is this just chapped lips or oral herpes? thanks!

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Anyone know of any super good tattoo parlors in NYC? 

I am travelling to NY and would like to get some ink done while i am there.  I will only be there for 15 days but I don't want to just do a walk-in.  So I guess I am looking for a good place, that will be able to fit me into their schedule for two sessions one week apart.

So, I guess a follow up question is does anybody know any tattoo artists in NYC that are willing to be contacted through e-mail?

EDIT: FUCK!  I just realized that it is 4:45 AM on the east side at this point.  My chances of getting a response are slim to shit.  Awesome.

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My boyfriend and I are going to be celebrating our first new years together. We plan on going to watch the ball drop, but I wanted to do something romantic beforehand. Any ideas? We're both in college so we're poor. Note: we live in NY so it's probably going to be freezing

What are you doing for new years?
im french

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Have you seen the Duggars' TV show? If so, did it change the way you perceive them?

Does anybody else think that Jim Bob has some really fucked up control issues? I was watching it with my mom and she was like, "omg this man, he so crazy, he keeps her pregnant! He always holds people by their two shoulders!" I mean, why exactly is he so weird? He's definitely weird.

Or just like, what do you think of the Duggars?

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Have you ever had phone sex?
What in the world are you actually supposed to do during phone sex?

My boytoy wanted to have phone sex tonight, but it totally caught me off guard & I couldn't do it. I'm a pretty sexual person, but this has got me really shy.
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Geeky question;
Who would drop everything and travel with;
A. The Doctor from "Doctor Who"?
B. Doc Brown from "Back to the Future"?
C. Q from "Star Trek: The Next Generation"?


Non-Geeky question;
If you could be the patron saint of anything, what would you choose?

Another Non-Geeky question;
Apparently snow globes are deadly.
With that said, what would be the silliest way to die?

Expiration date

You're sick and weak and coughing a lot, so you go to the doctor and after numerous tests, you're informed that you have a super rare disease that's never been seen in your country and only affects like 5 people a year. This disease is fatal and because you waited til when you did to see the doctor, you really don't have much longer to live. Just 1 hour, give or take.several minutes. You can obviously go and do what you can to savor these last 60 minutes or so, but the doctor makes you an offer. If you submit both your lungs now, while they're alive, he will pay your family $50,000. It will be used to study this rare disease and there's a benefit to having the organ 'fresh'. If you take this option, you will be wheeled into the ER and you'll die on the operating table. All in all, you live about a half hour away. So, the question is, how will you spend your last hour?

Quickly drive home and say goodbye to my loved ones
There's not enough time. I stay where I am and make many phone calls, saying goodbye to friends and family
I take the doctor up on his offer. I let him harvest my lungs to give my family some money
I comb the hospital for a hot doctor or nurse, and try and coerce sex from them. One last bang before the big one
I CAN'T STAND THE SUSPENSE! I jump out of a window and kill myself
He's obviously misdiagnosed me. I'll assume he's wrong and have a second opinion tomorrow

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This might be a tough one. I remember hearing this as a lyric in a song, or maybe I read it in a book, or I saw it in a movie. It's this scenario I have in my head, that I can't remember where it came from.

I think it was a guy talking to a girl. Someone he had just broken up with, or just had a very close relationship with.

The scenario goes something like, they're parting ways, and the guy says to the girl, "I don't know. I just always felt like somehow, I'll be ninety years old and walking down the street, and I'll turn a corner, and there you'll be."
Like their lives were tied together that way.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Where might I have gotten this from?


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Have you or anyone you know ever done post-secondary education online/through a correspondence course?

I did a year of college and then had to drop out this october because of health problems, and now I dont know when I'll realistically be able to go back. There's a course offered at a college in my province that I'm really interested in (library and information technician, if youre curious) and I figure it's the best option for me because of the situation.

So I guess I'm asking for experiences, anecdata, etc about correspondence/online learning.

And because that question is kinda boring, what's your favourite thing to have for breakfast? I just had some Christmas dessert, but I'm REALLY craving hash browns.

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Another book recommendation request, since I'm hitting the library again today.

Back in the mood for fantasy/supernatural. I'm especially fond of urban fantasy/supernatural-- Neil Gaiman, Charles de Lint, Alice Borchardt, Sergei Lukyanenko, etc. But also general fantasy with shapeshifters, avatars, non-human races, dragons, etc-- Robin Hobb, other authors who escape me at eight in the morning.

Any suggestions for good books and authors? In particular more obscure ones, I know about the various steadfasts of fantasy.
Typing Monkey

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1) What does it mean when something is made from scratch? I was taught in high school that it means anything with 3 or more ingredients.

2) Would a fried egg and ham sandwich (with mayo and cheese) be considered made from scratch?

3) Is there a minimum age requirement for wearing a house coat? My grandma got me one for Christmas and it's cute, but I feel like a little old lady walking around in it.

4) What is the most interesting holiday present you received? I got a box of keys from my Mom - including a set of antique jailer's keys. I was so excited!

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My boyfriend has been snoring nonstop for the past four hours and I'm about to lose my mind. I kick him and make him roll over on to his stomach, which works for about twenty minutes until he rolls back over.

What are your snoring remedies? Do those nose strip things work?

ETA: Now that I have gotten out of bed, he has of course stopped snoring. Other than death, what is an appropriate punishment for him when he wakes up in two hours?
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I just got back from a disastrous family vacation. I'd like to go on a road trip by myself. I'm starting from Massachusetts. Any particular city or place I should visit? I'd like to head north, along the coast, unless you brilliant people have better suggestions. I have to be back in a few days.

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Where should I go today? I'd like to stay out for as long as possible. I can't stand being here with my dad any longer. Unfortunately for me he has off from work until January 5th.

I'm thinking Ikea and the mall or the city.

Aw, but I wanted to use that!

What useless-right-now gifts did you receive for Christmas, but are happy to get anyway?

I was excited to get my flannel sheets (lame, I know), but then the weather turned from below zero to 55 degrees and raining!  If I put them on the bed now, I'll roast to death at night...

Oh hay thar

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My kid has lost his first teeth this week, a total of 3 in 4 days. However, none of us have actually seen the teeth. When we ask him where he's putting them, he says "I don't know." They all fell out during the day so he didn't swallow them in his sleep. WHERE IS HE HIDING HIS TEETH?
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poo is coming to visit for new years. I'm trying to convince her that coming up sooner is a fantastic idea..because you know, it is.

HALP? how else can I convince her?
how would *you* persuade someone?
Star Trek

That funny "A" looking thing

oh the weather outside was frightfulTry to answer this on your own before looking it up. I as much want to know as find out if anyone has a clue off the top of their heads.

Back during the original series of Star Trek each ship had a specific symbol that its crew wore on their shirts. The thing in my icon was the one specific to the Enterprise. By the time the first movie rolled around, it was suddenly the symbol for Starfleet in general and it's remained that way pretty much ever since.
  • What does it stand for? Is there a specific meaning behind it?

  • Why did they switch to that particular symbol over all the others?
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Is there any way to hook up my 360 (thanks to my sexy santa!) to my iMac?

I'd imagine there'd be some sort of of terrible fight between the two, resulting in loss of limb and broken hearts. Or possibly the iMac would make condescending remarks while the 360 gets the Red Ring of Death.

Silliness aside, is it possible?
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High school graduates, what was the number of your graduating class?

40, because I live in a small town and we have a very small school district. The elementary and high schools are connected.

Job applications

You know places where to apply for a job the only option is to take it on a computer and take a half hour long stupid multiple choice personality test thing with questions such as "I am an angry person" (1) very (2) slightly (3) moderately (4) not at all (5) I'm the happiest person in the world I just might go manic and kill someone!!!!!!!!! ?

Every single time I've applied on one of those no one EVER gets back to me.

How do I get a job at one of these places?!? Have you ever had any luck?

And why do they bother with the test in the first place - to prevent honest people from getting a job there?
i say, old bean

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so. besides sleeping around, drinking myself stupid and occupying my time with the best friends in the world do i completely disregard my previous relationshit?

s'up to you, TQC.

also, what was the name of the fellow who was your worst lay evar?
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Dear TQC,

1) Which iPod should I get?

I am considering any of them but the shuffle.
It will be a late Christmas gift and super-late birthday gift (my birthday was in July, lol) from my parents. As such, price is not a factor, though my guilt over the price is.
Please justify your answer (srs and non-srs answers welcome)!

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2) What do you have engraved on the back of your iPod? What is its significance?

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What are some surefire hangover cures?

When referring to accents, how come when it's a state, the name stays the same but when it'sa country it becomes its adjective form? (New York accent Vs American accent for example)
Big Love

Stealing Ideas

I'm stealing qa's idea for this question.

What are your favorite tqc posts/questions/drama/anything of 2008 and why?

I'm a HUGE fan of the strippers that poo found. Most hilarious/entertaining thing I've seen in a long time. I don't remember who posted the question but it was something along the lines of "what questions would get asked in TQC if it were the 90's?" and it generated some awesome comments! And all the political drama crazies kept me entertained for a long time this year.
Sookie Stackhouse
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Will you post a picture of yourself at work?

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If you don't have any pictures of yourself at work, will you post a picture of yourself making a silly face?
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Someone on another forum contended that it does not count as "charity" unless you're giving to an entity that helps people. Environmental causes and the like apparently don't count from a moral standpoint, and this is why Conservatives are supposedly more charitable than us heathen Libruls. What do you think? When is it charity? Also, why the pissing contest when it comes to who gives more?

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what does your bed look like right now tqc?
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want to help me decorate my room? i'm thinking of getting a wall decal for over my bed. these are the ones i've found so far that are an okay price and an alright design.
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i got the flying birds and i'm really excited. i think i'm gonna put a few small ones on my mirror on the other side of the room.
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Do you agree with the "3 months for every year" rule for breaking up a serious relationship?

What time frame do you think is good to chill out between relationships?

What about if it's just dating?


i am just having a shit day so far!
will it get better?
how? srs and non-srs:)

also my box of condoms just fell out when i was paying for my lunch...
whats the last thing that embarrassed you??

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I'm over at my mom's friend Mary's house; She asked me for help fixing her printer.

The printer is three years old; it's a Canon iP1800. When I tried to print a picture, the paper loaded crooked and then stopped printing. I'm not sure exactly how to fix it, since I've never really worked with a printer at home and don't have one on my computer. Mary says she's had her kids try to help her fix it, and had the same problem.

I guess my question is, should I even try to fix this thing, or does Mary need to get a new printer?
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If you were an object, which object would you be?

I'd probably be the stanley cup. I don't have an insane love for hockey but, it seems to travel a lot.

Edit: Also, Why? If you don't mind sharing.

Last question about this job EVAR!

So I asked about quitting my job yesterday.
I told my boss that next Sunday would be my last day. (We had previously discussed my leaving so this wasn't out of the blue...she actually asked me when I was going)

She then called me later on in the day to tell me that I won't be needed for my shift tomorrow or next week and that I should just pick up my money next Saturday.

Was this a passive aggressive move or was she just being nice?
Did she purposely screw me out of the $250 that I'd make, and planned on making?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

generally speaking,

My friend thinks that if a guy tells the girl he's going to get tested for STDs before he does it, it's because he wants the girl to do the same. Do you think this is true?
(not that the girl in question shouldn't also get tested anyway, I'm just asking about the intention).
Code Geass Pink

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1) What is the biggest thing you ever gave up/sacrificed for someone you loved? Was it worth it?

2) If you bought something small off ebay and it came well packaged but broken (although superglue would easily fix it) would you leave positive/neutral/negative feedback?
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Do you ever have foreplay so fulfilling that you never get to the actual sex part?

Is it weird for that to happen on a regular basis (with the same person)?

When was the last time you had not-sex that was better than penetrative sex?

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TQC, I bought a coexist sticker for my car ( and my dad saw it and flipped out because there is a wiccan/pagen symbol on it, as well as an islamic symbol, as well as a star of david. This is the point of the sticker, and its why I bought it. My family is non-denominational Christian, but I don't go to church or practice any set religion. My mom is fine with the sticker, she though it was "neat". 

So TCQ, do you think my dad is being irrational, or do you see where he is coming from?

ETA: do you know why he would react this way? & how could I explain the meaning of the sticker to him so he DOESN'T get upset?

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Is having no heat or hot water for 6 days a good reason for breaking an apartment lease?

We called the landlord a bunch of times and had to leave messages. They called us back once on Tuesday and said it would be fixed soon, they were just waiting for a part, but it hasn't been fixed yet. Its freezing temperatures outside and we have called them over and over again Tuesday and Wednesday but they don't answer. We left some messages but the never returned our calls. We didnt call on christmas since we weren't here but we called again today and we only get voicemail.

Please share any similar stories.
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There's a bitchin' party tonight that I've been looking forward to since the host's last party on Halloween. How do I make myself stop violently coughing and choking on mucus so I can go in four hours? I've taken dayquil, zicam, and claritin D. :(

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I take my ADD pills, and it works, but I think it's making me more ADD when I don't take them. And that scares me. I feel like I can't think like how I used to without them.

Anyone else feel this way?

grasshopper translation?

Hi TQC. How do you say "grasshopper" in [insert language that you know here]?

So far, I have translations into French, Dutch, Swahili, German, Spanish, Italian and Ancient Greek. Any others? (If it's in a non-Latin alphabet, please try to transliterate.)

(Also, I realize that there may not be the entities I know as 'grasshoppers' in countries where some languages are spoken. If there is a comparable insect, however, that would be okay!)
emmett, QAF

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So I watched the 17 Kids and Counting marathon and I fell in love with the show, even though I don't exactly agree with all their ideas (no dancing?!) I think they're a great family.

What do you think of the family's conservative values ? Do you think it's easier because they don't know what they're missing ?

I was looking at the oldest son's wedding registry, why do they register for Gatorade ?

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A few months ago I dropped my cell phone and since then it's impossible to slide the back on completely (although it does stay, it just kind of slides around) and if I jostled the phone even a little sometimes it would say it didn't recognize my SIM card. Recently it got so bad that I had to tape my SIM card into place, but since then it's been totally functional.

Should I bother trying to get it repaired? I'm only going to be in this country eight more months. I have no idea how much it would cost to get it repaired but the only things "broken" are the back cover (slightly) and the little metal thing I slide my SIM card into.
Stevie Y
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How many words per minute can you type? I type up to 130, but on average about 110.

Go to and do a race if you don't know.

What's your favorite euphemism for 'having sex'? I like 'making whoopie'.
girls » barbie
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TQC, what are some good quote websites--as in websites that list loads of quotes?

Do you prefer green beans (french, italian or pole beans), or green bean casserole?

What is your favorite brand of jean?

(no subject)

Do you enjoy playing any computer games online?
Preferrably ones that don't require too much hard work on the part of my poor virused computer...

And how do you feel now that Christmas is over?

(no subject)

Netflix just sent me "Lars and the Real Girl". My parents are staying here for Christmas. I know it's about a guy and a sex doll, but it's only rated PG-13. Can I still watch it with my parents?

Just so you know how they are... I watch sex & the city with them all the time, there are a few episodes that have gotten uncomfortable but basically it's okay. We watch occasional movies with sex scenes, but I certainly wouldn't bring out the pr0n. Monster's Ball was definitely one I wish I hadn't watched with Dad.
Purple Forest

Happy birthday. I mean...professional day.

I live in a primarily Caucasian, affluent district. None of the middle/elementary/high schools have ever recognized Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as a truly significant holiday (or rather, one that students would not have to attend school on), but in the elementary/middle schools, they usually did some kind of commemorative lesson in Social Students. High school, not so much, but it's the same with many other federal holidays.
This year, there are many more African-American students (still about enough to count on maybe two hands, but more than my freshman and sophomore years). A senior African-American student brought the issue of not celebrating MLK Jr.'s birthday to the administration and "convinced" them to give students off for that day. We received a letter today addressing this change, but merely said "Monday the 19th has been dedicated a professional day for staff, so there will be no school for students to give teachers an opportunity to catch up on their work."
Although I was never really interested in making this a "day-off" holiday, I thought about the student who fought for this change and how he must be reacting to this "professional day."
Also, they decided that in order to make up for a lost day, the day would replace one of our snow days, so we're only allowed 2 days off without removing a day from Spring break / adding a day to the school year instead of the usual 3.

Is the administration refraining from regarding the day as what the day actually is on purpose or is there some underlying reason, like they're trying to avoid controversy or something?

In other news, what would you consider the most tremendous event of 2008? A death, an event, the election?

(no subject)

My mom is pissed at me because I'm feeling sick, and I didn't want to go over to her friend's house because of it.  What's up with that?

What is your favorite snack?
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I'm watching Be Kind, Rewind and one of the customers they have is reminding me of some of my customers at work. Not really really bad ones, but minor things that set me on edge.

What's something that's not a really big deal that bothers you about work? Anything you'd like to vent about in relation to work?

And hey, would you tell me about the worst customer you have ever had?

(no subject)

1. What music gets you really hyper/energetic?
Music like Mindless Self Indulgence and Blink 182 gets me really hyper.

2. Who is the most irritating person in your life? Not necessarily angering, but just plain annoying...
Eternal Sunshine


What do you order when you go out to a bar? Ingredients if it's a rare drink.

Have you ever been behind bars? What was it for?

Were you a fan of monkey bars back in your days of being a playground warrior?
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the cure


TQC- Tell me about the first time you were in love. Who was this person and what were they like? How old were you? How do you feel about this person today? Pics (if you want)?

Let's hear all the details!
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The other day, I was telling my dad that I want a Kitchenaid mixer for Chanukah. My dad told me that I'm going to have to wait until my wedding (I don't even have a significant other at the moment). What is it about getting married that automatically makes you need/use a Kitchenaid more often?

I just made Mexican hot cocoa (soymilk, agave nectar, cocoa powder, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon). Does that sound good or nasty to you? I think it's good, but maybe a little bit too spicy for me.
cat butterfly

(no subject)

i know this has probably been asked already, but i havent really been online th past couple of days.

what was the best present you got for Christmas this year?

mine is a toss up between Prison Break series 1-3 box set and my 'Grohl for President' Tshirt.

(no subject)

If you were an author who wrote a book or a director who made a movie do you think you would go out and read average people's reviews about your book/movie on say or something or would you just not want to know as long as your product was selling/making money?

(no subject)


It is Saturday night and I am skint (i.e. no cash). My choices of entertainment include:

*Tidying the living room and hall (at the moment we're having to climb over drying racks to get out the front door)

*Watching a DVD/crap TV

*Browsing the internets for a new lamp

*Reading one of the four books I have on the go


Or can you lovely people suggest alternative entertainment that doesn't involve going outside and spending money? I don't want to go out because it's cold outside :(

EDIT: I am finding it a little amusing how many people want me to clean my living room. Perhaps I made it sound worse than it actually is. Does it matter if it's clutter and not dirty dishes etc?

(no subject)

You have a long flight ahead of you. What amount of money, if any, would you pay in addition to your normal ticket price if your flight was guaranteed to not have any children (or crying babies) on board?

Would you do it if it only cost $5? $10? $50? $100?

(no subject)

What should my Xbox Live Gamertag be?

What would you want yours to be, if you had to make one up?

edit: since I'm an art history major I went with 'Frisky Fresco' aw jeah
Take a Look

(no subject)

How do you deal with your rage inducing, stupid, lazy, filthy flatmates?

Why am I randomly feeling panicky and jittery?

What is your favourite video game? Least favourite?
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Did you guys know Michael's only lets you use one coupon PER DAY!

what the fuck?

editI was there earlier buying ink pads and looked over because there were two clerks at the register next to mine talking to a customer. The second one who didn't work that register was telling the customer she shouldn't use the coupon because SHE had rung her up earlier and she'd used one.
  • cpl593h

(no subject)

I know there are some badass cooks in this community. I loooooooooove saffron and when I was in Turkey, I bought a lot of it. I know it isn't the type of saffron that is ridiculously expensive, if that makes a difference. What should I make with it? The more saffron the better!

What is your favorite spice?

iPod / iTunes/ How Do I Do This?

I briefly tried google, but I'm kinda slow tonight and don't really know what to google for.

I have an old iPod and it's library on my computer. It is shitty. I'm buying a nano in a few days and I want to keep the old library only to transfer some of the songs to the new nano.

Basically, I want about 500 (of 950) songs from my old iPod to go to my new nano. Do I just sync the nano to the old library and once every song has transferred delete the songs I don't want anymore from the nano? Will that delete the songs from my library as well? (That is what I want.) Can someone tell me or help me find instructions on how to do this without fucking it up?
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Note: my first question reached the max limit so I couldn't add an "other" option, so if none of them apply to you, either ignore the question or pick one similar.

Which most closely represents your usual routine?

brush only
brush, floss
brush, mouthwash
brush, floss, mouthwash
brush, mouthwash, floss
floss only
floss, brush
floss, mouthwash
floss, brush, mouthwash
floss, mouthwash, brush
mouthwash only
mouthwash, brush
mouthwash, floss
mouthwash, brush, floss
mouthwash, floss, brush

How often do you skip brushing your teeth at night?


How often do you skip brushing your teeth in the morning?


Do you brush your teeth before leaving the house mid-day IF you had already brushed your teeth earlier that morning?

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I think that I am going to be okay. :)

Are you going to be okay?

Also, that rate-yourself post made me think that it seems that the members of TQC have a low self esteem. Why is that?
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1a. TQC, would you give your honest opinion about how reliable online diagnostic tests are?

1b. Do you enjoy taking them?

2. Will you tell me a favourite natural remedy for some ailment?

headphones recommendations?

I want to start listening to music while I am at the gym, but I don't find most headphones comfortable. I use the ear clip kind now, and they're okay, but they still hurt my ears after a little bit. I think I'm fine going totally geeky and getting proper over-the-ear headphones, but don't know what kind to get.

I was originally thinking of Bose noise reducing headphones, but they are ridiculously expensive and I don't think I need the noise reduction so much as the sound quality and comfort. Does anyone have any good, cost effective recommendations? Something that folds or is otherwise easy to transport is a plus.

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How often do you shower?
Night or morning?
For the average person-they wear clean clothes, brush teeth at least twice a day, wash hands after using restroom etc (basically they have average grooming habits) how long can they go without a shower before it's gross?

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Do you think your SO has the right to give criticism, constructive or otherwise, about how you look without your asking?

Do you think anybody else has the right to (parents, friends, etc.)?

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I am currently in my favorite thermals, drinking cheap wine and looking for a movie to watch.
I've narrowed my Netflix DVD instant queue to some movies that I think will do me just right for tonight; however, I can't decide on one and know that I can't make it through a couple.

So my question to you guys is:
Of the following movies, which should I watch?
(I know this question may have been better if it was done in a poll, but I don't know how to make one! Also, keep in mind that I have never seen any of the movies listed.)

Broken Flowers
Living in Oblivion
A Clockwork Orange
He Died with a Felafel in His Hand
Sex, Lies, Videotape
Broken English
Pan's Labyrinth
Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolfe?
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly