December 26th, 2008

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My mom got me both Pokemon Diamond AND Pearl for Christmas, even though I wrote ON THE LIST that they were basically the same thing and to get just one.

Did any of you get failgifts this year?

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When you start to like someone, or fall in love do you feel terrified that they don't like/love you as much?
How have you dealt with it?
Have you had successful relationships despite the inital *omg* fear?
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TQC I can't decide whether or not to go back to my old icon, since Gabriel is usually relegated to Christmas time! What should I do? Orthodox Christmas is not for another week or so, so maybe I should keep him?

Petty stuff aside, what is your favorite winter time activity?


Have you ever had a SO whose parents bought all your Christmas/birthday/anniversary gifts and just signed his/her name on the card? Have you ever opened a gift "from" your SO only to see them surprised to find out what it was because apparently their mom bought and wrapped it?

Is this absurd?

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What was the last thing you heard that traumatised you?

I heard today about how apparently a family friend who was quite wealthy was taking his son for a ride in his helicopter, and he hoisted his son up on his shoulders, and the still-spinning blades took his head off. This was years ago, not recently, but still omg.
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What's the funniest thing you can think of RIGHT NOW?

I just remembered when I was in sixth grade, I was at a friend's pool party, and this girl and I were going inside the house to get something. She was walking in front of me and walked right into the closed sliding glass door. You had to be there.

Happy Holidays ?s

Do you normally get drunk on Christmas day?

Are there any holidays you feel that are completely inappropriate to get drunk during?

If you were to have a holiday based on things that you like, what day would it be on and what would the holiday signify?
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sci-fi and fantasy geek quiz...

Since it's slow at the moment, probably because everyone is sleeping off all of that alcohol laced Christmas cheer, I propose a sci-fi and fantasy geek quiz with add ons. You can answer the quiz or you can post your own sci-fi/fantasy themed question so that others might guess it.

Here are the starter questions. How many can you answer without looking them up?;

1. What is Mad Max's last name?
2. What is the name of Spock's father?
3. Can you finish this Star Wars quote? "Why you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking _____?" (Clue: The answer is also the name of an indie rock band.)
4. What animal was Harvey? (The Jimmy Stewart movie. Not the Batman character.)
5. What three real life magicians was Harry from The Dresden Files named after?
6. "Rory's First Kiss" was the false production name given to which superhero movie?

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'twas the night AFTER Christmas and all through TQC, not a creature was stirring, except FC

It's the day after Christmas and you didn't get what you wanted. Why do you think Santa didn't bring it to you?

I must have been naughty
Santa hates me
No doubt, he's feeling the financial crunch and forced to lay off elves. Only the really good kids got gifts this year and I was only sorta good
The Santa traps worked! He must be in the pit as we speak
A fat man who loves sweets and only works one day a year. He's probably dead of a heart attack by now
I didn't have out the right kind of cookies and he passed by my house cause he's a cookie snob
I wouldn't give him a lapdance at the mall like he asked
Santa must have given my gift to another boy/girl with the same name! I just gotta look them up and steal it from them now
The cops arrested him at the state border for breaking and entering
Santa's a big stupid jerk, that's why
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Say you have a roommate who leaves for work long before you do.

Which is more likely to disturb your sleep?

turning the light on once and leaving it on until she leaves
turning the light on and off each time she enters the bedroom for something
equally disturbing
neither disturbing
Sookie Stackhouse
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You guys, I need to quit my full-time job because I'm basically just working to pay for child care. It's ridiculous and hasn't helped us live any more comfortably, so I'd rather just be a stay-at-home mom. The only problem is, I have horrible anxiety about quitting anything. How should I quit my job? SRS ANSWERS PLZ.
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is there anything relatively benign that you hate touching?

i hate picking up the gallon of milk. it's so cold wet feeling ugh...
i'm debating whether i'm hungry enough to make my own bowl or cereal or wait till my husband comes home so he can make it for me.
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I'm going to Wal-Mart today with two $25 gift cards (I can use them both today, right?)

What should I get that's on my list below or not on my list?

What I want: Season 4 of Numb3rs, Chuck: Season 1, Pushing Daisies: Season 1, Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh, and Life with Derek: Season 1

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1)What new year's resolutions will you break?

Clean 10 minutes every day, and exercise! These will be broken before new years. *started on them now*

2)weird new year's traditions?

eat cheese and summer sausage.

3)life problems?

dad is redoing the kitchen

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I got a professional massage awhile ago and it hurt. It didn't feel good at all. Afterwards I just felt sore. Is this at all normal? The masseuse told me that my muscles were really tight and that she "went easy" on me...uh, I'd hate to feel a "not easy" massage, then...
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I can't resist the bizarre temptation any longer.  I'm going to buy these:

They're ridiculous, and probably violate all the major laws of fashion, yet I cannot help wanting them.  And they're cheap, so whatever.  But wtf does a person wear with shiny silver leggings?

I'm not a teenager anymore, so there are some things I just can't pull off (perhaps including shiny silver leggings, but I'm going for it anyway).  And I'm not someone who thinks leggings are an acceptable substitute for pants.  What do you suggest, tqc?

(The leggings are from Wet Seal.)

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I have a couple of ostrich steaks in my freezer. I've eaten ostrich once before (tastes like beef!) at a restaurant, so I've never prepared it myself.

Have you ever eaten ostrich?

Have you ever prepared it?

Can you share a good recipe? I like personal recipe recommendations better than random ones I find on google.

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What is your perfect morning? There can't be sex involved, or anyone else. Just if it was you alone.
- coffee, and a micro fleece blanket watching a show on DVD, currently its Criminal Minds.

What was the last funny thing someone you love said?
- last night after dinner, my sisters friend who just got home from college came over. She was talking and I asked if she wanted any pie, and she said "yeah, I could eat a bite of pie" and my dad goes "speaking of eat a bite of pie, are there any sororities at Whitman?" I couldn't stop laughing for no reason.
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Can you store programs/applications on an external hard drive? Like, if my computer's hard drive is lost, will I be able to reinstall the programs from the external hard drive?

I'm dumb and couldn't figure out how to google this.
Sookie Stackhouse
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We got some really nice new bedding yesterday. The only problem is my husband's aunt gave us a full-size set, and we have a queen bed. I know the set is from Target (it has a bullseye on it), but she didn't give us a gift receipt. Do you think Target will let us exchange the sheets without a receipt? The nearest one is 50 miles away.
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Is there anything that you really enjoy, like a band or a TV show, that you are embarassed to like?

I really like My Chemical Romance but I'd never tell my friends because they'd make fun of me. :(

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I have a half a gallon of milk that's set to expire tomorrow. I can't possibly drink it all today so what do you think I should do with it?

Also why does my neighbor leave a jug of milk outside his front door all the time? (seriously it's been out there since October at least and it's all separated and frozen)
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Do you think I could make something resembling black bean/tortilla soup with canned black beans, chicken stock, tortillas, salsa, and various peppers/onions?

What's the last delicious meal you made?

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Am I the only one who doesn't really understand the stress of Christmas and other holidays?
You can give gifts any other day of the year, and it's really just another day. Shouldn't you just be happy that you are alive and well and celebrate every day?

Poll #1321038 vroooom

Do you like Motorcycles?

I am indifferent
Sarita the writer

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could someone please explain to me these things.

1. the DROP program for retirement I really need to understand that in english please.
2. Someone explain to me how florida teacher retirement works I know its not as simple as "I quit whenever I want to"

Its important that I know.
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If everyone is entitled to one hair style question, this is mine.

I've been wanting to get my hair cut really short for years. I finally got my balls together today and told my boyfriend I'm going to do it even if he doesn't like it.

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If you do think it would look good, do you have any better reference photos of a similar hairstyle? I'm afraid that one won't be good enough for the hairdresser. Thanks TQC!
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A little tl;dr

I need you guys to be my Miss Manners again. A few weeks ago I posted that a professor I had asked for letters of recommendation for my grad school applications had given me a terse reply to a reminder email I sent her and I was freaking out that I had pissed her off. Well, I didn't. I saw her briefly afterward and she was very sweet to me and I got all of my letters from her in time. However, I also asked her to write two letters for internships I'm applying for, and they need to be in hard copy. She didn't give those to me, nor did she mention them when I saw her. The internship applications aren't due until January 9 (postmarked), so I still have a little time. She's the interim chair of our department at the moment, and aside from already being busy doing professor-y things, our department is in the middle of a major move and I don't want to seem as though I'm pestering her. How should I word a reminder if I don't hear from her in the next week?

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Does anyone have a LG Rumor with Sprint?
If so, when you're sending a message, do you sometimes get a message that your message could not be sent & it's saved in the outbox, so you have to resend it? (Even when you have full service)
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Wanna help me with my iTunes problem?

I got a new computer; my old one is completely dead. So I just downloaded iTunes on this new one, and I'm in the process of uploading all my CDs and all that junk.

Do you know how can I get back the songs I bought from iTunes on my other computer? When I started iTunes up on this one, it asked me to search for songs I previously bought on my account, but then nothing happened. I bought over $50 worth of songs from iTunes, so I really want to get them back. I'm using iTunes version 8.

The songs are no longer on my iPod, because I synced it to the itunes on my new computer before I realized this. oops.
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So starting this week my car brakes grind when I first drive my car, but by the time I exit my apartment complex, they don't grind for the rest of the time I brake afterwards. Should I be concerned?

Obviously I should if they're grinding every time I hit the brakes, but it's only when I'm first driving. My car is still really new (it's a 2007 I got last Thanksgiving). Does this happen to anyone else? Should I get it checked out? Is it going to cost me an arm and a leg? Do they check brakes when they change your oil? Because I just got that done a month ago and they never said anything about the brakes though they rotated my tires.
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Which TV hang-out would you like hang out in if you could ?

I would say Central Perk from Friends or the Diner (I can't remember the name I think, Liberty ?) in Queer as Folk.

Text - best is yet to come

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I want a giant candle holder thingy to go above my mantle.

I have looked at,,,,, and I found one I liked at illuminations, but the shipping cost as much as the giant candle holder thing, so I'm going to keep looking.

What other websites could I check?
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Recalling all the years I sat for my 3 younger siblings and various cousins and neighbors' kids, it dawned on me that my recent Who?What?Where?When?Why?How? post was partly and unconsciously inspired by this:

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Q: Did you ever want your own adverb store?

she's hella cool

my friend does not understand the meaning of the word "legit," but she uses it anyway... and OFTEN. example:

me: i think i'm going to have a party on the 27th.
her: that would be legit!

how do i get her to stop without embarrassing her?

also, what misused words get on your nerves the most?

Lazy Friday.

Poll #1321084 How Awesome Is It?!

How awesome is it when you are able to spend an entire day in pj pants, a t-shirt, no bra (for the ladies...or dudes...if you like) and heavy socks?

Pretty much 100% awesome, if not more.
Meh, not terrible, but it makes me feel a little grungy.
Ew. Dirty. Get your ass in the shower, already.
Lost sayiiiiiiiid
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HOLY FRIGS it just occurred to me that my school won't start up again for a MONTH. TQC, what should I do with myself until then?

If you saw Wall-E, did you like it? I have been avoiding it due to resemblances to certain other robots who freaked my five-year-old self the crap out, but my sister's forcing me to see it tonight.

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If a woman has tattoos and piercings, why do some men think it is appropriate to ask her if she has anything done "below the belt" in polite chit chat? Wouldn't that be rather personal?

If you have tattoos do you feel it is alright for people to request to touch them?
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Family majors

1. Who's given the other more stitches? You or your parents?
2. Do you remember the first time you pulled a knife on your mom? Do you laugh about it to this day?
3. Has she put you back in her will yet?
4. How long was your father confined to a wheelchair when you 'accidentally' ran over his left leg 3 times in a cul-de-sac? Does he still walk with a limp?
5. Who else learned to swim when their parents dragged them out of their room at 2am, tossed into a potato sack and thrown into the ocean?

The important thing is that it made us all better people, right?

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Free Image Hosting at

I went to upload a new userpic and I just found it there, I don't remember putting it there, considering I always use my picture besides Pikachu.

TQC, where did this userpic come from, and for that matter, what the hell is it anyway? A cow? Did anyone else get this?

Nevermind, apparently this is very, very old.
If you couldn't care less about my userpic issues...

Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Edited to fix my massive fail


would you kiss someone with oral herpes?

i mean, i'm thinking, a huge percentage of the population has oral herpes anyway. so it would suck to pass up kissing someone because they told you they have oral herpes, only to get it from someone else anyway just because they didn't tell you.

i mean, would you just go for it?

also, how weird is it to fuck someone without kissing them? like "i don't want your oral herpes but i'll have sex with you."
Hawkeye - best of the best

just cuz I'm funny that way

oh the weather outside was frightfulIf I had to pick my 2 favorite ridiculous matchups in comicbook would have to be Wolverine (bone claws) vs. Galactus & Harley Quinn vs. Superman.

Not made up. These actually happened.

What would yours be?
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i know i ask you about sex too often but idc, i like your answers

1) why is my vagina constantly wet? it seems to think i'm turned on even when i'm not.

2) is it fair for a dude to get pissed that you start rubbing your clitoris while he's fucking you? does that imply that he's not doing enough for you, or something? because i don't really see anything wrong with that.
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Say that someone very close to you requested that they be buried with their then already deceased and cremated pet. The person eventually dies and you are faced with sneaking the pet's urn in with that of the person's.

It is against the cemetery's policy to do this.

Would you go through with it?

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So for christmas my mom got me an xbox 360, but with one controller and no games. I ask my good friend if I could borrow a controller and his soul cal game, and he's like sure sure no problem go ahead and walk in and take it, and you can take some other games too if you'd like. so I'm like sweet! I picked everything up last night, and I get a call from him today totally pissed off saying "why the fuck did you take one of my controllers, I never said you could take one."

has one of your friends ever done this? said you could borrow something and then pretend they didnt give you permission and freaked out on you? I'm giving everything back tonight after work cause I'm kind of angry that he pulled that shit, should I throw it at him? take the batteries out of the controller? or just be nice and apologize (for absolutely nothing)?

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I know everyone hates these posts and I'm sorry but I'm an idiot. ben just put me in charge of buying shit for dinner while he's at work and neither of us have any idea what we want to eat. we both hate pasta so that's out.
what the fuck should I pick up from the supermarket to have for dinner?

Family is a gift

Help me save Sophie

Someone hit my dear sweet Sophie (My brand new Mazda 5) sometime in the past few days.  Theres a small dent and a bit of chipped paint.  Is there anything I should do until I can get it repaired to keep the paint from chipping more?  Why did this jackass hit my car and then not leave a note!?  Do you think my husband actually did it and is trying to play it off?  Its above the front passenger wheel well..  I've only had her a month 1/2!  Poor poor Sophie..
Evil Me

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What is the most inventive gift you've ever given/received/heard of? (bonus points for hand made gifts)

My friend made her roommate a game of Guess Who with people that we know! It's fantastic.

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Do you like poetry?

If so, who's your favorite lesser-known poet (i.e., someone whose work is not commonly read in a typical 1st-year English survey course)? Care to post your favorite poem of theirs?

Do you write poetry yourself?

My answer is in the comments.
Team Doctor

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Why the fuck does everyone on my writers/writing communities write bad, BAD fanfiction or the EXACT same stories that have already been written a hundred times over, only changing a name or location... not ALWAYS doing that, even? I often find myself waiting for Frodo to come out of the bushes with Samwise or Arthur Weasley to be sodomizing Bella from Twilight. Bad, BAD writing. Find me something good, please. I need brain soap.

Why is it that I can not be touching my cat and he just looks at me and purrs?

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How do you look while typing a comment? How about angry comments?

When I see completely livid, insane comments, I always wonder what the person behind the keyboard looks like while they're typing it up. Could you tell that they're pissed, or do they look perfectly normal?

So, tqc, what do you look like while engaged in a flame war?
Disney: Maleficent turned

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So I'm watching the episode of House where Foreman extracts bone marrow from a kid without sedating him. The kid is screaming in pain...he's too sick for anesthesia, but does it to save his brother's life.

What's the biggest sacrifice you've ever made for someone you love?
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I still have about 1.5 weeks before school starts again.
I can't wait! I love going to school/work and keeping busy.

I hate holidays. They shouldn't even exist.

Anyone else here hates holidays?
If you don't. why do you like holidays?
This is so ridiculous.
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So, my Panasonic Lumix broke and I'm in the market for a new digital point and shoot. Ideally I don't want to spend more than about 200 bucks, and I would like at least 8 mega pixels. Suggestions? I want to buy it before I leave the States because as soon as I get back to Panama, shit gets marked up like 800%.

What should I buy at Barnes & Noble with my $25 gift card??

And finally, my brother just broke up with his crazy girlfriend this morning at 3 am. On Christmas morning he gave her 300 dollar diamond earrings. How do I convince him that he should totally get those shits back? (He says he doesn't want to, but rather he wants her to keep them so she "understands the gravity of what she did." Basically what she did is be a crazy overbearing biiiiitch for the last year and a half. Long story short.) ORRR am I totally misled in thinking that she should give them back? I sure as hell wouldn't want diamond earrings that my ex-boyfriend gave me for Christmas, 24 hours before breaking up with me.

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How is is possible that everyone I know is either busy tonight or ignoring meeeee? Is anyone else in this situation tonight?

Do you visit your friends at work?
Should I wait three more hours to have dinner so I can get something with my friend when she gets out of work? (*I have work at 5am...and we'll be leaving at about 10ish to get food)

It's been a while since I've asked a question

So, I've already tried looking this up on Google, but all I get are a bunch of links, and I don't know which one's the best...

When I was in college, I never did the study abroad thing, and I've always regretted not going. I'm not in college anymore, have a graduate degree and a career. Now, though, I'm thinking that I want to leave the country to study abroad. I know that there are programs out there for post-grad people, but I'm wondering which ones are the best? Anyone else have experience with this kind of thing?

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Can you recommend a nice-ish restaurant in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, FL? What kind of food do they serve/specialize in? I am looking to make NYE reservations for my bf and I, but I've never been there before.

If not, what are your New Year's Eve plans?! :)

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How do you answer the phone?

Depends on who's calling for me.  Some people get a very drawn out "mmmmmmmyyyeeeeesssssss?,"  some people get the "YELLO!,"  some get the standard "Hello?"

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how well should you know someone before you skinny dip with them?

my friend wants to lose her virginity by being double-penetrated. how do i convince her this is a horrible idea?

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TQC, I've decided to buy myself a Christmas present this year. After almost seven years, I've decided to retire my old desktop computer and turn it over to my dad for his daily solitaire tournaments. And in turn, I'm going to buy myself a shiny, brand-new laptop. I am beyond excited.

Part of the reason I'm so excited is because I can finally get rid of the ungodly snarl of wires and cords under my desk and set myself up with wireless internet. In advance of getting the computer, I've been googling everything I can about setting up wireless internet access. I'm not worried about it, really, because I know that one phone call to my ISP will get it set up for me.

However. In my googlings, I've read in several different articles that you need a wireless router to set up wireless internet access. Is that really necessary, or is that only if you're going to be having more than one computer set up? My laptop will be the only one set up for net access, as my father (God love him) couldn't navigate the Internet with a map and a Sherpa to guide him.

HALP, TQC. Do I need a wireless router for just one computer, or will my modem (which is fully wireless capable) suffice? I know some shit about computers, but not this much. LOL.

Hugh Grant

What is your favorite Hugh Grant movie and why?

Nine Months. I love it because that movie's funny and I love Hugh Grant/Julianne Moore's characters together. I also like the song they dance to, but I have no clue what the name of it is.

o hay there gurl

TQC, what is your favourite insult?

Have you ever heard someone call someone else a "big girls blouse"?

What colour are your nipples?

I like piss midget, girls blouse and jive turkey (yes I just watched semi pro).

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Should I quit my job tomorrow?
I already told her that I won't be staying after the end of the month but I really want to leave asap.

Will you tell me about your family's dynamics?
My mom is jealous of the relationship that my dad has with me. My mom has an obsessive relationship with my sister and favors her over me. My dad is jealous of my sister and the attention that my mom showers her with. And I pretty much can't stand anyone at varying points during the day.

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this is the last sex question i'm asking for a while, promise.

is it a bad idea to have a threesome with two of your friends? will it inevitably make things awkward or could it all work out?
hot rollers

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Do you have any Jehovah's Witnesses in your family (relatives, as well)? And what kind of relationship do you have with them? Are you a friend or do you socialize with someone who happens to be one of J.W.s?
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Did anyone else's cat destroy your Christmas tree over the holidays? Mine have broken so many ornaments and they've climbed it every single day. That thing must be a heavenly toy for them.

(no subject)

How can you tell how old a cat is? I adopted a kitten and I knew that it was young but the shelter didnt know how old. Definitely less than a year. It looks like some of his teeth havent come in yet.

Thank you!
Octopus singing

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Ok, so apparently I've been living under a rock. My mother just informed me that Hugh Hefner left Holly, Bridget and Kendra for some twins. What happened? Someone care to fill me in please?
Wonder Woman

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I've just installed a doorbell that plays mp3s.  What songs do you recommend I add to it?

Any genre of music is welcome.  Right now I have Ride of the Valkyries, Oh Fortuna, and Can't You Hear Me Knocking by the Rolling Stones.  (I couldn't resist on that last one.)

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The sound is not working on my laptop. At all. Through the speakers, through headphones. Volume turned all the way up on the speakers and iTunes/ program thingy is no longer recognizing that anything is playing. It was fine earlier, then I experienced wireless problems. Obviously those are fixed, but now I have no sound!

Why? Any ideas?

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Me and my boyfriend celebrate different holidays (Christmas and Eid, respectively).

If you were in the same situation, would you:

Give a gift on each holiday?
Or give a gift on the one you celebrated only?
Or give a gift on the one your SO celebrated only?

We do the first option.

What should I name my phones?

For Channukah we bought a set of four cordless phones (yes, we still have landline.) The handsets are nameable. They came preset as Philips 1, Philips 2, Philips 3, and Philips 4. That's not very imaginative, and I'm sure TQC can do better.

Will you help me, please, by providing a set of four related names for our four handsets?


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Do you like apples?

What's your favorite apple cultivar?

Favorite way to eat an apple? (Raw, raw with peanut butter, applesauce, caramel apples, apple pie, apple crisp, baked apples, some sort of apple beverage, etc?)

Favorite apple recipe?

Favorite apple beverage? (juice, cider, brandy, wine, etc)
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Beside just wearing a garbage bag and hiding myself away from the world:

For fear of posting a real body shot, here is a crude drawing.

HOW do you dress this body shape?

I'm a medium/large in JUINIORS tops, but a 10-12 in WOMEN'S pants.
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John Mellencamp

Poll #1321205 Favorite Mellencamp Song

What is your favorite John Mellencamp song?

Jack and Diane
Hurts So Good
Pink Houses
Small Town
Ain't Even Done With The Night
Crumblin' Down
Lonely 'Ol Night
Cherry Bomb
Other, explain in comments
Why are these your favorite songs?

I chose Jack and Diane (which would be followed by Small Town) because I like everything about it.
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i got some fabric for xmas from my cousin (lmao it sounds lame) but i really wanted some to patch my jeans. anyway she got me a selection so i have 4 pieces.

one piece - jeans
one piece - bandanna thing.

1: anyone have any ideas for anything crafty i can make with the other two? otherwise they're just gonna be bananas bandannas. too. they're about a foot x foot. idk i suck at measurements but they're not huge.

2: can you recommend me some good (or lolariously bad) B-Movies?

3: what do you think your best and worst feature is? will you post a picture of them both?

4: most annoying tqc member? most entertaining?

p.s i am going on "holiday" for a week, are you going to miss me?!
109 - degrassi adam 3

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So my psych teacher insists that there is a horse in Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. I have looked tirelessly and still can't find it. Do you have any idea where it is?

Edit for unrelated question: I'm having a major Queer as Folk craving right now, but I can't figure out which episode to watch. I only own seasons 1 and 2 (totally wish I had 3 right now)...which would you recommend?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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Inspired by this post, what song that is played on the radio or is overplayed on the radio, do you actually like?

I don't listen to the radio so the overplaying doesn't affect me, but I really like Beyonce's If I Were A Boy.. and her songs usually make me want to bang my head against the wall.

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Do you think it would be possible to beat the arrogance out of Bobby Flay, or would he be long dead and turned to hamburger meat something you could make a Bbq Buffalo Burger with Mango Ketchup and Red Slaw with before you got it all out of him?