December 25th, 2008

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If the grad schools I am applying to require that I have 3 people send letters of recommendation, would it be bad if I have 4 letters sent and not just 3?

At work

It's 12:32 CST on Christmas! Where are you? Why?

Work. I have a lot of stuff to get done.

How many tabs do you normally have open in your browser?

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Job huntin'

I just emailed my cover letter and resume to a preschool in the Boston area. I am currently living in Connecticut, but planning to relocate once I get a job. My resume has my current address on it. I'm worried about being out of state affecting my chances for getting a call for interview. I do have a background with the school, however. It is on the campus of and affiliated with the college I graduated from (Lasell College). I did some student teaching there while in college and the former director of the school was my faculty advisor. The current director was a teacher there at the time but I'm not sure if I knew her or not. I don't remember the names of the teachers I worked with since I did so much student teaching with different teachers.

So, TQC, do you think being out of state will affect my chances for this job?

Will being an alum of Lasell and having been a student teacher at the preschool in the past help? If so, how much do you think it might help?

I really want this job. My experiences student teaching at this school were great and I would love to be a full time teacher there.
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GUYS, strip club cam is still not back up. ( ) it has a whole long video intro, then it says "COMING SOON" and that the live feed will be back up 12-24. we're an hour into the 25th where i am, i don't see it happening :(

do you think it'll ever be back?
i just want to see what strippers do off stage, is that so much to ask?

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What is Santa Clause like in your country? (what does he do/when does he come etc)
Do other countries have the tooth fairy?
What are some make believe creatures adults tell children in your country?

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Why does everyone have a huge stick up their ass?
Is it just the holidays, or do I just start noticing these things around Christmas?

My away message on AIM is ~~*cHrIsT tHe SavIoR iS bOrn*~~
and my friend told me I'm really, really low and trashy for putting it up.
Do you agree?
I guess it isn't very nice of me to ridicule religion, whatevs.

Hows your life at the moment?

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What's the best music player, in terms of SHUFFLE. I have everything loaded into iTunes, but I'm tired of hearing things from the same artist. I have 40GB of music up in here, I shouldn't here two Yoko Ono songs in less than 20 minutes


Also, what did you do for Xmas?

My bf and I bought beer and fire wood from the gas station and then watch Beyonce "Single Ladies" dance craze videos on YOuTube.

Praise Jeebus.

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I've got some Christmas money today and I'd like to use a bit of it restocking my herbal tea stash. Can someone recommend a good online herbal tea shop with pretty decent prices? Bonus points if they stock other fun things like hand made soap or incense.

I've already placed an order with, so I'd like something different :) Thanks!
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1) If you celebrate Christmas, do you still receive presents, or is it basically just a time for your family to get together?

2) Have you ever had red velvet cake? If you have, did you like it? My mom made a red velvet cake for our Christmas get together, at my insistence. She put a little too much cocoa in the cake for my tastes, but the cream cheese icing she made is absolutely delicious.

3) Why do my fingernails hate me? They don't seem to grow past a certain point, and they're also extremely weak, which makes them practically useless for whatever I might need them for. Any advice on how to make them stronger and longer?

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This is a question for those who have seen The Oh in Ohio. (Very funny movie, but the ending was a bit disappointing, IMO.)

There is a scene about 20 minutes into the movie where Jack (Paul Rudd) drives Kristen (Mischa Barton) to the University. What is the song playing in the background?


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Ugg. I got a 'T-Mobile Sidekick 3' for Christmas.
I put my SIM card in but none of my contacts transferred.
Or pictures, or music, or anything else.

yes, i can make calls on the phone, but my contacts didn't transfer. I went to and put them in and pressed 'download to phone' but that didn't work.

NOW it says: "network service unavailable network data services are currently unavailable. either your GPRS APN setting is incorrect or your account is not configured for GPRS"


I haven't found anything useful on the website yet.
My Mum said something about it being an "unlocked phone"

Help me pweez! Its Christmassss!

MISC - moustache

Merry Christmas, God hates you!

A family of three is homeless tonight, their house off Main Street in Stoughton destroyed in a Christmas Eve fire. Neighbors say an explosion started it all.

It's not the kind of holiday anyone imagines, but this family, now without all of their belongings, is just thankful to be alive. Neighbors say things could have been much worse.

Neighbor Matt Konicek says, "I couldn't believe how fast it was." Konicek was out clearing snow from his driveway when the fire started. He says, "Basically it was just a loud boom and the whole side of the house just blew off and I could see in my neighbor's living room."

NBC 15 spoke to a man who lives in the house who says he, his fiancé and her daughter all got out of the building OK. He's obviously very shaken up but thankful everyone's all right.

full article

What's the shittiest news you've heard recently?
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It's 9:30. May I put the cinnamon rolls in the oven for breakfast now, then wake up my mom ten minutes before they're ready?

Are you having a white Christmas? I am, and it's the first one in my adult life, and I'm SO EXCITED!

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If you've ever quit a job...what was the final straw?

I was volunteered to work yesterday and then wasn't allowed to leave until thirty minutes AFTER I was scheduled to leave, even though I begged to go home EARLY. :(

How do you avoid eating all of the goodies that people brought to your house? It's not even 10am and I just had three cookies and I'm about to eat one of the best cupcakes EVAR.
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So my friend got pregnant by accident with a FWB situation (they dated before, he's cheated on her several times, they broke up, were FWB while he's dating someone else that she didn't know about, LOL DRAMA). She wants nothing from him: no money, no things, etc. She doesn't even want him to see the child and says she isn't putting his name on the birth certificate. But she told him about it because she said he has the right to know that he fathered a child.

My question is this: If she doesn't want him to even see the child, should she have said anything to him at all?

My mom is now scared that my friend may run into a lot of legal problems as a result of this guy being told about the child. What legal problems, if any, could she run into? Will this end up in a Jerry Springer-esque situation?


For a more light hearted question: what is you favorite holiday themed food (any holiday)?
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So, I gave this guy from the education department of my university a tour of the school where I am student teaching. He's in a program similar to mine, so he's a fellow education student. I just googled my full name (first and last), and it turns up on his personal blog as how I was his guide back in October. It goes on to say some fairly disparaging and negative things about the quality of the school and myself as a guide.

I am pissed, and embarassed. I don't google my own name all that much, and this entry has been up since the middle of October. I have no idea who has seen it.

Is it within my right to send him a sort of nasty email on Christmas? I barely know this guy - we had to connect with people within the department to make observations of other middle and high schools in the area. I visited him, in his school, then he came to see mine. TQC, what would you do?
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Can anyone please link me to the video of the kids who all cry when they find out they're going to Disney world?? Thanks!

Or, if you don't care- did your parents ever surprise you with a trip as a present?

merry christmas, everyone!

hey TQC,

- do you have a traditional present, or stocking stuffer that you receive every year?
i always get a chocolate orange, and a pomegranate in my stocking.

- is there a fun story/reason behind that gift?
when i was little, my dad would get my mom a chocolate orange, and i would steal them, so she just started getting them for me. the pomegranate is because when she was little, my mom's grandparents had a pomegranate tree, and she thought they looked like big red ornaments.
Jensen Ackles on Supernatural (again)

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TQC, I'm feeling indecisive and need help deciding a couple things.

1. Should I go see a movie today? Even though I normally don't, I'd be going alone because no one else is around to go with me. (I rarely go to the movies anyway)

2. If I do go to the movies, should I see Bedtime Stories or The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons? If it makes any difference Bedtime stories runs 1 hour and 35 minutes while The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons runs 2 hours and 48 minutes.

Please help me decide, TQC.

ETA: I think I am going to go see Benjamin Buttons. It is really long, but definitely looks better than Bedtime Stories. Thanks for helping me decide, TQC. =)
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Well, hell.

We got my mom a DVD player for Christmas.

So did her neighbors, and they beat us to it.

What should we do with the DVD player? Non-serious answers appreciated...

If you don't care:

I got Juno, Freakazoid, and Jeff Dunham DVDs for Christmas. Which one should I watch first?
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I got the Nintendo DS remakes of both Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger for Christmas. Which should I play first?

What's your favorite present of those you've received for [winter holiday of your choice]?

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Okay, TQC. I've got £30. What DVDs do I buy with that?

Because of the movie channels I've never had to buy DVDs before, but I'm moving out and won't be able to afford to keep the movie channels. Literally the only DVDs I already own are Wall-E, Horton Hears a Who, Finding Nemo, Harry Potter, LOTR, Titanic, Donnie Darko, and the Nightmare Before Christmas. There are about 50 million movies I like, but which do I buy?

BASICALLY; Tell me your favourite movies, or what DVDs you got today or were hoping to receive.

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TQC, my 21 year old brother is home for Christmas. Last night he told me that the only fast food place in the town he lives in is a Subway. Knowing him, that is probably all he lives on.

Should I run out and buy my brother a Subway gift card?

Yes - buy it now so you can give it to him when you go to your parents' house at 3:30 today.
Yes - but just give it to him in a few days so you don't have to rush to find it today
Don't bother buying one
Other - (What?!)

ETA I believe Walmart might sell Subway gift cards. I know they sell them for other restaurants and stores. And Walmart should be open today here.

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i spent christmas eve with my friends because my family isn't big on christmas. we are non-christian asians so christmas is more of a holiday for us than a time for renewing beliefs and strengthening family/church bonds.

if you don't spend christmas with your family, what do you do?

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So who else isn't getting presents for the holidays? Want to sit in the grumpy corner with me?

I hate how materialistic it makes me feel, but being away from your family (who are down on their luck financially) and getting nothing really sucks.
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Should we or shouldn't we?

This year for Christmas, my father gave everybody gifts that he picked up at random (he admitted this), which, along with earlier behavior, has really upset some of us kids. He's been drinking and pretty much ignoring us while he dates his new squeeze, guilt-tripping us consciously, and basically showing no thought in his interactions with us at all. He got money from a former relative to take my sister and I out, and he spent it on repairing a second car he doesn't actually need, and he wanted to go spend the weekend with his girlfriend at her house when it was the last weekend he would see me for at least a year.

In short, he's kind of acting like a teenager. He has been going through a divorce, but he's really hurting and worrying us, and since he's gone AWOL, I've basically had to parent my little sister yet again, and I don't think that's fair.

Should we talk to him, TQC?
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For Christmas I asked for Future Shop gift cards so I can buy myself a new digital camera. Well, my parents bought me a new digital camera for Christmas so now I have $200 in FS gift cards!! What should I buy from Future Shop with my free money?

(I already have a laptop, printer, cell phone, Nintendo DS phat and a digital camera, obviously)

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Are you going to go back to your unchristmasified icon tomorrow? What kind/theme of icon comes next?!?!

(I could hypothetically use my snowman carebearstare! icon for the rest of the winter, but meh.)

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• When/why did you first realize your parents were fallible and imperfect? Is there a specific moment? Mine is more or less recorded on VHS, I think...the first argument I ever had with my mom, implying that I thought she could be wrong about anything.

• When, if ever, did your parents doing something weird or unexpected start causing you to wonder if their memory or health were doing o.k.? Sorry if this is poorly worded. I haven't been home in ages and every time I come home I start noticing startling changes...not always bad, but often unsettling. I remember when I never used to question or consider my parents' health or age because they seemed invincible.

Which movie did these 2 stars act in together? They didn't have to share a scene

Without consulting IMDB or any other source

1. Michael Pitt and Ryan GoslingThanks mere
2. Tom Cruise and Philip Seymour HoffmanThanks fancy_sheets
3. Jack Black and Catherine Zeta JonesThanks lissleology
4. Keira Knightley and Daniel CraigThanks cityofgods
5. Christopher Walken and Christopher LloydThank you jubibean
6. Abigail Breslin and Joaquin PhoenixThanks klutzy_girl
emmett, QAF

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So, I'm flipping between Little People, Big World and I Love Toys right  now and just saw the Easy Bake Oven !

So, TQC Did you ever have an Easy Bake Oven as a kid ? Did you ever make anything good ?

I had one and I can't believe I actually ate the stuff that came out of their. I remember going to Toys R Us to get the mix. I remember wanting to get the one mix that made like M&M shaped cakes.Hmmm . . . I'm pretty sure the old oven is in my basement somewhere.

My mom's out of town so we are doing the whole Christmas thing tomorrow. What restaurants are open on Christmas ?

Happy Holidays !


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TQC, should I take money I am saving to leave this shit state, and go to the movies since I am sitting alone on Xmas, in a foreign state away from friends and family? (It will also cost me transpo)

2. If your in  Northeast CT, are you sitting alone and want to come?

3. If I have a fear of taking a plane to Ohio to visit someone very close to me, and I am not scared of planes, but am nervous about being trapped in places and traveling far from my state due to panic attacks, how would you convince me (or handle this yourself, if this was you) to get on the plane and do it???
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Another ipod question...

I will be purchasing a new ipod in the near future. I cannot decide between a 120 gig Classic or a 16 gig nano. I was absolutely sure about getting the classic because I love the idea of having all of that space but then I heard about the down side of having a hard drive based ipod (the classic) versus the flash drive ipod (the nano). I've heard that the hard drive can easily be damaged when being carried. I intend on having it on my dock and taking it while I walk...I've been contemplating starting to run and I'm scared that taking the classic on a run may damage it. What do you think? Do you have a classic and do you work out with it and does it skip? Which should I buy?


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Happy Holidays, everyone!

Did you do a White Elephant Gift Exchange with anyone this year? What did you take with you to exchange? What did you get? What was the worst gift someone brought to the exchange?

We did one with my dad's family. We took a bottle of wine and a flashlight because my family is weird and likes practical stuff like that. I got a set of wine glasses and my husband got a blanket, so we made out well. The worst present someone brought was an extremely ugly light up fake ice diorama thing of a nativity set.
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I got a Nikon D60 for Christmas! I'm a little intimidated, I've never touched an SLR camera before.

What kind of camera do you have?

Do you have any tips for me about my new camera?

Dec 25th

is typically the most boring, shitty day of the year for me. All of my friends are busy, every store is closed, and there's nothing good on TV. Time to pwn noobs on XBL that just got their games today.

Any other non-Christians in the United States hate how the country pretty much shuts down?

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Did you get any "What the Fuck" gifts this year?

My aunt* bought me five items from the dollar spot at Target that were meant for a child no older than five...

This was really the only gift that confused me. I'm not pissed, I'm just more confused than anything. *I'm just going to add that she's exceptionally wealthy, which makes it only slightly more wtf.
Lucius Mic
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Did you feel upset/betrayed when you found out Santa Claus isn't real?

I never really believed in Santa.
Santa isn't real?! You bastard!
Other (I will explain in comments)
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Have you ever had a situation where you felt like you didn't do/give enough for the holidays? What did you do?!

I gave both my dad and my brother a single nice gift each, because I was pretty sure that no one had very much money this year and I didn't want to show anyone up. They both got me a buttload of presents and now I feel like a horse's ass. D:
BOOKS merlin
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I need a new camera, and preferably one with lens.

Do you have one? If so, can you show me a picture of it and try to convince me to buy that one instead of another one.

Come on people, sell me those camera's!

(no subject)

I usually wouldn't ask a question like this, but I'm in the middle of a huge dilemma.

Ok, so this summer I moved with my mother in Utah and I love it there.  I have lots of freedom and can date and whatnot, but my grades have plummeted.  I have the option to move back with my dad again, where my grades are high and my future is promising.  However, with my dad, I have no freedoms and feel like I'm imprisoned.  So what do I choose, happiness or future?

Have you ever been faced with a decision like this?

(no subject)

1. Is anyone ever going to stop bothering me about finding a boyfriend/getting married?

2. And if I ever actually do find one, are they going to rub it in for the rest of my life?

3. What should I do to them to make them stop? (Humorous answers appreciated)
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What are you going to do tomorrow since Christmas will be over?

Watch The Happening, X-Files: I Want To Believe, season two of How I Met Your Mother, and read the books I got.

(no subject)

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I failed to take note..

I have an ipod mini with lots of music on, unfortunately I don't have the original songs on my laptop anymore. I have a brand new ipod touch with zero music on.

Is there any way/software that will get the music from the mini onto into my itunes library so I can sync it with the new touch?

I fail at stuff like this.
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I think Ina Garten is really pretty. She has lovely hair, always wears a classic black or white button up shirt, and really simple makeup.

She looks classy.

Sure, she's a little hefty, but hell.

Am I crazy?
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Manners & etiquette question

In your humble opinion, at what age should a child start saying "Thank you" for birthday & Christmas gifts from outside the immediate family?

EDIT: Of course this is personal & I'm mildy butthurt, the kids in question are my niece & nephew, ages 7 & 4 respectively.

cat mask

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 For Christmas my sisters got Dell computers with webcams built in and I got a Macbook with Photobooth/iSight. My sister and I have been trying to figure how to talk through our webcams, and it's not working. She's using AIM 6 and I'm using Adium. For some reason I cannot log into iChat. Help? What am I doing wrong?
eknock, Ash


So TQC, I got three gift cards for Chapters (Canadian bookstore), totalling one hundred dollars! Plus, I have to return the wrong one my mom bought for me.


What should I buy? Suggest some books!
Baro Bitch Stare
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Whew! The holiday's are over...I can buy myself shit again!!

Okay so I've been eyeballing those cute mini computers for the last couple of months. Ya know the ones like the DELL MINI 9 or the HP...whatever number. And there's that ASUS one.

Do you own a mini computer?
Which brand should I get?
Should I get the one with XP or the LINUX stuff?
I <3 TLV

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Has anyone seen The Spirit? I want to go see it but my mom wants to stay in and watch Curb Your Enthusiasm instead. I've never seen that either - is that good? Which should we watch?

(no subject)

I just bought myself a new laptop. I keep hearing this clicking sound from inside of the computer.
Is the compy broken?!
Any ideas?
(I hear it maybe once every half hour or hour)

If you got money as a gift, do you feel the need to save it or spend it?
I feel like I should put the money my aunt gave me into my bank account...but I sort of don't want to. hah

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how should i go about getting the guys from work to come to a party at my apartment tomorrow? i figure i'll just go in for food and be like "you should come by" but i'm awkwardly nervous about it. non-srs is totally okay, let's hear it.

my dad is an adorable, very petite, 61 year old man. he says things like "we're getting him rock hero or guitar band" and "that band you like, linkin county, (linkin park) was on tv last night."

who is the most adorable person in your family?
can you give us an example of what they do that's so endearing?

my brother and i were playing rock band and my mom and dad were playing with a flying bat toy they got to fuck with our cats. my mom threw the thing in the air to get it flying and then stepped backwards off the bottom step. she nearly stepped on a cat, stumbled backwards, and landed on a chair, nearly taking my brother and the rockband drumset out in the process. i laughed so hard my eyes were tearing up like crazy and i had to hand off the guitar to my other brother.

the flying bat toy also hit several people today and i kept having to duck while i was playing rock band because it was zooming haphazardly around our heads.

anyone else have hilarious mishaps today?
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(no subject)

There have been lost of Christmas questions....

But I'm going to ask another!! Did you buy anyone a gift you thought they would love and then they didn't seem to like it? What'd you buy them?
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(no subject)

What kind of straightener do you have? I have a shitty Conair one, and now that I have bangs, I feel like I need a better one.

If you don't have a straightener, will you tell me something that happened to you today? Funny, ridiculous, nice, crazy...

(no subject)

Do you ever notice on cop shows (ie Law and Order) the people they're questioning always give them an attitude and walk away while they're talking?

Does this actually happen in real life?
Would you EVER walk away from a cop or say you "have things to do" while they were questioning you about something?

(no subject)

Is there still a problem with the pollution cruise ships cause? Or has it been fixed within the past few years?? Are there any sites I can find infomation on? I've googled with lackluster results

i'm trying to win a fight with my brother. he doesnt believe cruise ships do any harm.
mermaid and the ship

(no subject)


I have a bunch of stuffed animals and toys and silly things that I'd like to get rid of. I could take them to Goodwill, but I'd kind of like to donate the toys and things. Where do you think I should donate them? 

(no subject)

Does anyone know where you go to sign up for Livejournal surveys in exchange for gift certificates to use for paid accounts and things, or do they not do that anymore?

(no subject)

why are you online for christmas?
what are you doing today?
how often do you wear an apron?
what's your favourite desert?
what's the best sandwich?
if you are vegetarian, what do you eat on christmas? (i am not close minded, i am also vegetarian)
what are you looking forward to in the new year?

and, tcq, what's your favourite sex position?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

For those that saw it, what do you think of Planet Earth?

I got the Blu-Ray version today. I'm into documentaries/nature, but I am finding it's just not as awesome as everyone made it out to be. It's neat, but not blowing me away or anything

New Computer!

So TQC, sometime in the very near future, I'm going to get a new laptop.

Brand recommendations? I know I don't want a Mac.

Right now I have an Acer and a Gateway. I don't like the Acer and the Gateway is ok..not great..

(no subject)

I go to a very demanding school, and thus have little to no time to watch television. I want to take advantage of this break by catching up on some shows. Which shows would be worth investing time in? I plan on getting the entire season(s).

(no subject)

Does anyone want to organize some kind of gift swap? Can we do that? Maybe post the gifts that you don't want and see if anyone else wants 'em?!

*If this isn't okay, let me know!

Should I have mac and cheese for dinner or more crustini with pesto and mascarpone?

(no subject)

I just recieved a Best Buy gift card that was originally bought at publix. The person that gave me also gave me the reciept. So can I take it back to Publix and get a full cash refund?
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Paging TQC, master auto mechanic!

So, for the past month or so, my car's clutch has been leaking brake fluid into the footwell of my car. Is this something that's a simple fix, or am I gonna have to get my entire clutch replaced? It shifts fine still, and it's an '03 Ford Focus, if that is an issue.

EDIT: How much would said repair be?

EDIT2: Yep, it's the master cylinder, apparently the seal wears out, causing it to leak-- from what I've searched, it's hella common with manual Focuses. Going to get the part and have my mechanic friend come by and help me replace the MC tomorrow, because I'm too cheap to pay for a shop to fix it. :/
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Are you going after Christmas shopping tomorrow?

If so, where are you going? Are you looking for anything in particular?

If you're not, is it because you have no interest in it or because getting up early/fighting crowds sucks?

(no subject)

1:  My husband is snoring and he doesn't want to change his position even though I ask every two minutes.  I should push him off the bed, y/n?

2:  Are you glad Christmas is [almost] over or did you have a good holiday?

pubes are not nice:(

Ok i recently have become involved with a new guy:)
but... while i was giving him some oral i realised he doesnt shave or trim or anything at all!!!
to be honest my preference is totally shaved if at all possible otherwise it just makes oral kinda nasty! do i tactfully approach the subject??

( info on him: he is only 19 a virgin in almost everyway im not virgin and havent been sensitive to a guys feelings in a long time and not very tactful by nature)

Fallout 3 question

This is a long shot and a half.

This is from the game Fallout 3. In the Dunwich Building, half way through the ruins, there is a computer with transcripts from a sales meeting that occurred on the day of the "Great War", does anyone have a copy of those or know where I can find them besides in the game? I have looked all over thr place and can't seem to find them.
just a bill
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(no subject)

Tell me about a recent injury you had?

The other day, I was baking cupcakes and my smoke detector went off. Normally when that happens, my 6'5 roommate turns it off. But he's away for the holidays and my 5'2 self had to do it. I brought in an Ikea stepstool to stand on (the plastic ones that little kids use to wash their hands). I stood on the stool and I still couldn't reach the smoke detector, so I jumped to try and reach it. I missed the button, put my foot through the stool (cutting it up), and fell. It would have been embarrassing if other people were around.
Watership Down
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(no subject)

How much would you pay for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy? (Blenhiem, KC registered etc).

Serious answers only, and please don't tell me to go to a rescue, I'm already having an inner morale battle over it. = Understood xD

Thanks! (+merryxmas)
Screaming Dean

(no subject)

I was in the bathroom a little while ago when my brother came and knocked on the door and then asked "what are you doing in there?".

When was the last time someone asked you a truly stupid question?
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How long do your manicures last?

I got one on Monday and it's completely shot to shit already. I even went for a lighter color.

Do you do anything to keep them lasting longer?
How much do they usually cost?

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When was the last time you let your mind wander somewhere particularly strange?

For those of you familiar with the musical Oliver!, my mind somehow got to "What if Bill Sykes was tiny? Nancy would have to carry him around in her pocket!" And I imagined the panic shown on the faces of the people at the pub. "It's Bill Sykes!" they'd say. And then you hear these loud footsteps, and its Bill Sykes, stomping up and down the bar counter singing "My Name" in a high squeaky voice. Its endlessly amusing to me, matched only by imagining Nancy singing "As Long as He Needs Me," holding Bill in her palm. "That's why he needs her," I think to myself. "He can't get around by himself!" and by the end of the number, Nancy shoves Bill into her apron pocket. I find this endlessly amusing and I laugh out loud like the insane person that I am.
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Nightie night!

Hello TQC!

I would like to know about how you sleep.

What position do you usually sleep in?

Are there any specific requirements you have for sleep time? Eg. wadrobe door must be closed, must be completely dark, no watches/clocks ticking.

How do you arrange the blankets when you sleep?

What is your duvet/comforter/doona cover like?

Have you had any good dreams lately? Bad dreams? Recurring dreams? Do tell!

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Informational question

I've never flown during Christmas because it usually doesn't come up, but I have a flight tomorrow through Minneapolis-- I'm supposed to change planes there in the evening. It only recently dawned on me that this in itself might be a HUGE MISTAKE and I'll either get stuck in Minneapolis overnight or will experience other stressful hells that will basically make it not worth it to even try going.

Based on your past experiences, how likely is it that I'll get stuck overnight? How likely is it that other airport-related things will grate on my nerves so badly that my entire trip will be ruined? Should I even go? I usually am not stressed out by planes during summer travel, so how much worse can it really be?

It would be extra super helpful if you know someone who flew through there in the past few days and how screwed they were.
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killahnatalie wants to know:

Do you know anyone that has a significant other whose parents and siblings buy them a ton of expensive stuff? Does it annoy you?

I have a friend who dates a guy that his mom bought and paid for all her pageant things, bought her a Wii, payed for her prom stuff, bought expensive cowboy boots, ihome, gave a computer to her. This highly bothers me because I think my parents would murder me if I happily took things from my boyfriend's parents. I feel that it is one thing if the S.O.'s parents buy things for you but doing everything is rediculous.

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Long story short. I got more money than I expected to this Christmas, my paycheck is going to be more than usual because of overtime I put in. I have not bought myself something that wasn't food in close to six months, and I want a new phone. However, the phone is $100 [$50 after mail-in rebate] and I feel nervous spending that kind of money out of habit.

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What should I watch?

Dawson's Creek
Neither, you have shit taste in TV shows, go and die

These are my two current options. I'm on Season 2 of Dawson's Creek and Season 5 of Friends. I am bored.

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Is there anything you really like to do that most people wouldn't necessarily find as fun?

I LOVE writing in birthdays/anniversaries/whatever on my new calendar. I'm trying to wait until it's closer to New Years but I'm dying to open it and write everything in!

I also love really congested roads. What stresses most people out, I find incredibly fun.
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Will you explain to me the story behind Thanksgiving?
The Wikipedia entry is too long for me to be bothered with it, I am looking for the abridged version.