December 24th, 2008

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ok so i keep getting all these stupid pop-ups and i have a very strong pop up blocker on and i did a virus scan to make sure nothing was wrong and it said i didnt have any viruses?
WTF what is it?

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I'm planning to double major in international affairs and German as an undergrad. I figured out if I take four classes over summer school, and 18 credits for three semesters and 15 credits for two semesters, I could graduate in '11 instead of '12.  (I'll have 61 credits already by next fall)

Should I have no life for the next two and a half years and slave to graduate early?
Should I take it easy and graduate three and a half years from now like everyone else?

Is college even worth it?
How about graduate school?
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MY MOM JUST RICKROLLED ME. I didn't even know that she knew what that was - twice in a week, one by novelized and one by my mom. TQC how do I stop from being rickrolled all the damn time?
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So our Sea Salt Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate code for writing on cups is SCSHC. Does that acronym not sound like some kind of school or what?

What do you hope to get for christmas, and think it's possible, but you're not sure about?

Should I have taken the purple & gold tweed hat or the blue & gold tweed hat? The purple is more of a neutral, while the blue is more of a showy accent for a plain outfit.
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Every time someone has posted a youtube video on livejournal recently, no matter what it is really of, it has shown me this video.

As hilarious as this video is, I'm confused. Is this happening to anyone else?
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{halp, bbs}

Has anyone ever used Music Rescue to move stuff off your iPod back onto your computer? I had an EPIC HARD DRIVE FAILURE the other day, and I'm trying to get everything back on my new drive, but Music Rescue keeps locking up so I have to start over. Is this because I have an unregistered version of the program, or does it just suck and I should find something else to use? I'm so annoyed right now. This is the FOURTH TIME I've had to start over. Ugh.


ETA: I'm running WinXP.
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What are your plans for today?

Go to my grandma's at four, eat, talk with my cousins, and then open presents. I hope to come home and open my presents from Mom and Dad then instead of waiting until tomorrow.
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On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being least awkward, 10 being most awkward thing in the history of ever), how awkward would it be to watch Love Actually with your mom?

(I'm debating whether to get my mom to watch it -- on the one hand, she and I loooove movies like You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle and this fits right into that category, but on the other hand, there are whole plots revolving around making porn, mom's a nice little conservative lady at heart.)

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My younger sister tried to dye her dyed black hair back to blonde. It is now a very scary orange color but not the usual brassiness you may get after going lighter (my violet toners are not helping).

What should she do? She can't afford to nor does she have the time (Christmas portraits later, damn) to see a professional.
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If your pet had a screenname/username, what would it be?

What kind of person would your pet be? How would s/he dress?

Should I email the chick we got our new cat from on Craigslist to give him back? Do you think she'll take him back? Should we get a refund since we got him up to date on his shots and everything?

ETA: the new cat is mean to our other pets. he smacks them for no reason really randomly for just being in the same room. it has gotten to the point where the alpha cat (in icon) runs from him and the other cat howls randomly in the middle of the night from being smacked. i don't think this is fair to our established pets.
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Three of my cats are terrified of a roll of wrapping paper. They are eyeing it from across the room as if it is going to get up and chase them.

Why are they doing this?

Is the paper cursed, or posessed?
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1. Last night, I was melting some white chocolate chips in the microwave. I've done this before successfully. I do it for 30 seconds, stir it, 30 seconds, stir, etc. etc. until it's done. I did it TWICE last night and both times it melted to a certain point and then got really hard and would not melt. WHAT HAPPENED??? It was in the same bowl as last time, same brand of white chocolate chips (although I tried another one afterwards and the same thing happened).

2. What was the best gift you got for someone else this year? What makes it awesome?
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I saw Drew Carey's efforts at hosting The Price is Right for the first time a couple of days ago (I live in Australia, where it only airs on pay TV, so I haven't been able to see it til now).

I really wasn't sure how to take him as host, so I was just wondering:

Any TPiR viewers on this community, how do you think he compares to Bob?

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yesterday i told my friend i want to date this guy. i said, "i mean, i don't want to be with him forever, i'm not looking for anything super serious, but i'd like to be with him for a while."

and she goes, "Well, Emily, if you don't think there's potential to be with him forever, don't you think it's kind of a waste of time? Come on."

and basically said that it's pointless to get involved with someone you already know you don't see marriage with.

to which i replied O_O

TQC, do you agree?

i don't see anything wrong with dating someone you don't see a serious future with if you like each other at the time and are having fun. and you never know! maybe they will be ~the one.
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Unemployment + part-time job + going to school

I found out about a week ago that I'm being laid off (our office is closing) sometime between January and this spring.

I get about two weeks severance and my vacation time paid out, so it'll be about three weeks of pay.

I'm interested in going back to school to take a three-week course to be a CNA, since my English degree is pretty much useless in this area, and being a CNA seems like a good stable job and I think I'd be good at it.

I also just got hired to wait tables part-time at a new upscale Italian restaurant in my town.

My question is:

Has anyone done this after being laid off?
Are you still able to work part-time if you are on unemployment?
How/where can I find out if my school can be paid for as a continuing education thing? I live in PA and I've googled all over and can't find a concrete answer.
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On Monday my school had a snow day. It was also the last day of the semester. I had 1 class and an important paper due. He was also going to give us a packet to finish in class for a grade.

I haven't heard anything from my professor. I emailed him and got no response. I called and he didn't answer. He doesn't have set office hours.

What do I do?!

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The cottage where my husband and I are going on saturday for a week doesn't have a stove, lol.

It has a fridge, a microwave, and it will likely be okay-enough weather (Charleston, SC) for us to use the outdoor grill.

What would YOU put on your grocery list for shit that doesn't need to be cooked in an oven/on a stove?

Our whole family will be in Charleston for the week, too, so we'll likely be eating out occasionally. we just need a few dinner/side dish/lunch options. I'd guess we can just live off sandwiches and chips for lunch every day.

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1) Anyone over the age of sixteen who can't drive or have a license?
2) What would you want your last meal to be?

1) I'm nineteen and I don't have a license. I'm not ready yet and I'm partially terrified of driving.
2) Unsure.

Edited: For my answers and to clarify question 1.

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What are your favorite Christmas/Holiday songs? How do you feel about contemporary ones? It's gotten to where I kind of hate most Christmas music, but there's a few songs I like.

Bonus points for links or videos! :O

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For those who don't care, how's your holiday season been so far? Tell me about it. I am feeling really shitty about mine and so I want to hear about everyone else's so I can relate and stop being grumpy.


Also, why can't I wrap presents? It's like I've got some sort of mental deficiency that applies only to wrapping gifts and cooking. Can you wrap presents? Do you like to?
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I've been listening to Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" on repeat for like 30 minutes now because it's the only thing that's keeping my 5-month-old from screaming his head off. So, what the hell are you doing, TQC?
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Are any of your New Year's Resolutions geared toward improving other people/things?

I am going to try to cut back on paper waste by only buying books from used bookstores or going to the library instead of buying them new.

Which leads me to my other question: How does library book donation work, exactly? If I donate books to the library, will they slap a barcode on it and stick it on the shelf or sell it in a library book sale or do something else "good" with it? Is there any chance they would just throw my book out, assuming the book isn't "inappropriate" for the library?

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I need help with Outlook! The calendar's specifically.

This is what the calendar should look like (minus the red circle):
Notice each event only spans one day. Notice the day circled, Jan 7th, has 2 events.

This is what the calendar looks like for a coworker:
Notice each event spans 2 days. Notice the day that had been circled in the other one, Jan 7th, has no events.

wtf did he do?
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1. Have you ever gotten a Brazilian wax? (if the answer is no, you might as well stop now.)

2. If so, how much did it cost?

3. What is the difference, to you between a regular bikini wax and a Brazilian wax?

To the mens- Brazilian waxes, yes or no?
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Will you tell me about a random website or fact that you've come across lately? I am trying to kill time at work.

If you go to and put in your cellphone number (along with zipcode) it'll send you a text letting you know if you'll need an umbrella on a certain day or not.

ETA: Will you show me your fashion 'must-have' for 2009? I feel like ohh'ing and ahh'ing at pretty clothes & shoes. kthanx.
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My husband just said to me "What is snark?"

On Thanksgiving, he didn't get the rickroll and said to me "What is a rickroll?"

He is on the computer as often, if not more often, than I am. Where the hell has he been?

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1) When did you join LiveJournal?
2) Why did you join LiveJournal?

1) Early August of this year.
2) I had been going on since 2005. I got sick of "This content is not appropriate for minors" and clicking the button repeatedly that says I am over fourteen/eighteen. Plus, I wanted to see everything there is on here.
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TQC! I stumbled upon my grandma's obituary on the internet. I've been crying for the past 2 hours. My eyes are fucked. I tried rinsing them with cool water but that hasn't done anything. They are really puffy and red. I have some visine which should take care of my eyeballs, but the skin around them will still be really puffy and red.

I'm leaving for my grandpa's house soon and I don't want my family to know I've been crying all morning. How can I get rid of the redness and puffiness quickly? Once I do my makeup the redness should be mostly invisible, but the puffiness will remain. My eyes usually stay red and puffy for HOURS after I've been crying this much.

EDIT: She's been dead since 2003, this isn't something new.

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TQC I NEED BAKING HELP. i'm making petit fours for tomorrow and i need some kind of chocolate glaze to go over them. i was planning on just using melted chocolate but this seems like it would be too hard. i need the glaze to dry firm but not hard enough that it's difficult eat, but it also has to DRY in that it won't get all over everything else. i have the rest of the recipe sorted out but this part is giving me agita!!

argh. why did i wait until CHRISTMAS EVE to plan this out?!

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1. Toilet lid: Up or down?


2. If you go into someone else's bathroom and their toilet lid is up or down, does it affect which way you leave it? For example, if you normally leave it up at home but you go in and it's closed, do you make sure to close it when you're done.
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I'm still at work waiting for a package to come that has my mom's main Christmas gift in it. Everyone else left an hour and a half ago and I have a lot of stuff to do before tonight. Should I say screw it and leave now and give her the gift late (next Monday)? Or should I suck it up and stay until the UPS guy gets here? Either way I have to leave at 3 because they're closing the building then.
This is so ridiculous.
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1. What is WRONG with my camera? Every time I put it on the setting to take a picture, it tells me to turn my camera off and then turn it on again, but when it's on the playback mode, it's fine. I want to fix it so I can take pictures! D: D: D:

2. Anyone have any experience with the Dailies contacts? My doctor is super gung-ho about getting me to buy them over my two week Acuvues (probably because they cost more), but my eyes dry out really fast as soon as I put them in and it makes them pretty much unwearable. Any similar experiences?

3. Am I a creep show for thinking that Shang, the general guy from Mulan, is a total hottie? I mean, he's 2D...
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to all question club canadians:

why do you guys celebrate thanksgiving
on a weird day?
but celebrate christmas on the right day?

What do australians think of when they hear "I'm dreaming of a white christmas"

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What's the weirdest thought you've had lately and where were you/what were you doing when you had it?

The other day, I was in the shower at 6:30 in the morning and suddenly I had a thought about the movie "The Day After Tomorrow." And my thought was, at 6:30 am, that the movie would have been so much better if they had shown a scene with the highways all jammed with people fleeing to go south and all of a sudden a group of Canadians blows past everyone on snowmobiles... Maybe towing some kids on an sled behind 'em. It was a weird thing to be thinking about that early in the morning.

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What are you eating for dinner today and tomorrow?

Do you know what you're having for New Year's?

Ham that just finished baking in the oven. Chicken wings that my grandma ordered from Wal-Mart. I don't eat anything else since I'm so picky. Tomorrow will probably be leftovers since we're not planning on going anywhere. New Year's will be pork in the crockpot, with mashed potatoes. That's what we have every year on New Year's Day.

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have you ever been speaking to someone, and then just all of the sudden - out of nowhere, something about them REALLY starts to annoy you? whether it's their voice or what they're talking about.. you just get this panicy "OMG I HAVE to stop talking to this person" feeling? or am I just bonkers?

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I want to get a fairly large tattoo on my leg. Would it benefit me to wait until spring so I can wear skirts or shorts and not have it covered, or would it not really matter if I got it soon and was just careful?

I have other tattoos but I managed to get them all in summer/early fall. Go figure.

Edit: To clarify, what I'm asking is Do you think it will adversely affect healing to get a leg tattoo in the winter?
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Christmas ticky

Poll #1320497 Christmas ticky

How do you wrap presents?

I don't bother wrapping them, because I'm a lazy bastard.
I don't bother wrapping them, because I can't afford wrapping paper.
I don't bother wrapping them, because I'm poor and lazy.
I don't bother wrapping them, because it's a waste. They're just going to get torn open anyway.
With wrapping paper, obvs.
Wrapping paper and ribbon. (This includes tying the ribbon into a bow..)
Wrapping paper, ribbon, and a separate bow on top. Fancy!
A gift bag, because I'm lazy but not THAT^^ lazy.
A gift bag with tissue paper, because its faster/easier.
A gift bag with tissue paper, because I think it looks better.
Other (please describe in comments)

To and From?

A small gift card with or without envelope.
A full sized greeting card with or without envelope.
Sticker tags!
I don't bother because I'm lazy.
Other (please describe in comments)
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The Green Giant of vegetable fame also says, "Ho Ho Ho!" Since we live in such litigiously butthurt times, should Santa Claus sue?

Also, why am I still here in this chair?

Are you still here?

Chocolate Jew Coins

Somebody left a comment on another question and used the phrase "chocolate Jew coins". I knew immediately what she meant - the traditional Chanukkah gelt - but I've never heard them called Jew coins before.

1. Is this a phrase you have used or heard?

2. Do you know any Jewish people? When did you meet your first Jew?

3. Have you ever asked a Jewish person how he or she keeps his (or her) horns from showing?


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What Christmas* traditions do you still follow?

Do you still hang socks over the fireplace? Leave cookies out for Santa? Something else?

We go to my mum's and still hang our socks over her fireplace, since ours are used as decorations at my house. We don't leave cookies anymore, but we still set the table, light the candle and leave the front door unlocked - we do this at my house, too.

*insert your holiday here. if you don't celebrate anything, then you can't play, sorry!
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What do you do when someone hands you a gift and you weren't planning to give anything to that person? This is keeping in mind that there's time left before the deadline- about 24 hours or so.
Cats pawing at mommy's face

Christmas present

1 My manfriend and I were totally useless at trying to figure out what to get each other for Christmas. I gave him his gift yesterday, and he told me it was "The nicest Christmas gift [he'd] ever been given." He told me that he would get me a tattoo if I want him to. I heart him very much and would get a tattoo that I loved. My hesitation is, though I don't foresee it happening, I worry if things go sour, I'll have a reminder of him forever. I'm... logical in that thought, right? Or should I take him up on that offer?

2 I was talking to a coworker last weekend, and somehow it came up that he's a very strict vegan. I asked if he minded cooking meat for people, and he said "No. It's a personal choice everyone has to make. I don't pretend I know better than anyone, it's just a choice I've made, like someone makes a choice to recycle or to dress in a certain style. I can't look at them and tell them their choices are wrong." A super tolerant vegan! What has blown your mind lately?

3 TQCers who have traveled for Christmas - when did you leave and when are you heading back? How far did you travel?

4 Are you having a modest Christmas relative to past years ~because of the economy~?
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Because work was slow, and we listened to the radio, and discussed our school lives-

1. when's the last time you got rickrolled by the music, vid or lyrics?

Everyone listening to the radio this morning got rickrolled by the DJ. Epic.

2. did you ever suspect a teacher of yours, or in your school,of being gay? (only if they hadn't come out)

There was one teacher in the Economics department that set off just about everyone's gaydar. Dude wore pink and usually played a song at the end of each topic he had lectured to encourage us in our studies. He generally sang along and encouraged us to sing along as well.
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A couple days ago, I almost finished the Washington Post crossword puzzle -- there were 4 or 5 clues I couldn't get. Have you ever finished a newspaper's crossword puzzle?

For all the non-xtians, how do you plan on spending tomorrow?
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Is it safe to eat baked Cod that smells like bleach after cutting into it?? I bought a piece and broiled it with butter and adobo seasoning, and I know it's definitely done as the outside is crispy, so wtf, why does it smell like bleach?

Wait wait, no, it smells like ammonia or whatever developer is found in boxed hair dying kits...
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I know someone who refuses to buy an automobile from anyone but Carfax or a certified dealership. She said anywhere else will try to sell you an unsafe car. I got my car from a private dealer, and just had it checked out before I bought it. Apparently this is unacceptable. Is this girl crazy, or am I reckless with vehicle purchases?

Do you have any time off school or work? What have you been doing? I'm bored as shit.
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If you were homeless and somebody offered you some leftover chanukah cookies (maybe a day or two old), would you accept/appreciate them?

I made a fuckton of cookies and I don't want to eat them all -- I was thinking about offering them to this one homeless guy who stands outside of the metro station with a sign. He never approaches people to ask for money -- just stands there quietly.
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1)do you like watching marathons of documentaries about crime and stuff on holidays?


2)what's an iconic toy from your childhood?

see my icon.

3)what do you think about mustaches?

Shave them

4)do you like rewritten fairy tales?

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What is the dorkiest thing you do that you're willing to admit to (ie; play warcraft, read sci-fi books, etc)?

I'm willing to admit that I try to see Hanson every time they come to town. I've seen them 5 times since 2000. And I have almost every album and still listen to them. :D
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So this weekend I'm going to a party in which we are doing a tacky gift exchange. It's a bunch of college students/people graduated recently. Her parents will be there, though, so I can't get anything inappropriate. Any suggestions?


Can you still get approved for different forms of credit while having a stupid collection agency debt showing up on your report? (stupid forced ambulance ride from my car accident back in July really screwed me over.)

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For those who've used both...

The iPhone or Blackberry??

(My family already uses AT&T as our service provider, so I'm wondering if I should use my Xmas money to get an iPhone instead of just an iPod Touch).
eknock, Ash

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What traditions do you have on Christmas Eve?

What about Christmas Day?

Who has to work (as in, in TQC) on Christmas day?

Anyone else sick on Christmas? :(

... I'm so sick, I initially posted this to my journal. D:

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I just narrowly avoided being arrested and charged for a for-real felony due to luck and Christmas-y cheer. I am still kind of in shock. I am back at home with my parents and no one knows but me and my roommate (and now you guys). How can I thank the Christmas-y spirits? I lucked out so hard, you guys.

Macy's. $2500 worth of party dresses. Caught with a totally insane undercover maneuver. A holding cell, a huge whopping fee, scary police officers. They let me go because the store was closing early for Christmas Eve and the police officer that came to pick up the other offenders being held actually FORGOT TO TAKE ME. So they just released me.

Edit: I would just like to clarify that I was CLEARLY being stupid, was caught, processed and fined, and was LET GO, all according to the correct procedure...I didn't evade or escape it, I'm not bragging about dodging a bullet, I'm not saying I shouldn't have been caught. I'm just really thankful that they decided not to prosecute, that's all. And no, I don't really think that stealing from an enormous corporation is the same as destroying an individual's vital property, and no, I'm not saying that what I got caught for was awesome or anything either.
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What does your Christmas tree look like? Will you show me a picture?

(This is a gratuitous question so that I can show you all the lol-worthy tree my parents picked out below the cut, yes. I JUST GOT HERE TO VISIT AND HADN'T SEEN IT UNTIL JUST NOW. I had to share the lols somehow.)

OMG my brother just walked in and told me they rescued it from a REJECT TRASH PILE OF TREES.

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are you tracking santa?
do you have any family traditions?
what's under your tree?
what gifts are you expecting?
what have you eaten today?
are you against underage drinking? why?
do people you know mostly drink in moderation or binge drink?
how much money in total have you spent on christmas related items (food, gifts, decorations) this year?
how much money have you got in your bank right now?

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Do you know of any good places to buy cute jewlery online for cheap? (not real jewlery)
What is your favorite piece of jewlery that you own? Can you show me a picture?

I used to have this website in my favorites that was REALLY cheap and had adorable jewlery but I don't know what happened to it or what it was called :(
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What are you eating for dinner tonight?

What should I make: Salmon w/ garlic-herb butter and quinoa, chicken w/ cuban mojito sauce and brown rice, or turkey meatloaf?

(no subject)

for christmas, my aunt bought me a huge manicure set & my mother a huge pedicure set. so when I get out of the shower in about 30 minutes, which should I do first - my hands or my feet?

do you like onions? I don't know nearly enough people that do.

(no subject)

1. What are some poetry collections/anthologies or poets that you find inspiring? Especially ones that may be influential to your own writing.

2. What is the most ridiculous argument you've had with your best friend or SO?

I had a fight with my bestie the other night about NOT fighting in front of our other friends.

3. What was the worst movie of 2008?
logdrivers; waltz [<3 doug]
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Will you tell me an amusing Christmas/holiday story or memory?

What gift has elicited the best reaction from someone after you've given it to them?

Were you allowed to open your stockings before your parents woke up on Christmas morning?


Do you remember a cartoon from the 80's or early 90's that involved an intergalactic garbageman who came into a kid's bedroom at night and went on a space adventure which took place before the kid had to wake up? The garbageman was probably purple, wearing a leather jacket, and often spoke in either rhymes or rap.

I'm pretty sure the thing that my friend is describing can't be real. If you remember this, can you tell me the name of this show?

Questions from my 14 yr old niece.....

if hot pockets are cold are they still called hot pockets?

If you're Roman and you get an IV at the hospital, do you think it's called a 4?

If you have an African Elephant and it comes to America, is it then an African American Elephant?

If you have someone from the Orient, and you spin them around a few times, do they become disoriented?

If you pamper a cow, do you get spoiled milk?

If you have a non-christian person in court, do they still have to swear on the bible?

Can you say that the grass is always greener on the other side, if on the other side the grass is Kentucky Blue-grass?

Can you freeze your tears, or cry underwater?

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I'm getting a Nintendo DS for Christmas and I want to get an older (GBA) Pokemon game to play on it. Which game should I get?

Where can I get a good skin for my DS? I know about

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I know everyone's excited for 2009.

What are you looking forward to most in 2009?

I'm joining 24 hour fitness in January. I hope this means that i'll lose 30-40 lbs in the first few months.
High School graduation.
My 18th birthday.

(no subject)

does anyone have an invite code to i wanna join but i don't know any members. allow.

if you had to trade one of your limbs for an inanimate object, what would it be?
James Franco joint

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I just cut myself bangs, which could have been potentially horrible, but I like 'em!
What's the last impulsive thing you did?

Do you know any websites that show super cute ways to wear/style bangs?
Old Fashioned
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1. Every time I try to take a picture with the flash turned off, my camera takes three pictures one right after the other. What is going on, and how do I fix it? :(

2. Tomorrow I'm spending my first Christmas all by myself. I've got a friend coming over around five or six and we're going out to eat, but what should I do all day before that?
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For those of you who play The Sims 2 -

A giant fucking puddle appeared in my Sims' house and it won't go away and they'll mop parts up and it just comes back and nothing is broken. WHAT IS GOING ON :(? I have been looking all over for an answer!
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 is anyone else having a crappy day?

i feel like most people are enjoying their day off and crap. 
i had to work, i feel sick, and i'm still torn about the new cat.
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Romantic Getaway

I just found out that my fiances' mother got us $250 dollars to any place in New England to go away for a weekend. Has anyone here ever been on a romantic getaway in the New England area? Any good places to check out? I am so excited!

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TQC, it has been thirteen days and i finally GOT MY HEAT AND ELECTRICITY BACK!

have you had any festivus miracles?
tell us about them!

i also bought a new ( 1996) car yesterday and a new (actually brand spanking new) phone two days ago. and i got my family each at least two christmas presents. i love having a job.

have you realized anything strange lately?

i have owned three cars now, and all three were paid for entirely by money i got for being hit by a car. that seems wrong a little bit, especially since all three cars have been big suv bone crushing monsters.
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1. Do you know anyone who celebrates Christmas on January 7th?

2. Non-religious persons- when was the last time you attended a religious ceremony? Do you think it's douchey to flat-out refuse to attend a church service for 1 hour and upset your grandmother? Or is it more important to "be true to yourself"?

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Do you ever have dreams where you are in a familiar place, but it looks nothing like it does in real life? Care to provide details or elaborate?

I had one recently where I was in Manhattan, but it looked more like suburbia. I was bar hopping, but was hitting up places that looked more like Applebee's than the chic lounges you might find in NYC.
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1. I'm at my parents house and they are asleep. Should I open my presents now?

2. What was the last thing you had too much of?

3. What is the strangest thing you have on your desk? PIctures are lovely.