December 23rd, 2008


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A Very Merry you

December 22 was subtlesphinx's birthday. What will your birthday gift be?

A red vintage truck
Take her out dancing
A comment (check below)
A kitten (she's never owned a cat)
More blankets (she lives in the near-frozen wasteland of Minnesota)
The Vikings to stop being douchebags (some strongly worded letters to the franchise should be enough)
Her two front teeth (and apologies for taking them in her sleep)
World peace (admit it, you had the answers all along and were just saving them for a special occasion)
Pay for all her drinks at a full bar
Hot chocolate
Howie Mandel (tied up and ball-gagged)

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I'm having a small birthday party tomorrow, where we'll just be having cake, cocktails, and champagne.

One person is bringing lemon sorbet.
One person is bringing Maple Pecan Cheesecake.
One person is bringing bread and butter pudding.

What can I make (doesn't have to be a cake, so long as it's a dessert) that'll contrast with these, whilst not being too complicated or overpowering?

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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My dad is going in for surgery tomorrow morning. It's minor surgery, he'll be in and out in, like, an hour, but I'm still nervous.

Will you please tell me that my dad is going to be fine so I can stop worrying?

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I just read an X-Files fanfic that had Mulder and Scully so out of character it was painful. And there were medical issues in there that don't exactly work out. I left a review pointing out all the things wrong. Should I feel guilty? Because I really feel guilty now and I don't know why.
The Girliest Taco

edited a million times to make it into a question

Which of the following is your favorite?


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is there a nice way to tell my friend to stop going ON AND ON AND ON about how his not-girlfriend wants to have his babies and wants to marry him and how they're so happy and how boohoo he hasn't gotten laid in a week, when he knows i'm fucking miserable as all hell being single? he keeps talking about it and while i'm happy for him, i'm REALLY sick of hearing about it. christ.

what's the best way to get my mind of things that isn't alcohol or weed?
{wow} sin'dorei pride

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You're playing scrabble and you rearrange your letters to only to discover that you have the letters to make up a really good dirty word (let's pretend that slang works... roommates and I accept slang words in our own game). Do you place the dirty word down on the board just to have it on there for shits and giggles or do you go for the word that has the most points (assuming you can get more points on another word, even if the dirty word is funny)?
misc - not a weapon

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I am the matron of honor in my best friend's wedding and I want to do a good job. I, however, had a shitty MOH* so I don't really know how to go about that.

What do you think makes a good MOH?
Are there any books about weddings from the perspective of a bridal party member?

*Not my bff, long story

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1. Time Warner has pulled all of their artists' videos from Youtube today. Apparently, Time Warner wanted more money than Youtube was willing to give them to allow Youtube to keep airing their videos.

Was this a wise move on Time Warner's part since they were fighting for their artists? Or was it bad since music channels on cable are just about extinct and Youtube did a service by playing their videos and getting their music out there?

2. I know we've had quite a few video questions today but I want to know what is the most dramatic narrative video? That is, screw the music, what video on visuals and storytelling alone, made you feel like your heart had been ripped out?

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dianna agron ;;

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Every day at about 1am my internet stops working. Clicking "Repair" doesn't work, neither does disabling and enabling. I just have to restart my computer and it works fine. This only starting happening since I reformatted my computer a week ago and it isn't the internet because it doesn't happen to my brother.
Can anyone help?

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this is a college town. most people should be gone by now, but somehow, there's a party upstairs, just like EVERY OTHER FUCKING NIGHT.

i wish i could call the cops. oh, how i wish! but my roommate is really good friends with one of the guys upstairs and i don't want to cause trouble. besides, this same guy bragged to me last year about how they once got the cops called on them by the former residents of my apartment because they were modeling high heels at 3am. he thought it was soooo funny. they're rich motherfuckers so they don't give a shit about paying fines.

i swear to god. they are playing the worst music (seriously..."the cup of life" by ricky martin) and jumping around and stomping all over the place. if i were to ask them to turn it down they would say, "oh, i'm sorry! we'll turn it down!" then lock their door and, you know, not turn it down. they're really dramatic, too, so they'd probably talk shit about me all over campus just like they talked shit about their last neighbors.

how do i get these assholes to SHUT THE FUCK UP? they need to be fucking beaten or something if even the cops can't shut them up.

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I'm broke and need to bring something edible for Christmas dinner at my parents house. I'm so hungry that I'm over food as of now and cannot think of any good vegetarian dishes to bring. I'm sooo sick of my usual suspects, what should i bring?

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My kitty got sick and was super dehydrated/wouldn't eat. We brought her to the vets where they held her overnight for 3 days and fed her with an IV. We brought her home today because they couldn't figure out why she was sick and it was a waste of money. She STILL won't eat or drink anything and instead just sleeps.

Is there anything I can do to help her? If she continues not eating, is it okay to try feeding her baby formula with an eyedropper? :/

Any suggestions would be great. :(

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virgo bold

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Which of the holidays this season do you celebrate (ie; Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, nothing)?

Does anyone elses hip joints ever hurt?? I'm only 25!! I shouldn't need a hip replacement already!!!

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Recently I've been on quite a TV binge. I'm wondering, what current TV series have you been watching?

If you don't keep up exactly, what series' have you caught yourself up on, via DVDs or Hulu/Netflix?

Also, is there any new series' that you're looking forward to watch?

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green addiction

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What is the purpose of a lipstick case?

Give me an example of a word that you know the meaning of in context but have difficulty defining?  For example, the word ironic is easy to understand in context, but I have trouble defining it concisely without using it in a sentence.

If you are in AA or in/used to be in some kind of addiction treatment program, is there any such thing to you as a person who drinks regularly but is not an alcoholic?  It seems to me that a lot of recovering alcoholics  think that everyone who drinks is secretly an alcoholic in denial. 

Alice in Wonderland

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our house phone keeps ringing but no number shows up on the caller-id and when the phone is picked up, no one's there. they "left a message" on the answering machine but it was just silence. if you hang up the phone it just rings again.

what's wrong with the house phone, tqc? is it ghosts?

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I saw a picture once of a sea mollusk that was vaguely (well...VERY) penis shaped. I LOL'ed.
Does anyone know what the creature is called?

NOT homework....I'm just...curious.

my fucking little pony

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Do you find the word snigger offensive?

I was just watching Sunrise (a morning news show), and they were talking about how some American publishers thought it was offensive, or could be taken offensively, because it has nigger in it, even though the words have entirely different meanings.

Would you prefer that when used (assuming for cordial discussions where the participants aren't being inflammatory), the word is spelt properly, or censored (n*gger) or is only referred to (the "N" word)?


A co-workers brother passed away suddenly a few days ago. The obituary was very non-specific but the way it read I suspect it was a suicide. I lost my step-brother to suicide a couple years ago on New Years eve - so very similar timing. Is it appropriate for me to send him an email just saying I'm sorry to hear about his brother's passing and that I went through something similar? I won't mention that my step-brother was a suicide or anything, since I'm not 100% sure that's the case with his brother.

Or, would it be better to just leave things unsaid? I don't want to upset him any more either.

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1)Do you think kids should be told there is a Santa or no? Why/why not?
2)Have any foolproof cold remedies? I currently have a runny nose and sore throat with a forecast of coughing in the near future.
3)Also, when I go to sleep I can't breathe through my nose now and I wake up in the morning with a dry tongue. Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem?

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So for the past couple weeks when I would get to work, my computer would not turn on right away. I would push the button to power it up (we had to shut down at the end of every day) and nothing would happen. Ten minutes would pass, I'd come back, and it would turn on. Now? This morning, it just stopped working completely. An hour of pushing that button was no dice. Old Gateway, XP Home edition.

TQC, what is wrong with my work computer? Is it fried? Is it the motherboard? Is it gremlins? What is it?

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In countries where they drive on the left hand side of the road, are the orders of the pedals in the driver's side reversed as well? I know that the turn signal thing moves to the other side of the wheel, and the shifting order is flipped too (or so I've heard), but do they move the pedals so that you engage the clutch with the right foot and brake/gas with the left? Or is it still the same as in US cars?
Sookie Stackhouse

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Have you seen The Chronicles of Riddick series? Do you agree that they need to make another movie?? Why is Vin Diesel so hot?

If you don't care about that, are you easily distract.......... shiny?
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Which one do you like better? And explain why.

1. Christmas or Thanksgiving?
2. IHOP or Denny's?
3. Strawberry or Blueberry?
4. Ugly Betty or Pushing Daisies?
5. Winter Break or Spring Break?

1. Christmas. The presents, and I like christmas food better.
2. IHOP. It's just better. Denny's is cheaper though.
3. Strawberries. They're less bitter than blueberries, even though blueberries taste better in muffins and donuts.
4. Ugly Betty. It doesn't go overboard with it's corniness.
5. Spring Break. It's warm and I can go outside without being miserable.

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dear dr. tqc, it's only 10:30 in the morning and i've thrown up five times today! i don't feel all that sick, but i can't keep anything down, not even water. it's making me very sad. last night i ate a frozen pizza then went out to a club and got shitfaced on warm sake. did one of those things poison me? any suggestions for things i should try to consume that might stay down? am i gonna die?

journal themes

For those who choose a journal theme: What are your criteria?

1 Does the theme need to be a specific width and colors?

2 Which themes do you like best? Wide or skinny format, small or other specific fonts, large graphics, sidebars etc.

3 Do you use a different theme than those offered on the LJ website? From where?

4 Do you tweak your layout to suit yourself or just use it as is?

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Who has ruined christmas/chanukkah/kwanzaa for you so far?

Who has saved christmas/chanukkah/kwanzaa?

The vegan shop who decided to get rid of a lot of stock RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS so they can paint the store and now I HAVE NO NOUGAT BARS D:

My friend Andrew who told me about expired vegan mint slices and tim tams which are $1 A PACKET :D

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I need your help TQC! can you think of any awsome/well known/funny quotes from any of the following films/tv programmes? if not are there any others you can think of that a person who likes these films would like?
its for part of a christmas present, and yes i realise im leaving it a bit late.

Shaun of the Dead
Nightmare Before CHristmas
Any Pirates of the Carribean

Black Books

thats all i can think of just now. also, if you are so wonderful, a picture of the scene in which the quote takes place would be most excellent.
i say, old bean

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TQC, will you come up with excuses as to why my friends still aren't here?

they called over an hour ago and said they'd be "right over" and unfortunately, they're still not here.

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My room is really messy.
Like...if there was a dead body on the floor, I would not be able to see it. I don't even have an empty trail to my bed from the door anymore.

Should I go by sections? Take everything off of my floor and sort stuff out?
How do you go about cleaning a really bad mess?

Also, when you clean, do you tend to stop and do everything else but clean? I'm usually fairly focused but I cannot focus when I'm cleaning.

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What are some items in stores that are paired in the same aisle/section, but seem really weird together?

How cold is it where you live? 

1) Nothing.
2) It is 21 degrees.

Edited because it's not as weird as I thought. I blame that on living in such a small town my entire life.
nana smoking

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I can now fit into some of the clothes I wore in middle school. Odd, y or n?
If you're trying to lose weight, what's the size you want to wear ideally?
What is your actual clothing size? (Please specify USA/UK/etc.)

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So an acquaintance from school facebook invited me to a New years day brunch. I'm pretty sure its a courtesy invite, but the puzzling part is we don't have any friends in common why would she courtesy invite me?

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Courtesy invite?
Should I go?

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Am I the only person that's had basically no luck with Proactiv? In the two and a half years I've been using it, it was working for a little while and then stopped. The only reason I've been using it this long is because I don't go through it that fast, and when my mom ordered it, she didn't realize it was a subscription and they kept sending it for a while, and I don't want it to just sit around uselessly.
TQC, how can I fix my acne? Any suggestions? D:

Also, do you have any quirks or odd habits you'd like to share?
I count stairs.

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TQC, my dad just called and said he was going to come by today to bring me Christmas presents. We haven't spoken in a year, the last time I really saw him was when we got in a huge fight etc etc last October. My mom knew he was going to do this, but didn't think to warn me or anything.

So what am I getting for Christmas from my estranged dad?

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Do you ever think about how the crazies on the internet are the same kind of people around you irl every day, but just not talking about stalking, twincest, their foot fungus, etc?

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Do you know of any online radio stations that play interesting Christmas or Holiday music (aside from Pandora)?

I've exhausted Pandora's punk christmas radio and would like to play something other than the 400 versions of Jingle Bells my work has provided me.

Bonus points if you can find me Hanukkah music.
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If you ring a you listen to hear if there is a sound coming from the house?
Apparently the fed-ex guy came to my house, rang the bell and walked away.

-My door bell does not work, never has. If he knocked once, my dog would have heard him
(I was awake, too)


His note said that I could go pick up my package at 8pm...except the office closes at 7:30. The woman from fed-ex said I could go there and wait for him as long as I'm there before 7:30. Should I do that?
Octopus singing

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I want to be anywhere but here, and want to have internet access. My friend told me that Starbucks (the closest thing with "free wifi") you have to pay for the wifi by the minute. Is that true? What about borders, do they limit the "free wifi" ? I do intend to pay for a drink and snakes I MEAN SNACKS! (lol. I must have my life on my mind) where ever I go if that counts.

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we have a 3 unit condo group and we rotate taking the garbage out to the curb. when my upstairs neighbor does this, he wears latex gloves. is this weird? it would never occur to me to do that but perhaps it's common practice.

eta: the garbage is in cans like this:
orion's belt.

Relocation Nation

My husband just got a big job in Burbank, California. So, we're moving from Rockville, Maryland to Burbank, California in 3 weeks. We have both never even been to California!

1. Have you ever moved across the country for a job?

2. Have you ever moved to a place you haven't even been to before?

3. Do you have any tips for us?

4. Know any nice places to live in Burbank? ;)
bad mother fucker

Holiday hangovers, yay

I just had a flash of genius about a present for my sister: A Crash Kit. My sister likes to party hard and then crash at her friends' place, so I'm putting together a kind of next-day kit. So far I have:
-Flip flops (so she won't have to wear heels the next day)
-Makeup remover
-A couple condoms
-Contacts case and solution
-A tiny compact hairbrush
-Pack of gum

What else would be good to include?
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They gave me two weeks notice here at work, so I've been fucking off left and right. Today I took a 3 hour lunch.
Now they're holding a meeting which I wasn't told about - do you think they're complaining about my performance?

Am I a giant douche for being so immature? I start school in a couple months so I'd have to quit anyway.
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Where can I buy "Scene It Music Edition"? (It's not at any retailer and I'm having no luck online.) Do they just not make it anymore? Or is there some way I can buy it somewhere?

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what sort of neighborhood do you live in? (urban, suburban, rural)
do you lock your door at night?
do you keep your door locked while you are at home?

asking because my sister gets mad that i keep my dorm room unlocked at night, and i think she's silly for insisting on keeping our suburban house locked while we are all home.
i reject your reality

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Is vitamin c an even substitute for powdered citric acid? Think in terms of bath fizzies.

If yes, how do I go about crushing up vitamic c to make it work? My dad picked me up two bottles of vitamic c tablets (pills, not capsules/caplets) and I'm not sure how to turn them into powder effectively so I can use them.
im french

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When someone (a plumber, the meter guy, cleaning people, a home repair guy, etc.) comes to your house to perform some sort of service, do you offer them something to eat and/or drink?

My mom is currently feeding our plumber German stollen cake and hot chocolate. I don't know if this is weird or not.
Smooth Criminal

Traveling Tamales

TQC I am visiting family in January and I want to take them 4 dozen of the homemade tamales my family makes every year. I'm flying (on Delta if it matters) and am wondering how I should bring them.

Packed in double foil wrapping, in a large ziploc in my checked luggage


Same as above only in my carry on luggage.

Is this even allowed?
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careful what you ask for

Action vs. Adventure

oh the weather outside was frightful2:18 AM 12/23/08 · Assume that "action" and "adventure" are two separate categories. Using your own criteria based on that, would you say that The Mummy series and the Indiana Jones series are action or adventure films?
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1. For those of you who smoke and have young children, if you ever use a baby-sitter that smokes, what are your rules about him/her smoking while baby-sitting the kids? Are they the same rules you yourself follow?

2. I just found out my best friend, and the only friend I have in my hometown, plans to move to a city three hours away after she graduates in May. Would it be imposing to ask her if I could room with her?
toy gun

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My doctor just gave me a prescription for Tramadol. The only pain medications I've ever taken have been over-the-counter ones. If you've taken Tramadol, how did it make you feel? What can I expect from it?

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What are you a snob about? (be as detailed as you want to be)

Is there anything that you're picky about that truth be told.. you have no right, whatsoever, to be picky about? I hate it when people wear a sweatshirt/sweater with shorts.. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, it's either COLD or it's HOT. :|

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I gave a guy my phone number a few months ago.
Lately, he's been calling once or twice a week to ask me if I want to go out on a date. I always say no.

Do I need to specifically say "No thank you, I'm not interested in going out with you in any capacity"? Is there a nicer way to say this? Or should I just completely ignore his calls?

I pretty much quit my job. Do you have a favorite website to look for jobs? I check Craig's List on a nearly hourly basis, so anything else is appreciated.
titanic, rose, jack

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Do you have any dreams of very high ambitions?  Such as being a famous singer, actor, whatevs.

Do you think you will become whatever you want to be?

How realistic do you think it is that you will become that?
don't be a slut!

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What is your favorite Grand Buffet song?

My dad asked me to bring him something from McDonald's on my way home. I hate McDonald's and don't want people to think I'm eating it. Should I just get over it and get him McDonald's or should I bring him something else?

boring TMI about icons

What purpose do your icons serve? be as detailed as you like. tell me your icon finding process, if you have one.

Mine are usually meant to coordinate with my emotions or sentiments or subject matter demonstrated in my icon. Like, I'll use my Jerri icon if I'm talking about sex, drugs, rocknroll, anything gross, and so on. But my winking icon (when its not christmasfied) I use when I'm extremely pleased with something or someone because it is my favorite icon. I recently got an icon of Steve Carrell, partly because I can use it when I dissaprove of something and I formerly had no icon that looked angry. I had to use my ear-popping one for that, which simply would not do. I use my Sad Sack Society Stephen one when I'm upset, "I shit thee not" usually when I'm bragging, and my Tobias one chiefly when I'm talking about Arrested Development. I usually have a few that I can use for just about any occasion. At one time, at least one of my icon has to be Jon Stewart related, at least one related to Strangers With Candy (non-Chuck) and cannot have more than three moving icons, not including the winking one. For a while I was having trouble deciding between two Stephen "lol" icons, one where it was more of a chuckle, and the current one, which is much more exagerated and loud. I found the former to be more appropriate in some situations, but the one I made, the latter, really gets the point across more effectively.

Will you give me a TMI description about something that nobody else likely cares about?
Sun glass

What to eat on Christmas??

So, this year my Husband & I are in a different state from all of our family, and I'm on call for work, which may or may not mean I spend 2-6 hours working on Christmas Day.  We're planning to open a few gifts and eat snacky things around the house, versus me making a big meal which I may or may not get to actually enjoy (given the work thing).  I'm already planning on making bacon-wrapped chestnuts, as these are one of our once-a-year treats. 

TQC, what else should I make for a special Christmas hors d'oeuvres feast?  Nothing too complicated, please!

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macaroni murder lady

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I think I am allergic to my new job (at Starbucks). What can I do/take/eat that will actually prevent me from sneezing all over everyone's drinks? SRS ANSWERS ONLY PLS. NO HOOKERS AND OR BLOW. COCAINE WOULD JUST EXACERBATE THE SITUATION.

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I just got accused of being drunk on the phone with a friend. I wouldn't find this insulting (hey, everyone is on vacay) but he knows I planned to leave here in about 15 minutes to go meet him to finish up shopping. So he thinks I'm gearing up to drive drunk.

Should I just go shopping by myself and let him fend for himself?

Xmas Eve Traffic

So it's pretty much a known fact that the day before Thanksgiving, traffic is guaranteed to be ridiculously horrible... does anyone know if Xmas Eve day traffic is similarly guaranteed to be bad?

If it makes any difference, I live in CA. I have to drive from SD to LA.


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If you could choose a wild animal as a pet, what would it be? It doesn't matter if they would be violent or not.

A koala because they're so cute.

What are you scared of?

Spiders, the dark, and clowns are my three biggest fears.

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this is bizarre but ...

is there any kind of medical or psychological problem that involves smells staying in your nose or nostrils for a crazily long time or something?

because seriously, it's weirding me out. i threw up about two weeks ago, and this week, i've randomly been catching whiffs of it, even when i'm in places and clothes that my vomit had absolutely no contact with. and about three weeks ago, i drank a shitload of rum. and last week i was randomly catching whiffs of rum, even though i wasn't around rum at all. and lots of other occurrences like this. and i do shower and blow my nose regularly.

is there an explanation for this?
all i do is dream of you

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What is your favorite cracker sandwich variety?
I like cream cheese and chives on captain's wafers.

How long do I have to give the new cat before I decide I hate him?
It's been a week and 2 days.
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why does my sister keep stealing antibiotics and vitamins and taking them to school and telling people they are ~cool pills~? she is lame but this is upsetting me because vitamins are expensive and i don't know where to hide them anymore :( i need to get a safe, y/y?
hannibal skull


Let's say you live on the 35th floor of an apartment building. There are 3 lifts in your building.

You are meant to be going to a wedding this evening at 8pm. It is now 7pm. You go out to catch a lift to leave to said wedding.

The lifts, all 3, are out of order. You ring your security. Security, in broken English, tells you it's a fire emergency. When asked how long this will take, they say 10 minutes or more.

It's now been 15 minutes and no lifts working yet.

Do you:
Poll #1319814 Lift, walk or stay?

Lift, walk or stay?

Walk down stairs, 35 flights, and HOPE that the lifts work when you get home to get you upstairs?
Go and enjoy the walk down and possibly up?
Say fuck it, change out of your fancy dress and back into your PJs?
hate pimentos

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TQC, the Ghost of Christmas Past has come to visit me in the form of a zit on my chin that is so big and swollen I can feel it on the inside of my lip.  It is a headless, painful mass.  If Santa needs a fill-in for Rudolph, this zit can do it.

What are your favorite acne-banishing techniques?   I haven't had a breakout in a long time, as my skin is rather dry. It is also a bit sensitive.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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When Santa brought presents to your house, did he wrap them or just put them out?

If Santa was never a part of your life, what present are you most expecting to receive (that is, that you wanted and is most likely to definitely happen) this holiday season?

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i have a blank canvas that i would maybe like to paint/draw on for my older sister (who is an artist, so she loves these gifts, especially from me) tonight for christmas. the problem is that it will take me awhile, i'm sort of lazy/tired, and i can't think of any good ideas right now, so i don't want to half-ass something on a canvas that i will have to spend a few hours on. she's also gonna hang it up at her new place, so i don't want it to be boring.
i also found an old sketchbook of mine an hour ago from when i was around five or six full of really strange drawings. i know she would looooooooove that on its own, but i sort of feel bad just giving her a gift i didn't make this year (if i didn't go with the canvas idea, obviously). should i stick with giving her the sketchbook and go to bed early tonight for a change, or should i stop being useless and paint something as well?  I'M SO LAZY
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Saturday night my parents are having a wine tasting for about 20 guests from around 4-7ish, so I plan on getting out of the house. I'm just going to head to the shopping center to grab dinner at Moe's maybe look around the stores,however-should I need to kill more time, should I go hang at Panera's with my laptop even though I'd likely not buy anything?

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What would you do if people started making jokes/praises of you in the form of Chuck Norris-esque "facts"? And this went on for months?

Can you think of any "facts" for other members?

fellatrix counted to infinity. A small infinite number of times.
housewares, ash

vacation stuff

my boyfriend and i want to take a short vacation sometime in the spring, like late marchish. the problem is, we have no money...well, we're willing to spend about $400 each for the entire thing. we live in California, by the way

does anyone have any suggestions?

we both don't really like to drink, so no big party places (i'm also only 19. he's 23). we like sports, not the beach so much, and not really huge fans of big cities.

ignore those guidelines! WHERE SHOULD WE GO???

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I just walked into the house and my mom is standing in our closed up kitchen smoking. I say "Can you open the window?"

Nothing happens.
I walk over the window and open it and my mom says "DON'T YOU THINK IT'S A LITTLE COLD ?!

I tell her that I can't breathe

She runs away into her room without a word. (but she's clearly pissed)

Did I do something wrong?
Should I have gone about this another way?

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Have you ever stayed at a hostel before? Where was it, and what was it like?

I'm wondering about hostels with no lockers, what would you do with your bag if you can't carry it around with you for the day? Would you just leave it on your bed, or in the corner or something?
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Who's sick of New Year's Eve questions?

What should we do on New Year's Eve?

rock concert
drag show
bar hop
stay home
ooo, clicky box!

Things to consider:

- My daughter will be with her grandparents that night.
- My fiance might have to work on Jan. 1 '09
- Rock bands in our part of Oklahoma... have accents that belie the genre.