December 22nd, 2008

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What is the worst conclusion you have ever jumped to?

How do you say hello?

If you had a 100$ bill in your zipper, do you honestly think someone would reach for it?  Honestly? Would your shirt cover it up?

Is it cold where you are to?
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1. I just had a conversation like this concerning Christmas Day:

Me: yeahhhh we're just like hanging out at my house all day and eating food at 5 pm or something ridic
Good Friend: You're lucky. My dad's going to Tennessee so I'll be spending the day alone.
Me: Oh yeah? All alone?
Good Friend: Yeah, it's shit. Oh well, it's just going to suck since {only other friend} isn't going to be around, either.

So, I should invite my friend for Christmas dinner, shouldn't I?

2. Who are you celebrating Christmas with? (If you celebrate it, but feel free to answer for whatever you may be celebrating, whether that be another holiday or just some free time.)

OMG College dramaz.

Okay, some background.

I have this friend, Al. (Al is the president of a club I'm in in college, and back in September, we got a new bunch of freshmen.) One of these freshmen, Ben, has developed a massive crush on Al. Al, not quite realising this, made out with him at a party a while ago, and ever since then, every night a bunch of us are out but Al's not there, I spend about half of my night with Ben poking me and asking where Al is.

Al has so far, pretty much shrugged off Ben's crush, whilst admitting that making out with him was a bit of a miscalculation.

At a party last week, after he'd asked me about sixteen times where Al was, Ben got completely wasted, and had to be walked home by three of us.

Do you think it would be a good idea for me (a relatively uninvolved third party) to have a bit of a talk with Ben? Or to talk to Al about his needing to talk to Ben? Some of us are concerned about how much longer this is going to go on, and about how devastated Ben is going to be. (Ben's from the back end of nowhere, and still maintains he isn't gay, but is just into Al, so he's not exactly the most emotionally-together of individuals.)

Any advice would be excellent.
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So i have a cold. It's kicking my ass and i can't sleep. I hate the coughing with a passion. Some sneezing here and there. One blocked nostril and one runny nostril. It's a total party! But i have a question, is it normal to make a weezing sound when breathing? Is it the phlegm?

Anyway, my sister took the last dose of cold medicine D: so i am going without meds right now. Do you have any good NOT GROSS home remedies for colds that DO work?

Thanks y'all!
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help please :)

so my boyfriend is in egypt right now and when he gets back i was going to give him his christmas present and he wanted that cool water by davidoff cologne... i kind of just want to get it online and not go to a store or anything... (i don't even know what it smells like, but that's the one he asked for)

this is it:

it's pretty cheap on this website, so how reputable do you think that website is? i'm not really much of an online shopper...

-if you've smelled that cologne before, what do you think of it?
-what are you getting the people you love for the holidays (if anything)?

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1. What non-traditional, interesting formats and approaches have there been in comics/manga?

I'm referring something other than the standard, boring format of a series of superficial pictures with dialog. Perhaps there are hybrid formats, like something in between a novel and comic (NOT a traditional graphic novel, which is essentially just a long comic book with a continuous story line and an end).

EDIT: The above is just an example, I'm interested in any new forms of originality in comics/manga and hybrids.

2. Is there any way to download all of the messages from a gmail account with many messages? I've found that with pop3, it often repeats the same messages several times, has little consistency in terms of order of download, and it limits you to about 1,000 messages per attempt.

3. Why are people calling this "Whopper Virgins" ad campaign exploitative? The people just eat and give their opinion on burgers on tv.

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Can anyone recommend a good virus/malware scanner? I'm worried that I may have keystroke logging malware. (Let's hope not.) I'm looking for something free and online such as Trend Micro Housecall. Just not sure if that one's any good anymore.

Thanks for any help!
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There's a Hanukah-themed coffee cup I want to buy, because it's the right size and because it's just pretty. I'm not Jewish and have no Jewish heritage. I worry all the time about accidentally offending people. You know this. Would it be appropriate for me to buy this and carry it, with the express purpose of buying coffee in it instead of disposable cups? Hearing from real live Jewish people would be appreciated.

I am drunk, so if this post is fail that is the reason.

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Okay, let me preface this by saying that I work at a hotel in the Washington, DC area. So it isn't that unusual to have CIA, FBI, Secret Service, ect staying here, especially since the government is cheap and we're a budget hotel. But 99 times out of 100, if they're any of the above, you won't know it unless you need to.

But this lady . . . she came downstairs last night and started a conversation with me. She claims she is "under deep cover" and "about to take down the mob." She has been here for over a month, and as a general rule, she is highly paranoid. She doesn't want calls transferred to her room and we are not allowed to "confirm or deny" that she is staying here.

Crazy? A pathological liar? Or just a really bad government agent?

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the weather where i live has been a bitch on wheels the past 4 days...first we lost power and now the windchill is in the -30 degree range and all of our pipes are frozen solid..
Although we are staying at my In Laws for the duration, my cats are all at home. They are all outside animals and have proper shelter, straw, fresh food and water and all that jazz.

Now, I worry that the severe weather and winds will harm them in some way. My husband claims that they are ok because they have fur and we check on then 4 times a day.

Last night when I went home to care for them, I took their partable cage in the house and let them stay inside and out of the cold weather.
In my lease, it says no pets indoors. And if my husband knew they were inside he would shit. But I let them in anyways.

Would you have left the cats outside? or let them stay indoors and be warm and safe for the night?

I went back to the house at 6 am to feed them and let them back outside for alittle bit. And again they DO have proper housing outside also.

Confrontations :(

TQC, my boss does not understand how to format things in Word yet insists on writing a textbook that looks horrible. I have tried to tell her how to do things but she simply does not understand. I told her she could ask me for help but her version of asking me for help is writing 30 pages that she has put into a horrible fragile format that doesn't work at all and then asking me to "fix it" for her (she wrote me an e-mail telling me "I know it looks horrible and I wonder if you can do something about it"), which then requires me to re-type every single one of the pages because she has formatted it so horrible that it's irreparable without doing so. I even told her once that I had re-typed all 100 pages she had written and that obviously did not inspire her to actually get it right the second time she tried this.

How can I get her to understand that she needs to let someone else do this, or allow someone to give her a lesson about how to do it properly (even though I tried, twice, but that obviously didn't work)? Would it be a horrible idea to get a third person involved since I'm bad at confrontations myself?

It just looks SO BAD. So terrible. So unprofessional. But I don't have the heart to tell her that she needs to get her hands away from the computer until she knows what she's doing.

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I emailed my prof a while ago asking what her schedule is like before the holidays because I have a couple of urgent questions I need to ask her. Yesterday she emails me back saying she'll be available today at 10am. I wasn't expecting that kind of short notice, because I'm out of the state and can't drive back. I emailed her back saying that I'm not in the area, and could I call her at 10am instead. No response.

So is it reasonable to instead call her at 10am, even if I don't know whether she got my email yesterday?

If circumstances don't permit you to ask over the phone, is asking for a letter of rec over the phone really that bad?
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So last year after Christmas I told my roommate the story of when I was 4 or 5 and I told a mall Santa that I wanted a baseball bat for Christmas and he told me that baseball bats aren't for little girls. And that despite asking my mom for a baseball bat for Christmas for several years after that, I never got one. The other day, she mentioned that my Christmas present had shipped and that it should be here by Christmas, since it was only coming from Kentucky. She totally bought me a personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bat, y/y?

What present are you most looking forward to giving this year?
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I've had a headache for about.....30 hours or so.

Do I continue to take painkillers in hopes that my liver does not explode? I just wait for it to go away?

Have you ever tried menthol pads for your headaches?
What would you dooo?!

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What should my parents and I get my grandmother for Christmas? She's in her 80s, doesn't shop much, is very much of the "If I don't need it, I won't get it" mindset, and lives alone. The gift we were going to get her fell through, and now we're scrambling for something else.
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Dear TQC,

My dad's VCR died and I've decided that I want to try and download some of his favorite old movies and burn them to DVD for him. So far, I have the original Godzilla and When Worlds Collide. He enjoys old sci-fi, war films, and some westerns. Can you help me come up with a good list for him?

What is your favorite old film?

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I know we all hate gift questions but I am desperate. I need to get a gift for my friend.


-27 year-old male, a politically conservative cop (mostly works 4-12pm shifts).
-spends a ton of money on the best gadgets/electronics
-isn't handy at ALL, has to pay everyone to do everything for him
-fairly athletic: runner and cyclist
-LOVES drinking good beer and red wines
-likes music and TV
-RIDICULOUSLY picky eater, so can't be any sort of gift basket involving food. Seriously, most children have more diverse tastes than he does when it comes to food.
-most of the stuff he needs or wants, he indulges in on his own.
-Has his own condo but is not really into cooking or anything.

I want to spend around $50. Do you have any suggestions? Hookers and blow would be great but I think they're a bit out of my price range this year.

Also, I'd prefer for it to be an actual gift rather than a gift certificate.
dianna agron ;;

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It appears I have run out of deodorant. And there is none in the house. NONE AT ALL!
I have to go out in an hour and I'd really rather not be smelly/sweaty. I don't have time for a full shower, and showering tends to stimulate it all anyway and make me sweatier in the long run if I don't use deodorant.

What can I use to wash my armpits to keep 'em NICE AND FRESH?!

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1)should I buy american comic books, manga or serious literature on amazon today?

2)why is there FF13 fanfic already?

3)are you really behind on everything?

yes, at least two or three years.

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how are you different from your parents/aunts/uncles/other family members in the previous generation?

did any of these difference come from outside influences, like major events their generation experienced, ways their parents treated them differently, big cultural changes that have gone on?

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How well can you work a jigsaw puzzle blindfolded using only your buttcheeks to grip the pieces? 1=couldn't do it even if you gave me a year to finish the puzzle; 10=After having done it every night for the past 20 years, I'm an expert and could probably do it faster than your grandma could with no handicaps even after consuming seven hundred beers.

Mean: 2.00 Median: 1 Std. Dev 2.49
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What is the most common type of spam you get in your inbox/junk mail?

I am forever getting Cialis and Viagra spam. Are they trying to tell me something? :P

Guys of TQC: Have you ever used Viagra? What did you think?
Girls of TQC: Ever been with a man who used it? What did you think?

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TQC, why has my boyfriend not emailed me yet today?  We normally start our daily email conversation about 8 am or so. It is now nearly noon!

Did he freeze in his bed overnight, because he is too cheap to turn the heat up to a decent level?  Is he avoiding his stalker girlfriend?


Also, the windchill is -18 degrees F out there. Am I crazy for walking a couple blocks to pick up lunch?

NONSRS ANSWERS!!  I need some entertainment.

Edit: Aw, he has no internet today. And I braved the wind, and got my lunch. It was SO worth it.  Their food is always too hot anyway, so it was perfect by the time I got back to my desk. :)

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Good fancy dress ideas for New Years Eve?
Was thinking along the Alice in Wonderland lines, i've already done Red Riding Hood this year.
I'd like something moderately attractive (Don't read slutty)

What will you be wearing NYE?

Seek Revenge ?

Inspired by a post in madradstalkers which said:

So my boyfriend who I was supposed to marry after 5 years of dating (1 year engaged) has just reveiled to me that he has cheated on me not once but 3 times and doesn't want me anymore. I am totally heart broken to the point of being ill. But I want revenge on his vain selfceneter ass. I am going to his house tonight to say "bye" and was going to ask to use his bathroom. I was gonna pull the nair in the shampoo and put the sewing needles through his flat iorns. Think amalie. Any other good suggestions?? I will have like 5 min if I say I am going #2 lol

If your fiancee did that to you ( ^ ) would you seek revenge or do you feel it is immature and you're better off to move on and get over it? If you would seek revenge, what would you do?


what does a chestnut taste like?

have you ever had a chestnut roasted on an open fire?

should i spend five dollars on a box of chestnuts at trader joe's so i can taste one?

where else can i buy a chestnut?

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What was your kindergarten teacher's name?

I moved during the middle of the year back then so I just emailed this person whose name sounds familiar to see if she was my teacher in 1992. If I am correct, then mine were named Mrs. Newell and Mrs. Bright.

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Is there anything, aside from food/water, that we can all universally agree on? Everybody needs to eat/drink. 'Cause I'm thinking about it, and people don't NEED shelter and they don't NEED love and they don't NEED money. But, without food/water, you'll die.
ferris wheel


I am thinking about buying a house.

What do you know about mortgages?

Are there any bad things I should be aware of?

Or, if you have no clue about mortgages...

If the house you were living in were painted primary color blue, would you be embarrassed/paint it immediately?


Here's the house:
Click here

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What should I take to obliterate stupid cramps - ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), naproxen sodium (Aleve), or aspirin?

Failing that, what kinds of cookies should my bff and I bake tomorrow? Several varieties, please, I'm making cookie tins for gifts this year. :)
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Have you ever broken up a couple before? How?

Ok lets talk revenge, what's worst thing you've done in the name of revenge?

Is it true, hell hath no fury than a women scorned?

I'm in a crappy mood, can't you tell?
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TQC, my friend and I are coming up with various painful things to catapult people that are angering us into. (Yay for holiday stress relief!) What would you like to catapult that frenzy-inducing person who you can't get away from into?

cheep cheep cheep!

do you have twitter? will you post your username so we can follow you?

do you like holding hands?
- yes.

what is a good website to check out? it can be about anything, just so long as it passes the time and is somewhat entertaining.
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I am going to Canada for a week. Since it is snowing and all that good stuff up there, my grandmother said that she would buy me boots for xmas; however, I was thinking that a jacket would come more in handy since I have no reason to wear boots where I live, but I could always be a bit warmer with a better jacket.

So what say you, tqc?

Poll #1319502 Canadaaaaaa

What should I buy?

Other (in comments)
Halloween 2008

Money money!

Perhaps a simple answer, but I received an email from an employer offering to  pay me:

"700 € net, approx 1500 € brut"

What does he mean? I know the little symbol is a Euro, but what's the "brut" and "net" mean?

The employer is based out of Germany and the Netherlands, by the way, and I'm in the US.

I don't get this.

Does anyone else get friend requests from people you don't know, and you go to their info page, and they have no or very few entries, friends, or interests?

Furthermore, are their pages always in Russian?

This keeps happening to me, and it drives me crazy. At first I added them back, but then found out that not only were they not posting, but they had un-added me later. What is the point of this? Is this a joke? Is it a spamming attempt? Is there something about my username or interests that makes them want to add me, only to find out later that I'm not what they were looking for? They never comment, never send me any messages, and my LJ is clearly in ENGLISH and I have never once indicated that I can speak, read, or write in Russian.

Also, if anyone here can read Russian and tell me what their short bio says, that might give me a hint.
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My brother got a little laptop for Christmas. It's one of these tiny little machines that's really only designed for web browsing and some small programs. It cost $350 and weighs two and a half pounds! It has enough storage for his tiny music collection (he has an 8 G mp3 player, and can't believe he would ever fill it.) He might use it to stream videos and download porn and a little more music, nothing complicated, but potentially virus-laden.

He is about as computer stupid as a person of his generation can be. Every computer he has ever owned crashed and burned due to virus infestations. I want to make this thing idiot-proof. I plan to get him all set up to download torrents and everything he needs so he won't ever have to download programs. He can't be trusted to download programs.

I downloaded AdAware and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. He has a 60 day trial of McAfee, I'll download AVG free when it expires. (Is it worth it to have them both at the same time?) I am downloading Firefox now and will delete all the shortcuts to Explorer. (Can it be uninstalled?)

What else should I do?

eta: I keep accidentally zooming in an out of pages. I assume it has this function because it's a really small screen? Idk. Does anybody know the keyboard shortcut for this? I'm still using IE if it matters.

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Okay, I have decided to buy a winter jacket, but I have no idea where to get one! To be semi-trendy, unfortunately, I am interested in getting a plaid jacket, but it doesn't necessarily have to be.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can buy one? My price range is about $50-$60.

I plan on looking online first before attempting the mall.
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Do you see this when you post a new comment?

Ø The reproduction is prohibited in any form

wtf is that?

Apparently it only shows up when you post a new comment from the front page, not once you're already in the comments. Try posting a new comment that way and see if you get it.

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I need help from people who have flown Southwest before.
I usually fly Continental and I can carry-on both a backup full of thing ('personal item') and a duffel bag that is rather full but fits in overheads. Not oversized, but not a tiny duffel. It doesn't technically fall within their dimension guidelines, but I've never had a problem and together it isn't more luggage than I can easily manage by myself.

Is Southwest really strict about carry-ons?
Worse comes to worst I should start unpacking and wear all my clothes onto the plane so the bag is smaller. y/n?

Do you think it is okay to recline your seatback if there is someone seated behind you?
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looking back...

I know there have been posts of "OMG! When I was a kid, cartoons and shows were so AWESOME! So much better than they are now."

So, I ask you, TQC, what shows and cartoons do you remember as a kid that you thought were horrible?

Have you ever gone back and watched shows that you loved as a kid only to think, "Wow, this is terrible. What was I even thinking?"

What show was it?

And what was the worst fad of your youth? (Fads like super low rise jeans or the super huge skater pants.)
Disney: Maleficent turned

Boo email forwards

Okay, so I've been at my current job for about 6 months. Everything was fine and dandy until this new girl came along. I love her to death, she's awesome, but...she SENDS ANNOYING EMAIL FORWARDS! Not only that, but she always includes a read receipt...on lame little "You're my friend! Pass this on!" forwards. Gah, it's obnoxious.

So my question, TQC, is what should I do about this? Should I tell her to stop sending them and possibly piss her off (which I don't want to do)? Or should I just put up with the emails (which she sends 2-3x a week)? Or something else I haven't thought of?

Edit: I think I'm just too nice. Clearly, I need to delete them without reading and move on with my life. Thanks all!

And...if you don't care, what kind of cologne/perfume/fragrance do you use?
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I'm snowed in and the closest grocery is 2 miles away and I live on a hill (hundreds of feet higher than the grocery). SHOULD I BRAVE THE SNOW? We've got about a foot and a half and I've no snowshoes :(

How much snow is on the ground where you are?


How and where do you store your butter?

I bought a crock of butter from Whole Foods and the last time I saw someone use a crock, they left it on the counter. Will I die if I did the same?
Animated Kitty :)

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I got a 4th generation Ipod Nano 16gb a while back. I found out that it can't be used while it's being charged. Is there a way around this? I wannna be able to charge it while I'm using it in the car. - Sunshine

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TQC, both of my bosses just left for the day. I am scheduled to get off in 30 minutes.

Should I leave too? Today's been terribly slow, and I finished all of my work for the day within 10 minutes of receiving it.

If this is some sort of "we're going to call you at 4:58 to make sure you're still there" trick, what should I do to occupy the time between now and 4:58? Most java-based games are out of the question, because my work computer is a pile of prehistoric shit.

If you emerged from a store with a bunch of loose change, would you give it to a homeless person?

What's your favorite kind of cookie?
nancy drew

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1)What are some things you've introduced to your parents that they've really enjoyed, like a particular movie, particular music artist, particular SO, etc.?
2)Do you think you would like to live in a yellow submarine?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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Does anyone here have any experience with American Apparel?

I recently found so much I want to buy there but I want to know if they typically slash prices after Christmas. If they do, I'll hold out somehow on buying what I want.

Do they?

(no subject)

My crazy neighbor's house is currently burning down. there's tons of firetrucks on my street and everything.
What was the last thing you wanted to tell TQC about but couldn't make up a good enough legitimate question to post with?
What was the last exciting/unexpected thing to happen to you?

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A cousin who is a little older than me just asked me what I would like for Christmas. I told him that I really didn't want anything. (We usually just try to buy each other a really funny card)

He's insisting on buying me something.
I don't have the money to buy him a gift, but now I feel guilty.

Should I buy him something anyway?
What would you do?

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Will you share in interesting bit of trivia with the rest of TQC?

The name Scotch Tape was taken from a derogatory comment made by a consumer who stated that the stingy Scotch bosses needed to put more adhesive on the tape.
macro - procrastination cat
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Have you ever bought a set of bootleg TV DVDs off the web?

If it's the only way I can get the Daria set, I'm thinking about it. MTV's never going to put one out.
cheesin' for Disney

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When is the last time something/someone on the internet made you mad?

Gilligan's Island, Bewitched, or I Dream of Jeannie?
And I'm sure this has been asked, but,
The Flintstones or The Jetsons?
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how and where do strippers learn their moves, specifically on the pole?

i want to learn how to work a stripper pole without actually becoming a stripper (my friends own a pole.) how do i accomplish this?
Bert Shocked

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How disgusted would you be if you found a very thin curly brown hair in the wrapper of the burrito you just bought from a hole in the wall burrito place?

How disgusted would you be with someone that simply discarded the infraction and continued to enjoy their delicious meal?

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1) What are you doing tomorrow?
2) Growing Pains or Who's The Boss?
3) Disney or Nick?

1) Not sure yet. 
2) I can't choose. I love them both.
3) Nick.
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this new girl at my work called me a stupid bitch today. my new coworkers somehow found out about my shameful behavior at my last job (i wasn't clean at the time) which i got fired from. then when i left work and returned a phone call i'd missed, i found out i'm being evicted for christmas.

worst christmas eve eve eve y/y?

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If Zimbabwe released a Z$500million note -- worth $50USD at the time -- and then 200 hours later they released a Z$10billion note -- worth $25USD at the time -- how long would it take inflation to cause a doubling in prices?

Not homework

For amurricans

1. How awesome does Americorps look on a resume?

2. Why does the Americorps application give ABSOLUTELY NO WAY for an applicant to say they've had work experience in any other country besides the US? My most relevant work experience has been outside of the US but I don't have the option to say that! Why are they so closed-minded that they think no one applying has ever worked abroad?

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Collapse )

How long does it take you to lose that "butterfly in tummy" feeling with a relationship and have it become a happy comfortable feeling? Like, seeing them would be cool, but if you don't, whatever, you aren't missing them that bad?

Do you view this as a good thing or bad?

-----------for those of you who have no opinion---------------

Do you know anyone who collects random useless things? My dad went through this phase of collecting antique glass and now its all over the house, serving no purpose except to collect dust.
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Why are so many movies coming out on Christmas? Has it always been like this?

Edit: I didn't mean why are there any movies coming out. I was just wondering if more titles were coming out this year than years previous (where I only remember 2 or 3 Christmas day releases).

I might go see Marley & Me. Has anyone read the book?

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What was the last stupid computer-related thing you did?

I decided to unplug my ipod... while Ad-Aware was running a full scan of my computer and all attached devices. I got bluescreen as a reward.

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I just booked my flight and hotel.
I could pee my pants I'm so excited.

Should I get travel insurance? ($50 a ticket?)
Travelocity gave me a website to use.
I feel like I should since it'll be in February and I've gotten snowed out of a flight before.

Do you have any suggestions for travel insurance?

What are you excited about?!
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I live in the capital of winter. It started snowing a week ago and it wont go away until May, so I need some good winter/water proof boots.

Do you think it's a good idea that I just go ahead and buy rain boots to keep my feet dry while I walk to class/work?
What winter boots do you like? What boots do you wish you had? Any other suggestions?
housewares, ash

for those who follow American political news

there is a video of George Bush, our illustrious president, saying "we have no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to 9/11." i cannot find video of this anywhere except a short clip on youtube.

where is the full video???

EDIT: if it helps, i think the video was originally shown on CBS's Early Morning Show, possibly on August 7th.
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My brother-in-law just proposed to his girlfriend!

1. Would it be cheesy for me to send her a 'congrats and welcome to the family' card?

2. What good news have you gotten today?

(no subject)

a legit website where i can download/ watch movies. I am willing to pay a little a month, but if i am i want them to be good quaility...
any ideas?

and i just saw that bk whopper or big mac?

(no subject)

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least, and 10 being the most, how judgmental do you think you are towards people?

What is something that someone said/did to you or for you that made you change the way you lived? Or rather, impacted you?

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i work for a computer repair franchise and each month i make a newsletter to send out to customers. usually i include some tech/computer related articles (tips, news, cool new products, etc) and then some non-related stuff geared toward kids (recipes, crafts, info about holidays). i also include a word search or crossword puzzle and a calendar with holidays and events and shit.

right now i am working on the newsletter for the month of january and i have NO idea what to include. so far i've got some tips for using ms word, info about some free software downloads, and the calendar and word search. any idea wtf else i can include? ideas for recipes/crafts? cool gadgets you've heard about?

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For those who have bought a car and got a loan for it:

Have you ever been approved for the loan, taken the car home, etc, and then have the bank send you a letter saying they denied you the loan? (I have had the car for 2-3 weeks now)

I just did and I'm really puzzled. The only think I can think of is fiddling with my insurance coverage and calling them tomorrow.