December 21st, 2008

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When was the last time you were angry/upset about something that shouldn't have been a big deal?

I just found out that my mom took all of my books to Goodwill without asking me. I realize that it's for a good purpose and that I probably wouldn't have reread most of the books. However, I would have liked to go through them and pick out a few that were very sentimental to me. I'm insanely pissed off right now about it. I know it's not a big deal but dammit I want my books back!

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When choosing a seat for a flight, do you prefer window, middle or aisle?

Would you choose more leg room (the first row of coach, assuming you're flying coach) or a row to yourself?

How stupid is it that some airlines *COUGH CONTINENTAL COUGH* haven't gotten rid of the baggage surcharge that they put in place because of high fuel costs? Grrrr. Now I have to pack for 3 weeks in a carry-on. lolololol.

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Here's a problem: I have a partner who is sweeter on me than me on them. They buy me expensive things and tell me they miss me constantly, therefor wanting me to spend every day with them... I do not feel so inclined to do the same, as I am independant and very unattached. However, I do feel a bit guilty.

Anyone have this issue before?
What did you do?
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1. How many countries have you visited? If you've never left your country, where would you like to go? Do you think you'll actually visit these places?

2. My dad thinks it's ridiculous when people over a certain age have never left their home country. I kind of agree, it seems very boring. Why would someone never travel?

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So, when I returned home for winter break this year, I found that my dad was using my bedroom as a storage room for about ten of his instruments and random audio recording equipment.

When you moved out of your parents' home, what happened to your room? Did they leave it the way it was, change it a lot, or just stick random stuff in it like my dad? If you're still living with your parents, do you know if they have any plans for your room once you move out?

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Earlier someone posted about the website so I went off on a mission of finding a movie to watch, I settled on Step Up 2 because I wanted something easy to watch!

However, it's just kicked me off halfway through the movie saying I've watched 72 minutes and I can either pay some money to watch the rest or wait 54 minutes.

What do I do TQC? Do I wait 54 minutes? I'm not paying money to watch it, that's absurd.
Do I leave my laptop on overnight because it's already 1.27am here and I have to get up early tomorrow morning for a family gathering?
Do I throw my laptop out of the window in a tantrum?
Do I refuse to watch the end?

TQC, I am pissed off about this.
They reeled me in with the teen drama dancy movie and now I can't see the ending! BOO!
dianna agron ;;

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So something weird just happened. I put in a contact lens and then blinked and it disappeared. I figured it had fallen out but I couldn't find it anywhere so I just put another one in. Then, two minutes later, my eye was like WHOA WHAT'S GOING ON?! I blinked again and one of them fell out, leaving the other one perfectly in place :|

What was the last weird thing that happened to you?

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What does the last text message you received say?

What is the strangest question you have been asked by text?

When you text do you use one hand in particular or a combination of both?

Have you seen V for Vendetta? i was round a friends and it was on, but as we were chatting i didn't really watch it properly. It looked quite good and i was wondering if it is worth seeing?
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Chemistry - everyone's favorite subject har har

Can anyone recommend any good online General Chemistry I websites? That I can read the material, do some practice questions, watch some good videos (Even recommend a good youtube video), anyhing relating to General Chemistry that can help me pass and possibly ace my Chem Final on Tuesday? 

If anyone can recommend some chemistry review books, that would appreciative too.

Thanks a lot in advance! 

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My boyfriend and I live 40 minutes away from each other at home,
and 15 minutes away from each other at school.
Whenever we see each other, its up to him to pick me up. (I don't have my license, ugh.)

I'm not sure how to word the question i'm trying to ask.

How often should I expect to talk to my SO? Whether it be texting, phone conversation, etc.
I can't get the thought out of my head that we should be communicating each and every day, but maybe I'm just weird.

How often should I expect to SEE/VISIT with him?

I feel to clingy, I can't tell if its my neediness or his "independence."

and if you don't care,
do you have plans for new years?

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Has anything happily surprised you lately?
LOL, someone 'bought it now' for a hideous Yuengling lamp my husband got for free on ebay! They are willingly giving me $59.99 for it AND paying the $44.99 shipping I put on that big bitch! HOORAY FREE MONEYS!

Is Yahoo being a fuck ass for you, too?
Seriously, for the last few days I've wanted to kick it in the face. But that's my comment notification account and I want to keep it seperate from my personal gmail addy. >:/

PS - LOL that I'll have to check back here to get your responses.

LULZY EDIT! OMG, the guy who bought the sign sent me an all caps email about how he enjoyed a day (or, as he says he should say, night now that it is morning) of Yuengs and wings and goes on about a sports team doing well and oh hai btw, could I try to get it there for Christmas because it is a present for his wife! Haha, too many lagers, methinks!

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what canceled tv show would you want to start airing again?
whats a song you've been listening to a lot lately?
are you healthy?
will you post a picture of yourself with three things about you?

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Can you help me with this lyric?
Its driving me crazy because I don't remeber it all.

IT'S THE END OF THE ____________ AND I FEEL________________.

EDIT: C'mon people ORIGINAL !!!! CREATIVE !!!!! FUNNY!!!!


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If you have pets, what kind do you have?

My dogs: A St. Bernard, an Old English Sheepdog (my grandma's, but she moved where pets aren't allowed) and a Chinese Foo. Over the years, I've had Chocolate Labs, a black lab, a pug, and Shar-Pays.

My cats: Two Himalayans and a Persian.

A dwarf hamster and several fish.

Over the years, I've had hamsters, fish, rabbits, a chinchilla, and for a few months, a pot-bellied pig.

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i keep getting headaches... but they are at the back of my head. at the nape of my neck toward the right side. what could that be? (obviously i am going to the doctor)
Me outside 2004 happy


For these situations, assume walking along a normal sidewalk with a person coming toward you at the same pace you are walking.

1. They say hi, what do you say ?
2. They nod their head at you, you do or say ?
3. They wish you a happy holiday, you say ? (Yes, North American assumption)
4. They say Merry Christmas, you say ?
5. They say Wazzup, you say ?
6. They say, Nice weather, you say ?

People are so bundled up from the ice cold weather, I am not sure people hear me when I say hello or happy holidays. Or maybe they have an mp3 player under their ear muffs ? But nodding at people has worked well lately. *smile*
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Last night, I met one of the geeks from Beauty and the Geek at a Chanukah party. Have you seen/met any celebrities/quasi-celebrities lately?

If you were to be executed, and could choose the method from the five used in the US (hanging, lethal gas, firing squad, lethal injection, or electrocution), which would you choose? I'd go for the firing squad.
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Did you eat breakfast this morning? If yes, what did you eat?

I was so lazy, I just took the leftover nachos from Applebee's and ate a few. Now I have heartburn. Score!
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For a World History assignment, we have to create "Facebook" pages for an important person in the Age of Absolutism. But anyway, what assignments have you gotten where a teacher has tried to incorporate ~hip~ trends and whatnot?

Cooking help

I am extremely hung over from a wedding last night. I can barely function at this point, and I need to cook green bean casserole, the simple Campbells recipe, easy right? Ok, I need to make a triple batch. Do I just do this and cook it for the same amount of time? Or do I add time in the oven? It's all going to be in one giant dish.....


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Have any of you ever read Of Human Bondage? Years ago while I was working as a waitress, one of my regulars gave it to me as a tip (I know...) and I never got around to reading it. If you've read it, what did you think of it?
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1. What makes you uncomfortable?
I really hate being touched before I take a shower. REALLY HATE IT.

2. What trend needs to GTFO?

3. If you were getting a gift certificate to any restaurant, which one would it be and why?

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Do you ever wish to celebrate a holiday/practice something that's outside your religion?

Yes. I'm Jewish and have always wanted to celebrate Christmas and have a Christmas tree. To be completely honest, Hanukkah doesn't do anything for me (btw- I'm not religious). No Santa Clause, No pretty lights and decorations, no caroling, no tree. As bad as it sounds, when I get my own place, I plan on celebrating Christmas and putting up a tree every year. I'm a terrible Jew D:
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I'm helping my sister with her online college applications and we have a question.

She accidentally clicked a radio button on a question designated for international students. Is there a way to unclick it so it doesn't *have* to say yes or no?

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So last night my bf and I made a giant pitcher of delicious sangria, of which each of us only had about one glass. It's been mulling (is that the right word...? soaking?) in my fridge overnight.

I should drink the rest of it before I leave or on the way to the airport, y/y?
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How often do you get to see your best friend?

Do you like fruitcake?

Do you still have the stuffed animal you had when you were little, assuming you had one in the first place?
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Xmas companion by neverwinter

Cooking Fish

Alright, I've always hated any kind of fish except sushi, tuna, and fried fish (with tartar). I want to start eating healthy & getting away from red meat so I need some recipes. What are some good starter recipes for cooking and trying fish? I've found a few recipes but I don't want my first dish to turn me off to eating fish again.

I'm looking for
-something that's not too hard (I'm a great cook but I've never touched fish)
-something that I would like the taste of (not TOO strong or fishy...a good dish for someone trying it for the first time)
-and something that is healthy & low in saturated fat (like olive oil instead of butter)

Recipe names or links are just as appreciated as actual recipes. Thanks TQC! :)

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So I've got a bunch of movies that have been on my Netflix list for a while now that I just keep pushing down on my list because I'm just not that excited about seeing them. I was hoping TQC might be able to help me thin out the herd a little bit because my list is getting so long it's ridiculous.

If you've seen any of the following movies which ones do you think I ought to keep on my list and which ones do you think I ought to get rid of?

Collapse )
Haruhi disappearance
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There's too much snowing going on for me to go anywhere without entirely too much stress and hassle. I've got nothing to cook or bake with. I don't feel like masturbating and drugs are not available, and I'm not tired.

What the hell should I do today?

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I have a tough choice to make, so of course I need tqc to make it for me.

My cat and I moved into my apartment in the beginning of september. He had a really hard time adjusting, we left my parents and two other cats and moved in with my roommate and her cat. Then my roommate got a kitten. He finally seems really happy and comfortable here and I have to go home for three days for christmas. Should I:
-take him home and keep him in one room away from the other cats
-take him home and let him realize where he is, possibly meaning hell hate coming back here
-leave him here (in the cold, we have no heat or electricity, so I really really don't want to) and ask someone to feed him
-shelter him at the vet or something :(

My house is miserable right now and he'd be completely alone, aside from when he gets fed. He gets really sad and lonely. But I don't want to fuck his world up by making him think we're moving home. Help? :( I'm obviously far too attached to my cat.

Also, I have a whole basket of socks, all paired up in balls. Why does he only steal and attack the christmas socks? Hooey is a grinch, yes?

Ps: excuse my crazy, I really love my cat and I haven't had heat or electricity in ten days and my roommate went home three days ago with her cats and I'm losing it. Thank god I can tqc from my phone.
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Did anyone else recently notice a large increase in the number of icons they can have? Was there some announcement or did it just happen?

I have a permanent account and I went from 145 to 195.
Oh hay thar

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For those that are married, do you still celebrate the anniversary of when you started dating, as you would before the wedding, do you just celebrate the wedding anniversary, or do you celebrate both? We eloped one year ago yesterday and we forgot about it. We only remembered when my mom came over this morning with a gift for us. The husband says he would rather continue celebrating the "old" anniversary because we've been doing it for 7 years. lol we fail, y/n?
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What is the point of putting just a "." in a comment?

Why take the time to do that? Are you that bored? Do you think you're witty or funny or something?

Obviously all I'm going to get are "." comments, so go ahead and be predictable.

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Do you ever make batter so you can eat just that and not bake it? What kinds?

Did your family fight over who got to lick the spoon/whisk? Do you prefer the spoon or the whisk? :D

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Bobby Flay recently opened a restaurant at the local mall. They have pistachio milkshakes and grilled cheese. I should go tomorrow even though I kind of hate Bobby Flay, y/n?

They have the following shake flavors: vanilla bean, dark chocolate, black and white, strawberry, blueberry-pomegranate, coffee, pistachio, mango, coconut, and cola. Which do you think would be best?
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omg too soon

Have you ever had mincemeat pie?
If so, did you like it?

If you use Gmail, have you tried any of their new themes?
If so, which ones and do you like them?

Do you miss the syringe icons?
Should we bring them back?
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1. Do you make New Year's resolutions?
2. If yes, what are yours this year?
3. Mine are to become a more gracious and positive person towards others, and also to begin speaking better and more professionally, and swearing less when I speak. So saying 'I thought,' or 'I said,' as opposed to my usual colloquialisms, 'I was like,' or 'I was all,'. How should I go about doing these last one? I'm kind of stumped!
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Remember in middle school and high school they would time your mile? What was your best time? What was your worst?

How often do you exercise?

And why is it that the better something tastes....the worse it is for you? (For most things)


Does brandy make anyone else really sweaty? Or am I the only gross one?

(there's brandy in the delicious sangria that I am in the process of getting drunk from before I head to the airport, and I'm not even doing anything and I feel so gross!!)
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Who else is broke?

I just did my christmas shopping, and I could only afford to buy something for my parents, my sister and my boyfriend. I have exactly $0 left and I have find a way to get $55 for my birth control on Tuesday and I don't get paid until friday. D:
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thanks to everyone who commented, question answered! <3

is it possible to convert M4P files into MP3 format sound files?
if yes, how?

a visual: m4p file on left, mp3 format on the right. and no, the m4p file is not a movie.

all i want is to transfer my new music to my MP3 player so I will not be insanely bored out of my mind during the 30 hours i travel to Taiwan on the 24th. that's all. but apparently, that's too much to ask for.
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Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Project Playlist for MySpace?

I made a playlist of like 50 songs and I found out after completing it that MySpace had pulled Project Playlist THE DAY BEFORE. Literally.
just a bill
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Hey guys, I found my menorah. It was in a box of random crap. If you're Jewish, how are you celebrating/observing Chanukah?

I'm making sweet potato latkes from scratch right now. I'm going to light my menorah and then go to a friend's house. If I have time before he comes to get me, I might also make some sugar cookie dough and cut out Chanukah shapes (but not bake them til Tuesday night)
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Poll #1319027 I can't decide, HELP!

What's the better biome?

Taiga/Coniferous Forest
Deciduous Forest
Tropical Rain Forest

Or if you're like me and prefer water..


hair help plz.

hai gusy. i need a hair cut and i was thinking about getting something a little different instead of just being like 'sup gimme a trim.'

ok so i'm thinking something like one of these but idk: 1 2 and i'm still debating on this but idk if i'm hardcore enough 3

if you don't know what i look like (pft) then the most recent is this but obviously longer and worse-er and hopefully less crackheadish. facial shape: 1 and 2.

ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME! i'm shit at styling myself but ok with other people lmao.


and you're not allowed to be like omgahairpostgrrgrr because WHEN DO YOU DO MEN'S HAIR? never.

if you don't care about this then gtfo.

and i guess my question is GUYS WILL YOU HELP ME SORT MY HAIR OUT??

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what would you consider to be a classic macro?

have you ever made any of your own macros? if so, please share. I've been on a macro kick lately.

If you don't give a damn, then what was the last thing you've seen on stage? was it good?
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1. In January, my mom, my sister and I are going to Florida to see my grandmother and my step-grandfather, as well as meet our new extended family. My mom met two of her new step-siblings and, well, said they were incredibly rude and dismissive to her. They don't think that their father should have remarried, and do things like send back my grandmother's (unopened) Christmas Card because she took their name. We're only going because it's important to my grandmother and her husband. Why are people so irrational? How can I maintain my *cool*? I'm not very good at that :/

2. This is silly, but whatever. My grandma told me to bring a swimsuit. The only one I can find is a string bikini. Is that... appropriate to wear around my old and hateful family?

3. My step-grandfather keeps telling my sister and I that he has many grandsons who are eligible bachelors. How weird would it be if I got together with a step-cousin? Would that squick you out in any way?

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what are your plans for this week?
when you visit family, who offers to make a drink? what does your family drink?
if you eat christmas dinner, what do you have with it?
do you have any family christmas traditions?
how are you celebrating the new year?
what was your favourite & least favourite thing about twilight?
what are your favourite alcoholic drinks? do you get to drink this or do you usually get something else?
what was the last song you heard?

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I have $14.74 left on my Circuit City gift card from last year. As we all know, Circuit City is not going to be in business for very much longer. Based on the fact that you know absolutely nothing about me, what should I get? And if you tell me DVD/CD, can you plz to be telling me which?

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What are you looking forward to this evening?

I'm looking forward to eating salmon, asparagus and mashed potatoes at Bonefish with a friend I haven't seen in at least 5 months. :D
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I want to go to India but I do not know how to go about doing this.

I would be going by myself and would be more comfortable traveling on some kind of tour, but all the ones I've found online seem pretty hokey and don't have itineraries I'd want. And they're all the same - every single agency offers the exact same travel offers. There's no variety at all.

I don't really care where I go in the country, although seeing the Taj Mahal would be cool, as would seeing Darjeeling and Jaipur. But I would like to avoid the huge major crazy cities as much as possible. And I don't want to do an alternative like going to Nepal instead, I actually want to go to India.

I tried talking to a travel agent but she had absolutely nothing helpful to say to me. All she said was "Oh, gee, I've never had ANYBODY go to India before, ever. Here are some brochures (which are the same ones I found online)".

So does anyone have any advice on how I can go about arranging this? Or if there are any volunteer type programs or "spiritual retreats" that have a manageable cost?

Searching the internet has proved pointless!
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Please help settle a dispute among two goaltenders, who were both injured at the hockey game last night:

Which do you think is more painful?

During a diving save, your knee is dislocated, but immediately pops back into the joint and you are able to finish the game.
You stop a snapshot with one of your fingers, leading to immediate swelling/bruising, but you are able to finish the game.
Equally painful

One cried, the other didn't... I'll let you guess which :P
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when I was a teenager I went through a phase of about 2 years in which I'd eat lots of lemons, this caused my teeth to become much more sensitive and lose enamel. Later dealing with bulimia also did very bad things for my teeth. Now they are very sensitive, to the point that I can't even drink fake lemonade or orange juice, or even any candy that has the least amount of citric acid.


Do you know of anything that helps with teeth sensitivity that can make my teeth slightly better?
Do you have sensitive teeth too? How did you get them that way?

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I feel like snacking/eating while I study and work tonight. But I'm bored with my usuals and am lacking in creativity.

What should I have? I have/can make just about anything.
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I just went to a walk in/urgent care center today (because my regular doctor got dropped by my insurance, and I've been sick for a while). In addition to bronchitis and a sinus infection (not a big deal, been there done that), the doctor said my appendix is swollen. It didn't hurt until he pushed on it, but he said it's swollen and I need to 'keep an eye on it'.
On a scale of 1 to 10, how worried should I be?

I'm watching Intervention on A&E on demand. I watch WAY too much TV when I visit home because my parents have holy shit cable. What kind of cable do you have? At school, I just have what I guess is now standard cable, 70 channels, plus HBO, it comes with my apartment.

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Would you rather be cremated or buried?

Would you be willing to have your organs donated after you die?

I personally find the second question hard to answer. Although when I'm deceased I'll obviously have no use of any organs & it would be better to help someone who needs them by donating, the idea still sits uneasily with me. I'm not sure I could give the consent with a donor card. Is that selfish & irrational? Or normal?

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My 8-year-old son is getting a Sansa 1G mp3 player for Christmas this year. He loves music and is nuts over my Zune, so I'm definitely not just getting him a gadget just because the cool kids have them.

What's the worst that could happen?
why so religious?
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Article I

Speaking of coins. The United States constitution says in Article I that the Congress shall have the power: To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; Then later it says: No State shall enter [...]; coin Money; [...]; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;

So if states aren't allowed to coin money, and cannot make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt, then were the founders telling people what money actually is?

If the founders were telling us the only thing the nation should consider money is gold and silver coin, was it a bad idea for us to accept Federal Reserve Notes even though they "make life easier"?
Christmas: swirly ornament

BPAL for Christmas... I hope...

For any BPAL fans-
I ordered some imp's ears on Nov. 28th as a Christmas present, and still haven't gotten them yet. I know they can take quite some time... but this long? CCnow says that they shipped on Dec. 3rd, but there is no tracking info. I emailed BPAL last week asking if I should expect to receive these before Christmas, but no response.

Do you think I should give up and get another gift? Am I justified in being a little annoyed about this?
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Is there a way to find out what email account I used for an old livejournal, if I don't know the password to the account, or vice versa?

What was the nicest thing that happened to you today?

I friendly stingray kept om-nom-nomming my hand @ the new aquarium near my house!
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(no subject)

why doesn't the US have
- $1 and $2 coins? edit: IN LIEU OF BILLS. lol
- plastic bank notes?
- nestlé chocolate bars? aero, chocolate smarties, etc.
- language laws?
- a parliament?

comedy and srs answers welcome. i just noticed most of the western world has those things and... the US doesn't. odd!

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What food smells can't you stand?

Bananas and oranges. There may be more, but they are the only two I can think of at the moment. I also can't stand the smell when hot sausages are cooking.

(no subject)

1)weirdest religious thing you've seen?

mimes for jesus.

2)tell me something odd about yourself.

sometimes when I feel bad I recite lines of poetry to myself, or think about prime numbers to go to sleep.

3)when are children taught about prime numbers?

4)was your history class always stuck at the civil war?

at least until middle school.

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I'm going to Atlanta, GA for New Years! Ohmygawh!

What are some fun places to go in ATL, especially for a New Years ~celebration~. I'm sure my friend who lives there will know but I want ideas!

If you've never been/don't care, what was the last song you danced to? (Britney Spears' "Circus")

(no subject)

What is something tasty I could make for my boyfriend's mom, that requires a mixer? Bonus points if it is diet friendly, but that's not necessary.

(She got me a mixer for Hanukkah and I want to bake her something to show my appreciation)

How many Jews are in TQC?
X-Mas Larva

(no subject)

I want to make cookies for my 5 coworkers and give them out before we all leave for xmas. I bought christmas-themed chinese takeout boxes to put the cookies in. I think smallish cookies would be best, like half the size of a regular cookie, but TRAGEDY: i don't know how many cookies will decently fill each container :(

How can i possibly determine how many cookies I'll need to make?
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Simple Pleasures!

What is one of your favorite "simple things in life"?

I think one of my favorite right now is getting into a freshly made bed with clean sheets after taking a nice, hot, relaxing shower! Sheer bliss!


(no subject)

This is a pretty dumb questions but how do you subscribe to people's RSS feeds? I started using Tumblr and want to still keep up to date with all the blogspot/word press blogs that I used to read. Instead of going to each individual site, how do I get it so I can read it all in one spot??? Do I have to download a program???
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Do you believe that bad things come in threes?

Within the past week or so, my friend's grandmother died, another friend's dad died, and my grandmother had a stroke.

Yesterday, three glass things in my house broke. A wine glass cracked while my mom was washing it, an ornament on top of our piano fell when we were moving my fishtank and broke (we didn't even know it was there), and this hourglass thing that we have also broke when my mom reached over it to turn off a light.


(no subject)

I'm thinking of getting my boyfriend a brewery kit for christmas. He loves beer and I think he'd really like it. What do you think of this idea?

What are you getting your SO for the Holidays?

(no subject)

What can you tell me about the California College of the Arts? Or the Institute of Chicago's School of the Art? Or Kent State University? Or Rhode Island School of Design?

I'm thinking pretty seriously about going on exchange, and those are the four universities in the US that do exchange with my school. I'm a digital art student, so which of those schools have good digital/media/graphic design classes?

Have you ever been on exchange? Did you enjoy it? Is there anything you wish you'd known before you went? How did your friends and family take it (or your long term boyfriend :S)?
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(no subject)

1. If you live someplace where it snows, do you put your windshield wipers up so they're not against your windshield when you're expecting snow?

If that doesn't make sense, Collapse )

2. What are some songs about giving a relationship another try, or reconciling with a friend/lover?
helmetkid wtf

Let's say

You have a significant other who makes significantly more money than you. You're not married or engaged, and they often get a lot of unnecessary things for themselves, because they can afford to.

You, on the other hand, make barely enough money to feed yourself and pay off rent.
Do you expect them to give you "donations" or gifts once in a while, or would you expect them to not really take your financial situation into account?

Jury Doody

When you get called in for Jury Duty and have to show up the next day, what does that day consist of exactly? Is it a day just set aside for selecting and weeding out the jury, or is the actual case contested that day as well?

Have you ever done Jury Duty? How far did you get? How was your experience?
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TQC, my brother's flight was supposed to be here at 8.30. Northwest claims they're going to leave Detroit at 9.45. What time do you think he'll actually get here (meaning Pittsburgh)? (Apparently they're waiting for the crew to come in from Denver. :/ )

Also, what is your all-time favorite holiday movie/TV special?

Best Christmas (or other holiday) themed episode of a TV show?


I'm sure he's going to be home super-late, because I'm the one picking him up at the airport. Heh.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is awesome.

I think the most recent Christmas episode of Chuck was really good.
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Okay so you know that point, in relationships, where you've just crossed the casually dating line and you have admitted to one another that you really, really like each other (but you haven't said the L word yet)? Do you get nervous upon seeing that person after that? Like, moreso than you might have been before?
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I just moved to a different area of town, about 5 miles from my old place, and noticed that the tap water here smells funny. I thought it might have been the old pipes in my building but it smells the same at my friends house about half a mile from here and at my work which are all roughly in the same area. It smells green, organic, mossy. It does not smell like chlorine or metals. Any ideas? Besides the obvious (mind control drugs.)
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i got sent to collections for not returning a rented movie, clearly the dumbest thing i've done all year. do i get to keep the movie now that i've paid my $50? i'm too scared to go back in to the rental shop and ask.

have you ever got sent to collections? what for?

New Year

If you had to choose one of the following ways to spend New Year's Eve, which would it be?

1. Having dinner and watching the New Year's TV program with co-workers, probably a rather quiet and intimate affair


2. Going to a huge, wild party with old friends/acquaintances/dorm mates


3. Having dinner with co-workers and then going to the huge, wild party but risking not being able to find your friends there because it will have already begun

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How often do you try to match your icon with what you're saying?
Laughing icons for when you comment "LOL" or angry icons during an argument!

Will you show me your favourite icon?

Should I play the Sims 2 now or continue browsing the 'net?

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"In relationships, guys break hearts, women break wallets and cause actual damage. Like... a guy might be abusive, it can go either way, but it's not out of revenge, it's because he's an asshole and she obviously shouldn't stay with him anyway. I've never heard of a guy going out and like, causing damage to a girl's belongings or stealing her shit."

In your experience, is this true? Have you ever heard of a guy getting a lot of money from the woman after a divorce/getting revenge for a breakup/etc? Or is this friend of mine full of shit?

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Do you think I should message my colleague and ask why she's still in a bad mood today? I'm sort of worried she is angry with me or any one of us and seething in rage inside. :( I don't know whether it's a good idea-I certainly won't be too pleased if she replied me curtly or not at all.

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1) Do you like the movie, Twister?
2) How many times have you watched it?

1) Yes. I love it.
3) Too many times to count, although I did watch it four times in four days this summer. Bill/Jo are my movie OTP. They belong together.
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What time do you have to wake up tomorrow?

Secondly, I was thinking about getting the itouch 2nd generation but someone told me today that the only difference between the 1st and 2nd generation is that the first is slightly bigger (very minimal), and the 2nd generation's speakers suck. And, there's a 70$ difference. Any thoughts on either for those of you who have it?

Last but not least, erased everything on my computer last night and so had to re-download firefox. What add ons should I install?