December 20th, 2008


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For Christmas, should I buy myself a nice bra? The most expensive bra I own was $12, from Target. If yes, suggestions? I'm only a B, and could probably do with some cleavage-makin'.

Bacon: yes or no?
Tolkien or Rowling?
Papa John's or Domino's?
Sherlock Holmes or John Watson?
What are you most excited for, at this very moment?
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What was the last thing you ate or drank for the first time in a long time? Did you still like it as much as you used to? Or if you didn't like it before did you find you like it better now?

I just had Sunny D for the first time in years. Man, I forgot how awesome that stuff is.

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My mom is looking for a doll called a Baby Pinkie doll. She got it in the late 60's/early 70's from a catalog (Montgomery Ward, Sears or J.C. Penny, she can't remember which). I've tried Amazon, Ebay, and general Googling with no luck.
Have any of you seen these or remember them? Do you have one you'd be willing to sell? Halp?


will you recommend a movie based on someone's taste? i have to buy a secret santa present tomorrow, and a movie would be easiest but i don't know what to get her.

she says her favorite movies are: Any and all John Cusack movies, Adaptation, A Fish Called Wanda, The Blues Brothers, Burn After Reading, Choke, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Donnie Darko, Edward Scissorhands, Garden State, Hard Candy, Hot Fuzz, Into the Wild, Just Friends, L.I.E., Little Miss Sunshine, Lost in Translation, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Outsiders, Ray, Requiem For A Dream, Schindler's List, There Will Be Blood.

any similar recommendations?

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Anyone have any recommendations for locks that could easily be installed in a bedroom door? Preferably something with a key, and it'd be better off if it was something that'd be installed in the door, rather than a padlock. Brands, types, anything?


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I am currently in my computer room/guest bedroom/media room place.  We have 4 cats and therefore 2 litterboxes, which used to be in here, but were moved to the hallway during a guest's stay and I liked them there so I kept them there. 

I think the room still smells like litterbox.  Not necessarily cat funk, but it just smells... off.  I've tried keeping the windows open, I've tried leaving an air filter on all the time, I've tried burning candles, I've tried scrubbing the floors (they're laminate) and the baseboards, febreezing the hell out of the mattress on the guest bed, etc... 

TQC, what can I do to make my computer room/guest bedroom/media room place not smell so 
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TQC, can you please give me suggestions on what to get my best friend for Christmas? She really has no specific needs or wants, and I can't think of anything off hand, other than a Starbucks gift card, and I have no desire to get her something as lame as a gift card. She already has a ridiculous amount of movies, books, and pretty much everything else I could think to get her, so now I'm relying on you for help. What in the world should I get my bffl?

If it helps, her sister is a hooker, and her dad is a dealer's middle man, so she's already got the in on hookers and blow.
(no, this last part isn't true. i was simply trying to beat all the "can't go wrong with hookers and blow!" answers to the punch. what kind of bffl do you people think i am!?)

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1. My nails are coming under heavy fire most days and are seriously damaged, all chipped and ugh. How can I protect them? Right now I just keep painting them, but it doesn't help enough.

2. Do you think you will be getting a New Years kiss?

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Poll #1318334 The Long and Short of it


Venice, 1932
The Grapes of Wratth
Jimmy Kimmel
Raging Bull
Bismarck, North Dakota
Hulk Hogan
Proposition 8
Cleveland steamer
Anne of Green Gables
"I'm not sexy, I'm drawn that way"
Mitty box

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Poll #1318288 It's 2 am

It's 2 am. What should I do with the rest of my night?

Go to sleep
Try and finish Vanity Fair (which I swear to god is the longest and most disjointed movie ever)
Play Puzzle Quest on the Xbox
Try and get drunk off of some Yuengling
Have some hot chocolate
Play Sims 2

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so today is my 18th birthday!

what should i do today?
some unique ideas please or just anything really fun.
im going to see valkyrie with a few friends, thats all i have planned and i feel so lame i cant come up with anything else.
animal lover


See this icon? This isn't mine. I've never even seen this image before. So why is it showing up where my "animal lover" icon, a pic of Luna beating Serena in the face, should be?


I want *my* icon back, comrades.

ETA ok, for some reason you guys seem to see the right image. Maybe I need sleep more than I thought. :/

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How do you keep yourself occupied?

Story: currently have to wean off of medication and haven't slept in the last twenty four hours. Have checked email and friends list about 20 times, cleaned the house from top to bottom, mowed the lawn, drunk two litres of water. Am in the process of installing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines if I can find my stupid CD key. Last resort is the Sims and that's not something I want to do.

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If you're 19 and a full time college student, how are you supposed to have a "real job" if you don't want to devote yourself to something you know you don't want to be your career?

Why is it so bad to be working at Wal-Mart full time while you're putting yourself through school?
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My oven caught on fire yesterday. I totally didn't notice, even though I was at the sink with my back to the oven giving my son a bath. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD, HUH? It was either the element or like, something on the element (which kind of makes me want to throw up, ew).

What's the last thing that freaked you out?
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Something is wrong with my cat.

I think she's having breathing problems.

Every so often she has this weird rattling/vibrating noise when she breaths! It happens all the time! Please help! What should I do? I've never owned a cat before! Please don't let her be really sick :(
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When someone posts a question and includes their own answer, do you prefer that they include it in the actual post or in the comments?  Which do you find more convenient?

For parents with santa-believing-aged children who watch TV (could I be more specific?), how do you feel about commercials that imply that Santa doesn't exist?  Do you worry your kids will question it?

For non-parents, do you approve of making kids believe in Santa?

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1. When you brush your teeth, do you wet the toothbrush first?

2. If you wear perfume/cologne, which one/s do you use?

3. Is there something you know you're getting for Christmas? If so, what?
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-Best small point-and-click digital camera that isn't insanely expensive? My biggest stipulation is that it HAS to have a VERY SHORT delay between when I push the button and it takes a picture (my current one seriously takes like 20 seconds and it drives me crazy).

-I live in a condo, and in our basement there is a big bulletin board that houses notices about the building. Yesterday someone printed off and posted one of those "Save the Christmas Trees!" emails. I think it's obnoxious, how should I show my disdain for the Jesus freaks? (srs & non-srs appreciated. I explained what I mean in a reply to the first comment)

"Creepy Old Guy" etiquette?

About the only time I'll go to a bar is when a good local band is playing.
"The Bourbon Knights" (they describe their genre as "pirate swing") are playing tonight at a local establishment.
I've seen the band on previous occasions and they are AWESOME.
(like a musical version of "15 men on a dead man's chest, yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum"
Even though many of the band members are older, they are VERY popular with the college crowd.
The bar where the band is performing is a college bar, rarely frequently by older people.
I'm 56, slim, smile pleasantly, and don't hit on the ladies (I've been married for 28+ years).
(My wife does NOT like loud music or crowds, and is ok with me flying solo)
 I read in LJ all the time stuff like "OMG, this guy old enough to be my DAD actually LOOKED at me, the PERV!"
So, LADIES, what's the proper etiquette for an older guy to enjoy a show and not be accused of all sorts of malfeasance?


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Snow and maple syrup for breakfast?

Hells yes!
That sounds kind of good but I've never heard of it before
That sounds really gross
Are you crazy? Snow is full of chemicals/pee/footprints!
I prefer a different topping for my snow
I'm not 8, thanks.
I live somewhere where it doesn't snow :-(

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If you had to donate an organ while you were still living, which would it be?

Would you rather have to make all your own clothes or build all your own dwellings (and you have to move at least once every five years)?
i say, old bean

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so my mom was cleaning her bathroom with bleach and the smell is trailing into my room.
how long can I sit here inhaling the fumes before I start getting sick?

do you like the smell of gasoline?

Words have meaning!

Have you ever met someone that kept saying a word or several words improperly?

The other day at the lab I work in, we had a delivery of several kilograms of compound. While we attempted to track down who the heck ordered so much, the delivery person kept referring to the shipment as "samples" or "antibiotics for clinical trials." I wanted to correct her & ask her to please stop using those phrases because it was confusing everyone who was trying to figure out what the compound was for, but I felt like it would be rude. I fail at confrontation. :'(

When faced with this situation, do you correct them or do you just let them keep going and hope that they stop?

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So my mom keeps getting these phone calls on our house phone that are REALLY annoying. Basically I answer this phone and a woman that barely speaks English butchers my mothers name when asking for her and I say she can't come to the phone may I take a message and then they go into this whole "do you want free money from the government blah blah blah" and I'm like I'm sorry karen isn't home this is her daughter can i take a message and just now they just hung up its happened 3 or 4 times over the past week, has this happened to anyone else? I really want them to stop calling its freaking annoying.
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Inspired by today's Writer's Block

What class holiday movies have you NOT seen?
Do you not want to see them or have you just not gotten around to it?

I have never seen A Christmas Story. I need to find out when TBS is showing it this year and DVR it. I have also never actually seen It's a Wonderful Life.
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what's that cartoon that has a bunch of clams following some guy with a flute on the beach, and then they all commit suicide?

i always thought it was the blue oyster cult and the band was named after them but apparently i am wrong.

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i just bought a shiny new stainless steel microwave as a for-everybody-in-my-family's-house gift. i'm super excited because we've had the same microwave my whole life and i know everyone will appreciate it. what AWESOME gifts are you itching to give away?

what was the last good book you read?

what was the last horrible book you read (or started to read)?

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On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not at all, 5 being you get déjà vu a lot or have bad feelings and something bad will happen, up to 10 being I am Miss Cleo!) how psychic do you think you are?

If you are psychic what was your last psychic type experience?

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Universal truth?
Over heard at work: "If you don't have aren't going to get a girl."
TRUE y/y???


(I still love you tqc!!!!)
Baron Munchausen

German translation question

I'm trying to write an email to my future roommate in Germany. I kept what I don't know how to say in English. Can anyone suggest possible translations or see any problems with it?
"Hi, ich bin Jillian. Ich werde Ihre neue Mitbewohnerin sein. Ich habe ein paar Fragen. Gibt es wireless Internet in der Wohnung? Wie viel kostet es, das Internet im Internet Cafe zu benutzen? Gibt es andere Information, die ich wissen sollte? Ich freue mich schon, zu kommen!"

Anything I should add? What do you think I should know before I go?

EDIT: how would I ask if she prefers "Sie" or "du?" Here's what I have so far: "Möchten Sie lieber "Sie" oder "du" zu geheiβen wird?"

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My grandmother invited the son she hasn't spoken to in six years to her house on Christmas Eve. Nobody really talks to him, and he hasn't been around. My grandma had three surgeries and he never called. My mom holds grudges and is still mad at him.

If he shows up, this is going to end badly, isn't it? I told her that, but my grandma doesn't think it will.

Edit: My grandma isn't telling my mom and her siblings that he might be showing up until the last minute if that makes a difference.

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You wake up, and you have two missed calls from your guy. One at 3am and on at 6:30am. He didn't leave a message and you can't get a hold of him. What do YOU think is up?

What are you craving right now?
chicken strips...
sneaker love

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I just found out that my friend's blog got shut down by her parents.

If your mummy and/or daddy killed your LJ (or whatever else you use), how would you feel?

Other than make another blog, what would you do?

How would your actions change if you had your blog for the past five to ten years?

nonsrs answers are highly welcome.

edit: What is the most likely reason your parents killed your blog?

Or my friend's one, if your imagination wants to come out to play?

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1. i rarely go on my facebook so it's all awkward to me... but the one thing that i keep wondering about, which may seem really stupid, is... what is the etiquette for "poke"? are you supposed to keep poking each other back and forth? or is it rude to not poke back?

my crush's friend keeps poking me to be friendly i guess, and i don't know him very well, so naturally i overthink things cause i don't want crush's friend to think i'm either obnoxious or rude... lol. *hangs head in awkwardness*

2. would you rather have steak or enchiladas for dinner?

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Its SATURDAY. Its my day to sleep in. Especially since I didn't go to bed until after 4. WHY did my coworker think it was appropriate to call me at 8 something in the morning?! I've had a headache ever since I woke up and have only been able to take a 30 minute nap.

Does it ruin your day when someone needlessly calls you too early? I like my sleep, dammit.
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Dear TQC,

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So what should I do for Christmas? Skipping it is the best idea ever, y/y? Hawaii? Who wants to come with me?

Anyone else thinking their Christmas is going to be crappy?

(non srs is best. just had a long conversation with my dad about this, and am feeling pissed off :P)

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Do you prefer to give your pets "people" names, or cutesy names/random nouns and adjectives/etc.? If you do give them "people" names, do they tend to be fairly common ones, or do you go for unusual or historical names?

If you have pets, what are their names?


 how is everyone feeling today?

--i am feeling fucking great, im full of energy today and im happy.

what music are you listening to right now?


what kind of toilet paper do you use?

--charmin ultra strong


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I don't like posting holiday questions as there is always so many but this time I give in...

(If you celebrate Christmas..) How does your day go? We usually get up adn open our gifts, have breakfast, watch tv, dinner and then have a few drinks. Going to be slightly different this year though.

If you play board games or whatever, any recommendations? We have the Glasgow edition of Monopoly which I am dying to play but I'm a bit worried its going to be a bit too complex for my mum who has memory/concentration problems. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What does your Christmas dinner consist of?

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1:  Is there anyone else out there that hasn't started Christmas shopping?

2:  Is there anyone else out there that has narrowly escaped the cold/flu bug that's going around now?

3:  If you had to pick between the two, would you rather have caramel or cinnamon with your apples?

4:  What was the last question someone asked you that really made you think?

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Tqc I need windows help! Quick!

My friend is borrowing my computer in about an hour. I don't want him to have access to everything, so I put a password on the admin account and no password on the account I want him to use. However, no matter what options I've changed, turning on my computer automatically logs into admin. Someone help? I have very limited internet access right now (on my phone) or I'd google it. Sorry!


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lupinlover and I thought of designing Easter-themed cookie cutters. One of them would be hands with a hole in the middle, that you could then decorate around the hole with red icing or sprinkles. Do you find this idea more disgusting, funny or sacrilegious?

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Have you ever had your teeth bonded? If so, do you remember how long it hurt after it was done?

I broke the bottom half of my front teeth..they were bonded on Monday, but I'm still having a hard time eating with those teeth and pretty much even touching it with my toothbrush hurts. The dentist said to wait "a while" for the pain to go away. Just curious how that worked for other people..

And if you can't answer that question, what are you excited for the most in the next month?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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It's already 3 pm and I have done absolutely nothing all day. I stayed home yesterday because of illness, and I'm still recovering today. I've considered the day a wash, but I can't for the life of me remember what I used to do when I had free time.

How should I spend the rest of my day? What things should I do?

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TQC, some questions for you:

1. I am in a style rutt. I like my makeup and hair and clothes, I'm just super bored with it and feel ugly.
what are some things that you do to kick yourself out of style depression?

2. I am considering buying a subaru forester because my car sucks and its a good little suv for winter.
are there any cars simular to it that don't look so momish? 4 wheel drive and sturdy but not way pricey?

3. I hate winter, but I want to make the best of the weather.
what is your favorite winter activity to do in the snow?

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is Independence Day not one of the awesomest movies ever made?
what's your favorite scene?

mine is where they're about to execute the virus in the mother ship and pop up in their seats going, "Helloooooo!"

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I'm watching Bruce Almighty and Jim Carrey's character is a reporter and he was doing a spot about a local bakery who was out set the the world record for baking the largest cookie.  The baker picked his nose on camera and wiped it on the counter.  In the next scene, everyone was eating the cookie.

Would you have eaten the cookie?
pretty sax icon

Ho ho ho.

Thanks to my Scrooge of a boss (but that's another rant), we are very, very short on dough. We have about $50 earmarked for necessities.

What grocery items do you consider a necessity?

What can I make for cheap that'll last us through the rest of the weekend? (Or should we order a large pizza and call it good?)

Considering the stress of the season, we'd be fully justified to get a six-pack of beer, y/n?
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So, the chick who plays Elliot on Scrubs is hawking some sort of "panties that won't ride up".

Is this a common problem? With the prevalence of thongs in today's society, are panties that ride up a real issue?  I've been using regular ol' panties my entire life, and I've never had a problem with them riding up.  Does that mean there's something weird about my butt?  I mean, other than the fact that it's the size of a small whale?

What kind of panties do you wear?
For the menfolk: boxers or briefs?

It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas

I made holiday sugar cookies. You may have one, Which one will you take?

Rudolph (candy cherry nose)
Snowman (white icing)
Christmas Tree (green sprinkles)
Dreidel (cinnamin sprinkles)
Sleigh (red sprinkles)
Kwanzaa drum (red/green sprinkles)
Festivus pole (blue icing)
Star (yellow sprinkles)
Elf, ankle cuffed to a table, making a toy train, a single tear running down his cheek (minty candy for tear)
The Village People (Don we now our gay apparel) (a rainbow of sprinkles)
Little Drummer Boy (Chris Hanson's face is on the drum, as he watches you suspiciously enjoy the underage boy) (orange icing)
Menorah (yellow sprinkles)
Santa hat (red icing)
Trampled Wal-Mart employee (caramel-flavored shoe prints)
Trampled Grandmother (mocha-flavored hoof prints)

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Dock Ellis died.
You possibly aren't familiar with the man.
He was a major league baseball player, most notably for the Pittsburgh Pirates.
He was possibly most known for throwing a no-hitter against the San Diego Padres in June 1970 while under the influence of LSD.
He was not normally such a superb player.
Did LSD improve his playing for the day?
Should all baseball players be forced to take LSD before a game?
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Are there any foods/drinks you can't have anymore or didn't have for a long time because you had a really bad experience?

I don't eat crushed pineapple anymore because I got really sick shortly after eating it in college and spent most of that night throwing up. D:
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Just in case I suddenly decide to move away from New Zealand...

Hi guys. I'm basing this all on... how pretty or how nice (either landscape, or easy the living is) the region of each country is.

If I were to up and move to America for university to study Physiotherapy, where should I move? If you'd like, what university should I go to?

What if I moved to UK? Where should I move to?

Would you consider Canada? Or do you all hate Canada?

I was thinking about Asia, but the only places that I could even consider going to are Hong Kong or Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.

So, where would be the best place to live in (physiotherapy education is just the added bonus).

Or should I just go apply at Disneyland? Hong Kong or Florida because I'm a New Zealand citizen and Amerca only offers a work experience or something like that.

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Have you re-gifted any presents?

My family is giving my 7-year-old niece the jewelry box I got from my older sister 2 or 3 years ago when I was in my lower 20s because it was THAT age-inappropriate for me.

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I'm having problems thinking of the names of things tonight:

That thing that you need a certain combination to open it, and you can put letters inside it. They had one in the Da Vinci Code movie...

What was that called?

god damnit.

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do you think there are some people that just aren't likable by the opposite sex, save for the rare exception?

i don't mean people who are socially inept or awkward. just some people aren't appealing as more than friends, just like there are some people that always seem to have everyone after them.
Evil Me

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I just started going to a weekly free yoga class about a month or two ago. The yoga teacher lives outside of the city and drives in every Friday night to teach us yoga out of the kindness of her heart. Last night was the last yoga night before Jan 2 and she gave us all a Ferrero Rocher. Now I feel like I should get her something (but I had also been thinking about it earlier in the day anyway). What do you think a yoga teacher would be into? She's also a teacher in her "real life" and her husband is a meteorologist (Richard Zurawski, if you're Eastern Canadian)

truth in advertising

What commercial has affected you the most? The one that made you go, "I've got to buy that NOW!"? Or "I need to go there TODAY!"?

Would you post it, please?

Has anyone seen the commercial for Papa John's Big Movie Deal? According to the ad, you can "get two large one topping pizzas for only $10 each." (Their exact words.)

Does this wording seem a little iffy to you?

Do they mean the end result will be $20 bucks or can I buy each pizza separately? And if I can't, why don't they say, "two pizzas for $20 bucks?"

Collapse )
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My best friend is flying from the US to the Philippines the day after Christmas for two weeks. I want to give her a care package type thing for Christmas - stuff to take on the plane, etc. But I've never flown overseas, so I don't know what would be useful. What would you recommend?
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I have a question for all you photographer types out there.

I have a canon powershot S2 IS camera. I want to get a lens for it but don't know where to begin.

What's a good website I can look at that can help me decide the type of lens I want to purchase?

Or what kind of lens would you suggest?
.one of THOSE days.

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1. What size (measurements wise: h *w*l, etc.) duffel bag and/or suticase will hold a week's worth of clothes? Is this big enough, or do I need to go up in size?
2. Have you ever had Moravian spice cookies? If yes, do you like them?

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Outgoing people, would you want to pursue a relationship with someone who wasn't outgoing?

I'm asking because I asked a question a while ago about how you want an SO to be different from you, and quite a few people said they wanted someone more outgoing, but I didn't see the opposite.

Wiping the slate clean

One day, you didn't think and RAN WITH SCISSORS. One hospital ride later, and both your hands are encased in bandages and you'll be unable to use them for the next 2 months. In that time, people will have to do your various chores for you. However, someone's going to have to wipe your ass. Who do you ask? Interesting enough, around this time, there's a major bidet shortage due to a labor strike, so you can't purchase a bidet

My mom/dad
My sister
My brother
My best friend
My roommate
My child
I hire someone to be my official assistant/butt hygeine specialist
I just go without wiping. It's to embarrassing to ask and I have too much pride
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When you participate in a white elephant gift exchange/yankee swap/chinese christmas/whatever else you call it, what are the rules you play by?

Does the person who has #1 get to go again at the end? How many steals can a gift have before it is "frozen"? If someone steals your gift, can you steal it back immediately or do you have to wait for another round?

If you don't know what that is, shut up, because you clearly don't play by any of the rules and you don't matter.

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why do people who plan on going to medical school say that their major in undergraduate school is "pre-med"? i haven't found a single college that actually offers a "pre-medical" degree...

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So I'm a gay gamer (few and far between!) and I had met this guy who lives a town away from me who is a gamer as well. We hung out at my house all day and played XBox 360 and just had a great time. We were both being flirty but never kissed or any hanky-panky. The next day we hung out again and we were talking about life and relationships and his head was on my chest, as I was rubbing his back. He looked up at me and we started kissing and he was literally shaking because I'm the second guy he's ever kissed (he's 18, I'm almost 20) and I was surprised but thought it was the cutest thing ever. He said he felt guilty because he's in a LDR with a guy from Maryland but his "boyfriend" gave him permission to be with other guys. The chances of them meeting are slim, and this guy told me that he doesn't even know if he wants to be with this guy. We talked some more and I gave him advice as I've been in his situation before. My question is, how or is it appropriate to continue this endeavor as I can see myself with him very cleary. He's cute, innocent, and just puts a smile on my face whenever I think about him. What should I do?!
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Okay so I heard this song in a gas station the other day, and tried to remember the lyrics to google them but forgot. I do remember something about sunshine (maybe "a lot of sunshine") and then "a little bit of snow", and the word "magic". Ha. Also it had a sort of motown/60s sound to it, though it might have been more modern. I believe there were some 'la la' or 'hey hey' or some kind of syllable repetition like that. Male voices.

Anyone have any clues? I already googled the lryics I remember and found nothing, so I'm thinking someone is just going to have to know this song.

Hey, the song is "You Baby" by the Turtles (or a billion other bands who covered it)

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TQC, I'm hosting a holiday potluck! You're obviously invited.

What would you bring if I told you to bring an appetizer?

A side dish? (Assume that I'm already making a great big turkey, a great big ham, and a great big tofurkey.)

A dessert?

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I need a short (short enough to go into an icon) and witty caption to go with Collapse )

"Oh noes" doesn't seem to cover the cuteness. And is far too predictable. I don't like predictable! Help please?

If you can't think of short witty captions then write down longer ones anyway? I need a giggle.

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do you get roaming charges when you dial 1-800 numbers?

eta: ok, when you're actually roaming on your cell... thanks a lot, stranded for the holidays and i have to call the airline's 1-800 number to try and get home before christmas day.

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what's everyone's opinions about pursuing a relationship with a guy who has a child from a previous relationship? is it more difficult? is is worth it in your opinion? feel free to share your personal stories regarding this matter!

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Can someone translate the words "Ultimate Special Technique" or "HissatsuWaza" into Japanese characters for me please? (Need it for a craft project) I can't because apparently I don't have the Japanese font that all the translators are using.
Should look like what's on this Moogle's headband. Thanks.

What's your favorite color?
What color do you wear the most?

TL DR hahahaha

Today my co-worker (of higher superiority) got really mad because we forgot to read a memo of hers and put up an important poster in store yesterday. She seem to refuse to talk to me for the whole day and totally ignored me when I told her I was going off work. Thing is, I felt that everyone makes mistakes and forgets stuff time from time and just the day before, she forgot about a transfer she promised to a store and I was the one who apologised and sent it out ASAP. I did not mention this "mistake" of hers. But somehow, I feel a little bit angry and frustrated. I'm leaving my job soon and I don't intend to bring it up. My co-worker's really different when she's at work and when she's not.

Have you ever met anyone who seems to have 2 different sides, one that you sort of dislike sometimes and the other you like and want to be friends with?
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What should I get my mom for christmas? I already got her 150 measles vaccines delivered to people in need through Unicef. I am going to her house for xmas though and it would be nice to give her an actual present since I got my little sister a couple of things and I know she'll have gotten me some stuff. She just moved into a new house so I was thinking of getting her something to help decorate it, trouble is I've never been there and don't know what she needs. She also has 2 pugs, so maybe some cute new dog leashes. If I ask her she'll just say not to bother of course. Any ideas? The last few things I've gotten her (nice shampoo and stuff from Lush, a set of fancy candles and a Tiffany paper weight) have all gone unused.
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Are you making a New years resolution this year?
Any idea yet what it is going to be?
Did you make one last year, what was it, and did you stick to it?

1. Yes
2. I have yet to narrow it down to one.
3. Probably, who knows what it was, and I probably did not stick to it since I can not even remember it. o.O
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What are some lyrics in songs that you misheard?

My most recent was from .38 Special's song "Hold On Loosely". I heard "a girl I left some years ago" as " a girl I met twelve years ago" and then closed captioning informed me that met was left. For a few years after that (and until until this summer), I heard that part as "A girl I met twelve years ago". The song (and that part) makes so much more sense now what .38 Special's saying.
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What's the longest time you've gone without leaving your house?

I haven't left my house since I came back from school over a week ago. I don't drive and I don't have any friends in my hometown, so I just kind of sit around like a bum. I'm going to have serious cabin fever by the time winter break is over!


I just bought a fabulous down comforter. I've never owned one before, and I don't want to trash it by mistake, as they are pretty pricey.

If you have a down comforter, how long have you had it?

How do you wash it?

Do you use it in the summer, too?

Any down-sides to having a down filled comforter? (I don't have any allergies to down, FYI)
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What are your holiday traditions?

This is the first Christmas with the man I love and I want to start a new holiday tradition for us, but have no idea what. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Do you end up buying things for yourself whenever you go out gift shopping?

What have you bought for yourself while gift shopping?
I bought three pairs of jeans this week but I was hard up for jeans that fit, and two bras cause they were clearanced for 2.99 and I have a weakness for bras.

Have you bought any gifts to donate to charity? What have you donated?

How many people do you buy for whose birthdays are also within a few weeks of the holidays?
my four immediate family members