December 19th, 2008


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Why is the guy who is house sitting my neighbor's house yelling variations of fuck every 2 minutes? This is the 3rd night in a row I've listened to it..he does it every night from 10-midnight, sometimes later..

Should I go tell him these walls are REALLY thin and he should STFU?

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I went shopping at a baby store today and got some things on sale. I thought the prices seemed higher than online. Low and behold, when I went on their online store the prices are significantly lower.

If I take in the ads from online will I get the difference back?

Why are the online prices cheaper than in store?

*The clothes would still be cheaper even after shipping and tax, due to sales and coupons.


After playing Left 4 Dead on Xbox religiously, my boyfriend and I are thinking of having a Zombie Movie Night. We've downloaded a few zombie movies from a top ten list that we thought sounded awesome, but I wanted to take it a step further, make it extra scary, or zombie-apocalypse-like. I was thinking I could dye our popcorn some creepy color like green or something weird like that.

Any ideas on how I can make this night and the environment more zombie themed and scary?

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So I'm ridiculously sick and want to take something, especially if it helps me sleep. I went to get my Nyquil and it expired and June. I'm not really ok with going out now and there's nothing else. Do you think it's ok to take even though it has expired? Or is it a big don't to take it expired?

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so my sister is a meanie and wont tell me how to make arroz con habichuelas (she doesnt use measurements or have a written recipe). i was wondering if you guys knew the right amounts and proper way to cook it with these ingredients:

oil, rice, sazon, sofrito, beans, and water

anyone have any suggestions? all the recipes i found online have a bunch of extra shit, and no oil
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Christmas Party

So the bar that I hang out at is having a Christmas dinner and we need an idea for a competition. For the Thanksgiving party they had a pie eating contest. What kind of Christmas themed competition can we have?

For those that don't care: I'm currently posting from the bar. Where do you normally post from?

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so my friend (of rainbow toe socks fame) has to get his not-girlfriend something for christmas, because she got something for him. he has no clue what to get her. so my question is: what are good generic gifts for a semi-typical 19 year old female college student, preferably ones that appear to be thought out. i suggested a gift card but he has no idea what store she might want to go to. i also suggested a pipe since she smokes teh weed, but he says she only smokes with him so that's out too.

this is kind of a lame post, sorry. : \

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I know someone who was in a 3 year relationship with an emotionally abusive boyfriend. She has now been with her current boyfriend for 4 years.There was a year between the ex and current b/f. She still harbors an extreme hate for the ex boyfriend.

What, in your opinion does that mean?

On a lighter note, what does someone have to do to you to make you think they are into you?

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What's the worst hair cut you've ever had?

I just got my fringe trimmed and my hairdresser decided that I should look like a medieval monk.

eta: photographic evidence to prove it is just as bad as I think
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Sorry for posting this, I usually like to ask random questions but we're too confused and we need to know your opinion..

My good friend met this guy online and she's been talking to him for 3 weeks now, everyday (I've known the guy for 4 years he's sweet but a bit off the track sometimes but still very caring and interresting)
They plan to meet in about two week at a party i'm planning and as the date approaches, they feel closer and plan to date..

Tonight they were talking about food and how much they would like to go on a date in a nice restaurant, my friend told her she wanted to try everything food wise at least once in her life, to what he said "ok i'd like to try anal sex i never have before"

They talked about cuddling and kissing before but they never talked about sex, when he tried to last night, she told him it was too early and that she wanted to wait after they meet to do so.
She told him that she didn't mind talking about sex, but that it was too early to what he said "ok im sorry wasnt trying to offend or upset you just was making a statement"

so TQC, What was he trying to say?

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should i attempt to talk to my ex-fling?

heres the bg story: we talked for a bit then hooked up but we stopped talking, she now has a new gf of like a year or so that shes inlove with, but they fight a lot and break up every other week and her girlfriend treats her like shit, and i know i could for a fact, treat her better haha. so should i not interfere with things and just wait till shes single?(but they always get back together so the chances of her being single could be slim:/) or should i just tell her straightup she should get with me?haha

and for those who dont care:
what was your last dream about?
are you happy with your life right now?


20 years from now, who do you expect to be living in your home?

(example: your wife and three kids, your girlfriend and his mother, your grandparents, your husband and your boyfriend, your brother and his adopted babies, your 13 ferrets, etc etc etc)
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Caylee Anthony

Poll #1317838 What happened to Caylee Anthony?

Do you think Casey Anothony killer her daughter, Caylee?

yes, by accident
yes, on purpose

Do you think she had help?


Do you think her parents were involved?

her mom
her dad

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1. What do you have in mind concerning pet adoption? I've always thought if I were to adopt a pet from a rescue it would be from a greyhound rescue.

2. What do you have in mind concerning child adoption? I've always thought if I were to adopt a child they would be from the USA where I live because that's what I feel most responsible for. Yes I know the difficulties, but still.

3. Do you ever mull topics over in your head that you'd probably never act on? What are some of the topics? Seems it is a habit with me. I got all kinds of junk stewing in my skull.

Edited for clarity, I hope! :)
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Sending chocolate to USA

Does anyone here know for sure if it is allowed to send chocolate to USA from other countries? Did you send or received such mail? Especially from Russia?

I've asked at two nearby post-offices and checked their site, but there is nothing about it on site and at one post-office they told me I can't and at other that I can. I'm lost...
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should i take a mental health day today from work?

i haven't been sleeping well and i'm really tired, my anxiety is really bad and i'm depressed. with the weather work is going to be twice as stressful as normal and there will be no way to get out if i start feeling worse.

and i really don't ever ditch work because of how i'm feeling emotionally(at least not without putting in a decent amount of time that day).
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I Laughed out Loud all the way through 'Bad Santa'.
It was subversive and anti Christmas in some views.
Now Billy Bob Thornton can do no wrong.

What's y' favourite Xmas movie?

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1)Will you please tell me about your favorite local non-chain restaurant and what you like about it?
2)If you had some minor problem that reoccurred but was easily managed, would you ask your doctor about it? For instance, you get headaches(not migraines just headaches) 2 or 3 times a month but taking advil helps.

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I don't know that much about business firing policies, but my dad owns a store and has made it sound like it is nearly impossible for an employer to give a bad recommendation to one of her/his former employees' prospective employers, and can only confirm that said person did work there.

But what if the employee was fired for stealing or some other pretty bad offense? Is an employer legally allowed to tell this to a prospective employer? Or does it depend on local regulations?

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Hey guess what. I just realized theres only 6 days until Christmas. I also just realized I haven't even started buying Christmas presents.

My boyfriend wants some video games. He has a PS2... will you suggest some games for me? He likes games where you shoot people and blow shit up (Metal Gear type games... he plays that all the freaking time). I know y'all hate these posts but at least I gave you more information that "HAY GUYS MY BOYFRIEND'S 23 TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS" D:

Also, his dad has this stupid gift exchange every year. All the girls bring a girls gift and the boys bring a boys gift, then we randomly pick one out of a bag filled with presents of our own gender. I'll probably be the youngest at his house for Christmas so I need a generic girls gift for anyone between the ages of 25-80.


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Coupon Book

I am making a homemade "Coupon" book as my husband's Christmas present. 

Here are the ideas I have so far to include:
1. One hour couples garage time
2. Free homemade meal of your choice
3. $50 snowmobile parts credit
4. $100 truck parts credit
5. 1 hour massage
6. 1 "get out of jail free"
7. 1 free movie rental and viewing (I don't like most of the movies he likes )
8. 1 free meal at restaurant of choice
9. 1 weekend outing of choice
10. 1 mystery evening (must give 5 days notice)
11. 5 free compliments
12. 1 mystery gift (must give 5 days notice)

Are these good ideas?  What else can I add?

Have you ever done this for your SO or another person you are close to?

ETA: Garage time is me helping him in the garage...he is a gearhead and often needs help with things (truck repair, motorcycle mods, etc)...but I hate doing it because I know almost nothing about working in the garage.  So it means exactly what it says.  Garage time.

ETA2: Ok, so apparently it sounds like I'm a controlling bitch.  ; )  So, I should take out the ones that are "choices" (in order to stop making it sound like he doesn't have any to start with) and put what in instead?

I intended them as "free passes"...where I couldn't say "no" even if I didn't feel like doing something at a particular time.  I do all these things with him without coupons.

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i just got up after FINALLY getting an hour or two of decent sleep, so i'm a bit groggy, and my landlord's teenage daughter is out in the hallway yapping and loling on her cellphone.

now, i like these girls. they're polite and nice, and i feel bad that their dad makes them work every chance he gets(it's a snow day and they're out here, i really hope they want to and he pays them). but GODDAMN GIRL, shush.

what is the swiftest death i could bring on her? i'd like her to not suffer but i can't listen to this when i'm out of coffee.
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VOIP Provider

My wife and I live in Vancouver, but my brother lives in New York and my wife has family and friends in the same area. I was thinking of getting a VOIP phone with a Brooklyn local.

Anyone have any experience with providers?

Who has the best rate?

Sub-question, which is the best stand alone VOIP phone? By stand alone, I mean one which just hooks up to the router without needing to be plugged into a computer.
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I'm going home for about two weeks tomorrow. I have two corn snakes and a cat.
I don't have room for both the cage and the cat, so the cage would have to go in the trunk and my travel tank is far too small for them now.

Do i:

put the snakes in the trunk, they'll be fine for 5 hours.
feed them, leave them and have my bf check the water/temperature every couple days, and have them starve for a few extra days?

my bf won't feed them because he's quite afraid of them.

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Has anyone here ever worked for Progressive (auto insurance)? If so, what sort of experience did you have with them? Overall, are they a pretty good company to work for? Thanks in advance!!

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During my annual Christmas party (which is tonight) I usually do mock Oscar nominations so my friends and I can give out or own mock awards during the Oscars. This year has been really lackluster for movies though and I haven't seen that many so for some of my categorizes I'm not sure what to put. I was hoping TQC could help me with some nominations then.

What do you think was the worst movie of 2008?

What do you think was the funniest bad movie of 2008?

The most boring movie of 2008?
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Work annoyances

I'm a receptionist at a construction company. People often pronounce the name of said company incorrectly, even after I corrected them not 10 seconds previously. This drives me crazy.

What is driving you crazy at work today?

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What does the weather have to be like in your town before they start shutting schools and shit down?

That's not supposed to be a bad lyric.

They shut stuff down here if there's even a rumor that it will snow.
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Men of TQC--
My brother has had his heart broken by a girl bitch. I've never seen him so upset. How should I cheer him up? I've already offered to finance a trip to a strip club (shot down), and have offered him plenty herb (not shot down, but hasn't really cheered him up for long). I can't stand seeing him like this, especially so close to Christmas.
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stupid white elephant gift exchange

So I totally forgot that today we are having a white elephant gift exchange at work and I have no gift.

Since it is white elephant, I figure I can just grab something stupid from my classroom. I teach preschool.

What should I wrap? I am thinking like one dry erase marker, maybe a half roll of tape, a used crayon, whatever.
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Mac iPhoto

I hate iPhoto. It's so stupid, I've had a Mac for a littler over a year and once this shits out I'm going back to a PC. Anyway, I hate how you can't just make folders in the "pictures" folder, and go through them like you can on a PC. I hate how when you import your pictures into iPhoto and delete the crappy ones, they're still in your photo folder in the "pictures" thing. Grrr.

Is there any other programme or anything that I can use that isn't like iPhoto and more like PC's photo ogranising system? I really like organisation and I'm at my wits end, I can't stand my messy computer anymore!

Thank you!
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it's a trap

My work is shut down, the schools are shut down, and our doors are frozen shut. Even if we could get out, there is a NO DRIVING warning in effect.. WHAT we do all day?

Power is out and it gets dark at 2:30 (it is 1:37 now)
Stove is electric so no cooking
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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My friend is throwing a holiday party tonight, and I'm invited, but she will be the only person there that I know. I am super crazy shy, and I can see myself being that awkward girl who sits on the couch, not saying anything. So...I'm a little reluctant to go. Plus, there are transportation issues, and I have to wake up early tomorrow, but it's mainly my being all lame and shy that makes me really not want to go.

Should I suck it up and go?

If yes, how the hell do you talk to people you don't know? At all?! Especially when they know each other?

If not, when I call her and tell her I can't make it, should I tell her that I don't want to go because I'm shy, or give her one of my other reasons?
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Should I've just had guilty feelings for eating chicken and (chicken) eggs at the same time?

Do you like pickled eggs? What consistency should pickled eggs be?

What other types of eggs have you eaten?

Do you like beets? Pickled beets?


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so I looked at my boob today and I have a patch of dry skin, right near the nipple. Its kinda large and scary. I was hoping to get some action within the next week. Will it go away on its own or should I lotion up?

what are you up to today?
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Which fictional parent(s) would you most like to have as your own parent(s)?

Edit: Even if your parents are awesome and you'd never ever trade them, imagine that you had to.

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What position sounds more "professional" and impressive on a resume?

-Editorial intern at insert a major national magazine here.


-Fashion intern at insert a major national magazine here.

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To hell with the critics, I'm a science fiction nut and I loved The Day the Earth Stood Still. Science fiction books and movies have to be absolutely and truly terrible for me not to love the escapism. I've read most of the classics of science fiction, so can you recommend to me a science fiction author or book in particular that you think isn't well-known but that you like?

If not, what is your favorite science fiction book/movie?
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Okay, I recently bought a book: Puppet Planet

Does anyone else have it? If you do, have you made any puppets from it? How did they turn out? Pictures?

And if anyone from the UK has it - where did you get the foam rubber for them? Any suggestions as to where I could try?
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Backstory: None of my friends' kids have hardly any books.
So I ask you TQC, what are your favorite children's books?   Any suggestions for some books I should get for them (that aren't overly expensive)

Ages range from 6months-6yrs

I fail

So, last night I tried to make coconut macaroon cookies. I'd never made them before, and I DESTROYED them. Please make me feel like I'm not alone in my incompetence.

What recipes have you completely ruined?

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This year is the first year that I haven't made a Christmas list for my dad. Last year I made one and was really disappointed because I got nothing that was on that list. What I did get was a pajama set that didn't fit and I couldn't return, a movie I already had, a bunch of low fat, sugar free cookies (his wife is on a low fat diet and spreads it to everyone) and a stuffed lion that sings a ZZ Top song when you squeeze its paw. I now have no idea where any of that stuff is.

So TQC, what should I expect this year since I didn't even give them any ideas?

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What kind of rules do you have with your S.O?

1) I can not plug my ears during a fight
2) I can not talk to other people about my fights
3) I have to agree to a time to talk about the issue at hand.
4) I can not scream/yell during a fight
5) I can not flirt, or talk about sex with anyone
6) If I break any of these rules, He has the right to demand a divorce from me.

Funny thing is, they're HIS rules for me, but I have no rules for him. Do you think these are unreasonable?

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have you learned something new recently? what was it?

will you list 3 famous people that you really, truly want to bang? pictures would be cool, too.

have you ever had a romantic kiss in the rain?

Live longer?

If the doctor told you that you could have an extra 10 healthy years added on to your life if you never had sex again (effective immediately) would you give sex up?

What if instead of sex, it was music? Or another great passion in your life?

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yesterday was my birthday. my friends just sent me a text that told me to "dress warmly" and be ready to be kidnapped at 5 o'clock. they won't answer any of my questions.

where are they taking me, TQC?

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I just broke my favorite teapot while I was putting it away. My hands were still wet and it slipped and fell on the floor. It's totally shattered and I feel like such a weenie, but I actually cried over it because it was one that I spent hours glazing myself and it was so cute. RIP teapot.

What stupid thing have you cried over lately?

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my dad just got home and mentioned that the governor of new york wants to create a mandatory course for anyone wanting to get a driving permit. this course will cost $450. my dad also says all the other taxes he wants to implement will cost the average family an extra $3000 a year.

what do you think of this?

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we're taking the baby to see santa claus tonight but i dunno what to dress him in. my husband thinks we should dress him in his batman costume. what do you think?

dress him in...

his santa claus costume, complete with hat and beard
his santa claus costume without the beard
a nice outfit
a regular everyday outfit
his batman costume
who cares? kids suck
other - i'll tell you in the comments
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Dear TQC,

My younger brother just had a secret marriage today. Am I obligated to buy them any sort of gift?

Since everyone wants me to be nice and get them a gift, wtf should I get them? A walmart gift card?

EDIT: Are they stealing my thunder??? My anniversary is on Monday. =( Poopfaces. (I'm sure they don't even know when my anniversary is, but I can be grumpy if I want!)
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I only use paypal to pay for things on ebay... I never use it to sell things or anything so I never receive payments on it. Anyway, I just won something on ebay and my computer bugged out and sent the payment through twice. I emailed the person I sent it to and I hope they will send one of the payments back. If they are not nice about it and don't send it back, is there anything I can do? Also, if/when they do send it back, how does it work when I receive a payment through paypal? Can they refund it to my credit card or what?
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Guys, my boyfriend won't let me be in the same room with another male. This causes a problem because I'm a teacher and half my students are boys. Do you think he is too controlling?
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i'm going to make sugar cookies for some friends for christmas. i was thinking of adding red food coloring to make them appear more festive and exciting, but am not exactly sure how i should go about doing it as i know next to nothing about baking. is this a good idea? how much should i put? should i just mix it in with the finished batter or sometime before that?

(no subject)

My parents went Christmas shopping the other day and told me they couldn't find a lot of the things that I want, so they substituited that amount with something else. They said I'll be surprised about what I'm going to get.

Should I be worried about my substituted, surprise presents?

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Do you have any innapropriate/awkward hitting on stories?

Like the time I was in Malta and I saw an elderly Brit tourist standing near the city gate and saying something like: "'Ello beautiful lady. What 'er you doing today?" To EVERY SINGLE female walking by. It was truly pathetic and creepy.

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I'm too lazy to try to search for icons on my own. does anyone know where I can get some good Arrested Development icons? thanks in advance.
I know this was asked, but what are some of your favorite quotes from AD?
"You're a crook, captain hook..."
"I just blue myself."
"I'm doing the time of my life!"
some of my favorites. I'll think of more later when its too late.


There were 3 screws in the bottom of my laptop and one of them just came out. i guess it's stripped or something 'cause i can't screw it back in.

How important is this screw? Is my computer going to fall apart?
Dr H - Hammer Penis


How in the world so I get a cake out of a glass pan (therefore no flexibility)  I cooked it in? I greased it before I baked it, it is completely cooled - and nothing - not even a jiggle. How do I get it out TQC?

Nevermind - pan broke :( so did the cake. I guess I'm off to Safeway to buy a new one.

So how's your day going?

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say you're in new york city. you're in a rush. you have to get to your destination on time!

you're kind of far away from the subway, and so is your destination, so you decide to hail a taxi. a moderate amount of taxis go by and ignore you. they all have passengers already. you become frustrated. you're going to be late!

finally, FINALLY, a cab pulls up, and you get in.

it's the cash cab.

do you get out of the cab and hope another one comes quickly, or do you get in the cash cab knowing that they kick you out if you get three questions wrong?
Smooth Criminal


Have you ordered a cake from Charm City Cakes?

I was reading the FAQ and saw this:

How much are your cakes?
Because all of our cakes are priced individually by the complexity of their design, we do not have a standard price list.

Due to the care we give to each cake and the one-of-a-kind nature of each order, we require a minimum of $1000 on all of our cakes.

Then I went o_O $1000 for a CAKE??

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Okay so I have the opportunity to score a free working treadmill. The catch is I have to go pick it up. Do you think I should rent a uhaul truck just to pick up the treadmill? Or should I tell the lady from freecycle that I'm not able to pick it up??

Which is worse artificial cherry flavor or artificial banana flavor?

*ETA* Okay I just reserved a uhaul for tomorrow morning! I'm gonna do it!! Now I just need to con some friends into helping me move it!

(no subject)

What's one reoccurring theme in your dream?

I can never get building right. If I dream about my job, the building is always another store. If I dream about my house, it never looks like my actual house. I just can't do it.
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(no subject)

Cheapest places online to find cell phones?


What's the deal with "unlocked" phones. I have sprint, but what if I bought an "unlocked" blackberry from AT&T?

What do I need to know about this?

Ebay is one, got that.
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(no subject)

I know I'm not allowed to delete my other entry so:

Anyway, I researched sim cards and unlocked phones and that crap: I'm looking at a blackberry pearl, and it says it's CDMA technology, so does that mean it DOESN'T have a sim card and will be compatible with sprint?

I'm so confused.

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I have managed to get out of all family gatherings this Christmas.

How jealous are you?

What shall I actually do for the day?
I plan to eat a big bag of chips and some chocolate but that will only last a few hours at best. My best friend/housemate will be with me.
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What's something you're interested in/support/oppose which leads others to make negative assumptions about you? What do they assume?


Honestly, I find incest fascinating, but then everyone assumes I'm screwing my brother or whatever, and I'm not. EDIT: I feel I should amend this to consensual incest between adults. Also, I am not talking about inbreeding.

I also would like to adopt my kids, as I'm adopted, but I've had people assume I have some anti-over-population agenda or something, as though there were no other reason to want to adopt.

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where are my buffaloans buffalonians?! can anyone tell me where bath and body works is in the galleria? the website says it's in both D2 and J1. are there two or something? also, which stores would have nice WARM scarves suitable for a 19 year old female? she's into metal and stuff, so nothing like hollister and stuff, lol

are you done with your christmas shopping yet? if not, why not? five days left!!

(no subject)

Is there a website where you can type in the name of an item and it will give you a list of all the stores closest to you that carry it? What is it?
I would really like to find a store that has the Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Beethoven's Last Night CD, but I'm having shitty luck and I don't know where else to look.

Pretend you're shopping, you have $13 dollars left, and you can either go buy lunch, or go buy some pants you like, which do you choose? food or fashion?
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1. dumb question, but i'm pretty small town at heart..... Can you make a deposit at ANOTHER bank? (as in... not the US bank you actually bank at... but instead, another US bank you have never been to).

2. which movie should i watch? (i'm in the mood for kiddy movies) Horton Hears a Who.........or.......The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning?

(no subject)

Is Trend Micro a good anti-virus program?
I have the free version of AVG, is that good enough or should I look into buying something as well?
if I should, any suggestions?
dianna agron ;;

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Another annoying Christmas gift question, I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE.

I got a friend for Secret Santa. I've got some pretty good ideas. We have this sort of tradition of buying each other HSM related presents as a joke. Do you think I should continue this tradition as her Christmas gift or get her something she'd actually like in a non-LOL-I-LOVE-THIS! joke kind of way? If I did get her something HSM related she'd know it was me right away too, lol

(no subject)

Hi can anyone tell me of a college, either online or in Columbus Ohio (aside from CSCC), where I could still apply for classes starting January/February that has internet classes and would give me enough excess financial aid to afford housing/books/classes. Any helps appreciated.


(no subject)

I just got my first paycheck from my first job and I want to cash it tomorrow! I don't have enough in my checking account to cover it, so my bank won't cash it....and it's too big for my local supermarket to cash it. The check was issued from Bank of America...will they cash it?

Would they cash it if I....made them cookies?
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I'm working on a homemade present. The directions are telling me to "score" the paper. wtf does that mean?

edit-got it now guys! thanks!

also; what is the worst present you've ever received around the holidays?

(no subject)

What television show that I haven't seen before should I spend my winter break drowning myself in?

I already watch/have watched:
Battlestar Galactica
Pushing Daisies
The Office
Friday Night Lights
Gossip Girl
True Blood

(no subject)

Would you say that you have a more broad range of interests or a more narrow range? What are your main interests (in regards to anything)?

What do you think your friends would say about you in regards to this question?

(no subject)

I did something really stupid and agreed to dog-sit someone's dog from tomorrow night until Sunday at around noon. The dog is supposed to be walked sometime at night on Saturday and then again on Sunday morning.

The problem is, I did all this knowing that I am going to a party on Saturday night, and it's not just any begins at 7 p.m. and I don't expect to be home until 6 or 7 in the morning on Sunday. I'm also supposed to be at the party at 6 (or even a little earlier) to help set the table.

The dog owners said they're walking the dog at 3 or 4 in the afternoon and I'm supposed to walk him "later". The latest I could possibly walk him is around 5 because then I need to get my stuff together to go to the party.

Should I skip walking the dog right after he's already been walked and make him wait over 12 hours to go out again? Or should I tell my friends I won't be able to come as early as they think and try to squeeze in a slightly later walk and only show up at the party about 15 minutes early? Or should I force myself to go home from the party at 2 in the morning and see if he wants to go out then (which might be a waste because he might be asleep)?

I know, I should have just said "no" to the dog sitting. I don't know what I was thinking. But now it's too late. And I only see these friends once every few months so the party is really important to me. I'm stupid.
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if you don't celebrate Christmas, what do you usually do on Christmas day?

my mom is out of town for Christmas this year so my dad and I are at home with nothing much to do. what should we do?


Let's say you and your friend agree to a Christmas gift exchange with a limit of $50. You go out and buy her a nice bottle of perfume that cost $45 + a nice card. When you open your gift, you see that it's a pretty makeup gift set, something you could probably use but never really bring yourself to buy. It's worth probably around $55 or so. HOWEVER, her sister works for the company that sells the makeup brand and she probably paid no more than $20 for it. How would you feel about the situation?
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how often do you and your s.o. bicker?

how often do you fight?

how often do they get on your nerves to the point where you just don't feel like talking?

how long have you been together?

of booze and misheard lyrics

which is the better lyric?

1. i am the water at the foot of the palms
oh, i am sand and wind and shit in your nose


2. i am the water at the foot of the palms
oh, i am sand and wind and a shitty mirage

Poll #1318229 rock your world

which is the better lyric?


bless your hearts for picking the TICKY TICKY TICKY ones :')
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TQC, my sleep schedule is entirely fucked. I've been avoiding sunlight for the last few days, since I'm in the habit of going to bed right before the sun comes up and then not waking up until it goes down.

Am I turning into a vampire? Does this mean I'm going to start sparkling, and then stalking the plain girl that lives down the road? Should I just kill myself now, to save myself from becoming that lame? Help me, TQC!

Oh, and what are you eating right now? I'm considering going downstairs to search for food, but I think all I have is Easy Mac. Is it worth getting up for that?
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i want an x-box.
i have an nintendo wii.
i am sad. :(

i wanna sell my wii and by an x-box. WHO WANTS TO GUESSTIMATE HOW MUCH I CAN SELL IT FOR?

because really i have no clue and ebay is pissing me off.

i would be selling:

the actual console (which is missing the little plastic flap thing over the gamecube port thing unless i can find it), the sensor, two wii remotes, a nunchuck, 3 or 4 gamecube controls and then like. uhm. 6 games. (zelda, super smash bros, resident evil, wariowearsskjghsd, play, sports). and i could throw in super smash bros melee if i can find it.

what can i expect for this? enough to cover an x-box? sdjkghdskghdskghdskgs.

help plz.


p.p.s and because you all miss me i may do a FANTABULOUS general question post later and break the rules but i cba now. thx.

*x-box 360.
*i am english and therefore pounds are probably required.

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Do you ever get the random urge to bake?

Now that I think about it, it seems like most of the time when I bake something it's on a whim, I'll just feel like having something. Right now I am making

Hershey's Best Brownies