December 17th, 2008


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Please help me, oh great TQC! I'm flying soon, and was wondering if semi-solid deodorant had to be put into the quart size ziplock bag if I want to put it in my carry on, or if I could leave it separate. I've tried calling Southwest to ask, but I've been put on hold and never helped :(

Add: I'd bag it anyway, but I'm in a dorm and don't have easy access to any and would prefer to not have to buy a whole box just for some deodorant.
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Fave movies of the year according to Stephen King

Poll #1316396 Stephen King's fave movies according to IMDB

Author Stephen King just announced his top 10 films of the year. To keep things interesting, we have removed The Dark Knight from the running, and now we ask: What is your favorite film from this list??

Death Race
the Ruins
Lakeview Terrace
The Bank Job
Tropic Thunder
Funny Games
Slumdog Millionaire
I like a lot of these movies equally
I don't really like any of these movies.
I haven't seen enough of these movies to feel right picking a favorite.
I think Stephen King has weird taste in movies.
I don't typically pick a favorite movie of the year.
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I'm switching channels. Should I keep watching To Die For? In years (more likely to be a decade), I haven't had a chance to see it.

What movie have you been looking forward to watch for years, but you don't have a chance to?
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tv land

Now that the American fall television season is over, is it me or was this season's shows bad? Bad writing. Bad acting. Bad directing. Even the returning shows such as Heroes and Ugly Betty were worse than usual.

What do you think?

Were there any shows that you thought were brilliant?

(Okay, I admit, Fringe later on became awesome. But it started off bad.)

For our non-American TQC brothers and sisters, what is currently your favorite homegrown show of your country? What is it about?

(Why, yes, I am looking for new shows to watch.)

WARNING: Spoilers for the fall season of American television. Enter at your own risk.

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OK, I know this is a long shot, but...

Is anyone here into punk rock that lives in the Charlotte, NC, area? I'll be visiting family down there and I'd like to go to a show if possible to break up the monotony.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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It is a quarter past one in the morning. I forgot to study for a test tomorrow. I am exhausted.

Tough it out and study or go to sleep and wake up early to study? There is a slight possibility I will just punch my alarm clock and go back to sleep.
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1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much stuff* would you say you have?

2. How do you feel about that? Have you ever felt like you had too much stuff? Did you do anything to simplify your life? Do the things you own end up owning you?

tl;dr: Lately I feel like I have too much stuff. I'm terrified of becoming the crazy hoarder neighbors that lived down the street when I was a kid. Like, I have these old college textbooks that I can't resell to the bookstore, or sell online, or even give away on Craigslist, but I would feel bad throwing them away because it's books. That sort of thing. (ETA: I'll try the library and goodwill tomorrow. Thanks guys!)

*earthly possessions


I just had a conversation and it went a little something like this (edited for time):

Her: I'm sick and keep passing out. Oh, and I can't talk to you anymore. I can't be second best to HER.

Me: I don't rank women, but they seem to love to rank themselves in regards to me. This is dramalicious. I don't see why you don't want to talk to me anymore, but I respect your decision.

Her: Whatever, I'm never talking to you again and that's the choice that YOU made.

Me: Huh? But you just said that you were never speaking to me... you didn't ask my opinion on the matter. How is this my choice?

Her: Whatever, maybe next time you want to talk to me, I'll have better people to talk to.

Me: Well, that's immature.

Her: That's what you do.

Me: No it's not. I'm WORKING. On, like, my JOB stuff.

Her: I hate you.

Me: I hope you feel better tomorrow.

Her: I love you.

So my question is this: What should I get her for Christmas?

And, what did she want me to say to her? Ladies, what sort of answer or reaction would a woman want? What did I miss?

Also, when was the last time you did something you didn't want to do, but did because you were expected to?

And, third, what was the biggest secret you ever kept that eventually got revealed and is no longer a secret?
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compulsive nail-biter

I've been biting my nails for as long as I can remember. The past week I've been obsessing over not biting them because I'm out of school and have nothing else to do. Anyway, several of my nails are looking relatively normal, but since I've never had long or even average length nails, the length is killing me. I spend all of my time staring at them, cleaning under them, and, for the past few days, bending them back and forth. This is causing them to break, though. Please give me your opinions.
Should I:

-try to ignore them but keep fidgeting without realizing it and keep growing them, or
-clip them off, even though they'll be short, so that I quit picking at them and biting them?

I know this is really silly, but I do want some advice.

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have you ever gone to comment on a post, only to find that you've been removed from the community? did you do anything wrong? if not, did you try to find out why you got removed?

apparently i got removed from a community i'm in and i have NO clue why, as i never post and only comment sometimes. plus someone closed membership so now i can't rejoin.

if not, will you buy me vodka? now i have a bunch of orange juice i'm not afraid of, but no vodka to go with it. : (
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My AIM won't connect, and I can't get onto or
What the fuck, TQC? I have never had this problem before. Why is all aol/aim related crap not working?
Can anyone offer me help?
If not, can you post the last thing that made you giggle over the sheer amount of geekiness? Comic stuff, computer stuff, so on and so forth.

I have a eustion

One of the keys on my keyboard isn't uite up to snuff. In fact it has uit working all together. Can you guess which one it is? Can I fix it? What kind of work-around would you suggest?
I am uite perplexed.

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My wife and I may be going on a road trip. She has been talking about getting a GPS for the car. I suggested that since we use Microsoft Streets and Trips on our laptop for our maps and such, that we just buy the new version of that which comes with a USB GPS locater and automatically works with Streets and Trips. I don't particularly feel the need to put a GPS in my car, since 99% of the time we're just driving around to the same friggin places. Plus, the one on the laptop would be significantly cheaper (from what I can tell).

My question is: Do you know anything about GPS gadget dealies and who is right? Me for wanting the laptop one or my wife for wanting the car one? Pros and cons of both?
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Cookbook stuff

Some of you may have noticed that I'm writing a cookbook, and by some of you I mean: "one or two of you"...anyway. You've all been a real help with picking the best picture to use, thats been great.

ANYWAY- I need more help. I need food testers, people to make my recipes and give opinions, critiques etc..even if its just to say: "that was damn good!". More than anything I need to make sure my directions make sense, I know the food is damn good.

I also need people who are musicians and/or love music and/or just KNOW music who would be interested in writing little blurbs for the book. Its a food & music cookbook and with every recipe will come a little ditty on music of some sort.

Is anyone here interested helping me? Let me know and I can give you details.


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if you live at home, do your parents have rules/conditions about you staying there?

eg i can either work and pay rent, or i can go to school and stay for free. if i'm not doing either my ass is bye bye
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shower fail.

what's the last shower fail you had?

Like this morning when I showered, I missed rinsing some shampoo or conditioner out of my ear and didn't realize it till now, 2 1/2 hours later.
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In terms of 'talking' to a guy... when is enough, enough?
I mean should there really be such thing as a third chance?
Yeah, that's right. Number three right here.

I am so confused.

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Man, I have what can be a potentially stereotypical question but here it goes......

I work with quite a few people who live in India and they like to conference call. What would be some good ideas to be able to get use to the accent and diction so that I can understand my coworkers better?

I think the project manager I was talking to asked me a question as to what would be the best way to clarify an issues and I just answered, "Yes, that would be great." and then hung up on him.

How do you break through a communication barrier with co-workers?

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For those of you who watch it, what is your absolute favorite episode of How I Met Your Mother?

Sandcastles In the Sand, just because Barney and Robin officially became canon and the song is awesome.  Plus, there was revertigo and Robin, Marshall, and Lily's "parent/daughter" talk after she decides to go out with Simon.
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New Puppy

So for my stepmom's birthday we got her a puppy (German Shepard/Huskie mix - she's about 9 weeks old). It has been a long time since I've had to train a dog and I was curious if TQC had any tricks or tips for training a new puppy? Especially one as hyper active as Frida.

If you know nothing about dogs then what is your favorite home brewed coffee?

What celebrity would you like to enjoy an all night sex-a-thon with?
Nathan Fillion

What celebrity would you like to have a sit down with so you could pick their brain about politics, world news, etc.?
Anothy Hopkins or Morgan Freeman

What was your favorite subject in school TQC? 
I personally was always a Math person - so why am I an Art major...

What was your dream job when you were a child?
I always wanted to be a "story-teller"


home movies!

if your best friend asked you to film a sextape (as in behind-the-camera) with them and their SO (or a one night stand), would you agree to it?

how much would you expect to be paid?

on a scale of 1-10, how awkward would it be?

* "my best friend is my SO" answers not accepted.
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What browsers do you use?

Internet Explorer
Other - explain in the comments

What's your primary browser?

Internet Explorer
Other - explain in the comments

What's with all the Internet Explorer hate?

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1)How do you deal with vacation time?

2)What elements should be banned from amateur fiction until further notice?

vampires, werewolves, being sucked into shows.

3)at what percentage level does an act become the norm?

Which of these places you don't want to visit would you rather visit?

I've got a six-week sabbatical from work coming up next spring, and I'm going to spend much of it traveling. My wife has less time off available than I do, so she's probably joining me for two weeks after I schlep around by myself for 2 or 3 weeks.

Our destination together will likely be Turkey. So before Turkey, I want to go somewhere that meets these two criteria:

A) Adjacent to Turkey, or a short flight away; and
B) My wife doesn't want to go there.

Criterion B basically rules out Greece, and tips the balance in favor of Eastern Europe/the post-Soviet world. So I'm considering these two itineraries. Which do you prefer? Third options welcome in comments, but remember criteria A and B.

Turkey from the East, or West?

Russia, Moldova, Trasnistria, Ukraine, Turkey
Russia, (Azerbaijan or Armenia?), Georgia, Turkey

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1. If you could go back and change any one moment or event in your life, what would it be and why? How would your life be different now?

2. What was the best video game of the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis era?

3. Should I order Chinese food tonight? If yes, should I get Shrimp Fried Rice or Sesame Chicken?

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1) If you're a speed reader and looking at something with somebody on the Internet, do you ever get irritated about the fact that they're three paragraphs behind you? Yes. It drives me up the wall. I want to go on and scroll down, but I can't.

2) Anyone remember the Baby-Sitters Clubs books? Who was your favorite sitter? Least favorite? Yes. It's a tie between Dawn and Stacey. Least favorite is a tie between Jessi and Mallory. I got angry at Mallory for refusing to play volleyball in gym because of the boys. Stupid eleven year old should have realized that that's what the boys do in volleyball.

3) Girls, you hated playing volleyball with the guys in high school gym, right? They'd never let us play and yell at us if we did something wrong. In my gym class, the boys would always dive in front of you to get the ball and never let you have it.

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Are most of your friends in the same place in their lives as you?
Do you have any friends who are at different places?

For example: I'm a full time student and I work part time, I live at home with my parents. I have friends who have kids and careers and own their own homes. I also have friends who have never worked a day in their lives and futz around in school and get drunk every weekend.

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My dad is picking me up from school for Christmas break today. About an hour into the drive, there's a Friendly's and an Applebee's where we could stop for lunch. Which one should I suggest?

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if i don't know what killed my laptop, so i don't know if whatever it is will be under warranty. do i have to just send it to Dell and hope for the best?

what will they do if it's not?
what will they do if it IS? i want to at least try and save what's on my hard drive.

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Which movie would you rather see on Christmas day?

a movie about Nazis and a plot to kill Hitler
a movie about a man who ages backwards
a movie about bedtime stories that come true
a movie about a comicbook hero who wears a mask and a fedora
a movie about a couple that adopts the "world's worst dog"
none of the above. I'd rather pop [insert holiday movie here] in the DVD player.

Who are your favorite actors? Do they usually play the same character over and over but they do it really well or do they play a wide variety of different characters?

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Today I just got searched more thoroughly trying to get in to a county administrative building in a teeny tiny buttsville town in southern Illinois than I have ever been even at an airport, even before an international flight. Is a town of 1000 really that rife with terrorists?

What's the most nonsensical security measure you've experienced lately?
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omg another gift question

Say you're in a long-distance relationship and you and your partner agreed not to do big, elaborate presents this year. They have been requesting pictures of you for their desk at work and at home, so it lame to take photos for them and frame them and give them for a (insert Winter Holiday Of Your Choice) gift? I can't help but feel it's going to come off as a bit self centered.

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Every time I try to unfold livejournal comments lately the folded comments vanish. WTF is going on?

I am using firefox with the Greasemonkey add-on as I have been for a long while but this just started last night.

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i have my bio final at 3 today. what are the chances that my mind will go completely blank, and i'll fail miserably? i've studied, i'm prepared, but still freaking out.

alternatively, do you like sugar cookies? my mom just made some and they're om nom nom nomable to the extreme.

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is there any reason why i shouldn't get my nose and ears pierced in the same week? i planned to do both this week accidentally and now it seems like it might not be a good idea, lol.

do you want any piercings? which ones? why haven't you gotten them yet?
i want my nose pierced and also my nipples. i don't have those cause i can't afford both of them atm. i'd like to get my septum done and also snakebites but it'd overwhelm my face.

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Where can I get an insulated steel water bottle? Price isn't an issue. I've looked at several websites and the two I found weren't very manly (I'm getting this for my BF).

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Poll #1316828 Favorite Band of the '80s

Which is your favorite band?

Air Supply
Other, explain in comments

What is your favorite Bruce Springsteen song?

Born To Run
Dancing In The Dark
I'm On Fire
Glory Days
Born In The U.S.A.
Hungry Hearts
other, explain in comments
Explain your answers for both questions in the comments.
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First, thanks to the people that responded about punk in Charlotte, NC.

Since it seems that there is a lack thereof, what's fun to do there? Attractions, food, shopping, etc.? No suggestion is too crazy.
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I have to do some major major cleaning before my gf comes over tonight, what's the best music to clean to?

did anyone see the trailer for "X-Men Origins : Wolverine"?
and if so, what did you think of the fact that they had Boneclaws?
and how did you stop crying?

Ball Drop

Grand Rapids, MI is having a Ball Drop for NYE. Should I go?
'The Plain White T's' are going to be performing for FREE at the event. I can't stand that "Hey There, Delilah" song, but... it's a ball drop, free concert, etc.

Does your city do a Ball Drop? I've always thought it was just a NYC thing. lol
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No bake cookies

Will you give me your awesomest no bake cookie recipe?
What is your favorite thing to put in a no bake?

I like ones that don't have too much oatmeal, but if you cut back on the oatmeal then they don't stay together!

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1) describe the plot of the last book you read in one line

Lesbians save the world again- and discover strange history and mysterious magic.

2)what should I read? fantasy novel, nonfiction about germs, weird literary fiction?

3)what is the sound of your neighborhood?

dogs barking, hammers.

4)when will the children be out of school?
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Name that TV show

Ok this post is in reaction to a talk I just had with my father. . .

In the 1960's (approx 64-68) he remembers a program that showed the evolution of human culture as parts of either a totem pole or as a Roman column. One layer built upon another.

He saw it in high school and, therefor, it could be a educational film (made just for that purpose).

Anyone have any idea what show that may have been?

This is annoying.

I can never decide what to do for these types of situations!

I have a party that starts at 7:00 on Saturday. I am arriving around 6:00 to help set the table. I am wearing a kind of fancy dress. I know I should probably change clothes once I get there but I don't really want to drag my ruffly dress and necklaces on public transportation (a bus, the Metro and then another bus) across the city...but at the same time I don't want to set the table in my dress and I might want to change into more comfortable clothes later on in the night.

So I should just suck it up and bring my fancy clothes with me, right?
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Hugh Laurie (House) has seen a picture of my best friends penis and ballsack --- what's the weirdest news you've received lately?

edit: My friend sent a picture of his nether region to one of his girlfriends who happens to work on the set with Hugh, when she answered his picture message Hugh came over to yell at her about being professional and thus saw the picture she was looking at. His reaction was very blase apparently.

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My fiance and I were discussing our wedding vows.

Collapse )

Now, the ceremony is going to be in Spanish. So now we're debating wether to use "hasta que la muerte nos separe" (until death seperates us) or "para no seperarnos hasta muerte" (to not seperate until death). "Until death do us part" means both in English, but in Spanish you can have one or the other.

What do you think?
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What do you assume about a person's sexuality?

For instance, do you automatically assume someone is heterosexual, unless they give you a reason to believe otherwise?

Or do you automatically assume someone is homosexual, unless they give you a reason to believe otherwise?

Do you think people who automatically assume people are straight are homophobic? Something else? Don't care?

And don't say you don't assume, because you do.

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1)What do you think of countries with no separation of church and state?
2)Do you think it's possible for multiple religions to co-exist in a country where laws are governed by a particular religion? What about multiple denominations of a religion?
Take a Look

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I'm looking for good books about Queen Victoria. About her life, about her reign, whatever. What do you recommend, TCQ? Bonus points if the book has excerpts from her diary!

EDIT: I should mention, it's an Xmas gift for my mother, so serious answers would be appreciated.
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Can you help me identify these images? (With actual images included!!)
(Since you guys are asking, I need to find out where these pictures came from and pretty much any information I can get about them)
Collapse )

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I'm looking for a small, portable hobby to pick up.  I don't have a lot of space, as I'm living in a tiny room in my aunt's house.  I'm pretty crafty, and used to making stuff, but I don't have the room now.

How easy is it to teach yourself to knit?  Knitting is cool, y/n?

What useful things can I make besides dog sweaters?
portrait, n7

Oh boy!

Should I clean my room? It's starting to look like a war-zone.

If I clean my room, should I post before and after pictures in my journal?
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For you data people, I have an enormous ugly text file that is space delimited. This normally wouldn't be so evil except that not all of the data set is on one line and it's delimited differently on each line for about 10 lines, and then the pattern starts over on the next data set. Is there anything I can use to somehow pull various parts of this crap in to a spreadsheet? All of the stuff I normally use in SQL needs the space delimiting to be the same from line to line.

Edit: alternately, how much do you think it would cost to pay someone to do this for me? I would love to learn SAS and whatnot, but I'm just an admin and they don't pay me enough to justify the time I would spend on it.

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Did one of your teachers ever hate you?

I'm pretty sure my first grade teacher hated me. She told my mom there was something wrong with me because I fell out of the chair. She also accused me and two others of cheating. I don't know the one cheated, considering she was in a different row on the other side and several rows ahead of us. There are other things that happened that made me think she hated me.

I just remembered I had a teacher in high school who hated me. She was one of the computer teachers. We were working on HTML and I accidentally skipped two pages because they got stuck together. I needed help, she came over, and threatened to give me detention for skipping ahead. I was confused before realizing what had had happened. Who gives a student for skipping ahead anyway? Isn't that usually a good thing? I wasn't the only one she hated though. She loved all the popular kids (Cheerleaders and sports players) and loathed the unpopular kids.
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A few months ago I noticed I had some white hairs, which I promptly pulled out. Today I noticed I'm sprouting a crop of silver hairs. They remind me of fucking tinsel. They have a different texture than the rest of my hair too. I just turned 21 last month =[ Is this totally normal? Should I just start dying my hair?

My mom never had gray hair, and my dad didn't get any until his 30s.


Hello TQC!

I have spent the last week attempting to clean out my wardrobe. I'm getting pretty close to finishing, and I've realised that by the time I've actually thrown out/boxed up and attic-ed all the crap which currently takes up the shelves in my wardrobe, I will have a bunch of empty shelves.

What sorta stuff takes up the space in your wadrobe anyway?

If you are not into organising, or are into organising AND baking:

Can you think of a creative way to decorate gingerbread men?
Or some other shape I can make out of gingerbread?
I like birds.

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Which of the following books should I buy to read on my plane flight tomorrow?

The Joys of Love by Madeline L'Engle
Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire
The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood
A Tree Grows in Brookyn by Betty Smith
The Gift: How the Creative Spirit Transforms the World by Lewis Hyde
The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

Or should I save my money and just sleep on the plane?

Artistic Labels

Can someone who likes to draw explore all genres of art without identifying with any in particular?

For example, say someone who drew beautiful realistic figure sketches was asked by a friend to draw something else for them, such as an anime character, a furry pose, an alien ripping out of someone chest, ect... does that force the fandom label on the artist?

Does drawing anime make someone an otaku?

Does drawing furry art make someone a furry?

Does drawing someone being swallowed whole and eaten alive make that person a vorarephile?

Does drawing a race car for a Nascar fan obligate one to sit in on the next big race and pretend to enjoy it?

Can someone accurately be called something they do not consider them selves to be, based on actions they perform on the behalf of others?
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what do you do besides TQC when you are bored on the internet?

what's the earliest time you can wake up in the morning and not have to force yourself out of bed?
about 9am

how many pieces of furniture are in your room?

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Hey guys, I have a stats project due tomorrow, and I'd love more data points!

1) How many hours/week do you spend on the computer?

2) How many hours/week do you spend studying?

Numbers only, and I expect that the times somewhat overlap. Thanks in advance! =D

Ok, Im a bit worried...

Ok, because apparently Im an idiot with Google, Have any of you ever been scammed? How did you recover? ((and how do I make the rest of this crossed out?))

I just received a call from someone saying they were from Social Security, which Ive just begun to try to get on, but I wasn't aware that the person helping me had put in a application yet (the person said that the app was received online)

So Im kinda worried, it has just occurred to me that I may have just been scammed. Can somebody tell me if this is something going around? The number I was called from was 1 800-254-9489 (if this is not allowed let me know and I will delete) can somebody help me try to find info about it and make sure it was a legit call? If it wasn't what are my options???
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something up there

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There was a post a little while ago where someone was looking for a gift, and there was a cute tea set that was linked... Did anyone save that link? Or can someone point me to the post?
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these have both probably been asked before, but what the heck...

has anyone found a legit website to download free java games for their cellphone?
i've tried torrents and google searching, but nothing i come up with actually works on my phone. :[

where can i find out what companies provide utilities and services (i.e. electricity, cable, internet, etc.) in my area?
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Do telemarketers call any of your cell phones?

Every so often a few numbers call me incessantly. Particularly after I put my number on the "no-call list." Lately a 201 number has been calling me 5 or so times a day. I looked the number up and a bunch of people were complaining about it.
mona marx

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dear tqc,

i work at a dance school and i can't do any work without my boss here. she's a little flighty, so she may not come in at all. i've been here for an hour and a half.... should i just leave? (she probably wouldn't even notice)

if i don't leave, what should i do? i was thinking post-it flipbook, any other ideas?

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say you were dating someone (a guy) for roughly 6 months that you talk to regularly (every day or two) and the last time you heard from them was a text saying "i'm driving my dad to bridgewater" on friday night. you have called and texted him to see what's going on/because you want to hang out, but they haven't responded at all. what would you think is going on?

(no subject)

I'm pretty sure that I have plans for a date tonight. He said he would text me and let me know when. Should I start getting ready anyway, or wait until I hear from him?

Do you have any good uses for leftover icing? (preferably nothing sexual)

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 What are you listening to right now? 

What's the flavor of the month for you as far as a favorite song/genre goes? 

I'm listening to Ulver - Nowhere Catastrophe 

I recently moved into the most bitchin-est house but my computer has yet to be set up. I have to use youtube to listen to music on my roomies computer. Do you have a link to a song of your choice? 
Queer focus


Why does no one watch Farscape?
Why have they never even heard of Farscape?

I understand it's not the best sci fi show ever, particularly early on, but it does have many good elements (many non-humanoid aliens, good series progression etc.) and it's not as bad as Stargate, which still gets it's share of sci-fi cred.

It's because you're all racist, isn't it?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I found a recipe online a couple of months ago that was for chicken breasts. You rolled the chicken breasts in sour cream and then in crumbled-up Ritz crackers and then put them in a baking dish and baked them - you may have done something else, but I can't remember.  I can't find the recipe online anymore - my question is, does anyone either a) know where this recipe is or b) know what temperature/how long to cook chicken breasts? My mom had a really hard day at work and so I don't want her to cook tonight.

ETA: I think I'll improvise on the recipe thing. How long and at what temperature do you cook raw chicken breasts for?

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tonight is chinese food night, but i don't want chinese food. my husband offered to pick up anything from a fast food restaraunt on his way home from picking up the chinese food. but i don't know what i want!

what should i get? choices include: KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, SaladWorks, that fish place, and Checkers.

bonus points if you can suggest something delicious from the place you suggest.

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do you have a blu-ray player? are you pretty excited about it, as a format? or do you think it's bullshit marketing by an industry that wants us to replace our movie collections every few years so they make money?

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Do you have any non-English language music (with lyrics, not like a Dutch orchestra or something) that you listen to? What is it? What is the person/group's name? What kind of music is it?
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Buyer's remorse.

I just spent 80$ (including shipping) on a bag I've been pining over.

I never spend more than around 25$ on myself, especially for things that aren't necessary.

Cat ears

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I am looking for an entry made by someone I believe about a week ago on here. I have looked, and cannot find it. Somebody posted saying something along the lines of "Would you be scared if you saw this?" and the "this" was a link to a page of this trippy design screen saver. It was all different colors, and a crap load of pics posted together, with rings spinning. I think there was a guys face in the middle(?) Anyone have the link for this page, or to the entry? Hopefully this is descriptive enough to ring a bell with someone.
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What do you do to get that one guy or girl to actually ask you out? Hypothetically they already like you and you like them and you have a good friendship.

What did I do to fuck up my dumplings?

i monoceros, you monoceros, we all monoceros

Today is ships_sail's birthday. What will your gift be?

Racy pictures
Indentured servitude as one of her minions
Probably just a comment below
A new icon for her
A haiku
A frosty mug of Belgium beer
A warm mug of hot chocolate
I promise not to think naughty thoughts of her for one day
None of the above
An I.O.U.
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TQC, I just finished my 18 month AA program today. :)

What was your last accomplishment, big or small?

Edit: When I say AA, I mean Associate's Degree. Just in case anyone was confused.

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I'm supposed to pay for plane tickets/hotel reservation for a friend and I, and she was going to pay be back once it's booked. Would it be okay for me to ask her for $500 (it would be between $500 & $600) so that I can have enough money in my account to buy them? Then just say "Okay, it'll be x amount more?"

How would you go about doing this?
I won't have enough money in my account to buy both for two weeks or so and I'd hate to wait too long to buy the tickets.

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When is the last time you made yourself do something you did not really want to do?

I have quit smoking for the first time ever since I started. I've always hated that whole try-to-quit-and-fail thing so I just continued enjoying smoking as I do. Well, I am getting older and I really need to quit before my skin starts to show the wear and tear and etc etc etc. I'm just now entering day 2 and to be honest, it's not that bad but I REALLY do want a cigarette. And it's true, I've been stuffing my face today when I could to try to get my mind off a cigarette. *sigh* I hate this. Thanks for listening.

Bringing ponylust back

Youtube video behind cut

Collapse )

How much has your life changed after watching this video?

More Intensely aroused
My respect for humanity just waned a little
More amused than I was before the video
Same as before, except I lost one minute
I really want a costume like that
fi loft burn notice