December 16th, 2008

Please Help!

My husband is getting really sudden cold chills, very bad cold chills. He has had stomach pains all day, and felt all around achy and bad. Just now, out of no where he got hit with a "wave of cold," he started shaking, and his body got very hot. I want to take him to the ER but he says no. It was so bad his teeth started chattering. I now have him under 3 blankets, and he just got hit with another wave. What should I do, what could be wrong?

[UPDATE]His temp is 100.4

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which is a better 'woman killing man who hurt her' song? Janie's Got a Gun or Goodbye Earl?

Which do you think is more accepted/common in our society-songs about men hurting women or women hurting men?

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is it bumming anyone else the fuck out that Conan won't be doing Late Nite much longer?

i've been preparing for this for years now but as 2008 draws to a close it's kind of killing me :(( when it comes to the tv watching part of me, anyway.


I am helping this guy with his Christmas Cards. These are Papyrus cards, which is a really damn fine brand of cards. He wrote up this poem on MS Word, printed it, cut it up into three columns, and wants me to paste each of the three parts (two in the middle, and one over the back).

I could easily just tuck the poem in the cards, seal 'em, and mail 'em, and he'd never know.

Should I glue them in place (with a glue-stick), or should I shove-and-seal?
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What are some good colleges for liberal arts in the south? Preferably under 350 miles from Birmingham, Alabama.

I've been looking at colleges very far from home but I realized I need some closeish to home options, too.
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By the luck of God/The Irish/ the fact that you studied your ass off and blew more than your fair share of professors, you are a licensed and very successful medical doctor. What is your specialty?

When is setting things on fire not the best solution to your problems?

Do you have a particular type of pen or pencil you always use?

business letter

there is a term used at the bottom of a business letter to inform the the person you are emailing/faxing it to that you are sending by snail mail as well.

does anyone know what this is?

serious help needed here

i have a very sick kid who hates the taste of all medicine. who can blame her? we have cherry kids nyquil, and strawberry syrupy to flavor it with. or, we can dump it in with juice. so- what should we do, oh wise tqc? my sick daughter will thank you. and yes she is still up- home schooling, family of nite owls, all that crap.

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Is a college degree always the way to go? For now (I tend to change my mind a lot) I would like to own a place that has a bar, host parties and concerts/shows. Do I really need a degree for this? If so should I just get a regular business degree or what? My advisors at school are not very helpful. Thanks.
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What would you do if you found an envelope filled with $3,000 cash? Edit: In this case, you're walking around and you randomly find an envelope filled with cash, and there's no one around.

What video games do you find overrated?

How about underrated?

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this is a question for people who smoke and drink.

am i the only person that gets really sick when they smoke after drinking even just a little? i seem to be alone in this. some of my friends say that they will feel sick if they smoke and drink a lot in the same night, but one cigarette when i'm even slightly buzzed will make me feel unbearably nauseated. i just drank a 22oz drink that was 6% alcohol and i went out and smoked one cigarette and the first few drags were wonderful but now i feel like shit.

i should have learned my lesson by now, but every time i drink a little i think, "well, i feel great! this time will be different," and it never is. clearly i am a retard.
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WHY did this man in NJ name his children Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell,and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell (a girl named for Schutzstaffel head Heinrich Himmler)?!

And why are he and his wife so stupid as to try and proclaim they're 'just names' and that people who would treat them any differently than other kids are big meanie heads who just think that Nazis are STILL bad people?

And how can they possibly be shocked that a local grocery store doesn't want to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADOLF HITLER on a cake and think that writing Happy Birthday and leaving room for the kids name isn't a compromise, but a horrible mistreatment of their baby?

The article listed only physical ailments as their reasons for both being on social security, so apparently they're mentally competant...


I'd like to point out my name is Stormy, and while I love it now, as a kid I got a lot of flack. I forsee a lot of playground beatdowns in these childrens' future. :(

(article here, for those wanting it :

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i am moderately overweight, but i'm very hungry. i haven't eaten too much today.

should i make some pasta?

edit: pasta has been made! thank you for validating my unhealthy decision.

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What is the best deal you have ever gotten on eBay?

Have you ever had pickled okra?

If you live very far away from your original home, what do you miss about it?

What don't you miss about it?

Have you ever stopped watching a tv show because your favorite character died/left?
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Where (on the internet) do you go for movie reviews, if not Rotten Tomatoes?

Have you seen the new The Day the Earth Stood Still movie? If so, what did you think about it? In any case, do you have any strong opinions about it you'd like to share?

Why do you think my cat will sometimes wake up and start meowing before going right back to sleep?

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What's your favorite piece of specialized knowledge from this semester? This can be a piece of jargon from one of your classes, or a special fact.

I've used the word 'Wronskian' so much this semester it has become absurd to me, and is now my favorite piece of jargon from this semester. It's a math function.

If you didn't go to school, what is your favorite piece of specialized knowledge from the time period encompassing the Fall '08 semester at Bob Jones University?

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We have customer cards at work guests can fill out if they want to, and mail them in.  When they do that, someone enters them into the system and emails us what the card said.  A couple of weeks ago we got a comment card that said a guy and his friend had come all the way down to our theatre and paid to see Quantum of Solace just for the Star Trek trailer.  They said that Paramount had released a statement saying the trailer would be in front of Quantum, and it wasn't on that particular print.  Having worked at a movie theatre for more than a year and a half it seems like common knowledge that not every trailer would be in front of every movie, and I lol'd.  Have you ever gotten a customer complaint that was probably legit but seemed completely stupid to you?

For the teal deer crowd:  One of my favorite sounds is the sound of long nails clicking a computer keyboard and I often grow my nails out long before writing something.  What is one of your weird habits?


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I'm considering getting involved in the Big Brother/Big Sister program.  Has anyone here ever done it?  What was your experience like?

Have any of you gone on a Birthright Israel trip?  Which one?  What was it like?

And for those of you who can't answer either of those questions, what kind of computer do you have?  Do you like it?

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Which, in your opinion/experience is less likely to be totally batshit today with people sending out holiday gifts, the post office or the FedEx Kinkos thing?

I need to send out a couple of tins of fudge, and I'm trying to figure out whether I could swing the post office on my lunch break. If you mailed presents, how long was the wait at your local place to send out packages?
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1) Through work, I received nori as a Christmas gift from one of my Japanese vendors I have never had it, and only vaguely know what it is. I do not eat sushi. I do not know how it would taste good. Any suggestions on what I should do with it???

2) When was the last time you felt rejected? What happened?

3) If you live completely alone, do you decorate from Christmas?

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Who has been the hardest to shop for this holiday season?

What was something from your childhood that you've wanted, but never got?
If you remember the Child Empress from Neverending Story, she had that little circlet with a drop down pearl thing. Whatever the fuck you call it. I always wanted one!
Dean: That was scary

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One of my best friends will be coming home next week for the holidays and is bringing her fiancee with her (I've met him a few times and spoken on the phone with him several times). I already know exactly what I'm going to be getting for her as a gift, but I don't know if I should buy him something, too. Help me out here, TQC. Should I give my friend's fiancee a holiday gift or is it unnecessary?
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Have you/do you know anyone who has ever had Lap-Band surgery?

My dad is thinking of getting it, and my mom basically said I could get it, because our insurance covers it. I was thinking about it, but idk

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have you ever gotten back together with an ex after being broken up for a few months (or longer)?
how did that go?
did you take things slow, or just return to the way things were pre-breakup?


I am moving from Upstate NY to NYC via bus tomorrow. I'll have one huge suitcase with me, as well as a small/medium-sized box, and 2 huge bags (1 contains an air mattress and the other contains my comforter and pillows). Once I get to NYC, I will have to move all of this shit to a storage facility about 2-3 blocks away from where my bus will drop me off. I will be traveling alone, and there is no way I can carry/move all of this stuff on my own. After dropping my things off at storage, I'll be getting on a plane home to Atlanta the next day, where I'll be spending a month before I make the big move to NYC.

What would you do if you were in my situation?

a) Kindly ask a stranger to help me carry some of my things to the main entrance of the bus terminal and hail a cab.

b) Just ship everything home to Atlanta from Upstate NY, and then ship everything back to my address in NYC (resulting in double shipping costs).

c) Ship some things to the actual storage facility. This would require that I fill out paperwork, have my belongings shipped via next day delivery (which is expensive) because I was told that I would personally have to claim the shipped items from the facility and place them into my storage closet within 48 hours. I would need to ship next day delivery because I'm flying out of NYC on Thursday night.

d) Other ( you give me a better idea ).


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What country were you born in?

What country do you live in now?

Would you ever move to another country (permanently)? If so, which one?

Any really good and simple recipes you want to share? I already got the vodka pasta one (zomg).

What do you think is the best movie of all time?
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I don't know much about things like this.

A gas station attendant broke my gas cap into two pieces. I've been trying to look online to find a replacement, but my Google-fu is very off and is only providing me with locking gas caps. I put the cap back on the best I could, but it doesn't seem very secure.

Where the heck can I buy a replacement gas cap for a 2002 Ford Taurus SES? How much do gas caps usually run for? Will I be okay driving around for a few days without it?

Sorry if I'm coming off as a moron. :(

Oh, and what's the last thing you did on a whim?

ETA: I went outside to look at it again, and there was a new gas cap on my car. I'm suspecting my mom drove over and exchanged them while I was asleep. LOL

WTF photobucket

photobucket is resizing all of my GIFs lately to an icon size, while other pictures I'm uploading stay the same. am I doing something wrong?
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Temperatures are in single digits (which is a heat wave compared to yesterday). I'm going out today to apply for a fairly unglamorous job. I don't really want to freeze my ass off in a skirt. I have a nice pants suit, but I'm afraid that might be overdressing for where I'm applying, and actually, I'm not sure it would even fit me since I weigh 30-40 pounds less than I did when I last wore it. Would a cashmere sweater and some nice pants be acceptable attire given the nasty weather and such?

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I live in Northern California. In the Bay Area. Really close to San Fran.
I want to play in the snow. My boyfriend has promised me snow for years and he's finally serious, but I gotta find the snow.
I don't care about a snow park unless it's really cheap. I would not mind just driving until I get to snow on the side of the road, get out and play for a while and then drive back home. I'm really simple.
So where can I find some snow?

If you offer no help there;
Does it snow on your house often?
Do you love snow?
Do you hate snow?

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Your SO rings you in the middle of the night to ask if you have been sleeping with someone else. How would this make you feel ? (Assuming you hadn't been doing the dirty with anyone else)

(no subject)

I just found out I completely failed my English class, and am waiting for news on the other three classes I probably failed. How should I celebrate?

What would you do it you were driving along a back road and a meth head jumped into the road?

What are your thoughts on salmon colored trench coats?

Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White?

too much change

Do you have a change/coin jar? How do you plan to spend it when the jar fills up / what have you or your family done with this money in the past?

if you have a paid account on flickr: with a paid account, are you able to edit your images after they are uploaded? I don't mean alter them using that picnick feature, but actually replace that image with one from a different file.
(I want to post better scans of a few things without deleting the original flickr pages and losing everyone's comments and favorites)
Sry to ask this here but I cannot find this info anywhere else.

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Midwesterner's in the US: how's this snow treating you? We're getting like 4-5 inches right now. says it's gonna be 1 inch, and I think they're full of crap. We've already received about 3 inches.
Everyone else: how's the weather in your part of the woods?

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My boyfriend has the flu and is 800 miles away. What should I send him to cheer him up?

ALSO: he is going to be four hours away from me in two days. I have to work. Should I skip work, drive the four hours, visit him for say two hours (if he can even get away) and then drive back? I want to, but it's super busy at my work now and I'd probably feel bad.
28 days later

self-doubt, thy name is online dating

#1 is for lady-likers

1) If you answered a personal ad, and when you exchanged pictures, would you be put-off if the girl had really short hair (like a pixie or a fauxhawk)? (But otherwise presented feminine)

2) In an attempt to avoid le wank, I will say that I am happy with how I look, etc. etc., but what dress size do you think is represented by 5'4", 140 lbs?

ETA: to be clear, #1 is addressed at guys too, despite the political language in the latter part. I just don't want to be like "durr, I know short hair doesn't bother lesbians, cause they love that shit" cause that's weird

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Have you ever been BLOCKED by someone on facebook? Not just denied a friend request, but actually blocked so that you can't even see that the person exists on facebook?

If so, do you ever feel like you want to be able to see that person's account?

(no subject)

I was just doing a little facebook stalking, and I came across my ex boyfriends facebook. Is it weird that I feel nauseous when I see my ex-boyfriends pictures??

ETA: Eww, he is telling me about his relationship woes over msn.

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Did anyone just see the guy on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' who just said the US is half the size of Brazil?

Oh, the stupid... His choices were RUSSIA or BRAZIL. Hmmmm?

Do you like tater tot casserole?
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Why is my group's website the ugliest piece of 1990s-era Geocities-looking shit when everyone else designed such nice professional-looking websites?

Are my group members colorblind or something, or do they just have really incredibly shitty taste in graphical interfaces?

Today I learned that the ol' "if you want it done right, do it yourself" spiel is 100% true. What's the last proverb that proved itself true in your life?

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What do you get someone for Christmas if you've only been dating them for a few weeks? He's not my "boyfriend" per se but I like him a lot. I don't want to freak him out with anything too expensive/serious etc, but he does pay for everything when we go out and I want to show some appreciation.

(no subject)

What are some deceiving ways to wrap a Christmas gift? (something like a small gift in a big box or a "good" present in one of those dreaded flat, white clothing boxes)
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I have a major no cafiene headache.

!Halp! I'm staying(Aka Stuck")in a very small rural NM town that has no coffee shops and I'm staying with old people Mormons, and thus they have no coffee. I have visited the only store in town which is also the only gas station in town. There is no bean style coffee only canned (Chock full of nuts, Foldger's, Cafe du monde, Cafe Bustello, and Tazza del Oro) and some instant coffee. I had thought to bring one of these but forgot to bring coffee. Which of these available coffees would you recomend?

(no subject)

If you've ever lived in a smallish rural area where people have crops and stuff, have you ever pondered just stealing some corn from a giant field of it? And if you did, was it delicious?

What's your favorite element of the traditional four (water, earth, air, fire)?

What's your astrological sign? Or full chart or whatever you know of it.

(no subject)

1. what did your post-secondary applications involve?
2. where are you from?
3. what were you applying for, and where?
4. i'm doing an application test rn, will you wish me luck? :@

my answers in the comments
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1. Does anyone else have more than one advent calendar? What different kinds do you have?

Collapse )
2. In non-holiday questions: hats. Are you a hat person? Do they look good on you? Where do you typically wear hats? (I love my classy hat but I feel like I have to find a polo game to go to in order not to stick out.)

3. Favourite baked good?

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A government scientist has discovered that baby seals can be utilized as a source of alternative fuel. Do you:

Refuse to allow the destruction of innocent animals as a source of fuel? Such behavior is highly immoral!

Allow more research to be done on the baby seals and begin implementing laws which allow for their use as a viable fuel source?

Allot government grants for more research to be done on other animals to see if they are good sources of fuel as well?

Dismiss the issue?

This is my question on the facebook application Nations today.  What would you choose and why?

(no subject)

1) In the grocery store, why must the entire store be cold just because of the freezers? I'm getting sick and tired of freezing every time I go to the store.

2) Would you rather vacuum the floor or clean the dishes? Clean the dishes.

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I've just been paid today and I'm browsing the HMV website, I've come across 3 DVD's that are VERY CHEAP, as in £2.99!! However, I've never seen these movies before.
  • Almost Famous
  • Cruel Intentions
  • Girl Interrupted
Should I buy any of these? Are they any good?

What have you been doing today TQC?
What's for dinner?

Work troubles

Long story short, I work in a deli in a market and there is a guy there who is sexist and homophobic who constantly disappears for extended periods of time. Today I asked him casually where he had disappeared to, but left it at that. He started getting up in my face about "do they pay you extra to be a manager," and "you're not a manager so don't tell me what to do," and such. It escalated to him pointing a knife at me and saying "you're not a fucking manager, so don't get in my face" or something.

I went to management. They called him to the back to talk. On my way out the door for lunch (which I'm on now), I see him walking back into the deli. Now I'm going to have to go back there and work with someone who just put a knife in my face.

TQC, what kind of legs do I have to stand on to refuse to work with him? I could tell them more about the problems he's been causing, of course, so that they have more of a reason to fire him, but he is the dept. manager's favorite atm, so it'd be hard to navigate getting him out of there. I'm thinking of telling them that I will be contacting HR about the fact that I'm working with someone who threatens people with knives.


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The guy who checked me out at Target didn't charge me for a Soap & Glory gift set. The price didn't come up and when I told him that I didn't know the price, he just put it in a bag and moved on.

I thought it was a little peculiar, but I don't know shit about ringing people out so whatever. When I looked at the receipt though, the gift set wasn't on there at all.

Would you take it back and pay for it or would you just keep it?
What sort of cosmic repercussions will I be facing if I don't take it back?


Due to circumstances completely beyond my control, I am now without my super awesome, super efficient, front-loading washer and dryer.   :(

What should I do at the laundromat while I wash and dry my 8 billion loads of dirty laundry?

(no subject)

What is a polite way to dodge the question "how are you feeling"?

I don't want to lie to my friends, but replying honestly just tends to make things really akward and uncomfortable (life is a giant clusterfuck at the moment, my dad has just been diagnosed with cancer and will be in hospital getting chemo at christmas; my dog is really sick and mum and I are desperately trying to work out a plan where we are both at home for at least one day so we can both be there when we get her put to sleep)... I haven't seen any of my friends in about a month, because I flew out with about 12 hours notice when dad was hospitalized, and now I'm home for a few days and playing catch-up with all of them.

I don't want to say I'm fine, because that is total bullshit; I also don't really want to talk to most of them about it at this stage; but I want to be able to reply without feeling like I am being a big fat drama whore by going ~!~I don't want to talk about it~!~

How do you interact with friends when you feel like shit but there's nothing they can do about it? They keep trying to be helpful, and I love them dearly for it, but I really can't deal with hearing more platitudes about how it will all be alright and how brave I'm being. On the other hand, I really don't want to sit through more hour long discussions on christmas presents, because christmas is about the furthest thing from my mind at the moment...
Miroku Turn

(no subject)

Feelin' pretty down, TQC. Will you post a picture/image that makes you laugh every time you see it?

If not, would you like my brother's advent calendar? He is a shit who doesn't like delicious chocolate from Germany.

What is your favorite dish to eat for dinner?

(no subject)

Have you ever told someone that you liked something of theirs and had them give you whatever that thing was?

A friend of my dad gave me his very expensive camera after we had a discussion about them. I told my mom's friend that his tripod for his digi was really cool so he handed it to me and told me to keep it.

(no subject)

I'm failing a difficult class and I need at least a C to get credit for it.  I'm supposed to take my final in three hours but even if I pass the final I still won't pass with a C.  Also, I'm planning on changing my major and changing to a different school.

Should I take my final or should I stay home and save my time and gas?

ETA:  Ok, I've decided to go.

New question -- When was the last time you did or almost made a big mistake?


My cat is obsessed with licking our fake poinsettia plants we put out for Christmas. Every year we put them out and he will spend forever licking them clean. I don't understand it and it is seriously annoying.

What is wrong with my stupid cat?
pooh is thinking

two completely unrelated Qs

What do you think, whether from experience or hypothetically, is the best way to celebrate an anniversary? Our fourth is this Sunday (!), and I'm hard pressed for ideas. Other than of course, the obvious, sex.

And second, for those of you who attended grad school, how long did you wait after your undergrad? I'm pretty sure I want to take at least a year off to start working on paying off those loans, but not sure how long I should wait before jumping back in.


My brother and I are thinking about buying my mother a KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer for Christmas. I've read about KitchenAid in general on which has good reviews on them, but the thing is I've heard that KitchenAid employees are the ones posting the positive reviews.

The negative reviews say that the gears used in the KitchenAid machines are plastic and burn out quickly. I'm not quite sure what to believe.

Do you have a KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer? Should we get one for my mom?

edit: Do you have a recommendation for a different mixer brand?

(no subject)

What are some cheap gift ideas for a guy who is going off to war a few days after Christmas?
Will you post a picture of your pet?
What about a picture of your Christmas tree?
Whats the weirdest present you've ever given/received?
Whats are you thinking about right now?

Tips and tricks.

Do you have any survival tips for me? For example, if I'm ~200 feel from safety and I see a cougar standing  ~300 feet to the side of me, do I run for it or move verrryyy slowly?

My tip for you: If you skid on ice, turn into the skid.

(no subject)

related to my last post.

which would be worse to suck - monkey balls or mangy donkey dick?

eta for context.
ME: unfortunately her grades suck mangy donkey dick lol.
OTHER PERSON: I believe the correct metaphor is "monkey balls".
ME: no. definitely worse than monkey balls.
Cats pawing at mommy's face

(no subject)

TQC, I've never been skiing or snowboarding, despite living in snowy climates for the past six years. I decided that I want to this winter, so will you please give me your sage ski/snowboard wisdom to me?

a What should I buy, and what am I likely to be able to rent?
b My balance is kind of terrible, so I should ski rather than snowboard at first, right?
c OK, I'm looking at ski pants... do I wear those over another pair of pants? ... I do, right?
c.1 Should I buy a pair that's like, the same size I wear in normal life, or buy a size up, since they're worn over pants?

(no subject)

What should I wear on the date I'm going on tomorrow night? Its my first date with this guy, so.. I dunno. We're not going anywhere super fancy, but, TQC, I need your help!


Does an idiot-friendly guide exist for Tor/Privoxy? (Especially re: linking one to the other without the use of the Torbutton extension) Has anyone used it?

It doesn't have to be written for someone completely computer illiterate, just without a lot of knowledge about proxy servers, onion routing...thingies....and so on.

What's your opinion on internet privacy? Exaggerated threat or srs bzns? Do you take any measures to hide your IP address?

There is absolutely nothing remotely illegal in my browsing activities (though I'll say nothing about my p2p activities) but I just feel extremely paranoid about this. It's just this strange obsession I have about privacy. Anyone else like this?
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(no subject)

Have you ever heard of or know anyone who won a free one night stand (anywhere they want within the country) from a radio station?

How about a hubby got married to a guy the radio station set them up with and shouted paid for the wedding and honeymoon?

If you have, how did it turn out?

If you haven't... is it just New Zealand being way too bored or we're just so awesome?

IS THE PHOTOCOPIER AT YOUR WORK PLACE MADE OF A LOT OF WIN (assuming you know how to use it)?

(no subject)

Do you have a secure job in this time of economic strife?

If you don't, how do you feel about the future?

If you do, how do you feel about people you know that don't?
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sushi time!

I'm getting sushi for dinner, and cost is not an issue. I usually get eel and octopus nigiri, and also enjoy salmon rolls. I do not tend to like tuna and refuse to eat any type with cream cheese (its a texture thing).

Is there a particular type of sushi I should try tonight? I am open to anything, and cannot think of something rad on my own. The place I am going has a wide variety.

What is your favorite kind of sushi?
Close to You

(no subject)

1) What do you believe?
2) What helped shape your beliefs?
3) Do you identify with any religion? If so, what?
4) Do you pray, mediate, etc?
5) How often, if at all, do you re-evaluate what you believe in?

Friends' list

Which member of the cast of Friends is the most successful now?

Courtney Cox
David Schwimmer
Jennifer Aniston
Matt le Blanc
Lisa Kudrow
Matthew Perry
I don't know who any of them are. Pop culture and I are not on speaking terms

Which member of the cast of Friends is the least successful now?

Courtney Cox
David Schwimmer
Jennifer Aniston
Matt le Blanc
Lisa Kudrow
Matthew Perry
Still don't know who they are. Are they...members of Congress?

Which member of the cast of Friends is most likely to be the fattest at the age of 50?

Courtney Cox
David Schwimmer
Jennifer Aniston
Matt le Blanc
Lisa Kudrow
Matthew Perry
Don't know, but I'm guessing....famous astronauts?

Mc Donald's Restaurants

I need some data for my Statistics homework. It can be fictional, but I don't want to be completely off the mark. So.. does anyone have any idea how many McDonald's restaurants there are in some major cities in the US, or around the word? If you live in a big city, can you give an approximate? :) It would help a lot.