December 15th, 2008


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My friends grandpa just died today and she sent me what she wrote for herself to read at the funeral. At the end she mentioned that he had told her to write in the sand (sort of more complex-he got into what/how-she said he was babbling and his mind was pretty much gone) but she promised him she would and she'd bring her future husband/kids to and always think of him when she did. Well holidays are coming up, as we all know and while I was starting to decorate a box for her, I am now thinking of making or buying her one of those little sand gardens.

Is that a dumb idea? I mean assumably he meant the sand on beaches, not a little box of sand with some rocks in it.
Would it be too soon/too much of a downer for a Christmas present?
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I accidentally stumbled across a beautiful diamond ring in my boyfriend's dresser drawer while grabbing him something to change into after work. D:

I am eighteen and he's twenty-one. We've been dating for all of six months and we've recently discussed getting engaged in the future. I would marry him, but not anytime soon, so I'm a little apprehensive and worried. I guess part of me is secretly wishing that it's intended to be a promise ring or something.

Do you think being engaged this early and this young is rushing it?

For those of you who were/are engaged, how long were you dating when you got engaged?

For the married folks, how long after you were engaged did you get married?
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TQC, I need to try some new shampoo/conditioner... Aussie isn't doing it for me any more. :( What type of shampoo/conditioner do you suggest for someone with hair that is long, dirty brown and that obnoxious place between wavy and curly?

For those that don't care about the above question, what is your favorite webcomic?

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do you ebay? (i swear ive heard that saying before lol)

+ if you do, do you find yourself buying pointless things that you know you will never wear/use, just for the simple fact that it was cheap?
i just bought a jumper with a picture of the flintstones on it=3


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tqc, i have a mystery at hand! thegreat hatsby contacted me today but i can't figure out where it got our screennames from. mine's on lj and facebook and myspace and such but the other person doesn't have an lj and the only place their SN is public is a few obscure messageboards. according to wiki, the bot we're dealing with is the coho bot, which supposedly gets the SNs from twitter. neither of us have twitter. so wtf?

if you don't care, what's the most recent mini-mystery you figured out?

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Are you annoyed by teenagers? Do they make you feel old?

I'm 22 and I get agitated around teenagers, especially 13-16 year olds. I can't even listen to them talk. I want to say I was never that dumb, but I know I was.

If you don't get annoyed by teenagers, what age group does bother you?

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so, I have a follow up question for my previous question about the sand garden for my friend-

Because I am short on money and also because I do not have any idea where to buy a sand garden, right now it looks like I'll be making one. Normally they come with those little rakes, which I don't think I would have an issue making (buy some dowels, cut, drill holes, glue together) However, I am left to wonder-since this isn't exactly for the same intent as a Japanese sand garden, should I just give her a small tool to write/draw in the sand with or should I do a traditional one?

Sorry, I tend to be one of those people that puts too much thought into these sorts of things and then agonizes/can't decide.
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code of ethics

How do you define "evil"? Basically, what makes evil, evil?

Should science be regulated, that is, should someone have a say whether or not science can do certain things? For example, tests and studies involving live human experimentation and the manipulation of genes. Or should science be left alone and hopefully they will regulate themselves in a codes of ethics?

If, yes to the first one, who should do the regulating?
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Should I be as freaked out as I am over making out with someone who might have HIV (she's more likely to not have it), but doesn't know because the stupid bitch has had a year to get an HIV test but still hasn't?
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What are some of your fruity alcoholic drinks? I'm making a list of everything I want to try on my 21st, and need input!

How do you feel about Luigi's Italian Ice?

What is your favorite movie from the year 1994?
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I'm looking into shadowing a pediatrician for a day (or more) and I was wondering how to go about doing so. My friend says that her pediatrician is awesome and that I should contact him, so I already know who I want to contact I just don't know how. She says I should call him because it is more professional and he can't ignore me that way. I think it would be easier for me to type an email though because I am not a phone person at all.

Does it come across as less professional to send an email?
Should I just suck it up and make a phone call instead?
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For those of you who celebrate Christmahanukkwanzaa (or any other equivalent holiday around this period): what's the thing you look forward to most about the holiday?
For those who don't: what do you like best about the period?
Isobel Mahariel

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TQC, what kind of gifts should a 25 year old expect on their birthday?

Would you think someone who gets upset at receiving The Club and jumper cables from their parents is a little spoiled?

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I'm poor and I need to come up with a xmas present for my boyfriend. We've only been going out a lil over 3 weeks.
Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking I could just make him something, but what?
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Saturday is my son's birthday party (he'll be 2). We're just going to have about 12 people (great grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc etc)

Should I just order a pizza or three? What should I get on the pizzas?

Also, if I make the cake Wednesday night, do you think it'd still be 'fresh' on Saturday? Wednesday is my only 'off' night that I'll have time to myself to decorate it and such.

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TQC, I received $500 for my birthday. About half of it is going into a savings account because I'm paranoid about having that much money laying around, but I want to use some of it for a new digital camera.

What kind of camera should I buy?

ETA: After looking around Best Buy today, I think I've found a winner:

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My boss requested that I provide feedback for a fellow employee/trainer on our team. (Employee should start/stop/continue doing..)

I really don't have anything nice to say, and the negative things are not that important.

For instance, I think she needs to proofread her emails, because they sound SO unprofessional. 

I have nothing else to say.

What do you suggest I do? Any ideas on how to BS my way out of this??

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how do you feel about sacred christmas carols? (i.e. silent night, the first nowell, anything that mentions "jesus" or "lord" in it)

is your answer based on your religious beliefs or on your musical taste? or something else?


No, really, WTF? So, I just got a phone call from Multicare (they want money, I know this). The lady asked for my husband and I said he wasn't in and asked if I could take a message. She gave me her info and then asked, "Who takes care of the bills, hon? You or him?" WTF? I stammered, "Uh, he does," mainly because I didn't want to talk to her anymore. She said, "Okay, well you just have him give me a call when he gets in. I'll be here all week from 8 to 5" in this little sing-song voice. I really, REALLY wish I'd told her it was none of her damn business and that for all she knew she wasn't even speaking to his wife.

WTF WAS THAT ABOUT? It was so weird. What would you have said?

What was the last situation you were in where you wish you'd had a snappy comeback?


What are you getting your best friend for Christmas?

I'm getting mine the new J.K. Rowling's book and something else, not sure what yet, but i think this looks awesome but I'm not sure she'd enjoy it as much as I would.

What are you getting your siblings?

What are you getting your Parents?

What are you getting your SO's?

What are you getting your Pets?

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How good of a solo dancer are you? 1=total spaz; 10=a damn sight better than that daft punk girl on youtube

Mean: 3.62 Median: 3 Std. Dev 2.12

How good of a couples dancer are you? 1=total spaz; 10=Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire equivalent

Mean: 4.05 Median: 4 Std. Dev 2.43
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There's a Zales (diamonds) ad all over the radio in LA just now, probably elsewhere too, that starts off as an amusing 'poke fun at men' sort of advert in an attempt to get them to choose fancy jewelry as a Christmas gift for their current girlfriend. How classy is the announcement at the end that financing is available? Am I wrong in thinking that if you have to finance a Christmas gift, you should probably do some soul searching?

I get that tis the season to consime, but it seems more blatant somehow....


How many "stocking fillers" do you think people will be getting at that price?

What to get the woman who lost everything?

My mom invited my sister's boyfriend's mom to Christmas Eve. This woman's husband died of ALS just this summer. Less than two years ago, her other son died due to drug overdose. And the son my sister is dating? He has cancer. This has to be the saddest woman I an possibly imagine. At any rate, I'm glad my mom invited her to join us so she doesn't spend Christmas alone. But I figure I should get her something.

Now, I only met her once (at a funeral). I don't have much money. What would be a good gift for her?

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My lab is staring at me.

He's had his breakfast, he has water, he's been outside.  He doesn't want to play, he doesn't want to "cuddle" (I have a weird dog who likes to cuddle O_o)

Why is he staring at me??

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Have you heard of World Ventures? Has anyone actually joined? How is it? Honestly.

If you are a member, don't post your email address for me to email you about it. Just tell me the hard core facts, please.

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When did cache (cash-ay) become cache (kay-sh)?

Is there any sort of flash thingy or something in existence where one could pin things on a body? I want to ask what my friend can get pierced and I'd like visual representations of the options.

What is the worst christmas present you ever received?

What was the worst christmas you ever had?

EDIT: At least two of my friends are online, and commenting, but they're not on gmail chat. They hate me Y/Y? What is wrong with me?
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tqc, who is the popular "good guy" in wrestling right now? i'm going to buy my nephew one of those action figures for christmas, but i have no idea what one to get.

if you don't know or care, what are you listening to?

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1:  Have you ever rescheduled something important (doc, dentist, something else) because you had a bad feeling about it or did you go against your gut?

I had a doctor appointment today but the left blinker on the truck isn't working.  It's raining and I kept imagining myself trying to merge into the left lane and the person behind me crashing into me because they didn't know I was merging and the road was too wet for their tires to stop spinning.  I felt in my gut that it would be a really bad idea to go to this appointment so I rescheduled for next week.  =[

2:  What is your favorite scent of body wash and body spray/perfume?

I love sweet pea body wash and body spray.

3:  What are you wearing today?  What is the weather like?

Pajamas.  It's raining and it makes me want to stay inside.

Ruth Etting
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Inspired by the full names question:

If you could pick a new middle name for yourself, what would it be?

When my partner and I get married, we're going to take my middle name (Burrow) as our family name. Which means I need a new middle name! If I use my current last name as my middle name it sounds really stupid.

Any specific suggestions for Danielle Something Burrow?

I'm bad at these things

I have to get two small gifts for a Christmas lunch I'm going to. I guess we're going to have a gift exchange thing so they should be gender neutral. The recipients will be between the ages of 20 and 25, and are university students.

What should I get? Ideally I would like to spend less than $7 on each of them, but I don't want them to just be pieces of crap.

Maybe a 2009 planner could be one of them?

I. Just. Don't. Know.

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Who's an X-Man/Woman that hasn't been in a live action X-Men movie yet that you would like to see in one?

Who is an X-Men who's has been in a movie already that you would like to recast with a different actor/actress?

I suck at cooking.

The mix (Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie <i>Made with Dutch cocoa</i> Mix) says:
1/3 cup vegetable oil
2 Tablespoons water (for cake-like brownies, increase water to 1/4 cup.)
1 Egg

Cooking Instructions:
1. Heat oven to 350 (325 for dark or nonstick pan). Grease bottom only of 8-inch square pan.
2. Stir brownie mix, oil, water and egg with spoon about 50 times (batter may be lumpy). Spread in pan.
3. Bake 26 to 28 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out almost clean; cool.

It tells me how to make them more cake-like, but I want them gooey/chewy, is there any special way to make perfectly chewy and amazing?

Do you put icing on your brownies?
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Is anyone else having trouble with livejournal? I get a "page cannot be displayed" message every 30 seconds and have to refresh 30 times to get it up again, then have to re-send the comment I tried to post 5 times. ARGH! What's going on?!

GF vs BF

My bf's suppose-ed best friend is this girl who after meeting her I can see clearly has a thing for him. He says he isn't attracted to her in the slightest, but I have a huge issue with the fact that she is so blatantly rude to me and OVERLY nice to him. How do I tell him about my issue without having to hear from him that I shouldn't be jealous of her and blah blah blah? Trust me, I'm not jealous, I just know what I see and don't like it. And I certainly don't like the way she treats me.
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What percentage of your friends list do you keep on just for trainwrecky entertainment purposes?

What's your favorite type of trainwreck plot to have on your friendslist?

Do you feel like anybody keeps you around for trainwreck entertainment purposes?
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tmi and stuff

It seems like everyone in TQC has a SO........

If you have an SO, will you please tell me about their last interaction with them? Time, place, what was said and done etc.

If you don't have an SO, will you please tell me about the last time you ate food? What was it, did you enjoy it, where did you eat it, time, etc?

Where do you live, and what's the weater like atm?
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Jesus built my hotrod

You are the getaway driver for a major bank heist. The plan doesn't go so well, your conspirators are in the car and now you are high tailing out of dodge with the cops on your tail. What is your theme song?

Let's say there is a heaven and God. (Just go with it.) You die and go to heaven and find out that God's voice is whatever you want it to be. So, who is God's voice?

On the flip side, who is the Devil's voice?
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What has been a past new year's resolution that you actually stuck to for the entire year?

What have been some reoccurring new year's resolutions that you can never seem to stick to?
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TQC plz be mah art critic

I mentioned this earlier in a post about hideous artwork and confused someone when I mentioned it because I said I didn't have a picture, but is this not a bad piece of art? And yes, college students made this. Keep in mind that these are not liberal arts students studying art but, yeah.
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Would you display this artwork anywhere? If so, where?</div>

My hairs is made of gold

Why do they charge 10 dollars extra to cut long hair? Is it that much more difficult? And what's the cut-off for "long" anyway?

My hair was definitely well past that, no argument there. I'm just wondering why it cost so much more (the cut itself was only 20 bucks, so that was a 50% add-on).

ETA: I just got a cut. No wash, dry, or product. Looks like this isn't standard across the board, so I'll just go someplace else next time (and ask beforehand so I'm not surprised when I'm being rung up!)

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1. Do you keep the wishbone from a chicken?

2. What's your full name?

3. What is your ultimate turn OFF?

4. Do you like Cantonese food? If so, what's your favorite dish?
dave grohl

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if you bought something online, how long would you expect it to take before it arrived? not from ebay, but from a proper company website.

i bought 2 christmas presents a week ago online and i still dont have them. im starting to worry since the post is going to start getting slow this week since its getting so close to christmas. if they havent been posted yet im worried they wont get here in time.
my post man isnt the mail theiving type. ive emailed the company this morning but not had an answer yet. :(

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I'm pretty sure it's a succulent, but I've not a clue past that.

Additional info:
This is part of a larger plant, and this section had been dead for a while.
That said, the living parts of the plant looked exactly the same only with slightly more saturated colors, and slightly less white/crunchy stuff.

Here are the other pictures I took
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


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What is music that relaxes you? I have a relaxation playlist for listening too when I am at the dentist, but I am in need of more music! Currently the playlist is mostly John Denver and Celtic Women.

What would you call your playlist? I named mine "Frankie Says RELAX" lol

What is something that you are really happy about lately? My current smile makes me really happy. And a boy likes me!

But on the flip side my teeth really hurt. I took some advil, but what should I do to fell better? I still can't move my lip.
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1)what's your new week's resolution?

I will cause less trouble for other people~!

2)what should your neighbors do?

never leave adorable pug out. I want to steal him~

3)what holiday stuff do you enjoy?

the special holiday andes mints


Is it weird that I dip my toast in chicken barley soup for breakfast?
Also, is it weird that I get french fries and an over easy egg for breakfast? & Dip my french fries in ketchup and the egg?
(: Its yummy, I swear.
I used to dip Wendy's french fries in their pudding way back in the day.

What are some weird combos you eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

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Lately, I've been seeing a lot of women's wallets that are a bit larger than checkbook-sized and hard. Kind of like a case. They don't have any zippers or pockets on the outside.

I really want one, but my google-fu is failing me. When I search for women's wallets, I don't see anything like what I'm looking for.

Do any of you know what I'm talking about? Are they called anything in specific?

edit: HINGE wallets. That's what I was looking for. You guys are so fast, thanks so much!
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i bought a hoodie the other day that has like a grungy abstract splatter print on the front that i thought was pretty cute, and it was really cheap but on final sale.

but my friend just said that from across the room, the splatter design looks like a giant playboy bunny.

omg. I am 25 and a mom, I would not wear a giant playboy bunny on my sweater.

I can't return it cause it was final sale....

should i keep wearing it since it's not really a playboy bunny and that would be a waste of money to just toss it; or should i stop wearing it because people will think i'm wearing a giant playboy bunny and i still kind of like it?


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Let's say that you type up an emo post in your journal.  You decide that you don't want other people to read it because you don't want them to know you're emo and you don't want them to worry about you over nothing.  You made this decision while typing, so it hasn't been posted and no one has seen it.  Do you delete what you wrote or do you mark it private?

If you have any emo entries, do you ever go back to visit them?

What was the last community you left?

Why did you leave?
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I am in the mood for a period film. A sort of girly movie, if you will. What should I watch? I've already seen: The Other Boleyn Girl, Becoming Jane, and I am not really interested in the Cate Blanchett Elizabeth movies. Any suggestions?

What modern day girly films are good? I saw Mamma Mia! the other night and it was terrible, lol. Definitely, Maybe made me cry.
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1. What can be done about premature ejaculation? Is that something that can be "helped"?

2. At what age does premature ejaculation stop being kind of "oops" and is just appalling?

3. What's worse- a girl breaking up with a guy because he blows load in 45 seconds or a guy breaking up with a girl because she won't go down on him?

Not sure if this is allowed...

Does anyone have a photo of a choir that I could use in my work?

Images will be credited, I'm not going to pass it off as my own! I have a project due tomorrow and have all my own images except this one because I was too ill to get to the show I was planning on taking photos of. I know I could just steal one from Google, but I'd rather not & Mr Lecturer wouldn't be too pleased.

Can anyone help?
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How many texts do you send daily?

Did you know we (we, TQC) had our own Encyclopedia Dramatica page? 

How do you feel about it?
(Husband asked me what I was doing the other night, I told me I was browsing the TQC, he asked what it is and I told him to google it because I didn't feel like explaining to him. He asked "The LJ page or the Encyclopedia Dramatica page".. That's how I learned about it)

What would you do if your best friend of 4 years stopped talking to you and returning your numerous calls without any explanations, Would you fight to know the truth on what happened or just let it be and move on with your life?

What if he/she stopped talking to you because his/her SO is possesive and insecure?

amelie half face

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How do you feel about puppy chow/muddy buddies?

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(for reference)

Would this be a good holiday gift for some of my friends if I package it up all cutesy?
If you are not a fan, what is better?

**edited because I almost forgot to lj-cut!

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which rechargeable mp3 player that is not an ipod has the best longest lasting battery life? (I don't mean the life between recharging but life until it no longer takes a charge)

alternatively, have you ever hacked your ipod?

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You put off finishing a final (take home "essay") until the day it was due. It's the last paper of your academic career as an undergradute, you graduate in less than a week.

It takes you longer than expected, even half-assing most of it. You maybe have about two more hours left of researching/writing. Your professor grants you two days extension. Do you go home and relax the rest of the day since you've been at for 12 hours, and finish in the morning? Or do you bust it out and get it over with once you're done fucking around on LJ?
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Monday evening, too cold to do anything...

1. It is 16 degrees here, with a wind chill of about 7 below zero. On a scale of obscenities*, how cold is it?

2. Why does my cat want nothing to do with me until I'm occupied (in the bathroom, getting dressed, etc)?

3. .gif time?

*-from shoot, that's not cold to holyfuckingshit, that's cold; be creative!
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When you're eating chips and dip, when you get to the bottom of the bag and there's only itty crumbs left, not big enough to dip, what do you do?

I put dip on my finger and touch all the chips to make them stick and then eat off my finger. lolol.


Have you ever had a serious pregnancy scare or fallen pregnant accidentally? What were the circumstances surrounding this?

Have you ever, or do you know anyone who has, had an abortion? Was this traumatic, all positive or somewhere in between?

Have you been a teen parent? How was this experience for you?

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I'm watching Scrubs right now (which I don't think I've ever watched before) and two of the characters went to a therapist played by James Michael Tyler and I yelled out "Gunther!!"

When was the last time you blurted out the name of another character an actor played when you recognize them in what you are watching? Who was it, what were you watching, what did you yell, etc etc etc?
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i am sitting at home with no books or magazines to read, my dad is watching the TV and no DVDs to use on the computer. it's 7pm. should i go finish up my Christmas shopping tonight or sit home and do nothing?

what are you doing tonight?
Josh 3

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I cannot get a hold of the correct office to ask this question for the life of me, and nothing comes up when I google it. So maybe one of you know an answer to this.

I went through school with the last name of my mother. But all of my legal documents have my father's last name. So everything but my high school transcripts and my graduation certificate have my father's last name on them. I even took my SAT with my father's last name since you have to have ID and such. Now, I'm applying to a community college in a completely different state I took high school, and I have no idea if this situation will bring up major problems. I sure it should bring up some, but I have no idea what to expect, and what to do to prepare for it.

Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing?
dianna agron ;;

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When you make a sandwich, do you spread butter on both slices of bread or just on one?
I swear it's weird to only butter one side but I have been told that I am the weird one.

P.S. I'm guessing this is a British thing if you all use mayo and we use butter/margarine. Mayo sounds gross.

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1) Do you think SAG will strike?
2) Do you want them to?
3) If they do end up striking, what are you going to do for TV? I heard this year that more episodes have been made and it wouldn't affect the TV season like last year.

1) I hope not.
2) No
3) No clue. Just watch the remaining episodes of my shows and hope that the strike ends quickly.
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What do you think about people who eat raw hamburger meat? (Fresh, raw hamburger meat.)

Edit: No, it's not me, but a guy I know at work eats it on a very regular basis and he tried to kiss me and I almost died.

Also, if EW GROSS, what's the difference between that and eating raw fish?

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I know a guy named Chad. He claims that his name is not short for anything. That it's just CHAD. I refuse to believe this. It has to be short for SOMETHING. Chadwick or Chadford or Chadly or something. I can't figure out WHAT it could be short for, but it's gotta be short for something. I can't accept that anyone would actually name their child CHAD.

So tell me this... do you know anyone named Chad, and is their name short for something? Would you ever name a child Chad?
im french

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1. Have you ever been told that you should have children? Have you ever told someone that they should reproduce/be a mom/be a dad? If so, why?

2. What do you think of eugenics? Do you disagree with all aspects of the philosophy or just some of them (and vice versa)?

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When you look for a potential mate (pretend you don't have an s/o if you do) do you consider all the possibilities or do you think you narrow it down to people in your 'league'?
Do you believe there are leagues?
In your present or past relationships have both you and your partner been in around the same league?
If you were attracted to someone WAY out of your league, would you pursue it anyway? (Could be based on looks or life)
nana smoking

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So how do YOUR feelings like to make life more complicated for you?
Why is all the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake gone right when I crave it!?
Also, what's the oddest thing you have ever bought for yourself?
alert lilly

what to download...

i need to download more music, i havent updated my playlist for at least 6 months. some of my favorite bands/musicians are: tool, radiohead, the velvet underground, the killers, otis redding, cake, queens of the stone age... what do you recommend i download?

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So, tomorrow I am going to a memorial service for my late friend. He dressed like a pirate most of the time, and a fancy gentleman the rest of the time.

So my question to you is, do I dress like a pirate, or do I temporarily move 'fancy dress Saturday' to Tuesday?

If you think both are tacky, what do you suggest? I am not doing the whole 'boohoo, I will wear black *mournmourn*' thing, 'cos he would kick me in the teeth for being such a sap.

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This is the first quarter that my dad paid for my tuition out of his own pocket and of course I just had to do fucking miserably. I ended up dropping a class and he was, understandably, very angry. But he doesn't know yet that I failed a class as well. :( I was thinking I would write him a letter telling him how sorry I was and that I already paid to retake it next quarter and that I would pay him back for both classes as soon as I could. I work at 6 AM so I would just leave it on the counter so he could read it while I am gone.

Does this sound like a good idea to avoid as much screaming and yelling as possible? Or should I enforce the don't ask/don't tell policy?

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1)what's wrong with your christmas decorations?

we have santa claus and an angel with kwanzaa candles all mixed up in the nativity scene.

2)what do you do on long winter nights?

3)How do I prepare to do battle with the receptionists?
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What is your favourite brand of orange juice? (Your most favourite might be fresh, natural orange juice, it is mine) but among processed orange juice?

Mine is Simply Orange. It's the best. With pulp.

Sorry about the amount of questions. I sort of need quick answers.

1. At a wedding ceremony, what ring/ rings are supposed to be worn? Do you come in with the engagement ring on and then get the wedding band? Do the man and woman both exchange rings? Can you just have a wedding band and no engagement ring or other rings? I'm so clueless here and google is not getting through to me. And I'm looking for a minimum requirement without having no rings whatsoever. Can there just be an exchange of bands between the groom and bride?

2. How long does it take to have a ring engraved? How much does it generally cost? Are there any on-the-spot engraving services available that you know of? How much does that usually run?

3. Is there any way of getting undergraduate student loans without a co-singer and with no established credit history aside from Stafford and Perkins loans?

4. Is there a waiting period between marrying someone, divorcing them, and re-marrying the same person?

5. If you have been married before, is there any way for a future boyfriend/fiance/husband to find out if you want that kept a secret? I'm not planning on deceiving anyone here. I'm just curious about this one.

Thanks guys.

EDIT: The first few questions aren't for me and the last two are out of curiosity. I've been wondering #4 ever since I saw The Parent Trap. These aren't my plans!