December 14th, 2008

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Scenario: You're a teenage girl. Not 18, but not 13. You're over the age of consent in your state. You have a thing for a guy you work with, who is about seven years older than you. He doesn't show an incredibly obvious amount of interest in you, but he's always nice to you, he makes eye contact, greets you by name when you see him, asks you for gum, etc. Normal co-worker stuff. He's quiet so you never know what he's really thinking.

Would you tell him you like him?
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I used to go to school with girls named Rashnique and Amanduh. My neighbor's granddaughter is named Heavenleigh. Why the hell do people do this to their kids?!?!

Bonus: What's the most terrible last name you've ever heard? I had a teacher's aide in the first grade and her name was, I shit you NOT, Ms. Capanegro. One of my mother's clients was a Mrs. Crotchfelt.

ETA: I forgot about a substitute my senior year named Mr. Mandic and a customer at my work who's first name is Sweety.
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tqc, i have a dilemma.

i'm watching forrest gump. every time i see the scene where older jenny stones her house and then falls into the dirt, it reminds me of this famous painting with a woman seated in front of a small building in a field. i'm with a group of people who have no idea what i'm talking about and don't believe me, as i have no way of describing this painting besides, "famous painting of a woman with a house." googling that phrase does nothing.


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1.  When considering getting to know someone as a potential mate, is a baby on their side a deal breaker?

2.  What if they're responsible and take care of it? 

3.  What if they're only in their early twenties?

4.  What if... they do magic?

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Fairs, carnivals, and conventions have their share of creepers.  Have you had any notable experiences with creepy people that either worked at or attended such an event?

I went to the Texas Renaissance Fest about a month ago, and a middle aged guy selling beef jerky started following my group of friends while whispering, "Psssst... jerky!"  He then proceeded to flirt with both the males and females of the group.

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My friend and I went to see the movie "The day the earth stood still" tonight.

Keanu Reeves is yummy. The movie, well, so-so. Although i'm pretty kind on many of my movie ratings...

Anyhow there was a quote in it that I liked and wanted to use for something. Something along the lines of "In the brink of destruction we find the power to change, this is our moment, don't take it away". Trying to get the exact quote. Any chance someone else who saw it has an excellent memory, or if you're going to see it, you can get the specific quote for me in full?


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how many people think they are actually losing their grip on reality (clinically crazy)?

when did it start/how long has it been progressing?
does it freak you out or do you think its just the way you are? 
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1. Is it illegal to deny a pregnant lady time off when she has her kid?

2. What section of the sandwich do you put your condiment on for the most taste effect? (in the top or bottom)

3. Is it just me or do girls with bigger asses have bigger feet? Ive also seen big feet on chicks with big boobs.

4. Have you ever heard of Pickle Loaf bologna? Ever eaten it?

5. Dont you agree aborting a baby is killing someone? Why isent it? Dont you enjoy your life? What if you were aborted? Dont you realize you wouldnt have anything to do with this arguement if you were aborted? If your pro abortion then dont reply because you almost werent born anyway (and will die eventually so really, dont say anything leftist feminazis. just die and pretend you arent self absorbed)
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Have you ever failed a class on purpose?

I don't understand my students who think that they are going to show/teach me/their parents/the system/the MAN a lesson by purposely failing a class.

EDIT: I am not talking about students who do not understand. These students I'm talking about CAN do the work. When they do turn in homework, or take the test - they score high. These are not students who do not understand. But they purposely do not do homework, or turn in tests blank.

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do people have a "right" to whatever feelings are in their head?

i mean, would you ever tell someone, "You have to right to be angry!" or "You have no right to be sad!"? Or can we only really judge actions, because that's the only thing we can really control?
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I'm supposed to get a small gift for a coworker for a gift exchange on Tues. I asked around and found that a hat would be a gift he might like. I went to Target the other day and found a hat with the Anheuser-Busch symbol that was nice and a hat with The Punisher skull on it that was also nice. All the other caps were retarded and had things like dallas cowboys or miami ink on them. This guy is a fan of guns, John Wayne, and boats/ships. Idk what to get him. Do you think one of those hats would be okay or should I look for other hats?

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TQC! I rented a trap to catch the stray kitten! I'm going to put it out a bit later. What are the chances I will catch him?

I had a dream were I caught a skunk instead. What are the chances of this happening? What the fuck should I do if it does?

What if I catch a different cat?

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1. I like Buffy, Lost, Scrubs, Six Feet Under, the Office, Arrested Development, and the History Channel.  What other shows do you think I'd like?  (FYI,  I couldn't get into Heroes or BBC Office.)

2. My university email account is going to die when I graduate and I have hundreds of emails in it that I want to save.  What's the easiest way to archive them somewhere?

3. What's the last new food you tried for the first time?  How was it?

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Whenever I feel guilty about something, I have a dream about it in which I can confront what's bothering me and it can "forgive" me. Like last night, I felt bad for not being able to work on a Christmas painting for Stephen, so in my dream, I went back to the Colbert Report and told Stephen about it. lol
Do your dreams serve a purpose? Is there anything specific that will trigger a dream for you?
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What's the most horrible thing you've ever said to someone you care about?

What's the most horrible thing someone you care about has said to you?
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Is there any place (in the US, Boston-based) to fix up a pair of scratched / faded glasses? Not the lenses, the frames themselves, and they are plastic. I love love my glasses but they're starting to look kind of ratty after almost seven years. They're not a style that can be replaced, so I'm looking for a way to make them look new-er or at least protect them for the future.

Or does anyone know a particular do-it-yourself remedy for dull / scuffed frames?

I am already aware of, and am trying to find an option that doesn't involve mailing my glasses someplace because, well, I need them to see!

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i went to do laundry in my apartment complex laundry place and a pair of what i'm pretty sure is my underwear was hanging from the pegboard. a newish pair that i kinda liked. it's not a huge complex, so i'm pretty sure they're mine. i took them down and threw them in the wash load.

but i'm not sure where they've been for the last ten days, and the idea of them wandering around the laundry room is a little upsetting.

do i return them to my normal underwear supply and wear them like nothing happened? or are they done?

Annoying Bitches

What annoys you the most about girls?

I'm a girl, and I fucking hate it when girls shriek/scream/giggle loudly. Some of their laughs are SOOO annoying and I can hear them from several doors away. I'm trying to study for finals in my dorm room damn it.
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Ladieeeez: what's the most emotional fuckwittery you've ever put up with in order to keep seeing/sleeping with a guy you really liked?

Guuuuyyyz: is it just my luck that I've only ever met women who put up with emotional fuckwittery of epic proportions, or do guys put up with that bullshit too?

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1. in a relationship, how committed are you?
2. did this year teach you anything important about yourself? (so far)
3. what star sign are you and how much do you agree that your personality traits match yours? is astrology important to you? how "real" are your daily stars? do you find other star signs that you supposed to like/dislike/argue/etc with is true? how far?
4. for those of you who have been in a relationship, do you have a disorder? have you had a S/O that has had a disorder? did this cause any problems in the relationship? would you ever avoid being in a relationship with a person who has a certain disorder? if so, which one?
5. what would be your initial thoughts if a close friend told you that when their S/O split up with them, they immediately considered suicide?
6. are you religious?
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Should I buy myself a BlackBerry Curve for christmas? Will I love it? Hate it? Will you post any experiences you've had with a BlackBerry?

Do you customize your desktop icons on your computer, or do you leave them as is? Mine are christmas themed right now, and were junk food themed before that.

ghosts?? :( :(

ok so. the last song on this side of the record ended and the arm went back to the starting place. this was like... 3 or so minutes ago and i've been too lazy to flip it.

but i just heard music coming from the speakers. it was kind of quiet and sounded like it had piano and maybe a small choir.

what the hell just happened?

Poll for the ladies about the ladies

Inspired by this post

How do you generally feel about most girls?

Girls are awesome. Lots of fun. I love my girlfriends
Some are really cool but most aren't
Women are catty, bitchy and backstabby
Just people. You'd have to take each person on a case by case basis
I think most girls are supportive, nice and friendly
I mistrust most girls
They really 'get' me. I can totally open myself to them
I don't 'get' them at all. They're mysterious and confusing
I'm a girlie girl and understand most girlish things
I prefer the company of men
I'm totally straight but can appreciate female beauty
I'm a lesbian
I'm bisexual and have been involved with members of both genders
I'm bi-curious. I'm curious about women but haven't really had any experiences with them in 'that way'
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What's your favorite christmas movie?

If you don't watch christmas movies because of whatever reason, what's your favorite kind of sandwich?

What would have happened if Sally hadn't sold seashells by the sea shore?

Who would win in a fight between Edward Cullen, Lestat de Lioncourt, and Bram Stoker's Dracula?
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TQC~ After this week, I will have 2 weeks off from work/school and will probably do 1 hour of private therapy/tutoring a day about 7 times during those two weeks. What should I do with all this free time? Ideas serious and non-serious are greatly appreciated.

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It's Tess's semi-anual Top Chef post!

So, who is watching it this season?  Who is your favorite?  Who drives you insane?

Edit: Why did Gale just call Chilean Sea Bass politically incorrect? O_o
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What liquid foundation do you use on a regular basis and whats so great about it?

I've been using So Ingenious by Estee Lauder for about 7 or 8 years and love it, but it was discontinued several years ago. As a result I have to get it on Ebay, and the quality of an item that has been sitting for years (new or not) is definately not the same. It's also just getting harder to find on there in my shade.

I need to find a good replacement. Doesn't need to be cheap, but availability on Ebay is always nice since I never liked the $32 price tag of the stuff I use. Something for everyday use that is easy to apply and lightweight.

Please share your favs.
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Favourite episode of House?
iunno. Whatever you tell me is what I'm going to go watch

30 Rock?
Prooobably Reunion. Or Cleavland.

Law and Order: SVU/CI?
SVU: The one where Olivia's undercover with the tree huggers and she gets hit in the head by a cop and goes to jail.
CI: The View From Up Here, or the one where Eames gets kidnapped. That was epic yo'

Your favourite show?
Favourite episode of your favourite show.
Ted Koppel's Big Night Out, Gilmore Girls.

Edited for clarity's sake.

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Have you ever been friends with someone that you absolutely worship, and then watch someone else say that YOU'RE way better at whatever you worship your friend for?

..this is an awkwardly-worded question. real-life base, aka example: me and a friend of mine both applied to the roleplay, but she got rejected after submissions, and i got accepted as-is. i have WORSHIPPED this girl since i met her for her roleplay, so it's wierd. i'm like "how did i get in and her not. o_0"

also: livejournal +mem feature. do you use it? did you? for what?

I just went back and deleted all the memories i had from 2006, because none of them are relevant anymore.

EDIT: i don't mean like 'shrine' and 'oh god bless me with your presence' worship, i mean like, i really look up to this person and admire their ability and would like to be as good as them.
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How flexible are you?

What color is your toothbrush?

how many boxes have you packed or unpacked in the last month?

My name is Zulu, and my title is Queen of the Dwarf People. What's yours?

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why so dead, TQC?

what are like regular household tasks you're just NOT good at?

i can't clean. i don't know how. i mean, i get things cleaned, but cleaning up a room and organizing is a long and frustrating process because i just don't know how to do it in any sort of efficient manner.
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Is there a natural way to curb your appetite? Diet pills and all that other crap just sounds unhealthy. I eat about once or twice every hour.

Last night my friend and I drank an entire bottle of Puckers Sour Green Apple in an hour and we didn't get drunk. Wtf is up with that? When was the last time you wasted your money on something?

What do you want for christmas?
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For those of you that share a living space with another person, how do you disguise the obvious sounds of your Sexy Times?

And/or if you don't... when was the last time that you felt frustrated with someone? Who was it and why?
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I'm still undecided and my mother needs to know by the end of January. My husband and I went to England/Wales in March this year. Now we are going again next year but this time my mother, sister and our daughter (who will be 1 September 29th, 09). My father in law wants to meet his granddaughter for the first time. He is terrified of flying and my husband doesn't want to go to Wales during the summer. We are going to be there for 1.5 weeks or 2 weeks, haven't decided on the number of days either.

What month should I go to England/Wales?

Ruth Etting
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Do you ever notice people being too polite to minorities? I notice it with handicapped people a lot. People sometimes go really far out of their way to be nice to them.

A girl I go to school with referred to someone (I think it was a historical figure) as "the African-American gentleman" which just seems like overkill to me. I mean, I doubt she would refer to a white guy with that level of formality.

What do you think of this phenomenon? Does it count as racism/discrimination? Is it forgivable because their intentions are good? (I am talking about the cases where their intentions actually are good. Not the people who are trying to hide their overt prejudice, but the people who are genuinely just trying to be nice, and they just don't know any better.)

Facial hair!

I posted this a couple days ago, but two people answered so i'll try it again.

Im trying to get my boyfriend a really good electric shaver for christmas. I obviously don't know what kind to get. The one he has now, he must use for about 20 minutes before he's nicely shaved.

What is a good kind of electric shaver?

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Uhg, why does Oxy face wash smell like such ass?

Also, does anyone has a good recipe for a cold pesto salad?  Like a good chilled pesto pasta salad.  None of this pesto-mayo though, plz.

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I am getting a Bachelors in Secondary Education with Spanish as an endorsement. Which area of concentration sounds the most interesting for my masters?

Masters of Science in Secondary Education:

The Arts
Improvement of Instruction
Middle Level
Urban Schools

I know I want to do the program, but I can't decide on an emphasis.
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I posted yesterday about my prescription for Ativan. I got in a really big fight with my best friend and it's been about a day or two and despite trying to work things out, I feel so horrible and sick and anxious.

I've never taken any kind of drug in my life, I never even take tylenol for my headaches, and I'm not really sure why my doctor prescribed this medicine to me. I'd really like to go to sleep or just calm down and rest for a bit and I just can't.

Would this be the wrong reason to take this? I'm just being a baby because I've never taken anything in my life.
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I have a few pairs of jeans that are thoroughly worn out - as in, holes in very inopportune places. I feel really bad throwing them away, but it would be shitty to give torn-up jeans to Goodwill or whatever.

What should I do with them? Is there some kind of jean/fabric recycling place that I could send them to? Or a charity that needs fabric?
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An apple a day...

Inspired by a previous post.

Do you think that "doctor always knows best"?

If so, how do you determine when they do and when they don't?

EDIT: Does it make a difference whether they are a specialist in their field or just a general practicioner?


What was the last time you screwed something you made up REALLY bad?

I just made a hershey syrup cake, and it overflowed ALLL over the oven and could have started a fire! it's super stinky in here!
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1. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
2. How long was the distance?
3. What, if anything, went horribly wrong?
4. Do you have advice for anyone who may become involved in a long distance relationship?


5. Have you ever been to Arizona?
6. If so, what part?
7. What time of the year did you visit?
8. Did the heat that I deal with on a daily basis overwhelm you?
9. Will you ever come back?

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Hypothetically, you're taking a shower with your SO. It's sexy and naked and fun, when you realize you have to pee REALLY bad. What do you do?

Explain my situation, and climb out to use the toilet
Pardon myself and pee in the shower
Don't say anything and just pee in the shower and hope my SO doesn't notice
I complain of having a headache and end the shower, and then, when he/she exits the bathroom disappointedly, pee then
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Are you unintelligent and/or lazy enough to buy the kind of things that Billy Mays screams about on tv?

What do you think is the most "useful" thing being sold on tv commercials?  The least useful?

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sleep, sleep, sleep

What is the longest you've gone without sleep?
What is the longest you've slept for in one period of time?
Do you normally have dreams when you sleep?
            If so, any common theme or are they general?
Did you get enough sleep today?

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is an obsession with football a valid excuse to not hang out with/talk to your SO?

if your SO said or implied "sorry I can't hang out with you today/talk much because I'm watching football", what would you say?

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I saw the Obama family this afternoon picking out a Christmas tree at the lot two blocks from my house! I'm still all giddy.

Have you ever seen a president in person? Where and when was it?
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TQC, why aren't there ever any instrument problems while I am actually at work, but I get 8 bajillion phone calls in the evening and on weekends with computer/instrument problems?

Is it messed up that I am required to make myself available at the drop of a hat (if I don't respond within about 30 minutes no matter where I am or what I am doing, people get upset) but the company refuses to pay my cell phone bill? 

I know they won't pay for a landline..but what if I decided tomorrow to have a landline only and if I went out for dinner or to the movies, they would have to deal with however long it took me to come back and get the message?  I would get fired, y/y?

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Do you have a nose piercing? Is it on your right or left? If so, can you show me a picture?

What side seems to be the most popular one to get a piercing on, at least that you have seen?

To your knowledge, is there any significance in getting one side pierced over the other? I keep hearing about different reasons for getting one side pierced in Asian cultures (Indian mostly) but doing a quick google search, I found different explanations for everything.

I'm going to go get mine pierced tomorrow. I've already picked out the place and everything; it's a reputable clean shop and they do great work there. I'm excited. :-)
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I'm home for 3 weeks (Christmas break). I have a few friends who live here, but most of them have moved, live elsewhere, or are off on missions or in the military.

I need something(s) to keep me occupied for 3 weeks. What projects could I start that are relatively inexpensive, fun, and totally awesome?!


TQC, please clarify some info for me...

From what I understand, the 80GB PS3 does not come with memory card slots...can I erase game information from the hard drive and save over it?? How does this work?
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So I've been hanging out recently with one of my friends and her group of friends. One of the friends has invited me to her birthday party, which involves pregaming at her place then taking a party bus to the bar. I've only known this girl since September, and have only hung out with her 3 times.

That being said, I don't want to go empty handed to her birthday party.

Should I get her a gift? If so, what kind of gift?
Or should I go the route of bringing over some food and bottles of champagne? If so, what's a good champagne you can recommend?

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My poor parents' PC is terribly slow and I suspect it's caused by a ridiculous amount of adware/spyware. I've googled around and found some free software, but the reviews have been spotty at best. TQC, what's the best free-to-download anti-adware/spyware program?

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1)I can't remember the name of a Ray Bradbury story. A bunch of alien children see their first rain.

It was all summer in a day.[edit] thanks

2)What have you cooked this week?

baked apples.

3)are you uncomfortable with leisure? If you are comfortable with it, suggestions for us who are not?

I feel uncomfortable with leisure.
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Dr. TQC, a few minutes ago I was stretching and all of a sudden, my chest started hurting really bad. It's not where my heart is, but like right under the breastbone and directly between my boobs. It's starting to fade, but it still feels like someone  punched me in the chest. WTF is going on with my stupid body today? Is it possible it's related to my falling out of the shower and onto the toilet Wednesday?

What are you doing right now?
I'm indulging my inner twelve-year-old and watching episodes of the real cheesy dub version of Sailor Moon.
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1. I need to come up with a serious magical sickness or disease for a fan fic. Basically, what's wrong, and how the person gets it. Care to help?

2. What was the best part of your weekend?

3. What's your favorite late night snack?
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do you or does anybody you know enjoy that sitcom big bang theory? sadly, it's the best thing on television now that we've swapped over to summer tv season. it makes me feel like i'm stuck in a pair of pyjamas and i can't get my head out the neck hole.

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So I have a box of Annie's mac and cheese and it asks to mix some of the cheese powder with lowfat milk.  I usually mix with water because I hardly ever have milk in my fridge.  I do have Soymilk though (I mix it in my coffee) and i was wondering whether or not mixing the Soymilk with the "cheese" would be good?

TQCers, have you ever made mac and cheese with soymilk? 
Would you make it with Soymilk or just use water (which works kinda fine....a little flavorless though)?
What is the worst that can happen?
james franco lolz


what are some tips to relieve severe stress and anxiety ?  i have finals this week and i'm stressing it like i've never stressed before.  any suggestions to help calm myself down would be appreciated :) 

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1. Please list some songs that compare being addicted to drugs to being in a relationship: i.e. "You are the Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails

2.  Have any of you conquered or gotten your emotional eating problems under control? How did you do it?

3. Incense or candles?

Aquarium question

I am thinking about setting up my aquarium that I just got from a friend. It is a 45 gallon tank and I want to make it a freshwater tropical tank. I have heard that Clown Loaches are a great addition to a tank but what other fish do you suggest that would get along well with the Clown Loach?

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A law that doesnt involve drugs that you would make legal?

You get to change your name for a week while traveling through europe, what will it be?

Sexy person sends to your phone naked pictures of themselves, what would you send back to them?
or what would you text them?

how much sweets do you eat durring the holidays?

What religion do you want to get rid of?
Young Ron Jeremy
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Peanut Butter.

Do you love peanut butter?
Do you keep it in the refrigerator?
What is your favorite jelly to have it with?

Yes i am eating some PB&J lol.

I love it.
I do keep it in the refrigerator.
I love it with raspberry or boysenberry jelly. Strawberry is SO overrated!
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Please help me!

How do I unblock images in firefox? I didn't use adblock plus. I just right clicked and selected "block images from blahblahblah".

I accidentally blocked all icons.

All better now! Thanks.
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In three days I'm going to Disney World with my boyfriend and he's trying to convince me to go on the Tower of Terror. I'm pretty much a scaredy cat when it comes to big thrill rides and one of my biggest fears is being trapped in an elevator/having it drop. Am I crazy for going on it? Have you been on it? How bad is it?

What are your favorite/least favorite things at Disney World?
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My crush just texted me "I just thought of the perfect gift for you! i can't believe i didn't think of it sooner"

ignoring the "wtf why is he telling me that?" factor -- what is he getting me?!

if you don't care, what would you be expecting if someone thought of "the perfect gift" for you?

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There's about a half an inch of sleet on the ground outside and it's slick as snot on the roads. If it stops snowing/sleeting within the next 30 mins what are the odds that my brother won't have to go to school tomorrow?

Also why does this question feel like a math word problem? A/B=C? If A = the amount of sleet and B = the probability of a snow day for my brother then what does C equal?
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Would you like an oatmeal cookie?

Why aren't my firefox add-ons working? :(

What are you looking forward to most in the next few months? Are you excited for the new year? Do you celebrate it? How?
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I don't have much money to spend on Christmas presents this year, but I have about 10 people I want to buy presents for (my parents, brother, grandma, boyfriend, boyfriend's parents, boyfriend's grandparents and best friend).  I feel bad if I don't get people anything, but will also feel bad getting them a crappy gift.  I feel like cookies for these important people is shitty.  I want to get something, but I can't really afford even $10/person. I know everyone will get me something.

What should I do?

Financial stress sucks.
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Right or Wrong?

I work at an hourly job. We get paid time and a half for any hour we work over 40. Someone told me today that it isn't worth it to work more than 8 or so overtime hours because the more you work the less you get because they tax it more. True or False?
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What do you call a big bottle of pop/soda? (I ask because we call them 2 Litres, but Americans don't go by litres so...???)

Well blow me down! What do you call the various sizes of booze bottles?

(no subject)

What would cause mildew/mold etc. to grow in a particular spot?

A while back I noticed there was light yellowish stuff on the grout in my bathroom, but only in a couple very small spots in the same general area (between my wall and toilet-tad behind toilet) not on the other side of the toilet, not in front of it, not near the shower etc. I don't mop/vacuum as much as I should but when I do I do the whole floor so it's not as if that section gets cleaned less than the rest. I tried washing it away with water and it didn't work, floor cleaner didn't take it away either-in both instances it went away temoporaraly but just seemed to come back like the next day (when dry?) Is it something besides mildew mold?
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what's your nighttime/before bed routine?

take out contacts, brush teeth, wash face, lotion & skin care stuff. change into PJ's and browse internet for much too long. organize bedroom and pick out clothes/write a to-do list/reminders for the next day. sleep