December 13th, 2008

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I NEED HELP!  I am going to try to sum this up shortly because it could easily get tl;dr

So last spring I made the mistake of dating this guy, for two weeks, so it wasn't really dating at all.  Anyway, he seemed nice at first, but he ended up being a creeper and not nice.  AKA saying I had no personality and talking about how horny he was on facebook chat.

After the 'breakup' (does two weeks even deserve that term?) I came to my senses and realized how weird and creepy this guy was.  Alas, he continued to talk to me via the computer.  Not a ton, but every few weeks, and I would either

A) ignore him

B) not be nice to try and get him to stop talking to me

or C) try and be nice because I felt bad

Keep in mind every time he talked to me he was still being creepy, talking about how hot my friends are that he knows, saying he wished he was near me cause he was horny, AKA gross stuff that is not acceptable to say.  He moved from where I live, but he would still message me being like "i'll be back in town next weekend, wanna hang out?" (with creepyness added) and I would not respond.  Finally, one time when he messaged me, he said something like "I need to fulfill my desire to talk to you it is a need" or something creeperish and I was finally just like PLEASE STOP.  THIS IS CREEPY.  Please stop talking to me.  We defriended each other on facebook (this was how he was talking to me) and it was fine.  Then he tried to refriend me.  I ignored.  Then, today, he sent me a message that was not inherently creepy, it's just coming from someone creepy, like "I'm gonna be back in town soon, we should hang out, please talk to me, I'm really sorry, blah blah blah"

OKAY.  I do not want to talk to him.  I have no interest in keeping any connection open with him.  I'm sorry if that's rude, but I have absolutely no desire to talk to or hang out with someone who has shown himself to be a creeper, and I thought I made myself clear.  

What do I say to this?  Do I just ignore it?  Do I try to be nice?  What do I do??

Oh, and also, is it really bitchy of me to be doing this?  I like to think not since he has been very creepy, but don't know how it looks from an outsiders perspective...

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What city do you live in?
Are there any songs that mention it, which ones?

I'm in Ontario NY and don't know of any-the closest thing I can think of is "The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot, when he sings "and further below, Lake Ontario takes in what Lake Erie can send her"

On a related note, do you enjoy Lightfoot's song?
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How cute is this? 1=I feel nothing; 10=omg that is cutest thing ever!

Mean: 7.01 Median: 8 Std. Dev 2.62

If someone was sending you homemade cookies but they used pre-made icing to decorate said cookies, would you be upset about that and/or consider that to be cheating in the making of the cookies?


Has anyone here ever had real marshmallows? I don't mean the homemade type made with gelatin but instead the ones made from the marshmallow plant? How were they?

Do you know of any place online or offline that sells them?

And if you don't care for marshmallows;

Have you seen this man around?

Did weird things happen after you saw him?

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Why the hell did my roommate choose to not move out today during the day (when she was sitting on the couch all day doing nothing) and decided to move tonight, and slamming the door every time she comes in and out of the apartment?

I'm about to knock her down. (The slamming is preventing me from sleeping)
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Will there be a season 3 of Torchwood? What should I watch when I run out of them? I was thinking the new BSG but I'm open to any other shows.

I'm babysitting a 17mo old girl tomorrow. How do I entertain her?

How am I expected to update a BIOS with a 3.5" floppy disk when there's not even a spot on the motherboard to plug one in?? And srsly, who even uses those anymore? When was the last time you used a 3.5" floppy drive/disk? My husband's friend offered to lend me the one in his pants.

How do you take your tea/coffee?

Favorite ice cream flavor?
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for those of you who watch never mind the buzzcocks

1. what's your favorite episode/moment?
2. if you could make your own buzzcocks supergroup episode, who would it consist of (for guests and team captains)?

edited for rebel_waltz:
1. plz to be naming all of your favorite episodes/moments
2. You can make an A-list Buzzcocks episode with as many team members and captains as you like, WHO DO YOU CHOOSE?
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Somebody with more talent than me is designing Christmas e-cards for me to send my clients. I need to send her the text I want tonight, but I'm not sure exactly what I want to say. Something along the lines of "Merry Christmas, I hope you continue sending me work and moniez, love, garua". Except... better.

So, what would you write on a card for a client if you were a freelance translator/editor?

If you don't care... what media player do you currently use? Why?

TQCing drunk

so there was this guy at work i had a little crush on and we talked a couple times and i found him on facebook through a friend(he showed up in that little side bar thing) and added him but he never added me back(ironically, i added him literally a day before i found out he quit).

Baro Bitch Stare

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Hey guys, I'm super bored and stuck at work until 2:30am. Who wants to entertain me by chatting on AIM?

What is a band or song that you have on your playlists/music files that you are embarrassed to admit having?

And because we are on the internet I don't think it is "rude" to ask how much do you make at your job(s)?
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Another lame gift question

What should I get my bro-in-law and sister for Christmas?

She's a teacher and he's a house-husband. They're both really into WoW, and are geeky/nerdy. And they don't want anymore 'stuff' as they're planning to move soon.

EDIT: He used to work for Blizzard, so they have life-time accounts.

Should I get a raise by now?

So, I've been working at this chinese restaurant for over a year and a half now as a hostess. My current pay is $7/hour. My other coworker who came from my boss' sister's restaurant started at and still has $8.50/hour. By now, I don't see why I haven't gotten at least a $0.50 raise. I've covered numerous times when someone calls in sick, and am always early to work by 10-15 minutes, run to Harris Teeter if my boss needs something, and entertain his children when they come to the restaurant when I'm working, and have worked a whole weekend (Friday to Sunday 11 to 11 everyday) alone (because the other 3 hostesses all took that weekend off.) 

Bottom line, after I work 11am - 11pm on Jan. 2nd, should I go up to my boss and ask for a raise?
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Poll #1314443 Who are you?

How different are you on the internet from how you are IRL? (one being not very, ten being completely different)

Mean: 3.39 Median: 3 Std. Dev 2.14

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Do your eyelashes ever get tangled? And, like, you open your eyes up wide to pull the top and bottom lashes apart... but the things retangle as soon as you close your eyes and you have to do this over and over and over again?

What can I do to stop this constant, uncomfortable lash madness?

Is it because I have long lashes? The women who cut my hair asked me if they were real, which was really confusing because I'm a a dude. I want them to stop twisting around each other.

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TQC, what do you do when your dog wakes you up in the middle of the night by chewing on your arm because she is having a dream about something delicious you can't sleep? Other than sleeping pills... that is usually my answer, but as it is 5:15am and I'd like to be awake before 2pm (despite having nothing to do tomorrow), that's not really an option.

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You guys, my 5-month-old woke up at 3:30am to eat and then spent the next 90 minutes squealing and kicking me and smacking me in the face. He just fell asleep again, and I have to be up in an hour because I work today.

Next time I should totally give him some cough medicine to make him sleepy, amirite? Maybe grind up some of my leftover percosets from the C-section?

Do you have to poop right now?
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Ok... I am teh dumb.
I am watching morning news TV and supposedly Americans drove 9,000,000 miles less than they did this time last year.

How do they know this?
Or, like, they know when 'X' amount of viewers watch a certain show. HOW DO THEY GET THEIR NUMBERS?
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Dear Dr. TQC,

I have a really swollen knee, which has been getting worse each day. I went to my doctor about it on Thursday, and he said there was a lot of fluid around it and to do the usual things to stop the swelling, but if it doesn't get better to go and see him. I won't be able to go until next Tuesday.

So, what should I do? Suck it up and wait until I Tuesday to see my doctor, or just go to the hospital today?

Right now I have very limited movement of this knee and wouldn't be doing anything but sitting around anyway.

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1) I'm at my grandma's and she's recovering from surgery, so I'm cooking dinner today. I want to make Hamburger Helper. She has hamburger, but no Hamburger Helper. If I make Tuna Helper with hamburger instead of tuna, will it turn out okay? The reason I'm asking is because I did the opposite once and it wasn't so great.

2) My grandmother just moved in August and the oven still confuses her. (Even though it shouldn't) She turns the oven on and after it's done pre-heating, it says End. What is she doing? When I pre-heat the oven for baking cookies, it never says that.

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so i'm staying with my dad right because of some awesome debt i'm in that i wanna get paid off fast, and last night i left an empty bottle of wine out that i obviously drank by myself.

now, this never happens. i rarely drink alone and almost never bring alcohol home.


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Have you ever suspected that someone was going to give you a (specific) Christmas gift that you really really really wanted (but didn't ask for), only to have it turn out that they didn't give it to you? How did you react? Were you disappointed? And more importantly, perhaps -- did you let your disappointment show, or did you hide it?

I have a feeling that my parents are giving me a laptop for Christmas. A bunch of things have led me to think this (and some of it...okay, a lot of it...might just be wishful thinking.) But I really need to stop thinking that they're going to give me the laptop, because if Christmas comes and the laptop doesn't appear, I know I'm going to be vastly disappointed and I'll need to hide it. (And I don't know how well I'll do.)
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Should I throw on a pair of paints PANTS and go to the corner store so I can get English muffins so I can have them for breakfast(in the form of egg, bacon and muffin sammiches), or should I just suck it up and find something to eat around here?

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My apartment has laminate wood floors and when the last tenant left she didn't make that big of an effort to thoroughly clean the place. She also left a lot of junk in the kitchen. I tried to clean but the dust just keeps piling up and there's no way for me to make it go away. Is there any trick to getting rid of dust and debris or do I have to replace my broom every single time I use it because it's just making things worse?

I don't have a vacuum, unfortunately.
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I cannot for the life of me find the site I used to use to make blinkies. I need to add some dazzle to an icon I'm making, but can't find a site where you upload a picture and add shit to it. I know I'm probably just being lame, but does anyone know of one?
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I'm going to Wal-Mart in a few hours to stock up on those big 33.8 ounce bottles of Sam's Choice sparkling flavored water that cost like $00.58 a pop. Oh, and Top Ramen. OMNOMNOMNOM. A bunch of both of these will give me lunches for weeks. And they're both cheap.

For those of you who shop at Wal-Mart/Target/similar stores, what inexpensive staples do you usually stock up on?

If you found a $100 bill on the sidewalk, what would you buy with it? You can't buy food, or anything for anyone else. You have to buy one fun thing for yourself.

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TQC My boyfriend has gone away for the weekend, leaving me in our flat home alone. What can I do for the next couple of days that will entertain me and (hopefully) not cost too much cash?

tattle tale

You know how some places have a sign at the counter saying "Minimum charge $10" or something similar? Well, that's illegal. If someone wants to charge ten damn cents they have that right. As a credit investigator it's my job to report these people. I don't go around store to store looking for them, but if I happen to stroll in, I give them a gentle warning and we go from there. Last night I was getting my nails done and I notice the sign. I pull the manager to the side and let her now the deal and wouldn't you know the little shit head ROLLS HER EYES at me and goes "Oh, evveryone has that sign up!"

I feel childish for reporting her right away just because she gave me an attitude, but then I don't take getting fucked with lightly. Report her shop right away or show up in a week and give another warning?
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Why do I buy frozen pasta dinners whenever I know the pasta is always going to be too soggy?

Assuming you're in college, and do not get any kind of aid, how much did your most expensive textbook cost?

Why is the "bad" ending to a game never the canon one?

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1. What's the funniest use of ironic you've stumbled upon? I was checking out a Kate Nash cover of an Arctic Monkey's song and one of the commenters was pissed off because her voice didn't capture the 'irony' of it.

2. Should I cut my hair short? I've had long-ish hair since forever and I don't know if I want to take the big leap.

Collapse )

Book making

Do any of you craftier ones in here make books? 
I want to get into this as I think it's something I'd really love to do but I'm not sure where to start.

If you know:
What are the most basic tools and materials I will need to start book making (measurements help too)?
What are the easiest binding stitches to learn by yourself?
Can you point me to some good tutorials (not shitty ass ones I keep finding)?

Will you post a picture of a book you made? 
Any other advice on the topic is appreciated.
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I missed my train home. I have a few hours to kill here. In the meantime I texted my friend to tell her I missed the train and she demanded that I hang out with her. I just want to be alone and shop alone since I've had no alone time or privacy in days. So I told her that I managed to get the next train home and was already on it. What should I say if we bump into eachother in town? I don't know of her plans and I don't want to say "sorry, I didn't feel like being with you." and hurt her. Is there a good excuse I could give her? Anything that won't leave her asking "well, since you were here longer why didn't you let me know?"

The underwear question.

TQC women, how many bras do you own? Do you have a favorite? How many pairs of underwear? Do you have a preferred style?

TQC men, how many pairs of underwear do you own? What's your preferred style?

How often do you wander around in your skivvies when home alone? How often do you buy underwear? Do you enjoy shopping for it?

Do you have an underwear style preference for the sex you're attracted to?

I have 7 bras, and I'm not sure if I have more than most women or average or not enough. My favorite is a blue striped one I got at Aerie last summer. I enjoy boy shorts on myself, I have like 30 pairs of those alone, and I rotate with new ones every month or so. I'm skivvy-naked whenever possible.
I like it when guys wear boxers but a well-timed (otherwise I giggle at them) pair of briefs can work too.
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Srry2sey, but a council met late last night and decided that out of the 3 billion humans on Earth, that you should be the one to leave.

A spaceship to one of Jupiters habitable moons is ready for your departure.

You have no choice on the matter, however the council has decided that you can choose one person to go with you.

Whom do you choose? Why?

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TQC, what should I eat for lunch?
A) Kraft mac n' cheese!
B) Toast with pb & banana! (I ate this for breakfast 5 of the last 6 days)
C) PB&J!
D) Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal! (I ate this for breakfast this morning)
E) 10 more York patties

Also, whatcha doin?

I'm watching a What Not To Wear marathon on TLC. YESSSS

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1) Why does my grandmother follow me into the kitchen when I cook, insist she's doing something else, then sit down and tell me what to do even though I know how to do it?

2) Do I really have re-do the bed in the morning because it's not "perfect"?
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My ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend just sent me a message on facebook:

"ha the only reason i added u is cuz i wanna creep on gavins ex girlfriend. btw what the fuck r u doing in ur default picture??
ps noelle says u look like the girl from the ring"

What would you do in response, if anything?
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Why is it that I sit at home, bored to tears, for weeks on end because everyone else I know is busy or too far away, and the minute I make plans to do something, 3 other people call and want to hang out?  

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I bought some shoes at Famous Footwear today and was considering buying a second pair because they are selling them buy one get the second 1/2 price. I think I saw a pair of flat boots that were mid/calf height that looked nice-and I've sort of been wanting to look into taller boots. The problem is, I'm like 5'2" with pretty short legs, so I don't know if they'd look good on me :/ Any chance they'd not look ridiculous and/or break fashion rules?

Assuming I don't think they look too bad should I go ahead and buy them and say 'fuck you' to the apparent rules of fashion?

to serve for your country...

Have you ever been in the military? If so, what country did you serve and what branch were you in? Are you still active? Do you like it?

Are you a military brat? From which country? Which branch was/were your parent(s) in?

Did you move around much? (Do you have any stories pertaining to this?)

Yes, other countries have military, but does yours have a military culture that the US has? That is whole cities are build around branches. The military have their own housing, base schools for those outside the US, support groups and such.
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Do you know any scary movies with a Christmas theme? Or ones that take place around Christmas?

I'm watching Christmas Evil right now, about a boy who catches his mom having sex with his Santa suite-clad father and grows up to be obsessed with Old Saint Nick, in a creeptastic way.

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In what ways do you prefer your SO to be different from you?

Were you a planned or unplanned birth?

How many email addresses do you have?

Have any of you had success on How long did it take you to find someone?
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Another gift question, sorry TQC, but I'm really stumped

Some guy friends of mine got engaged a few months back (they're headed overseas where they can legitimately tie the knot) - and the engagement party is tonight. I only know one half, and he's more of an acquaintance. What do people normally give as engagement gifts in these situations? I thought alcohol, but apparently they're happily well-stocked. The party is tonight, and I'm recently unemployed and under-resourced, so don't plan on spending more than $20. Any ideas?

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for those of you who have or are currently attending college:

do you live at home or on campus?

do you feel less a part of college life if you dont live in a dorm? does it feel like a continuation of high school?

for those of you who have never gone to college:

does it bother you that I dont use capital letters?
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In addition to his gifts, I think I'm going to get my husband a card with a cheesy message inside. We had a bit of a rough year to start out with and everything is better now, so I want him to know that I really appreciate him.

Should I give him this card first, before his gifts? Or after he opens all of his other gifts?

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1) Is anyone watching the movie currently airing on Lifetime?
2) If you are, do you think the neighbor is Santa? I have a weird feeling he is.

Edit: For number two, the movie is over and he totally is Santa. I called it so early.
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Billions will die!

Gais, did you know that the world will end US will collapse and World War III will break out in the next three weeks?

When will people stop prophesying the end of the world?

Bonus question: I snapped the little counter-lever thingy on my (front-loader) washing machine's door. Now I can't open the door :( Any idea how to jimmy it open so I can have clothes to wear next week?


TQC, my boyfriend and I broke up not but 5 minutes ago. Will you

1)suggest some music i can listen to that will cheer me up

2)post/say anything happy or funny so i can laugh

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Text message guy came into work today and we were chit-chatting. I came back into the office and my boss said "OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE SOMETHING ON YOUR TOOTH!"

...will you tell us about the last time you were [painfully] embarrassed?

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Has anyone else ever had psoriasis on their scalp?

I've always had a dry scalp so I never took notice to the severe itching and flaking on my head until my hair starting coming out in chunks, at first I thought it had to do with stress but after this going on for over 2 months I went to the doctors yesterday. He told me i have psoriasis and that was what was causing my hair to fall out, he also told me a dermatologist could treat it better than him so he told me to buy T-gel shampoo (which i did) and make an appointment( which isn't until 01/30 =[) So what I wanted to know is if there is anything else i can do to make this stop, if you have had it how did your doctor treat it?

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what was the last thing you bought because the price was utterly irresistible?

~i just bought 8 bottles of gold peak sweetened tea from the 99 cent store for 59 cents a bottle! they're usually $2 at my school/$1.50 at ralph's! wooo!

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Girls, would you date/marry a guy 2 years younger than you, or would you prefer someone your age or older?

Guys, would you date/marry a girl 2 years older than you, or would you prefer someone your age or younger?

Clean out my closet

Tonight my friend is performing in a drag show. I have never been to one so I am a bit lost
...what do I wear (I am female)???
Edit: Is it more of a casual thing or something you should sorta dress up for?

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Could you recommend a laptop for me to buy? I'm going to be traveling, so I'm looking for something lightweight (around 3 lb) and durable. I'm not looking too much at the sub-notebooks, I'm hoping for something with an optical drive.

And if you're not interested in that, what will you be having for dinner tonight?

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a) I have a ring I want to start wearing that only fits on my left ring finger. Should I get it resized or just keep it on my left hand?

b)When you moved out of your parents' house, did your parents keep your room the way it was, or convert it into a computer room/home gym/guest room/whatever?

-Mine changed my room into the computer room. When I come home I have to sleep on an air matress and I always get woken up early in the morning by someone using the computer.

c) What are some silly things that you keep in your wallet/purse?

-I have a Digimon playing card and my license is covered up by an Autopia license from Disneyland because I don't like my picture.

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I had a dream the other day that my spaceship landed on a desolate planet. my crew and i were captured and brought to the "the king." well, when we got there, I thought there were bodies all over the palace (or whatever place he inhabited) but in reality, they were emaciated and on the brink of dying. I remember seeing this one girl lying across the table. I thought she was dead till she moved a little. she was emaciated too. then, this fat "king" (or ruler) came out and one of his hungry servants handed him a tray of food before he talked to us. he put it on the emaciated girl's stomach as a kind of table for it and then demanded who we were. then I woke up.

What do you think this means? Should I write a book about it which will then turn into a major motion picture?

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Do you think students going to commuter schools are expected to work (as in have a job, not school work) more than students who are dorming?

What's your job/school situation?

My friends who dorm have "jobs" on campus where they can tell their boss they have a test and not have to come in. . A friend that I go to school with has parents who insisted she work, yet her sister who goes away to school doesn't have to.

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i have a 25 dollar target giftcard- and want to treat myself now, rather than save it. i am a 23 year old southern girl, a sociology and education student, pretty girly.

what should i get?

edit: i went with some jammies and lingerie, lip balm, and some archer farm treats. thanks!

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if you do anything creative, whether it's write, paint, draw, sculpt, film, photograph, whatever... who is your biggest influence? Not necessarily your favorite, but the artist who has made the biggest impact on your own work?

If you're not creative, do you ever wish that you were?

(no subject)

What sort of job do you think is the most secure, long-term? So many people I know majored in "practical" things like computer science or accounting, assuming there'd always be some need for their skills, but the fact that tons of them are now laid off has really made me think.
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Omg. Losing my mind here.

Our bedroom is infested with mice. They are crapping and peeing all over my books and I would kill them with my bare hands... But I can't even kill them without my bare hands.

We have tried live traps and, now, 2 kids of rat poison (tucked way where the pets can't get them). I have found empty bags of the poison so I know they ate it. But I am still hearing them and finding their turds!

What baffles me is that there is NO source of food in our bedroom. NONE. We have no mice in our kitchen! But in the bedroom where there's nothing to eat, they're everywhere!

What are they living off of? And how do I get rid of them?? :(

(ps - my cat is useless, I already tried getting him to be a mouser. no luck.)

ETA: I now see how many mouse posts there have been in the last few days/weeks. Alas! And, as for the "they die in your walls and smell" stuff, it actually doesn't really happen in Santa Fe, in my experience. It's so dry here that they just kinda mummify and that's the end of it.

I'm still curious about what they could possibly be living off of. Other than the piles of dead mice in my walls. But wouldn't the dead mice be full of poison and thus poison the cannibals?

(no subject)

1)do you ever get uncomfortable with leisure?

yes, I don't know what to do with myself.

2)what are you holding off from doing?

gluing stuff together.

3)what immature thoughts are you having?

do we have to have steak every sunday?

(no subject)

do you watch adult swim?

what's your favorite show?


I do, I just started since I moved in with my friend and she always has it on. I used to hate it, but I've been converted. Really love the Venture Bros., but omfg I love the Warden from Superjail.
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Can someone explain to me the appeal of Beyonce?

Should I do something productive tonight (like clean) or continue to lay around and play on the internet/watch tv?

If you're part of the TQC Christmas exchange, have you bought your gift yet?

(no subject)

I feel really, really tired. But it's 8pm, and I've only been up since 10. I know I won't fall asleep if I lay down. What should I do? :(

What's your favorite color skittle? Do you eat them by color or just shove them all in your mouth at once? Have you ever secretly wished one of those skittle commercials would come true?

(no subject)

The price of gas has gone up 20 cents at a couple of stations near me. Has it gone up near you? How much?

Can you pull off the messy/tousled hair look?

Would you rather win $500,000 lump sum or 1,000,000 over 30 years?

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Poll #1314852 Hypothetical involving cars and bums

You're at a party, having a decent time, when someone spills a large glass of whiskey on you. You clean up as best you can, but you reek of alcohol. You're sober (or close to it) when you leave, and are driving home. It's late and there's no one on the road. Suddenly, around a dark bend, a homeless man steps off the curb, in the path of your car. You mow him down. You stop the car and look in your rear view mirror. He's not moving. A lot of things cross your mind. No one saw you and you stink of booze and you'll be assumed to have been under the influence. What do you do?

Call 911. Stick around to answer questions. Let whatever happens happen
Call 911. Tell them where to find the guy. Hang up
He's probably dead and there's no point ruining my life over this. The cops will only think I was drunk. I step on the gas and get outta Dodge
Check to see if the hobo had any money. Then, drive off
"Stupid bastard! What the hell were you thinking, walking into the street in front of a car? It's IDIOTIC! I'm so PISSED!" You then back up over him and then take off
Put him in my trunk. I'll dispose of the body later

Married folk

You see these cliché movies/TV shows where the husband will steal his wife's wedding ring and get it engraved with something, usually sentimental. My question is: would you be upset if your husband/wife stole your wedding ring somehow and got it engraved? Leave it be? 

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At my new job, the company is pushing sales associates/supervisors to have people sign up for their private-label credit card (like a department store credit card that can only be used at that store, not like a Visa card). With the way the economy is, and my own problems with credit, it is hard for me to do this, but since I am new there, and the manager was nice enough to hire me after the other store we both worked at closed. What is your thought on this? Would you follow company policy and do what they want, or follow your own moral compass and not do it?
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Let's go out!

Have you ever:

Went to a bar or club alone?

If not, would you do it? Why or why not?

Just want to hear input! I'm staying with family members in another city and I don't have any friends here. A friend's advice is to just go alone!
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If you had to write your own version of The Grinch, how would you alter it?

This is one of my sister's assignments for sophomore English; I think it's a cool idea. She's going to make Cindy Loo Who the villian behind it all, because she wants all the presents (including a Hannah Whotana bra and panty set) for herself. And after the heist, Cindy slips the Grinch a "whoofie" and holds him captive, kind of like what happens in Hard Candy.

And, speaking of Hard Candy: in the movie, Ellen Page's character calls the male character a word that means something similar to pedophile and he answers with "I'm not a pedophile!" What did she call him, TQC? My sis thinks it may have started with a "c" but she's not sure.

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What would your picks be for some of the best and worst things of 2008?

Supporting Actor?
Video game?
New single?

What other things/people/etc should be remembered as being the best or worst of '08?

What category should awards shows have that doesn't exist yet?
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Will you share some food- or eating-related ettiquette that you know, that you think we might not?

Did you ever gamely try a foodstuff that is traditionally odd that you thought you'd hate, but ended up liking?

What common food would you be content not to eat ever again?
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So I have mice. For the most part, they are living in one wall and have access to one cupboard in my kitchen. When they have the balls, they run across my counter from behind my fridge to behind my stove. These are really tiny, no longer than a finger. What is the most effective way of killing these things? They are not approaching those standard mouse traps. I have thought about the humane traps where you catch them alive and release them, but I live in a field and it is -30 out so they will keep coming in. Glue traps freak me out.

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I had a new bottle of body wash in my bedroom and somehow it opened a little thus getting body wash on my carpet.  I grabbed a dirty shirt and wet it to wipe it up but the spot got bigger and soapier.  I used the dry spot of the shirt to wipe it up and it seemed to help a little but it sti