December 12th, 2008


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1. are you almost done with your Christmas/holiday shopping?
2. who else do you have left to buy for?

1. kind of...
2. my parents, my sister, my boyfriend and one last friend

late night entertainment

My boyfriend has to stay up really late tonight because his project partner doesn't know what he's doing.  I told my boyfriend I'd stay up with him so he isn't  alone.  Unfortunately the only shows that will be on TV in an hour or so are horribly shitty.  So what should I do to entertain myself? 

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TQC, do you need encouragement or just a good "you can do it" message?

Post here to give and receive encouragement! Be as specific as you like!

I need to be told that I can and will finish my presentation for tomorrow and do a great job.

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If you have facebook, what do you have written in that little box on the profile page that says 'write something about yourself'?

Do any of your favourite products have a seasonal version too? for example here, hula hoops (crisps or potato chips) are normally round but they have released ones that are shaped like stars!
Do you fall for gimmicks like this or HAVE to buy them? cause i sure do =D

Finally dog owners - you know how horses refuse to jump sometimes? does your dog have anytime on their walk where they refuse to walk on a certain part of a street? my dog has certain places(exactly the same every time) where he will not walk on the pavement and takes the lead in his mouth and pulls away from the area. It is fairly amusing but why does he do this?
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Why are/were notes passed in high school so impossibly folded? I remember snooping through my friend's stuff and seeing two and three and four page notes that were folded into square that I'm pretty sure violate some kind of law involving the folding of paper.

What are you planning on having for lunch tomorrow?

Can robots ever become zombies?

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It's 1am and my neighbor is riding around outside on his loud ATV. Is it acceptable to go outside, knock him off by throwing a rock at his head and then get on the ATV and run him over?

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Should I go to Albuquerque Saturday? I'd probably stay there until Sunday night. I have friends there, so money is not really a big deal.

Pros: Getting out of Alamogordo, spending time with enjoyable people, high possibility of a good time, big city.
Cons: 200+ mile drive.

Also, I want to know what color your car is. Will you tell me?
Mine is black
Slow Mo Guys - Gavin

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If your current SO asked you to read some of the love letters that you wrote to an ex-SO, would you? (if you don't currently have an SO, well pretend) Why or why not?

Do you take naps? How often and for how long?
My Bad!

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A lot of times, when my guy friends have rough break ups, they say "she's psycho."

As in, "At first, she was cool, but then she got all psycho."

Or, "I was with her for two months! That girl is psycho!"

Will you please define "psycho" for me as it applies to females in romantic situations? What exactly does that mean?
macaroni murder lady

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Poll #1313949 this poll is relevant to my interests

You need to choose one of these shows to watch. Dubbed or subbed, I don't care. You have to.

Fullmetal Alchemist
I am a vegan

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I witnessed a horrible break up whilst studying for my finals.
While showering, some girl fell in love with my shampoo's scent and asked me what it was.
I'm not done studying for my first final, yet -- and it's at 830 am.

How much more interesting is my day going to get TQC?
crayon pony fish

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has anyone here ever moved to a foreign country on a whim, particularly from the United States to Europe?

can you tell me a bit about it? how did you do it? did you visit there first? did you know anyone before moving there? how did you find a job and a place to live? did you run into any problems during your transition from one country to another?

hmmm. ETA: by 'on a whim' I don't mean 'illegally' or without going through the process of getting accepted and obtaining a visa and everything else. I just mean moving country with no reason beyond a desire to be there. I'm quite interested in details of the legal processes.
matthew wig

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What's something that you're proud of? I've finally lost the 20 pounds I gained at the beginning of the year.

What's something stressing you out? Christmas and my family having no money. I don't even feel like it's Christmas because we haven't gotten our tree yet because our only vehicle was crashed a month ago. I swear it seems like everything that could go wrong goes wrong right around Christmas.


if you could go anywhere in the united states on a week long vacation, where would you go?

i cannot figure out where to go on my ~summer road trip~ and you guys did not help me find an appealing option for cactus-seeing. i do not want to vacation at home depot!!

p.s. a cactus at the location is not required for this question.

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Do you lack common sense?
Examples please :)

I am the soul definition of this term. I have little expeirence when it comes to earrings and I had bought myself a new pair of ear plugs, I don't even think they were plugs but I'll call them that. Let's just say that I thought you had to jam the plug into your ear instead of simply unscrewing the top, sliding it into your ear and screwing it back in place. Which led to lots of pain, blood, and ruining my sublime tee :(
And this all happened 5 minutes before my math final exam.

narrator - f1_roxie

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If you were my favorite clothes, where would you be?

I'm packing for winter break and can't find my favorite shirt or either of my favorite hoodies. I think I have some clothes over at my boyfriend's house somewhere but I doubt all three of my favorite pieces of clothing are there.

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1. Besides Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, what are some other fun RPGs I can play on my PS2?

2. Do you know of any brand of mascara that can be removed with only hot water?

3. What is your favorite nonalcoholic beverage?

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The school where I teach is holding an auction. To help out, the teachers are asked to donate something to the auction. Some teachers are doing a Starbucks run, some are offering tutoring services, etc.

If you were in high school, what would you want your math/science teacher to donate to the auction? What would you bid on?

I'm thinking about taking two students go-karting, but that's a bit too expensive. I'm looking to stick under $20-30 total. (Note: I won't sell them extra credit because that's too much like buying grades.)

EDIT: How much trouble would I get into if I wanted to take them shooting with a police officer?

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Admit it, you eat at your computer. What food do you have near you right now?

There's a diminishing supply of Oberto smokearonis by my keyboard, and a diet pepsi near my phone.
Halloween 2008

Exercise Advice

Hey all, it's been forever since I checked on TQC. I have a q, of course. I'm a female, I bike 10 to 12 miles a day, and an on my feet walking for most of the day. I'm pretty active, but I'm really self-conscious of my ankles, or lack thereof. How do I make my ankles smaller and stand out more? I hope this makes sense, but I am a comfortable weight, yet have the ankles of someone several times larger.

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What would be a good 'descriptive phrase' to put in an online resume? It has to be 35 characters or less and will be the first thing recruiters see. I don't really know what they are looking for here.

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i have finals next week-- i'm fairly well prepared, but i'm still nervous/stressed because i'm borderline a/b in 3 out of 5 of my classes.

what are some "around the home" remedies to help me de-stress/relax a bit?

thank you. :)

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So I put a few textbooks up on the Facebook marketplace last night. This morning, I got a reply from a guy named Daur Smith with the following questions about one of them:


Am using this opportunity to purchased item from you by answer my question below:

Q 1: How long you have been owned the item you are willing to sell for me?

Q 2: Hope the item still available for sale with good condition state?

Q 3: What is the final asking price you are willing to sell the item for me?

Q 4: Let me have attach of the picture of the item you want to sell for me?

Q 5: Do you able to accept cashier check or Personal check as a mode of the payment?

Q6: Can we trust you on this transaction?

Q 7: Can you send me your full contact information to mail out the payment for you. Hope to hear from you soon with good answer to my question.E-mail direct (


This guy has no friends listed, no picture, and no network.

Does this sound sketchy to you?

Edit: I think I'm going to ignore it and see if a more legit person responds...

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Today, I feel like cooking and baking and all that fun stuff, and my boyfriend requested Shepherd's Pie.

Can I trust Rachael Ray to give me a tasty recipe? I usually use Paula Deen's recipes, but hers sounded really weird with runny biscuit mix and the reviews weren't all that great.

Also, fresh vegetables are better than canned vegetables for this kind of thing, right?

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A friend of mine is letting me have their timeshare points for next year.  My boyfriend and I worked it out that the only time we will be able to go anywhere is in March, and it has to be in the US.  He wants to go someplace warm, so that's limiting.

TQC, where should we go, and what is to do there?

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Pet Dr. TQC,

Just last night, I was petting my cat Luna and I noticed a couple bumps on her skin around her neck. Today, there are more and she's scratching a bit. Her neck is white, and I haven't seen any fleas, but I suspect that's what it is.

I called my vet, but the earliest they can see her is Tuesday. She's got all sorts of wonky allergies, so I don't want to get any over the counter flea stuff because I don't know how she'll react.

Any ideas of natural ways to get rid of fleas? Does this sound like fleas? Do you think she'll be okay until the appointment?


Oh, if you don't care about my cat:

What do you like on your burgers?

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Ive never babysat before, and I have to tomorrow for a 7year old boy and 4 year old girl. I am horrible with kids. I hate them, and I don't even know how to talk to a child!
What do I do? how do I keep them entertained with the least interaction?

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If you had to have sex with someone (celebrity or otherwise) who is the opposite of your preferred sex, who would it be?

And, I guess if you're bi (or not interested) what do you think about Sacha Baron Cohen having been cast as Freddie in the movie about the band Queen?

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I decided that i need a bad a little bigger than my backpack but not too big for my weekend roadtrips. Nothing too girlie but nothing like an Adidas soccer like duffle which is too big. Can you help me find something affordable, quality and a good size?

Christmas Time is Here

So, the premise of the second Santa Clause movie is that Scott Calvin has to find himself a wife in order to keep being Santa, right? If you recall the first movie, Santa fell off the roof because Scott yelled at him, thinking him a burglar.

My question is, what the hell happened to the Mrs. Claus of the Santa who bit the dust in Scott and Charlie's front yard in the first movie?
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Ok, does anyone else's hair have like, massive volume a lot of the time? A friend of mine flat ironed my hair perfectly straight a couple weeks back (he does it professionally too) and within about two hours, it's still semi-straight, but just puffs up like no other.
What kind of hair do you wish you had?
What is your actual hair like?

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TQC, I feel like cutting off a large portion of my hair. Liiike, from Collapse ) to maybe like, 3 inches below my shoulder. Initially I was only going to cut it to the length of my shortest layer, but I just broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years and am in the mood to do something... awkwardly rebellious.

Should I?

HURRY! I only have 20 minutes before I leave!

Plz excuse the crap picture - I just snapped one quick and the lighting turned out all effed up.

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How do you treat someone "like a lover"? (besides having sex with them)

What's something a little bigger than a standard coffee cup that I could use as a cute/unusual plant container?
AD - Girl in my soup

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I'm considering applying for the photography program at Parsons but I'm really scared... I love photography but for some reason I always lose interest in things I study in detail. And if I went next September I'd be turning 23...

Does anyone here go to Parsons or know anyone who goes to Parsons or know anything about Parsons?

My other option is Sheridan College near Toronto (since I already live in Toronto), or no school at all...
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I just saw three flakes of snow outside-- how much bread and milk am I going to need to survive the coming blizzard apocalypse that will surely destroy humanity?

Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular? Well? Are ya?

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Do you think that art has the same appreciation now as it did a century ago?

Do you feel that graphic editing software (photoshop, paintshop, etc) has affected the way we view art? If so do you think this is in a positive or negative light?

And for those of you that share your bed with someone, be it your spouse/SO/whatever ... do you face your partner or do you tend to gravitate towards your edge of the bed?
My boyfriend and I always wake up on our respective 'edges' of the bed, no matter how we fell asleep the previous night. I'm just wondering if anyone else happens to do that.

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Would you rather your significant other go to great lengths to surprise you and pick a gift out on their own or to ask you about what you like because they want to make sure they get you something you actually want?

Is your SO generally good about picking out gifts that are very much a matter of personal taste, like clothes, jewelry, etc.?

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I have to go to the post and pick up a package but it's addressed to my company and not me.

How am I supposed to prove I am the business owner so I can have my package? I don't want to wait until Monday :(

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What do you think of this "low-fi" trend we see lately?

(Think Polaroid, vinyl, mix tape, Holga/Diana)

Is there a discontinued product you miss and would like to see back in stores?

Do you peek outside when you hear noises you don't trust or mind your own damn business?





No Sleep til Brisbane

lainy hasn't slept in days but feels fine. Why do you suppose that is?

That Red Bull IV drip hooked up to her arm
She's secretly a cyborg
The pod people have already begun their invasion in Australia
Good ol' fashioned meth
lainy is going crazy
Her imagination is so buck-wild on sexual fantasies that it just can't slow down for sleep
Like a lot of insomniacs, she does nod off here and there but is just not aware of it
She's so excited about Christmas she can't sleep
I put my lainy voodoo doll in a cup of Mountain Dew

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You're alone in a strange office building answering phones while the entire company is out celebrating Christmas with lunch and bowling.

A trucker just dropped off a delivery and in your nervousness of the entire situation, you blurt out that you're alone.

He's now gone and all doors have been doubly checked, but you hear whistling a few rooms over.

Investigate or lock yourself in the bathroom for the next two hours?

Cool runnings?

I am not and never have been a runner, but recently started to get inspired to, because why not?
anyway, I was (along with a friend) thinking of running the Grandma's marathon in Duluth, MN on June 20.

Question is, with no running experience, should I start out slow and just do the half marathon? or is that wuss talk, and since I have 6 months to train, run the full?

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I have a flatmate who is moving out at the end of the academic year (May) when he graduates.

I have someone else interested in the room for next academic year. She is asking for pictures of the flat (she lives in London and I'm in Scotland so she can't visit). I have asked the flatmate to tidy his room, as that is the room she is most interested in, and asked him to empty the recycling box in the kitchen as I've done it the past three times. I asked this on Friday (a week ago).

He still hadn't done it by Tuesday so I asked again. And again yesterday.

If he still hasn't done it by the time I get home tonight is it very childish and passive aggressive of me to "tidy" his room by throwing everything under the bed and then leave the recycling in his room?

Should I do it anyway?

If not, what should I do to get these pictures taken and the recycling done?

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My birthday falls on a Monday  (December 22)  this year, and I'm already partying on the Saturday (Dec 20)  leading up to it. I tend to get down on my birthday so I want to plan something fun and sober to do on the 22nd so I don't get all depressed.

What should I do?
What have been your favourite birthdays and why?

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I'm getting an "A" on Physical Chemistry (supposedly one of the most difficult classes for an undergraduate).
I am pretty excited about it. :)

What class are you very proud you got a good grade on?

Also, my teacher told me at the beginning of the semester that if I got an A on pchem, he'd make personal phone calls to the people I am wanting to work with for grad school and recommend me. Should I take his word on it and ask him to make the phone calls now?

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what was one of the most bizzare things you've had to do in your life?

today i had to eat a radioactive egg sandwich while wearing this thing over my clothes and i had to wear gloves so it wouldnt get on me. im like thanks for the precaution but i dont think it really matters if i get it on me since i am only just eating it -_-
it was the most disgusting thing ive ever eaten and im still feeling nasty, but i had to do it for stomach problems :/

also, what should i wear to the Duran Duran concert im going to tonight???
sphincter boy

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1. All I have to wear to my department's banquet tonight is an open-back little black dress.  It's meant for much warmer weather so I'm sure my nipples are going to end up showing through.

Are band-aids a good solution?  If not, what is?

2. What's a dessert that's good for sharing and not hyper sweet? 
I need to contribute something to potluck but don't want to send my Asian friends into pancreatic shock from sugary American treats.

Thanks in advance!!!

I need your help TQC.  The place that I am doing my internship at is having a potluck lunch and secret santa type thing, so given that:

1.  What should I get for my coworker?  There's a $15 limit.  She's in her 30s and the information she provided on the boards was that: her hobbies are reading; she likes candles, scented soaps, books, and food. 

2.  What should I bring for the potluck?  So far people are bringing: brownie truffles, meatballs, chicken chili, drinks, chips, dip, an unspecified main dish, and salad.   


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Okay, so much like last week, my ex decided to call me today and leave a message.
I feel like I should call him back but I don't want to tell him to "fuck off" (which is what everyone is telling me to say to him)

Is there some way to say "I really would rather not talk to you, since you really hurt my feelings and didn't want to talk to me for the last nine months?"
but ...without sounding so pathetic?

Why do you think he's decided to start calling me?
It would be best if I didn't talk to him (y/y)?

Edit: Just called him back and he said he was "bored" and he was also asleep so I said "Okay, bye" and hung up. So let's just consider this question for the next time he calls. hah

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I had an argument with a friend about 4 months ago and we've barely spoken since.  Today is her birthday and our mutual friends (who know nothing about the argument) have invited me to go to her birthday dinner tonight.  I've heard good things about the restaurant and it'd be nice to hang out with my other friends, but awkward to be at a birthday dinner for someone I don't really talk to. 

Should I go, or use my recent flu as a reason to back out?
gasp zooey

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TQC, do you think my bf would be pissed at me if I ripped out my uterus?

I mean, I understand the desire to have kids, but if I have to keep putting up with these cramps, I might just take myself AND him out.

Ladies, how do you take care of cramps without ripping your uterus out?
Debbie Kerr

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1. If any of you are New Yorkers, can you give me a rough idea of the temperature in central NYC at the end of January? I realize it will be VERY COLD, but I'd like to know the severity.

2. Are your Christmas presents still usually surprises, or do you discuss what you want beforehand, and then receive that? If the latter, do you ever miss your presents being surprises?

3. What is your favorite breed of
  • horse?
  • dog?
  • cat?
(Post pictures for 3 please! :) )

Collapse )

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I'm going to the movies in a couple hours to see Bolt for the second time.
What candy/food/beverage should I bring along?

What was the last movie you saw more than once in theatres?
GaGa Viva Glam Lauper

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For my Fantasy in Literature class, I have to write an essay on Harry Potter, but the focus is mine to choose. It can be pretty much anything and Ive found the freedom to choose under such stressful circumstances (hello, finals), has proven to be counter-productive.
Do you have any ideas?

Abbott or Costello?

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i'm supposed to hang out with a friend of mine tonight but he's not responding to my text messages and we were supposed to meet up a half hour ago... is he going to bail on me or should i stop worrying?

nvm, not bailing. what's your favorite towel look like?

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What exactly does it mean if your dryer emits a burning smell immediately after turning it on? I googled, but all the stories are after the dryer has been running a while. We cleaned the lint trap, took the back off and vacuumed. The drum is spinning normally. Is it perhaps the motor going out?

If that's no fun, what's your favorite flavor of bubble tea?
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

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Does anyone know where I can find or purchase a pdf of this book It's only available for sale online and my coworker needs it by Monday (she's interviewing for a job and wants to go over ABA/DTT therapy before her interview, I told her to get this book and now we can't find it). They don't have it in store at Barnes and Noble because it's over $40 and considered an academic book. We've tried local libraries and there's been no luck there either. Any ideas would be helpful! Thank you!

new englanders

Did you have power today?
If not: how long were you out and what did you do?

Nope. 13 hours. My work called me and said we wouldnt be opening. My basement had four inches so I rescued my bunnies and brought their cages into the main house. My sister went to rescue some things from the cellar so I hung out with my nephew. Then I read and took a long nap. Then I sat by the fire for awhile. Luckily my grandparents have a gas stove so we got hot water from their house for tea.
a clockwork orange


The boy and I watched Anchorman last night. We took the disc out when it was over and closed the DVD player. NOTE THAT THERE WAS NO DVD IN THE PLAYER AT THIS POINT. Then, all of sudden, the selection screen for the movie Uncorked popped up. We hadn't watched Uncorked in weeks.

Out of curiosity, I hit PLAY and we watched the movie in its entirety. WITHOUT AN ACTUAL DVD IN MY DVD PLAYER.


Will you share your stories about spooky things your own electronics have done?
cat mask

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 What the last reason you called 911 for?

Have they ever asked you to hold?

I called 911 last week because a dog was running around in traffic and I afraid of an accident or him getting hit =[

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To anyone in the LA area, can you please recommend a good night club? I am looking for rap and pop music, pretty inexpensive, and a casual dress code. Does anyone know of such a place??

(no subject)

1)what keeps you up at night?

The thought of being a terrible person...because I forgot to bring a pen.

2)what do you want to buy but can't?

tons of gay comics.

3)My lips are chapped, despite using chapstick. what is wrong?
The Girliest Taco

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What's the dumbest/most ignorant thing you've heard regarding sex and pregnancy and such?

A guy my boyfriend works with came into work the other day and said "Well, turns out [girlfriend] is pregnant." My boyfriend was like "Oh, yeah?" and the guy responded with "Yeah, I mean, we thought she wouldn't get pregnant if she was on top, but..."

Oh, and I just remembered this--my boyfriend had no idea where a hymen would be located. He thought it was somewhere up inside the vaginal canal. (Not quite as dumb, but still silly.)
why dont you feel the beat?, parappa

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Who's your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character? Why?

What's your favorite Sonic game, and why?

My answers:
1. Knuckles. He's a badass.
2. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Spinball. They were amazing games, and they had awesome music.

Cheapass 'wouldja...'

For $25, would you make a post in wtf_inc about the goatse guy? You'd have to preface the post with 'I don't know if this is old, but OMG check this guy out!', and then act defensive and surprised when people call you idiot or some variation thereof, which would be every single comment made. Expect dozens of comments. Then get on your high horse by saying 'I think I would have seen something like this before. OMG LOOKIT HIS ARSE!'
me: in glasses

daddy's first christmas

I still have to get my 29 year old brother a Christmas present. He has a 2-month old son, and I'd like to get him something cool that's daddy-related, but he's not the 'fancy diaper bag' type. Maybe a fun shirt or something? Any ideas?

(I want it to be something that's for HIM, not just the baby- the baby is already being showered with all kinds of gifts)
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