December 11th, 2008

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I'm almost positive someone asked this recently but I can't find it. What comics do you subscribe to the feed of through livejournal?

How would you reword that to make it actually sound coherent?
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So, Sci-fi has officially announced that the final ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica will start airing on January 16th!

For those of you who watch the series, how excited are you that it's finally coming back after a 7 month hiatus? What do you think is going to happen? What would you like to see happen?
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Thanks for the help on the other question, now, what do you think my chances are that my professor will let me make up the exam I was supposed to take Monday on Saturday, on the excuse of I'm a complete and total fucking moron?

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what's the last cute thing one of your parents did (or said)?

my mom came in here a little while ago and said she was playing Super Mario Bros on my NES. for some reason the sight of my mom playing old school Mario is just awesome and cute to me.

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My cat brought a mouse into my room and of course it got away. Now I am freaked out am definitely will not be able to sleep. What should I do? Sleep with the lights on or something? I don't know if I can sleep not knowing where it is. I caught one before but it took hours and I knew where it was. This time, I have no idea where it went. And I don't want to kill it.

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have any of you guys/girls dated SUPER-hot people before?

if so, was it fun? :) was it anything different from dating so-called 'normal' people?

I'll start: he looked in the mirror ALL THE TIME and had a fancier wardrobe than I did.

guys crying!

- what TV shows/movies can you think of that have a scene where a man cries (because of something emotional, not physical)?

- when's the last time you saw a guy cry in real life & why were they crying?

- how do you feel when you see a guy crying?

tl;dr - family suicide + work?

Ok, so yesterday I was on my way to work (returning first shift after some issues with scheduling at this job last year, FWIW) when I saw I'd be a few minutes late due to Atlanta's notorious traffic. I called our scheduler in NY and told him, he said he would pass it on to the mgr in Atl and such. A second later, my mom calls and tells me my uncle died and wasn't found for three days. I try not to, but start bawling and can't stop and call NY again to tell them I don't think I can work because my uncle passed very unexpectedly. He said ok, no problem, take the time I need, etc.

I had already agreed on Monday that I would work Friday morning till afternoon. I told NY I should be ok to work then and that's when he told me take my time. The thing is, my uncle shot himself in the face and it has affected me so much that I stayed in bed today and slept pretty much since 8pm last night till 2pm today and have been in and out of sleep since then. I'm a big miserable lump - this is the second family member to do this and my friend did it last year around this time, too. I honestly don't know if I can get up Friday morning and work all day without crying.

NY told me to take my time, but I don't want them to think this will reflect on me coming back. And I really don't want to tell them the specifics of my uncle's death if I can help it. So, basically, given all factors, WWYD?

Ack! Oversleeping...

Have you ever overslept and was late for work?  What made you late?  How late were you?  What happened after?  Have you ever fallen asleep at a job?  What happened?

I just overslept today.  My alarm didn't go off, and I stayed up later than normal.  I was in all about an hour late.  D'oh!  My replacement had left me a note, and I am going to talk to her tomorrow hopefully.  I feel really bad.  :(  I don't think I've ever fallen asleep on a job.

Thanks TQC!
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Boo, sleep.


Since it is the holidays, my sleep schedule is now way outta whack. I typically go to sleep at about 4am, and get up any time between 12:30 and 2:30pm. This sucks. Any tips on fixing my sleep schedule? Should I just pull an all nighter tonight?

What is your sleep schedule (approxomitely)?

What is the craziest sleep schedule you've had?
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Holy poopy-doo, my paper is due tomorrow and its not even half done. The problem is, I don't think I can write the whole 8 pages she wants! Single spaced! What do I do?

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What are some things you do to make an essay magically get longer without adding more words?
I usually change from Times New Roman to Arial.

Should I use Comic Sans as the font for the last essay of my master's degree?
The prof uses this font on all his powerpoint things and even on the course syllabus.

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There's a giant scary spider that likes to come out from behind my computer desk at night. He stays put during the day, but the bastard comes out at night when I can't sleep.

Should I squish him against my wall the next time I see him, or just let him be? There's a chance he's poisonous. The light's always off when I see him, but I can see him from the light from my monitor.

I just pushed him to the floor with a cigarette pack cause he was after me and now I'm skeerd to put my feet down.
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My dog will not stop whining (he's in his crate, as he is every night)...and now he's beginning to bark. He did this when we first got him (he's a rescue)...and hasn't whined/barked in about two months (except in mornings). I've tried all the normal things (taking him back out to potty and such).

Who wants a dog?!
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1. I found a couple songs by the band Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie on my iPod. I have never heard of this band before and have no idea how it got there, but I liked the songs. How did this get on my iPod? Is this band magical? Has anyone ever heard of them??

2. If you have a Christmas tree, what's your favorite ornament?

3. If you don't care about either of those questions can you show me a photo of your favorite baby animal?


Okay...have you ever made some ramen noodles in the microwave, and when you take them out after three minutes, the noodles are still hard?

WHAT triggers that? I always put them in for the same amount of time, and I can't figure out what causes it to happen, or what I can do about it.

Have any of you found a way to fix this? If so, what?


One has diamonds in his pockets, and that's some bread now.

This one says he wants to buy you rockets, ain't in his head now.

Which one do you choose?

That's what I said now.

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When did you last have dream sex? (sex in your dream, that is)
How was it? Who was it with?

Last night, someone on my flist. Damn good.

Also, I'm trying to remember an author and his books - it's fantasy fiction, and this guy finds him sucked into this magic world. When he plays songs on his guitar, they come to life. He played Eye of the Tiger and a talking tiger appeared, I think it was a girl called Rosie? I think the author's name was Alan something. Can anyone help me out? ANSWERED! Thank you pcthirtyone!

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I got a copy of my criminal record check from Courtnet in the mail yesterday eve. Which is odd because I haven't filled out any forms for the listed items on the letter as reasons I would be getting a copy. Some of the purposes given in the letter for this request would be "government housing, pre-employment services, childcare workers, adoptions or other purposes".

1=What other purposes would there be?

2=What kind of authority must you have to request a document like this?

3=Why is it that chocolate covered cherries come out in massive quantities only at Christmas?

4=I have approximately 6 lbs of plaster which will mix up into around 12 lbs of plaster. What should I make?

5=Why the hell don't Americans use the metric system?

ETA it turned out to be for Girl Scouts. Took them a long time to get that done!

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so this is really dumb and I couldn't find it on google cuz it's apparently too early in the morning for me.

how do you change things in bulk in microsoft word 2004? for example, I need to change a name (I spelled it wrong the whole time) and instead of going and changing it individually, how can I get word to search and do it for me?

thank youuuuuuuuuuu

how are you this morning?

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I once vowed that if my SO told me to drop a friend because she felt threatened, I'd stand my ground. I caved like a cave-in when it actually happened.
TQC, have you ever backed down in an emotional situation just to keep the peace?


If I take an ativan at 3, do you think I will be okay to drink alcohol later that night at about 10? It should wear off but idk...I want to have a fun night but I'm not sure how drastically they will interact.

Thank you everyone! :)
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From a blog I read....

A genie appears to you and explains that he's going to take care of everything for you for three months. The bills will all be paid, your job will be done expertly, your dependents will be looked after, your house will be kept clean, your goldfish will be fed. For the next three months, you're free. When the three months are up, you have the option of starting a new career, moving to a new city, or even leaving behind friends and family.

The genie has just two conditions:

* You have to try at least one thing you've never done before (but have perhaps always secretly wanted to do) during those three months

* You have to spend the three months doing things that you want to do, rather than things you feel you should do.

What would you try? And what would you do?
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What would you think if a teacher required that students bring their own scantron sheets to the final?

What would you think if said teacher with said requirement had been providing free scantron sheets for tests all semester long, and had not informed the students of this requirement in any way?

What if the teacher then charged ten dollars a scantron sheet?

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So, my cell phone company is going to take $191 out of my checking account when I only have $81 in there today. How much of an overdraft fee are they going to charge me?!

The bank won't let me speak to an associate right now =(. They're mad at me.
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Okay so, I've never used ebay in my entire life. I'm currently bidding on a rabbit hutch on it since my bunny has outgrown hers.
Basically, someone else has outbid me on Hutch 1 and I can't afford to put down anymore. However I have seen another one which I like. If I was to buy said Hutch 2, and the winner of Hutch 1 was to cancel, would I have to pay for Hutch 1 as well?
I am literally completely clueless.

Also. Do I need to have the money in my paypal when I buy something on ebay? Or can I transfer it from the bank into paypal when I'm paying for it?

yours faithfully
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What kind of tree is this?Collapse )
The trunk is close to a foot in diameter, and it's between 10-15' tall. A lot of the branches are dead, it's pretty sad-looking. In a somewhat shaded area. I live in Minneapolis, but it might not be a native species.

I'm leaning toward eastern hemlock, but I'm not much of a botanist.

ETA: It's probably a white spruce. Thanks!
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what are some games that infuriated you in your youth? so that we might cry and gnash our teeth in unison.

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Hey, I have a stupid question for you. When were humans 'potty trained'? Does anyone know when along the evolutionary path people decided to control how and where they did their business? I'm guessing when early societies were formed but maybe someone out there has a better answer.
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Is there any way to eat (mostly) organic and vegetarian without it costing insane amounts of money? I am a poor broke college student and need such answers. ETA: I have a job that pays me about $250 - 300 every two weeks.

What was the last thing you ate today? Me - a banana nut muffin.
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Whatever happened to Ron Paul, anyway? Seriously, he like dropped off the face of the earth. (By which I mean: he had kind of a nutso following and some nutso ideas he loved to yell about at length. I expected to hear SOMETHING from him at SOME point, but no, he just completely poofed of the public face of politics.)

And while I'm at it, what about T. Boone Pickens? He had all those ads during the first presidential debate and then HE dropped off the face of the earth.

I have a final exam in political communications in four hours. Is it awesome y/n that I have JibJab's Time For Some Camaignin' stuck in my head as I study and will probably have it stuck there while I take the damn exam?

(Is it sad I have the lyrics memorized because of how often it gets stuck in my head?)

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OMG guys.
Last night for dinner I ate spaghetti. Nothing fancy, just spaghetti and sauce from a jar. I felt fine when I went to bed. I woke up around 1am to feed the bb and before I went back to bed I took a couple sips of some lipton iced tea (the kind that comes in the plastic bottles) that was sitting on my nightstand. It might have been from a few days ago. Or weeks. IDK. I woke up about an hour later with incredible stomach craps and was pissing fire out my butthole for about 2 hours. It still hurts :(

Did I get iced tea poisoning?
Can I do anything to relive a sore butthole?

Forgive my US-centricity

I'm trying to be better.

Here's what I want to know, and I want to know it mainly from people who live in a foreign country or have spent enough time in one to have empirical evidence of the answer.

Is it expected around the world that in the event of an alien encounter, the U.S. will essentially be the world's spokesperson?

It happens in all the movies I can think of, but of course all the alien encounter/invasion movies I can think of are American.

I'm more curious about the general, unconsidered assumption of the populace, rather than a measured opinion of whether or not that makes sense.

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Help internet, I accidentally eyeshadow. Every time I try to put on eyeshadow with a brush or anything really, it goes fine on to the lid but when I put the darker color on the crease it comes out blotchy, like it's sticking to some of my eyelid more than other bits. No matter how many times I run the brush back and forth it will not blend and just makes my eye hurt. WTF am I doing wrong?

Can you recommend to me a good makeup community that will tolerate my stupid beginner problems?
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How long do you take to orgasm when you're sober?

How long do you take to orgasm when you're drunk?

Do you have a time limit that you would just give up or are you determined to make it happen once you start (even if you've had like 5 shots, haha)?

Me: 10 minutes; zomg like an hour and a fucking half zomg; i am one determined motherfucker.
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How long after a CPSC recall will a company honor a refund request for recalled products? Is there a set time limit, or is it something they have to honor as long as the products are out there? The company in my situation is Hasbro.
Big Love


Since the breaking news in the Caylee Anthony case a few minutes ago, I'm wondering if other people are as news obsessed as I am. I can watch MSNBC all day long.

Do you keep up with current events?
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Do you have any shallow dealbreakers in relationships?  What are they?

For example: I am a diehard, scream-at-the-television fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins.  I really don't think I could date someone who was as passionate about the Patriots or the Flyers.  Does this make me a bad person?
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When was the last time you had your dreams crushed?

Do you wanna hear how the school is fucking me over?

When was the last time you cried? Why were you crying?

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being super embarrassing, how embarrassing is crying in public?

And I know this question gets posted a lot...but will you please post something to cheer me up?
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When someone asks you what you want for giftgivingoccasion, are you more the type to say "oh you don't have to get me anything!"; the type to offer a short list of suggestions; or the type to just say something along the lines of "idk i will appreciate anything you give me"?

Which do you think is more obnoxious? One hand I think it's obnoxious to do the whole "oh you don't have to get me anything!" charade, but on the other hand it's a bit obnoxious to pre-accept the offer of a gift.

Do you ask people what they want? I never ask, I just make mental notes of things people casually mention in conversation.
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Book suggestions

I need some book suggestions. I love a variety of types of books but I tend not to read sci-fi or romance. Typical books I've loved are: Water for Elephants, My sisters keeper, anything by Jodi Picoult, She's come Undone as well as true medical books (I.E. books written by nurses/doctors about their experiences). What would you recommend?
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How much money a month do you pay for...
life insurance?
health insurance?
cell phone/cable/internet?

I'm supposed to ask my parents this for my economy class but they're out of town for a week and they haven't called me yet. D:

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1) Did you know that ABC Family is airing a sequel to Snow (that movie starring Tom Cavanaugh and Ashley Williams, in which he's Santa and looking for one of his reindeer) on Sunday? I loved the first movie, so I'm watching it. I didn't even know there was going to be a sequel until yesterday. It's going to be called "Snow 2 Brain Freeze". Apparantly, Nick Snowden (aka Santa) loses his memory.

2) I also found out yesterday that A Very Brady Christmas is airing on the 20th. Who's going to watch that? I watch it every year, and the movie is so cheesy, but I love it.

3) Why hasn't ABC Family aired The Brady 500 in years? I want to see Alcoholic!Marcia and Paralyzed!Bobby again. I hate The Brady Bunch, but I love the movies. No clue why.


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TQC, I stayed up until four last night working on a presentation about Disney movies. Two of my friends were up until 7-8 working on a paper about the French Revolution.
How late have you stayed up doing work wihout it being an all-nighter? What kind of work was it?

How much sleep do you need to function correctly? Ideally, I try for around seven every night.
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Tomorrow I'm going to a concert thing in San Francisco. Parking is AWFUL in the area, so we're thinking of taking BART (our sorta subway-ish system) instead. Which would be awesome, except the last train leaves the SF station at 12:22. The info site claims the show goes from 8 to 11.

What are the odds that 7 artists (including Alanis Morissette) will be done by midnight when the show starts at 8? Should we just leave early and pray for parking?

I just really love to talk about taxes.

I sent an e-mail to my residency advisor that I had been claimed as a dependent on 2007 taxes. She wrote back suggesting I try to file my 2008 taxes right now...can I file before January? All of the information I've found says that I can't, but I don't know why she would suggest it if I couldn't.

For those of you who don't care about my tax and residency problems:

Do you wear your hoodies until they are nothing but rags?
Do you think sweatshirts are better after they are properly worn in?

O hai TQC


So, I was getting sick of scrambled eggs every day, so I decided to make myself some pancakes for lunch. But it was failure all across the board. I am so dissapointed! My pancakes are bricks of black crap with gooey middles.

TQC, what is the last thing you completely fucked up and failed at?


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1) Is the American Civil War interesting to you?
2) Is it the most interesting war out of all of them to you?

1) Yes.
2) Yes again. I don't know why, but it is the most interesting war to me.

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Do you have a blog that is actually about something other than boring, personal, everyday stuff such as  "today i stepped on my cat's tail. it was sad." ?

if so.. what is it about?
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What do you think about JuicyCampus*? A lot of people at my university are calling to ban it from school internet.

Also, for what it is worth, "when visits to the site were surveyed by [the technology department] one week in mid-November, the high point was under 200 visits per day, a number that has been declining over time."

Should they ban it?
If they don't ban it, should they at least issue some sort of statement about it?
Should they just ignore it?

*JuicyCampus is an anonymous gossip site that allows students to make little comment threads about whatever they want to gossip about. Of course, people take advantage of the anonymity and say offensive and hurtful things about other people.

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how much do you eat a day, generally?
considering how much you eat should you be skinnier or fatter?
if you have a christmas tree this year what does it look like?
what type of cake is your favourite?

Job hunting

I'm having ZERO luck finding a job, due to having a very limited amount of time in which there is child care for my baby.

A local taxi company is hiring drivers. I have a spotless driving record, and it says you can set your own hours. But... how likely do you think it is that I might be robbed/raped/murdered doing a job like that in which I'm alone in a car with a stranger?

Here's the other job issue, which will be tl;dr: Collapse )

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I ordered my aunt's Christmas present 4 days ago. They did not tell me until after I placed my order that it would not be here until Christmas Eve. The problem is I see my aunt on Christmas Eve, not Christmas day. We need to leave for her house around 1 PM on the 24th.

If it doesn't arrive before we leave, what the fuck should I do? I will see her again the week after Christmas, if it matters.

Final Exams

How many final exams do you have this semester? (I have 5 goddamn)

Which ones are they? (Management Information Systems & Technology, Accounting, Public Speaking, Micro Econ, and Psychology)

Do you sell your books back to the bookstore (and get ripped off) or wait and try to find another student to take it off your hands? (If I can get more than half back from the bookstores, that's what I do.)

When do you get out of school for the holidays? (I don't get out until Tuesday... sucksss!)

it's finally happening!

So, thankfully my roommate and I have gotten so sick of each other that she's moving out, either before the holiday break or right after. She has an impressive history of being a sucky roommate (not washing her hands ever, refusing to clean saying she didn't know how, and revealing to me that she sometimes has sex with strangers/doesn't use a condom/both at once??).

TQC, what should I do to celebrate?
I know I will shortly get paired with another person. Do you think they will be worse or better?
got milk?

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1)When you drink a lot of caffeinated beverages, does it make your piss smell weird/strong?
2)If you don't consume caffeine, what do you see as your biggest flaw and how has it helped you?
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Does anyone here play LOTR:Online by any chance? Being home sick all day I decided to look for a new MMO for myself (and bf) to play. I was about to go out and buy this for us when I realised.. do I need to buy 2 copies for me to install them on both our PCs? Google has failed me.

faithfully, noob.
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Poll #1313602 manties reaction

how will my husband react to the manties i ordered him for xmas?

wear them once to appease me
get mad at me and discard them
other (in comments!)

how would you react to the gift of manties?

i'm a girl.

would you ever (jokingly or not) give manties as a gift?


Collapse )
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Beast mode!

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What should I do with my Christmas bonus?

Poll #1313606 It's the most wonderful time of the year!

You should...

save it, don't you know the economy is failing?!
pay off your credit cards, don't you know the economy is failing?!
buy a bed for the guest room, you've got guests coming in two weeks!
buy a couch and stop sitting on the floor!
buy a table and chairs and eat like a civilized person!
buy other furniture, you still need everything.
buy a Wii! It's fun!
pay off your baseball season tickets early. You get a fancy little doodad to keep on a shelf somewhere!
buy new clothes, woo!!

Do you get a Christmas bonus?
If yes, what are you spending yours on?
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Do you ever have days where it seems like everything you try to do gets fucked up?
Will you tell me about the last time it happened?

Today I drove to the library where they didn't have the three books (any of them) that I needed. I then drove to school (40 mile round trip) to take out those books but I could only have them for two hours. I then drove to the other side of the fucking world to go to the mall to buy my mom perfume but Sephora didn't have it (I had a coupon) and that mall also didn't have the jewelry store that I needed to go to. URGHH
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When did your last food exploration moment bite you in the butt? I tried the odwalla chocolate soy protein shake today and YUCK :( and I didn't have $ to get another one.

Job interview question...

I got a job offer recently that is pretty much everything I'm looking for. I've been waiting for an email with the address to the company so I can set up an interview, but I haven't gotten it. I have no idea why he didn't just tell it to me over the phone. Would it seem pushy for me to call the person who contacted me and let him know I'm still interested in the job? I'd be really disappointed if this slipped through my hands...

ETA: Okay, I just called. Andrew said to keep next Wednesday open, and that he'd have some information for me in about 2 days. (I'm guessing he's an assistant to the boss or something, since he's the only one I've talked to about this.) I really hope I get this...
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Hypothetically speaking, of course, you meet someone and discover they drive around with a big stuffed penguin seat-belted into the backseat of their car. You ask about this and they tell you it's to keep them from getting lonely when they are driving alone. How do you feel about this? How weird/creepy is it?
Bandit Driving

Virus Help

I think I have a virus called WinWeb on my computer. I tried googling to find out how to get rid of it, but I think the virus is making this impossible. How do I get rid of it? I have no idea how I even got it! Please help.
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If you and your SO admitted to both having lied about something, but both promised it had nothing to do with another partner/cheating, and you were given the power to choose to either both tell your secrets, or both take them to your grave:

Which would you choose?

What would their lie probably have been?
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My family friend (we'll call him Jim) just recently got a divorce from his wife. They have four kids between the ages of four and eighteen, three boys and a girl. Jim couldn't afford to move into an apartment on his salary, so he lives with my mom and stepfather.

Jim gets the kids overnight twice a week, and they'll be sleeping over on Christmas Eve into Christmas. Unfortunately, Jim was just laid off from his job and can't afford Christmas for the kids. My mom is doing everything she can, but it's hard on her because she's been out of work for a month with pneumonia, plus she has my little brother to play Santa for.

I really can't afford to help, but I wanted to buy something for the four-year-old little girl, as she's the youngest and the only one who still believes in Santa Clause.

What's a really awesome toy under $30 that a little girl would absolutely love? She likes the color pink and Disney princesses. Or is there something else I could get that all of the kids could enjoy?

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Is anyone good at finding student loans? Preferably private - but right now, I'll take anything. If you compile a list for me, I'd seriously love you for.fucking.ever. I've looked all over.

It looks like I may have to drop out of college...and it's breaking my heart... :[
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I stole one of my daughter's Tootsie Roll Pops (of the raspberry variety) and the taste is bringing back awesome memories from fourth grade, when we used to get treats on Fridays if we did well on our weekly math test. I would almost always choose a Tootsie Roll Pop, either a cherry or a raspberry. I occasionally chose a Tearjerker, but it was usually a Tootsie.

What was the last thing that you ate that brought back fond memories? What does it remind you of?

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i have a really bad headache, but i can't take aspirin or anything like that per doctor's orders. i never get headaches, so of course i get a really bad one the one time i can't take stuff to fix it, ugh.

aside from sleep, is there anything else i can do to get rid of this fucking headache?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Okay so I recently was the recipient of a movie from a guy who has a crush on me. He has asked me out before and I told him no because I was dating someone. He gave me this movie recently (The Dark Knight) because it was the first thing we'd ever talked abou t (he reminded me). I thanked him and made sure he knew we were still friends (nicely). Anyway I have my first date with a guy on Friday and I was thinking about watching this movie with him. I have a friend who said that this seems sleazy. Is it sleazy?
The Little Mermaid - Ursula

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I recently broke off my 2.5 year relationship with my boyfriend because of his physical and mental abuse after moving 600 miles away from my family. I just started talking to another guy and it turns out, my ex boyfriend cheated on me with him back in the Spring but my ex lied to him and said that he broke up with me and moved to SoCal (which wasn't the case. We were still dating). I just talked to my ex and confirmed everything and he admitted to cheating on me, and gave me some pity party.

My question is, would it be a bad idea to date the guy my ex cheated on me with? He had no idea that we were still together and feels really bad and used because of what my ex did to him and I.
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Why did my tv all of a sudden decide to be stupid?
It cuts out at channel 11 and then is fuzzy until channel 48.
and everything before channel will sometimes be scratchy...even when i put a dvd in, it still does that.

and then i won't see a light as bright as you

so looking at my grandparents not too long ago i was thinking "wow they are totally in love" they do everything that you see in the movies or read about when it comes to "being in love" from still kissing and holding hands, to finishing each others sentences and even when they disagree they do it with such grace that you'd swear they really did agree. they're always side by side and just seem to have had a perfect life, eventhough i know they have not.

so my question is, do you think true love is real, and if so does it work on its own or do you have to work for it, and hard to keep it for so long?

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have you ever met and become friendly with someone, only to feel like you're calling them by the wrong name?

this happened to me with two different people, one who i was very close to when i was 17 and one who i'm quite close to now. i can't figure it out, because i'm sure i'm calling them by their actual names. maybe their names don't fit their faces?

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I've noticed there's quite a few rat owners/prior rat owners on here, so here's a random ratty question.

Have you ever had or encountered an elderly buck with a very strong, not-natural-musk smell? My old boy Evvy reeks of old cheese. He has ever since I got him a year ago, he's got a clean bill of health from the vet (for him; he's two years old, blind, his fur is thinning and his back legs are going), he's eating and pooping fine, he doesn't have any abscesses or growths, and he's neutered. He just.. smells like old cheese.

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1. If you think Steam Punk is cool will you post a picture of something you think is cool?

2. If you think is Steam Punk is lame will you post a picture of something you think is lame?

3. If you are ambivilant, will you post a picture of something you've bought or made to give as a gift this year?
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say you have a kid that does a lot of really bad things (drugs, sneaking out, ditching school) and has no fear of punishment or death or ANYTHING. no respect for anyone or anything. laughs in your face when you catch them doing something bad. whenever they are out of your sight they are doing something wrong. they are 14. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO? beat their ass? lock them in their room? chain them to your wrist? what do you do?

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How is it that assholes have this special ability to make you feel like the asshole in the situation?

How do you deal with guys that come on too strong?

The situation:

I'm taking a class that only lasts two Thursdays. But I met this guy and we were just chilling at break and he was like "do you wanna hook up?" And I was kind of taken aback so I was like "oh, idk," but then I was like "No, sorry, I'm dating someone." But he kept trying to kiss me, pushing me up against the wall, basically begging me to "at least let him feel my boobs." I seriously thought I was gonna get raped. But then he kept being like, "you know I'd never pressure you right? I'm a nice guy. I'm not pressuring you." And it made me feel like an asshole to tell him off too strongly so I kept politely saying no.

So here's the thing: he's the asshole in that situation, right? And two: how do I deal with it when I go back next Thursday? Just avoid him or tell him to fuck off or what?

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Fail biscuits are fail

Well, I tried making biscuits. I know that is something that I can make, but alas, no buttermilk. No fear, I have vinegar and milk, all will be well. Except my mix started to fizz when I added the milk/vinegar mix, due to the baking soda and powder.

So questions for those of you who know something about cooking:

Did adding magarine to my biscuits instead of shortening or butter fuck them up?

Is addding 1/4 c. vinegar to 1 c. milk not the correct way to substitute for buttermilk, and therefore it fucked my biscuits up?

OR Is it a combination of both of the above?

I swear I can cook. My foods teacher would kill me if she knew I am pretty awful at food substitutions because my final is in like 2 weeks.

Chapter 35 Veterans' Dependant Financial Aid & Taxes?

I'm a Ch. 35 VA Dependant getting paid $915 /Mo. to go to school and holding a part time, after school job to cover the gap between $915 and living wage here in California.

This will be the first tax year where I've received these benefits and I was wondering if anyone knew if I should report this income as taxable income, or not - since it's government funding?  I have no idea. 

I'm all for giving what is due, but if it's not normally something you're supposed too/have too report, I'd rather not pay back more then I actually owe.

Any other Ch. 35’s out there who know how this works?
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What's the easiest way to make a brochure on the computer? I have Microsoft Office 2003. I know there's a way to do it but I honestly haven't made one since probably fifth grade.
Would it be easier and less frustrating to just print out little blurbs of text and just paste it on construction paper?

If you don't care about my middle school college project, what are you having for dinner?

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My ex boyfriend called me today and demanded that I give him back "his" Nikon D40 camera. When we were together, he offered to help me purchase it since I did not have enough money at the time. He ended up paying about 2/3 of the total cost. I told him that he couldn't have it back and that it was shitty of him to even ask for it (I use it almost every day and he admits he would rarely use it). To top it all off, he helped pay for the camera with money that he stole from his job at the time. So my question is- Was it wrong of me to deny him the camera?

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So I got into that band, sort of. They said they really like my sound and "what I bring to the table" but that I need some help with my pitch and ability to sing on key. I told them right up front that I have no prior band or professional music experience, and would be willing to work on strengthening my vocal abilities. They're going to continue auditioning singers even while we start working on music together, rehearsing 2x a week.

Does it sound like they just dicking me around until they find something better, or should I let myself get excited and see where this goes?
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My high school yearbook staff won't let me use the picture I want to submit myself.
We don't have any rules about our yearbook photos written anywhere, and I don't go to a school where we get our pictures done there.

We are all allowed to submit our own photos.
It's not inappropriate at all, they just told me I can't use it.

Why are they being such jerks?
How can I seek revenge?

I think they don't like the angle or whatever, and it is VERY myspacey but to me, it's more aesthetically pleasing than the regular yearbook photos. It's how I want to be remembered, as stupid as most people will probably think the photo is

And for the record, the one I handed in was cropped more.

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