December 10th, 2008


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Why is it so hard to find decent reference pictures that have crazy angles? I already know how to draw the human body from straight on!!

How can I convince my hand that it needs to stop being so concrete and allow my brain thoughts to be portrayed as they should be?

Why do I even give DeviantART a second/third/thousandth chance?

Also, I want to know how the weather is over there. Will you tell me?
Hedgie :P

Car insurance...

DH just had a ticket dropped off his record, so I'm looking around at possibly getting some cheaper car insurance. 

Any suggestions, experiences (good or bad)?

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Ruth Etting

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What's the official definition of a rickroll? Do you have to be tricked into it? If it is voluntary, does it count?

I was completely unaware of this phenomenon until, like, yesterday. So I looked into it. Did I rickroll myself? Or have I never been rickrolled at all?

If not, how long to you think I'll be able to hold out?

I have snapshot preview, so no funny business in the comments!


a comment in the previous question about healthy breakfasts reminded me of another comment to another question (maybe what foods you ate that other people thought was weird, but I could be wrong) where somebody commented about how they put something in their oatmeal and their husband thought it was really weird. Any chance somebody here remembers what it was she puts in?
hannibal skull


How annoyed do you get when someone gets your name wrong?
How about after you correct them?

If you are married and did not change your name, do you get your knickers in a twist if you are called "Mrs HislastName"?

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I'm drinking soda right before bed. What poor choice have you made today?

Have you ever had to punish someone for something you found funny?
-One of my more quiet and shy campers once made a vagina joke when he didn't know I was behind him. I still laugh about it.
-My cats keep breaking into the cabinet their food is in and it is hilarious but I had to buy a child safety lock to keep them out.
-My cat keeps taking socks out of my closet and hamper and leaving them all over the house. Again, hilarious, but a pain in my ass.

working in retail

I'm looking for a job to tide me over and I ask only because I got flat out rejected by three places I've applied to thus far. I applied to Border's, Nordstroms, and H&M -- all of which require online applications. I can only think of two reasons why -- either they have no openings or because I have no experience in retail. But most start out not having experience, right?!

Onto my questions..

For those of you who have worked in retail, where did you work, how was your experience, and would you work there again?

What retail companies do you suggest are best work in and which to avoid?

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i couldn't sleep so i started watching the teevee and three minutes ago, i got rickrolled by the family guy.

how can i go to sleep after that?

what's the silliest or dumbest excuse you have ever made up to get out of going to school or work?


Is it okay for people who are overweight or obese to insult/make fun of people for being skinny? I want to know opinions.

little bit of input:
I'm 5'9" and 115 lbs and can't say I'm super happy about my body because I would like some more curves to feel a little less boyish. I lost a lot of weight about a year ago because of the medication I take daily, but it has now evened out and I cannot lose or gain any weight even if I tried (trust me.. i do). Never in my life have I gone up to someone and teased them about their physical appearance. So why do people always come up to me at work or school and say things like "Do you have an eating disorder?", "Here, have my cupcake you need it more than me", "What are you going to the gym for, you're too skinny", and they always point out my limbs and compare them to their own or something like that. A part me does not want to say anything because I feel like my co-workers and friends won't understand that being called "skinny" or "thin" hurts just as much as being called "fat"

Another question (US)

Do you want to change our national anthem? If so why and what would you change it to?

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I haven't been able to sleep for the past three nights, tqc.

What are some things that keep you up at night? You can find mine in comments.
Any useful solutions to insomnia? I've tried music and extreme heat but nothing's worked D:

Don't hate me--a christmas gift idea question

Two of my closest friends are moving to Belgium shortly after Christmas.

Obviously, they are downsizing like crazy to prepare for the move, so I am having a difficult time thinking of a decent Christmas present for them that will be useful and not take up any room. I've thought about gift cards, but the only ones I can think of are for American stores and would not be used up before moving. They are the kind of people that would not actually use a homemade gift certificate because they have already done pretty much anything I can offer.

Do you have any interesting and creative ideas?

moral problem?

I am going to visit my best friend of 3 years this weekend, who I have not seen in 10 months.  I am staying at his house, and we are planning on a wonderfully geeky weekend.

Now, my boyfriend and I are planning on getting married, although not formally engaged.  Last night, my best friend (male, btw, while I am female) sent me this text message:

"You know, while you are here, you don't HAVE to sleep on the couch"

TQC, I've been in his house many many times.  He has only one bed.  Did he just proposition me?

I love him to pieces, but we have never become romantically involved.  No physical improprieties, ever.

What do I do? 

What is this Movie Called?! HALP!

Okay, so, going slightly nuts trying to think of what this movie is titled. I'm pretty sure it's from the 80s.

4 people die in some freak accident (can't recall what.) They're then bound to this baby (can't remember why.) They're invisible to everyone except for him, and they can't go more than about 5 meters away from him. When he's about 5, they leave him because they're making him weird and he cries and keeps calling for them, but they go invisible so he might have a normal life.

Then one day they reappear when the boy is grown up (because he met a girl?) and I think they're trying to get him to do stuff for them so they can pass on. The boy is all 'OMG WTF UR MAH IMAGINARY FRIENDS GO AWAY PPL THINK I'M NUTS LOL.' and they're like 'NUH-UH HELP US BOY HAHA'.

Om. Is that familiar to anyone?? What is that bloody movie called?!
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whatwasthatone isn't giving me the instant gratification I need.

I'm trying to figure out a movie I saw as a kid

A father works on a ship (sailing ship.. set back in the 1800's I think) but it hurt and has to come home.. and to support the family the oldest son signs up to go work on the ship.

There is a first mate or some higher up on the ship named Murdoch who ended up becoming captain when the captain died (i think he died) turns out to be a pirate or forms a mutiny or something and tries to take over the ship I think.

and the family lost the farm due to the father getting hurt, well the ship wrecked and the boy survived and was stranded on an island and found pirate treasure and ended up coming back and buying the farm back from the banker.

Is this ringing any bells what so ever?

Edit - I remember the kid getting flogged on the ship for something... he goes against an order or something and gets flogged... and for some reason, I wanna say there was a female stowaway on the ship when they set out... and the kid and the girl had a thing for each other..

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1. I want to be a bit romantic tomorrow night for my girlfriend. I am cooking dinner, I bought candles, and I need more ideas. I think I'm going to pick up a bottle of wine. What else should I get?

2. Who likes "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"? Got a favorite character? How about a favorite episode?

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Has anyone here taken Celexa? Do you care to talk about your expeience?

Also, with regard to U.S. pants sizes, do the gradiations between sizes become smaller as you get smaller? I've been losing weight pretty steadily, about a size every few months, and then I suddenly jumped from an 8 to a 4 in like a month and I'm wondering WT F-ity-F.

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1a) If you're in college, when does Christmas break start?
1b) If you're not in college, will you be taking any vacation?

2) Is there any drink that puts you in the Christmas spirit?

3) Would you rather get cash or a gift card?
Ruth Etting

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Have you ever self-diagnosed yourself with something and been correct? Something serious, not like the flu.

My partner just asked me if he has small testicles and then told me that his latest (his words) "hypochondriac fantasy" is that he has Klinefelter's syndrome. I told him he's being silly, but then I looked it up and he does have most of the symptoms to a minor degree. And it's really common for men to have mild symptoms and never know they have it until they start trying to have kids and find out they're infertile. The kicker is that 1 in 500 men have it, which is huge.

I would really like to know if my partner is fertile. It would save me a lot of hassle. But I know that most of the time when people do this kind of thing they are wrong and I feel guilty wasting a doctor's time on our "hypochondriac fantasy."

What would you do in this situation?
Do you know anyone with Klinefelter's syndrome? How seriously did it affect them?

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I'm getting fed up of this!
My macbook has been in twice because it wasn't working properly, and this final time they put in a completely new hard drive.
Alls been well for 3 days but I turned it on this morning to find that its pretty much formatted itself overnight. Everythings been lost.


Will you post here and then tell the person above you which communities you're in together or what interests you have in common?

Edit: Like a comment chain. I think.

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Why is AAA's website so annoying? Am I just an idiot?

I want to fly from LA to Orlando February 1 and return February 12. I need a hotel in or near Walt Disney World for the 6th through the 12th. I do not need park tickets. Can anyone help me figure out how much this would be for two people with AAA discount?

ETA: I'd like to do this as a flight + hotel package, since it's cheaper. I can figure it out separately on my own...I'm not quite that dumb. XD
archer / pam.

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TQC, I was having a conversation through texts with a friend of mine and suddenly, the phone number I had for him changed. Usually, it comes up as his name when he texts me, but now it's a phone number I don't recognize but it's still him and it's still what we're talking about. I tried texting back like normal and I confused the hell out of some other guy who has no idea who I am.

What the hell happened??

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Way more important edit
How does your work reward employees for meeting goals? I need to come up with 2 ideas by 9 pm. So far all I've got is a drawing for movie tickets. It can't be monetary, unfortunately, so gift cards are out.

TQC, I am forced to subject my employees to a meeting once a week.
Until this rule was made, I usually just did a meeting when I noticed things that needed to be addressed (which was not on a weekly basis).

Today is meeting day. What should I yell at my employees about today?

I lost my debit card a week ago and they said they'd send it out last Friday. I've yet to receive it. When will I get to spend money again?!

pizza time!

Poll #1312926 Pizza: It's That Important

What type of slices do you prefer?

Normal, pie shaped wedges
Square pieces
Why do these freaks in the Chicago area cut a ROUND pizza into SQUARE pieces?  What possesses them to ruin a perfectly good pizza that way?

I don't like having to choose between the yummy crust and the equally yummy gooey stuff. 

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1)How much does it irritate you when you come to work or school and one of your coworkers/classmates is wearing something very similar or the same as what you are wearing that day?

2)How much would you pay for dirty deeds done dirt cheap?

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If your mother verbally and emotionally abused you during a period of uncontrollable weight gain, would you be able to forgive her eventually?
What if she stopped being nasty about it only because it was discovered that you have an extremely overly-fucked thyroid; would that make a difference?

My feelings are within the comments, somewhere.

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My friend's grandma died a month or so ago and now his grandpa is dying. Will you post cute photos of tiny animals and help me figure out how to send them to my phone?

I tried using but it wouldn't let me fwd it to him once it was on my phone. It said it was DRM protected.

Awww, right?


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TQC, i'm pretty happy right now, I got an A in a very hard class when I was expecting maybe a B, B+ if I was being optimistic that day. (its also my first A in university)

What should I do to celebrate!?

Spending Money

TQC--I have just received a sizable direct deposit into my bank account.  It was for relocation assistance, but I moved for almost free and I get to keep any money I don't spend.

What should I do with it?

Also, I would like to take a short vacation around New Years (Dec 31-Jan 3) with my husband, who adores winter (he LOVES snowmobiling).


Where can I go that is relatively affordable but is still really nice and has lots of activities nearby? 
I'll buy plane tickets if I have to, but bonus if its within driving distance.  (I live in N. Texas....Colorado Springs is about 5 hours away, for reference)

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1. i'm finally going to pay for an lj name change later! what's something you're excited about that's pretty nerdy?
2. which are you most likely to say: geek, dork, or nerd?
3. who did you last bend a rule for? i just let some R rated movies out of my sight with a minor.


Okay, this is sort of a strange question. I have a salad as part of my lunch every day at work, and I have discovered that the best way to put the dressing on is to put it in a big ziploc, add the dressing, seal the bag with some air in it and shake the bag a few times. Each leaf is perfectly dressed! However, I feel like a wasteful person throwing the bag away. How gross is it to re-use the bag? I guess I could wash it out and then keep it in my desk unsealed so it won't get moldy. It seems wrong to not wash it, even though it's only oil and vinegar (Wishbone Balsamic). What would you do?

ETA: Oh, apparently everyone and their mom uses tupperware. lol. Jil=fail
Also: how completely fucked up is it that a pregnant coworker was asked by another coworker if she was spotting? And when the pregnant coworker said yes, the other worker said "Oh, that means you're going to miscarry."


What's your top "Must Have" on your Christmas list?

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Does anyone else think it's stupid when companies have you paste your resume in a text box that is 3in x 2in? How can that possibly be readable on their end?

Ladies, do any of you actually take diuretics during your lady time?

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I know this is silly but bear with me:
I've just realized my closest friend picks her nose and eats it. I don't want to blow up her spot and embarass her, but everytime I catch her doing it I want to vomit.
What would you do in this situation?

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do you think some jobs attract fucked up people? which jobs?

me: yeah definatly i work in a book shop and out of the  7 of us working there 3 of us have eating disorders one has a nervous disorder one is an physically abusive girlfriend and a physically abused girldfriend, and 2 are just off the fucking wall!!!
and my  friend works in a book shop too and thier allll fucked up too

and whos the most fucked up person in your workplace or school or whatever?
tell me how crazy/fucked up they are:)
back corset

Oh, Finals.

A girl in my juvenile delinquency class told me that she does a shot of liquor before every exam.
I'm so stressed out about the final in this class that my ADD medication is just making me jittery rather than focused and I'm debating doing the shot ritual.

Do you have any pre-test traditions?

P.S. pick only items you would stuff all together, so I can figure something good out.

Which of the following would you use to stuff calamari tubes?

shredded parmesan
sour cream
red onion
green onion
broccoli florets
calamari tentacles

Okay, now how would you cook these stuffed calamari tubes? They will be served with basmati rice, BTW


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TQC, my friend has a problem, and I told her you guys were the best people I knew to answer it.

She needs to come up with a title for her screenplay for her writing class. It's a comedy about a lumberjack who falls in love with a talking syrup bottle (based on Aunt Jemima, but not actually her for legal reasons) and must choose between the bottle and his wife/job/old life. The script is supposed to make it clear that he's just going insane and the bottle isn't really talking.

What should her title be?

(And yes, I'm dead serious. That is the plot of her movie.)
Mitty box

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Did you ever play "The Floor is Made of Lava" when you were a kid? What other made up games did you play?

What was your favorite childhood toy?

What's something totally weird you did when you were a kid, but at the time you thought it was really cool?
When we were little and living in PA, these ditches across from our house would flood when it rained and all of the kids in the neighborhood would put on bathing suits and swim in them. Now, I'm totally grossed out that we did that.

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1) Are you a klutz?
2) What's the stupidest thing you've done lately?

1) Yes
2) I was eating fries for lunch, and trying to get ketchup out of the container. It wouldn't come out, so I pressed down hard on the container thing. Ketchup squirted all over my hand and my white jacket.


I have a committee meeting for a Big Sisters group tomorrow. Apparently it's a potluck and we've been encouraged to bring our favourite 'munchie' to share? What should I bring? Any recipe suggestions?

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so my roommate was attacked by her ex and father of her child friday night. she was intoxicated and he attempted to have sex with her. she refused, and he then tried or possibly raped her (she doesn't remember) and he beat her up pretty badly. she managed to get away from him, and ran to the neighbours, gushing blood from her head and without pants or underwear. she was taken to the hospital and received stitches, but refused a rape kit. saturday morning her sister came to get her (who lives 5 hours away) and she's been there ever since. she's coming home tonight, and i really want to do something nice for her and anything that would make things as easy as possible for her. i'm a bit emotionally stunted, so do you have any tips for what i should do to be the best roomie possible right now? i wanted to get her flowers but the transit workers are on strike.
happy monkey

help TQC!

so i'm going to test drive a used vehicle this afternoon... what sort of things should i look out for? what kind of questions should i ask? i don't know all that much about vehicles and i've never done this before, but i'd like to pretend otherwise.. so ummmmm help?

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I want to look up a webpage that has changed since yesterday, how do I go about doing it on google? (They took down the schedule of classes prereq notes!) I've done it before, but I don't remember how.

Thx TQC.

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Have you ever been friends with someone on the same educational course as you, who you thought was likely to fail? How did you handle that? Did you let them know your thoughts, offer to help them, let them be, or what?

I'm worried my friend's going to fail despite having help from lecturers and other students (me). I think she isn't grasping the point of what we have to do. I feel bad for her but I need to get my own assignment done.

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I'm auditioning to do vocals for a band tonight. They're kind of punkish pop-rock and are all guys my age or older. I can't decide if I should dress kind of sexy/punky so maybe they think "Hey, a girl! rad!", or try and be "one of the guys" with low key jeans and a tshirt or something. Either style is my "normal wear" so it wouldn't be a stretch to dress either way. What do you think, tqc?

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:( anyone want to help me find a cheap/warm/awesome destination for 2 people one person flying from Minneapolis, MN and one from Milwaukee/Chicago/Madison, wi leaving the afternoon of the 30/morning of the 31st and returning on the 4th of Jan?
im french

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What do you say to a friend (not a close friend, but a friend nonetheless) who just lost their child? CPS took her son away this morning, and while I don't know why, I still feel bad :/
That's Not Who I Was!

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If your favourite musician/band was playing in a nearby city two hours away and it would cost you a little under 200 dollars to make the trip there and back (this includes the ticket price) would you go?

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I sent my resume to someone on craigslist claiming they distribute pet food, and the guy has called me three actually four times in the span of two days and sent me two emails. I can't tell if he is being desperate and weird, or is really interested in hiring me. What do you think?

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since i started being a spa and fucking up my health  for the last few years in winter my hands and feet pretty much cut off cirulation to preserve heat!

i presummed this was because i wasnt being healthy and also assumed it would be better since i now eat healthy but its pretty much the same this year!
its not quite as bad but my hands go like purple and blue and are ICEY cold and they sorta clamp up so its hard to move them same with my feet!!

anyone know the cause and why its still happening and is there anything i can do to solve it??


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what are your thoughts on extreme makeover home edition?

i really like the show because of the families, i like to see people happy like that, and the homes they build are beautiful. Ty gets a little annoying though because hes so loud, and the show wants him to be overly charismatic.
titanic, rose, jack


Poll #1313087 the honesty game just got a little more interesting.

Do you pick your nose?

I used to but I stopped.

How often do you masturbate?

More than once a day
Every day

How many people have you had sex with?

More than twenty

When did you first drink?

Under 14

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Under 15
currently a virgin
In comments: What 'honesty' questions would you ask in a poll?

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I have an at&t NOKIA cell phone which has mysteriously stopped ringing. When people call me it goes straight to voice mail. I only occasionally get these voice mails. The only reason I know this is because I have been getting angry facebook wall posts asking me why I never answer my phone or call back. I don't recall changing the settings, and I went through all the menus and doubled checked everything, and it all looks normal. I don't have a landline, and I'm trying to get a job, so this is pretty important. (And I don't really have the money for a new phone, because I don't have a job, but I can't get a job with a broken phone and on and on...)

Does any one have any ideas about what's going on with my phone?

I am ill with nerves. Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with irrational fears, and over-worry about rational ones?

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this is a very strange question, but i'm going to ask it anyway: is there anything (growth, sagging, etc) that would make the areola enlarge or change shape? i'm asking because i know of a girl who has tattoos that go right around her nipples. i'm wondering if the tattoos would get really, really stretched out or droop if her breasts enlarged or started to sag with age.

Clever Stocking Stuffers

I work in a law office and I'm trying to come up with some clever stocking stuffers for $5 or less. These items can be risque but I would like for them to be funny and useful in an office at the same time. I'm lucky to work in an office full of people with great senses of humor so I'd love to find something witty that puns on legal work or working in an office. Women outnumber the men 5 to 1 and the ages range from early twenties to mid fifties.

What do you think would be a fun stocking stuffer?
What would you like to receive as a stocking stuffer if you worked in an office?


How do you flirt with people you have a crush on?

I've been reading online on how to flirt and I simply just can't bat my eyelashes, laugh at all his jokes, touch him lightly, or make suggestive comments.

My answer:

-I don't flirt.
-I get more awkward and end up just nodding.
-I get self conscious about my grammar and I stutter when I speak.
-I become more clumsy - IE tripping in front of him or knocking my lunch off the table.
-I can't make eye contact.

This is in the workplace too!

Now I want to hear about everyone's problems with the opposite sex lol.

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You are single, and meet a potential partner. That person is wonderful in every way, except that you find out that person has slept with 75-80 people.

How do you feel?

(no subject)

My 8th grade teacher once told me that she loves her husband more than her kids (who were about 5-8 at the time), because her husband will always be there, unlike her kids who will eventually move out.
So, TQC, do you love your husband/wife more than your kids, or does everyone get equal loving?

For those of you without spouses and/or children:
What is you favorite movie(s)?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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TQC, what do you do to lower your blood pressure? Can you do awesome stuff to lower mine? I'm fuming. :(

ETA: Not in the long-term, kids. Like "right now my pulse is about to go through the roof and I'm about to kill someone" high blood pressure. 
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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What is the worst injury you've sustained while in the bathroom?

I fell getting into the shower this morning and now I'm sore all over and there's this huge bruise around my ribular area where I hit the toilet. :(
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How do I politely inform my cat that it is incredibly rude to take a dump in front of the washing machine?

How can I convince him that he may use the litter box as often as he wishes?

(no subject)

Does anyone have one of those automatic cat litter boxes? I'm going to ask for one for Christmas, preferably under or around $100. Any recommendations??

What's the last movie you watched?
I'm watching Cable Guy right now.

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How do you remove 1+ inches of ice off a driveway without just hitting it with a shovel for four hours?  (Salt has been applied)

How angry would you be if you've been paying your grandma(85 year old whose caretaker son died this july)'s neighbors to shovel, and they didn't?
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Okay so, I cannot figure out (for the life of me) how to remove themes from firefox. I was using a
Mac one, but I've gotten bored of it, now, how can I remove this theme without reinstalling firefox again?

Nevermind, I fixed it.

(no subject)

Do you think that someone with a lot of emotional issues and baggage (depression, neediness, low self-esteem ect.) should work everything through with a therapist before trying to get into romantic relationships, or do you think they should do some dating but take it slowly? If the later option, how and when should the one with issues bring up said issues?

EDIT: When I say "emotional issues" I'm not talking about the everyday stuff that everyone has, I'm talking about things that interfere with day to day functioning. I'm not trying to imply that all emotionally fragile people need therapy or anything.

Last night I went to see MC Frontalot live! I got to shake his hand, and he is adorable in person! How cool is this? (For those of you who don't know, and

What is your favorite kind of flower? Can I see a picture?

Why is it that whenever I end a post or comment with the >_< emoticon the last bracket is always cut off? It's one of my favorite emoticons! What's your favorite emoticon?

(no subject)

On a scale of 1-10, how masculine or feminine are you (10 being very feminine for women, 10 being very masculine for men)? How masculine or feminine is your preferred gender?

(no subject)

What does your room smell like?

Mine currently smells like Passion Fruit & Guava + Creamy Caramel scented oils mixed together. It's mind boggling.

When you are procrastinating do you find a sudden interest in doing things you usually don't do?

Example: I should be studying like crazy for my practical tomorrow but instead I am in the process of cleaning my room.

(no subject)

I just knocked my mashed potatoes off of the table and they landed in my shoe.

Should I be more upset about the potatoes or the shoe?

Does anyone know how to get gravy out of satin?

(no subject)

Is it too bold to call a few chapters in a book, "pretentious filler" if you haven't read the whole book, but have read reviews and summaries of the book, and can plainly see the first few chapters have NOTHING to do with the rest of the NONFICTION narrative?

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I'm going to make rice and boil some mixed veggies for dinner. I'm also doing something with chicken. We usually just boil it because it's easiest, but I really don't like boiled chicken.

What should I do with the frozen chicken breasts? Give me good instructions plz, I am cooking disabled.