December 9th, 2008


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Poll #1312070 For the Ladies

In the movie The English Patient, there's a love scene where the guy literally rips the dress off the girl's body, tearing it savagely under the inifluence of passion. How would you feel if your new lover ripped off your dress?

That's HOT! It's all acceptable losses in the game of lust
"YOU ASSHOLE! Couldn't you just have unbuttoned it? You're paying for this, buddy!"
I'd go along for the ride and then yell at him later

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have you in the last five years feared for a terrorist attack where you are from?

have you been probed by an alian? mexican or otherwise?

if you are a follower of mine, can you put up a capricorn style question in your comment?

what sport would you name after yourself?

going to bed now, good night folks.

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I am sick as a dog, about to go to Vegas to celebrate my husbands birthday in 3 days, can't currently fall asleep, can't breathe and there is nothing on t.v.....what sucks for you right now?
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How many of you have taken revealing or nekkid pictures for your SO?

If so, have you ever had these revealing or nekkid pictures used against you? (ex: they showed up on the internet)

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Why does burning your tongue on hot chocolate hurt so much?

What kind of hot chocolate do you drink?

How do you make it?

Why does my cat think it's funny to stick her paw under my bedroom door so the dog can see it, only to yank it back in as soon as my dog gets to the door?

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Don't you sometimes feel that there's a greater meaning and quality to life than just this (whatever this may be to you...)? If so, what is it?

What or whom do you miss right now?

Do you believe in soul-mates? Why or why not?

Lastly, what do you guys think about the DS picto chat feature and its hypothesized ability to attract an overwhelming amount of pedophiles?
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Eduard Hill smile

i r clevr

So I was just making some coals to cook some shisha, and as I was placing them onto the foil, the coal was stuck to the tongs. My oh-so-intelligent solution to this problem, was to move my fingers further down the METAL tongs to give myself more leverage to pry them apart.

Needless to say, I just burnt my right index finger, causing me to drop the aforementioned tongs. The coal falls onto the carpet and subsequently burns through to the floorboard within mere seconds.

I am made of win.

What's the dumbest thing you've done recently; either knowingly, or in a moment of stupidity?
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Aaah, TQC. I'm trying to write something ~*~romantic~*~ for my bf's Christmas card, and I got nothin'. I really suck at expressing myself with wurdz. I tried looking at the Love Letters section at, but they're all crap examples. It's a small card, though, so I don't need a lot to fill up space.

Does writing letters frustrate you too?

What is your favorite radio station to listen to in the car? What genre is it?

Tits or ass?

Gloves or mittens?

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What is your favorite kind of cookie?

I'm doing a cookie exchange this weekend and I need to submit what kind of cookies I'm going to make by Wednesday. So far, all of my choices have been taken - chocolate chip, sugar and peanut butter. Now, I'm stumped because I'm sure all the common cookies have been taken already.

So, what kind of cookies should I make, TQC?
i inhale

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Okay, so, there's this dude who comes to pick up his cab every morning in front of our hotel.  We'll call him Joe.  Don't ask me why he can't just have them pick him up in front of his apartment complex.  He's been doing this for about a year, and while he's waiting, he comes in to the lobby and talks to me.  Sometimes this annoys me, but generally, I don't mind b/c it's 4:00 in the morning and it's not like I have something better to do.

So, this morning, I am sick.  Really sick.  I have a chronic health condition that periodically knocks me on my ass.  (Think vomiting 20-30 times a day).  And I'm laying on the couch in the lobby.  Yeah, generally, it's against the rules to do this.  But hey.  You made me work tonight.   No one could cover my shift, so I'm stuck here, and if they want me to stay, they will allow me to lay down on the damn couch.  You feel me?

Anyways, Joe strolls in at 4am just like he always does and asks me why I'm laying on the couch next to a trash can full of puke.  What a dumb question.  So I tell him I'm sick.  And he sits on the edge of the couch next to me.  Like way, way too close.  Joe and I have a certain restricted space bubble, and he is clearly and deliberately violating it.  So I pretty much shove him out of the way and stand up, because I'm all creeped out.

What a freak.

ETA:  This was meant for hotel_workers.  Can I delete it?


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how do you force yourself to do something? i have a 10 page paper due in six hours and i've only written two sentences. blah.

what are you sitting on right now?

if you had to get an STD, which one would you choose?

oh and what do you think of these shirts?
garua by famous
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TQC, would you like to get a Christmas card from Argentina? Would you like to send me a Christmas card?

Do you think I'm too creepy for you to give me your postal address?

EDIT: I'm PMing those of you who say yes. Yay!
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Do you think there are any bands around today that will be thought of as legendary? That 20 years from now we'll look back and say that they changed the landscape of music? I mean, someone who is truly original? If so, who?

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1)weird things you've been distracted by?


2)do you hate paperwork?


3)what's an emotional affair?

4)dysfunctional thoughts you have?

there's amazing super people[everyone else] and then there's me.

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i've had like 4 doctor's appointments in the last month and i've had to miss work for most of them, and it was always short notice. i have one this coming thursday and friday that i'll have to let my supervisors know about today. i'll have to miss work on thursday but i'll be able to come in in the afternoon on friday.

do you think my supervisors/coworkers who have to cover for me hate me yet?

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Did OJ kill Nicole and Ron?

If yes, how do you think he did it (besides with a knife, duh)?

If no, who do you think did it?

How do you feel about the civil judgment against OJ?

Do you share OJ's opinion that the Goldmans are gold-diggers?

What do you think of the sentence he just received for an unrelated crime?
box o' sloth

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Do you think Coldplay ripped off Joe Satriani?

of course. anyone with ears can realize that.
maybe but he should just suck it up and make money off of a remix or something
no. there are subtle differences.
who cares? both versions suck.

What are some bands/artists that you think ripped off other bands/artists?

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TQC, will you help me rewrite/parody MCR's "Welcome To The Black Parade"? My dad got it started with "Sometimes I get the feeling I'll watch pornography," which amused me...probably more than it should have, but I can't come up with anything else particularly funny. Who wants to add the next line?

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My job is sending me out to another office to help out next week. They're putting me up in a nice hotel and paying for all of my meals. Trouble is, it's in the (to me) middle of nowhere and I'll only be at work 6 hours a day. It's too far to drive back home and I'll likely be stuck in the hotel because they get a lot of snow.

What should I do with all of that free time?

There will be a fridge and a microwave. What are your favorite hotel snacks?

Bottoming out

1. Have you ever taken a poop that's changed your mood?

2. Have you ever taken a poop that's changed your outlook on life?

3. Have you ever taken a poop that's changed your belief in God, either affirming or denying the existance of?

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For those who are still good friends with their ex(es) are you jealous of their new significant other and all the things that are going on in their lives? Be honest now.

As for me, yes, I am jealous of my ex Craig and his girlfriend, Janessa. He moved to Seatte 8 months ago and thats where they met. I wish I could be honest with him but I'm afraid he'll get angry with me.

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what specifically constitutes a "kingdom"?

As in like "I will trade half the land in my kingdom for your daughter's hand in marriage".

Is it just the land that a king owns?

How does one become a king?

I would like to aspire to be a king, but I'm not sure if I can. If you own land, can you declare yourself the king of that land and your land will automatically become your kingdom? Is there some sort of legal process to becoming a king?

Like, if I buy a thousand acres of land, and declare myself king of that land, and then subdivide that land and build houses and stores and stuff on it and then rent out those houses and stores... do the people who rent houses and live on that land become like, my subjects and stuff?

If you were a king or queen, would you be a just and true ruler? Or would you be wicked and corrupt? Tell me about your kingdom and how you would run it.

My kingdom will be somewhere in the wastelands between Los Angeles and Sacramento.

I have a Minister of Agriculture and Reefer. I am also in negotiations with a neighboring kingdom to invest in the construction of a Colosseum.

I will be taking interviews for a court Wizard/Sorcerous. Apply within.

MY MINSTER OF AGRICULTURE AND REEFER FELL THROUGH. She is now an enemy of the kingdom. I will be taking interviews for her replacement effective immediately. Apply within.

Also, we need nubile women of child baring age for the harem. Apply within.
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i say, old bean

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will you tell me the ~intimate~ story of how you met your best friend?
how often do you get to hang out with them?

if not, will tell me how you met the last person that you kicked out of your life?
(they were a friend but they wound up being crazy, not really a friend, murderer, etc. something that destroyed the friendship!)
when was the last time you saw them?
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If you are a man pretend you are a woman wearing a bra for this post ok?

You eat a slice of pizza for breakfast. YUMMY! About an hour later you notice a little piece of the slice of pizza in your bra. Do you throw it away or eat it?

I totally ate it, it was at body temperature.

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Have your parents ever made you pay for your portion of food when you go out to eat together (at a sit-down restaurant, not just a food court or something) when it was assumed they were paying?

Is that an oddly specific question?

What is your favorite type of rice?

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1. Do you still have to work when the weather really really sucks?

2. What is the worst kind of weather to drive in?

3. What kind of weather will you absolutely not drive in (emergencies excluded)?

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I deleted all my messages in my inbox and I still can't send one. It says it will exceed my message limit. What is this bullshit?

It was on LJ that I couldn't send messages, all I did was upgrade my account to fix it.

What is your favorite thing to order at a Mexican restaurant?
guns; shoot your eyes out

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Ideas pls for a SS deal at work? This dude is the kinda guy who likes guns and john wayne sorta stuff. 10 bucks or less is the requirement and gag gifts would be okay too. What do you suggest?

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If you use foundation, do you use liquid/powder/other?

If you had to come up with a short list of makeup items as a sort of starter kit for someone that has zero makeup skills and has to start learning from square one, what would be on it?
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Let's say that someone asks to be added to your FL. You don't really like this person. What do you do?

A. Ignore them and hope that they get the hint.
B. Politely tell them that you're not interested in being their LJ friend.
C. Lie. Make up a story as to why you can't. The more absurd, the better.
D. Swear at them.
E. Add them anyway.
F. Other (please specify).

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I haven't been on TQC in ages.
But this has just been burning in me for quite some time now...

When you go to the bathroom in public, do you "hold it" if someone else is using the facilties?
What's the best thing you've ever read written on a bathroom wall?

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if this isnt allowed here, i'll delete it.

i want to know what are you getting your mom for christmas?

i get her the same shit every year, and i dont know where to go for more ideas, because shes one of those "you dont have to get me anything!" kind of moms. shes a sort of post-hippie. she isnt materialistic (which is why this is so goddamn hard). shes not into clothes or fashion. she isnt into technology. she loves her garden and plants. she loves cats, but already has 5 and doesnt want any more. she likes to bake. shes an assistant principal at a middle school. she loves her huge family who lives far away. she likes to travel.

gifts that have been exhausted in the last few years:

gift certificates for facials/massages
veggie plants
garden supplies
kitchen gadgets/ cooking supplies

shopping online is fantastic, so send me links. no gift certificates. bonus points for suggesting places near st pete/tampa florida.
&my budget is around $100.
portrait, n7


I have two papers due this Friday, and I need to study for (one of) my finals.

The two papers both have to do with Netoworking. Does anyone have any ideas? Cause I can't think of any. I was thinking on making one of them about Web 2.0, because it doesn't have to be directly related, but the one that HAS to be about networking I have no idea what to write about.

Suggestions? (It has to be 3-4 pages)
Cowboy Ew


If you were going to make a giant peace sign out of wire so you could wrap lights around it and hang it in your would you go about that? Would you even use wire?

Do you love Dr. Strangelove or what? (I know, I'm late)..I just saw it and can't wait to buy it.

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God calls you up and tells you you are allowed to give the world one rule and everyone will have to follow your rule.

What is your serious rule?
What is your non-serious rule?
What would your rule be if God limited it to a "road" rule?
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While browsing, I came across this brownie pan to create MORE edge pieces.:

I personally try to find pieces in the center when I'm eating brownies, because the edge pieces tend to be crunchier.

Do you like edge pieces or center pieces for brownies?

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What is the (or possibly there is more then one) site that you can look up a musical artist on and then it gives you suggestions of other artists you may like which are similar to the original artist? Also it lets you (usually) listen to a section of one or two of the artists songs.

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youtube prontube

Cheap window tint, goodbye.

Looking to remove tint (cheap crap) from an 80s car. Do chemicals found in frickin windex ACTUALLY work? (google it) .....and the product simple green? This is the nasty purple K-mart tint. I know there is car smarts in this group....thanks.

Sock Marks

I'm getting all dolled up at work, and jumping in the car to go to an event tonight. I'll be wearing a miniskirt and heels. But right now, it's cold and I have on socks that are leaving a super sexy elastic mark on my ankle. So...

1. How long do you think it takes for elastic marks to disappear?


2. Red lipstick or nude lips?

3. Save up to travel internationally next year or have a weekend at Vegas in the next couple of months?

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SO I'm cleaning out the cupboards because we've gotten way too overcrowded with the canned goods, I'll bring what we don't need to a canned food drive. We have two jars of beets we don't need but I don't see an expiration date on them, do you think they go bad? If so, about how long do you suppose they last?
kindergarten cop

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i am so bored lately because the main person i talk to online all day hasn't been on lately.
so bored that when the guy who broke into my house and left this (using a spare key that was given to him, but 5 months after i stopped talking to him) imed me a year and a half later, i keep talking to him anyway.

am i just asking for trouble?
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I need something to put my clothes in. I hate closets.. and since I usually wear my clothing multiple times before washing them, I don't really keep them neatly folded -- actually, currently they're all in my in a big pile on my floor. I plan on re-doing my bedroom soon and how to store my clothing is the biggest problem. I don't really like dressers either.  :/  Any suggestions on what I could use? any color/size/price, I just need ideas.

I'm thinking about buying someone specialty (ground) coffees, what kinds should do you suggest I get?

Do mall Santa's weird you out?
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Is it possible to make homemade chicken and noodles with boneless chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken?

I am really new to cooking and not really wanting to dismember anything today.
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Has anything significantly changed the quality of your life? What is/was it?

For me, it's a B-complex vitamin and a neti pot! Everyone's probably sick of me talking about it but OMG, I can't believe this is how good most people feel all the time!
Baro Bitch Stare
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Do you ever answer a question for another comm thinking it was a question in this comm?

I just did that to someone in poor_skills now I feel a little douchebaggy.

Do you like the puff cheetos or the crunchy cheetos?

And the ultimate question: IS IT SODA OR IS IT POP?!

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What do you guys think about this?

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TLDR Summary: Former cop turned anti-drug-war activist plants a trap for Odessa, Texas cops by placing a couple pine trees under a grow lamp in a rented home. Shortly thereafter cops raid the home expecting a marijuana grow operation only to find the guy's attorney waiting, anticipating the raid. Questions are raised about legality and validity of the warrant obtained.

The Receptionist Classic

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The Adorable Puppy of Doom was happy and bouncy when I got up to go to the bathroom. When I came back, she was quiet and mopey. Then she waddled off and hid under the bed. About a minute later, she came bounding out and pounced on her toys, back to normal.

TQC, what did she do while I was in the bathroom and where will I find whatever it is that she did?
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What do you use as a bookmark?

I use playing cards. This makes me remember to shake out my library books in case I've left my 2 spades (or anything else) before I return them.

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1. what are your favorite snacks?

2. what's the temperature outside where you are?

3. how frequently can you actually remember your dreams?

4. will you post a candid photo of yourself that someone took where you were not aware a photo was being taken?
BOOKS merlin
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do you often have that when your music is really one genre only that you are still attracted to this one song from another genre that you don't even like?
purpleLISA; __narcisistic


my ipod bit the dust so i got one of the new nanos. my itunes is an older version and i have to update to 8 to get my crap on the nano. it i execute or what not what i downloaded and then it starts installation and just stops every time. i got it to work on my other computer but my songs are all on this one. please help or direct me to someone who can!

hah, the question: what can i try to get it to work?

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I downloaded the movie Manos: The Hands of Fate to use in the creation of a music video. I started putting together the video a while back, using the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version, but grew frustrated with having to crop out the silhouetted heads. So I finally got a copy only to find out that it's perminantly subtitled in spanish.

Should I go ahead and use the version with the spanish subtitles and just chock it up to further strangeness (it's going to be a pretty strange video), or should I wait and try and find a copy of the movie without subtitles?

This is the first attempt that I quit working on because I got frustrated.


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Which fellow TQCer do you wish you were friends with beyond the internet? You don't necessarily have to be internet friends with the TQCer currently (I'm not).

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Also, I asked for an incomplete for one of my classes because my medical condition (which is documented) has caused me to have extreme anxiety and crippling insomnia. Was this a good move? What would you guys have done instead?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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You don't usually have to make a down payment when you're subletting, do you?  I want this guy's apartment but this and some other things make it look like he's trying to screw me over.

Where you live, do cabs line up and wait along the curb and passengers have to go with the first guy in line?  (Sorry about the poor sentence structure)

Why do I get mildly high from eating really spicy food?  Has this ever happened to you?

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1)What media player do you use?

If you use an Ubuntu OS is there a media player that is just like Winamp that I can use? I can't find anything like Winamp and I miss it so fucking much. ;__;

2)Which countries (besides Argentina) should not cry for you? Which countries in particular should cry for you?

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I seem to have a problem holding down jobs for more than 2-3 months at a time. I've realized this is because I'm not happy at any job, so I quit because I don't want to sacrifice my mental health for money.
Is this a bad thing? Should I just suck it up? I feel shitty quitting jobs all the time, and I imagine it ruins my resumé as well, but I don't want to constantly be depressed either.
[mg] short hair

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So I just fell down the stairs and my first thought was "FUCK I hope I haven't broken anything, because then my mom will find out I'm not at school."

What's the strangest thought you've had while in a potentially dangerous situation?
Halloween 2008

Menu ideas/suggestions?

Hello all,
I'm applying for a job cooking on a sailing yacht next summer as a cook. I have no training, but a few months experience cooking for 20-40 people (mostly children). This is for at most 25 people, mostly adults, who will be chartering the boat for cruises for several days. I will be somewhat limited to a budget, but I'm trying to display my skills here, if only to give my hopeful employer an idea. All he asked for was a seven-day meal plan.

So, the questions:
Does it look good to you? They gave me no restrictions, but I can comply and substitute Vegetarian Meals if need be. I don't necessarily need to make the meals healthy, but they should be somewhat balanced. Any suggestions or additions?

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TQC help me!

I have a fancy Christmas party to go to on Saturday. I already have my dress picked out and all that, but I have no idea what to do with my hair. I'd like to put it up, but I have a lot of layers. Shortest hair is about ear-length, longest is just above my shoulders.

Collapse )

So, ideas? My hair is also naturally wavy, I straightened it today. Right now, I am leaning towards just straightening it like it is now, but I'd love to put it up if there's a way I can get it to look nice.


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1:  When you have to take a pill with food, do you make a meal or eat some bread/crackers/other?

2:  When you come in contact with someone who has a cold (you shared a soda, made out, whatever) and they're still within the first 72 hours of having it, do you take vitamin C or do you not care? 

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Every time I take my pain medication, the left side of my mouth swells and my one tooth hurts. Is this a normal side effect?

I haven't taken it in like 6 months, I just started taking it a few days ago.. and this morning I woke up and didn't take it until 3. I had no problems until 30 minutes after I took it. WTF?

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The cosmetic company Urban Decay is having $1 shipping. No code required. I've been planning on getting my mom some new eyeliner. She loves mine but won't spend that kind of money on makeup for herself. I'm going to take advantage of this offer.
That being said, what should I get my cousin? She doesn't cake it on or anything so I'm looking for something safe that isn't a lipgloss. She has pink tones in her face, blonde hair and blue eyes.

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What is with showering after sex?

What are you doing to get so dirty?

If you normally shower after sex, would you do so if it is night and you will go to sleep afterwards?

Would you get offended if your partner had to jump up and go af a shower right after you screwed?

(no subject)

What did you major in / Are you majoring in in college?

(If you saw my last post, you'd know i'm all a-buzz in the college stuff right now)

I'm going to become an Art History major when I actually get there :)

(no subject)

What makes you a good person?

What makes someone a good person in general?

How do you define goodness?

Do you like sugar cookies?

What things cheer you up when you are stressed out and feeling down?

I am sleepy. How should I go about waking myself up?

Ethics 4 Fun!

Which is a worse thing to do to get pot: 1) sucking the dick of someone whose only connection to you is that he has pot, or 2) scamming your mother for the money?

Feel free to quote your favorite ethicists and philosophers!


Finally, I've decided it's gonna be a watch for the boyfriend (he's 29) for X'mas. Narrowed it down to a few watches from one brand. He's a shy and simple guy, not metrosexual at all. Which should I pick? Thanks!!

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I have a final in an hour that I am so nervous about. I am not doing well in this class. But, if my calculations are correct, if I get an A on the final, I can get a B- in the class.

Will you please wish me luck?

Any tips for staying calm? Seriously, I feel like I'm going to vomit over here, and the final is from 7:30 to 10:30 and I need to eat something before I go!! :(

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How do you feel about sharing your tube of toothpaste with others?

When I was growing up, my brother and I always used the same tube. Our parents each had their own because they had stuff for sensitive teeth.

I know some girl who will not let anyone else use her toothpaste, not even her boyfriend.
Big Love


If you're cooking do you just make it up as you go along or do you follow recipes?

What is your favorite thing to cook?

What is the last thing you cooked?

I just made an Enchilada dish. In a casserole dish I put a layer of whole wheat tortillas, some enchilada sauce, Monterrey jack cheese and the filling I created. The filling is ground chicken, onions, green chilies, corn, mushrooms, spinach, diced tomatoes, and red peppers. Then I put another layer of the tortillas and topped them with refried beans (which I just learned are incredibly healthy) and a little more cheese. Then I repeated the top layer with the tortillas, filling and sauce. Topped that with more tortillas sauce and cheese. So it's like 3 layer enchiladas or something. It's baking right now. I just made it up in my head so I hope it tastes good!

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For those of you with severe peanut allergies: Do you avoid eating jelly in case someone just used one knife while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Would it be unreasonable for an undergraduate language major to translate something that has been translated before for their senior thesis? (I mean as opposed to translate something that hasn't been translated before)

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When is the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs?

Do you ever get the urge to? I want to, but there are too many people being active around the general area of my house >:O

Also, what color socks are you wearing?

(no subject)

Girls: Which do you prefer, tampons, Pads, or Diva Cup?

Guys: Which would you prefer to use if you had to deal with that kind of thing?

If you really don't give a damn, what are some of your weird habits?
Octopus singing

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I have a long trip tomorrow on the train. Which season of show would you recommend for me for the ride? One that you like the whole season of? I haven't watched either, which do you like better over Blood Ties or Moonlight? I'm also thinking Pushing Daisies since I loved the first season. I'm behind on Heroes, Lost, Weeds, The L word and Degrassi so I was thinking that too, but I'm kinda in the mood for something new. Any suggestions? Thanks.
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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purses and things that go in it

Ladies - you have a small purse. What are the necessary things you MUST put in it? How do you make it all fit? I always have a hard time trying to pick :| and I hate big purses.

Guys - what do you always carry with you? Do you hate the bulgy pockets?


I got the following books today:
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne
Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore
Trading Spaces by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott
Watchmen by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons

Have you all read any of these books? What do you think of them?
hate pimentos

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Why is it that, on TV, whenever someone takes a urine pregnancy test, "blue" is always the result, no matter if they're pregnant or not? 


Jordan: It's blue.  I'm not pregnant.
Dr Cox henceforth runs screaming through the streets 'SHE'S NOT PREGNANT!  IT'S BLUE!"

Kill Bill:

Uma Thurman's character whose name escapes me: Read the box!  Blue means pregnant!

WTH, TQC?  Also, no at-home whiz quizzes actually USE color any more, it's all "1 line vs. 2 lines" or "Plus vs. Minus" or those digital things.


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1. How many pillows do you need to sleep with?

2. Do you ever receive holiday cards signed with the sender's name along with their pets' names? Who are those people?

1. Two that have to be positioned very carefully or my body aches for days.
2. Yes, all my uncles and aunts do this, as well as my grandma.

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I was in a minor car accident today. My bumper popped off, and my license plate was crushed, so I need to get a new one.

I don't know what to do, however. I'm currently in another state, Illinois, than the one the plate is from, Wisconsin.

How do I get a new license plate? Do I have to go back to WI?

I was thinking of changing my plates and license over to the state of IL anyway, but I'm not entirely sure how to do that...

Also, the car is my mom's and she hasn't offically "sold" it over to me yet. She says she needs to give me the title of the car and stuff. I don't really understand what that means, but yes.

Some help with this would be appreciated. Thanks!

Also, is it ok to drive without a license plate on the front of the car...?

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Hey TQC- my boyfriend called me up and asked me to ask y'all a question for him.

My boyfriend's dad is wirelessly connected to a router for the internet. He keeps losing the signal, or has a very weak signal, and a slow connection. Is there a way to boost the signal or what is the problem that needs to be fixed so that the internet does not cut out?


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I just got in a car accident for the first time.

I was on the main road and someone pulled out right in front of me. My front passenger side hit her front driver side.

I thought it was my fault cause I hit her. My bf says its her fault for pulling out when I had the right of way.

Who's fault was it?
me srs

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I'm going to be cooking for the first time tomorrow. I've never tried anything too difficult, as I easily screw up even the simple things like macaroni and cheese and cookies with pre-made dough.

But one of my culinary-experienced friends will be helping me because she wants me to learn how to cook! How exciting.

She is a vegetarian.
I do not like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or peppers.

Do you have any recipes you could suggest for us to try?