December 8th, 2008

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When was the last time you masturbated?
When was the last time you picked your nose?
When was the last time you yawned?
When was the last time you ate chocolate?
When was the last time you drank a soda?
When was the last time you wore headphones or earbuds?

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How would you feel if soda companies switched from high fructose corn syrup to cane sugar?
If you've gotten the chance to taste a particular brand of soda made with the hfcs and the cane sugar, can you describe the taste difference?
Screaming Dean

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Who is your favorite author who writes humorous books? (I'm sure there is a better way to phrase that, but I can't think of it)

Do you have a favorite book by that author? If so, what is it?

I love David Sedaris, but I don't have a book I would call my favorite. I found all of his books funny (of the ones that I've read).
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Could you please tell me if this is suck up-y?

I was planning on this since like the middle of the quarter. After turning in my final, I was going to give my professor a "thank you" card along with a $25 gift card to Tully's for always helping me outside of class with my oftentimes off-topic questions.

But I have just asked him for a letter of recommendation, which he will do in a couple of weeks. I want to give that card and gift card to him, but I am scared that he might perceive that as sucking up for that letter of rec. I'm very self-conscious about the possibility of sucking up for some reason.

It's really from the heart. But I feel like I thank him too much, too. I already thanked him a lot for helping me in my letter asking him for a letter of recommendation....

Should I still do it? I really want to give it to him as an X-mas and "thank you for helping me during fall quarter" thing rather than after the letter of rec., but what do you think?

Thank you for reading.
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Say you had broken up with your SO of a year + or so and were still relatively close (AKA still having sex, etc) after months of being apart/on-and-off again. But your former SO decides to enter into a new relationship, despite the fact that you two are still close "in that way". Would you stay? Or would you hit the pavement running?
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1. What do you do with books you don't want anymore ?

2. If you donate them to a library, do you just drop them at the front desk or toss them in the return slot ?

3. If you don't donate them, do you sell them somewhere ?

4. Donate them to a charity sometimes ?

5. Add them to ?

Anything else can be added in the comments if you like....
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geeky, experiment, science

I'd really appreciate it if you guys would answer this question. ^^

(Crossposted to ran_dezvous and my NaBloPoMo blog.)

What makes an effective teacher?

Explanations aren't necessary, but would be utterly loved and adored~ Oh, and if you aren't too sure whether I know this already, please indicate whether you're a student, a teacher, or a parent, although you don't need to be one to answer this. This is actually the topic for a survey I'm supposed to conduct for my Principles and Strategies of Teaching class, of which the full details would be discussed this upcoming Saturday. I might not be able to actually use your answers for the actual assignment, but I'm still pretty curious to know what you've got to say on the subject~ Thank you so much for answering!

ETA (December 13, 2008): I know this might sound redundant, but if you could also tell me what makes an ineffective teacher, it would be very much appreciated. ♥
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So, I'm starting university in February, and I'm curious ...

Where did/do/will you go to university/college, and what did/do/will you study? How were/are your college years?

a: I'm going to liberal arts college in Maastricht (Netherlands). I don't know what I'll be doing after that.

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I'm making a few mix CDs to play in my office at work. Three nights a week I'm stuck in the office for a few hours late at night counting the deposit and such, so I listen to music to keep me from being bored out of my mind.

What songs should I put on it? I like every genre [sans polka] so throw it out there...

What are you listening to right now?
Will you tell me a song lyric you love?

What time is it where you are?

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Ok, this is a weird question. Bare with me.

I'm thinking of writing this fantasy type story I've been mulling over in my head for a while now. It's unlikely that anyone but me and perhaps a few close friends will read this story, as I'm only really doing it for fun, but on the off chance it somehow finds a wider audience, I'd like to know if something I'm thinking of putting in it would squick people.

Ok, so one of the sub plots of this story would be a romance between two characters of different fantastical races. The male is your typical human, and the female is of a sort of fae race, somewhat similar to a hobbit or a halfling. The important bit to note here is that, while the male is the standard human height of 5 foot 8 or so, the female would be about 3 foot 3. That is, very short.

She's a full adult, has adult proportions, boobs and pubes and everything, she's just literally half his height. Is that weird? Would you be weirded out reading about a romance between these two? I just keep getting worried that people would think I have some sort of child fetish. :/
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What's your guilty pleasure movie?

I love Bring It On: All or Nothing (with Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles), which is just starting on E!  I also love Crossroads with Britney Spears.
as a kite

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Can you teach me a french phrase?
The more random the better.

If not, what's your middle name?
Mine's Catrina.

ETA: Can you also tell me what the phrase means? I will be using these in a drunken stupor around Montreal.

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i just told my best friend that basically i fucking hate the girl he is gonna start dating and if they get together they will get no support from me.

on a scale of 1-10 how shitty of a friend am i? i think it might be a 10 :(

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Turn on your TV. Pop on your tivo/dvr/whatever you use to record your shows. Will you tell us what the first five you have listed are?


1. The Girls Next Door
2. Snapped
3. Scrubs
4. Hanson (some live show they did for the station's "special" channel)
5. The Whitest Kids U'Know

I can't even blame this monstrosity on someone else because this is the tele in my craft room D:

Edit: Does no one in TQC own a television?? What led you guys to make the decision to forego a TV?
I <3 TLV

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In the anti-marijuana commercial with the girl and her friend and the little brother... how does smoking weed hurt her (or anyone's) little brother? Besides the magical burns. Is anyone else really confused about that commercial's message?

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If you were on a date with someone you thought was intelligent, attractive, and interesting, but you found out they were an ICP fan, would you still like them?

Or are the first three mutually exclusive of the last?

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Where can I view history channel documentaries online (specifically, THE FIFTIES) since it's not available in any online store for purchase ..?

What's the best way to stay awake for seven consecutive days without dying of a heart attack?

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what is your current voicemail?

what's the best voicemail you've ever heard?

(my voicemail is awesome. i should post my number and let you guys hear it, y/y? or would you all stalk me? :X)

edit: number taken down. you snooze, you lose.

edit 2: lol @ withheld numbers. no reverse stalking allowed? D:

better off anon?

Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping?

If not will you post 3-5 random things that a person you have yet to buy for likes so we can help you out?
Don't forget to post your relationship to them so we can be helpful and not ~inappropriate~

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i posted a while ago asking what i should do with my hair to look older and i went and got it cut friday! upgrade/downgrade? what do you guys think of it? idk how i feel about it yet.Collapse )

also i brought this picture with me when i got it cut. does my hair actually look anything like that picture? : \
im french

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1. ew so I watched that video of that guy offing himself on live tv, and I can't sleep. It was so fucking gross. Did you see that video? Did you see it because you were a Pennsylvania schoolchild and you had a snowday, so you you were watching tv around 11 am to see a guy off himself on LIVE TV? If so, I'm curious as to how that affected you.

2. Does anyone have any footage of Christine Chubbock, the news reporter, offing herself on air? Youtube didn't have it.
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1- Have you ever wanted to do some type of drug just to spite the obnoxious anti-drug/anti-smoking commercials?

2- Would you rather have fire breath, ice breath, or bad breath the ability to exhale various toxins?

3- What is your most recent major dietary mistake?

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I posted a few days ago about getting a used PS2. Someone suggested I look at eBay because they sell for $50-60 there. I lost three bids because they were close to $75 and I didn't want to pay more than $70 since there would inevitably be shipping fees, too. My friend says he has a PS2 that he would give me for $75, but I was hoping I could get it lower.

Do you think $75 is a good price for a used PS2? I think he's going $75 because he knows I stopped bidding at $70 and that I was willing to pay the shipping. Should I still hold out for something lower? It's a Christmas gift.


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Do you get that voice in your head that tells you
'It wont work?
It's not worth the trouble?
You'll fail and look silly?
You can get it cheaper somewhere else?. . .etc.

How do you stop it? Do you have any catch phrases or reminders. 'It's only money' or something?

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I have a dog, I've had him since I was 5, and he's getting pretty old. He's obviously not in perfect condition, but he's not on his deathbed either. Yet my mom keeps saying how "he's not doing so good" and "he might not make it through this winter". Knowing that I just had to put my cat down this year, is it rational for me to get aggravated that she keeps saying this?

What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
burn peeps

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I've been kind of depressed recently and have felt snappish towards the general populace. At my job, I have a desk in a room with many other people. This room is also used for meetings and hanging out and such.

In order to not snap at my colleagues, I have been listening to music on my laptop (with earphones), but even my music is starting to grate on my nerves.

Does anyone have suggestions for fun music to listen to at work? Either upbeat or calming. I'm up for just about anything other than opera. (I'm on a jazz/funk/blues kick now, so if you have any suggestions on those genres, they will be added to the top of the queue.)

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The inside of my nose is constantly bloody, I run a humidifer at work and at home, and use saline to try and keep it moist, (also i'm pretty sure there is a split/cut on the top that isn't helping cause my nose itself hurts to touch. what else can I do?!

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Do you ever think in your head how it would suck if something bad happened, and then it did happen?

I was just thinking to myself how bad it would suck if I broke the handle off of the coffee grinder my husband just bought yesterday, and if it would still work if I did. 20 seconds later, I broke the handle off the coffee grinder my husband just bought yesterday, and no, no it doesn't.

Do you ever think in your head how awesome it would be if something happened, and then it did happen?

choo choo random choo choo rock on

❶ What's your opinion on dating friends? Some of my friends say they wouldn't date someone they just became friends with, but most say they'd rather do that than potentially screw up a friendship with someone they've known for a long time. Thoughts, and/or have you ever done it?

❷ Have you ever come across/been given something that you thought was a piece of junk but turned out to be something cool or important? What was it?

➌ Lastly, do you have one of those sites where you update your status (Twitter, Plurk, Facebook statuses)? If so, what do you think are the benefits of it?

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When you write Christmas/Holiday cards do you write things inside or just sign them?  What do you write inside?

I bought my boyfriend NFL tickets for x-mas for $70, (we went to the game together in october) and i'm getting him The Tales of Beedle the Bard.  Should i feel inclined to get him anything else?
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Water Bottle

I have come to the conclusion that using a Gatorade/Powerade/Whateverade bottle as a refillable water bottle is possibly not the best idea.
So, what's a decent refillable water bottle that is
(a) able to survive the diswasher
(b) similar in size to a 20oz Gatorade bottle
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my poor baby!

My boyfriend is at home taking care of our 4 month old son. His sister is there too. She is 13.
He brought me to work at 7am. I have been calling since 8:30, for the past 2 hours. Non Stop.
He doesnt answer his cell. Nobody answers the house phone.
I am worried sick now.. TCQ why is nobody answering?? But could possibly be going on!!!???

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OMG TQC I had half a cup of coffee 2 hours ago and I'm so buzzed on caffeine right now. My breath is all shaky and my heart is beating way to fast and my hands are shaky too. I have to go out for some paperwork stuff in half an hour and I need to be presentable. WHAT SHOULD I DO?? I NEED TO CALM DOWN.
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My friends' girlfriend wants me to help her pick out stuff for said friend. She wants to get her good quality stuff. So I'm thinking Gap and Old Navy while she's thinking American Eagle and Hollister. Given the choice between the options, which store has better quality of stuff? Any other ideas of where to shop for her? (She needs stuff like camisoles and jeans). Please and thank you!

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Based on this question: What album is next on your list to upgrade -- from crappy cassette or 8-track or scratchy vinyl to gleaming CD or digital format?
I'm gonna get a hard copy of the first Roxy Music album when my ship comes in.

portrait, n7

Bearded Dragon

Dear TQC,

My Bearded Dragon is sitting at his food bowl looking back and forth between me and the food bowl. He's already been fed this morning...

Do you think I should give in and let him have another salad?
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How is international post regulated?

Are international shipping rates regulated somehow or is it up to individual countries how much to charge?

Because if I want to send the smallest box of stuff from here to the US and ask specifically for the cheapest shipping rate the cheapest rate I can get is around $35, whereas I could have sent the same thing for probably less than $10 from the US.

And it's annoying.

mmm taco flavored kisses!

How many times in an average day do you think you give/receive kisses? A peck counts, as does full blown making out.

If you don't see your sweetie every day, a weekly average is also acceptable, but include your units, people!
0? 1-5? 10-20? 50+? 200+?

How many is your ideal amount of kisses to give/receive on an average day?
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Dear Tqc Relationship Advisors,
I have been seeing this guy for a couple of weeks, but despite liking his personality and thinking he's cute I am just not attracted to him. I want to tell him that I'm not feeling it, but in a way that will allow us to remain friends,
What should I say?
eta: without killing his ego, so he will never want to hang out with me again!
AD - Girl in my soup

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TQC, do you know of any good Christmas jazz albums? Already have Charlie Brown's Christmas Soundtrack (best!!!) and looking for something along those lines.

otherwise what's your favorite christmas album? this has probably been asked before.

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1. What movie do you think gets referenced in conversation more than any other?

2. What TV show do you think gets referenced in conversation more than any other?

3. What show did you not give a chance and, in retrospect, wish you had?

4. Have you ever seen a sluggish Chinese food delivery person?

5. Pictures of what you cook or what you do?

6. Will you think up a name for this yummy brownies dish:

Collapse )

Once they are completely chilled, you cut them up into bite size squares. The brownie beneath is made from scratch and not the super sweet kind so the mint deluxe topping and the rich chocolate drizzle - oh it just melts in your mouth. (I'm giving you info to help you name it.)

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TQC, I was elbows-deep in chopped onions and minced garlic last night, and while I love the two in my belly, I don't so much love the lingering smell on my hands. D: No matter how many times I scrub them, no matter how lovely-scented my lotion is, IT WON'T GO AWAY. How do I make it go away?! One of my biggest fears is being The Smelly Kid, so I obviously can't deal with this for much longer.

Also what's the last thing that made you go "wtf?"

Collapse )
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Are there any songs that you feel capture the insanity of the character it represents?

Are there any qualities in these songs that you look for to judge if they feel "insane"?

If Andy Kaufman wrote an autobiography (back when he was alive) would it actually contain his life, or would he write a completely irrelevant story about something else like a dog? Or would he make it a cookbook or something along those lines?

(no subject)

I need a riddle to put on our staff meeting agenda. Unfortunately the riddles I've found by using the power of Google are not going to cut it.

TQC, will you post any riddles you're a fan of?
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Hell - Picasso Devil

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Womens of TQC, will you please tell me your measurements - underbust, skinniest part of your torso, largest hip measurement? I read somewhere that the average woman's underbust is about the same as her hip but that seems wrong... I'm trying to see if there is any way to prefab a couple of corsets that will be good general sizes.

ETA Woohoo you guys rawk!

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I have 5 paperback novels that I used this semester that I want to sell. Would I get more money selling them back to the school bookstore or online? or do you think i would get about the same amount either way?

(no subject)

Do you think someones unique/unsual name would prevent them for getting a part time/full time/seasonal job, even if they never been fired or what not?

How hard is it to find a job where you live?

(no subject)

If someone who was completely straight pretended to be gay and then went on a date with a person of the same gender do you think the other person would know that the straight person was just faking?

(no subject)

Edit: I apologize for a couple of the choices. Some of them aren't bad. I wrote out the question before I compiled all the selections. There's nothing wrong with being gay or being a christian. Some people may have issues with them and those options are there for those people. I should have corrected the text in the question. Don't mean to insult anyone, but merely to present intersting results

If you were a parent and your child grows up, which of these outcomes would you be the MOST disappointed in? I know they're all bad, but which would affect you the most?

Daughter appeared in Playboy
They deal drugs
They're a drug addict and unwilling to go to rehab
Daughter is kind of a slut. Dates a lot of guys, is never at home at night, every other week has some guy from out of town spend the weekend with her in her cramped apartment
They're unemployed and have not worked in 5 years. They're 28 now
They're gay
They have 3 kids and unmarried
They're a born-again christian
They're in some kind of weird cult and live at a compound with 200 other people
They're in prison serving a 7 year sentence (manslaughter, drunk driving)
They're 500lbs and were denied entry on the Biggest Loser for being too fat
They're over 21 and obsessed with cosplay and you strongly suspect they're a furry
They kill animals for fun. Goes hunting every weekend but doesn't eat the meat, and your pets are scared of them due to something that happened the last time your kid was over
They're a pathetic dork who never leaves the room he/she grew up in (in your house). Plays video games all day and has no friends and never been on a date. Gets by making websites
They're a carbon copy of you and are following in your exact footsteps
Peace in the sand

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Do you like Doritos?
If so, what's your favorite flavor?
If not, what's your favorite kind of chip or snack?

This was inspired by my current addiction to Sweet and Spicy Chili Doritos. MMMM!
anontang DA

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There's a class I need to take next semester...and I just found out that I need to take it. Thing is, all the classes are closed. I asked about being put on the waitlist and I was told that I'm just supposed to show up to class and hope that the professor allows me in. In the timeslot I want, it says there is no one on the waitlist. TQC, what's the likelihood that I will get into this class?

what to do

today i have two options

should i

A) go over to my aunts house to make cookies and stuff for a while, attempting to not think about what is stressing me out atm and just supress it,pick up my new bookshelf, then go home and work on the first portion of my theory final,

B)stay here at home chillin, work on the final a bit more than i would if i did A, think about what to do about boy and write things down, generally try to destress myself from everything thats going on, make myself a nice dinner and so on

the final is due on wednesday, and i have another assignment to be turned in with it, so ive got about two days to get those both done, and the only other classes i have left is one session of piano, my jury tomorrow, and then the piano final on thursday
me: in glasses

Heeeellp meeeeee.

I am currently in hell. I am waiting for my mom to get out of surgery in a very crowded and noisy waiting room. Some bitch on her cell phone is discussing mittens. There is a four-way conversation behind me in what must be Turkish. Some guy is screaming at his kid over there. Some other kid is playing a loud video game. Another woman is discussing her father's bowel movements loudly. I have a bad cold and feel like I'm going to suffocate/throw up/start screaming. I have been here since 5am, it is now 3pm.

My one saving grace: I have my laptop and wireless internet. WHAT, TQC, can I do to keep from going insane?? Any and all suggestions welcome.

(I cannot leave the room for more than a few minutes, for fear that the doctor will come out with news and I will miss it) :(
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I wanted to get my nephew a personalized book for Christmas but I totally missed the deadline for it.
Should I order it now and just give it to him (or really, his parents) when it comes in?

completely random:

Do you know any good hair products that give you beachy waves? Sort of like a salt spray? I have a Garnier one that I bought a lonnnng time ago and I'd like to try a new one.

(no subject)

Is there anyone close to you that you just HATE having touch you?

I don't know why but I absolutely hate when my parents hug/kiss me. I also don't like my gay friend or my really hyper best girl friend touching me! I'm fine when my siblings hug me and I'm super affectionate with my boyfriend and most everyone else in general. So weird.
emmett, QAF


Do you have a link for a good recipe for those meatballs that people serve at parties/gatherings ? They are usually in some kind of thick sauce and served on toothpicks ?

Edit: Yes, they're called swedish meatballs. I forgot !

Whats your favorite food that's served at office/ organizational holiday parties and gatherings ?

the Shitty Nick Shows Debate

1. Every few weeks, we get another question about favorite Nickelodean shows. Doug, Salute Your Shorts, Invader Zim, Are You Afraid of the Dark etc. Now for a change-up. What were the WORST Nickelodean shows? and why? A few suggestions...

*Count Duckula. Dull, boring, outdated English cartoon.

*Danger Mouse. Same as above.

*Total Panic. Sunday morning primetime, and they fill it pointless tacky filler.

*Don't Just Sit There. Same as above, but for the afternoon. Time to switch on the NES.

*15. If I want a soap opera for teenagers, I'll watch WWF.

*The Amanda Show. You just wanna wrap that fucking brat up in duct tape and throw her in the trunk of a car. All That with most of the cast missing. One time the audience tried to boo her off.

*BING! The sound of something New. They spoon feed you what's new and cool with tweens. 7 weeks later, they start showing reruns.

Muppet Babies. Dunno why I hated this show but I did. And it goes on for a freaking hour. Why weren't there any good cartoons on Sunday morning?

Mister Wizard. Beakman and Bill Nye stomp his old ass.

Fashion advice

Okay, so I realize most people probably hate my style, so "DEAR GOD RETURN THE DRESS NOW" is not an option.

These shoes:

Dress with a similar skirt to this but a different top (and the "shags" are more even):

What color stockings/tights should I wear? Black opaque, black transluscent, flesh-colored?

Also getting a different pair of shoes is not an option.
dr. facilier


TQC, who are you mad at right now?

I am really pissed at my ex-husband. He brought our daughter home last night in sandals in socks. It's been in the mid-twenties here for the past week so I asked him to bring back the shoes I sent her to his house in. He's refusing. He says she'll be fine in the sandals until he sees her again ( Which is in 2 weeks ). So, now I have to go out and buy her yet another pair of shoes so her feet don't freeze when I take her out.
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For Christmas, I plan on getting my boyfriend a journal and writing a quote on the first page.
Right now my idea is a Mary Oliver quote. "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
What quote would you suggest I use?

Edit: I don't really want to use something that is personal or that reminds me of him even, I want it to be more about living life, writing, I don't even know. Not something lovey dovey. :P

What are your favorite poems about nature?

(no subject)

a-Have you ever cried in public?

b-Have you ever shit on yourself (on accident) in public? If you did it on purpose I really don't wanna know.
b1-If you never shit yourself have you had a different bodily fluid or maybe food item all over you, at any time, in public?
b2-If no b1 how about someone else's bodily fluid and/or food item(s)? All over you, in public, that is.

c-Have you ever made a complete ass clown of yourself in public (either accidental or on purpose)?

Collapse )
Danny 2: The Return

(no subject)

Does anyone here have Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Nintendo Wii video gaming system?

If yes, would you like to add me? My name is Danny from the town Science, and my code is 2278-0180-8891. My town fruit is pears.
If no, what is your favourite type of cookie to bake yourself?
lady gaga; cherry cherry boom boom

(no subject)

what's the best product you've come by for oily skin?

annnnd; do prenatal vitamins really work to make your hair grow faster? i'm desperate! i'll try anything!
Belly rubbin'

(no subject)

What was the worst start to a week you've ever had?

My mother called me this morning (I don't know why I was still asleep at 11:45 since I usually wake up around 8 or 9) and when I answered she just said (while crying) "Get dressed, we're going to Boston". I asked what was wrong (even though I knew it had to be about my cousin who has been in the hospital the last couple months) and she said my aunt had called her and after that the only words I could understand were "it's bad", "deprived of oxygen" and "possible brain damage". Now I'm hiding out in the computer room at my grandmother's house listening to my parents and grandmother talk (cry, in my grandmother's case) while we wait for news about the results of brain scan they did on my cousin. My dad keeps coming in and saying "it isn't going to be good". I have never been as uncomfortable in any situation as I am right now. This week is definitely going to be really sad and depressing if today is anything to go by.
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One of my long time friends is very racist towards asian people, to the point of being openly hostile.
She excuses it because she is half asian and therefore it's "okay" for her to be racist.
I find her attitude horribly offensive but I don't know what to say besides "that's not cool" or "you're being racist" because I get the "but I'm Asian" brush off.
What would you do or say in this situation?
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Hey actors! What are some good contemporary monologues that I could take an excerpt out of for an audition? The only requirement is that it be one minute long and that it be contemporary. Seeing as I grew up on musicals, and this would be my first straight play (apart from the Vagina Monologues that I did last year), I don't have a lot of experience in this area. Any suggestions? What are your favorite monologues? 

(no subject)

My bra straps have started this fantastic new phenomenon where they fall down.
This has never happened to me before.

Why is this happening?
Does it happen to you?
Where is your favorite place to buy a bra? (Preferably if you're large chested)
Do you get new undies for Christmas or is that just my weird family tradition?
Do you have a traditional gift that you get every year in your family?

(no subject)

what is there to do in Albuquerque, New Mexico? 
my boyfriend and I are considering visiting for spring break, keep in mind that we're young... love music, love good food (he's vegan and i'm vegetarian so any restaurant tips are greatly appreciated as well)... 

also... what is your opinion on tattoos? do you think there is still a stigma against people with them? would you get one? do you have one?
will you show us pictures? 

(no subject)

Help me make a university timetable, TQC.

How much would it suck to have a 7 hour gap between lectures? I probably couldn't go back home in those 7 hours because my home is a train ride + half a hour walk from the university, so it wouldn't be worth it.

Alternatively I could enrol in the later lecture, but I enjoy the thought of going into town for one hour in the morning on a tuesday and friday, and having no other lectures after that and just going back home.

Edit: The seven hour gap is only on one day of the week. Thursday.

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Hey guys, I know y'all are like "OMG DO YOUR OWN MFING HW" but I seriously need some help.
In January, I have an Independant Book Project Due and the book has to be Historical fiction. I Don't read much, and I hate dull, boring stories that are like "HERES A CHARACTER, HERES SOME HISTORY," so I'm having a hard time choosing something I would like to read.

Can you suggest a humorous Historical Fiction novel to me?

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will you show me the most personal photo you have of yourself?
when you're rude, what do you say/do?
what's one of the funniest jokes you know?
how do you feel about the way your life is going atm?


What should I do?  I'm so bored D:

I've done my exercises (yoga yay), I've finished my studies ahead of time, I've cleaned, I've watched boring tv.

Wtf should I do, now?
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I'm in the mood to draw some celebrity (or anyone who I can find a cool picture of on the internet), who should I draw?

Or if you know of any good close up only face pictures of celebs or people in general, you could post those too.  I'm having a hard time finding pictures of just faces that are big enough to work from.


Have you ever wondered if there has been something that happened in your life that you've had erased from your memory, Eternal Sunshine style?
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There's this gigantic fire in my neighbourhood. I can't actually SEE the fire, just that the sky is black. It's down near the direction of the harbour and we aren't a factory area.

What do you think caused it?

Someone from two suburbs away can see the smoke. They just rang up and asked about it.

Also, a while back, I recieved a phone call from 501 and today, I received another random call from the number 6065. Both times, I answered and no one is on the other end.

Is my phone line being haunted by... dead lines???!!!

Why do I keep receiving calls from NO ONE?

I cannot use *69 because I'm in New Zealand.
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How fucking creepy is the song "Mmm ... Papi" on Britney Spears' new CD? Particularly when her father has taken over her life?

I'm moving in a few months. I'm hoping to live close to my sister, and I'm looking at apartments well in advance. I liked one building which seemed to have several openings, and then my sister told me that the building had burned down a few years ago. For some reason, I'm completely opposed to living there now. My mom says I'm being completely ridiculous, but my sister totally agrees with me; she told me because she wouldn't want me to live there. Am I being ridiculous, or are my sister and I correct in our admittedly irrational fear?

I really don't want to do my paper, it's due in about 47 hours and I have about 8 more pages to write. I can do this, right?

Book List

TQC, help me make a book list to give to my MIL as my Christmas list!

I like contemporary literature (I like Allende, Marquez, Irving, Kundera, etc...) and classics but lately I have been in a non-fiction craze reading books on science, health, and business (The World Is Flat, Pushed, Born in the USA: How Broken Maternity System Must Be Fixed to Put Women and Children First, Stiff, etc...)

Please put some books on my list?