December 7th, 2008

mobi pearls

First time poster

What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

For me I would say cum, but the nasty ass catfish an ex bf made was much worse.
His was the worst cum I have tasted too.
It was all chunky and lumpy.
The catfish though had grey rubbery shit on the bottom, and the sauce was hideous.

why dont you feel the beat?, parappa

(no subject)

Does anybody know of some sort of search engine that can show you every post and comment you've made with your Livejournal account? Or know of a way to do it?

I need a job super bad. Where should I apply?
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Who decided that blue would be a good color for raspberry flavored candy-creating "blue raspberry flavored"?
Do you have any candy choice questions?
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[Cephalopods] Need love!

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My boyfriend went home to his parent's this weekend, and I just walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth -- and discovered he took the only tube of toothpaste!!! ARGH!

Why the hell would he take the toothpaste, TQC?! He's going to his parents house! He's not camping or staying in a hotel! Why wouldn't his parents have toothpaste? Ergh, and I just drank a glass of milk and my mouth tastes like something just died in it!

If you were going to visit your parents, would you pack toothpaste?

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(no subject)

What's your favorite side dish?
What's your favorite thing to make for holidays/pot lucks/company in general?
Is it acceptable for your SO to send you one text message in a day?
What's the longest you've gone without talking to your SO? Was there anything wrong?

(no subject)

You have a party and your friends stay the night. The next morning, do you make breakfast or do you and your friends go out for breakfast?

If you make breakfast, do you cook, or do your friends pitch in? What would you make?

If you go out, do you go to a sit down resturant or a fast food place?
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Weird cat thing

Does anyone know why cats like hairties and milk rings?  They seem to be attracted to these circular things specifically. I've googled it and I can't seem to find out why. 
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One of my female friends (who has a kind of crush on me, and whom I also sort-of fancy because she's awesome) just admitted to me that she had a sexy dream about the two us. It sounded pretty hot (naked picnic blanket "snuggles").

Has someone who is not-your-SO ever had a sexy dream about you and told you about it? How did that make you FEEL, TQC?
Quinn Twin

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Why does hydrocodone make my legs feel so weird?! I don't knooooooooooooooooooooooow, but they gave me it for my concussion and while it makes my head better, it makes it impossible for my legs to comfortable while I'm on it, so I turn to you!

Were you inadvertantly horrified by the "Total Makeover" on Animal Crossing : City Folk?! I sure was! And I think I was even more freaked out when I removed it and saw it listed as a "Mii Mask." Were you?

Do you cheat and change the time for better playing in Animal Crossing (any version)? Hells yeah! I gots to make them bells to live the high life!

Who wants to guess how many times I had to edit this post for extra credit? Yeah, the narcotics makea' me stoopid!
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follow the bouncing ball, kids...

1. What would you do if I sang out of tune?

2. Who wrote the book of love?

3. Who could it be now?

4. Who you gonna call?

5. How soon is now?

6. What's a girl to do?

7. Is there something I should know?

8. How does it feel to treat me like you do?

9. Who was in my room last night? Who the hell was in my bed?

10. Where is my mind?

(P.S. Am I missing any other song related questions?)
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(no subject)

are the U-shaped pillows designed for sleeping airplanes worth it? do they work for you?

what about those headphones that supposedly block out sound? how well do they work? i'm looking at this one that costs $50 - but i'm not sure if they work or are worth it...

(no subject)

i know there are rum balls and apricot balls, but do you remember sweet christmas treats that have sweetened condensed milk in the balls and are rolled in coconut? i'd love to find a recipe. bonus BONUS points if you already have a recipe.

(no subject)

What is something you want or have that cost a rediculous amount? Im gonna builld a 2ft tall male dollfie that will cost over $200 in january. Its a waste of money but its sooo cute. The eyes alone will cost me $20. I have a problem with buying cute things no matter the price.
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Who is someone you've met on TQC that you love?

Who is someone you've met on TQC that you admire?

Who is someone you've met on TQC that intrigues you?

Who is someone you've met on TQC that you didn't initially like, but now do?

Who is someone you've met on TQC that you don't like?

(no subject)

How do those hot water kettles that boil water in a matter of minutes always develop this crusty stuff on them if the only thing that's in them is water? What is the crusty stuff composed of?

I want to invite about 20 people to a party at my place but my apartment is tiny and only about six of them would be able to sit down at once (unless they want to sit on the floor)...would it be rude to do this?
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(no subject)

Inspired by the art question a few questions down.

What makes abstract art good? I mean, what determines whether it is amazing or whether it is crap? Because it seems to me like anyone could do it. What makes it so complex that not just anyone could do it?

I ask because I went to an art market yesterday and most of the art was abstract. I've never really understood abstract art because to me it seems like just shapes and colors put randomly together. Can someone explain it to me?

(no subject)

so, i've got these nipple rings. and they look like this:

they make me bleed and hurt. usually i just wear the curved barbells and they are fine, but i really like the way these ones look!

should i:
continue to wear them and hope that i can break them in or grow accustomed to them?
be sensible and consider them a lost cause?

and since i will inevitably have people telling me that nipple rings are ew tacky and awful, i'll just ask that, too.

do you think nipple rings are tacky and awful?
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(no subject)

I had sleep paralysis two nights ago. It was bad, this is one of the few times in which I couldn't be in control while on it.

Do you ever have sleep paralysis? Can you share some of your experiences?

edit: The one I had last night I obviously, couldn't move, but I could breath faster and make some noises in hopes that my sister would wake up and then come and wake me up because something was wrong. While in it, I did see my sister get up, very silently and stand next to me and do nothing, just stand there and watch me struggling for air... of course that was just part of the "dream" part of the paralysis. It was very frightening.
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(no subject)

I got extremely drunk last night for my birthday (celebrating with friends). This morning, after sleeping for ten hours I still feel like all I want to do is sleep and I've got a little vertigo.

TQC, what will cure me?

(no subject)

1.) What do you think goes better with chicken caesar salad: Beer or wine?

2.) Is a bottle of beer or a glass of wine generally more expensive? (at most chain restaraunts, Applebees for example)

3.) If I decide on beer, what kind should I have?
3b.) What kind of wine?

HSA questions

I'm hip-deep in studies by various companies about HSA's--do any of you have an HSA that you wouldn't mind talking about? You can send me a private message if you want. My curiosity about what normal people actually think about HSAs is killing me (and I don't think that's considered preventative care...)

I'm curious about things like how long you've had the HSA, did your employer offer any type of education about consumer-driven health plans prior to putting the HSA in place, did you have an alternative, regular plan ( a non-high deductible plan) that you could take instead? Also, how big is your company, how old are you, do you like using the HSA, etc? What about education about the HSA?

How many of you have had any education about being a good consumer of your healthcare coverage? Would you be interested and, if so, are there any specific questions you'd like to have answered?

Ursula--er, I mean, my old boss, tried to tell one of our VP's that he could use the money in his HSA to fill his gas tank, without penalties. I think we're going to have to put her down, literally. I think it would be best for the mental health of all involved.

And, since I'm an idiot and deleted Cathh's comment without responding, I hope you will send me another, so I can help you! The best way to decide if an HSA is a good idea is to sit down with your medical bills for the last couple of years and see how much you spent. You'll be responsible for more costs with an HSA, but if you don't use your insurance frequently, it may be worth it to save some costs on premiums. You don't lose the deposited funds if you don't keep the high deductible plan, but there are some odd rules about how much can remain in the account if you leave the high deductible plan.
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oh mr. tea

A random smattering!

1. I was all set to buy my SO the new Bill Maher Religulous dvd for Christmas, only to be disappointed to find it's not been released yet, and doesn't look like it'll be released until around March or so. What was the last thing you wanted to buy, but couldn't or didn't?

2. Are you planning on buying a PostSecret book this season to help Frank keep paid advertising off the blog?

3. Will you share a happy holiday memory with me?

4. Do you have any special holiday traditions (beyond, like, getting a tree and giving presents and whatnot)? (My family always gets a potted live tree, which when my brothers and I were younger was the most embarassing event of the year, since it involved going to a tree farm somewhere in the boonies and finding a tree that would have huge bare spots and would be all slanted and you know, be like a real not-cut-and-perfect tree, and then my dad would proceed to try to haggle the farm people down on whatever ugly tree we had picked out, because he didn't want to pay much for it, and the people would always look at us like lolwut -- we were always mortified for some reason. FUN. :P)
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TQC: my dog is on Advantage. I gave him a treatment about 2 weeks ago. I just saw a single flea (couldn't find any others) on his body (found this on his belly).

Does anyone use something better than Advantage? I'm worried he's going to give my cats fleas.
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MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

Any law students in the house? I'm about to rip my hair out over some vocabulary and I can't figure it out and I officially give up and need help.

How can you stand being a law student? Holy shit I admire you.

(no subject)

My sister bought my niece the Twilight series for Christmas. Normally I would be mad that she bought them for her just because it's a shitty series, but I'm more upset that my niece is 10 years old. And she's not one of those 10 year olds that already know "everything" and act like they're 25. She's the most naive little girl you'll ever meet. My sister hasn't read the books, but because there is a movie and because the age group is listed as 9-12 she thinks it's alright.

But TQC, maybe I'm being a prude and they're a fine gift.

Please guide me:

Poll #1311110 stupid books are stupid

What should I do?

Smack my sister in the face and get rid of the books before Christmas.
Smack my sister in the face and then stay out of it.
Let the kid read them, they're not that bad.
Mind my own fucking business
I don't care. Not even a little.
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so i have that thing(i can't remember what it's called) where your circulation goes down when it gets cold, which means i have to do some epic bundling up before i go out so my appendages don't fall off and i don't go deaf.

anyway, my gloves aren't cutting it. i need a really warm pair of gloves and a really warm pair of mittens and i need something more practical than ski gloves(unless they make slimmer ones).

does anyone know what type of i should get? more specifically, do you have any brand or store recommendations?

i'd like something cute or stylish or whatever but i'm fine with them being ass ugly if that's all i can find.

(no subject)

do you know anyone who got braces in their sophomore year of high school?

did you have braces?

have any happy braces stories?

should i get braces or just have ugly teeth forever? D:
Calvin "Yay!"

One down, one to go!

I have to proofread/edit a paper and double-check a test today, turn them both in tomorrow, and then I'll be done with this semester of college! (My first in nearly ten years, remember...)

What should I do to celebrate tonight?

(Keep in mind I'm a po' college student, so hookers and blow are out of my price range. Unless you're willing to pass a hat... *hopes*)

(no subject)

How do you lace up a corset that won't make you look flat? No matter what I do, I still end up looking like I have no boobs.

I have this one:

[Edit] There are hooks in the front and laces in the back.
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(no subject)

1. Anyone else read The Book Thief by Markus Zu___? If yes, what did you think of it?

2. Anyone have Harvest Moon for DS? I want to get it on but there's several of them.. which one should I pick? Is it fun?

(no subject)

1. If you are studying in a public place with lots of people around and you suddenly need to use the restroom badly, do you pack up all your things, leave your table, and go to the bathroom? Or do you leave your things where they are and just go, trusting no one to take your stuff? This is if you are studying alone and you have a laptop, etc with you.

(I always suck it up and go with the first option, even though I hate losing my study spot. I know people who do the second one though and it always boggles my mind. Then again, I also lock my car door, my front door, etc, compulsively. so idk).

2. Which of these computer games should I download?

a) Top Chef
b) Family Restaurant
c) Hells Kitchen
d) None/Other (suggest one, but keep in mind I am horribly bad at shooter games, RPGs, etc).

Collapse )



What does it mean when you call a cell phone and it gives a busy signal? If it helps to know it's Alltell and prepaid and in New Mexico.

Any information you can give would be wonderful.
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(no subject)

1) Have you ever had intestinal parasites?

1b) If yes, what was it like? Did you see them?

2) What illness would FREAK YOU OUT the most if you got it? (Mine would be intestinal parasites. Ugh! That or things like scabies. Just the thought of funky creatures living off my body....)

3) On to happier things! What should I spend my Aeroplan points on: a $50 Starbucks card or a card combo (one $25 gift card each for HMV (a music store), Chapters/Indigo (a book store) and Old Navy)?

4) Is there a place that you've been that you absolutely never want to visit ever again? Where?

5) Have you ever flown First Class?
5b) Do you think it's worth the cost?
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(no subject)

So I've got full custody of my parents' dog. She's housebroken. I just brought her in after a long car ride and was unpacking some stuff when all of a sudden I smell dog poop.

I'm looking for the turds everywhere, can't find 'em. I was so confused.

She pooped IN the cat's litter box! How smart is that? There were three big logs that were definitely fresh dog poop, not cat poop. How weird is that? Any other TQCers with dogs that have ever done that?

(no subject)

i know i've been pretty bah! humbug about the Christmas season(AND I STILL AM) but i still wanna put up my tree tonight.

what holiday food goodies should i get at the store after work to munch on while i do? BESIDES EGG NOG because it is VILE.
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

I want to buy my boyfriend a Christmas present related to his favorite football team.

What kind of (IRL, not online) stores sell football-related stuff?

And which of the following should I get him?
Pajama pants
Car decal
Beer glass/glasses (bonus: he also loves beer)
Lawn Figurine

He was talking about how he really wants to buy football jerseys for the two of us (though idk why he feels the need to buy one for me...I don't even like football) so I don't want to buy a jersey, and anyway I wouldn't know which jersey to buy.

Unrelatedly, do you think that the birds who flit around on the roof near my window will ever discover the window feeder I put up? I tossed some seed onto the roof to see if maybe they'll figure it out.

(no subject)

Can a school/university/college unaccept you?

I have already been accepted into a school but it was contingent on me finishing the prerequisites by June. The two pre-reqs are Anatomy and Physiology. I am going to have those done with passing grades by June however I also might have managed to fail a different class in the process. Could my acceptance be revoked?

lol great.
So what's the shittiest thing that has happened to you lately?
Julia Murney

(no subject)

I'm watching Law and Order: SVU and
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What do you do when things on tv get too scary? 
If you're watching it on the computer, do you pause it, or freak out for the duration?
Am I pussy for being ascarededed?

Mariska Hargitay looks a million times hotter when Olivia's undercover Y/Y?


(no subject)

Did you ever have any classmates in high school who were models? Or actors, or had famous parents?

How would these people act in school? How were they treated?

My answers:

Yes, several. 2 models, one actress.

Well, one model hates the attention and her mom (Josette Sheeran) is the head of WFP.
The other model thinks Bangladesh is in Russia...seriously.
The actress thinks she's the shit, but she's really not.

(no subject)

Ladies, do your bra and underwear always match?

People who sleep with ladies, do you prefer your lady to have matching bra and underwear?

People who share a bed, do you sleep on the left or right side of your partner?

Everyone, do you sleep on your left side, right side, stomache, back, or other?

(no subject)

What was the last book you bought?
For those of you in college, have you scheduled yet? If yes, did you get what you wanted?
Again for the college kids, what finals are you studying for?
What was the last thing to frustrate you?
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(no subject)

TQC, recently I've started grinding my teeth, usually in frustration, rather than muttering profanities under my breath (which I greatly prefer). What can I do to make myself stop, aside from stopping when I realize I'm doing it?

In the new AIM, is there a way to disable the AIM Dashboard that pops up?

Have you ever played what the movie?? If so, what's your current tally of solved movies?

(no subject)

Have you ever made garland out of popcorn and cranberries?
Yes, but I think my dog would probably try to eat it now.

How long was your last nap?
4 1/2 hours.

How's the Christmas shopping going?
Not done yet :(

(no subject)

I'm all for equality but I have a question...

For men: What's your position on women who make the first move (or telling a guy that she likes him)? Is it creepy/sexy/romantic/wrong/etc?

For women: Good/bad stories?
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(no subject)

So my university recently had some fire drills, and during the subsequent inspection of the dorms they found 23 covered smoke detectors, most of them in one quad. (As a result, the school could have to pay up to $23,000 in fines and those responsible could, in theory, spend a year in jail.)

There is an article about this in the school newspaper. One girl claims that "she and her suitemates were written up for covering their smoke detector this October when they were throwing a birthday party for a friend. She explained that they covered it because they didn't want the birthday candles on the cake to set the alarm off."

Do you think they were really that concerned about the birthday candles?

Some other guy, who covered his smoke detector so that he could smoke and burn incense, "reasoned that 'if there's a real fire, the bag [covering the smoke detector] would actually probably melt and the sprinklers will go off first.'"

Great plan, y/y?

(no subject)

Do you think there's a stigma to telling your friends/family "Yeah, my significant other and I met on the internet"?

Do you think people take it less seriously than if the two people had initially met off of the computer? (School, through friends, jobs, etc)

If you feel there's a stigma to it, do you feel that it has decreased or increased over the past few years?
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(no subject)

When did we let the crazies in?

Did I miss the memo?

Should I move so I'll be in the same timezone as the Americans so I don't miss the memos due to living in the ~*~future~*~?

Or are they using teh crazies to cover up their dumb?
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(no subject)

How do you think cats know/decide which body parts are dirty and need to be cleaned? Sorry if this is common knowledge but I've only lived with a cat for about a year out of my whole life and I don't know anything about them!

(no subject)

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Do you believe it must mean something if you keep bumping into people/coming across random info about something you have been pondering for a while? (eg - you wanna get involved in a new activity and suddenly you start meeting people who do the activity or you happen to read something in the paper about it etc)

(no subject)

Should I wait till February, rent a moving truck and take all my stuff (boxes of books, bed, couch, massive tower computer, etc) with me to another city (where my friends and family are), even though I will be couch surfing and storing it all at a friend's place until I have a place of my own?

Or, should I just send my friend anything I can pack into a box and ship on Greyhound and leave everything else behind (thus ensuring that I probably won't have anything to sit/lay/sleep on when I do find a place) and leave a lot sooner?

Get Your International Relations Out!

....I know I have.

Get your thinking caps on people, I have an exam on Tuesday and just need a few opinions on the following question:

How realistic is realism in explaining the complexity of international relations?

Go on. Answer it.

You know you want to.
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Alan Rickman

Do you like him? Why (not)?
Which of his movies have you seen?
Would you like to get him to the Madame Tussauds?

I do :-)) of course. Dont tell you why, dont have so much time.
have seen almost everything
Tussauds? - have signed a petition for it.
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(no subject)

Have any of you been on a cruise? I'm going on my first one and could use some tips if anyone has any. Also, I live in Massachusetts where its snowing, so all the shops have winter clothes right now. Are there any websites I should check out for summer clothes? Any advice is appreciated.

(no subject)

is there something that you do in your own home that you forget to do in public? do you make any shortcuts that really are only "okay" (relatively, anyhow) because you live by yourself, and they'd never be okay if you had a roommate? have you forgotten to do something and had to explain yourself?

(no subject)

Do you know any adults (say, 20 or over) with braces? Do they look stupid?
(yes, me. I'm 26 with braces. I don't look as stupid as i originally thought I would with them.)

Do you generally wear matching pajamas around the house? 
(I'm currently wearing pink pj pants and a red t-shirt. And gray socks. I don't match)

Do you sleep in clothes or naked?
(Naked, lol)


(no subject)

Hey, grammar fans!

I'm writing an essay in which I compare gender expression in homosexuals and heterosexuals. But I don't want to write "homosexuals and heterosexuals" all the time. Is it acceptable to write "homo- and hetero-sexuals"? Or should I be doing something different with the dashes? Or should I just accept that I should write the whole words each time?

(no subject)

I have a term paper due tomorrow.
There are 11 topics that need to be covered. There are no guidelines for how the paper should be set up.

Would it look really bad to do it almost in an outline form, instead of doing an introduction that lists 11 random topics? If I did basically headlines for each topic and then explained them instead of making it more cohesive?

Adolescent Pregnancy
then writing a few paragraphs about it

Do you prefer to have very explicit directions or do you like when you get to decide this kind of stuff?
{david tennant} headphones

(no subject)

Hello my beauties...

so my mobile phone is on the blink and i was thinking about getting a new one, any recommendations on ones you have and love??  including reliable service that doesn't send your texts twice to everyone?
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(no subject)

So, TQC, I have some homemade pasta sauce simmering on the stove - diced tomatoes, an assload of garlic, onion, roasted red peppers, and diced summer squash, with about a tablespoon and a half of tomato paste to thicken it up a little. Problem is... now I have a whole can of tomato paste, minus that tablespoon and a half. How can I use it up?! How can I keep it in my fridge (just stick some plastic wrap over it or what)?!


Also, what's for dinner?!

(no subject)

My question is for anyone here who has knowledge of South Pacific politics, particularly as they relate to Australia, the Solomon Islands, and China/Taiwan.

The Solomon Islands are a small country just north of Australia. In 1999, a civil war started; in 2003, the Australians intervened, in what was called "Operation Helpem Fren" or "RAMSI: Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands," and they have been rebuilding that country ever since. In 2006, citizens rioted after a candidate won an election, because the citizens believed that he was a tool for Taiwan. "China and Taiwan have long battled for diplomatic recognition from South Pacific nations."

What I want to know, most specifically, is this:

why do the Solomon Islands matter so much to Australia that they would spend hundreds of millions of dollars to help it economically and stabilize its government? Why do Taiwan/China court it?
at seven

(no subject)

I just sighed to my roommate "I don't want to go to work tomorrow," and her response was "Not to sound like I am criticizing or judging you in any way, but do you ever want to go to work?"

Given the alternative of sleeping in and having free time to go Christmas shopping or watch movies in bed? Of course I don't. But my job isn't terrible or anything, I just don't want the weekend to be over.

So, employed people of TQC, how much do you usually dread or look forward to going to work? Are you just jumping for joy at the prospect, do you view it as a necessary evil that puts food on your table and beats unemployment, or do you hate it with a fiery burning passion? Or somewhere in between? Or a mixture of all things? Do tell...

(no subject)

Do you remember Mac Tonight?

When I was little, I thought he was Jay Leno. I think I also had a little toy of him and he went on many dates with Barbie because we had no Ken dolls at the time (later got Kevin, but never Ken). Bugs Bunny was our main guy for dates, though.

Any other extinct mascots you remember?

(no subject)

Why isn't there a tasting room like the one in Willy Wonka?
Wouldn't you pay a serious amount of cash to get in, or am I just a major fat ass?
If you WOULD, how much would you pay to go on a tour if it was similar to the one in the movie?

another so question

if you have been in a relationship for a while, or if you can think of a past relationships, what are some things that your SO used to do, but they dont do anymore?

mine does these things-

-isnt so mushy and romantical anymore
-is desensitized to me crying
-sex not as often
-doesnt show appreciation much anymore(although i know he does)-do you think this one is a problem? what to do to get him to change it?
-does not call as much

ive not been in a long relationship before and am not used to getting past the "honeymoon" phase. its kind of sad for me.

EDIT- i really do feel like i love this guy and want to have it get better, so since a lot of you are saying hes just a plain ole douchebag, how can i seriously bring it to his attention? i have talked to him about it a lot the past few days, but its only been a few days so how can i tell if he is changing or realizing himself? i have an idea of having him read this, but he might be pissed off thinking i was just trying to complain, which i dont think i would blame him for because i wouldnt be happy about it either. or otherwise, what could i do thats not just talking to make him understand?
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(no subject)

If I wanted to be certified to teach English at the secondary level and recommended to teach Sign Language, what would be a good college for me to go to?

ETA: I'm looking for something in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virignia, or Delaware, sorry. :/

Questions of the weird

Do you want cremated or buried?

Do you have a reason why whatever your choice?

Is there anything you are superstitious about?

Do you have anything you consider lucky?

Does the closet door have to be shut when you go to bed?
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(no subject)

What's your favourite popular '90s album? Mine is either CrazySexyCool or Tragic Kingdom.

What's your favourite '90s hit? Mine is Jump Around, I think.