December 6th, 2008


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Will you take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW?
Don't change anything..don't put clothes on..
Just grab the camera and SNAP it. it in here as a comment.

EDIT:'s that new britney album?
I know one of you rushed out to buy it.
Young Ron Jeremy
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I'm a fruit.

Do you like fruit cake?

If yes, why?

If no, why?

I've only had it once and it didn't taste as horrible as everyone makes it out to be lol.
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What should the name of my wireless router be? Yanno, the one that shows up in the "available wireless connections" thing.

EDIT: It is now between three possibilities:

Hitler's Hooker highway

highway hooker wranglin

Hitler's hooker-wranglin
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Do the addicts featured on Intervention ever get criminal charges for being addicted to drugs and using? Or do you think they snitch out their dealers in order to avoid prosecution?

Also, what's your favourite Intervention episode?
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Network Name

Hitler's hooker wranglin has the lead so far. I'm giving it an extra 15 minutes (while i shower haha)for you to name my network.

Hitler's Hooker highway

highway hooker wranglin

Hitler's hooker-wranglin

What will it be, ladies and gentlemen?
Belly rubbin'

Name changing question...

A friend of det_munch and mine has decided to legally change her first and middle names because she hates them. She has decided to change her first name to Persephone, but is having trouble deciding on a middle name. Two names that we have suggested to her are Rose and Jane.

Which do you think sounds better, Persephone Rose Johansson or Persephone Jane Johansson?

Can you think of any other middle names that we can suggest to her?

Persephone seems to sound kinda odd with most names, so we're having trouble thinking of any more.
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I want to pack Publix cookies to mail to my friend overseas. Googling it says to wrap the cookies in cellophane.

Is this distinct from plastic/saran wrap? If so, which is best for cookie flavor/texture/freshness preservation?
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My sleeping pattern is very messed up. I had surgery a little over two weeks ago and had complications which required me to take more time off work than I planned. I am now sleeping in till 4:00 in the afternoon and going to bed at around 7 in the morning. Normally, I get up for work at 4:30 for my 6:00 AM shift. I go back to work Sunday morning. It is 4:10 Saturday morning.

Should I go to sleep for a few hours because I am already tired, but risk sleeping till 4 and not be able to sleep the next night? Which would be really bad for my first shift in over 2 weeks. Or should I stay up all day, go shopping, and come home and go to bed really early?

If you think of a better option for me please suggest it.

Chatty chat

TQC, where can I find some good, active chatrooms? I'm not looking for the stickam-type thing with webcams, but old school text-only chats. Do they even still exist?

Please note: I am poor and cannot pay for such things, so free sites only, please!
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1. If you could have a drink with any character from any book, who would you choose?
2. If you could have sex with any character from any book, who would you choose?
3. If you could slap any character from any book, who would you choose?


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I went out to a huge lunch yesterday with my office from like 1pm to 4pm of non-stop eating. I slipped in to a food coma at 6:30pm while reading and woke up at 4am, and consequently missed drinks with my friends and everything else I expected to get done yesterday.

What should I do with my extra time this morning to make up for how much this sucks?
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Now that my router is set up, I tried to connect. It does! Great! to no connectivity.
"network did not assign network address to this computer"

I tried Winsockfix and it didn't fix it.

How the hell can I fix this?

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 I had a bottle of beer tonight that was highly significant- the first beer I really, really liked.  But I don't know what it was called...
It was a "yeast beer" or maybe "wheat beer."  The label bragged about its "lemony aftertaste," but it really did have one.  The label was shiny rainbow-ish colors and had a picture of some really weird animal on it, I think.
I live in Indiana if that helps.

I'll keep it short....

Why do guys (usually) get over break-ups quicker than girls?

EDIT O MATIC : Power of the PEEN! also....this is my OBSERVATION/OPINION. Not a RULE. It is a generalization. Hence the usually in ().
ANOTHER observation: Why do WOMEN get all bent out of shape about REALTIONSHIP questions? I blame OPRAH.

A Question question

Do you like questions where the OP replies? So its like an on-going converstion?
Or where the OP just puts the question "out there" and lets the comments fall where they may?

How long is too long before tl;dr gets popped out?

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1. What's your style or preference in general for things you have or buy?

2. If you don't have one but had the ability to choose (money/sources), what items/colors/feel/style would you wear and/or surround yourself with?

3. Does it bother you if people mix styles or cultures? Do you feel being "eclectic" can only go so far? When do you feel borrowing turns into encroaching? Some people feel that borrowing parts of cultures is offensive.

4. What character, book or film would you incorporate into your daily life through clothes and your home?  In other words what or who would you dress up yourself and your home as if you could. Yes you may get laughed out of the state, but if you could...

5. Would you totally embrace a genre or specific set of criteria from a piece of fiction? e.g. steampunk, southwest, glam, bling, Victoriana, bibliophilic, retro Americana, Loli, a specific culture or subculture, specific artwork, etc.

Alternate: What the hell is up with eggnog? Even the name is disgusting people!

Edited to put part of #2 as a seperate question #5. And to clarify #3-4.

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Any major decisions coming up you have to make?

If money were no object, what car would you buy?

What skill do you think every person should be trained to know?

Martha Quinn or Tabitha Soren?

Bottles,Cans,Keg or Tap?
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TQC, why the hell did I watch the end of Saving Private Ryan right before I have to open at my part-time job? Collapse )
Why is my dog such a spazz? He's currently running laps around the entire house.
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Have you ever thought a word was pronounced in a certain way and you used it for the longest time then later you realize that it's not pronounced the way you did at all?

Ever thought your wrong pronounciation made more sense?

I always pronounced "Hiatus" like "Hi-two's" but I just learned that it's "High-ay-tus" Ew.

I always pronounce "Anime" as "Ah-nee-meh" but everyone I know calls it "Anne-may". What's the correct way? Jeeze.
Also I call my favorite game Xenosaga as "Seh-no-sah-gah" instead of the intended "Xee-no-say-gah" or whatever.

Heh my ex's name is Eoin and I always pronounced (for the first 90% of the relationship's life)it as "Eh-oh-inn" or "Ean" when it's actually "Owen" hahaha,good times.

edit: My mistake,hiatus has the "high" sound but I got more confused with the "ay-tus" part most of all.

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Will you post a picture of your tattoo?

What is your opinion of tattoos? Lame or cool?

If you could have any tattoo with no negative repercussions, what would you get? (cost, pain, weird looks, ext)

I want to get a large phoenix tattooed onto my shoulder blades. Is this cool?

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If you saw a pregnant woman smoking a cigarette would you say something to her?

If you don't say anything, what would you be thinking?

EDIT: If you saw a woman/man physically abusing their child in a public place would you say something? Why/why not?

(Thank you all in advance for helping me with this paper, its actually very very helpful to see other people's perspectives)

(ohhh and if anyone would like to get on aim and talk about their opinions that would be just super...x0upstairsx0)


I'm having a hard ass time finding a part-time job for the evenings!

I was thinking about just becoming a CNA (certified nurses assistant) for now.

It's a one month course for $700. There's currently a huge shortage of CNA's and I see tons of job postings, I'm just worried I will spend the money and my time on the course then not be able to find a job.

Anyone have any insight into the CNA world? I live in Connecticut if that helps!

Should I not bother with being a CNA and just start applying to McDonalds and any friggin place that MIGHT hire me? I have been pretty pick about where I've applied to so maybe I should just lower my standards.
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Alright TCQ, do I have a right to be miffed in this situation?

Three of my friends and I who all live in separate but near parts of the Midwest were planning to have a winter break get together.  Me and Friend 1 have been the biggest planners of it, aka talking about it all the time, coming up with ideas for things we could do, using her lake house for it, etc.   We've been planning it for about a month or two.

Yesterday, Friend 2 tells me that she was talking to Friend 1 and that friend 1 says not only that we can no longer use her lake house, because it is "too far away" (keep in mind that never ever came up before, not even as a question) but that she can't even go because she's "busy" during my and Friend 2's winter break.  

She has always known how far away her lake house was, and she has always known the rough timing of our winter break.  It's two weeks before break, and we've been planning this for two months.   If it matters, this is not the first time she has flaked out on something after mucho planning. I have a right to be annoyed?

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1:  What was your last purchase that was $50+?

2:  Do you have an idea for what your next big purchase ($50+) will be?

3:  In your opinion, what is the minimum amount of money that you would consider enough to question your spending habits?  (Like for me, I question any purchase over $50)
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1. What's the deal with employing fine art images for commercial use? e.g., say I wanted to use the image of the Mona Lisa on a t-shirt or something, can I?

2. Say an employer is late paying their employees one payday. An employee has no cushion in their bank and get hit with a couple of fees because auto payments are denied. Is the employer responsible for repaying the employee those bank charges?

3. If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?


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When you get blood drawn, does it hurt?

When I get blood drawn I usually never feel anything at all, but it depends on who's taking my blood. If the phlebotomist is bad, it always hurts. Or if it's Dr. Acula.

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i'm at work right now and my desk phone has one of those coil-y cords but it's REALLY UNNECESSARILY LONG and it always twists up on itself and is always all over my fucking desk. and it's so annoying. getting a new cord isn't an option because it's built into the phone so WTF CAN I DO TO MAKE IT LESS IRRITATING?

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if you had to write a 6 page research/argumentative-type paper, what topic would you choose?

i was writing about how foreign language should be implemented in all american grade schools and stuff, but now we have to make it research-oriented and longer, and i don't know how i can crank out two more pages of bullshit and be researchy about it. idk i figured maybe you guys would have some cool ideas
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My computer sucks so I haven't had time to reload new tunes into my ipod. What are some songs I can listen to on youtube (preferably something upbeat or well-known/mainstream)? IDK I just need some noise in my ears.
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idk idk idk

Have you ever had an "online relationship"? Will you explain it to me?

Is it like being in a long distance relationship but, like, not really?

How do you ever really know that person without seeing him or her interact in the real world, with other people?

How does it work?

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i have a nasty head cold. i'm feeling better because i'm quite drugged up. there are things i said i'd do today:

- go to my engineer club meeting thingy, which I promised people i'd be at.

- visit my mother in law in the hospital (she's been there three days, some pain things they're checking out)

should i do these things, or stay home so nobody gets my cold? i mean, it's not the flu or sars or anything, but it is fairly uncomfortable. i hate telling people i'll meet them and then failing at it though.

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Are you planning on baking/cooking anything for the holidays? If so, what?

What is your most wanted gift you're hoping to receive?

What are you planning to get your SO (if no SO, your best friend or friend)?

Will you deck my icon out Christmas-style since I don't have a program to do so myself?

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Is blogger down for you right now?

If I wanted to make a blog on blogger, and then later on wanted to move what I'd written to my own domain, is that possible?

Anyone interested in beta testing a website for me?

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do you think it is unreasonable to get pissed off when people use our driveway to get to next doors house, just because our driveway is easier to drive up?
do you think i should set up booby traps so that the arsehole bursts a tyre next time he uses it?

we only have one neighbour, because we live in the middle of nowhere, but we both have private, seperate driveways to do sort of connect at the top. however the brick driveway area is ours, and the tarmac one is theirs. they meet temporarily, and they seperate to to side of out house, and the front of hers. im fed up of cars driving RIGH PAST our front windows just to get to next door. they do it all the time and it REALLY pisses me off. it also pisses me off when they park at the top of our drive just coz its bigger. if they came and asked it would be fine, coz its empty space. but its OUR empty space.

*edit* i should add that the neighbour uses her own driveway, its her visitors that sometimes use ours (too often for my liking) and it is visitors that park on our driveway. its the same few people so i am pretty certain they know what drive his hers.

*edit2*  still live at home and i have mentioned to mum about talking to her, but because she is our only neighbour my mum doesnt want to cause bad feeling. she is also one of the doctors at our surgery, so it could make thing akward

am i being unreasonable?
This is so ridiculous.
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Let's say you had an SO of a different nationality, and you were living with him in his country of origin, somewhat illegally. Let's also say that your SO wants you to fill out civil marriage paperwork in that country, not so much so that you'll be married, but more so that you'd have the socialized health care of the country available to you, along with a work permit, an "unlimited visa," etc. etc. Would you do it? Wouldn't you? Why?

AND IF YOU DON'T CARE: Is there a way to back up all your livejournal, and then effectively delete the posts from your actual journal? I want to start journal-ing again but am sort of obsessive compulsive and so don't want to do it if there's not a "blank journal." Because I'm like that.
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To you, does the abbreviation BFF really mean the same thing as "best friend forever"? Aren't the two slightly different?

Alternatively, do you ever feel like you need to yell at someone? Just to get it out of you? I'm feeling like that now.
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I'll be in Baltimore tonight with no plans as of yet. For those of you that have been before or those from the area, any unique shops, restaurants, or must go tos you recommend? Thanks.
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baby/parenting tips

I'm trying to put together a box for my sister who just had a baby, with index cards that each have some kind of tip on them that would be useful for new parents.  Anyone want to share something they wish they had known when they were a new parent, or wish their parents had known when they were little, or even ideas of things new parents can do to take care of themselves with the added time and energy constraints of  a new baby?

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can somebody tell me what i did wrong here?

is this guy totally off his fucking head with his SUPREME MODERATOR POWER or was i being rude?

you probably don't understand the post but it's information that's almost a month old, everybody knows it and it's just dumb to say it again.

when was the last time the internet pissed you off?
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Do you know of any not-medication treatments for tension headaches? 

I have an appt. with  my doctor on Thursday for this.  I'm assuming he's going to put me on anti-anxiety medication again.  In the meantime, I have tried Aleve, Advil and Tylenol to no avail.  I have had this headache for 2 weeks and it's getting really old.

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Help me make my sandwich?

Nut & Grain


Havarti (only a little left)
Blueberry faye
Individually wrapped slices of american "cheese"

Roasted red pepper pesto
Sundried tomato tapenade
Tzatziki sauce

This can be cold or as a panini

What is your ultimate sandwich?
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How do you feel about people who don't credit for their LJ icons?
People who insist on credit? because they ~made~ it?

Is putting 'Do Not Steal' in the comment section of your icons valid or lolworthy?

(no subject)

Is being broken up with a legitimate excuse to call off of work?
What do you do to cover up that you've been crying a lot?
I don't want to just call in, because I've only been working there for a month, but I think I will ask if I can leave if it isn't too busy when I get there.

And since you probably don't care about that:
Will you recommend me a good book?

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Has anyone here done (or know someone who has) Teach for America?

I am not majoring in anything remotely education related or even want to go into the field until after I'm retired, but I'm considering doing it.

Free Ringtones?

Ive just gotten my first cellphone and was wondering where are some good sites to get free ringtones and wallpaper? Do any of you have a favorite? Im using an LG 400G if that makes a difference. I would really rather not buy them if I can avoid it.

((edited for spelling))
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Does Red Bull make you hyper?
- Not me. Just makes my tummy hurt. Even this new Red Bull Cola
What about Pixie Stix? Do they make you hyper?
- Nope! Just makes my teeth hurt.
Does Cancer hurt?
- I mean..In the beggining. That may sound rude and make me sound like a bitch, but I don't mean to. I'm generally curious and kind of concerned for myself and a friend.


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I'm looking to visit a friend in Ireland next year, but I'm a student and have very little $$$

Flights on expedia are all over $1000, and I can't afford that. I'd be leaving out of Toronto.

Can anyone suggest a site where I'd be able to possibly find a cheaper flight? I have no idea where to start!
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Last night, the inside plate of glass in my little window upstairs shattered. I was downstairs at the time and no one else lives here, not to mention the window is essentially hidden from the street.

So who/what broke my window?
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TQC, when I went to Delicias Brazil for food, the buffet charged by the pound for the food, and I got .88lbs of food. This resulted in a charge of $6.15 for the food. I ordered water, and after the 51 cent tax, my bill came out to $6.66.

Do you think I might be the Antichrist?
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tqc, where are these people meeting lovers via the interwebz?

have you done this? if so, why/why not?

it seems like all my friends are meeting people on match or eharmony! D:  what happened to meeting ppl "regularly"?

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If you've ever ordered something off Amazon, about how long does it usually take to arrive? If it matters, it's a CD

One of my LJ friends and I are exchanging gifts she ordered a CD for me through them.
dano christmas
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After reading 100 or so negative, terrible entries on about the class you were about to take, would you drop it?
Help me make a decision TQC.

When was the last time you changed your mind?

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My plans tonight are to rent a movie and to eat candy whilst enjoying said movie.

What movie should I rent?  (I'm not a fan of action movies or chick flicks, but everything else is a go!)

What sort of candy or other unhealthy munchies should I get?

Also, if you're in the Austin area and want to join me in vegging out, let me know. :D

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I mentioned to my husband that I want to study with friends tomorrow afternoon.  He said "Yaaay, freedom."   

I should stay home tomorrow, y/n?

Are you almost done shopping for holiday gifts?

What is your favorite kind of nut?

What is your favorite kind of cookie?
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So I've been seeing this guy for about a month or so. There's no commitment or anything right now, we're just...hanging out, I guess. Anyway, we're texting, trying to set something up for tonight. The conversation goes something like this:

Him: I want to c u
Me: Okay, what do you want to do?
Him: Ma naj a twa

I'm a former English teacher and this just makes me sad. I do appreciate phonetic spelling for a foreign word/phrase, but this is just laughable. So my question...what do I do? Stop texting immediately? Gently correct him? Laugh my ass off and tell him hell no?
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If you had to choose what long term illness killed you and there were only two options, would you choose to be in intense physical pain but have a clear mind, or something like Alzheimer's where your mind fails, but you remain relatively pain free??
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Anybody have experience with Amtrak? Thursday I'm taking a train from Alabama to New York, and then from New York to another place in New York. It's my first time taking a train (and traveling by myself), so I'm a little nervous and just wanna hear about other people's experiences with it.

If you don't have any experience with Amtrak, tell me about your first time traveling by yourself?
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Every time I go to bed trying to make a decision, I dream that I keep trying on a million different outfits and none of them fit right or look good together or whatever....

And every time I have to go somewhere I've never been, or do something I've never done, I dream that it's the first day of high school and I can't find my classes.

What recurring dream themes do you have in relation to your real life?

Also, what is the earliest dream you can remember?
I remember when I was about 4, I was dreaming about a giant chasing me through my backyard.
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I'm watching Ironman, and I'm just not as into it as I thought I would be.

What was the last movie you were disappointed with?

Also, I went to see a dumb movie last week, and the theater raised prices.  It's $12.50 now!  No movie is worth that, is it?  What movie is worth that to you?

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My mom asked me if there is anything that I want for Christmas. I told her that I really need a bed but that it doesn't have to be super expensive, just firm.

Her response was "Okay, we'll get you one for your 21st birthday!".

Am I a horrible person for being completely bummed about this?
Should I just buy my own bed so I get something slightly more memorable for my birthday?
Would you want a bed for your birthday?

and if you don't care....

What was your last nice surprise?
The crush came to visit me at work today and ate breakfast there...standing up since we have no tables. hah

i've got like 2 hours before i'm going out

does anyone want to play a variation of the game where you list 3 songs by an artist and everyone guesses who it is, but instead you list 3-4 songs by two or more bands where at least one member was in each and people guess who that person is?

i'll put an example as the first comment.

edit: see? you guys got it!
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(no subject)

If someone asks you why you took so long in the bathroom, do you tell them the real reason if it's gross or do you cover with some nonsense about brushing your teeth or checking your hair?

Does it depend who it was? Would you tell the truthful reason to your SO or best friend, or the cover story?

Have you ever bought and had to give a birthday/holiday/occasion gift for somebody you were really really mad at?

When was the last time you cleaned your bedroom? (to vacuumed status)

Will you share a pic of your bedroom?

Collapse )

(no subject)

ugh do you ever get bored/restless really quickly? It's like 7:30 pm and I was perfectly fine like 5 minutes ago but now I suddenly am bored and restless. I sort of feel like getting out of the house but I can't think of anything to do :(

(no subject)

One of my essay questions for my take home exam is "To what extent are you influenced or conviced by "non-fiction" treatments(books and/or documentaries) of the issues we have covered this semester?"

The way the question is written seems to imply it would be ok to use I/mine/me in the essay. Do you think so?

(no subject)

have you ever cut yourself on purpose? for what reason?
have you ever got a splinter stuck inside your finger/somewhere else? how did you get it out?
what's your favourite abba song?
do you fit in any stereotypes?
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poll time!!
Poll #1310779 what should i have for dinner?

what's for dinner, TQC?

ham salad with croutons
salad with greek cheese and ham
cocktail franks and Tyson chicken
Tyson chicken salad
chicken with melted cheese


oatmeal cookies
chocolate chip cookies and milk
frosted flakes and milk
girl scout cookies
potato chips
apple salad

(no subject)

1. Will you show me a picture of your Christmas tree?
Collapse )

2. What kind of goodies are you baking for the holidays?
We're doing chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge, buckeyes, Mexican wedding cakes and pumpkin rolls. OM NOM NOM NOM!!!

(no subject)

These are pictures that someone I know took before her Homecoming dance a couple months ago with her boyfriend and brother. Apparently her mother was behind the camera. I think it's all a little odd and inappropriate. Maybe I'm old-fashioned for my age though, or biased because I also think she's kind of an asshole. What do you think?

Collapse )

(no subject)

Evenin' TQC!

- What is your favorite sea creature?
starfish/octopi/squid all tie for me

- Who is/was your favorite TQC troll?
naturestudies, although she claimed non-troll status.

- Should I join the university theater company? I like working backstage, but i'm a pretty mediocre actor.
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When I was out today I noticed tons of people with 2 Christmas trees tied to their cars. I'm almost certain this is because people around here have more money than they know what to do with.

Do you know anyone who has 2 Christmas trees?

If you had to have 2 Christmas trees where would you put them?
pauly d peaches!

I'm kinda screwed. :(

TQC, I have a dilemma. My music and videos recently got deleted from my computer (all 2,500+ gone), but thankfully all of it is on my iPod. Is there any way I can use my ipod to help recover my lost music/files etc and copy them back onto my computer? Can you reccomend any free recovery programs if this is the case?

(no subject)

What really grinds your gears?

What kind of music do you listen to when you're depressed? Happy or sad? any specific songs  you can reccomend?

Favorite comfort food?

French fried onions, y/n?

Will you tell me what's on your mind?

(no subject)


Apparently this makes me a n00b to the internet according to some hillbilly trailer park teen moms on a parenting forum I post at.


(no subject)

i'm buying stuff on amazon for kicks... because i earned $90 babysitting last night... for two kids. ridiculous, i know.

what documentaries or independent/sundance films do you suggest?

Keep 'em coming! In cart thus far:
Devil's Playground, Gated of Heaven, Jesus Camp, Little Mermaid II, and My Kid Could Paint That.

Goat in the Machine

Which movie would you rather see?

Ghost Rider
Goat Rider

Which movie would you rather see?

13 Ghosts
13 Goats

Which movie would you rather see?

Ghost World
Goat World

Which movie would you rather see?

Ghost in the Shell
Goat in the Shell

Which movie would you rather see?

Ghost Dad
Goat Dad

Which tv show would you rather see?

Space Ghost
Space Goat

(no subject)

What's the dumbest thing you have ever heard?

Mine was when my friend told me you could "catch" cancer from a bottle in a medicine cupbaird. Literally, she said it just sits there waiting for you to open it. I think she genuinely believed it too
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(no subject)

I don't like the taste of alcohol very much but prefer hard liquor if I do drink.

What's a good hard liquor mixed drink that doesn't taste very strong and actually tastes good?
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(no subject)

Do you know any female chauvanists?
How about male feminists?
Hypo situation for straights: You're coming out tonight to your parents that you're gay. How do you think they'll take it?
For those who are or alternate sexualities: How did your parents take it?
Dracula - Count D

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1. When you watch a DVD that has multiple episodes or titles on, are you a "play all" kind of person or do you go through the episode selection?

2. What's your favouritest healthy food? What tastes to so yummy to you that you can't believe it's good for you?

3. What's your take on corsets? *nice and open ended*

4. This is a repeater, but how many tv shows do you think you have seen every episode of? List em, if you dare.

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Does anyone know of any communities where you take part in a traveling notebook kind of thing? everyone gets a book and sends it around, each person to receive it does a few pages. I have tried searching but it's not working out.

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do you think it's wrong to date someone when you can tell it's probably not going to work?
have you ever dated someone when you knew it wouldn't work? How did that turn out?
have you ever dated someone you knew you would regret dating later? How did that turn out?

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Do you sit Indian-style when you're on your computer?
Does it kill your hips/knees?

I'm going to pull an all-nighter then go to work at 5am.
When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter? Why did you do it?
Julia Murney

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I was leaning on the keyboard, and my boob was pushing down on the spacebar, so the page kept scrolling to the bottom, and it FREAKED ME THE FUCK OUT.

What was the last silly thing you did?
Google Image Search
  • kiffany

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TQC, is it a flouce if I send a message to my FaceBook friends explaining that I'm deleting my page in favour of spending time with them face-to-face? I wrote up the message this morning but deleted it because it seemed wanky. Is it a wanky thing to do, or do I just need to re-word it?

When and where did you last have a nose bleed? Do you get nosebleeds more often in hot weather? I had about three in the space of a day while staying in a hotel last week. I get them all the time in Summer!