December 5th, 2008

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TQC, what categories are your friends filters arranged into?

Mine are:

Kansas City
wtf / fuckyoulist / stupid_free / too_soon
Piercings and Tattoos
Models / Makeup / Fashion
Lightpost communities

I have so many communities that I watch or participate in, I feel like I have to separate everything into different filters to keep up with them all properly and not miss too much. Anyone else have this problem? How do you deal with it?
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Have you ever bought a fountain drink at a 7 Eleven? If so, what kind of crazy concoctions have you...concocted...using the flavor shots? Was it delicious? If you haven't, what sodas do you think sound good mixed with cherry, vanilla, or lemon? I just discovered the flavor shots tonight (haven't been to a 7 Eleven in years) and I mixed vanilla with root beer. It's really good but its pretty average and I want some better ideas for next time.

If you don't know what I'm talking about or you don't care or whatever, have you ever won anything on a scratch card? If you're too young, do you know anyone who has? I bought one earlier for the first time. Could have won $1,000 but I DID NOT. :[

macaroni murder lady

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Will you help me think of some historical or mythological (or current if you're pagan, whatever) gods and goddesses of the harvest and autumn and such things? If you think this is a school question, you're not paying attention.

My son has to get glasses. I've worn glasses since I was younger than him, but rather than knowing how livable life is with glasses instead I'm devastated that he'll have the same handicap I've had to deal with. Also, I'm having a shitty week and I'm improperly medicated. Do you have any words of comfort for me? NO, I am not showing him how catastrophic I feel.
Baro Bitch Stare

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Okay, lets say your parents died right now in a horrible accident.

What kind of shit are they leaving behind for you to clean up/take care of?

What can you be legally required to do (Like will you have to pay their debts?)?

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What band should I get into next, and why?


- Can't have more than four albums already out.
- No screaming, please.
- Able to be found easily online for download.
- No female vocalists.
- Nothing political.
- A good mix of tempo in their selection.

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Cheyenne <3

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So what does "sexually explicit images" mean, by definition?

If a website, let's say myspace or facebook, is telling you not to post "sexually explicit images" where can one go right before they cross the line? My icon of the sexy Cheyenne Jackson, violate these terms, by any chance?

I'm assuming speedos are ok. But what about towels? or just holding your junk/titties/hoo-ha-two-time-tuesday with your hand, but hiding everything? Meaning, you can't see the penis/boob/va-jay-jay, but every other part of your skin, including thighs, "V", side of ass cheek? lol

Because I wonder if I can get an ex in trouble for showing off his body, without showing off his junk.
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okay so CRISIS HERE. i have a piece of coursework in (first draft) at 9~am today. i have not done it. it is almost 3am. the stress is making me want to kill myself.

should i:

a) kill myself?

b) explain that i've been really stressed this week because of UCAS/having to get an A on it/other coursework and ask if I can hand it in on monday?

c) kill myself?

d) other.

yeah this is a shit question but at 3am i honestly don't care. D:

unrelated: have you ever had vegetarian fajitas? were they nice? i have to make some next friday.
Bandit Driving

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My boyfriend called me up at 3am to tell me that our relationship is falling apart and that he's still bitter about something that happened in October.

Can you post something to make me smile?

Or bitch about something shitty going on in your life?

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1)Are you at all impressed that the CEOs of the 3 auto companies drove to DC in hybrid cars?
2)How do you feel about OJ going to jail now? How did you feel about him not going to jail in 1995?

edit: is your happiness contagious?

Grammar nazis to the rescue!!!

I promise you I usually do my own work, but I'm still sick today so thinking's hard.

What do I do with this?

"Utilities are facing major issues such as raising capital, increasing the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency and dealing with a changing political environment."

I need it to be AP style, which is SOOOOO against the oxford comma it's not even funny. Or maybe it is funny again. But anyway, I can't use an oxford comma.

I'm just going to use the damned serial comma and if the author notices and complains I'll tell him it's stupid to restrict ourselves to NYT when we don't have space constraints.

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might be too early for a Twilight question, but here it goes...

for those who've read the books, I'm currently on book 3 and got
to the part with the Quluete legends, I was thinking of just
skimming past those parts...

my question is: is it essential for me to read this part?
would I be missing anything??

thanks in advance.
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Two teenage girls took pictures of themselves nekkid and -- while supposedly trying to delete these photos -- sent their pics to the football team. The girls got in trouble, booted off the cheerleading squad; the boys did not get in trouble.

The girls' parents are now filing a lawsuit saying that the girls' punishment is unfair relative to the lack of punishment for the boys that got the pics.

What do you think?

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Bosom Buddies

Best word to describe what's on a girl's chest?

Shirt puppies
The 'Twins'
Dirty pillows

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My mom wants to buy a duplex or some kind of multi-family home and rent part of it to me and my friends and the other parts to other people... she sprung this on me yesterday and I've never heard of it before so I don't know if it's really dumb or really smart.

What do you think?

What are some good sites to search for houses and such to buy?
Golden Cleopatra

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1.) Were you conceived by accident or know someone who was? (in other words, were you an Oopsie Baby?)

2.)  How do you, or how does your friend, feel about it?

A1: Nah, but my boyfriend was. His older sister was old enough to comprehend that his mother was on the pill.
A2: He doesn't really give a crap. According to him: "Well, at least I'm here and she didn't abort me or anything"

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Computer Help

My computer is pretty old and it's about to crawl up and die on me. I have a few questions.

What computer brand, or more specific if you know, would you recommend for around $700? I don't need it for gaming or anything as I have a separate gaming computer. And by gaming I mean The Sims 2.

If you knew your computer was about to go to computer heaven what things would you have to rescue before it's demise? I already moved all of my music, photos and documents to an external drive. Am I forgetting something?

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1. I really need a boob icon, because whenever something sexual comes up I only have my penis kissies icon or this bum one to use, and sometimes boobs are just more appropriate. Can you show me a good boob icon?

2. How many sexual partners had you had by the time you were:
a) 15
b) 20
c) 25
d) 30

Usually I'm in the middle (I think) but recently a group of my friends got to discussing it at a party where I was the youngest there, and I was right up the top! :S with a rather big gap between me and the next person I might add. I then surveyed some other friends and they were well below me too (one tied though, yay!). I need you to make me feel like an inexperienced prude again TQC. EDIT: TQC, you're not helping :(

3. How do you feel about clitorises?
Cowboy Ew

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This is a picture of Mont St Michel in Normandy, France. I want to live there. Or I at least want to visit. I also want to visit other castles from around the world. Will you post a picture of a castle or some other magical midieval type place you think I should go?

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macbook users

I am writing a research paper in microsoft word on my macbook. however, the document is doing that INCREDIBLY ANNOYING thing where it replaces letters with each new letter you type if you try to edit/add something. i know that on regular computers this problem is solved by pressing "insert." my macbook doesn't have a button labeled "insert." what is "insert"'s equivalence on a macbook or what do i have to do to fix this problem? it's getting me angry and stressed in a way that is just not conducive to writing 10 page papers.

mischief managed!!!

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Last night I made a tye-dye shirt and now my fingers are diseased looking with blue and magenta shirt dye. I've used rubbing alcohol and that got some of it off of me since it's faded, and warm soapy water didn't work after the initial hand wash last night. What else can you suggest to help me de-color my fingers?

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What was the last thing you did that you covered up?

This morning I was printing something on my dad's computer, and the cat decided to attack my legs and I knocked a glass of iced tea my dad had left there all over the desk and PC. I cleaned it up and didn't say a word, but I bet he'll wonder why it's sticky.

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My inspection sticker runs out this month (Dec. 2008), and since I've only had my car for about six months I don't know what I have to do. Do I just go to any mechanic? Do I have to go to the DMV? Wise drivers of TQC, please help me.
real men read

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When you try to call someone and dial the wrong number, after teh person answers do you say something like "sorry, I dialed the wrong number" or do you just hang up without saying anything?

I find the silent hang-up irritating.

I read that a lot of companies are ceasing to hold holiday parties because of the economy. For the working people out there, is your company still having a party? If yes, what kind? (Day, night, in-office, restaurant, etc)
macro - procrastination cat

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Without making a list (unless you really want to), how many individual TQCers can you name?

Do you think that people are popular/unpopular solely on their own merit, or is it just the fact they're the ones who actually participate a lot so they become recognizable which means anyone could do it with enough time on their hands and a desire for e-popularity??

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1)Whenever you see model apartments or homes or w/e with the living room with a fireplace and the chairs/sofas are all grouped around the fireplace, do you ever think to yourself, "but where do you put the TV?"
2)If you had to give 3 Thank You cards to someone today for recent kindnesses, who would you give them to and why would those people be deserving of them?

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In the spirit of the holiday season, has / will any of you perform a random act of kindness on a stranger?

If you one day you saw a bunch of strangers performing random acts of kindness at one time, would you think "WTF is going on here?" or "Awww, this is nice"?

Do you buy Christmas presents for those kids who have their names on trees at the mall?

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Could you live in a furnished apartment?
One where you weren't allowed to change or add to the artwork on the walls?

I never lived in the dorms when I was in college. Do the rooms usually come with a bed or do you bring your own?
Kill Bill - Elle

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Recently, my IE started flipping out (I never use IE, that would be my little brother), giving me random pop ups about free cell phone ringtones and other pointless shit. Then, I got this Collapse )

If I mess with it at all, or try to close out of it, I then get a notice that says something stopped functioning and my computer will shut down in 60 seconds. Rinse and repeat. I tried disabling IE but I still get those pop up websites along with the services.exe error.

This same virus/problem happened earlier this year (about a month and a half ago) but I wasn't able to operate my computer at all. It turned on and then shut itself off. I managed to get into system restore fast enough for it to work, and that corrected it. HOWEVER, system restore is not working for some fucking reason, saying that it cannot revert to the restore point. I have tried all of the days in November for this. And my PAID McAfee has failed to function; just won't work.

I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas? Can you point me in the right direction, be it a website, or a community?

Paging Dr. LJ

So last night I was watching a movie and laying on my hand. By the time the movie was over my hand had fallen asleep and try as I might I can't get my pinkie and my ring finger to wake up now (it's been over 12 hours). I'm thinking I probably pinched nerve when I laid on it last night. Is there anyway to fix this stiffness and tingling in my hand because it's really starting to annoy me, or do I have to just wait for it to go away on it's own?


Do you enjoy cuddling? Can you fall asleep when someone is half-wrapped around you?

EDIT: Just to say, I'm extremely envious/jealous of the peeps here that can actually sleep *better* whilst cuddling.
This is so ridiculous.

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My bf's brother just got home, after a month of being detained at Border Control in Texas. Currently he is screaming at the top of his lungs at this friend he invited over, who is also currently screaming at the top of his lungs, while they place bets on horse races. I understand that it's noon and that life is worth celebrating, but I have a crazy-ass migraine which I attribute to trying to read what I now know is The Worst YA Book Series Ever Written last night.

Also, he doesn't understand that I am avoiding certain phone calls and thus screams at me at all hours when that phone call arrives. Finally, he is filling out marriage papers so he can get back to the States, legally this time, with his girlfriend, but won't ever leave because he knows that his two other girlfriends are in this city with some vendetta THAT HE CAN'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND.

What is the best way to "deal" with him? NON SRS answers only.

If dealing with fugitive kind-of cuña'os isn't your thing, then tell me: should we rent skis for my boyfriend who has never seen snow, when he comes to Michigan in 11 days, or should we rent snowboards? Why?
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Have you ever known anyone who got toxic shock syndrome (TSS) from wearing a tampon too long?

If not, what's the rarest illness anyone you know has ever had?

Turn ons

What turns u on? I personaly love gay japanese porn. I also love the sight of a hot asian guy with hair down past his shoulders pinning me down while he pushes my arms arms down and says i kno u like it when i pin u down then bites my shoulder. God fucking dammit hes not single anymore! Woe is me... So yea what turns u on lol
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iPod switch

My wonderful, darling hubby got me a 120 Gig iPod for my birthday, but I kinda had my heart set on an iPod touch. (I don't want an iPhone.)

The 8 gig iPod Touch and the 120 gig iPod are about the same price. Would you switch them up?
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You are now the parent of a deaf child. Do you try to go through with the route of oralism, like lip reading, hearing aids, cochlear implants? Or do you decide to learn sign language and become involved in deaf culture?

Free online gaming.

Well well well...... Sucks and when you upgrade (5 bucks) they make you try to install software to run games. I LOVED THIS DAMN SITE TOO. sucks with the ads...(hence why I upgraded.) 

TQC : Are there any FREE / no install crap / bad ad  Game sites?  Google came up with yahoo and other garbage. I have 400+ points with that website too - freaking sucks.

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TQC, what are the best and worse possible names you'd give to a BOY English Bull Terrier?

my friend just rescued a puppy and I'm trying to help him come up with names, but of course, we're clueless :/


I can't decide whether or not I should take a TEFL/TESOL (teaching English as a foreign/second language) course or not. Have you ever taken one? Did you like it? Did it help you get a job?

I don't have that commutable of an education. Actually, my degree is deemed by everyone as "useless" seeing as it's in an obscure language and I didn't even learn the language that I graduated with a degree in. I love languages and I have tutored some students in foreign languages but I've never taught English to non-native speakers and I'm not sure if I would get completely burnt out from it. I just thought I would try, but if I'm going to have to pay money to get a certificate that may or may not actually help me get a real job, I don't want it to go to waste.

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if you played star ocean 2 for PSX -- where are the customize/blacksmith screens? i can't find them. i played this game before but now i can't remember where to go to customize stuff. crap.

OTHERWISE, what are you doing today?

(no subject)

1) Do you smoke cigarettes? Which brand do you smoke?

2) Have you (or someone you know) ever moved to Boston from a warmer state? How did you get used to the climate change? Are you happy that you moved there?
Octopus singing

I hate making tough decisions.

I have this LJ friend in the area. We've met twice and we get along and I can see us being friends in the future and since I don't really have other friends in the area yet so it would be nice to have one nearby. I never hung out with her much as I had a gut instinct that she was lying about things and something just didn't seem right. Today I see a post of hers saying that she has lost everyone of her friends down here and she is very depressed and hates herself. Without knowing what happened, I feel bad for her, and IM her and tell her that I will be here for her if she needs someone. She responds that she lied to everyone here and told them that she had cancer and she is a bad person and I should not be friends with her. What would you do? Be friends with her in a time of need or run like hell?

I haven't seen my cousin since 2003. We live on other sides of the planet, but we were always close. He's in the States from yesterday until Dec 20th because he's training with his work. He has however gotten Dec 8th-20th off to come visit my family. He will be staying with my mother who is an 8 hour drive away from me. He really wants to see me, my mother wants me to come and entertain him, but money is tight and I'm not sure if it would be best if I make it up there for the visit. It would cost me about $250 for round trip train tickets. Not including money spent "entertaining" (which most likely means I will take him out to touristy places and pay for him and for our meals.) I'm torn. I don't really have that money to spend and the next time I see him will most likely be in 2010. What would you do?

The Beaver Gargler

What's the best word for that thing in a guy's shorts? It doesn't have to be te term you use the most

Third leg
Trouser snake/anaconda
Desi the Wonder Cyclops
Meat maelstrom
The New York Post

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What are you going to do this weekend?

My answer: I'm going up to my family's bed and breakfast for Christmas because there's so many of us and we can't all be together for the actual holidays. It's fun, even though the guys control the TV and watch football all weekend. Spending two hours in a car going up there and coming home won't be fun, though. I do get to see my baby cousin, however. He's adorable.

(no subject)

I've been hired to babysit a 10 year old and a 12 year old this weekend.

I've never really babysat before so I'm a little worried. What should I expect? Any tips or suggestions on tween wrangling?
Haruhi disappearance

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One of my coworkers is out for a month due to some sort of gastrointestinal surgery. My bosses want to send him a care package with some gag gifts. What are some good, not too expensive gag gifts?
a clockwork orange


My boss just handed me a $10 WalMart gift card for no apparent reason. We usually hand them out to reward referrals. It was nice of him, considering I'm broke. :D

What was the last thing to completely take you by surprise?
Dean: Eye of the Tiger

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I just had to spray the floor by the kitchen doorway with this special stain and odor eliminator stuff (it's called anti-icky-poo) cuz my cat is being an asshole lately and keeps peeing there. I randomly decided to read the back of the bottle and on the list of types of stains/odors it eliminates, among others, is dead bodies.

Do you think anyone has ever used it for that purpose? Would you? Have you?

What was the last product you saw that could be used for some unusual purpose as well as normal ones? What were the normal purposes? The unusual ones?
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emmett, QAF

I need a laugh

What is your favorite moment or line from Friends that makes you laugh or smile ?

Whenever I have to take a like an ID photo I always think about these ones so  I look genuinely happy :

[Flipping a coin to choose between "ducks" and "clowns."]
Joey: "Heads" should be ducks, because ducks have heads.
Chandler: What kind of scary clowns came to your birthday parties?

and I also like the one when they are on the ride along and when they hear what they think is a gun shot Joey goes to cover his meatball sandwich.

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If you had to get the image of someone in your family tattooed on your ass, who would it be of?

why is that?

What explination would you give to your friends as to how you got it? (assuming you arent telling them that you were forced to get it done)

If you saw your SO comming out of a sex toy shop, would you be scared for what they may have bought, or estatic for the surprise later?

And how would you react if he didnt later show you what he baught, or even mentioned it (you knowing that he got something from there (he had a bag)?
im french

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1. What are the symptoms of your hangovers?

2. My friends and I play this game where everyone has the name of some celebrity/historical figure/character/personality taped to their head and they have to guess who they are asking only Yes or No questions. In the past, we've used Anne Frank, David Lee Roth, Louis XIV, Hugh Grant, OJ Simpson, Kermit the Frog, the Statue of Liberty, etc. What would be some good names?

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I'm making a lighthouse wind chime for my friend. The chime part are

these glass beads-

and these metal ones

the lighthouse is white with black stripes

I'm going to get some hemp twine to attach them and for hanging the chimes. Should I use black hemp to match the colors already there or a plain tan shade-with the idea it follow the sort oceany theme and resemble rope you might use on a boat?

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I just ate a fortune cookie and this was my fortune:  Be careful in whom you share your confidence.  Coincidentally, I got some news earlier that made me very hopeful and with a smidge of confidence.  I posted an entry about it in my journal but I think I came off more desperate than confident there.

Since I shared mild confidence in my LJ, does that mean I'm doomed to fail?

What happened to the fotunes that are supposed to make you feel good?

Does it weird you out when you read fortunes that coincide with your life?

If you had to pick just one, would you rather eat fortune cookies or actual Chinese food?
I'd rather eat the cookies.

just a bill

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My roommate wants to rent out our apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland, which is blocks away from the DC line for inauguration day. We're a 10-15 minute walk from the subway station and think we can make a pretty decent amount of money for it (probably at least $2,000 - 4,000+) for a weekend. Would you do it? None of us own the unit, so we'd obviously be subletting it out 'illegally', and I have to take that into consideration as well.
Tigh Bottle


Why does my cat do this? He does it at any random time, in different locations of the house, before or after feeding (so being hungry or full isn't it.)

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FLORENCE by rodeo_town

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There's this commercial for dell computers and it has 2 men sitting with laptops(one is green) and a song comes on it goes like "I am green today...something something something"..What is that damn song?
That first line always gets stuck in my head and I want to hear the rest of it.
I have another question..

My dad loves Bob Dylan..So one of the items I want to get him for christmas is that movie "I'm not there"..But I haven't seen it, is it good?
cat tea

(no subject)

What kind of snacks do you usually eat throughout the day?

What is your FAVORITE snack?

If you don't usually (or ever) participate in picture posts, what is the reason?

EDIT: I just ordered a deep-fryer. What sorts of delicious things should I make when I get it?
Evil Me

Totally unrelated

1. Should I go to free yoga tonight by myself? It's far-ish away in the part of town where all the "fun" happens but it's over at 8 when my friends who live over there aren't off work until like 10. I might not have anything to do in the hours between and I don't really want to drive back home in order to go all the way back across town.

2a. What "swag making company" is the best? (Something like where they put your logo on like a million different things as people order) Bonus points for Canadian companies.

2b. If I were to google these things, what would I use? Certainly not "swag making companies"...
Me. kitty face

(no subject)

1. What are some songs about colors?

2. What are some songs about the days of the weeks?

3. What web comics are you reading and love?

4. I need some highly annoying, but catchy youtube songs (like Kelly's Shoes or the kitty cat song)

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Dear TQC,

My work just gave me $450 cash and all the days between Christmas and January 5th off, with pay, without using up my vacation days.

How many hookers do you think I could rent for $450 in the Seattle metro area, at Christmas rates?

(no subject)

Who decided that 40 yrs old =creepy?
I mean srsly.

EDIT: Do we need a 40's+TQC? Or a TQC Senior's edition? I'm getting bummed. And NO....I don't know nor CARE how to work an iPod.
AND KEEP DOWN THE NOISE....I'm trying to NAP here.

I'm hurt.

(no subject)

TQC i have a very serious problem that requires your full attention.

I want macaroni cheese for dinner. there is some home made frozen stuff in the chest freezer. to get it i need to go outside and down into the granny flat. its cold, and dark. plus i know the stuff in the freezer isnt cheesy enough. BUT its already made so all id need to do is put it in the oven

should i just go get it or should i make a fresh batch? it wont take too long, but ill end up making a mess.

mind you i had pasta last night for dinner...... i do love pasta though

(no subject)

why won't my friend's boyfriend stop telling me how much he misses his girlfriend when he knows it annoys me and knows how much i DON'T appreciate having it rubbed in my face that i'm single during the holidays?
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

Honestly, is it easy to set things up and sell them on Ebay? I have a ton of Hallmark ornaments that I'd love to sell and Ebay seems to be the best way to go.

Should I make Mudd Buddies tomorrow to nosh on while we set up the Christmas tree?

(no subject)

i was making fun of my friend (friend in her mid-20s, not 13) for liking twilight, and she said that if i didn't stop she was going to give me shit for liking star trek and battlestar galactica. i told her she's got nothing on me because both those shows are VERY SOPHISTICATED and show a great deal of intellect on my part.

do you agree that there are levels of nerddom?

and that twilight fans are on the bottom level?

and that science fiction is way better/more important than vampire love tripe?

(no subject)

"Rosebud" was a fugging SLED?

What the hell MANNNNN??????????????????

Crap-assed movie.

If you know what I'm talking about, your opinions are welcome.
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Me and my boyfriend are going to get married in April by the court. I dont know exactly how you call it. But its going to be with a few witnesses. Thats it.
We do want to have a nice formal wedding and get married by a pastor. But since he is in the military it is hard to set a date. We are also not too good with money right now. Would it be fine to just wait a year or two to get married by the church? Or should I just forget it altogether?
I just thought it would be weird to have two wedding dates.. =/ Anyone else done this??

And yes it may seem like nothing but to me its a pretty big deal.
The Girliest Taco

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Collapse )

Why does my cat do this? I looked on youtube and there are a few videos of cats doing the same thing. She only does it when she's happy, or when she's happy and you put your finger on one corner of her mouth. She's been to the vet and is healthy, so I don't think it's a tooth issue.
(Yes, I could just ask a vet, but a. I'm not the one who takes her to the vet and b. any time I've ever been there with her, I never thought to ask)

Do you have any videos or pictures of your animals doing weird things?

(no subject)

A few weeks ago my sister and mom had been having dreams about me dying on my trip in India.

The other night my ex who is in another city for school called out of the blue and asked me if I was okay, saying he had been having a dream that I committed suicide for a few nights.

Does this mean anything? Hmmmmm? I seem to be dead or dying in a lot of other plains of reality.

This was all before the India attacks btw.


So I was thinking about the muppets and how the two old men in the "audience" always made great commentary about how bad the show was, yet they always came and sat in the balcony.

What other TV show or movies can you think of where you see the audience and they interact with the cast/ the cast is aware that they are on tv/stage?

(no subject)

My roommate is transferring schools next semester!

What am I going to do without her microwave? D:

Will I ever get her cigarette smell out of the carpet?

If my school never addresses the problem that I don't have a roommate next semester, should I put the beds together to make one big bed?

Have you ever had a roommate move out in the middle of the school year? How'd it go?

Will you share some funny roommate stories?
aw | blink

(no subject)

Are there any words that you deliberately say in your head milliseconds before you say it out loud for fear of pronouncing it wrong?

I'm that way with "asterisk". My tendency is to say "astericks".
sneaker love

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Is the Phantom of the Opera inside your mind?

Do you listen to the voices in your head?
Do you hold conversations with them?
Do they have names?
Do you take their advice?

Angel and Devil situation?

How much amusement do they bring?

Did you answer those questions based on drunken experiences or completely sober, clean ones?