December 4th, 2008

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Visiting Japan

I'm planning a holiday to Japan in late Jan/ early Feb.  Anyway, here in Australia, there's a low-cost airline called Jetstar that earned a reputation for being pretty crappy and cancelling flights a lot when it first started up about two years ago.  However, if I fly with them, I can save $600 off the next cheapest airfare.  Does anyone know if their suckitude has lessened?  Has anyone here flown with them recently?  Is my peace of mind worth the extra $600?

For anyone who's visited Japan, what should I do in the Kansai area?  I want to see Osaka and possibly Kobe for the first time and Kyoto for a second, but I'm not sure exactly what to do there.

For anyone who's never been/going to Japan, what are your best/ worst airline experiences?  What should you not forget to bring/do under any circumstances when travelling overseas?
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(no subject)

Ok so I met this guy at a party and he was really cool so we talked for like 20 minutes and played a game together with a lot of people and he got my number and today he called me even though I wasn't expecting him to and asked me out on a date

So we're going on a date?

How do you go on dates? I don't like, go on dates with people I don't really know. HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS!?

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Has anybody taken the GED recently? How hard is the entire test?

I'm very worried that I'm going to fail. I have been studying pretty hard on all the subjects. The only part I'm really stressed about is Algebra. I just can't seem to get into the groove of solving inequalities and equations. Can anyone give me advice or reassurance on the Math or entire test?
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(no subject)

How long was your longest relationship?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you thought you were going to get married, but it didn't work out? What happened?

(ETA: You can replace "get married" with "be together forever." if that suits your situation.)

I have had like four of those, but mostly I was like 16 and ~*~in love~*~ so it didn't count. Once I was in a relationship for 18 months that I really thought was going somewhere, but then he turned all religious on me. He had been religious the whole time, but I guess he finally gave up hope that I would ever convert, or something. Funny thing is, he had been straightedge and as soon as he dumped me he started doing a lot of drugs.

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A friend of mine online told me she heard about a recent case of a woman drugging a man and raping him. Because there's a new rape-related article every 30 seconds or so, a Google search didn't prove to be much help.

All she knows is that it happened in the U.S. a day or two ago. The perpetrator was female and the victim was male.

Does anyone remember hearing about this?

(no subject)

seeing as I got two conflicting messages in the ring post:

what is the correct way to wear a claddaugh ring to say that you are in a relationship?

please explain this in the simplest way possible, since I've been trying to figure it out for years and I still don't get it.
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(no subject)

Hey TQC, should my boyfriend and I pose nude so our male friend can mold us with plaster cloth for a sculpting project?

It would require us to be in some sexual positions, including intercourse.

If yes, what are some curious situations you think could arise from this?
If no, why?

Would you pose naked alone/with your significant other and allow a mutual male friend to wrap you in plaster cloth for a school project?
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(no subject)

TQC, I have to break up with someone tonight. I feel bad, but it's the right thing to do. Will you tell me a story about a time when you broke someone's heart and how it all turned out?
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brother, can you spare a dime?

When was the last time you *facepalm*ed yourself?

What was the reason for the action?

Every day I keep on hearing companies laying off hundreds of people around my city because of the recession. States are asking for bailouts. Many countries are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Are you worried about all of this?

Do you know of anyone who has been affected by the global recession?

And if everyone is broke, where did all the money go?

Hey you. Four-eyes.


Do you wear glasses, or contacts? Or are you 20/20?

From the TQC pic posts I've noticed there seems to be a disproportionately high amount of glasses-wearers. If you are a four-eyes:

Is it from all the TQC? If not, why do you need glasses?

MUSE // butterflies & hurricanes.

(no subject)

Backstory: I work for a well known cinema chain, which has a "premium cinema" section. This is sort of like a bar/restaurant/cinema in one, and since people pay over double the price of a regular ticket to go there, they expect exceptional service. There are about 10 people who work there, myself included, compared to the 50-something people who work at other parts of the cinema such as the box office and candy bar.

At work, we regularly get tips* from the patrons we serve. The 10 of us who work in this area save these tips, then divide them up between us every six months or so (usually we all go out together and have a fun night out). However, tonight one of my managers took all the tips we have received since June (about $800) and told us it will go towards paying for the Christmas party the entire cinema staff is having next week. We objected, saying it was our money, but he replied "it is technically the property of [insert cinemas name here]". I don't see how this is fair at all.
Is he right? Are they allowed to take our tips? Has anyone else had a similar experience to this?

*I'm from Australia, so the tipping system here is quite different (from what I gather) than Americas. Basically, tips are not required or expected, but are given if the patron feels the service is good.
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What does today mean to you? Does it signify anything? Did anything eventful happen today? Did anything happen on this day many years ago?

Today, means it's been exactly one year since my brother died. Shitttty.

Edit: If you want to make a joke, that's fine, maybe it'll cheer me up :)

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i was born with a bald spot about an inch long and half an inch much less than half an inch wide. it's on the left side of my head, a little towards the back. my mom said that i was born with a full head of hair and that spot was the first thing she noticed about me when i was born. it is remarkably similar to a scar. maybe it is a scar, i don't know. it's kind of like a dent, too.

was anyone else here born with a similar spot? i can't really find anything about this when i google it.

i am starting to think that i was dropped on my head when i was a baby and that my mom made up the story of noticing it when i was born. it would explain a lot.
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Bullies suck, the end.

Let's say you have this company with 6 people in upper management. 25 of their employees want to give them each a personal gift for Christmas, homebaked cookies or whatever. But one of those 6 people is kind of a dick, especially to the woman who is arranging the gifts. She wants to ignore him and not give him anything. As a passive aggressive way to show him she didn't aprreciate what he did to her. But that leaves the rest of us fucked. We're not personally involved, but because she's arranging everything, we just have to follow, and be sort of her personal group of bullies. Or do we have to follow? She doesn't want anything to do with the guy, so it's out of the question to get someone else to get him a gift. She would never say yes.

If you say yes to ignoring him, you're a bully.

If you say no to participating because it's bullying, you're one in 25 not sucking up to your bosses. And you can't tell them why.

What would you do?

I should mention, it's ONE gift per person they get. Not 25 gifts for each person in upper management. That's why it's a big deal if one doesn't get anything from us.

(no subject)

Did you do anything illegal today?

Let's see. It's about 2:40am. My husband wakes up at 3:30am for work. Should I wait until he gets up so we can have breakfast together? I haven't seen him since Saturday because our schedules clash. I'm just having a hard time finding something to do for the next hour.
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(no subject)

Do you own anything with animal print on it?

I have a pair of cheetah high heels and a pair of zebra flats. In general I find it a bit tacky, but shoes are my exception.
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(no subject)

My boyfriend's birthday is next Saturday, and then Christmas rolls around.
For gifts I got him Wall-E, made a little lovey-dovey decorated deck of cards with things i like about him/us on each card, etched stencils on two glasses (but one came out kinda crappy so i may not use it), and I am screen printing two shirts for him with designs he loves.

What combination should i give them to him?

(EX. Wall-E and the glass for birthday, the others for xmas. or the card deck and a t-shirt for birthday and the rest at xmas)
Bug-eyed Earl

(no subject)

At about 2:38am I was driving home and I saw something really bright go zooming towards the ground far off. Maybe a shooting star or meteor or something I dunno but it was really bright.

Who would know what it was?
August 2007, W.O./Mayapple Hill Butterfly

(no subject)

Why are you still up? (I can't sleep)

What time do you usually go to bed? (It depends what time I have to work the next day, but usually I'm in bed by 2-3)

What color are your sheets/pillow cases/etc? (Green)

Do you sleep with any stuffed animals? (Not lately)

What do you wear to bed? Does it depend on weather? (Just panties. Unless it's "chilly" then either yoga pants and a shirt, or just a shirt and panties)
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(no subject)

I need help all you loverly grammar whores.

"And perhaps more importantly, where should you look?"


"And perhaps more important, where should you look?"



also why do i insist on doing work at 4:42 in the morning.
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Have you ever had a question lingering in your head all day and you couldn't wait till you went on tqc to post it and then you realize someone already posted a similar question no matter how random the question?
Second question.
I'm just baffled. Since yesterday morning I wanted to ask this question and just weird.

Or how often do you find curious coincidences in your daily life? You think of something random and BOOM it's on TV in every channel,those types of freak coincidences?

Also,how many serious relationships have you been before you finally found 'the one' that you ended up with for good?

(no subject)

Lets say you worked somewhere, and both you and your friend wanted the same job position that was open. Your employer had her do the job temporarily and she basically thought that she had the job, and just had to interview for it. If your employer decided to give you the job instead (without even interviewing for it), would you take it? Does this make me a douchy person for wanting to take it?

(no subject)

From NOW to Christmas...nothing but carbs ? Y/y

Blow off the gym till New Years and start fresh?

wear a funny red ball on my nose at the office till the 25th?

Christmas socks or Santa underwear?
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(no subject)

For those in school:
Hey TQC, how many hours a week do you study?
How many hours a week do you watch the tvs?

I study maybe three hours a week and the only television I watch is Fringe or now that it's December, christmas specials. That amounts to about an hour or two per week.

I thought of a really, really good question to ask last night after my sex sculpture question, but I can't remember it now. What was this question?
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(no subject)

Did anyone have a crap honeymoon?

What went wrong? (bad service, travel or accommodation bookings messed up,no sex, crap sex, fighting with spouse, texting, telephoning, drinking, drugs with mate or other etc)
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Tea and sympathy

How good are you at giving sympathy? Do you find it hard to adequately portray exactly how sorry you are to have heard bad news from someone?

Is sympathy still acceptable even if feels stilted and weird?

(no subject)

Would you rather be very attractive (face and body), but have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and suffer a host of several allergies (you can only eat certain foods and you really have to stick to a strict, bland diet), or would you rather be slightly less then average looking (face and body) but be in the pink of health and able to eat anything?

Hot but uncomfortable
Slightly below average but comfortable

(no subject)

If you borrowed some money from your father, and it turned out you only needed to use about 1/4 of it, would you start paying him back immediately or would you keep it as a buffer until you got a better-paying job? Or would you take advantage of the fact that he didn't give you a timeline for paying him back, spend it all, and worry about the consequences later?

(no subject)

What is the most bizarre sandwich/toast topping combination you've had?

People around me seem to think peanut butter and banana to be weird.

I've had a friend eat a cucumber and vegemite sandwich o.O
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(no subject)

What is a "good" smell that you absolutely cannot stand?

(for example, me? I generally dislike the smell of vanilla, excepting some foods that it's in. But, like, vanilla candles? make me sick)

(no subject)

I recently became a supervisor after being with a company for about 3 months. The shift I supervise is made up primarily of high school students who have been working here since they were first able to have a job. How do I get these kids to respect mah authoritah?

Srs and non-srs answers.
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(no subject)

Do you know how you would say the phrase, "to set the scene" in Spanish? When I use a translator, its just not right. I think it is one of those phrases that is said differently in Spanish than in English.

My Spanish teacher will not help us anymore. What is up with that? She is always saying, "I AM NOT A DICTIONARY FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF" She is pregnant and hormonal and a bitch.
Who was/is your least favorite teacher and why?
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(no subject)

Who the hell is at my door? I'm home sick today, and someone has knocked on my door three times since 7:30am. They always try the door handle after I don't respond. I'm seriously freaked out. I live alone and don't usually open the door to anyone, especially if I'm in my pajamas. What should I do????

(no subject)

My bedroom is the coldest room in the house (it's on the outside corner of our end-unit apartment). This morning when I woke up, the room-temperature glass of water on my nightstand was nearly as cold as it would have been if I'd just poured it from my refrigerated Brita filter.

TQC, just how cold did my bedroom get last night? :(

Also, what are your plans for the weekend?!

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Also also, if you are a student, are you done with classes for the semester yet? My last day of classes was yesterday - I have finals on Monday and Wednesday.

(no subject)

When you apply scented stuff such as cologne or body spray, how do you do it?
I would especially like to hear from the gents because I have met so many guys who do not seem to understand the concept of "a little goes a long way".

(no subject)

What is a good alarm clock?

I need a really super loud one that will beat me in the head till I wake up.

How well do you think one of those vibrating ones would work?

I currently use a ~super loud~ alarm clock, a cell phone, and sometimes I get phone calls and I still can't wake up. I know it's because I can never get to sleep so I'm still tired but god this is killing me.
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(no subject)

I have an interview in about 3 hours and I just went to go print off the application that the interviewer emailed me and realized that my email had deleted half of my mail including that!
I emailed her to send a new application and apologizing for the inconvenience. I said that if she did not get this until it was too close to the interview, I would bring my resume with me and be happy to answer the application question in person. I also called her office and left a voice message saying the same thing.

I know this looks bad by essentially losing the application and waiting until the last minute to do it, but do you think the way I handled the situation decently? And was my alternative plan of the resume okay?

ETA: It's a college work-study job.

(no subject)

Hey! So tomorrow i'm heading to Des Moines, Iowa for a reunion with my 5 best college girls, we've taken a few pictures of us as a group and I plan on making sure we do one this weekend, what could we do that is funny or cute or whatever?
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(no subject)

How obnoxious is this bedding?

1 - not even slightly obnoxious
5 - really fucking obnoxious

I can't find a picture of it online anywhere and I'm too sick/lazy to make my bed and take another picture.

My aunt asked me a million times what kind of bedding I wanted for my birthday and I told her I wanted something with a pretty black and white print. I don't know how I ended up with this. I don't hate it or anything it's just really busy.

(no subject)

1 charity or friends?

2 spray or stick/gel deodorant?

3 pudding or flan?

4 sweater or sweatshirt?

5 jacket + hat or or hoodie?

6 layers or heavy coat?

7 mittens or gloves?

8 loaf bread or flat bread?

9 chaparral (region) or desert?

Sad Christmas Music

1. What is the point of sad Christmas music?
If you're sad-it makes you sadder.
If you're happy- it brings you down.
2.  What is your favorite Christmas song? One Little Christmas Tree- Stevie Wonder
3.  Least Favorite? Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer or The Christmas Shoes- any versions

taking apart dead things

Have you ever performed any dissections on once-living creatures in (any level of) school?

If not, is it because you were never required to, or because you opted out of it? Or some other reason? Do you wish you could have / would have done it?

If you have, what creatures have you dissected? What class (or classes) was it for and what grade were you in? Did you enjoy it? Did it gross you out? Any good dissection anecdotes?

Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer and The Eagles

Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer (I watched it last night for at least the nineteenth time and found questions I never thought of before.)

1) Why is Santa such a jerk?
2) How crappy are toymakers that so many toys end up on Misfit Toy Island or whatever it's called? 
3) How exactly does a Jack in the Box become a Charlie in the Box? I've never understood that.
4) Why is having a red nose such a bad thing? Santa didn't want him for that reason, and it was a stupid reason.

The Eagles:

1) What are your favorite Eagles songs? 
2) What are your least favorite Eagles songs?

My answers for the Eagles:

1) Take It To The Limit, Desperado, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Tequila Sunrise, Take It Easy, In The City, No More Cloudy Days, How Long, Hole in The World, Lyin' Eyes, One of These Nights, Hotel California, Peaceful Easy Feeling,

2) Life in the Fast Lane. I hate it so much.
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(no subject)

Do you have a picture, macro, or other kind of image on your computer that you'd like to share with TQC? Please do.

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Question Two:
Will I survive until next Friday on ZERO cans of Dr Pepper? I can get it in little bottles from the c-store on campus, but I much prefer it in cans. :/ It's going to be tough.

(no subject)

1. Have you ever had your body composition tested?

What were the results?

Are you male/female/other?

What method did they use?

2. Do you know what your BMI is?

What is it?

Do you think this scale is accurate at all, or is it just to make all of us paranoid??

I got my body composition tested for the first time yesterday, and even though my BMI has always put me near overweight, I'm below the normal range for body fat... And my boyfriend is borderline skinny (don't tell him I said that!) but the BMI charts say he's overweight.

(no subject)

For those of you that have gone to Bonnaroo, how quickly do the tickets sell out? They just went on sale at 12pm, but I want to know if I should snatch them up now or if I have time to wait till tomorrow. :(

Will you share your Bonnaroo stories with me?? :D

If you haven't been to Bonnaroo, when was the last time that you decided that if there was indeed a hell (I'd rather not debate religion), you'd probably be going?
When I drew an inappropriate picture of Jesus.

(no subject)

OK, so I'm home sick from work today. And for dinner, I'm craving some homestyle potato wedges, baked in the oven. I have potatoes (score!) but I just realized that I am out of cooking oil, which I normally use to lightly grease the baking sheet so that the wedges will not stick.

I recently bought a kickass non-stick baking sheet, though, that NOTHING seems to stick to. Would it be idiotic of me to just throw the wedges on that to bake sans cooking oil, or do you think they would stick? I can't see that happening, but who knows.

Or should I line the baking sheet with tinfoil? I'm just worried that the wedges would stick to the foil worse than they would to the bare surface of the baking sheet.

I *really* do not want to have to go to the damn grocery store just to buy a measly bottle of cooking oil. Help a craving chick out, TQC!

(no subject)

My mom and grandma always told me to stay covered up when I had a fever, even if you get to feeling hot, stay covered up so the fever breaks. Is this terribly misguided?

Also, I have a fever right now and I'm at work, so I can't sit with a blanket around me and chill. So I have my heater on to keep me warm because I'm chilly..because I have a fever. Is this stupid?

ETA: Is there any medical reporting that says anything about keeping covered up and warm during a fever?


When did you first start feeling old?

Not specifically an age thing, but was there a certain event that caused it.

I'm only 21, but the large influx of first years into the debating club is making me feel ancient.

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(no subject)

ello TQC,

bit of a backstory here, i made out with this guy about 2 weeks ago  but we were quite drunk at the time, however since then we've been texting each other constantly, we've known each other for about 5 years so we know each other very well.

Last night we went out on our first proper date, coffee, bit of shopping, the normal stuff and at the end of the evening I just hugged him because I didn't want to make the make a move because I'm a chicken shit. He seemed offish and offended and just went, "Oh see you later then" so I text him after saying, "What did you mean by that?" and he text back saying "Was only joking. Did you get home okay then?" to which I replied...

"Oh, okay, well I didn't want you to think I'm giving you mixed signals 'cause I'm not :] yeah got home fine thanks, you?"

aaand he hasn't replied?! 
Do you think he took it the wrong way? As in he thought I wasn't sending him any signals?!
Should I text him again? What should I say?


srs and non-srs answers are appreciated :D 
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Can he do that?

What the heck is going on in Canada right now?

Could a Canadian TQCer tell this confused Yankee why everything seems to be going to pot?

For non-Canadians, has your government ever broken out in a fist fight during session? What happened?

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garua by famous
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(no subject)

What were the last words that left your mouth? How long ago was that?

Mine were: "Thank you, goodbye!" to the clerk at the pay booth. It was about four hours ago.

I should probably add that the actual words were "Gracias, chau".
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(no subject)

Do any of you have a Blackberry? How do you like it? Is it sturdy? I'm considering getting one in order to seriously organize my life and planning, but I've heard they crack/break easily and I am very rough on phones. I drive with them in my lap and forget they're there and they go flying when I get out of my car haha.

What is something that really, really annoys you when you're driving?

I hate when the light turns yellow RIGHT at the moment when I can go either way: stop or run it and I have to make the decision right there.

(no subject)

Poll #1309542 Apparently no one would willingly suffer from IBS to look hotter

Would you be willing to suffer IBS and a host of food allergies, that would render you much discomfort and keep you on a bland, strict diet, in exchange for the ability to fly and invisibility? Something about the nature of the powers distorts your digestive system

Yes. I'm a superpower with bowel troubles
No. I'll stay the way I am

Would you be willing to gain the powers above, plus super strength and the ability to read minds, but the only food you'd be able to eat for the rest of your life would be oatmeal (unsweetened) and water? Any other food you eat will cause you to throw up immediately

Yes. More powers far outweigh the prospect of a depressing dietary regimen
No. I'll stay the way I am

(no subject)

so i'm buying a car from someone, what steps do i need to take?

i'm going to pay him full tomorrow, get the bill of sale and title + registration... i've contacted the insurance company and that's under way... so i just need to get the papers from him, go to the dmv and get everything signed over and get new plates, then go get the car?

i'm a n00b
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(no subject)

Overnight one of the houses across the street not only put a sign of their car making it for sale but also put the house up for sale and are having a 'moving sale' of their stuff on the lawn. Where are they off to in such a hurry?

(no subject)

Were you ever a bartender part-time/at night/on weekends/etc. to put yourself through school or some other period of major expenses? Did it work out well for you?

Recommend to me another similar, part-time or temporary kind of job I could take up to pull in some extra cash? I already have a daytime part-time thing during the week between classes, and was hoping to pick up something on the weekends. Srs and non-srs answers welcome.

(no subject)

I hear a 9 year old is putting out a book on relationships with women,

What do you think will be in it?

What do you think the chapters will be named?

If you read it, do you think you might learn something helpful?
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(no subject)

I'm really unmotivated today but stuck at work. How can I get motivated to get some work done?

Has anyone used Is it worth it? I live in BFE Arkansas so there aren't many places to meet people once you're out of school, other than the bars.... which gets old quick.

Does anyone know what happened to ragertoons?
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(no subject)

If you were placed in a situation where you had to make a choice of only one product, which would it be?
- Cookies
- Pie
- Cake
- Baklava
- The blood of 1,000 virgins to stay eternally young

Also, what's your favorite non-alcoholic beverage to have when you go out to eat?
James Franco joint

(no subject)

1. Pretend you decided to double major in political science (main major is psychology). Which 3 areas would be your specific areas of focus?
Comparative Political Science
International Relations
Public Administration
American Government and Politics
Public Policy

2. Are you/did you double major/have a minor? What as it in?

(no subject)

What do you think about this?

THURMONT, Md. - City officials in the town of Thurmont, Maryland are making a list and checking it twice.

They're threatening to publicly identify residents who are behind on their electric bills if those same people put up power-soaking Christmas light displays.

Officials say some households owe thousands of dollars, but are still wasting electricity on holiday lights.

The plan is getting mixed reviews from Thurmont residents.
Family is a gift

Dear Dr.TQC

My left hand is numb.  OK thats a lie.  The left side of my left hand is numb (pinky, ring, middle fingers, and palm)  It feels like i've been laying on it all day and just got up.  Its been doing this off and on for about a month and 1/2.  This is the worst its every been though.

I've diagnosed myself using WebMD, and I believe its because my ganglion cyst is pushing on a nerve.  I've called to make an appt with my doctor, and they have nothing available till Monday

Do I ??????????? (making sure people see my question marks..)
A.  Take the appt for Monday and Suck it up?
B. Call back at 6 am and pray something has opened up for tomorrow?
C. Go to the ER?
D. Amputate...?


What is a word that goes well with "Attraction or "Attractions" ?

My friend is trying to set up a dating service, but can't find a good name that isn't taken.

My suggestion: Getfawked


Internet heavyweights - Google and Wikipedia

1. A search for the history of the Super Mario Bros. franchise led me, for the first time, to wikipedia. (A while ago, I mean, not just now). Do you remember what your first wikipedia article was?

2. Is google your search engine of choice? When it comes to general searches, anyway, not really specified things. If it isn't, which do you prefer and why?

(no subject)

my gum over my bottom right wisdom tooth is all inflammed and sore. i know its cos the tooth is coming through but its a pain in the ass. i can hardly eat cos the tooth above has come through so when i chew it jabs the gum and hurts alot. ive been doing salt water rinses, and i have bonjella which ive been putting on it. its been flaring up on and off for a couple of months so i need to do something about it. i am shit scared of the dentist, plus he is rather expensive and really far away and i dont want to get the tooth out as its not utter agony, or keeping me awake, its really only causing problems when i eat. do you think the doctor would be able to give me anything for it?

*edit* crap....thats what i thought :(

(no subject)

Would it be a complete and utter waste of time for me to read all of the Twilight books?

In other words, say I read all of them. Will my reaction afterwards be, "I just wasted insert random amount of time here of my life."

Zombie all that you can be

The zombie invasion is upon us and your city is not safe. You'll have to travel by foot to somewhere safer IMMEDIATELY (you can't go home and pack), carrying only the clothes you're wearing and whatever gear you pick up below and a backpack. Survival is essential but since everybody's leaving Dodge as well, supplies are limited.

Zombies are coming and the weapons are being divied up. Because there's so many people, you can only pick one weapon package. What will you arm yourself with to battle the walking dead?

Shotgun. 20 shells (requires 2 hands)
Pistol. 40 bullets
Hand grenades. 10
Alluminum baseball bat (blunt, reach)
Machete (edged, reach)
High-quality bow. 80 arrows (piercing, range)
Chainsaw. Enough oil to last 2 hours of operation
2 bowie knives (edged, close)
2 heavy-duty hammers (blunt, close)
I opt to grab no weapons, but instead choose realistic zombie makeup/costume

Same situation as above. You can only select one defensive package. What will you wear to protect yourself?

Medieval suit of armor. Heavy as fuck. Extremely difficult to damage with blunt or edged attack but also difficult to move quickly. Clanky, noisy and impossible to sneak
Police riot gear. Helmet with visor, padded layers, shield. Can only use one-handed weapons
Military-issue protective gear. Kevlar body armor, helmet. Protective against bullets and blunt weapons. Very versatile and fairly easy to move in
Chainmail shirt. Just covers torso, neck. Difficult to penetrate with edged weapons. Versatile and fairly easy to move in
Light padding. Can absorb a lot of punches and kicks. Very light and will not compromise your speed

You can pick one more item. Again, because of the high demand, you cannot take more than one item. What will it be?

2 rolls of duct tape
Flare gun. 3 flares
Bullhorn. Can be used to communicate at a distance
Flashlight (Maglite)
Skeleton key
Extra-warm blanket
Bandages, gauze
Small stove
Skateboard or bicycle
GPS (satellites are still in operation)
Week's worth of army rations
Fireworks. Enough for 3 uses. Can be used as a distraction
Change of clothes. 3 extra sets of underwear
Box of multiple-size batteries. Highly coveted. For own uses or trading/bartering purposes

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While out looking for work today, I saw a help wanted sign for a cafe that hasn't opened yet. When I went to check it out though, the inside of the cafe was still being constructed so there was nobody to go in and speak to, no applications outside, and no contact info on the "Now Hiring!" sign.

How do they expect potential employees to contact them?
  • inaliel

"you did what with that?"

So earlier today, my friends and I were talking about awkward/funny things that have happened during encounters of a sexual nature.

And now I ask you: What is the funniest or most awkward thing that has happened to you (or the person you were with, if it applies) during sexytime? boyfriend fell out of bed once. I had to lay there super-quietly or else I would have started laughing. And I knew that once I started laughing, I wouldn't be able to stop. He got up and we continued like nothing ever happened.


(no subject)

What are some strange talents someone might perform at a talent show?

The stranger the better. They don't even have to be things that are actually humanly possible, just whatever you can think of that would be completely bizarre.

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I started playing Pandemic 2 and now I'm addicted.  What game have you been addicted to lately, TQC?

What is your favorite Christmas song?  Mine is Carol of the Bells.

If someone gave you cookies and fudge for Christmas, would you secretly think they were cheap?
  • ghoulia

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Hi again TQC,

I need to design a 4-6 week calender of assignments and lessons for a final project. I don't have the installation disk for Microsoft Word, which apparently has a calender that you can adjust to your needs.

Any other suggestions for a calender that I can feed data into? Idk how to phrase this really.

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I've heard that one of the positives listed about Stephanie Meyer's books are character and romantic development. I've even found someone stating that JK Rowling's a strong plot author, while SMeyer's a strong character author. Now, I've flipped through her books, but the only development I noticed is that Bella went from thinking "I'M SO UGLY WHY DOES ANYONE WANT ME" to "he was both dazzled and dazzling" so I'm curious.

Where's the development in tTwilight?
hate pimentos

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TQC, a few minutes ago I decided to make a cup of tea.  I filled up the tea kettle and put it on the stove, and turned the gas burner on.  I walked away and continued to piss around on the internet.  A few minutes ago I thought, "Hmm, it's weird the kettle hasn't sung yet.  I wonder what's going on."  I go into the kitchen, and there was no fire underneath the kettle.  I though "Hm, maybe I turned the burner on and off accidentally."  So I turned the burner on, and the kettle began singing immediately; the water was already hot.

WTF, TQC?  Did the kettle sing, and I turned it off subconsciously, but didn't make my tea?  Was it the cats?  Are there ghosts?  If there are ghosts, are they friendly ghosts who are trying to help, or are they grumpy ghosts who hate the sound of a kettle singing and who are planning to kill me in my sleep?

Oh, and what's your favorite kind of tea?