December 3rd, 2008

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Have you ever eaten at a Fire + Ice? What did you think?

I've been wanting to go for years and never got a chance, but I might be going this weekend. I just made the mistake of reading some reviews online though, and now I'm slightly worried since there seemed to be a lot of bad reviews. So of course, I come to TQC. Should we go? We'd be going to the one in Providence if anyone has any experience with that particular location.
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Is Facebook still really ridiculous about using a fake name in your profile?

I know they used to, like, immediately delete your account if you used an obviously fake name. Has that changed?

Also, will the girl next door to me ever stop hacking up mucus? It's going to make me gag :/
Edit: Also I do feel bad for her, because it is a really nasty cough. Even though she's the same next-door girl who had loud sex and banged stuff around in her room all the time, I want her to get better for BOTH our sakes.

And finally...I don't know. I feel like there should be a third question here.
Will you ask me a question?
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Do you have any interesting cab ride tales?

One time my friends and i were picked up by a russian guy called vladamir, and he told us about his tattoos and ex girlfriends. And a tattoo he did himself when he was 14 and how much trouble he got into. And he was like women are funny!! and my friend started singing tom jones songs and he couldn't stop laughing. good times.

for the beer drinkers..which is your favorite kind and why?
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i took dayquil like an hour and a half ago. i feel even worse than i did before i woke up and took it so now i wanna go back to sleep. how long do i have to wait before i can take nyquil?
Journey (desert)
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The Canadian political crisis

For the Canadians here (and people who follow Canadian politics):

If you were the Governor-General and the Prime Minister came to you tomorrow to ask for a prorogation of the House until Jan. 26, what would you say? If there isn't a prorogation and the government is defeated on Monday, would you send people back to the polls or give the Lib-NDP coalition a try? What if the government were defeated in January instead, would that change your answer?

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so i'm out of alcohol but i'm not out of being drunk.

there is egg nog in the fridge. it says it has rum, brandy and whiskey.

will it keep me reasonably intoxicated while i speak to the closest guy i have to an ex?
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feck it, let's go deep...or not

Poet, writer and art critic, Guillaume Apollinaire, once said, "Artists are, above all, men who want to become inhuman."

What do you think he meant by that? And do you agree?

From what I gather, I think he meant that as a man, one is by all accounts, mortal. We are born, grow and die. And that's it. Artists, on the other hand, have this need to create things that will live on beyond their short life span. A novel that will out live them. A music piece that people will remember centuries after the composer's death. And so on and so forth. In short, by wanting this immortality through their craft, artists want to be inhuman, that is, immortal.

Could this be the reason or am I completely off the intended path?

OR If you don't want to answer that one...

Have you eaten The KFC Fully Loaded Meal?

Does it have as much food as suggested in the commercial?

If so, how can that obscene amount food be for one person in one sitting? Could you eat all of that food in one go?

And is it me or is KFC purposely targeting The Fully Loaded Meal to stoners?

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One Night Stands? Y/N?

if no, how long do you wait til you have sex?
How many people have you slept with?
What age did you first have sex?

Me: Yes, depends on the person, 3 people, 22(I just turned 23 2 weeks ago! Hasn't even been a year since I lost my v-card, I lost it in January, but the last time I had sex was July.)
St. Eldritch
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My computer has recently aquired some sort of pop up thing that won't be killed by any of my five spyware programs and system restore refuses to work. These two things showed up in my system configuration window, I don't recognize them and a google search of the names turned up absolutely NOTHING, which is deeply strange for any computer thing. They're:

kimenufu.dll and hehatowa.dll, both say they're rundll32.exe system 32 files. Can't find 'em in the system 32 folder either. I want to just turn them off in the system configure startup menu, but I don't know if they're essential to anything running. I may just do it out of sheer despiration, pop ups fucking annoy me.

Does anyone know what they are? I'm running Windows XP and IE, mainly because my beloved yet old computer can't run anything else.
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"Tuesday, December 02: In 1518, hundreds of people spent more a month dancing non-stop in Strasbourg, France. It began when a woman named Frau Troffea began dancing wildly in the street. After a week of dancing, 34 people had joined in. Within the month, around 400 were at it. In the end, many of them literally danced themselves to death. To this day, nobody knows why they did it. "

Could you dance yourself to death?
What's something you could do till death?
(Besides breathe/blink/etc)

-I coudln't  dance more than an hour unless I was getting paid or something.
-I can't even answer my own question. I can probably procrastinate myself to death haa

cabaret voltaire

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I've been sleeping really badly for the past two to three weeks, whether it be getting 4 hours of sleep, sleeping in until 4 pm, or not sleeping at all. Should I go to Health Services and see what they can do to help get my sleep back on track?

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I haven't been awake this early in a very long time, so I'd like to take advantage of it. Unfortunately I seem to have a cold. What should I do?

go to Panera Bread for breakfast
go to the movies (what should I see?!)
drive about an hour to go to Ikea/outlets
lick the frosting off all of the carrot cupcakes
spend all day on TQC
sleep all day
watch day time tv
all of the above
something else which I will tell you about in the form of a comment
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This is so ridiculous.
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Runners: how do you get motivated to run in the morning?

Should I go run or should I go back to sleep until about 8:00, at which point in time I have to get ready for my interview?

Alternately, papaya for breakfast, or the rest of my chocolate/peanut butter ice cream?

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I pulled an all-nighter tonight to work on English portfolio project, but I didn't finish. I still have a lot of work to do, but I feel that if I stay up any later my work will be crappy. Its due at the latest, 7:30 pm today.

I have a few hours until my first class today at noon, Enough to pull off a quick, 2-3 hour catnap, and then finish it afterwards. But then I risk not finishing the project in time.

Should I stay up, and use the next 5 hours to finish now and get it over with, or take the nap, Be slightly refreshed and more focused, and work up to the last minute on it?

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Good morning!!
I've had the same quote, ""Nobody has a better vision of who you are than yourself." -Sheryl Crow at the bottem of my email for years, will you post another good quote for me to put on there?

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What is the bitchiest thing a friend or acquaintance has ever said to you?

A 'friend' of mine once told me that I was making up how I was engaged and my fiance was murdered. Apparently, it is unbelievable that anyone would want to marry me, and people never get killed.

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Something has been in my eye all morning but won't gtfo. I can't go to the student clinic because I have class soon and the wait in the clinic is always bad. Will it eventually work it's way out? What can I do in the meantime to help my eye?

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Good Morning TQC!

So, this morning they're doing layoffs. Like, right this moment.

The first guy got fired and left nicely. A girl got fired and she left a little weepy.

Then they got to the second guy and he emerged from the office screaming "FUCK YOU BITCH!!! You leave for three months to have your ugly baby and come back and FIRE people??? You make me sick! Fuck this whole place!" Note here...the woman who fired him probably did NOT make the decision herself.

Then, he trashed his cube and left with some more f-bombs and some liberal usage of the C-word...

To lighten the mood, do you have any crazy firing stories? Anyone pull a nutty while they were being escorted off the premises?

And more importantly, should I refrain from leaving the suite to go to the bathroom in case he comes back with a gun? And if so..what happens if/when I have to pee?
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1.Do you prefer moccasin-style slippers you can walk around in or big floppy ones? Or something else that isn't those?

2.How delicious would Southern Comfort in Sugar Plum Spice tea be?

3.I'm looking for a really difficult jigsaw puzzle for a friend, not bigger than 1000 pieces (because she doesn't have the room for solving, and tinier pieces would be too difficult to work with). This puzzle should be more difficult than the average 1000-piece puzzle. Can you suggest a specific really hard puzzle you or someone else has enjoyed?

4.When a series of things is alphabetized, do you notice?

5.Why do my knees hurt so badly?
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Are you the type of person who will stand up for others when they're being made fun of/mocked (in a mean way, not just joking/teasing)? Or do you just stay quiet and not participate? Or... something else?

EDIT: assuming they don't "deserve" it...
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Someone asked a question about gyms earlier and it made me wonder...

If you go to a gym, do you use a trainer, or just go on your own?
Do you have a routine you follow?
Why do you go to the gym? (ie, because you're concerned about your health, you want to feel better about yourself, you think you're a fat slob, etc)
Recommend me some exercises that aren't boring to do at the gym? I get sick of my routine so quickly.

If you don't go to the gym-
In a few months I'm going to have an extra thousand dollars or so, and I'd like to do something fun with the money along the lines of a vacation, sticking to the States. Suggestions?

Rats as Pets

I have a friend who's wife's work is making them get rid of all of their pet rats. I have signed up as a possible adoptive parent.

Has anyone else owned rats? What are they like? What do they like to do? To eat?

Serious answers please.
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I just noticed this: if i press my index finger very firmly to my face, it leaves behind my fingerprint* for a millisecond! HAHAH Go try it, does this happen for you?

*not just a white shape of a finger, but the ridges and valleys that would be on a regular ink fingerprint on paper.
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Is there anyway that you can check the recent posts you've made form your LJ account?

I know there use to be a way on the old layout, I just don't know how to do it now.
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Tqc, Should I go into sixth form toady even though I only have one lesson and it takes over an hour to get there?
Or for those of you who don't care, what's your favourite/the best excuse for something you've ever come up with?

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Why do some people find it necessary to leave a message when the voicemail greeting does not match the name of the person/place they're trying to reach?! Some lady called me and proceeded to leave a message about rescheduling a doctor's appointment. My voicemail clearly states, "Hi, you've reached the voicemail of [my name]. Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible."

a college education at work

(to be fair it's a liberal arts degree)

ANYWAY, my (mini) fridge seems not that cold. Like, it keeps stuff a decent coldness and I don't really put a lot in there for too long so I'm not too bothered. I don't have a manual for it as it came with the place, and the dial is very.. vague.

It's a dial and around it there is a line, going from skinny to thick. Is the skinny side the cold side or is the thick side the cold side? Why can't it just say warm cold?
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As I may have mentioned a few hundred times over the past couple of weeks, I recently broke my foot. Today I finally got my cast on. Should I let people sign it, or is that too childish of a thing?
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Giri Honor Duty Obligation

seeking input about 4 turtles

oh the weather outside was frightful12:17 AM 12/3/08 · I'm constantly making updates to the mood theme to one of my communities, usually depending on fandom interests and what new sprites I come across in my internet wanderings. It's one of the most random and diverse of any of the moods I've ever slapped together...

...and the constant challenge of what to get rid of and what to add.

I added 3 others earlier this week: indescribable, jubilant, & optimistic.

You can see the mood theme here: Clicky!

I'm going to splice this down to 4 separate sprites:

Which moods do you think I should place them on?
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My boyfriend is a gamer. I want to get him a video game related shirt for Christmas, either this one, this one, or this one. The first is a Halo reference, the second is Gears of War, and the third is online shooter games in general. They are all relevant to his interests, but I don't know which one he'd prefer. How do I sneakily find out? Which do you like better?
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Geek Time

So I'm out of school for the month (yay!) and I just bought myself a very, very nice gaming computer as a present.
Since it's a gaming computer I am compiling a list of possible games to buy since I haven't been able to game for a very long time. Mostly, I'm looking for awesome RPGs because I'm a loser like that.

So, TQC, what are some good, new-ish RPGs that have come out? Er, not online ones or anything like that. I used to play a lot of Neverwinter Nights, so something along those lines, but any suggestions are fine.

What about games in general? The first thing I got was Left 4 Dead...I'm having SO much fun, and yet, so many nightmares for some reason... ;)
dave grohl

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my cats have gone mad. they keep running about really fast, and leaping about all over the furniture (and me) and pulling up the rug. they are normally NEVER like this. occasionally they get a little burst of madness for 5 minutes every couple of months but this has been going on daily for a couple of weeks. they also keep leaping on each other and trying to eat each other. they normally sleep together but i had to put them in seperate rooms last night coz i was slightly concerned id wake up to mauled cats, or one stuck on the ceiling light, after climbing the walls, and the other stuck up the chimney after flying up it like a rocket.

have they been drugged and are hallucinating or is it just because its cold out and they dont like it so are staying in and getting bored?

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So tqc, I am supposed to read this graphic novel "Safe Area Gorazde" by Joe Sacco for my English 1A class.  I do not want to dish out 25 dollars for this piece of shit though. 

Is there any good website that would allow me to read it online for a much smaller fee (hopefully free)?
Is anyone feeling super generous and wants to help me find this?

EDIT: I have to have it finished by Tuesday.  I don't think that is long enough to have it ordered via intrawebz.

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TQC, of the following, what kind of sandwich should I make?

- PB & (grape) J
- PB & Fluff
- PB & banana
- Tarragon chicken salad
- ETA: OR, should I heat up some leftover fried chicken? I think they are wings...

And should I eat an apple or some cantaloupe with it?

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 How do you keep from getting sick? How do you make yourself feel better when you are sick?
I have a really crappy immune system and I'm tired of it.

Do you groom your naughty bits? If yes, how?

Post a picture of something/someone you love?
(My new puppy is in the comments!)
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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What is the last thing you ate (or regularly eat) that other people would find disgusting but you think is delicious?

I just wolfed down a combo of cubed beef, taco sauce and cream cheese melted in.

The other night I had pasta with honey Dijon sauce, and pickles mixed in.

both were astoundingly good
Space Pope

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I just got a fortune cookie that said The balding man asked his barber: "Why you charge me full price?"

So, why he charge him full price?

what is the oddest fortune you ever received from a fortune cookie?

How old are you?

(no subject)

What do you think of media corporations that impose their opinions upon viewers (through journalists)? (e.g. Fox)

Do you think this limits our knowledge, or the way we think?

P.S. This is not a "homework" question, I promise.

If you don't care:

Have you ever made up a game with a friend?
Is this game only between you, or has it caught on to others?
mister q

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How can I convince my dad to let us get chickens?

EDIT: He grew up with chickens so he knows how delicious fresh eggs are. He doesn't seem to think they are delicious enough for us to have chickens.

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Have you ever dyed clothes with coffee and tea? I'm about to try this out. I've read up on this a little bit and I was wondering if any of you expirienced folks could give me some tips.

For the rest of you: What is your favorite thing about winter?

(no subject)

My friends and I having a holiday party and I'm trying to come up with a craft we could do, like an ornament or something, and can't think of anything that isn't inordinately messy, glittery or possibly more complex than my non-crafty friends could handle.

What's a favorite ornament or other holiday craft that you did either with children, or as kids or is something easy/fun?

I should just probably buy one of the kits from Oriental Trading Company shouldn't I? Heh.

IT -The Book

1) What do you think about Stephen King's book "IT"? The movie changed a lot of things, though.
2) Do you think IT influenced what happened in Derry, Maine in other books that Stephen set in that town?

1) I personally love IT (Even though The Stand is one of my favorites from him.) and I think it was interesting that IT had been around for so long. What happened after they defeated IT in the fifties with Beverly and the boys was a little disturbing, though.

2) I think  IT did influence a lot of things that happened in Derry, Maine. Too many weird things happened in that town, and in Maine to begin with. Maybe IT influences Maine altogether.

cheesin' for Disney

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who IRL would be most affected by what you write on LJ if they came across it?

like i talk so much shit on my coworker, it isn't even funny. i can't imagine how awkward it would be if she read all my crap.
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Your life

Am I the only female here who doesn't make/bake cakes?!

What did you do yesterday?
I went to a lecture for 3 hours, spent a few hours in the library, did some Christmas shopping, cooked stirfy and went out clubbing.
ETA: What was the last ticket you bought for?

serious business

I usually shower at night, but I was lazy last night and decided to get one this morning instead since I didn't have to be up early, without thinking that tomorrow I DO have to be up early.

Should I shower tonight and thus shower 2x today (hair and all) or get up at 5:40 (instead of 6:10) tomorrow and shower? 

edit:  I don't want to not shower because I won't be home until 9 tomorrow night and I will feel so gross by then :(
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1. Do you believe that people can have "addictive personalities?" I always thought that this was true but today my teacher told me that now psychologists say that there is no such thing.

2. Despite it being true or false, I feel like I have an addictive personality. Do you?

3. I've always had problems with addiction and attatchment to things. Like alcohol, weed, and shopping. All of which explain why my wallet is empty. Do you have any addictions? Have you ever gotten over an addiction?


do you tend to lurk people a lot online? yes
have you ever seen anyone you've lurked in public? yep.
did you talk to them? once.
do you think people lurk you? maybe.
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cat tea

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My friend is coming over next week and we are making dinner. What should we make? She is kind of paranoid about eating meat (always worried it will be undercooked, no matter what) and fish. I will take suggestions for side dishes as well. Preferably something that doesn't require any overnight preparation.

Also, what do you and your friends do when you're all together?

Do you like bars/clubs?
Kill Bill - Elle
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What national retailers/chains are more likely to hire if you're 18?
Anybody want to find me a job, or are you more apt to tell me to wait till the first like everyone else?
It doesn't help that I was hired the second week of November and they waited till a few days ago to tell me it wasn't going to work. I really want to wait TWENTY-SEVEN more days plus who knows what other amount of time for it to all go through for a job.

What are you upset about?

inspired by mickey mouse clubhouse

I am sitting with my son watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode, "Mickey's Art Show," and started to think about how much I miss expressing my artistic side. I burnt out on drawing and painting and such, and I thought it would be neat to get a pottery wheel and experiment with that.

My question is: Could you suggest a good pottery wheel for a beginner that isn't crap, but is affordable?

gasp zooey

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If someone told you that for Christmas, they had gotten you "six inches of plastic freedom", what would you assume you were receiving?

Edit: The answer as to what you'll actually be receiving will be posted in _updates later. :D SUSPENSE! why the shit did I have to spell check that word?
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What are some very inexpensive little gifts I can make for those people who are friends, but not best friends?

I'm looking for ideas along the lines of dollar store mugs filled with candy, cookies, baked goods and things like that, but I don't particularly care for those specific two examples.

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Ohay TQC. Its NeverConcede, your resident crazy cat lady!

Question: Do you think me requesting that my mom let me adopt an abandon elderly kitty from down the street is a reasonable request for my christmas present? As in, I'll pay for the shots and whatnot. All I want is her permission to do so.

Back story: My shithead neighbors(really, they're terrible people) decided they were fed up with middle class life and moved off to be with the rich folks. They've had a little tiny calico for years as an outside cat. My mom and I have always admired her. Very sweet, very cute, very tiny. Shes gotten pretty old. They ABANDONED her when they moved. They haven't been gone that long(~1 month) but I can tell the current home owners aren't feeding her with any sort of frequency if at all and its getting pretty cold. We've both been feeding her. Theres been an wave of tomcats in the neighborhood so I'm worried for her safety in that respect too. We currently have one backyard cat(he hates our younger cat and would rather stay there), one fat 2 year old tabby and two super super super old could-die-any-day-now poodles. My other cat died recently. I'll be moving out within the next year or two and taking all applicable animals with me, aside from one poodle which is hers and MAYBE backyard cat as hes slightly more hers than mine and hates my official cat.

I'd hate for her to end her old age so miserably. =(
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(no subject)

i got a foot long meatball sub yesterday, ate half, didn't put the other half in the fridge...

would you eat it?

if it matters, the sub came from *the* italian place in the town i grew up in a few hours away.

edit: peanut butter for dinner again

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You buy a watch online for $125, it was originally $150 but you saved $25 for spending over $100. The watch arrives and you don't want it, so you return it to the store. At the store they refund $150 to the credit card you used. Do you say anything? What if you didn't realize until you got home? Would you go back?

(no subject)

Does anyone know the speed and frequency at which the iTunes Store updates its Top Albums?  I'm live twittering Operation: Humble Kanye (don't worry about it if you dont know what that is) and there seems to have been no change since 5:00 PM EST.

(no subject)

what's that font that people use for macros?

what's your favourite macro? i have a sudden urge to start my own collection.

also you guys suck for not sharing any macros so now i can't start a collection. thanks jerks.

SOHO (your SO is a HO)

In this scenario, say you've been dating your SO for at least one year

1. Gentlemen, what impact would it have on the relationship if you found out that a couple years before you met, your SO used to be a prostitute? Not all the time, but as a means of supplementary income. How would you react?

2. Ladies, what impact would it have on the relationship if you found out that a couple years before you met, your SO used to frequently patronize prostitutes? At least once a month. How would you react?

In both cases, they were cautious and did not contract any STDs.
Me. kitty face

(no subject)

1. what is your worst fear? (mine are bees and tornados)

2. What are the top ten movies you've seen this year? (Perfume: the story of a murderer, Dark Knight, What the Bleep do we know?, Blade Runner, Hellboy 2, Boxing Helena, Darjiling Limited, Metropolis, Freaks, Iron Man)

3. What is your favorite band/song? (Coldplay - Twisted Logic)
Sam outside

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Next Thursday is my boyfriend's last day of classes. I really want to take him out to celebrate because he's had a rough semester. What I really want to do is get dressed up and go have a romantic dinner....but I doubt he does. I'd kind of like this to be a surprse so what do you suggest we do? Do 19 year old boys like romantic dinners? lol
Octopus singing

Two Questions...

For those of you who own homes and use a landscaping/yard cleaning/lawn mowing/whatever company. How much do you pay and for what services?

My boyfriend pays this high school kid in his (old) neighborhood for landscaping, to take care of his yard while he tries to sell his house (we are out of state). The kid mows the lawn once a week, trims the shrubs once a week, on this half acre property. The normal amount he gets paid is $125 per month (so about $31 every week). My boyfriend just got this bill of $475 for last months work. So it's $350 in "Fall clean up" services which is leaf rake and pick up, gutters cleaned, and who else knows. We know the kid does it on a regular basis (the other neighbors and his realtor confirm this) and that he does a good job. However, I am thinking that my boyfriend is getting majorly ripped off. He likes this kid and therefore doesn't want to "let him go" but I'm wondering if he is indeed getting ripped off?

Is there a Blackberry application for livejournal?
Georgie - Smiles

(no subject)

What do you guys use to convert YouTube videos for your iPod?

If your pets sleep on/in your bed, do they seem to have some desire to take up as much space as possible?

What difficulty do you play Guitar Hero on?

Do you feel like other TQCers know/recognise you?

(no subject)

TQC, two questions:

1) It's my birthday! It has been a bit "ehh" so far. Will you wish me happy birthday? Thankyou!

2) I'm going to dinner to celebrate tomorrow, and I'm going to bake a cake tonight to take with me to the restaurant (they won't mind). I don't know what sort of cake, though. It's a vegetarian Indian place - what might go well with that? I don't need specific recipes, just ideas. A lot of us are vegans, but most types of cake can be made vegan fairly easily, so that shouldn't matter too much.

tl;dr: What sort of birthday cake should I make, for after Indian?

Edit: LOL, I didn't realise opheliaheart had asked a cake question a few posts ago! haha.
text - something to say

Hey, TQC,

So I'm looking for a German pen-pal to brush up on my language skills. But the Internet is being frightfully unhelpful right now and keeps supplying me with either dating-based sites or grade-school penpal sites. So:

Can anybody supply me with a decent link to a pen-pal site?
Or are there any Question Clubbers who speak German and wouldn't mind emailing/snail-mailing occasionally with an English ed major?

(no subject)


i got hit in the head with an empty lotion bottle aimed for my step-dad
I stepped on a shard of class ment to be avoided
And I forgot most of my japanese presentation in class today (thank god the teacher wasnt there)

How is your day going so far?

What events hast made it so?

am i right or am i wrong?

TQC, will you help me with a disagreement my boyfriend and I are having?

ETA: My boyfriend is contesting the picture that I posted, so I changed it with a picture of my actual checkbook. This is the exact one I have.

Collapse )

ETA again: We decided on a compromise. It can be called either a wallet or a checkbook. It is just as much a wallet as it is a checkbook because it has a place for a license and credit cards, but it was also specifically built to hold checks, otherwise it would fold like a normal wallet.

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  1. My mom’s house is being foreclosed. She is going to live with her mean sister, but I’m not invited to come with her. My current job does not pay enough for me to rent my own place, and no one in my family is able to take me in. My boyfriend has invited me to come live with his family (in another state) until we go off to college next year. I want to say yes since it seems to be my only option, but there are a few issues on my mind. First of all, his parent’s place is very tiny. So tiny that there is just one bedroom (which belongs to him) and his parents sleep in the living room. I just feel like I would be imposing on their space majorly. Secondly, they don’t speak English at all. Will this be awkward? It looks like I have to go along with it, but I’m just wondering if there’s anything I can do to ease the pain I’ll be bestowing upon them.. Or if there are other options? I just don’t want to be a burden!

Another issue is that his old friends live in that neighborhood, and some of them pretty much hate me because they want him to go to an in-state college with them instead of the out- of- state college I’m going to, which he wants to attend with me. I don’t really care if they hate me, but I’m guessing it will add to the awkwardness.  

One more thing-- I’m not sure if his parents are actually even okay with the idea of me moving in for a few months. Since they don’t speak English, I only have my boyfriend’s word to go off of, which isn’t the best thing in the world. I really have no other place to go, though. My parents did take my boyfriend in for a while when his parents were going through financial difficulties, though. But our house is really big..

  1. When you get one of those error messages when a program closes on your computer, do you send the error report? I always hit “DON’T SEND”.
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What's your favorite inexpensive Christmas gift to give to friends? I'm going shopping for Christmas presents for my friends and don't know where to start looking. Ordinarily I would bake cookies or something, but I'm in a dorm and don't have access to a full kitchen. :/ I'll be going to thrift stores as well as regular retail shops...

my brother is at boot camp

my little 18 year old brother is at basic training for the marines.
i miss him already and he's only been gone for 2 weeks out of his 3 months.
he made me promise to write him everyday and i have. but im starting to run out of ideas of things to say.
does any one have suggestions? ive sent news articles, music lyrics, quotes, and other random things.
but i want to send him something he would really be happy to receive.
any ideas?

Death and Taxes

My mom has been filing my taxes for me. This cannot be anymore because she filed for me as a non-resident then claimed me as a dependent in her state which effectively is going to cost me $3000 that I don't have this next semester. me!

I literally know nothing about taxes, not even enough for the internets to help me. :-(
1) Do "filing your taxes" and "filing your tax return" refer to the same thing, or are they separate?
2) When are you supposed to file your taxes?
3) How do I figure out how to file my own taxes?
4) What documents do I need to file my taxes?

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People of TQC....
Are you single?

If yes....
1. How long have you been single?
2. Why are you single?
3. How do you feel about being single?
4. If you aren't very happy about being single, what measures are you taking (or could be taking) to change this? If none, why not?

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Excuse me?!

Kiss my what?
Suck my who?

men, be bill clinton for 100$ or monica for 1200$?

Women, be maid to an EXTREMELY racist oil person, or forced to hire a slightly racist person to work for you oil company? (and the fact that you have an oil company has nothing to do with this decision)

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How do prostitutes/escorts break their profession to people they're dating? Is it before or after they have sex for the first time?

How many prostitutes do you think encounter their SOs through their profession?

Do a lot of them remain single?
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Who usually brings in the mail at your home? Do you have a designated place where the mail goes once it is inside?

If you bring something to a party (alcohol, soda, snacks, etc.), at what point do you no longer consider it your property?
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 My neighbors seem to enjoy having tickle fights before sex. She's squealing her ass off right now as I type.

So, TQC, do you like having a good ol' tickle fight before and/or during sex?

Any other quirky bedroom foreplay?

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Ladies, how do you put on your bra?

My friend saw me put mine on and thought it was weird. I hook the back before I put it on and then slip it on over my head. It just seems easier to me this way *shrug* haha

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So I'm trying to find, even a reference to, an old computer game, probably circa 1995-97 or so.
I remember inheriting an old apple/mac desktop around this time with a backgammon (and possibly other boardgame) application installed. The funniest part about it was all of the creepy (and I mean creepy) avatars that played you in the game.
Anyone have any clue? I figured this was my best bet to find any info.

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What would be a terrible white elephant gift? Nothing inappropriate, just sort of offbeat and possibly annoying.

My husband and I are thinking of giving either a hermit crab or a painting of Patrick Swazye, but if there's something worse/more annoying, we're open to that too!