December 2nd, 2008

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Why do some women think that porn is omgbad?
How is it even close to being considered "cheating"?

I dont get it! I've had two friends this past week blow up because they found their boyfriend's porn stash and it HAS to mean he's cheating or he doesn't find them attractive or something..


Do you find porn offensive like that?
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1- Have you ever used the phrase "I make a mean [x]"? Where [x] represents tuna casserole, or whatever it is people make that is subsequently mean.
1a- Does mean food taste better or worse?

2- Does the world need more cute fluffy animals?

3- Do you ice your drinks (if required)? Do you have ice trays or an ice maker? If you have neither, do you buy ice, or just put the drink in the freezer?

i'll put mine in comments...

Will you show us a picture of just yourself?
Will you show us a picture of yourself with your SO? (if it applies)
Will you show us a picture of yourself with someone in your family?
Will you show us a picture of yourself with a best friend?
Will you show us a picture of yourself with an animal?

(that repetition is kind of annoying...)

Pick one or none or do them all, whatever.

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I have a class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only.
And another on Tuesdays, and Thursdays only.

The semester ends on Wednesday. Therefore, I only have one class of that Tues/Thursday course left.
I have 2 assignments due tomorrow (Tuesday!) for it (technically.... a long time ago actually).

Would you:

Stay up all night and do the 2 essays which will take at least 4 hours. (1 am now) Probably screw your chances of sleep and doing okay on the test that is tomorrow for that class.

Go to bed and hand them in on Wednesday (which could potentially not be allowed)
p.s. you're really tired right now and making lots of mistakes already and seeing as how its a language course, and the essays are in a language that you are not fluent in.... is it a good idea to stay up... really? (you'll be marked mainly on grammar)


Test 10%, and each essay is 10%, but i'll be getting some (unknown amount) marks taken off for being late.

also edit:

I never drink caffiene and im doing pretty poorly with the amount I have in me now... so...

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Did you buy anything on ~Cyber Monday~? If yes, what did you buy?
Are you CPR certified?
Have you ever had to perform CPR on a human being?
If you were locked in the trunk of your car would you know how to get out?

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Are there any decently well known concerts/festivals around where you live? I am not asking about things like Warped Tour, Bonnaroo, and the such, although living near those would be pretty nice sometimes.

We have a Crawfish Boil here in Birmingham Alabama. I go because of the free ticket, not the crawfish, they gross me out.

It invloves lots of crawfish and about 10-15 mostly well known bands or artists.
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You have a friend that you have no other friends in common with so the two of you hang out alone most of the time. This friend admits to wanting to have sex with you, but you are seeing someone.

Do you continue to hang out with this person alone?

Would you play strip poker/darts/pool with this person?

Would you care if your SO was hanging out alone with someone that admits to wanting more?

If you think those are stupid questions and don't give a shit either way, how is your night going?

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My computer has a bunch of viruses in it. I use Spybot and Webroot Spy Sweeper and they both come up clean. I know I have viruses because I get pop ups all the time and when I mouse over a word on a webpage a popup comes up..if I look up something on google I get a bunch of pop ups on what I searched for. I want to kill the virus inside my computer. How do I kill it?
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It's 2:37 here. And I can't sleep.

What wildlife have you seen around your city or town?

I don't know about you but my city is littered with groundhogs and foxes.

Comedian Demetri Martin said that to make something magical, all you need to do is to stick wings on it. A horse becomes a Pegasus. A person becomes an angel.

So, what would you stick wings on? And why?

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Why do you get the munchies after smoking weed?
Usually I get full really quickly, but when I'm stoned my tomach feels bottomless. Does yours?
Is there any scientific explanation for that?
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Whats your best pick up line? How bout your worst?
What 'bout the ones people said to you?
Edit: I didn't mean good when I said best, I meant funny! or weird! Like the most innovative, or stupidest or most hilarious!
abominable snowman
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I am looking for a program to install on my computer.

Basically, I want to input a daily schedule and have it keep track of time for me. Like if I'm supposed to be cleaning from 2-4 PM, then I'm supposed to be cooking from 4-6 PM, I want my computer to pop up and tell me it's time to switch tasks (and what the task is). I don't want an alarm-clock type thing that just beeps arbitrarily at me at some designated time.

I've looked online, and all the programs I've found have been complicated and bulky, trying to encompass business or finances. I just want a daily planner. A to-do list that yells at me from time to time.

Does a program like this even exist (for free)? I'm trying to establish a better daily routine, and bad habits are hard to break.

Also, who else has a cold right now? Seems like everybody I know is sick. :\
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1. Do you work in an office that provides snacks in the break room or kitchen or whatnot? What kinds of things are there? Do you like them?

2. Does anyone really ever notice when someone hasn't shaved their legs in a while if they aren't getting up close and personal with them?
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Do you have bangs?

If yes:

How often do you trim your bangs? Do you trim them yourself or go to a hairdressor?

How do you usually style them in the morning?

When you put sunscreen or moisturizer on your face, do you put it under your bangs too or does that make them all gucky?

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How come lots of people think that just because someone comes from a place with a cold climate that that makes them automatically immune to cold?

People keep telling me "Oh, you went to school in Minnesota, so you must be used to the cold". Um, NO. Just because I was able to survive -20*F temperatures does not mean that 30*F suddenly feels like a tropical paradise to me. Maybe I would be "used to it" if the season of summer did not exist, but alas, no.


What stereotypes could be applied to you?

Thanks to sunow for her help in making my question make sense

ex. i'm from wisonsin but i don't say "ya hey" cause i'm not from "up nort", but I do LOVE the cheese and the packeres! I'm jewish but i dont have a big snout.
max oop
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What are two amendments that should be added to the U.S. Constitution?

ETA: Do you think there should be an amendment that states the Government should not be able to intervene on anything an individual chooses to do to their body?
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1. I hand you a dinner plate. You can have any food items on it that you like. They need to fit on a standard dinner plate. What do you choose?

2. What are you trying to get over?

3. If you could try something that you have never tried before, what would it be?

4. You have to chose cheese or chocolate. Which one will it be?

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I only used to wear white underwear, but now i wear colors but i only wear white socks, with the execption of a pair of carebear socks. What kind/colors/styles of socks and underwear do you wear?

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I am making a few of my friends "Happy Thoughts" notebooks for christmas.

Would you care to share quotes, sayings, that you think are happy thoughts?

I also want to put a few little gifts in it - things like "finding a two dollar coin unexpectedly" and taping $2 in it; or maybe a movie voucher or something like that. Can you think of anything small thing that would be a good suprise?
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Why can't I stay focused on this paper that's due in 6 hours? Is it because it's on a topic I already know pretty well, and I get to fill at least a quarter of it with implications and reactions and other bullshit that I don't need citations for?

I'm supposed to be spending half those 6 hours in class, so I don't know how much writing time I'll get in then, especially since we're working on group projects instead of just getting a lecture today. Should I just blow off my group and cut today, staying here in the library to finish this paper? This paper's worth 30% of my grade, and the project is a lousy website (I could probably do my section of it in 15 minutes at the very most).

What's your favorite citation style? I've been using MLA forever, so coming to library school and finding out we have to do everything in APA is making me absolutely nuts. I hate it.

EDIT: Do you procrastinate worse when you're pretty confident in your work?

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i live in Wisconsin and last i checked it was 18 degrees outside but supposedly feels like 7. how fast is my hair going to freeze when i go get the bus in 45 minutes(my hair takes like 2 hours to dry)?

also, i just got a call from my friend who is in Montreal. i asked her what the weather was like, hoping we could commiserate about the awful cold and she goes, "Mmm.. I dunno... high 30s?"


Holiday dinners

Do you have any traditional foods for the holidays that your family ALWAYS eats?

My mom made us eat black eyed peas on New Year's Day for good luck.  Good thing I like them.

What New Year's food is special to you?
i like to live on the edge

for your concert go-ers

What does it mean for a concert when they say, "This concert is in the round" ? and "Ringside seats will border the stage." TIA. I'm trying to buy tickets to this concert and am paying for the best seating, I just don't want to be like BEHIND the stage or like have a shitty seat.

Would section 16 be bad?


It looks like I'll have to cancel a family vacation we've ALL been looking forward to. The airfare DOUBLED before I bought the tix.
Do I do it in an e-mail?
Do I call instead?
Face-to-face isn't possible.
What should we do JAN...any suggestions?

...and these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds...

which of these CHANGE songs do you enjoy? (no matter how embarrassing)

Change--tears for fears
Don't Change--inxs
Changes--david bowie
A Change Would Do You Good--sheryl crow
Change the World--eric clapton
Cool Change--little river band
Waiting On the World To Change--john mayer
Change Gon' Come--sam cooke
The Times They are A-Changin'--bob dylan
Things Have Changed--bob dylan
I Am Changing--from the broadway musical 'dreamgirls'
You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)--hank williams
Don't Ever Change--the beatles
Loose Change--bruce springsteen
oh suzer, i don't know some of these songs, but don't ever change.
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Poll #1308015 Scrapple

Do you like Scrapple?

Scrapple is the food of the Gods!
I like it, as long as I dont think about what's in it...
It's gross.
I don't eat meat.
WTF is Scrapple?


Have you ever fried a Salmon? Did you use milk, saltines and olive oil or is my roommate crazy?
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What was your last buzzkill?
Last failure?
Fail macros?!

Edit: I hurt my arm really bad about a week ago, and it's getting worse. Only, I'm not sure what I did to it because I was drunk when it happened. What should I tell the doctor happened? (SRS ANSWERS ONLYOKAYGUYS)

Who To Interview

My forum has started interviewing people.

Who should I try and seek out to interview, who'd potentially want to be? It's a forum for creative people. (So, writers, artists, crafters, actors, filmmakers, musicians... whoever really).

Suggestions really needed!

I had a friend who begged me to let her put up a fanfic author to interview, she said she was really good and really prolific.

I was like oh okay, and set up the interview.
Turns out, her writing is crap, and my friend has bad taste in fanfic writers.
So all the questions people asked her are sort of snarky now lol.
What should I do about it?

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A = How much does it bother you to eat the same kind of meal several times in a row?
Today I'm going to have a ham sandwich with egg for every meal. To drink I had water with breakfast and  plan to have Canada Dry-Green Tea with lunch and then hot tea with supper. With lunch I'm having cauliflower too. Sometimes I'll make a pumpkin pie and eat that all day. I figure it has vegetable, protein and starch = balanced enough for me.

B = What is something you end up eating every week? Does it change much with the weather or season?
Rice, noodles, soup, bread, chicken no matter the weather/season.

C = Do you like art that stems from "childish" play or that is simply playful rather than deep or meaningful? I really like the butt paintings ( and mud balls (

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Do you get a lot of creepily appropriate CAPTCHAs? (Livejournal or otherwise)

I was just looking at (expensive) Britney Spears tickets and my Captcha was "economy halt".

Have you ever been published? What for?
Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Several unrelated questions.

Will you post your best and your worst picture side by side so we can compare them?

Can you roll your tongue?

What's your favorite icon? (either yours or someone else's)

What's your favorite kind of fish?

How often do you text message?

Would you like some lemonade?

When was the last time you injured yourself?

What kind of shampoo do you use?

Too many questions at once?

Answer any or all or none.

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For those who are in a monogamous relationship.
Assuming that you don't cheat on your SO, how much of your desire not to cheat is out of fear of getting caught/hurting them and how much of it is a genuine disinterest in other people?

For those who are single/non-monogamous.
What is your criteria for whether or not you will get together with someone (either relationship wise or just sexually) in regards to their committed relationship with someone else? Are there circumstances when you would have sex with someone who was in a monogamous relationship with another person? Would it matter if you knew the person they were in a relationship with?

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1) Did anyone with e-mail experience any problems with said e-mail yesterday? I wasn't getting anything all day, and then a backlog of 59 showed up when there had been none ten minutes earlier.

2) What food are you craving right now?

3) I had a dream about House and Cuddy from House last night. Do you dream about shows, what are they are about, and how often does this happen? 
i say, old bean

decide my fate, TQC

should I open this bottle of wine and drink it or do schoolwork?

if you don't give a flying fark, what is your favorite memory?
how would you feel if that memory hadn't of ever happened but was really, all in your head?
yes, you're crazy.
stupid questions are stupid

what would you do if you found out everytime your mother kissed you goodnight as a child, that she had just finished giving your day a blowjob?
how would you feel?
do you need counseling?

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Inspired by this story in my local paper (and the ensuing comments):

Nativity scenes and other religious holiday symbols on public property, inappropriate or fine family fun? What if several faiths are represented? What if atheism is represented? Is it even possible to make everyone happy? SOLVE THIS IMPORTANT PROBLEM, TQC!


Food Allergies

I just ate one of those little vanilla pudding pies that you can buy at the supermarket for less than $1.  My tongue is itchy and it burns.  The left side of my mouth under my lip down to my chin tingles and itches.  I've had various flavors of the pie and this has never happened to me.

Am I having an allergic reaction?

Do you have any food allergies?

What are you allergic to?

What happens when you eat it?

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What’s the deal with this woman I work with who gives me the bedroom eyes, even though we are both happily married? The look on her face is like she wants to lay me down right there, but the next minute she is talking about her husband and kids. Please, it’s driving me nuts. How do I deal with her? I can’t just ignore her. Thanks.
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I'm making sugar cookies to send as part of an early christmas goodies basket. I forgot to get vanilla at the store yesterday and all the ingredients are already almost all mixed together. Also, I have too much to do today and I don't want to trek to the store.

I have a teeny tiny bit of almond extract but not enough to flavor the cookies.

I heard you can use whiskey as a substitute for vanilla or other flavoring.

Has anyone tried this? Is it good?

Any other ideas as to what I can use?

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Will you post something that you want for Christmas, or some other winter holiday that you might be celebrating, with a holiday icon?

If you don't have a holiday icon yet do you want someone who's heart is full of holiday cheer, and who knows how to work photoshop, to X-mas-ize your icon for you?
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I'm eating an open-faced sandwich on a fresh calabrese bun, shredded 5 year-old cheddar, crumbled sour cream and onion chips, and beef romanoff flavoured Hamburger Helper (w/ minced turkey instead of ground beef.)

Which tasty ways do you use instant foods?

I'm like Rodney Dangerfield

I'm tired of people bossing me around and taking advantage of me at work and want to tell them to shape the hell up.

Does this sound too rude?

Dear (faculty): As the end of the semester approaches, I am becoming more and more busy. Please inform me as far in advance as possible when you are going to send a student to talk to me for any reason. There is no guarantee that I will be in my office or able to take on the task you ask me at that moment, especially if it involves tutoring or administering a test to a student. I would be happy to make alternate arrangements for the student if you tell me far enough in advance, but am unable to accommodate their needs if you tell me on such short notice. I would also like to remind you that I do not have any permission-granting abilities, and sending the student to (supervisor), (accountant) or (registrar) would be more appropriate when they have a question concerning financing, switching a test date, needing extra time on a test, etc.
Also, if you need to order anything externally, such as food or drinks, I would appreciate if you would tell me at least two days in advance in the future.


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I heard letting jewelry set sit (my southern roots are showing!) in hydrogen peroxide is a good way to clean them.

Is this a good idea, or will this ruin my earrings?
They need a really good cleaning.

Alternately: how do you clean your jewelry?
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Have you ever been misdiagnosed by a doctor?  What ended up happening?

My roommate was told she had a sprained foot when she really had a broken toe.  I was told I had mono, and I don't!
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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Why is it indecent exposure for women to walk around topless but not men?
I'm actually curious, what is the rationale behind that? What would they say in court to support why one is and one isn't?
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Hey guys, have any of you tried the V8 vegetable juice? Well I bought a small pack but I finally tried it and it's so salty! :| puke!

Is there anyway to dilute the juice up, or mix it with something so it doesn't drive me crazy :| (can I just dilute it in water? Will that work?)
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What movies should I add to my Netflix queue?

To give you an idea of what kind of films I like, here are some of my favorites:

Breakfast on Pluto
Reservoir Dogs
The Dark Knight
28 Days Later
Cannibal! The Musical
American Psycho
Priscilla: Queen of the Desert
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Kill Bill Vol. I and II
Pulp Fiction
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Velvet Goldmine
Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Cuddle Party with the stars

It's a celebrity cuddle party. Who do you cuddle with?

Kathy Griffin
Adam Sandler
Scarlett Johansson
Charlie Sheen
Cate Blanchett
Jake Gyllenhaal
Reese Witherspoon
Bruce Campbell
Abigail Breslin
Stephen Colbert
Amy Poehler
Jason Bateman
Ellen Degeneres
Will Smith
Megan Fox

Would you try to cop a feel?

A strong maybe

Would you let them cop a feel?

A strong maybe
Peace in the sand

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My wedding anniversary is Thursday and my husband and I are going out to dinner this weekend. We usually splurge and go somewhere fancy and expensive, but money is a bit tighter this year, so we want to go somewhere middle-of-the-road. The criteria are that it must be somewhere with a pretty good-sized menu (variety, please) and good dessert. My vote is for either Cheesecake Factory or Ruby Tuesday, but my husband wants more options to choose from. Any suggestions?

And I'm aware that restaurants YOU like might not exist where I am (Indianapolis), but I'd still appreciate any ideas. :)
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Actual Test Question on my Psycology Exam
"Melody decides that because Tracy dresses outrageously and acts in a vivacious manner, she must be an art major. What descision making proccesses did Melody use to reach this conclusion?"
A. The availability heuristic
B. the representativeness heuristic
C. anchoring and adjustment
D. working backward

Collapse )
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Do you get migraines?
If yes:
What are your triggers?
What are your symptoms?
What are some things you do to relieve the pain to continue with your day?

If you do not, then I wish for it to stay that way for you. BOOOO MIGRAINES!
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If you were in a band, what would be your position?
What would the genre be?

Would you play Free Bird during a concert?

Every band should play Free Bird at concerts: Y/N?

Have you ever shouted, or wanted to shout "Play Free Bird!" during a concert?

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What is your LEAST favorite fruit to eat?

What about fruit flavor? as in candies, etc.

I detest lemon flavored things.  I just don't like lemon in general.

And I don't like to eat oranges. But I love orange juice and orange flavors, just not the actual fruit.

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TQC, I am making delicious chicken ravioli for lunch. Should I put tomato sauce on them, or just olive and (RLY GOOD) parmesan cheese?

Also, if I score (read: make little nicks in) a few garlic cloves and throw them in the water that I'm boiling the ravioli in, will the ravioli soak up the flavor?!

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1. If you're near a radio, do you get a little syncopated buzz of warning just before your cell phone rings? I do, and also get it from my computer speakers.

2. I opened a can of coffee and noticed (not for the first time) that there is no measuring spoon included with the coffee. Once upon a time, every can of coffee had a measurer in it. When did they stop doing this? Can you ever remember getting measurers in your coffee can?


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You're in the store, you're waiting in line to buy your stuff, and the stranger in front of you tells you that they're going to buy your stuff for you. They don't ask or offer to buy your stuff, they tell you they're going to buy your stuff. And they really do.

How would you feel about this?
as a kite

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So TQC, say you're planning to move out with your best friend. To split up the rent cheaper, your friend suggests a third roommate, who is another good friend to both of you. The friend they suggest is also their fuck buddy. Would this make the roommate situation awkward for you, or would you not care because you all get along really well?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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What's something new you've discovered and are now obsessed with?

What's your favorite Yankee candle scent?

Do you have a humidifier?
How'd you decide between cold mist or warm mist?
I was thinking about getting one because my skin gets so dry in the winter.

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Okay, so on merchant's copies of bills (for restaurants), there's a line for the cost of dinner, another line for the amount of tip you want to add, and another line for the total. If I get a bill of $19.13, for example, I just multiply tip in my head, round it up a bill or two and write the total (ex. $24) on the line for total, leaving the tip line blank.

However, upon checking my bank account, the restaurant has only taken out the cost of dinner ($19.13). If I don't write a line in the tip amount, do they not count it?

I know some places do take note that the total is more than the original bill and that I don't do the subtraction for the tip amount, but...shoot, how many ppl have not been tipped because of this??

satellite maps.

    Is there any websites that are better than google maps or windows live maps for updated images of sky shots? Everything is 4+ Years ago and lame. ( is somewhat updated when you zoom out)
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oh baltimore

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what's the longest you could go without having any physical contact with your current so?
what's the longest you have ever gone?

what operating system does your computer run?

(no subject)

are there good, free encyclopedias available online in their entirety that will be accepted for sources in papers? basically like wikipedia but credible, haha.

also, what do you do when you can't think of a good topic for a paper? i have to write a paper explaining a concept, and i can't think of any concepts i understand well enough to not require hours of research.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Can anyone point me in the direction of those Michael J. Fox pictures that were addition problems and wildly inappropriate that I loved?

Care to share your most wildly inappropriate meme/picture?
Baro Bitch Stare
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Paging Dr. El Jay!

So my foot hurts. My right foot...on top and spreading to my ankle when I'm walking. It only really hurts when I'm walking. When I'm sitting or standing it is only mildly painful, kind of like a weak headache. It started hurting yesterday and hurts worse today.

So TQC, what'd I do to my foot?

If you don't care about my foot (which I suspect most people don't care)

What is your favorite part about winter?
Do you like your hot chocolate to have marshmallows in it?
And do you like cake or pie better?

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You have to cook a 3 course dinner for a group of people. What do you cook?

What is the most awesome drink you've tried? I just had a giant thickshake with 4 scoops of peanut butter ice cream in it and my stomach hurts now :/ but it was worth it :)
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Do you have any clothes that are tattered and gross but you keep them anyway because you love them?

Will you tell me about it and why you keep it?

Who was the last person you said "fuck you" to and why did you say it? (or even if you wanted to say it but didn't)
Jasper glasses
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can i have a dollar?

do you think i could get 175 people to each give me a dollar in two days?

and since something related to this question led me to remembering moodthemes, what moodtheme should i make next? (i don't use images to which i don't own copyrights, other than that anything goes)
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1. I made cookie dough on Monday of last week and kept it in my fridge tightly wrapped in plastic. The dough has raw eggs in it. I'm a baking newb, can I still bake these cookies up?

2. My birth control pills are so expensive and I can't justify spending $55 a month on them. When I inevitably go back to condoms, will it really suck? Will my boyfriend hate that he has to use condoms again? It's been so long : (

3. Do you love Jeopardy? I freaking love Jeopardy.
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Where do you upload your pictures online?
How many communities are you part of on LJ?
How many communities do you actively participate in (post/comment)?
Have you done the Flickr photo mosaic meme yet? If so, will you post your mosaic?
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I'm having great difficulty finding an inexpensive, somewhat simple, decent, pretty-looking, relatively small (3.5x5 maybe?) picture frame... do you know of any good sites/stores I could look at? I want something simple but nice...

(no subject)

I know this sounds terribly dorky but...

Do you know where I can find Inuyasha episodes on line? Possibly all of them?

(I'm really depressed. I've had a horrible, horrible day. It's finals week. I have ONE night allocated to doing whatever I want and I would really really like to watch Inuyasha like I did when I was younger and had copious amounts of free time.)

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Do they bury people with their braces on when they die?

Is it legal to travel down a road in reverse, as long as you're following the direction of the traffic?

If an ambulance is on its way to help someone, but runs someone else over on the way, does it stop to help them?
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So I know how annoying school questions are, but I seriously cannot make a decision.

I want to take a language next semester, but I cannot decide between German and French.  They are both offered at the same time in the same building, so distance or time isn't an issue. I know people who fluently speak both languages, so getting help is not a problem.
So now i'm asking you all.

Which language have you taken, or which would you rather take? Why?
Which do you think is more difficult? Which is more useful?


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WTF was that flash outside my window? I think it was a mosquito hitting the bug lamp, but I can't be too sure... MAYBE ITS A ZOMBIE WITH A FLASHLIGHT D:

What are you paranoid about?