December 1st, 2008


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Salsa con Queso is the greatest salsa EVAR.


If you disagree, you can politely bugger off. BUT BEFORE YOU GO, please share what you consider to be the greatest contribution to salsa and/or other dipping products.


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What do you do that drives [Your Preferred Sex Here] wild?
Do you do it intentionally or does it just happen?

What are some things you avoid doing/saying when talking to someone you're interested in?
On the opposite end - are there things you do intentionally to get their attention?

I'm bored and I kinda suck at the whole "being mysterious and alluring" thing. sigh

Female Super Powers

Ladies, one day you discover that there's a wormhole in your vagina. All that goes into your vagina ends up at the local Wal-Mart (where the wormhole leads to, in this peculiar space-time anomaly). You discover this one day while trying to fish out a tampon and accidentally pulling out a Wal-Mart sales ad instead. You won't have to worry about feminine products anymore, as it seems that your menstrual flow ends up in Aisle 19 where it's assumed a can of V8 is leaking. Since through your vagina is a portal to Wal-Mart, what interesting things would you do?

Be as creative or filthy as you want to
The Girliest Taco

I need TQC to make decisions for me.

Should I take a shower?

--I'll smell better
--Showering before bed is unusual for me and ~*spices things up*~ in my life
--There's a chance that, if I do my hair properly tonight, I won't have to take a shower tomorrow and can sleep in

--It's 1:26am, and I have to be up at 10:20 or so
--I have to walk ALL THE WAY to the dorm bathroom, shower, then walk ALL THE WAY BACK to my room
--Why bother, since I'm just going to go to bed?

EDIT: I took a risk and showered. WHO KNOWS HOW MY HAIR WILL TURN OUT TOMORROW? We shall see.

As an alternative or in addition to that question, I have another.
How long do you (personally) wait between eating and going to bed?
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Okay so this is where I could use some input. Break ups are hard. No two ways about it. I think I am just going to sit things out and discover some things about myself. What I want to know from anyone who ends up reading this (anonymous is even cool), tell me some of things you do when you cope with anything stressful. I mean anything stressful like work, loosing someone, breaking up, just those down and out days. What do you do to validate that you have worth on this Earth? Futhermore,  how do you prove that? Thanks so much.
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I made vanilla bean marshmallows tonight and either I bought some really funky vanilla beans or I wasn't paying attention and added way too much salt, so now I have salty vanilla bean marshmallows. They don't taste bad, just... salty. They'd probably still be good in cocoa or something.

Would you eat a salty vanilla bean marshmallow? Should I still send these to my unsuspecting friends or toss them out?
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TQC, I am going to be on a train for seven hours on Friday. Aside from studying for my final exams like a practical person would do, how should I keep myself entertained?
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What does it mean that, when someone tells you to add them on Facebook, so you search for them and their name is black and bolded? And yet, they consistently write on other peoples' walls?

Why can't I friend them?

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I like to take walks around this small block on my campus at night. It's the central area of the school and there is security everywhere, so I feel pretty safe. However, tonight I was walking down the sidewalk when I see this guy getting arrested at the corner. I was vaguely curious, but just kept walking by. A few minutes later, a security guard pulls up to me in his golf cart to tell me that this guy was following me, and was apparently hiding in the bushes waiting for me D:

I totally love my school's security guards right now.

So, tell me TQC, have you ever been followed like that?
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A man came into my [retail] work today, and when I asked him if he needed any help, he said no. Then, he asked if I was from Mexico.

At first, I thought I had misheard him, but then he said, "Are you Mexican? You look Mexican!"

I'm not sure about my actual lineage since I am adopted, but I am pretty sure I am not Mexican.

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Furthermore-- are YOU Mexican?

Do you look Mexican?

Will you post a picture of yourself looking as Mexican as possible ethnic-- any ethnicity you desire, so that we can all guess which one??
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1. In what way(s) are you stereotypical?

2. Do you believe in God/gods?

3. If you had it your way, what time would you go to bed? What time would you wake?

4. How concerned are you about the welfare of others?

5. Who is one of your celebrity crushes?
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Has anyone ever heard of the term "itis" of "niggeritis"?
I never knew this word existed until about two weeks ago when I asked my friend what she meant when she had "itis". She insists that it's not racist. I disagree.
What do you think?

red queen


My mother is in love with Tom Selleck and Oded Fehr. My father is in love with Jamie Lee Curtis and JoBeth Williams.

Which celebrities are your parents/legal guardians in love with?

What celebrities do your best friends/significant others love that you cannot understand?
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Do you tend to gain weight in the winter? If so, how much?
How do you deal with it? or do you even care?

I gain anywhere from 10-15lbs in the winter then lose it again in the summer, its highly annoying...and it leads me to not get enough sexxin because I'm slightly uncomfortable

For instance...
Collapse )Collapse )do you have pictures of yourself in summer and winter?
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We had filet mignon for dinner last night, delicious and tender and and at just the perfect degree of rareness, and I'm planning on having some for lunch. How should I eat it?

- Cold, so it's still just right;
- Warmed up, which may cause it to cook more and be less deliciously rare and tender; or
- On a toasted English muffin with a little bit of mayo, lettuce, and tomato?

If you have people you're buying gifts for for whatever holiday(s) you may celebrate this month, how many people is it (of your own free will, not because of a Secret Santa or something)? Do you try to spend about the same on each person?
Who else hasn't actually started shopping yet?


do you masterbate? what age did you start? want to give a tid bit of info; embarassing moments or something? i had examples for this but forgot.

i started when i was 7, and was completely oblivious to the fact that people might see me and be like ??? so i did it like, in weird places. i did the little kid thing and rubbed against things, i didnt do the fingers up the vag thing hahaha. ohhhhhh embarassing.

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i was recently in the dominican republic and i have this song STUCK in my head. it is a very monotone male singer saying 'si si si' a lot. does ANYONE know this song?! i did try google and nada.
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All right, TQC, confession time...

What song/movie/TV show/person do you REALLY WANT TO HATE, but just... can't?

Why do you want to hate it? What are your actual feelings on it... tolerance/like/love/something else?

i'm a total Scrooge and i'm not ashamed

i want to get excited for Christmas but i can't.. what are some good bah humbug Christmas books? ones with like horrifying family tales and funny anecdotes that prove how shitty the holiday actually is? i want something to go with the $6 black Christmas tree from Borders i'm going to get sometime in the next week.
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1)Were you aware that you can make your own velveeta by allowing a can of plain condensed milk to sit in your pantry until it expires?
2)If you were not aware of this, do you have any special holiday decorations that you have crafted yourself? Please describe.
3)If you were aware of the velveeta thing, and have never crafted any holiday decorations, what decorations do you put up for the holidays?

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So, I just phoned in work sick because i have a raging fever, phlem from hell, and i can barely talk. I work in  a kitchen, and the heat of it would and will make me pass out.

My manager told me to come in or I'd lose my job. I have never called in sick before, and have been late once in the last 3 months. I called 4 hours before my shift started, ample time to find a replacement.

So, TQC, what should my next course of action be?

Edit: I'm going to barf. thanks all!


I woke up this morning with either a stomach virus or food poisoning. All I know is that my insides have turned out and I feel weak and disgusting.

1) Is there anything in the drugstore that can actually help settle things down? I've been drinking Poland Spring sparkling water.

2) There's a Barnes and Noble on the same block as the drug store and I think I want to read something instead of sit on the Internet all day. Any suggestions? I've just finished the first three Twilight books and I need a break before I go on to the next one. I actually almost feel like it's redundant to read it, but whatever. Anything quick, easy and interesting that I can pass out while reading and not feel lost when I wake up again?
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If you have sent a care package to a soldier stationed overseas, what did you include? I have been looking at Any Soldier but it's very overwhelming...

Also, I drank to drown my sorrow, but it followed me through the night and is still here, sitting on my shoulders like an unhappy scarf. I keep crying. I have to go to work in a couple of hours where I will be answering phones & working with citizens etc. How do I pull myself together?

how do you do that thing?

Does anyone know how to cock their eyebrow? You know, lift one eyebrow, but not the other? I've been trying it all day (I'm sick, lol. It's the only thing for me to do) and I can't get it.

What do you want for Christmas?
The only thing on my list is a new laptop so I don't have to constantly use my sister's or mom's and more records for my LP collection. :D
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1. Why is it so hard to find True Blood spoilers online?! SPOIL ME, DAMNIT!

...specifically regarding Mary Anne, and the whole Lafayette thing. I do realize that the series isn't matching the books exactly (and I'm reading the books myself, I'm just being impatient) but tell me what you know.

2. What is up with all the similarites to Anita Blake? Is it just unavoidable in such a similarly-themed series?

3. Because I heard something ridiculous on TV while making this post: what disease are you most afraid of?

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There are a couple of dog kennels I am interested in working at, they've not advertised for openings, but I thought I'd try anyway. Unfortunately neither place are answering phones (I've tried calling twice). So, should I mail them a resume or drive over and give it to them in person?

I've always been told it's better/more personal to give it to them in person, just because then they can put a face to the name and it takes more effort to go to them, but part of me feels like it would be too random/rude to just show up and be like 'hey-can I give you my resume, because I'd like to work here (even though you've not advertised)"

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I can take one university class next semester due to an agreement with my workplace (would get reimbursed for textbooks and there is no course fee).

I can't decide whether to take a course that is relevant to my living situation and somewhat relevant to what I studied in undergrad, practical and that I would find interesting to absorb but probably would not be able to contribute much to due to me having no background in the subject whatsoever (and I would have to write a course paper and take an oral exam);


take a class I would be able to do well in but that would probably not be grounded in anything practical and would be liberal-artsy like every other course I've ever taken and not challenge me THAT much but would still be really fun to take

The grade won't really matter since I don't plan to pursue further education. I am leaning toward taking the first class, but I'm worried that I'll be stressed all the time because it'll be difficult for me to think of anything to write on for my paper.

What do you think?

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I notice the there is a huge majority of black folk who drive old cop cars? And it's not just one type but mostly the same kind - the undercover retired ones of these. You can tell a lot of them used to be cop cars b/c you can see where the camera and markings used to be and have since been stripped. But then there are the non-retired cop cars and it's just the style of car that seems to be popular among younger black men, to be entirely specific.

This whole thing just makes me desperately curious - like, is there a certain place to go to get these? And is it only around this area (The DC metro area), like maybe there is a certain auction retired cruisers are sold in??  Anyone have any ideas? Is it the same where you're from or are there strange patterns in the social landscape that puzzle you?

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Will you describe something quirky about your pet?

My housecat (housemate's cat, not really my pet but lives with me, so close enough) Bandit will automatically clean her front paws if I scratch where her back and tail meet. It's like a freaking on-off switch, it's so funny!
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Have you ever been to the New England Aquarium?
---How much time would you say is enough to view the entire thing?
They're open 9am-5pm

I'm guessing 3 hours but I havent been to an aquarium in 13 years so idfk
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ok so i was supposed to interview a professor for my stupid freshman seminar class. i never did this and today i have to present (mind you, it's a 2-3 minute presentation)

if i make up some stuff up about what one of my professors said about how freshman should adjust to school, will my teacher know about it?

how bad of an idea is this?

should i get chinese food after?

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Do you have a muffin top? Be honest

What is your favorite part of a muffin to eat- the top or the bottom?

Is your muffin buttered? Would you like someone to butter your muffin? Please say who you would like to butter your muffin.
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Why are people all of a sudden responding to posts that I made in communities 2-3 years ago??? Do they actually go back and read 3 years' worth of posts? These aren't old comments finally being sent to my e-mail, they're new comments, posted within the past couple of days. And they're all different communities, including TQC! Why is this happening?
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Has anyone seen "Wicked"?

Am I crazy for wanting to spend the $200 to take my mother?

She really wants to go, would be totally ecstatic and my brother is 99.99999% likely to not do shit for her for the holidays.

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there's just been a new starbucks opened in my city centre. that makes 4. how many is in your city centre?
what are you doing right now?
what perfume do you wear?
what are you doing tonight?
do you have an advent calendar? what does it look like?
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Ever have dreams about people who are far removed from your life?

I had a dream last night about a coworker from 2 years ago. And a month or so ago, I was talking to some guy from high school in a dream.

DOUBLE POLL: and not one single beatles song used.

Which of these MY songs do you ever enjoy. even secretly.

Unchain My Heart--ray charles
Georgia On My Mind--ray charles
With a Little Help From My Friends--Joe Cocker
Voices Inside My Head--the police
Strong Enough to be My Man--sheryl crow
My Favorite Mistake--sheryl row
Piece of My Heart--janis joplin
Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (and she might be jivin me too)--b.b. king
Satisfy My Soul--bob marley
My Rival--steely dan
My Old School--steely dan
Losing My Religion--r.e.m.
My Beautiful Reward--bruce springsteen
My Love Will Not Let You Down--bruce springsteen
My Love--paul mccartney and wings

Moar! Which of these MY songs do you ever enjoy? even secretly.

Lookin' Out My Back Door--creedence clearwater revival
Time is on My Side--rolling stones
Under My Thumb--rolling stones
Get Off of My Cloud--rolling stones
By My Side--sade
Someone Saved My Life Tonight--elton john
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys--willie nelson
My My Hey Hey--neil young
Are You Gonna Be My Girl--jet
Got My Mojo Workin--muddy waters
All My Love--led zepp
Light My Fire--the doors
Doctor My Eyes--jackson browne
My Humps--if you vote for this song, plesae provide a written explanation
oh suzer, some of these songs are MY faves, but some i don't quite know yet.
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sup amurikkkans

I'm in the market for new frames for my glasses. I normally get them from my eyedoctor but their selection really sucks. The only reason I got the awesome frames that I did was because the sales rep for the designer happened to be in the store that day, and had brought samples of them with him.
Anyway, the woman at my eye doctors said if I can bring her in the information on the frames, she might be able to custom purchase for me to make sure they fit. Or something. So I wanted to know where you would shop for frames like that.
I also am interested in maybe purchasing glasses online instead, but I don't if that would be cheaper or if it is even worth it.

idk how to make this bullet points for easy reading though, sry. My eyes are all dilated and my head is all disjointed :C
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I'm jonesing for these hard candies my grandfather used to give me when I was little. They're available in different flavors (strawberry, orange, etc.) and come in smallish (4'') round tins. If I remember correctly, they're in the same shape as the fruit itself and they've got sort of a light powdery coating on each piece. Oh, and they're DELICIOUS.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Would you kindly help me find them?

Thanks! :D

ETA: Found by the wonderful heure_actuelle.

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Three things on my mind right now...
Due to a misunderstanding, I'm now supposed to get a $2 sale item a 15 minute drive away. Except I don't have a car at this exact moment, and tomorrow and Wednesday I'm busy, and she needs it by Thursday. She could have had it when I first brought it in to her, but she changed her mind.
What do I do? It's not even worth the petrol.

2. This site. Do you think it'll kick off? (and yes I put up the thing about my friend, shuddup, I'm curious about the website.) I'm not sure, because I think most people would join it to get donations, and then not donate to other causes. Unless they're like 'woo, it's Christmas, donatin' time!'

3. I want to improve my Christmas. There's only me, my brother, my parents and my grandfather, and frankly, it's boring and unfulfilling. There's only so many hours I can sit at the dinner table and talk with people I see every day and my grandfather. Any ideas? How about things to get me excited about Christmas again?

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I live in a small town in Scotland. My Mum lives with me and this year we want to do something different for Christmas as opposed to making dinner in the house & watching tv.

I'm looking at hotels in town for Christmas day dinner but they're pretty expensive and the menus on the cheaper ones don't look too good.

What do you suggest we do? (Srs and non-srs)
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How's your health?

I am hearty and hale and in good health.
I feel like I'm coming down with something.
I am just getting over something and have ensured that at least a few people got sick from my germs.
I am chronically ill.

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A technical computer related question for you guys:

Is it possible to create an image of a physical machine and use that image to restore a Virtual Machine?
I have to install something in a VM Windows XP environment, and I am unable to do so for some bizarre reason. However, I have been able to install the software on a real WinXP machine. Since I have to have the software available for everyone in the company I need it on a VM so that we can all use it if we need it, so does anyone know of a way to get the successful install into a VM?

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TQC, I'm back from the hospital -- thanks for your advice on things to pack! So what did I miss?

What is your favourite way to prepare vegetables, either for yourself or a young child? I need to start eating them!

Are you buying gift cards this year for Christmas?

If you could have absolutely anything, no limits on cost or distance or time, what would you want for Christmas this year?
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What are some Christmas songs you absolutely cannot stand?

I have to change the channel whenever that song comes on about the dying mother and the pair of shoes...? Wtf, like damn.

EDIT: Oh and I forgot! That one about "last Christmas, I gave you my heart...etcetcwhatsit." Aghghgh.

the skins- teel deer probably

i have a skin problem. on my stomach, i have really bad stretch marks, and i have not gained much weight at all. 10lbs max over the past year.Also, on my upper arms, i have that condition where you have red bumps all over, caused by extremely dry skin. i forgot what it is called, keratosis something. anyways, the two problems i have lead me to believe that i have a dry skin problem, and doctors tell me to moisturize, but even my upper arms that are supposedly lacking moisture, and the area of my stretch marks are extremely soft. i also drink mostly water which is what they tell you to do to keep your skin in good condition, and i take biotin supplements.

is it possible to have really really dry skin and have it feel extremely soft, and have really dehydrated skin at the same time?

edit-what is your favorite and most effective lotion?

hey TQC!

what's your juice of choice? apple
are you going to watch the victoria secret show wednesday? yes i am
did you watch britney: for the record last night? of course
who is the hottest man/ woman alive? jake gyllenhaal  picture? Collapse )

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Why is it socially acceptable for people to comment on a skinny person's weight and make comments telling them to "gain weight" or "eat more"? Especially when it would NOT be acceptable to tell a larger person that they need to lose weight and/or stop eating?
edit: I don't think that it's acceptable, I just don't understand why people keep commenting on my weight when they wouldn't do it to someone bigger than me. :l

Will you tell me a story about how you got one of your scars??
At senior week my foot went through a sewer grate and got stuck mid-way up my calf. I have a scar on the front of my calf and a small chunk out of my ankle. :D
MLP - pinkie chicken

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What do you guys think about empathy? 

Do you think there's such a thing/condition as a person being an empath? Can a person be so in-touch with their surroundings and other people that they can pick up their emotions without even realizing it? Or is the concept of being an empath a total crock?

How empathetic are you?

James Franco joint

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1. I was gone for 7 days, and there was a sink full of (not my) dishes when I left. I came back today, and they were STILL there. AND I bought a new pan from Ikea, and someone ALREADY used it, and didn't clean it. Validate my anger, yes?

2. What's the worst housemate/roommate/family related issue you've ever had?

3. What's the last thing you bought? What was the last great deal you got?
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My boyfriend just sent me a disturbing text message. He says his dad wants to take their old cat and put it down, because he's "sick of it". The cat is perfectly healthy and isn't sick, just old. Can you put a pet to sleep just because its old and you don't want it, or does it have to be sick and dying?

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I have a lot of studying to do/a lot of homework to do.

I very rarely have caffeine.
I never drink coffee, nor do I drink pop/soda drinks.

So.... If I have an excessive amount of caffine tonight to stay up super late, like... 4am (i'm waking up at 8) do you see there being bad consquences, such as not being able to retain the material for tomorrows exam?
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i know he was a bad president, but is there really good reason to impeach bush? like reasons that would withstand a court hearing and stuff?

don't hate me for this, just wondering...
P&R ; food of champions

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At work, we have a Christmas tree up and all the ornaments on it have names of less fortunate kids and what they'd like for Christmas. I picked a few kids, and one of them is a six-year-old girl who would like some storybooks. What books do you suggest I get for her?

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For fans of the Stevie Nicks and Don Henley song Leather and Lace, what is your favorite part of the song and why?

Link for a video of the song:

Poll #1307582 Favorite Part of The Song

What is your favorite part of Leather and Lace

Don Henley's Solo
Stevie NIcks' Solo
Don and Stevie Singing Together
As much as I love Stevie Nicks (Sometimes It's A Bitch, Edge of Seventeen, and Gypsy are my favorites), I like Don Henley's part better. I think it's the lyrics.

virgo bold

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What way would you go about asking a marine you've known for a couple years (but only ever fooled around with-- a while ago) to bang before he gets deployed? Think "wanna have meaningless sex before you leave??" will work?


Last month when I looked up fares to Belize it was about $350 per person....IT'S NOW $800 perperson!!! HALP! Mytrip is going to cost over $4,000!!!
Will the prices drop? Will I be able to afford a sun burn in Jan?
WTF? WHY did the prices JUMP like that?
I can't breathe.....


EDIT: OH F$$K I am so F$$King F$$Ked!!!!
dave grohl

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Have any of you ever been airsofting/paintballing before?

I ask because my brother is going for his birthday, in 3 weeks, and im going too. he has done paintballing but ive never done anything like it. is it fun? will i freeze my ass off? what should i wear? should we all gang up on Dave and shoot him in the back? (the answer to the last one is definatly yes)

ETA: i probably should have said its airsofting we are doing, though i know they are similar. also, WHY ARE ALL MY CLOTHES SO BRIGHT? im going to stand out like  sore thumb :S

Sad question

 My uncle died today. He'd struggled with dementia for a long time. I'd like to make a donation in his name to a reputable organization, so...

Does anyone know of a good organization that deals with research on dementia/Alzheimer's?
dianna agron ;;

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Do you write thank-you notes for presents? [Or did you when you were younger?]

I never have. I have a friend who still writes thank-you notes to EVERYONE who gets her a present, even though she says thank you in person when you give it to her and I always thought it was weird... lol maybe I'm just rude.
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On a scale of 1-10, how trashy would it be for me to go to my classmate's apartment to work on a project in pajama pants? It IS 8pm and I was driving all day (AND THEY ARE SUPERMAN PAJAMAS THAT ARE FUZZY)...buuuut...idk.

What is on your walls?

(no subject)

Do you like the movie Jurassic Park?
If so, what is your favorite part?

(if your answer is anything other than Newmanthat skinny guy getting eaten off the toilet, then you are probably wrong.)

ETA: I swear to god, IMDB told me it was Newman. Either way, toilet scene rules.
ETA2: Someone needs to like the scene were blonde bitch sticks her hands in the dino poo!
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

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What are your favorite appetizers at parties?
What munchies do you feel need to be at a party? (Besides the obvious potato chips)
Do you have any good hot dip recipes? (giggity)
What's the weirdest and/or most disgusting thing you've been served as a guest for dinner?


Whatever happened to the guy in that picture? Do you suppose he knows how famous he is?

I imagine that's the kind of thing you'd either shout from the hilltops or take to your grave...

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Where was the last place (in real life) you were kicked out of? What for?

Have you ever been banned (in real life) from somewhere? What for? How long for?

What do you think is an appropriate time for a club to close if it's located in a residential area?
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Dear Teak Ewe Sea,

I am very much enjoying my new job!  I like having a career where I can wear my own clothes instead of a crappy uniform!  However, this has left me with a dilemma:  I am a short woman.  I am sorta chubby (I'm 5'2" and weigh around 135 lbs).  I have a pretty defined sense of style (nothing very trendy, neutral colors mostly, etc).  I shop at stores like New York & Co, Banana Republic, etc.  I can not find pants that are not 5 inches too long or 3 inches too short.  Is there anywhere  (online or otherwise) that sells women's pants like they sell guy's pants, by waist and inseam, as opposed the arbitrary "short", "regular" and "long" lengths?

Thanks in advance,


ETA:  I would really rather not get them tailored.  I live in the middle of nowhere and there aren't many places that do that around here.  Getting in to see them is a pain in the ass.

Edited again because it's hard to fight with your husband and make sense on the internet simultaneously.


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1. Do you do anything special to clean out your ears?

2. Do you break your spaghetti in half before adding it to the pot?

3. Which is creepier? Asking if you ever had sex in your parents' house, or asking if you ever had sex in your kids' house?

4. Do long fingernails interfere with lesbian sex? How about female masturbation?


This is going to be such a lame question, but...

Why do people delete wall messages that they posted on Facebook?

How come this guy deleted a wall message he sent me? I added this guy on Facebook, and when he accepted my request, my email told me that he wrote on my wall saying "I'll be seeing YOU AROUND! H@HHAH." But when I looked on my wall, it wasn't there. Why would he delete that? Why do people delete wall messages?

He also poked me (via Facebook), if it matters.

I know, this is such a lame question, but I'm curious.