November 30th, 2008


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Gina from Virginia is a cute blonde. Eola from Arizona is a cute brunette. Bia from Lousiana is a cute redhead. C.K. is a big dude from Colorado. Who would you most like to be trapped in an elevator with?


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This post got me thinking:

For the older generations who were raised by racist/bigot parents/family/communities, is there any excuse for them to still be using racial slurs or still being, well, racist in this current society? I'm mostly referring to grandparents and older parents of people (around the ages of 60+).

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This is so ridiculous.

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SO. Do I take a job as what is essentially a personal assistant, meaning I scout out Panama City for the best places for rich businessmen to do their shit, with a company where I have been the favorite applicant? I denied this company my skillz once, but called them back about a month later begging for the offer again, so I am officially SUPPOSED to start working there on January 9th. They pay 500 bones a month.

Or do I take a job at a super expensive, super rich kid school teaching English as a second language, even though I told the first job I'd work for them after they so kindly gave me back the position I originally turned down? I just quit a job as an English teacher because the school was full of delinquents and I wasn't feeling very "Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers"-ish. This new school pays 1500 a month and all their students end up going to Harvard and Yale and shit in the states.

My future goals, of course, barely pertain to either of these: I'm gonna go back to the states and get my MPP/JD.

What's your favorite kind of cheese?

What is your "potluck dish?" That is to say, when everyone is getting together, what is your signature dish that everyone always associates with you and that you always make?

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I'm interviewing as a transfer nursing student next Monday. I know they're going to ask me why I withdrew from my previous university. I had a few reasons (faculty, location), but the main reason was financial (Very expensive, was no chance of any scholarships after the initial amount in my acceptance letter, etc).

Should I be upfront with her about the financial aspect?

My boyfriend is telling me no, but I would think she'd understand.. And it's not like I only want into this program because it's cheaper. I have numerous reasons why.

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The guy hosting the bonfire party called me before I left and said to bring a 12 pack as a housewarming gift (he had just moved in).

I think that's pretty tacky. Do you agree?

This happened hours ago btw, the party is over now.

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What's a sound that makes your skin crawl?

for me it's the sound of someone scratching their skin, especially if it's a little dry. also the sound of nails scratching against denim.

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are we really supposed to do they really think that we'll believe that this is real and totally not photoshopped in any way?

in other news, what do you do when you're really cold and are already under four blankets and can't turn up the heat?

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Have you ever been cheated on?
What did you do?
Have you ever cheated?
What did your SO do?
Were either repeat offenders?
Do you regret anything? (Aside from the actual act)


Are all guys hard to buy for, or just the ones I know?
What's the best snack ever?

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My dog may have glaucoma in one eye. Sooner or later she will probably have it in the other eye. Or have cataracts. Please tell me what I should do, or what you have done if you have been in the same situation as me. I have googled it already so please don't tell me to do that. I just want to know if there are other ways out there that have worked. I don't want her to go blind!!!!!! She is a ten year old bichon frise. :(:(:( Thanks.

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I have a mystery that needs solving and i wonder if this has ever happened to anyone here -

Basically, for the past three days i have been in my room and my dog tends to lie on the bed whilst i am on the computer. He moved about and i heard coins moving. Lo and behold i feel under where he was sat and there are coins under the bed sheets, in between the mattress/top sheet. First day there was 31p, then 83p then 12p. I am seriously freaking out as i don't know where the hell this money is coming from?? Any ideas? serious preferred!!

Also i never have change on my person and as it is BETWEEN the freaking layers i don't get it =/

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Does it ever bother you when you watch a movie set in a certain state but none of the characters have the accent or anything close to it?

I am watching Steel Magnolias and the characters are in Louisiana but the accent is more Georgia/Northern Alabama.
cat tea

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I just woke up in the middle of the night because I was REALLY HOT. I walked into the kitchen, and I'd left one of the stove burners on for three hours!!!

What was the last stupid thing you did?

Why are you awake right now? What time is it?
watership down

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So I got a check in the mail from my school. On the bottom it says Wells Fargo bank. I have no idea why I have received this check, but I'm assuming they want me to pay it back eventually. I have a loan but it's from Bank of America. So what the fuck is this check?

I am very confused.
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b

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when you load up your ipod (or mp3 player or listening device of choice) do you most often go for a broad assortment of songs / artists / bands / genres or do you tend to go with one particular set artist/ band / genre?

how often do you update your playlist?

EDIT: What is stuck in your head right now (if anything)?

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1. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, when are you planning on buying/setting up your tree this year?
2. Are you scaling back on your Christmas/holiday gift spending this year due to the economy?

Home Sweet Home

There's a saying that Home is where you hang your hat. Do you feel this is true? Is there more to "home" for you?

Another says You can never go home again. Do you feel this is true? Why or in what context?

Bill Cosby - Human beings are the only creatures that allow their children to come back home. What do you think of this peculiarity of human nature? Pros/Cons?

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For girls - do you get your period on a regular schedule if you get it? If you don't get it on a regular schedule, do you worry you're pregnant if you're sexually active?

For guys - does period talk gross you out? Talk about giving birth? Anything girly in general creep you out?

Have you ever seen the movie Jacob's Ladder? Did it creep you out as much as it creeped me out? (Horay, nightmares.)
Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

Registering a child in school.

If a child, age six, started school in Somerset while living with his mum, and situations call for a sudden and unexpected move to Gloucestershire to live with his dad only two weeks before the next school year, what would be the process taken to register the kid in school in Gloucestershire on such short notice?

ETA: I don't live in England. This is research for a project and does pertain to English school, however.
Space Pope

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This weekend one of my coworkers came in and covered the office in really tacky christmas decorations to the point that it is unprofessional. Should I stay late tonight and take them all down?

How was your weekend?

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calling out of work at my suck-ass grocery store job. mostly because i have an assload of homework that needs to be completed. but what excuse should i give kroger for not coming in??

srs & nonsrs ansrs plz

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Poll #1306742 For $5,000, would you.... a full-frontal naked picture in your journal and keep it up for 2 hours?


...steal a bum's clothes? There's a passed out hobo asleep on the sidewalk. You just steal all his clothes and leave his penniless ass completely vulnerable to the elements and public ridicule


...not feed your pet for 3 straight days? You can give it water, but no food. The poor animal won't understand why you won't feed it and it'll probably whine and harass you consistantly in those 3 days


...not bathe or change your clothes for a full month? You have to wear one outfit 24-7, which probably means to work/school

99(79.2%) locked in a dark elevator with a tarantula for one hour? They cut the power, and you just sit in complete darkness inside that elevator with a tarantula loose in the box with you. After the hour, they open the door and let you out


...parachute out of a plane with these puppets duct-taped to your hands? It may or may not make it harder to grip the parachute release cord. You won't know until you're in freefall


paint on shower curtain?

If I want to paint a design on a plastic (vinyl?) shower curtain - actually it's a shower liner, one of those clear plastic ones - what would be the best thing to use so it would stay put/not wash off/not crack and peel when the curtain gets moved:
spray paint?
oil paint?
something else?
it's in that place

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What do you have on the walls in your bedroom?  Pix, if you have them.

A giant handwoven blanket, a floor-to-ceiling mirror, my makeshift necklace rack (made from skirt hangers), a large Poe poster, and 6 shelves.  My walls are the ugliest yellow ever so the large blanket and mirror are an attempt at covering some of it up.  Ick.

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So, TQC, I have a hypothetical situation and question to ask of you.

Say that you recently transferred from a somewhat prestigious university (at which you failed several classes...) to a considerably less competitive state school, at which you are doing considerably better in your studies.

Say that you have a ridiculously snobby family, and that you've already been made aware of one instance of a relative looking down on you due to the school you transferred to, in this case an uncle referring to your new university as "not a real college" (and it is very much so - it's an accredited university). You will be seeing most of your extended family over the holidays and will likely have to deal with probing "I'm-better-than-you" questions" and "but-you-have-so-much-more-POTENTIAL-than-that-school" comments.

How the fuck would you fend off these offensive questions and comments without being snotty right back to them??

(ETA: I'm getting my wisdom teefs out a few days before xmas, so if all goes according to plan I won't need to see these people over break anyway. But, just in case...)

Srs and non-srs plz.

If you don't care, what's on today's agenda?

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halp! my computer mouse (yes, one of the old ones with the cord and the ball) freezes on my screen for about 10 seconds. i wiggle it and it comes back to life (if you will) and then a few minutes later it will dot he same thing. the ball is really clean and there's nothing inside the mouse that would be causing the problem. anyone know what it is?

did you get a new car when you turned 16? if so, what kind of car was it? if not, did you get a used one? did you save up for years to get a car, new or used?

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How good are you at keeping secrets?

The Mr. just let it slip that he bought me the amethyst ring I fell in love with and intended to give it to me for Christmas.  He is obviously terrible at secrets.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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How do you feel about your cell phone?

It's new and I love it
It's less than a year old and I love it
I kind of regret getting a new phone
It's old (more than 2 years) and I love my phone
It's old and I wish I had a new one
I don't have a cell phone
Some option you forgot, twystedfate, you asshole

Rufus Wainwright?

He's all right I guess.
Love him.

What generation is your (primary) iPod?

I don't have an iPod, you asshole, I have another sort of mp3 player
I don't have an mp3 player

Mario Kart?

Fuck yeah! I'm excellent at Mario Kart!
I love to play but I'm terrible.
I'm terrible at Mario Kart.
I don't like Mario Kart, fuck it.
What's Mario Kart?

Is Anderson Cooper a sexy beast?

Fuck yes he is
I would do him if he weren't gay
I would do him regardless
He isn't attractive at all, um, what?

On showering

1. TQC, when you take a shower, is your "default" standing position (when you're just standing there relaxing, not when you're scrubbing or rinsing or whatnot) with your back facing the showerhead or your front facing the showerhead?

2. Do you brush your teeth in the shower?

3. Do you wash your face in the shower?

4. When you're done, do you grab your towel from its perch and dry off in the shower, or do you step out of the shower and then dry off?

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Have you ever accidentally set something on fire? What was it?

Can you come up with a really interesting reason why the fire alarm at the apartment building across from mine keeps going off?

Is your personality anything like what your starsign says it should be? Do you believe in Astrology?
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how much sleep do you get?
where do you work?
what are your christmas cards for this year? who are you sending them too?
when you eat out, do you always tend to get the same related food? like a burger, salad, whatever...
what are your favourite type of chips? (not crisps, chips!)
how often do you have to charge your phone?
can you show me a comic strip that makes you laugh?
The Girliest Taco

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I do a weekly radio show at my college, and my program is all covers and remixes.

I have a million covers, but I only have like 10 remixes.

Where can I find some good remixes? Do you have any remixes you can recommend?

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If someone very suddenly yells "THERE...ARE... FOUR... LIGHTS!" do you know what they're referencing? Do you hate them/think less of them for making that reference?


What if they say "Dental plan. Lisa needs braces! Dental plan. Lisa need braces!" over and over again until you punch them in the face?
Miroku Turn

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I just messed up my painting. It's in acrylic, and I'm waiting for it to dry so I can paint over the mistake. :( Will it be okay, TQC? Will you give me a hug 'cause I'm sad?

Are you sick? I have a terrible cough.

I bought some gummy pandas that tasted terrible. What was the last disappointing candy you ate?

Do you play The Sims 2? What expansions do you have? Are you excited about The Sims 3? Will you tell me about your sims?

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I have a potluck at work tomorrow. I wanted to make zuppa toscana, and because I'm the only one in my apartment who will eat it and I don't have fridge space to store leftovers right now (I went a little crazy on the grocery shopping),  I thought I could make a pot of it and bring it to the potluck. However, I don't think I'll have time to make it in the morning (I'll have to wake up at like 5 to be able to make it and I'm not a morning person). Do you think I could make it at midnight tonight and let it sit on low in the slow coooker? 
Belle bookworm

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Do you live paycheck to paycheck?

My parents came to my house for Thanksgiving. My dad slipped $15 into my pocket when he hugged me goodbye. I should go blow it, either on a DVD or on lunch, y/n?

What season was the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda got an STD in?

The average American consumes 116 doughnuts per year. That's more than two per week, on average. Are you above or below average in your doughnut consumption?

I'm bored

I know we must have played a variation of this game a hundred times before, but will you post your username and let other people use this site to translate a comment they want to say about you into a different language and then translate it back into English and reply to you? (Anon did this a a week or so ago and it was fun :D)

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A simple quiz #3

Without looking up the answers or reading the comments, answer as many as you can.

01. As revealed on this week's episode of CSI:NY, which character(s) is going to be a parent?
02. Can penguins jump?
03. Name the three primary colors.
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05. What year did Ronald Reagan's second term as president of the United States begin?
06. Who said: "In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist."?
07. In what country can you find Luminescent Fungus (mushrooms that glow in the dark)?
08. In August 2008 scientists at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. used atom-thin sheets of graphene to create the world's thinnest what?
09. How often does the surface layer of your eye change?
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Answers to quiz #2.

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Two nights ago, I got a 9 week old Hymalian kitten. She's perfect, the only problem is, my other cat isn't taking to her. Now, I'm not getting rid of the new kitten, just because Mr. Whiskers is being a dick, what can I do to get these two cats to get along?

Why won't lil miss mopar and Mr. Whiskers get the fuck along?!
yellow submarine

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My friend's friend's boyfriend is hungover and the girlfriend is worried about him. He's semi-awake but still in bed, and he was complaining that he was hot so the girlfriend took his temperature - and it's 91.6!

So, what should one do for somebody with a really low body temperature?

Edit: Thanks guys. The guy started throwing up too, so my friend (who was in the library) is going back to help out and they're going to take his temperature again to be sure and assuming it really is that low they'll have to get him to the hospital somehow. (They're in college dorms but he's not a student so he can't go to the school's health center...I don't know if any of them even has a car so I'm thinking they might have to end up calling for an ambulance.) But anyway, thanks for the input everyone!
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What's the name of that web site where every time you correctly guess the definition of a word, a certain amount of food is sent to the needy? I used to go there all the time, but I changed computers and I can't remember the web site name.

Answered: It was!
Over the Edge

The weirdest quiz


Space is a curve
A few days ago, i was a bit dizzy after a visit to the pub ;)) so when i fell asleep, i had the weirdest dream. As far as i can remember, i was going through some deserted street (ghost town?) or something, the Wild Wild West style, and there was absolutely noone in the streets. Until i (and some companions? i'm not sure if i was alone) stepped into a bar (yep, i had spent the previous evening in a bar, so i guess a bar was the most reasonable place to be, eh?) The only person inside was some fat black lady of middle age...i think i've watched too much of the Matrix, cos i suspect she must've looked kindof the Oracle-like in my imagination. The archetype of the "wise" woman i guess...

I remember we had a short silly conversation involving some insignificant events from my previous day in RL. But suddenly, the conversation took an abrupt shift and i ended up quizzing her about life and all. She was shooting out the responses almost instantly, as if she were a robot. I still remember part of the questions and answers cos the next morning the memory was still so vivid that i sat down and wrote some of them on the back of the newspaper which was beside my bed.

I came across that newspaper today again.

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...Care to contemplate on the questions/answers? :)

the black-and-white poll

Pro-Microsoft or Anti-Microsoft?


Pro-NRA or Anti-NRA?


Pro-Nickelback or Anti-Nickelback?


Pro-single-sex education or Anti-single-sex education?

pro-single-sex education
anti-single-sex education

Pro-lowered drinking age or Anti-lowered drinking age?

pro-lowered drinking age
anti-lowered drinking age



Pro-animal rights or Anti-animal rights?

pro-animal rights
anti-animal rights

Pro-workplace drug testing or Anti-workplace drug testing?

pro-workplace drug testing
anti-workplace drug testing

Pro-House/Wilson/Cuddy or Anti-House/Wilson/Cuddy?



1. If you had to go on the game show $100,000 Pyramid with someone in TQC, who would you pick as your partner?

2. If you had to have a TQC threesome, which 2 members of this community would you pick?

3. If everybody in TQC was on a plane and it crashed in the Andes and we ran out of food, who should we eat first?

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So recently, I've been really tired and taking a lot of naps. My Mom doesn't like this and when she wakes me up, for the past like week, I've been saying really weird ass shit (not like disturbing but just random) and I've been mad delirious. What is happening to me TQC?
afreud to love

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Some years ago there was a commercial for a clothing company, it may have been American Eagle, it may have been something else, but it was all these girls in pretty dresses and the song was American Woman by the Guess Who. Does anyone know if it was really for American Eagle and where to find it? so far i can't find it on YouTube. Thanks.

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I know a guy who says that he's an asshole.
He says that I shouldn't be mad at him, because "You know I'm an asshole".

Is an asshole anything to aspire to be? Does anyone ACTUALLY want to be a jerk?
Do you think this is just a childish excuse to get out of any kind of responsibility?
Do you have a good response to that?

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Did you hear that? It was me blowing your mind.

Whats your favorite shape?

whats your favorite thing that comes in that shape?

whats your favorite color...person?

Will you be extra mean to me in your answers so I can show my friend how awesome TQC is?


(no subject)

How old will you be when you retire?

Retire..hell! I'm gonna work at Wal Mart

How much money will you have save? (in USD)

Social Security here I come!

Where do you want to retire?

Other in comments

Fiercest of the fierce....

I have been watching old movies on AMC all weekend....Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Ann Blythe..the list goes on. I got to thinking, "Hey, these were some fierce bitches back in the day."
TQC...who do you think was the fiercest bitch back in the "golden age" of Hollywood?

For me, it would be either Rita Hayworth or Joan Crawford.

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Why did anyone think it was okay to make Home Alone 3 and Home Alone 4?
And in making Home Alone 4, why did they keep the same character names, yet they changed them in Home Alone 3?
And seriously, FRENCH STUART AS MARV?!

What are your favorite scenes/quotes from Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York?

Fuel Economy

Inspired by a previous post.

What kind of vehicle do you own and what mpg does it get?  Do you think your next vehicle will be more fuel efficient?

What do you think of the Chevy Volt?

Why aren't more American cars diesel?

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My heat doesn't work. It's gas, I think, with these big metal radiators in every room. I am afraid to call my landlord and explain the problem. I suck at confrontation.

What would you do, tqc?

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So my program is doing a secret santa, and we drew the other day. I got a girl who's TOTALLY different from me, and I have no idea what to get her.

She's 18, typical preppy/scene girl. Shops at American Eagle all the time, likes lots of different kinds of music, but buys all the CDs herself. She likes theatre, thai food, and the ocean(according to facebook).

life had no distractions


Do you act differently around different people?  Consciously or subconsciously?  Have you ever really thought about it?
If you have friends from different parts of your life... friends from work... friends from school... friends from sports teams... friends from the gym, etc, and you were to be with all of these friends at the same time, do you feel like you would have to make up a 'combination you' on the spot?  Would it be difficult for you to do that?  Explain.
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airplane seat etiquette

Poll #1306897 airplanes

do you recline your seat in an airplane?


do you think people who do are rude?


if the person in front of you reclines his/her seat, is it okay to let them know (verbally or physically) that they've invaded your space?



I just found out that my favorite falafel stand in Europe has opened more U.S. locations (they used to only be on South St in Philly), several of which are in New York where I'll be over the holidays. Come January, this will be me with my pita at the fixin's bar:

Are any of your favorite foods only in certain cities/places? Will you tell me about these delicious, hard-to-find treats (pictures would be A+) and tell me where I have to travel to get them?

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Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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I have a research paper due Tuesday for my American History class. My professor said it had to be 4-5 pages, double spaced, with like 5-6 sources.

My paper (on the Arts in the 1930s) is 7 pages, plus 2.5 pages of sources.  To be fair, a great majority of these sources are articles from one book. And there's really nothing I can cut out, because it's all relevant. Plus a lot of the stuff in the paper in cited, so it makes the paper longer.

Do you think I'll get marked down for going over?

(Eh, I really don't care if I get marked down. It's a good paper and I'm proud of it.)
something up there

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What's the most random song you've ever had stuck in your head?

I'll post the lyrics to mine, internet cookies to anyone who knows where it comes from:
I love everything big and small
Cute and cuddly, I love them all

And, shortly after:
I love bugs and I love death
I love oozing flesh wounds!

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My roommate made unbelievable amounts of fudge. There is a mountain of 5 flavors on our cupboard. Would you like some?
What is your favorite flavor?
She made cookies and cream and it is really freaking delicious.

I am now out of fudge. Next time my roommate goes on a cooking spree, I will let you guys know. :)