November 29th, 2008

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When moving into an apartment, besides appliance and a bed and all the big things, what do you need? What is easy to forget?

I'm buying things for when my boyfriend moves out here while Linens and Things is offering crazy discounts and want to get everything we can possibly need.
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So I just started watching that 24 movie that was on last weekend and Jack Bauer said some stuff about where he had been travelling around.  Now....I can't remember. What happened at the end of the last season of 24? Did he have to disappear again or something? I can't keep the seasons of that show straight anymore. :/

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i am SICK and TIRED of my deodorant staining my shirts!

there has GOT to be a better way!

does anyone know of an aluminum-free deodorant (and hopefully antiperspirant) that doesn't suck ass and won't leave me smelling like a dirty hippie?

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i recently got a new computer, and went ahead and installed itunes on it. when i hooked up my ipod, all the purchased songs from itunes were synced into the music library, but songs i hadn't purchased (i.e., songs uploaded from CDs) weren't synced. and i absolutely cannot figure out how to get those songs into the new music library! can anyone walk me through the process?

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have you ever done acid?

if no: ignore the next three questions

if yes:

how did it go for you?
have you been quoted as saying its your "favorite drug" after doing it?
do you worry about the whole "it puts holes in your brain" thing?

are you drunk right now?
if not: do you wish you were?

wyrd, yea. i just tried it the other day.

-its hard to get intense acid in wisconsin, so the trippiest thing i "saw" was when i'd sit still and it felt like the world was breathing with me. and i stared in the mirror for a while, and my face seemed to bulge from the inside out, which was scary-ish and nuts
-haha, yes, i definitely have now. all of my friends who have done it say its their favorite drug too.
-i worry about it, because i'm pretty self-absorbed and arrogant when it comes to my "intelligence," and if that shit's true, i'm going to actively be destroying the one thing that matters to me, haha.

-ohhhhh yea, definitely.

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TQC, What games did you like as a kid? Didn't like?
Can you give me a list of some games from the 80's/90's?
Edit: Or maybe some websites that would have some lists of games from the 80's/90's?

I loved, Don't Break The Ice, Guess Who, Jenga, and Connect Four. I also had a ouija board! haha.
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What's your favourite music album at the moment? [New or old, w/e floats yer boat]

I am looking for some new music because I listen to the same shit all the time. I like basically everything except when you can't hear the words properly.
Also I'm gonna Youtube ALL OF THESE to see if I like anythin' so song suggestions would be good too, if you can be bothered
dianna agron ;;

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Holy crap it's 5am.

Where did my night go?!
Should I go to bed?
Will I be able to even get up in the morning?
Am I mean for keeping my dog up this long with my TV shows and typing noises?

Psych Evaluation

My GP has referred me for a psych evaluation because of sleeping and mood problems.

What should I expect from a psych evaluation? I've never had anything to do with psychologists so I'm kind of shitting myself here.

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My BF just got taken away in an ambulance :(
His back had been bugging him all day and it took him 20 minutes to get out of bed to get to the washroom. Another 45 minutes to get off the toilet. And another hour to give in and finally wake me up to help him.

I couldn't ride in the ambulance with him... should I take a taxi to the hospital now (it's 6.45AM)? Or should I try to get a few hours of sleep (will probably just be tossing in bed) and go there when the world is brighter?

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AGH, TQC, I've messed up my computer (again). I was pressing random keys (like I do) and all of a sudden all my font/type went ridiculously small, and now whenever I log onto facebook all the font is tiny; I tried hitting more keys in the same general area, but no dice. How do I make the screen go back to the way it was?

If you don't know/care or you think I'm an idiot, then what's your favourite charity/NGO? Which ones are you involved with vs which ones do you donate to?

Hit and run?

Say one night you're driving out in middle of nowhere and you happen to nod off at the wheel. Suddenly you feel a bump and you awake with a start. Slamming on the breaks you get out of your car and noticed a fresh human body in the middle of the road. It might have been dead before you hit it might not but it's very certainly dead. There's no one around for miles. What do you do?

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if you pay most of the credit card payment do you have extra interest that needs to be paid for the next month?

because i made a purchase (online) & it went through TWICE, since the shipment hasn't gotten here yet, i can't send it back. it's supposed to get here december 3rd, while my credit card payment is due december 10th. i can take it back into the store (it's from nordstrom's) but will it process in time? it a $285 purchase x 2, i don't want to end up with a +$285 on my credit card for next month if i pay out the whole thing. (bank of america is what i have)

thanks tqc!

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What should I do today?

Do laundry
Do the dishes
Go shopping for Christmas gifts
Go shopping for myself
Make a snazzy meal
Take my dogs for a walk
Surf the internet all. day. long.
Take over the world
Do my hair and makeup
Screw hair and makeup, wet ponytail all the way
Figure out where to buy my Christmas tree
Dig out the Christmas lights for the house
Move my computer desk from the spare bedroom to the den
Watch whatever marathon is playing on TV
Go grocery shopping
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I think my roommate would really enjoy listening to Elliott Smith, so I'm going to burn a CD of songs for him. For those of you who are fans, what do you think would be the best songs to introduce someone to him?
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does anyone have any idea why facebook won't work properly on my macbook anymore? it will login and go to the home and profile pages, but it won't do anymore than that. it gives me the message that it is unable to connect with the server. is it the internet connection, my laptop, or facebook that's the source of the issues?

even though i have a macbook and they supposedly don't get viruses, do i need to stop watching porn on my computer?
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Is there a program/application that will transfer journal entries from an old journal to another?

I need to scan about 400 pictures to have digital copies on file. Is there a place that will do this for me? I mean, other than standing at CVS and scanning them at the photo center.

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my bank just changed the layout of their website. in what creative fashion should i destroy them?

also, i wanna go shopping, but i don't have a lot of money. i have about $75-$100 spending money for the next 2 weeks. i also have a huge box of Babysitter's Club books i never read and will never read that i'm going to try to sell.

what can i shop for that isn't really expensive but will satisfy my want to shop?
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I bought some house shoes for my mom for Christmas from Victoria's Secrets via my debit card. Which you would think wouldn't be a big deal, but then they sent me this email saying they couldn't process the card and they would continue to do so for 14 more days after the date i purchased them.But, if i entered the wrong info to call customer service.

So what happens after the 14 days? Has this ever happened to any of you?

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What's your score in this game?

I played it a few times, and the best I got was 545. Hopefully I won't be embarrassed by this once everyone else posts theirs.

On a related note, what's your favorite word game or type of word puzzle? I love Scrabble, but nobody will ever play it with me.

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my firefox has been acting really weird. like, the url in the address bar doesn't change when i click on a link. like when i'm on my flist and i click "previous entries", the url just stays, no matter how many pages back i actually am. also greasemonkey appears to have quit working even though the little monkey face in the bottom right is still lit up. anyone have any idea what's wrong? i already restarted firefox and it didn't help.

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why do i get reactions of confusion, apprehension and, dare i say it? disapproval! from my female friends when i tell them i want to be a musician and am investing in better quality equipment, but my guy friends are just all, 'that's awesome. we should hang out and play together sometime.'?

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my laptop is going wonky. the screen freezes, but not sound. the screen also sometimes gets white around the edges and fades inward in a cyclical fashion. i suspect the wires that connect the screen connection are frayed or breaking. do you think it's worth getting it fixed?

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New Jersey is home to the most malls per square mile out of all 50 states.

My mom is making me go with her to the biggest one in our area in a little bit.

I'm going to get trampled, y/y? D:

ETA: I just googled and I'm going to the biggest one in the WHOLE STATE. So that's a definite y on the trampling bidness. D:

What's on today's agenda, TQC?!

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Poll #1306217 Family Jewels

I'm leaving my families house in an hour. What should I take from the cupboards? This is a ritual so don't get your knickers in a knot. Please choose 3 items for me.

Big jar of homemade canned pickles
Box of frozen pizza
Bag of chocolate truffles
Raspberry Pie
Bag of tortilla chips
Jar of salsa
Box of spicy cheezits
Box of Chocolate Mints
Bag of blueberry bagels
Bottle of Yellow Tail Cabernet
Bottle of hot dog relish
Can of vegetarian chili

CHOOSE ONE. I has a skillz.

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TQC, I can't find the game of life with codes for my computer anywhere. I downloaded it from the original site, but only have 5 minutes left of my 60 minute trial. I can't find codes anywhere, do you know where I could find them?
Would I be better off to pay the $15?
Will you buy it for me?

If you don't know/care, what's your favorite board game?
What's your favorite computer game?

Everyone does this, or has had it happen to them.

How come when people ask you what's wrong, and you do the best you can to fake it and be polite and say "Nothing I'm fine" and smile and whatever, just to keep the small talk going, they try to pull things out of you and get you to tell them what's wrong, JUST so they can tell you to get over it, or say it's stupid?
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I. Do you love yourself?
A. If so why?
B. If not, why?
C. If you do, but haven't always, how did you learn to?
D. If you don't, what do you think stops you from figuring out how to?

II. Do you generally feel stronger, weaker, or about the same compared to the people around you?
A. In the emotional sense?
B. In the physical sense?
C. Do you wish you were stronger in either area?


III. How much faith do you have in yourself?
A. Are you able to speak with absolute conviction?
B. You vs. the world: who wins?

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Do you send non-specific holiday cards?
Do you get offended if someone sends you a card with a holiday greeting not of your faith?

I'm curious, because I found some beautiful cards but they are definitely Christmas cards and not general holiday cards.
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Poll #1306229 What's next for me, TQC?

What's next for me, TQC?

watching Thank You For Smoking
staying on LJ
being productive
my nintendo Wii
sending my bf dirty voicemails while he's out with his family
finding a new post for my community
watching Veronica Mars
reading Summer of '49
a shower
other [in comments]

facebook questions

what's the creepiest thing you've done on facebook?
what's the last photo you were tagged in?
do you have any facebook friends you know strictly from TQC?
is there anyone in TQC you would want to be facebook friends with?
Stevie Y

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On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like cupcakes? 500 for me.
Should I check out this newish (opened in August) cupcake shop in DC or go to the coffee shop and apply for jobs?
Have you ever met someone from the personals section of Craigslist? How did that go? I went to a hockey game with one guy last night and it went really well but I don't see us dating or anything.
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TQC! I just got called out of work. What should I do with my free day?!

This is the second Saturday in a row I've been called off. My restaurant is really feeling the squeeze from the economy. :( Are you feeling it at your job?

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So, what do you do when you find that your jeans are fitting too tightly? Buy new ones, try to lose weight, wear stretchy jeans, whatever? Just suck it up (har har)...?

I just tough it out until my weight goes down a teeny bit. But dang these jeans are tight tonight.

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I get really angry when it is mandatory to include a title on forms etc. and this is tempting me to be ordained like non_sum_lacerte. 1. Why does the bank need to know what genitals I have anyway?

2. What mandatory things on forms annoy you?

Coming home on the bus the other night, high, there was a guy wearing a metal helmet, much like this one. 3. What odd things have happened to you recently?

4. I had a dream that some chick John Crichton (Farscape) was having sex with had herpes, and so I looked up herpes today. I didn't know that they went ON the shaft of the penis, and IN the vulva, OMG!!! Did you know this?!

I thought they just went in your pubic hair area. I am really scared of herpes now :'(
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Inspired by this question. And because I love comparing experiences.

What games did you play as a child when you were chased out to play on the playground, garden, park...?

Mine will be added in comment once I'll finish them.
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Would anyone be interested in a TQC mix CD swap for this holiday season?
(and by "mix CD swap" I mean I'd pair everyone up, give everyone a name, and then you can mail a CD or just send a zip or rar file to your partner(s)).
sneaker love

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1. What is the last thing you heard about or saw that made you think "WTF, America?"

2. What is the last thing you heard about or saw that made you think "WTF, [your own country if you are not American]?"

3. What is the last thing you heard about or saw that made you think "WTF, [insert another country that is not your own or America]?"

You may add a LOL after WTF or if you want, just "LOL, [country]."

I always thought Black Friday was just Friday the 13th, now I think we're just really tame.

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my laptop gives me the blue screen of death every time i try and get on it... i can't upload in safe mode or any other mode (believe me, i have tried EVERYTHING), and i don't own my windows XP reboot cd.

can a computer person fix this or should i start searching for another laptop?

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What the hell happened to LJ's layout? :\ Is this another glitch?

ETA: For some reason, I've lost the rich text option, so I can't post a picture, but all I'm seeing of the LJ page is a white screen with links.

ETA 2: Thanks for the advice, guys. The problem seems to have been fixed. ^_^

gasp zooey

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If TQC had a What Not to Wear community, who would be Stacey and Clint?  Would you join the comm to get help with your outfits, or would you just want to see other TQCers getting ripped on?

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Is it appropriate to give my french language professor a gift for christmas in thanks of all the extra time he spent going over material with me/correcting some of the extra homework/exercises I did.
He hasnt had lunch on account of me a couple times.
If it matters i'm not particularly close to him personally.

I was thinking some nice chocolates or coffee.

Thanks for the responses!

Can't it wait?

I am so behind on my homework and studying for school and finals start on Thursday.

But, FOOTBALL is on. Can't I wait a few hours to start my homework?

Are you watching any football games?

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1)How much downtime do you need after folks coming over?

2, 3 days.

2)How many gay people are there, percentage wise?

10%, but cousin is like omg, 30%. I think he is dumb.

3)Do you type fast?

Grumpy Angel


Hey all,

I'm going to a cookie exchange next week, and we've been asked to bring frozen cookie dough instead of baked cookies.  That way, people can bake the cookies whenever they want.  I think this is a rather clever idea, but I'm a bit stuck.  The only frozen cookie dough info I've found online has been for chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.  Given that there are going to be 8 of us there, I think that someone else will likely bring those.  I'd like to bring something a little more unique.

Do any of you have recipes for cookie dough that can be easily frozen, and that isn't chocolate chip or peanut butter?


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I bought two lipglosses today, one to give my cousin as part of her b'day present and the other for myself.

Should i give her the watermelon one or the vanilla one?

Also, I got hair dye on my top at the hair dressers today, its semi permanent. Do you have any good tips for getting this top clean when i wash it?
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Why am I having a buttload of erotic dreams these days? I've actually been thinking about sex less than usual in life, but pretty much every dream I've had this past week has been about sex.

Do you ever start feeling more attracted to someone after having a sexual dream about them?
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1. You're Christopher Columbus's advisor. You arrive somewhere in the Americas, and he turns to you and asks, "Should we explore, bring back some stuff and let history go as planned, or should we turn around and say we just went to India?" If you turn around, no Natives will be killed and the Americas as we know it won't come to exist. What do you do?

2. You are Adolf Hitler's nanny. Hitler was just born, and you're watching Baby Hitler sleep alone. You can kill Baby Hitler with no consequences, possibly saving millions of lives, but you don't know what the world would be like with all those Jews and Palestine. Do you strangle Baby Hitler and tell his mom that he died in his sleep?

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What was the best part about your week so far?

What was the worst?

Best: getting to spend time out of work with friends and family and get good deals shopping.

Worst: getting diagnosed with mono

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I didn't get a good response last time, so this is roughly the same question I asked a few months back.

Where is some place to go on a year late honeymoon/short vacation 3-4 day weekend type deal? We've lived in Boston,MA and in Stafford, VA. (So we're all Boston, Salem, Williamsburg and Fredericksburged out.)

Budget is roughly $1000, and we want to stay on the East Coast, and go no farther than Virginia. (We're stationed in North Carolina and we're only going to go back there - and we do not like it.)

OHH, and it will most likely be in March/early April, so it will be chilly.

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Talking on the cell phone while driving, is it legal or illegal where you are?

If it is legal do you think you it should be illegal, or do you think it's an "OMG THEY'RE TRYING TO TAKE AWAYS MY PERSONAL FREEDOMS!" type of law like helmet and seat-belt laws?
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Dragonforce/Powerglove show tonight at the Palladium in  Worcester, Massachusetts. Doors open at 7.

-Are you going?
-Do you want to buy a ticket from me? One of my friends bailed :<
-Are we allowed to post questions like this here?


-Do you like Dragonforce/Do you like to admit you do?
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Poll #1306354 What's my dinner, TQC?

What's my dinner, TQC? Any combination of the following..

caesar salad with croutons and crunchy fried onions
hamburger without the bun and rice
Tyson chicken
fried shrimp
plain meatballs with melted cheese
meatballs in marinara sauce
olives and greek cheese
steak roll-up
eggplant roll-up
frozen pizza and cocktail franks

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web design question D:

i am making a wow guild website for my boyfriend's guild (i am a good girlfriend), and someone in the guild has requested that when they link items/look on the site that the link offers hover information like this: example

i am guess that it is java-based thing.. i've looked at the source and i have no idea what is going on. does anyone have any information on this or even something similar?

i just coded a bunch of style sheets and my brain is shorting out :(


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I noticed that most of us are getting trashed or stoned tonight.

Whats your favorite thing to do after you're under the influence?

Mine would probably have to be;
-Watching Movies
-Talking to other people in the same state

Dear TQC

How do you fall out of love? How do you stop loving somebody? especially if this somebody is dating someone else who she technically dumped you for] (all 'yous' are general.)

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do you game online?

if so, have you ever played any of the following:

adventure quest
dream of mirror
maple story

i used to love dofus and i don't really want to get sucked into world of warcraft.
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Does anyone have the Samsung Behold? Is it worth it? Rave reviews or boos?

Also, does every model of phone under the same network have the same games? I'm wondering cos I have a t-mo sidekick lx and the games on it seem so archaic. I'd like to get the behold, but not if I have the same game / app selections.
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Someone gives you 100 helium balloons! You've called a favorite person on the phone to talk about it! What colors are they? What do you do with them? Is it a special occasion?

Collapse )
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do you only date people who have the same interests in books/music/tv/movies/etc as you?
if no, do you have friends who are like that?

i have a friend who refuses to date girls who don't listen to the same music he does and don't dress "indie". he then complains to me about being single. i tell him to branch out and he says "no, girls who aren't into this stuff are always boring and dumb." and i say, "i can't help you then."

BONUS QUESTION: most creative way to punch him in the crotch the next time he's bitching?

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Poll #1306129 Boredom Inc.


no poll

Caffene anyone?

hot chocolate
Mt. Dew

dayof the week:


(no subject)

1 - Who else got drunk at a party last night and had a serious talk with their partner about how their [long] relationship is doomed to fail soon?

2 - How are you feeling?

Related questions because I obviously feel like shit due to question 1.