November 27th, 2008

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Have you ever photoshopped your images to actually change your appearance?
[eta: not the minor stuff like, ew pimple, but like making yourself skinnier or your eyes bigger or airbrushing your entire face... you know, extreme]

What would you think of somebody if you found out they did that to their photos?

Have you ever seen anybody called on the carpet for trying to pass off blatantly photoshopped images?
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So for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I'll be at my grandparents' with them, my parents, a family friend who is my parents' age and my sister who is home from college. Everyone else is on vacation this year and my sister and I are going to be bored to tears. Any suggestions of what the two of us could do to pass the time?

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show/tell us something clever?

i just had this conversation with my friend-
we were talking about pi and how many digits we knew, then i told him that i recently learned this rhyme. the clever part is bolded, in case you missed it.

im a huge t rex: sine, cosine! cosine, sine! 3.14159!
im a huge t rex: it doesn't make any sort of sense but it rhymes
friend: you're going off on a tangent now, meaghan

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1)What are your favorite downloadable games for the xbox360?

2)What is the best way to wirelessly connect to the internet without purchasing the 90 dollar microsoft recommended product?

3)What is your favorite Bollywood dance scene? Embed if you can.

4)If the America was to standardize its currency against any single good/mineral/resource, which should it be? What about Britain, Canada, or Djibouti?

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My left testicle has been hurting for days. WebMD says it's either chlamydia or mumps. I'm vaccinated for MMR. I don't have a burning urethra or any sort of discharge.

Can you please e-diagnose me?

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TQC, my husband was baking all day for tomorrow. Among other delictable desserts, he baked a deliciously cheesecake and bought fresh strawberries to put on top. It looks sooo goood. But he won't let me eat any because he's mean.

So TQC, now this cheesecake is sitting in the fridge, taunting me with it's deliciously cheesy goodness everytime i open the fridge to see if anything i can eat has magically appeared. i can't take it anymore! my husband is dead asleep... so how can i sneak a piece of cheesecake in a way that he'll never know i ate any?

Also bread pudding, yay or nay?
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1.  Have you ever hit your significant other?

2. Have you ever been hit by your significant other?

3. Do you have a plan in place in case your significant other hits you? What is it? Pack up and leave, hit back, a warning, a bullet to the brain?


So my ex-landlady finally contacted me back about her keys and she wants the apt key and the mailbox key back. First she asked me to put them in the mailbox. Unfortunately, the mailbox cannot be closed without the mailbox key, so I offered to mail them to her address. No, she insists, she wants the apt key in the mailbox and the mailbox key mailed to her address.

Wtf, TQC? If I'm already mailing one key to her, why must the apt key go to the mailbox?

Is this a subtle plot to lure me to the mailbox for something unsavoury?

ETA: What if you also knew that I moved out because I had a huge conflict with her daughter (ex-roommate), and that her husband had been calling me before/after moving with threats, and that he'd called my dad to tell him he thought I was a 'lying piece of shit'?
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Xmas problem

As featured HERE (unlocked) and HERE (locked):

Your kids tear the house apart looking for christmas presents, find the stash (in your bedroom closet no less), rip into them and steal and/or destroy most of the presents you had for them for christmas.

Do you:

a) whip their asses and give them nothing for christmas?
b) whip their asses, re-wrap the opened/broken gifts and put them under the tree?
c) sell your own stuff so you can buy them MORE gifts?
d) other?
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Halp me TQC!

Today is Mr Photogfrog's 40th birthday!

Would TQC be so kind as to help me create a wonderful birthday thread with pics, flashy things, macros and wishes for his very special day?

Thank you so much in advance! ♥

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Is there a "natural" way to treat tonsilitis? My awesome GP retired, so I saw a new GP. I have on my chart in big letters ALLERGIC TO PENICILLIN, and idiot doctor prescribed augmentin, and idiot me hadn't remembered that I'm allergic until I dropped it off at the pharmacy and they were like hey idiot, you're allergic to this. Duh.

The practice was closed so the pharmacist couldn't call for a new script, and it's closed until Monday. What do I do? I hate my stupid tonsils. Every freaking year they betray me D:

I called Dr. Idiot's office and he answered the phone (I did not know doctors answered their own phones) and he's calling in the right prescription. Hurrah!

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Why is my local TV showing the Macy's Parade and pretending that its live when its totally not? It's not live! They're LYING!! (I live in Cali)

I'm still waiting for my rick roll :/
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i'm watching the macy's day parade, and thinking "that's a lota people"... and it got me wondering... do you know anyone who's participating in the parade this year? do you know anyone who participated in past years?

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Will all my fellow Native American's respond to this post with the tribe/s your family is from?
My family is Cree

What do you do, if anything to stay close to your Native American Traditions?
I'm a Jingle Dress dancer and I still smudge my house all the time.

If you are not an Injun, what is your ethnic background? Do you still practice traditions? If so, what?

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Whenever I buy a new shirt - a sweater, t-shirt, anything, ti starts to get really pilly early on, ,like as soon as one wearing.  What am I doing wrong?  Am I just buying crappy clothes? (Cause if this is the case, I'm going to spend a lot less on clothes and get the same result).

Do your clothes get pilly easily?  What do you do about it?  How do you prevent it?


Edit: By pilly, I mean when the fabric clumps together and forms little balls/pills of icky fabric that you can peel off.

(Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it, and if you don't, happy Thursday)

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1. Are you the type of person that always needs to be in a relationship, because otherwise you don't know what to do with yourself/feel incomplete/can't function? If you're not, how do you feel about people like that? Do you look down on them?

2. Why do you think some people are afraid of (physical)intimacy? Do you think it's because they weren't hugged enough as a child?(lolz)

edit : my answers.

1. I'm independent, and have no trouble being alone. In fact, I'm starting to think I prefer it. I have a friend who's needy like that though, and it just seems sort of pathetic to me when people panic when they break up because they don't have someone there anymore and immediately start looking to fill that void.

2. I used to think it was because of shyness. But I've realized it goes deeper than that. I strongly believe it has something to do with my upbringing, but I'm no psychoanalyst/psychologist. help?

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Has a member of your extended family pissed you off/upset you this thanksgiving?

Its only noon and my uncle already went off about how Obama is a terrorist because people from the middle east are all terrorists. He knows this because he saw it on TV. I told him that was a horrible and terribly racist thing to say and I was ashamed of him. He's not speaking to me anymore.
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Are you one of those people who are scared by spiders?
If yes, where's the last place you found one?

If not, which Thanksgiving or day-after TV marathon are you most looking forward to?

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what's the proper way to pronounce your guys' as in, "what's your guys' favorite product?" most people pronounce it like your guy-ziz, but that sounds really weird to me. how do you pronounce it?

ETA: in the same do you pronounce jones'? like "bridget jones' diary"? again, most people say jone-ziz, but i always just pronounce it like jones.
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Happy Thxgvng

I checked Google, but I get varying answers from 165-450 degrees.
At what temperature should a large whole turkey be left to cook, and for how long?
(Excuse me if this has been asked already.)

In other news, do you plan to go shopping tomorrow?

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For all gamers:

Which System(s) do you own?

Which genres/games do you play most?

For those on Xbox Live:

What's your gamertag?

Can I add you as a friend? Seriously, I have no friends.

Spin-off post

How come almost every TV series or even movie set in the US has to take place in one of the major US cities, namely, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, or San Francisco? And then if they want them to be somewhere "normal" it's Michigan or Wisconsin?

Can't producers just be a tiny bit more creative than that? Since most sitcoms, especially, take place mostly in someone's living room, why do they have to set it in the middle of a huge city that they never even use to their advantage?

Fuck, HALP.

Hey TQC!
Gross TMI story short, I now have a white towel covered in blood. There has to be some way to get that out, right?! My family is not big on the fancy stain removers btw. Should I just soak it? Shit!

If you don't know, will you describe your neighbours to me in as few words as possible?
My three neighbours:
- Lesbian
- Pedophile
- Down syndrome child single mum.

(They're cool except for the pedo!)

Edit: THANKS TQC. You guys are awesome. It turns out cold water + laundry soap beats covering it in more blood and pretending it was just a red towel.
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Do your friends need to be attractive? Or would you hang out with a super ugly person if you liked their personality? Does your answer differ from same sex/opposite sex?

I'm asking because of some particular "data" that I've heard.

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I barely have anything to eat in my apartment because I can't go grocery shopping until tomorrow. My boyfriend's father is hosting Thanksgiving at 5, and I got really hungry. I have potatoes, so I cut two up and fried them in butter and seasoning salt. Not too bad.

What have you made with very few ingredients in your house? Have you ever cooked something with very few ingredients and were surprised to find that it tastes good? 
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TQC, do any of you disagree strongly with your parents on fundamental issues? How do you deal with it? My mom is Catholic and very conservative, and I am an atheist and very liberal. It leads to arguments. She gets all quiet and sigh-y when I mention anything about not being religious. I try not to talk about it, but I'm a sociology/politics major and that's my passion. Plus, she talks about it too. :/
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Does anyone have an elderly relative who's partly senile and constantly groaning/moaning with each breath? Notably when eating?

My aunt is over for Thanksgiving and its really awkward. Its like shes moaning "ohhthefoods so good"  But shes not eating anymore. She keeps moaning and sighing. I noticed when a lot of people were in the room talking she got louder too as if she wanted to be included in the conversation. Either shes running on a permenant orgasm or she's about to die.
I guess she's just old. I feel bad because she makes me want to leave the room.
And so I have.

Does anyone have a feeling you'll die before you can't control your moans and have to have someone else wipe your ass?
I have a feeling I will. Its more of a wish I think.

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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special

Does Peppermint Patty piss you off in this movie as much as she pisses me off?

I actually called her an entitled little bitch the other night for expecting Charlie to pull off a thanksgiving dinner in such a short period of time. XD

Does anyone have relatives like that?
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When someone says they'll meet you "around" a certain time, how long after that would you wait for them? (assume this isn't something massively important, but meeting a friend or something. and for the question's sake, assume they don't have a cell phone.)

Formal Attire Requested

TQC, I have a problem. My department at school is having a banquet and all of the teaching assistants were invited. The invitation says "Formal Attire Requested". I asked the director to clarify what he means as formal attire can mean different things and he said "What you would wear to a wedding".

My dad seems to think this means long evening gown and a tux for my boyfriend. My mom however, argues that it should be cocktail attire and my bf should wear a black suit. I'm really bored as all my relatives are drunk right now arguing over why there are only 3 courses at dinner and not the normal 4, and no one in my department is around to ask. I'll ask the director on Monday but until then..

TQC, what would you interpret "Formal Attire" to be?

Haha edited a bit because maybe I have had too much wine.
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What is your favourite recipe that uses Oreos as a main ingredient?

I have a family sized block of plain chocolate and a packet of oreos, what interesting recipes can you come up with using these two ingredients?
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I'm trying to write a short film-script about a robbery. I don't know anything about breaking into peoples houses. Googling "robbery, how to" isn't really helpful.

Do you know of a clever way to research breaking and entry?

Do you know something clever about breaking and entry?


i am freaking out. This morning I came across a big stuffed animal I used to have.. sitting at the top of my staircase, looking down the stairs. My dog was growling and barking at it. Neither my mom or dad put it there, or have even seen it in years. It was not anywhere an animal could get to it and drag it there. So how did it magically appear?
Both mom and I have seen ghosts in the house before. Does it make you question that there might be ghosts?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you have any real ghost stories?
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Do you go out at night when you have to work or go to school the next day, or do you not care about that kind of stuff? If you go out, how late do you stay out? Does it matter how long it's been since you last "had fun"?

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More "help me decide what the hell to get my hard-to-shop for boyfriend" questions, TQC;

Collapse )

Also, why is my Firefox being a cuntsandwich and freezing/closing on me whenever I try to post something on EllJay? At least now I have AdBlock on my IE as well.

And if you don't care about any of that: if you use index cards for studying/notes, do you use plain white, plain yellow, or different colored cards?

I use colored index cards, as flashcards for my language class. Purple = nouns, blue = adjectives, yellow = phrases, etc.

The biggest loser

I would like to discuss The Biggest Loser.  I can't believe Amy didn't vote of Vickie last week because guess what; Vickie voted Amy off.  I know she was going to be a nasty bitch and vote Amy off.  I obviously can't stand her.  I love that show.

Let me re-phrase.  How did everyone feel about the last two elimination shows on the biggest loser??????
I don't know what this is.

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Dr. TQC, help me. I'm a near-sighted, glasses-wearing..person. My prescription is up-to-date (2.75 left, 2.50 right) and my glasses fit my face correctly. I'm not taking recreational drugs, haven't started any new medication, and am not abusing or even taking daily my prescribed Xanax (which I have taken at a low dose for over a year). Other than being tired all of the time (nothing new is what I'm saying), I seem to be healthy other than Osgood Schlatter's disease in my left knee.

However, my eyesight is completely fucked up and this just started happening recently. I randomly don't have control over what my eyes focus on unless I really, really try to correct it. Like if I'm driving and there's dirt or water drops on the windshield, I can only focus on those drops or the smudge of whatever, and the road ahead gets completely blurred. Or I'll be typing a text message or reading a book and my eyes will glaze over and I have to go into a room with different lighting to be able to see. This happens with a lot of things, I just do those three the most so it's more obvious concerning them. I'm really worried because it's not going away and is getting worse. I'll be making an appointment as soon as the holiday weekend is over.
But seriously, after that teal deer, does this sound familiar to anyone? Any ideas? D:

If you don't give a fuck then:
What's your favorite color?

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american ladies: what do you pay for one months supply of your bc pills?
i have been hearing crazy numbers like 35$ and such
i pay 14.05 euro per pack and mine are considered kinda pricey

i know this question is asked all the time but....

My boy and I have been fighting, and we have decided to take about a months break from each other. The next time I see him is going to be when he gets to san antonio a couple days after christmas.  I am sad. Im going to hang up christmas lights in my room and light candles, and Im going to do my nails. I'll also most likely work out longer each day.

What else can I do to cheer myself up from this and take my mind off of it? I dont have money to do anything.

If you dont care about that-

How has your day been? obviously not too great

How many pets do you have? If you dont have any, do you want any? i have one cat, lennon

What is your favorite animal and why? penguins, because they are just cute, and their mating ritual is sweet.

What are your favorite scents? i like the smell after rain, cinnamon, and cherry blossoms best

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Piggybacking off moshimishi's post...

Ladies, what are your favorite kind of undies? Boyshorts, briefs, hipsters, bikini, assflossthongs, etc.?

Guys: boxers, briefs, or boxerbriefs?

ETA: If you wear undies, that is.

Also, it's 750pm here, and we finished eating dinner about 2 hours ago. I want moar sweet potatoes. IS IT TOO EARLY FOR LEFTOVERS??

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i know the rules on polite posting of after ten posts post again but there are like 40 replies to my last post take so long to go through them all again so i apologise in advance

so whats the longest time you have gone without getting any? since you lost your virginity><
me: 4 months
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What gifts are you giving to your close friends and family for the holidays?

You have a gift for someone, but you will only see that person the week before and the week after their birthday or a holiday. When do you give them the gift?

How many times have you been told "pull my finger" and actually did it?

Is $42 too much for a handmade scarf?

What do your socks look like?

some completely unrelated questions

Can I interest you in Hannukah?

What size bed do you sleep in?

What uncommon thing do you look forward to when it comes time for the holidays?
My aunt and grandma usually come to visit around this time of year, so we always go to IKEA and buy a crapload of stuff. I love IKEA.

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I decided (in excitement and haste) that i would buy some baby octopus to cook on the bbq for my family when they come over tomorrow night.

I just realised i have NO idea how to prepare it!

How do i prepare baby octopus? Do i need to remove any bits (insides) before i marinade it?

Any other helpful suggestions?
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I just bought two new sweaters. I wore one today, and when I took it off, my grey t-shirt was covered in black fuzzies. I tried combing it and rubbing the inside of the sweater, but it's not working.

TQC, how can I combat the evil black fuzzies?
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black friday =O

Anyone else shopping tomorrow? What time are you leaving? Where are you going [in town/out of town]? Any specific stores you're planning on visiting? Any items in particular you're looking for? This is my first time, and I am going with my mom and aunts. Am I going to get trampled on and possibly fear for my life, or is this just a waste of time?

Also, do any stores in your area do anything weird with the sale items? For example, the Wal-Mart here in town hides the sale items in departments other than their own. One year, my mom saw a TV somewhere in the food area.

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sorry if this is a double post, but i was compelled by neonpaperdolls to prompt tqc to do stuff for me.

will you santa-fy one of my icons? super extra bonus points if its my animated winking icon. (that one winking at you right there)

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What is the most embarassing moment of your adult life?

Mine: I randomly met my ex on the bus to university and he decided how, and when I masturbate to be the topic he wanted to talk about. So he did. Very loudly.

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Does anyone else have a Samsung Gleam? I just got one, and I can't figure out if it's normal for the front to stay black no matter what when it's closed. Aside from actively receiving a text or call or when I've recently closed it, it won't show the time or calls missed, etc if I press any of the side buttons. Anyone have the same problem?

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How come I'm like the only one in my family that cannot draw? Unfortunately, it's pretty obvious that I am not adopted/stolen.

Is there something that seems to run in your family, but somehow skipped you?
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A question to the men/penis-possessors of TQC:

Does lifting the toilet seat really make THAT big of a difference between hitting the water?

If you are neither of the above:

Mentos, or tic-tacs?

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Has anyone here had their tonsils removed as an adult?  What was the experience like?

How about a breast reduction?

These are two procedures that I want/think I need at this point and want to hear what they were like for other people.

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1)How much damage?

A few spills, a slightly broken game. Better than last thanksgiving.

2)How high is your pain level?


3)do you get LJ comment notifications?


4)what do you hate?

when you finally get some time to do something, but end up being too tired.

eta: how many people were in your damn house today?

sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i&#39;m a b

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since the profile pic question here I've changed my default pic back and forth about twelve me settle on one?

Collapse )

if you don't care...what is your favorite snack cracker?

have you ever actually heard anyone refer to crackers as a snack cracker?
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So, I'm upgrading my nearly dead computer to a shiny new one. Neither are Apple. I've heard there's big problems transporting itunes libraries across computers. Any advice on how to get all my itunes music onto the new computer?

If your response is that iTunes sucks and there is no way to do it, can you recommend a music library program that will also allow me to update an ipod?

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Every time I get a little stressed, I get really depressed.

Why are my coping mechanisms so poor?

Does anyone else get like this and could you recommend an easy fix?


Have you had bad experiences with Dell? Care to share them?


I bought a laptop a little over a year ago and it crashed on the very day I got it. I called them and they did a little update and said if it continued I'd get one back for sure. It continued and I kept calling back (About five different times within two weeks) and getting the same thing, "Let's do this and if it continues, we will replace it." and then one day I called and they said "Oh sorry, you had it for 30 days now.. we can't replace it."

I pretty much fought with them for over a year. I gave up. They also took money out of my bank account for my mom's laptop on two separate occasions. Both occasions, it bounced and charged me $35. They apologized and said they'd give me $70.. I have yet to see it lol..

PS: My last payment is next week. I'm probably just going to see it and put it towards a macbook because I've been dying to buy one for the last year and a half.

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My mom dresses her two (giant) dogs up in people clothes (button down shirts, hats and scarves, etc) and then posts pictures of them on her Myspace.

What weird and cute things do your parents do?

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last thing that blew you/against you/towards you/from you?

Bad night, I hate thanksgiving. being part indian I dont know if I should be happy, or throw the turkey out the window, which would you have done in my possition? how about an option 3?

When will the rest of the world be down with xmas?

Im What are you feeling...color wise?
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 So my ex girlfriend and I are in the "returning each other's belongings" stage.
She loves my sunglasses, so I usually let her have them and I wear hers instead. The problem is that the breakup caught us in possession of each other's glasses.
She sent an email asking for something of hers back, I don't remember what, and I answered that I'd take it to her house on Saturday, and we'd also exchange the sunglasses.
Today she texts me and says she was at the beach and the glasses got very scratched with sand. I say that's OK, but she insists they're useless and I should just keep hers. I say I don't really wear sunglasses, so she should get the functional ones. But she's so adamant on keeping the scratched ones, that I think they might not be scratched at all and there might be something else behind it.
What do you think? Is she lying to keep my glasses?
What would you do?
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virus, or???

firefox is causing me to type backwards. like, i type a letter and the cursor jumps to the space before the letter. does this sound like a virus, or did i hit some key on my computer to make this happen..? i'm using internet explorer right now...

[edit]ohh and my facebook status changed today to something like, "so-and-so is cooking a thousand thanksgiving meals!" has this happened to anyone else?

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I feel like lately connections between people I know, knowing each other. Like I just met a friend's boyfriend and it turns out he is in one of my classes.
Or there is a blue beetle that someone in my dorm drives and it turns out the owner is on a forum I belong to and she put paper in the printer in our dorm after I didn't cancel the print job, I was printing something from that forum, and she posted about it on the forum and I found it and was just like wtf weird connecting.

Does this happen to you a lot?

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The only reason I eat food is because I get funny looks for drinking the ketchup straight out of the bottle. Do any of you fellwo TQCer's eat a certain condiment as much as I eat ketchup? I eat it on EVERYTHING! Seriously!!!